The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVin. NO. 21. CARttOLL, IOWA, FiUDAY, SEPTKJtBKll 14, 189*. WHOLE NO. 909, ORT SALE AND A MER ONE The stock of the Carroll Dry Goods Company is going like frost on a June morning. DROP IN AND SEE THE DROP IN PRICES. Dress Goods. Silk Finish Henrietta, 48-in. wide, Black Cashmeres, Imported Goody, Silk Finish, (~ 1 r\lf\vt4 ^Q.iTi WAflft . . 'lO-iii wif^p nil wnnl 8pri?fi8 . . . .. ,. » . fiiwa no nil wnnl ^ft.i 11 omc\f\ S Armure Royal, New Styles, all wool, 44-in. Grauite^Cloth, all wool, 38-in. wide, Ele- Jamestown, all wool Serge, Black and Col- nisi (tin lipf'.f'pt*} • . Jamestown Hop Sacking, all wool, 38-in ttoods * Lamb wool Plaids, (goods that will wash) . . ISTl'lnft VAllinCf 5lll WOf>l Laporte "Woolen Dress Flannels, 28-in. wide 54-irt Berlin Suiting?, all wool, in colors — Dress Trimmings. Linings of all kinds, findings of every description, Braids, Jets, Velvets, Trimming Silks, at lower prices than have ever been quoted to you. Buttons at 5c., 10c., and 15c. per card. Handkerchiefs. Ladies' Hemstitched 11 Fancy Border " Embroidered %• " " niiiffnn " Initiil All kinds of KercMefs, Silk Mufflers, Wool Mufflers. Ties, Windsor Ties, etc., eta. cheaper than youJiave ever bought them. Every Article a GENUINE BARGAIN Former prloe. 11.25 .90 1.25 1.25 1.00 .85 .75 .60 .85 1.00 .85 .50 1.00 .75 .07 •10 .20 .25 .25 .15 Price now. * .75 .60 .75 .75 .62 .55 .48 .42 .65 .72 .55 .35 .77 .55 .04 .05 .13 .15 .15 .07 White Goods. India Linen (( U II II II II ' Embroidered Swias, 45-in. wide 27-iu. wide Dotted Swiss Nainsook Checks. Plaids and Stripes, at ridiculously low prices to close at once. Sheetings. - Pepperell 94 Bleached Sheeting 94 Unbleached Sheeting Aurora 54 Pillow Casing Fruit of Loom 4-4 Bleached Lousdale 4-4 Bleached Hope 4-4 Bleached Cloaks and Jackets. Ladies' Jackets, good value at old price.. . " size 36, brown. Tan, Gray " Russian Blouses, Fine Cheviots " Capes, Silk Astrakan, Silk Lined, Elegant " Capes, Silk Astrakan " Light Weight Jackets, worth up to . Misses' Jackets, Blue and Tan Children's Cloaks, at 50c. on the dollar. Corsets. Dr. Warner's "333" " French pattern " Coral ine " 4 in hand High Bust Health * Perfect Waists U U IV Jackson Favorite Waists, Black and!5rab7 Our Stock, Broken Sizes, Good Goods, all go, some as low as 20 cents. Former Iirice .15 .20 .25 .30 1.25 .75 .20 .25 .22 .15 .10 .09 .8* 6.50 16.50 8.50 8.00 4.50 2.00 2.50 2.00 1.00 1.35 1.00 1.00 1.35 .85 .95 1.2fi Price now .11 .15 .20 .22 .75 .50 .14 .16i .15 .09 .7* .07 .6* 4.00 9.80 4.50 5.00 2.50 .75 .50 1.00 .85 1.10 .85 .85 1.10 .55 .70 .85 Gloves. Villa Kid Gloves Mascotte Kid Gloves Bertha Kid Gloves, worth $1.'25 Other makes of Kid Gloves at the same sweeping reduction. Silk Gloves Ladies' Kid Mittens, Silk Mittens, etc- Shawls. Beaver Shawls, very fine » " n it • good Reversible Velvet Shawls Blanket Shawls Camel Hair Light Weight Summer Shawls Shoulder Shawls Millinery Goods. Our entire line of winter and summer shapes, Flowers, Plumes, Tips, Ornaments, Trimmed Hats, not at cost, but at Ostrich Rf\°/ Black and Tips. OVy /o Colors. of their value. The opportunity of years. The time to buy. Underwear. A few pieces of Ladies' Fine Cambric and Muslin Underwear to close out at less than one-half the real value. Heavy underwear— Ladies', Misses', Children's and Gentlemen's, at less than cost, tariff off. Remnants. All odd yards, good goods, and cheap goods su-e thrown on the REMNANT table. Ei'ery piece a big bargain Former price. 2.00 1.50 1.00 .45 12.00 9.50 7.00 9.50 7.50 9.00 2.25 .60 Price now 1.25 1.10 .89 .25 8.90 6.90 5.85 7.75 5.70 6.90 1.65 .35 Come at once before the lines are broken. Two doors east Of PostofflC6. Store open until 9 o'clock every evening. T. D. YATES. Agent. Republican Convention. Th ft Eepve«ciit;iliveB of the Minority Party in this County Meet anil Select a Full Ticket, The KttpuWnsnu delegates ntek lit the court houHH Tiittbduy ui 11 o'olook Hud perft'olf.l H ttiuipor»ry orgaimnliou by Bloating ,), W. Hobbs otiHirmtm uud 0. D. Deftiuy litK'.itttttry, Tbe following oommittriM unrauuiued/. Oj owi*iiiiMla-~T. B, MoOlur*, \l . 13, , J. K. UiiUHIi. Ou p.:im.'.Miiii urguu Kid ion L. A Juouiugti, J, W, LyojiB, D. Chirk. . Ouwolhu of W. L.UulberUon tbeoou- runtion nJjoiuuiui uutil 1 o'olook. Wtieu Iliti meetiuy IVHH called tu onl«r lu Ike lureitoou tbuiu WOM but u (uw Ut>l«gitl08 finwHut at tbe morning «?*moo Mid tint entburflufcii) wiiu but vary prououuottd. Tb» uouu trtiine brongbt lu quite B number of di'lftfiitfa mid wbeu Mi* nftf r- OOOD evvaion wn« osllw) to order tbe detention:! w<>ro vm\( r»prptt*ut«d itnd thu bull prssuulcil ir.oM of u bucinautt \<k 'o tbnu in uiiHtiaU'iry -ju Wu>,'l'rimibti<l|i» a* u&ru«ut"jf ulMiiiuiiu, Wait Orolmrd •0 twirwury mat B. D. Heurjr H»«UtHUt ••OtttlHry. I'll- rt-purl of lb«* oomwillw OD or«JwjH«la WHB m)"pl*d HOI! tUtf con- |ir(u^.clul to HIP uoialuAtici) of W. U Mnlir. of Arcmlia, iwwiv^U 08v/ic« null \V. L Kxtiuin iil. Mr Itolir WUH <lt>oUirt'it tliH nouiiuut) witb OUt Ti'llllukH, Tlie iiiiuii-t at H,'nr,v OHUI|), <>f Onrroll, CliU JJfUIU'll, of Mnunitig, W. 11 ^ Curroll, Hud J. I/, Outi«r of iiuiuiuttliou fur cuunly r, willt tlitt (ulUiwtuH re»uU,Onu>p JJ, JiitJ 10, b»ui»\t W t U, litwd 19, Coder 41. Third ' tmllot— Ifl, Reed 29, Ci'dor 44. Fourlli ballot— Beunbtt 20, Eenil 25, Coder U. Fifth ballot— Coder 44, Reeil 46. H. W. Ueed buviu(( received u mujucity of sit tU>i votes o«8t WHS (Isoiiu'ed Ibe uocniuea uf tbe ooiiVHulion. ') tie nmuas of A O. Steale, of OOOQ lUpide, ami A. lioiilorJ. of PleHfliiot Vulley, wore jilnued iu uouiiuutiou for «Uf>er?iBor witb HIH following result: Btu«le 06, Kedfoid 24. Mr. Sfeele wuu thmi rteolared (lie imraiape. A. motion wnsoandtt »uA voted d»wn to luijcmni. The u«it buing iu <ird«r wu« the attlisutiati ut u cmu.ti'i.ite fur aoiuity auditor. F. A. Oburlua m ivod tbut tbu rn OB hKBiiujjHiiilotl, Mid O W. Mi'Niiu^Lt uf Olid Jeu, bo dm'.iitnl (no pumince by iioo I uii'ion. J. 10, GiitH h did ItiH tmua for G. W. liowMU fur eoably •itoruey •mil thu tiokst wim oouipleted, and tbe ••Out roll pluu" of diviJiug up Ibe oftl- oett w«i laid atida, J. Iil GtlQltb uuid tb'it tbft rwrtsou liu fHi'orfd pluoiug u full liokft In nomiunlioD wai that tbere were uiiiiiy }t«[jnb)i0'itm who did riot cure (o vote tor ft l)»cu"0mt, ivnd tor tu»t rnu^u bo tbongbt Ibe ticket tiuoiUd btt filled out, Auil tbude wbo f«lt <w if thoy uiiiild nut oust H vot« fur • Dviuoonit uiititd huv« Ilio priviU'go of voting for ouu ut tUoir vUuiot». Thi« wuft \\w j)rn- vniliug opiniod of tliu oonvdutioii nud iu d«f«i«uo« to tlu>ir wivlivtt Ilia lii'ktt wut ooujplv'fd, UKUIUNU Oi'Kii.\ (larujiiniil Buoifljr decided Ht H tu run lb« ojiwrii H))jii)illt*ll M Oom tilmrgu uf U tm , O. M. lictift und n" l| tlwiu«u will IIHVO llutlrrt U\MUtit<lv*n ini'itA (>f Ibri't* to f.jlluHb: U. A Di-i'tocr. bdftn ut grsttt espeuso iu liuildiug uud equipping tbe uaw opem bonae, nod we trust tbai tb« oittefus will fully up- preciuto their ufforts uud give tbe pltiye, which will visit us during tliw ooiuiug HOKBOU, Buoh support lie tbn ttoniutr in da- H^rving. It JH H grunt jcedtt tu uur oily t't hitve Hiiub uu opera buut>M uud we ebonld nil duly Bppreoiiite iln vuliit). LUUUWAYMSN. Tut-filiiy uigbt, belwttuu IU uud 11 o'clock, MB A. t!. Ouppuuk wild driving home from jCoou Rapida tu bin (arm uortb of tub oily ue WMU bold up by lliret* Utfu wbo blteiuptvt) U> rob liiui. Mr, Uoppoolt showed tight uud «uoi>e*Ued in oue (if t fatal down witb H mnilJn>y WWioli oud UIBU run owiiy took ubmyeof it. 'J'htty Joiidud tb« iu- jurati muu iu tb« wugau Hiid dtos\> of?. I'Uu t«um wua fouud th« uvxt duy uboirt tbritu uiilf u vuiil of Cuou Kupidn, but uu club bun ufl yet bom ilisoovered IIM to wbo tUu |>»rli«a were, it WHS B bold nl- Uwpt ut rubbing uud uutbiug but Mr, uvrvu euved biiu from b»iug up," by tijfati foot pnd«. Il in a dUgruou to oar country Hint t>uub do"d« HIM pttrpxtrulud itud uvery t ft'ort falmuld b» put fuurtb to f«rrt<t out Ibw p*»rp«lr«- turd of III in oulruf{t>. liiaMU.urioN Norm;. THIS SUODLD IKTBUWV You. It ID just us ueoessury lor a iu»u to «<•*• guod rolling ruutiur t»M it id to get goon food. Wo buva j ist ruadA nrrnngtun«u(>-. wlnub way .w «( iut»re«t to you, dcnr sir, w|ii> ,.!.• ^i.iiKiiiiy iluwu (bin ooluuin i>fiV|if. lti« itrniugt'iu^ut is tbis: We »iii .. ivi- y»n the |{N<HtH0t of «11 D<*uiO- or,>i'o piipere, »bt< New York Wwekly World, and tbis piipt>r,hr>tb for cue veur, fur 8U, or we will s«tid yon 'tbi» prtfwr for oun yt>ar uiu) Tbe Weekly Worlk for six luoiitbu for $1.75. Tt» o.inipiii^ii now hpgua ia xniou to be • very ii»|HtrtHiit one H«rp is the op- portmulv tiv fj«t your own looal pnpor uud Ilin Iwidiug nit>lr(ir>iiljtnn jourunl of tbo Pnutiiry Kt t-xtriio dinarily low rutes Pufn IbtH interewt you? T' it tlni>fl, Hud yoii tbink it worth wli'l t to tnke Kdvnntnae of thin i?r»»» epH'-iitl i IV-r «tiilt» it lap'*, eend 81.76 'ud ifi't flifl WWkly World for e>* iiMiithg inn! Tuw WBVKI.V SUNTINKL lor noa rpnr. Addre«e THK SKNTINKL, Cur ml), Town. Advertised Lottora, Tlio follmvilitf letti'ro rcmnfii nnciilli'd for Ut HIM pOHtnflUT, Si<pt. IU, IK\)4. Uii't'sH di-lhorPil wllliln iliirlv tlnyu from iintt>Hii>v w||| fa) forwunlt'it to tlio 1iitti>rollU'» ut \V«Hblnutnn. 0. C.: ,l"m.|n roiunroy JessiK vviilte J(>rry Will^lm A. 11. Mm'rr dV'. O'llHrroii H. 8. Orr Urn. MiirrMullur Joo \V. Hi 4o.>, Mi)/ii«'r Alum M^irkr j. H. Hulton Juliii [V Kil-iiu Hrx. Kailx DOUHVHII K'l- i'lii"«l*r V.W. lUi'.'fiitur liiulgu I'l'vlU (\tU obHrg» ol >lie optira boitHrt uud will IIH^UI ut ouuti tu utiHugt, o }>n>K>nu> fur tliH mm«<ju. Tbo in'niiing Bulmtuiuiueut will bn givvu Out, 8. lUp JHUA Oom«dy ix>u)|>uuy btw buuu velwlod for oo» of Ibe bi'st on (t ttbout furty jieopl*. •ooittty bun Tbo Urm o( MuUouuy bin dttV (Untfulvc'd by uiuuinl cou>uut. Al.H'KM. OAVANAL'lill. KI.I.A M.MIONKV. Tho euiw iiiillliiory tlriu of l<"l'/uiil 'Hvuuuuitlt in now ruiuly for busuiusn j'lui tiooilK uru of tbu lnU'bl tlv't'S. A' luilv I ruin llin inillini'i'V li'>iii>u of KiUon | & Kt'ilh, ^Ulciinu, wUl lu>Kl \lio rus|Hiusi-i blu po8ii|nii ol' irlinuiui, it ml llifsc Imlit'sj feul HK»nrnl of tbcir ubiliiy to pliu'o bu-{ fort) Uu Imlii's Iliu lulusl uud slyluH of Ibo Thf Uv\v nrnvliloa thnt inn- rent blmll lit' p»lil fur nil lutti'iH uihMilin'il. Wlit'ii cnt'liitt ('of srtUH> plonsu Hliito dnl« of ltd-'iuenl. JNO. I,. I'OWKKH, I'. M, 1'ilual I'lloal Itcliluw I'lleu. SVIII|lt(Mlli llloUlilrK; llltHIIM' I'flllMU Hlltl SIIUlJ IIIK. lU'iiit in nikilit: wtiisti liv "IT.ili-lilm: If u in*, il i>M"iiilliiH« tuiunrn inrni wlili'li ollfii I) I'nl ion) iiii-i'r il», bfiiinlnjf Vi-ry *ur« finiiy no'» iiliiiin"i'> ult'ti* tltu Ui'liUiv niul littfilnv, liHiils uU-i.| ,ii.iii »iul In nu>»l «'im«» wl»nvf» Ilia iiiiiuiri. AI iii'uffdntii orl'y mull, Tyr 'Hi ofnu 1)1'. Hwiiynt' >V sir'. I'llllmU'li'lilii. 6 1 W Tbe Demoi-raU of Ourroll Unvnsliij), nnd of the city nf Cnrroll, will nu'i-l i?i CHICUK nl thu Dtundii of ilic c»nrl hmiso. Sntiinhiy S.'plciiilu.T 33, m -I u'clocte, for tt>o inirpuso uf ii»m!(u(f«i; tuwn^hlp tifliix'rs. TIKIS. RICH, Ohuiruinu. An notivci n(?«'«t in ouch rotiniy in 1hc Utini-d Slnttis. in policil Hi)>sori/>iinn« (or \]\v Twii % e-tt-Wei>k- Uupuhlii;. A liliorul comiuiitjiou will !»• |"ii(l lo hustlers. Ad ss. siiperiiiliMidi'iu oimiltiliviu. The ic, 81. Lotim. Mo. F KK1.UK1.K ISSl'KAMIK In tliti uui-u lU'iu IV bf liinureil in uu iihiolUblo nwii'W'iy. Ttio l(«t c0ln()iiulL's ciiu be H. W. IVU OKKICK IN THK HANK ov C -TIUHJ OF UAKKOJUL, IOWA. Capital, {$100,000.00. CAitUOLL Classified Business Directory. _ MILLINERY. MKS. il. rfllAIII.K, KaAtil(iiml>:i) JlllllfifO^ Miss KI.I.A T<»ni>, Milllncrr ami Knm\v (ioodi FINANCIAL. KIHST . Cor. Main anil KKtn Street!. XOUTHWESTKHN HUll.tilNIi .\NP I.OA.V X, Vlttli Si FEED MILLS. I. J. A J. It. MATI.OCK, Hull -••t HARNESS. ETC. 1.. T. AMiKHSUN, limn, ..siiiit) lluiatf Trunks, ntui Scwlui: Miu-liliuvs. WINES AND LIQUORS, V101OH U. S'llvtl'lHUS, "Tin) Dl.iinuiitl," Kourlli ri PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS, 8HKfKIKl.l> 4 . Wtmt Mlllj, Tank* nn<\ JOB PRINTINOT IMII.V .sKVIINKI., Adunu Muni. llf»l I null pt-il I'rlnUiiK Ultlcn in WVsti'rn low*. Professional Cards. VSll^rf-M^'W^'v JAS I., MAIIII.V. u. K, lliiuix. MARTIN 4 MARTIN, Will I'rft-iL't) In *lat« ami I'romiit ituoiittun ttlvtiu to coliootlons. Nolmy tu onicu. Olllco In UoLlgftn HUwli. ft 1JOVT LAWYERS. I'r.. lift in twi «uil feuoral o«urt«. M on *«rMI. over Nltwoni How to Ouro All Blttn Dlaouacti " ui'ly iiMily KWI/JIIO'SO iiinifiit. NUJIIUTIIN) l •In*' n j i|uic«l. (Uin'K tvtlfr, fivi'inii, iii'ti, Hlli'lllptltHIM Oil I lit* IIII'U. llllllUH, 1IU»«, tltO. I unlmf ili»»klii i'lu ir HliHd IIIKI liauuli)', it* itri'iu liinilliHi and curative imwcri urc |ii>H«ust>v(l by uu uuu<r rt'iuetly, Auli juur druguim lot 11-U5 Fo« At H ImrKuiu, Tbi> well kuowu fitrui of tlio lulu Mr- Uuttou uudur tidiuiuta- triitor tutlt). Farm in eiluutw) 4' nrihs uorlheust of Ooou Utpiiia. AH uodur fenm> Hud well improved. Ibis farm muet be nold FOOU, U. A, JM.-UST. U. W. WATn r. i.. \v\ri i l. K. M. if. tiKO. W. KOli'f LAWYER. n nr *' |lo °r UtftiuHii bunk |>r*t-tlrti III tMto «iul ruutU «"t«>W<iii «iv«u to lureclo*ur«« »n« folalr*. Vice I'l Cu«m»i, , QKOUOK » I ATTORN KY A i LAW. owe*. buiuu«r imldnu lliiu'ilrj'WlW. Uoiin) lu lour oui(HHt»rcurlty. UtiiliK tor IR!« on all II»MHI| tiu iu ami fcom «u «rtH«ti lu IUw k»i*i F. M. OAVFNPORT, TTOHNK AT LAW. L««»i t>u»tu noud lu txHb »tou *uaT»d««i cS

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