The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 2
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MALVferMUOWA, JUKE 23, THE MALVERN LEADER Aft ALl^COUKfftJfrBEKtt Stop* Witts Y«a? w. P. WORTMAN, Entered fa the Post Ofttee at Halvefa, Jo**, as «*t^d m eT|«_iKl|J fttttfc™ «f Satrttfiptidft! Patabte ifi Adhrlfiei (M* copy one year - - - Si.60 One eopt tftrs* monthi One co*y MX months - - i.*d Sttgle eoi# - - - - * - The date on the printed tag snow* tire time to which the •erlption is paid. NAftOML IMTOIUAL ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL COWrrt PAPfcil:—All tie official proceedings of the Board Of Supervisor* are printed to toll fa Advertising Rat*« O18PLAT, 86 cents a colnnin Inchj 6 cents aa Inca addition*! fo» composition. Extra for guaranteed position. LOCALS. Classified - - - 6c a line LOCALS, among reading matter .---*-- lOc a line Obituary poetry * * * * |e a liae Resolutions ****** 6ea line Cara of Thanks* * * * * 60c LEADER subscribers are. asked to notify the subscription department prosiptly ot^itr ctMtgti In tfcelr «ddre«»e*. Under the new posUU I»w». new«p»per« ana pert- odlcaJt most pay poiUffe doe for •notice* of anr cfiaiig-e* In address furntahed by the pp«t office. In addition, tftere to »teo the .Problem of delay In dellrenr or fallar* to »et the paper. The best pUn Is to Send the chance of address In advance. i EDITORIAL Iowa has Just gone through the throes of another state election. Let's hope that the old state will always be able to settle its problems as amicably as we did during the wet- dry election. To the local committee who Wants Something Done About It we suggest the matter of finding the correct time. While more people have better watches than ever before, and radios sound out the time con- IF YOU LIKE THE MORNING SHOWER And who doesn't these -warm aummer dayat It you like it we suggest that one be installed In your baae- ment, or any convenient place, for It can be done at jractlcally no cost. Just a few feet of pipe, shower head, valves and labor—you'll really be surprised at the small cost and at the fun and pleasure you wlU get from H. We're always glad to quote definite low cost figures on this or any plumbing job to fit your special needs. We really believe that you will never find a more opportune time to bay, J, R, Cardwell Licensed Master Plumber Phone 68 * stantly. we'll wager more than four out ten persons that not of every hare the correct time, or even the same time. This has long been a mystery to us. Knowing the correct time is not always Important, but it is always satisfying. And we are most certainly well equipped for that purpose. Perhaps some day some manufacturer will solve all of this with a watch which can't be wrong. Congress has at last adjourned. It will be several months before the country can accurately judge the results of its work, but we are sure at least that it has been at work. Threats of communism or socialism, after reading of the financial manipulations during the past decade, will leave most of us cold. For our conservative financiers, whose records are now being brought to light, have long been able to deflect any serious criticism of their methods and prevailing economic conditions, by the cry of ' "socialism." Socialism, or any similar form of government will never come unless a majority of the people believe it is more satisfactory than the present system. If capitalism can continue to prove that it la the best system of government and eco* to pltttt* te**e1S and fro* dyh«m«* net tasnale* to ttfefcrded fn tot made from ewrft. This Hst Is «trtte trae. Iowa, as on* o» the catef corn pw- dttefftg areas fn the wotta could profit mfgntny « greater demand was buftt wp for corn throtrgh the trtfteathm of the by-products of the crop. The country mast learn that legislation alone win aot solve out present ecottotnli difficulty, nor do nearly as much about it as a direct scientific approach. Corn can be produced comparatively cheaply. At present its chief use is to fatten hogs and cattle and only a part of the crop can be used. Utilization of the entire crop would greatly Increase the demand and price. "Trade at Home" is a slogan now generally disregarded, although it would be the best policy to do so in most cases. Money spent In the home community, and especially with home laborers, artisans and home industries, builds up the place and enables the Inhabitants, and those who depend upon any such town, to Increase their property values and strengthen the economic fabric. But the purpose of this editorial was not to present facts favoring the policy so much as to point out that those whose best Interests would demand that they trade at home, are usually the worst offenders. During the past few days two roving painters have gained much new work in the community while local artisans, equally as skilled, have been unemployed. Sheriff to M. L. Evans (Shf. Deed) $14,000. (Re-record) Sec. 33-73-40. Lawaon C. Miller to P. F. O'Donnell (W. D.) $10,500. 36-71-40. The fiat J** day* ol C»B*re« were ftpeM fatgety to adjawtni* atffereB*Sr ea tfce ttaftef 6f Veteran*' fcfeffi$en*atfo0. ftte Motrtfi and a fe* leaders fit the 8*nat* maftagetf to effect * that wfH result in increases fft tfce way «t satfon to 1 terrfee eoifiefcted ability cat**. Wrigftt Patmait. otfe et tne leaders of the Veterans' eaate, was firmly convinced' thai the com promise arrived at was the very best obtainable at tall present time. H« was supported Jn his contenttoa by others prominent in the same field such a* Browning who made an eloquent address in behalf of th* proposition. A trlnmpn came for the liberal forces in the Closing hears wnfth the House forced the further eon* slderation of the Glass banking bill that provides for a limited form of banking insurance ahd effected the enactment of the measure in Spite of opposition from large eastern banking firms. Adjournment came about 1:80 a. m. Friday morning. The gal* lertes were packed With spectators earlier in the evening and they remained until the end In the Senate. Many of them departed after that body adjourned thinking the House would probably continue until early in the morning. It did not, however, and in less than an hour Joe Byrns had moved that we stand ad* journed, Speaker Ralney's gavel bad fallen and the historic extra session of the 73rd Congress had come to an end with a record of legislative achievement behind it that looks like the work of half a dozen ordinary Congresses. There were farewell speeches at the end, Floor Leader Byrni hoped we would all return next January which* reminded us that the mortality rate among Mem- •/"Jr-yiifrfKJfrirft %^-^> -AJangjJ*. jfejailftA CttfttftDfifit BBS gone IKFWlI &*.-$*• flgi'jijfff jfc aiiti<B£iikam -rf fta lT~ll I n Bv B ja"H*i» WK* OJL of ^i ft was svtteni ffo*t the tefote- fhg. the fefte«rtn* aird tfce . planse folWwfaf tie wftfrdfftf of tfre tftrel, that the n*etat»er»Bt£ *a* gtttf to attafief e ft* weft, ffce fneatfeff* of the fffcd Con- g^g —u-.- ^ft,^,^ vt trim*V ftfr«iT*^gfi«W ^Lji JIT. grass WHO were rewieciea nave » fteasfoft st*ce f* feteet 1HH not niill! Jafrttary, i«34. Wifli Attttt Clawit With Stdck the Castor Oil legend has been shattered. For many years, no competent automobile racing driver, either here or abroad Would think of entering a race with hit ear lubricated with anything but Castor (Jit it amounted almost to a superstition. fiat Lottls Meyer, In winning the recent 600-mile race on the Indianapolis Speedway, knocked the superstition Into a cocked hat. His racer, "Tydol Special," was lubricated throughout with Veedol, a mineral oil far removed from any product of the castor bean. (Sydney Berin, chief engineer of the Tide Water Oil. company, points out that Meyer's remarkable race undoubtedly marks the beginning of the end of Castor Oil as a lubricant for racing can. "Since auto racing began, drlv- AfBeffean ireef*, fnl testimonial to the m*de In recent years in can refining Eitete fteeord of Instruments filed in the office* of the Recorder and Ctefk of fitelHet Court of Mflts County, towa, from Jane 2, 1983, st 8 a. m. to lane 0, 1983, at 8 a. m. (One deed. L. ?. lohnsOtt td Fred Woodmff, filed but not of record )< 4 Sheriff to Cecelia VanKIrk (Bhf ft.) $647189, tm SfiU 15-7342. E. H. Lotifee to Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. (W. D.) $1 and V. C, Land in gee. ? and 8* Fayetta'crookhato to Kenneth & Cook (W. D.) |8000, Lot 8 and South 16 ft. Lot J, Blk, Dl, Qlenwood. Sheriff to B. A, 8«hade (Shf. Deed) M08.S9. Pt Out Lot 1, Olenwood. * - Ifflrhrfffttftl? the snpfeft* fe«« band dowti tfce {Ml Witt Or. 6. M. KM>* him* m. i » I 0. t*» *Hrf f 18 | wet *0*f«»* tfi«i Phonii: OfTTe* 142. fit Id History of the WceJt An interpretative news summary of the important events of the past week, J , to spend HtUe time worrying about a radical change. But the truth 1s that capitalism has large faults which a few who have benefltted at the expense of the many, refuse to notice or do anything about. Unless the present inequality of wealth is leveled to a slight degree, and unless the equality of opportunity, upon which principle this country was founded, 1s returned, capitalism can be justly criticised. But our most enthusiastic believers in the capitalistic system cry loudest when some needed change is proposed, It is this attitude which endangers capitalism far more than any threat of socialism, And it is this attitude which must be eliminated before capitalism can prove its worth. More than 100 products are listed in a pamphlet which we recently received from Iowa State college titled Utilization of Agricultural Wastes and Surpluses. Everything from Want Ads PAY! Jn the May 18 issue of The Leader L, M. Klme inserted the following Want Ad i Lost— -New 30*5 truck and wheel. — L, M. KH»e. gene, tire iFriday Mr. Kline received word !u°?u F u l0 ^ Rh °ad e s of Malvirn that he had found the tire, And IT Gust Only Use the Want Ads suits, of course, are not always so Eve's Tempter | Now that the wet-dry scrap is] safely over (for the time being) i in Iowa -it will be safe to tell about what we recently had up at our house. The door bell rang one day recently and as one member of the household, whose long sojourn in sunny Texas has weaned her away from the rigors of Iowa homellfe, went to the door she very nearly stepped on a little bull snake which had sought respite from the hot outdoors in our cool dining room. Quite fortunately she withdrew the step in time so that the snake wasn't hurt a bit. Afterward the editor was called up to dispose of the serpent. -f-t-1- While we make no steady practice of harboring snakes in oar home here, the incident does recall that V, H, Beaton, while staying at one time In the homestead}' shack in Mon, tana, caught a fine young rat. tier in that edifice in a mouse trap, I always insisted that mouse traps are dangerous to have around, -f-t-1- F«ce Jled Hon. Otha p. Wearln, who modestly insists that bis Congress has done more than half a dozen ordinary Congresses, was nqt a|-j ways observed in w> favorable aj light, reports bis wife. While out campaigning last fall, she had oc- ' eaaion to stay back in the audl-: ence while Hon. Otha made a{ speech. 4 good dame of the con^ . stituency gat by her and scanned I Hon. Otba'8 red necktie and ap- ! pearsnce with none too an eye. "Well, he «toe«,'t loot; 15c "I beg your pardon," said the newcomer, "bat la that a copy of that extraordinary Journal, The Malvcrn Leader?" "Bight," replied Hunger, "it ia that." A The soldier wa»' one Jack something or other Who had also formerly lived "In Mills count}'. Afterward he regularly borrowed Monger** t ,copy — a* do many Mills cowntlans who want to learn alllthe ncw»i, •"'it» J (Continued from page 1) * ects, but more obviously to most people by the immediate Imposition of one-half cent more gasoline tax. • • * • At the same time that initial operations on public .works were begun Secretary of. Agriculture Wallace announced that' processing taxes would be placed on wheat and cotton, the proceeds to be used to accomplish limitation of production.,Charges were tentatively estimated at 4c per pound for cotton and S8c to SOc per bushel for wheat, Other plans of the department Include conferences .of the dairy., industry looking toward trade agreements - Even toe aharpwt critic* of the World Economic Conference were surprised at the opening of that affair in London last week. Shortly after King-Emperor Qeorge V had welcomed conferees to his country Prime, Minister MacDonald did just what every scared U. 8. nationalist secretly predicted he would —tossed the issue of war debts squarely into the the delegation to come home. President Roosevelt, kept terrifically busy in the closing of Congress, showed no reaction. In spite of the opening the U. 8. won a slight victory in the conference when Delegate James M. Cox waa given the chairmanship of the monetary committee against French opposition. After the first blowing oft of steam the conference selected a steering committee which decided to limit delegates' speeches to 16 minutes and fixed a 6% hour day. None too short Is the IB minutes as 66 of the 67 countries of the Only $Q2S •.•Uatt ^^^ KOttftQ World's F * air EVERY WEEK END Tickets on sale every Satur. day and Sunday to and in- cludlngr July 0th. 10-Day Return Limit Tickets good in Coach or Chair Car. Half fare for children Othor Low Fares-Ill effect dally Party Fa\t*ea — 10 Day Limit S traveling together f 16.68 each 4 traveling together f 1545 each 5 traveling together f 14415 each (Half fare for children) * Still lower fares for larger groups. - • * * 16-aay tickets. $18.86. 30-day ^tickets at slightly world have delegate* attending, j Wghwfarer>?l *$%;•£,; MaJor effort* of the confetWM! * PiiUmon foraa ^nwn%«) Major, effort* of the prices;^ and i onc« s more the many-llTed problem of war dabti. This 18 billion dollars owed the U. 8. by 10 European* countries,, comes repeatedly, up for revision, always downward, as 'most of the debt- ors''hope .for graceful cancellation. Connected with the conference but not directly from It was the news Thursday that five countries conference directly against j had defaulted on the June debt openly expressed wishes of: payments, four others had made President Roosevelt.. i but part,payment, while only one, Back In tUe U, 8. Wm. Ran- 1 Finland, .made full payment of dolph Hearst and his string of her, part of the .debt. Defaulting were .'-France, Poland, "Belgium, Jugoslavia and Lithuania, Great Britain, Italy, Rumania, and Chechoslovakia made a payment newspapers, who -, mortally fear that Uncle 8am will Joae hlg shirt ' playing> wjrtli^ the JnterBaHon»4 •harpers, called loudly 7 for : the tions, admieslon««-to i Fair grounds "r.^j all penses except meals,;,! be purchased at your home station. The Burlington has on exhibit one of the world's finest passenger trains and cordially invites you to make it your World's Fair headquarters—-comfortable soft -cushioned seats . . .magazines to read . , , a good place to relax, rest, 0r meet friends. \j , • , A W/A,CALPWELL and osrtam .._,.,_ „ \mm m findmgtoUfc pays ttiem to advertise what they have to gel) QV want to" buy In Tht we," *b# vpiL'tel to Wwwiw, ana town *«k*>4 iMsFtf the JMUM* MtytbJMC ttfeaut *Mlaly a Ut|l«," ^ TTT \Vewltt, "I'm M* •M4- ww» Whfio Pr. j, Malvwu La»t o, FeUsit told o ' t« lay^g^rajr [A

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