The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 30, 1976 · Page 8
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 8

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1976
Page 8
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Area {happenings... Cake, poster contests set TU Firm Bcreau women's committee is sponsoring a Johnny U": • (.orntread, contest which will be held on way day of the ewrity fair July Titthe Farm Bureau booth. Efiir:ts rrr-is! cwisisl of a standard 9x5 pan. However, an entry wi.i not te elL'fiirited to to a slight variation in size. No fruit or nuts may be added. Entries '* ill be taken all day until ( p rn. when judging will begin The. tdpt must accompany the entry. Ail Farm Bureau members a--e eligible. The Farm Bureau safely pos-tr contest will be held al Ihe same tun* ar.d p!ac e. Posters must be 14 by 22 inches in size. TUr subject may bt sw.« -xjnc directly related to farm, home or highway safety. ' Posters must be original with solid colored lettering. The story told by tht poster should be revealed at a distance cf ii to 15 feet with KV ar.d simple words or no words at all. Contestants should use only one idea and there should be no cut out or pas!ed-on material. Judging will take place at 5 p.m. For more information call the Farm Bureau office. Perham bonds approved PERHAM - Voters in Perham approved two bond issues yesterday, or.e for 1150,000 for a new fire hall and one for J250 OM for a new 500.MO gallon water tower. OC 253 vote cast, 220 were in favor ar.d 30 against the lire hall bond issue; 244 v«ed for the water tower and 13 voted against it t ire chief Mariin Zitaw sa>s plans have not been completed for the new fire hall, but it will be approximately 120 by 70 feet and will be located on Main Street a nd Fifth Ave. SW. Mystery still unsolved EI JJO\V LAKE - - Authorities in Elbow Lake are still looking for an answer to qjtstions raised Monday when a severed human foot was found on a resident's Sawn in the south end of the city of Elbow Lake. Sheriff Walt Miller reports that the foot was obviously sawed off above the ankle. Not much else can be determined, he said, because the appendage has decomposed. Jaycee paper drive at Ashby ASH BY - Ashby Jaycees will have their monthly paper drive - Saturday, July 3, starting at 1 p.m. Ashby residents may leave papers bundled on the curb. Anyone living in the country or surrounding towns who wishes to have papers picked up may call 747-2072 or 747-2214 on Friday. Fjoslien campaign kick-off The campaign kick-off for Dave Fjoslien's re-election bid as slate representative from District 11B will be held July 11 at his farm south of Brandon. The event is open to the public and will feature a potluck supper and entertainment including sport parachute jumping. Ashby housing project ASHBY — Ground was broken Friday and construction began Monday for the new low-rent housing in Ashby. The project, financed by the Federal Housing Authority, is located in the new Iverson-Ellingson addition in Ashby. N'elsnn and Paulson of Ashby are contractors for the project, which was designed by Robert F.Akermannandassociates. Food-processing companies note 1976 record sales MINNEAPOLIS (API Genera! Mills and Pillsbury, two of the largest food- processing firms in the nation, both reported record sales and earnings Monday for the past fiscal year. General .Mills, based in suburban Golden Valley, said earnings for the year ended May 30 were up 31.9 per cent to $110.5 million, on sales of J2.645 billion. Sales increased by 14.6 per cent. Earnings per common share amounted to $2.W. The firm's board of directors increased the quarterly dividend from 17 to 19 cents per share, payable Aug. 1 to stockholders of record on July 9. It will be the 192nd consecutive quarterly dividend paid without reduction on General Mills' common stock dating back to 1S28 when the flour- milling company was founded. James P. McFarland, board chairman, told the annual meeting that strong gains were also posted by the lirm's diversified consumer nonfood acti\i- ties. He said the worldwide craft, game and top operations made the single biggest dollar contribution to earnings. Pillsbury, meanwhile, announced record sales of rsarly M9.4 million for the year ended May 31-an increase of 24 per cent from the previous year. Net sales of 51.429 billion were up 9 per cent from the previous year Earnings per share for continuing business were W2.5 compared with J2.J9 a year- earlier. Net earnings, after the loss on Pillsbury's discontinued wine business, amounted to $*1.S million or (2.73 per share. The Minnea polis-based firm announced the closing of the sale of Gtycrserville, Calif., wine properties to North Coast Cellars of Healdsburg. Calif., for a net loss of H3 million. Net losses from operations of the wine business were J3.6 million in fiscal 1976. Board Chairman William H. Spoor said Pillsbury's three major businesses—agripro- ducts, consumer products and restaurants-all had record years in sales and earnings. He called the past year "the most eventful year in company history, shaping our growh for the next decade." NEW YORK BUTTER AND EGG MARKET NEW YORK (AP)-(USDA) — Wholesale egg offerings steady, prices unchanged. .VEWYOHKfAPl-dJSDA) — Butter offerings steady, prices unchanged. Cheese offerings steady, prices unchanged. Tht American College of Neurosurgeons says 33,000 persons died of head injuries suffered in traffic accidents in the United States in ISO MARKITS SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn iAPi <(,'SDA| - Cattle and calves: 5,300 Wednesday; slaughter steers rather uneven, opened generally steady although weakness developed later »ith some sales 50 tower; neifers steady to 50 higher, although closng barely steady- cows steady to 1.00 lower; bulls steady; few part-loads choice IMO-llW Ib slaughter steers 3S.M-M.W; choice 1000-1250 Its 38.00-39.00; choice 1200-1400 Ibs 37.00-38 .50; good and choice S50- 1200 Ibs 37.WW8.M; good 36.GO- 37.00; choice 1200-1700 !b Hoi- stems 35.50J7.00; good and choice 1100-1WO Ibs 34.00-25.00; good 33.00-34.00; choice 850-1100 Ib slaughter heifers 3J.OO-3S.OO; several lots choice and prune 3«.aM9.00; good and choice 8501050 Ibs 3e.OW7.50; good 33.0035.50; utility and commercial slaughter cows 27.00-29.00, few 30.00; cutter 24.00-Z7.00; No. 1-2 1WO-22CO Ib slaughter bulls 34.00-37.00; 1100-1400 Ibs 32.0034.00; vealers slow, steady; choice arid prime 30.00-M.OO, few 41.00-45.00; "Hce 240032.00. Hogs: 4,800; barrows and gilts stow, mostly 1.00 lower, demand rather light on reduced supply; 1-3 190-250 Ibs 50.0050.50; few shipments early up to 51.00; 2-3 250-270 Ibs 49.00-50 00- 27WM Its 47.50-15.50; sows 1.00 lower; 1-3 300-700 Ibs 42.0043.00; boars 36.50; 200-350 Ibs 40.0042.00. Shetp: 600; slaughter lambs active. 1.00 higher; slaughter ewes and feeder lambs steady choice and prime 90-115 Jb spring slaughter lambs 47.5049.00; good and choice 46.0047.50; good and choice slaughter ewes 12.00-14.00; utility 9 0011.00; choice and fancy 60-90 Ib spring feeder lambs 42.00-45.00. LOCAL GRAIN MARKET I Wednesday, June 30) No. 1 Wheat 3 54 No. 1 Oats 18] Barley 3.30 Corn 282 7^35 Soybeans 6.16 LOCAL HfOMARKET Market 1.00 lower butchers; sows steady. Base number 3 butchers 210-240: 48.00. Closely sorted meat-type butchers 210240: 48.5049.00. Sows 270^00: 42.00-12.5(1. Boars 30.00-32.0C. NEWYORK POULTRY MARKET (June 29) NEW YORK (AP) _ (USDA)-Dressed poultry. North Atlantic carlot and trucklot turkey markets, U.S. grade A, ready-to-cook, frozen, f.o.b. or equivalent: Carlot trading only fair on all classes. Some dealers are negotiating for private label hens and toms for late July delivery for storage. Offerings of consumer classes and toms up to 28 Ibs fully ample. Frozen parts are in light demand with offerings of drumsticks and necks burdensome. Sales reported: hens 8-16 Ibs 48; young toms 14-22 Ibs 47 cents. MINNEAPOLIS GRAINMARKET (June 29) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — Wheat receipts Tuesday 182, year ago 125; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to down 1 to 2; prices down 2?j to4*i. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 3.73-4,95. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 58 to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each fc Ib under 58 Ibs. Protei/i prices; 11 per cent 3.53; 12,3.98; 13, 4.13; 14,4.39; 15, 4.61; 16, 4.85; 17, 4.95. No. 1 hard Montana winter 3.64-4.63. Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter 3.58-4.79. No, 1 hard amber durum, 4.10-4.20; discounts, amber 15 cents; durum 30 cents. Com No. 2 yellow 2.80i 4 - 2.S2U. Oats ,Vo. 2 ertra heavy white 1.96-1.98. Barley, cars 185, year ago 76; Larker 2.6W.75; Blue Malting 2.66-3.50; Beacon 2.66-3.55- Feed 2 00-3.65. Rye No. 1 and 2 3.153.35. Flax No. 1 truck 7.65, rail 7.70. Soybeans No. 1 yellow 6.43. Stop in for . . . Hot h| ui Hubirier ta u4 all inr ieed$ fir (ie kif ifHcW. Notre A Happy 4fA of Ju/y No/idox Cafe & Bakery Ifffwillbffl^edMcndaj', Twisters spotted in several areas —THE- WEATHER Jw Weather 1975-76 76 45 .02 1 83 57 0 75 45 .24 2 «7 62 0 84 46 .03 3 87 60 0 74 59 .30 4 89 65 0 72 49 05 92 62 0 67 42 06 91 64 0 "42 07 92 63 0 69 JO 08 96 71 0 58 51 .45 9 97 65 .02 68 52 .05 10 97 67 15 64 55 .14 11 96 68 0 61 50 .01 12 93 57 08 78 57 .05 13 88 57 0 62 50 .75 14 «1 57 .78 71 4! .84 15 61 40 T 77 49 0 16 74 52 .01 71 SO .74 17 74 42 OS 78 53 0 18 75 43 0 75 59 1.86 19 81 52 0 87 63 .10 20 94 65 0 81 64 .56 21 94 63 0 "7 65 0 22 92 61 0 86 56 0 23 87 62 0 85 62 .08 24 72 50 10 98 67 0 25 8n 56 .14 82 71 .02 26 79 48 0 84 56 0 27 83 51 0 91 68 0 28 80 50 .31 86 62 1.06 29 76 53 C Charles E. Adams Volunteer Observer Orwell Dim By The Associated Press Heavy thunderstorms persisted today from the Texas Panhandle to New England and in the Southeast. Seventeen tornadoes churned out of the stormy skies Tuesday as a frontal system rolled through the midcontinent. Ten twisters were recorded in Illinois, two were sighted in Ohio and one each in Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Colorado. A tornado flattened three homes and damaged several others in the Peoria area of central Illinois. No serious injuries were reported. Twisters or high winds also damaged homes and other property in central Indiana in the Crawfordsville and Indianapolis areas. Winds caused scattered damage in Michigan, Tennessee and Mississippi as well. Rains of an inch or more were common in the storm belt Tuesday. Boise and Lewiston, Idaho, registered 100 degrees — a record for Boise but not Lewiston. Ephrata, Wash., had 97 and Pocatello, Idaho, 96. Temperatures overnight ranged from 100 at San Simeon, Calif., to 49 at Olympia Wash. Some other reports: Anchorage 59 clear, Atlanta 66 partly cloudy, Bismarck 51 clear, Boston 69 hazy, Chicago 60 cloudy Cincinnati 64 fog, Cleveland 66 cloudy, Denver 69 clear, Des Moines 60 clear, Detroit 63 cloudy, Fort Worth 81 partly cloudy, Indianapolis 64 cloudy, Los Angeles 69 clear, Louisville 68 partly cloudy, Minneapolis- St. Paul 59 clear, New York 68 fair, Phoenix 89 fair, Rapid City 49 clear, St. Louis 65 clear, San Francisco 56 clear, Seattle 61 cloudy, Washington 77 hazy. NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Clear to partly cloudy through Thursday. Highs today 70s. Lows tonight f! to 54. Highs Thursday 75 to 82. North Dakota: Mostly clear today and tonight. Partly cloudy wea, clear east Thursday. Highs today upper 70s east to low 80s west. Lows tonight 50s. Highs Thursday 80s. South Dakota: Clear to partly cloudy through Thursday. Highs today and Thursday upper 70s to mid 80s. Lows tonight low and mid ads. ExtHded Forecast Minnesota: Incrasing cloudiness Friday, chance of showers and thunderstorms Friday night into Sunday. Mild temperatures with highs mostly in the 80s and lows 50s to mid 60s. North Dakota- Chance of showers in the west Friday and over the state Saturday. Partly cloudy Sunday. Highs mostly in the 80s. Lows upper 50s and lower 60s. South Dakota: Chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday and Saturday. Warm Friday sM Saturday, copier west Sunday. Highs from mid 80s to mid 90s eicept upaer 70s west on S~:day. Lows from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. ferns Fills (Hi.) tarul Wed.,J«fie30,19?6 g WEATHER RANGE Hignl/m-Pr. Fergus Falls 76 53 ., Alex'dia 73 54 . Bemidji 74 « .. Duluth 64 50 .36 Hibbing 70 50 .11 Int. Falls 71 48 .. Redw. Falls 75 51 .05 Rochester 73 51 .03 Si. Cloud 72 51 .03 Some 36,000 persons were killed when a volcano erupted on the Island of Krakatot in the Netherlands Indies Aug. 26, DANCE LAST RESORT Friday, July 2 WEDDING DANCE (Carol Tolhfson and John Ripley) Music by JIMMniNSEN Saturday, Jury 3 Music by KEN LEINE WE'VE GOT BUSHELS OF \« llfrc's lore lask«ls Iku etff Iffre ii sir sisre! He lliik it's tie kMi sflwiiw if takds jrmj... C»e »i 4»tti...}oi'|| tkjiL si tit! [ End of The Rainbow Vim ltt-t ('oner if Curt & Limb-Eunice ii Curt Street ONE GROUP SPRING & mm DRESSES ENTIM STOCK SPRING COATS Reg. S25 00 lo $70.00 NOW *********+******+***i, i <+i ri ,t it1titi , i ,i, i , i , 1ticitiC i lir i l n OflECROUP HOT WEATHER ^ SWIMSUITS LADES WEAR KRCUS FULLS, ALEIINDRtl MOKSiS.WAHmON.KHEATON

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