The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 24
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 24

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 24
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Progress Reported Man/s offer . . ii/ii . Brings 4,000 in Paper Walkout BJ Tim ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK (AP)-Federal mediator* have reported progress toward settling a deliverers' strike B«ninst nine New York City news- with the mediators suggestion in the interest of a settlement." Yule Cards PROVIDENCE, Oust** Wohl, 48, R. I. (AP) A shy nattve of papers. Mediator Walter A. Maggiolo tempered his report Tuesday night by saying there still remain a No joint sessions were held j Germany who got only one Christ- Tuesday. The publishers and the mas card last year, had more than deliverers met separately with the 4,000 cards by Tuesday, mediators. fh c avalanche of cards was the It is understood that union ne-j result of Wohl's offer last week of Kotiators, under the pressure of j $100 for the extra penny on cards membership demands, are placing i mailed to Canada with insufficient number of substantial problems to i emphasis on a 35-hour week, im-j postage, be resolved. I proved vacations, a ninth annual The post office, which said the Re-Evaluate j paid holiday and a sick leave pro- unsealed cards required four-cent Maggiolo said all issues in the: vision. postage rather than three cents as 15-day-old dispute were reviewed. The publishers have offered a j in this country, declined Wohl's of- The deliverers and the publishers $7-a-week increase spread over i fer. But it sent along the cards, were urged to re-evaluate their two years, plus fringe benefits. 1 positions before further meetings today with mediators. Asher Schwartz, attorney forj The deliverers' basic pay under Five-day outlooks 6 p.m. Wednes- the independent Newspaper andia contract which expired Dec. 7i dny to 8 pm Monday Deliverers Union, said in a state-;Wns $103.80 for a 40-hour week. I . ' ' ' The nine newspapers, the Times,! Minnes »'«= Temperatures will Herald Tribune, Daily News, MJr-i!!!"«« 1_? »_, d !!«f« W «J *« The offer was rejected by the union membership. 5 DAY FORECAST ment: "We have not made such progress as will accomplish a settling, but the mere fact that we are now talking is to us encouraging." Barney G. Cameron, president ror, Journal American, World- normal highs of 17 to 25 and the telegram and Sun, Post, Long Is- normal lows of 2 below to 8 above ' land Daily Press and Long Island lturnlng much colder Thursday and Star-Journal, shut down Dec. 11. Thursday Peratures night; moderate about Sunday or tern- Mon- broadcasts are trying to fill the! 10 - 30 inches as snow mostly to- news vacuum. |night and Thursday. The city's newspaper industry j Iowa: Temperatures average 4 has lost more than 20 million dol-ito 8 degrees below the normal lars in Christmas advertising rev-highs of 25 to 34 nnd normal lows of the Publishers Assn. of Newj Newsstands are virtually bare, York City, said in a statement:'of papers. Radio and television | dav ! Precipitation will average .10 Don't Disclose "The federal mediators have asked both sides—the publishers of the nine struck newspapers and the striking drivers—not to disclose the issues under discussion in today's sessions. "The publishers are going along IN SILHOUETTE — President and Mrs, Eisenhower presented this study in silhouette as they listened to a carol during the National Christmas Tree lighting pro- gram Tuesday night on the Ellipse near the White House. (APPhotofax) enues, as well as circulation revenues and wages to 15,000 idled of 8 to 15; turning much Thursday and Thursday nonstriking newspaper employes. | moderating temperatures THURSDAY DECEMBER 25th SPECIAL CHRISTMAS NIGHT DANCE AND VOCAL ATTRACTION CONWAY TWITTY Hear Hit Top Hit "IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE" CHUCK HALL ORCH. FOR DANCING TIME 8 to 12 Adm. $1.65 Inc. Tax — Checking lOc colder night; about Sunday or Monday; precipitation .10 to .30 inches as snow mostly tonight and Thursday. i Wisconsin: Temperatures willj average near the normal high of; 24 to 28 and normal low of 6 to 12; j a little colder Friday and Satur-j day with not much change in tem-j peratures Sunday and Monday;' precipitation .20 to .50 inches asj occasional light snow Thursday, and scattered flurries Friday andj Saturday; light snow likely most; of area Sunday or Monday. i Pesky Pickles Mean ! Shorted Floor Plug CHEYENNE, Wyo. W) — A jar! of pickles brought the Cheyenne; fire department on the run re-j cently. : Mrs. W. H. Tyler dropped the I pickles. The jar broke and juice> ran into a floor plug. It caused' a short. The firemen's report: One sticky floor. One inoperative floor plug. We hear the wonderful music of Christmas carols and our holiday (oy grows and deepens. We want to share It with all our friends, and to wish them a truly happy season. RADIO & TV 116 EAST WATER HE 3-9677 Why Is Santa So Quiet? Minnea P° lis Man wounded in Masked Santa Claus Robbery Just Ask Poet Mar low THE FINEST] BANDS WONDER SHQWPLACE I AUSTIN.MINNESOTA THURSDAY, DEC. 25 Special Vocalist CONWAY TWITTY Chuck Hall for Dancing Adm. $1.65 Checking lOc FRIDAY, DEC. 26th STAN HYLAND SATURDAY, DEC. 27th JULES HERMAN SUNDAY, DEC. 2$th LEO'S PIONEERS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31st GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY HATS. HORNS, ETC. JULES HERMAN ORCH. THURSDAY, JAN. 1st "ON THE HOUSE PARTY" FREE BEVERAGES ALL EVENING For Dancing THE TOM OWENS BAND Adm. $1.35 Checking lOc STARTS CHRISTMAS DAY With Performances at 2:00 - 4:20 - 6:40 - 9:00 P.M. - Reg. Prices THE GREATEST HOLIDAY ATTRACTION EVER SHOWN IN AUSTIN! ATTEND EARLY SHOWS, AVOID CROWES! CECIL B. DEMILLE PRESENTS A TREMENDOU SABA WITH A TREMENDOUS THEME) THIS PICTURE WIU ALSO BI SHOWN FRI. . SAT. . SUN. MON. «nd TUES. WITH MATINEE SHOWS ON FRI. - SUN. MON. and TUES. The Paramount Will B« Clwe4 Toniflht ChiUtmot Evt Reuniting the t\vo towering antagonists of "The Ten ommandments"! VUL CLAIRE CHARLES <1 BANNER I BLOOM j BUYER From The Ma&terbtotion Picture Maker! CNARLTON HESTON ^ By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst Why Santa Claus Keeps His Trap Shut At Christmas the one who's the shrewdest galoot Is the elderly gent in the red flannel suit. Nobody knows what he thinks, where he stands. He's a good politician. He merely shakes hands. It's lucky for him, this being so quiet. If he opened his trap, he'd be starting a riot. He has a white beard, and! some deer and a sled And he scampers around while the kids are in bed. His mission in life lies in giving for free The things people want, without charging a fee. j He comes out of nowhere, he's j gone in a flash. j Not a peep about politics, sin, | sex or cash. ! Right now if the voters could! choose them a man | They liked above t,ny, they'd; vote for "Old San." i It's a wonder they would, since,' as it was noted, to engage? How much does he pay them? The minimum wage? If that's all he pays, he's a fraud and a cheat. This is the guy to be sweet. , , who pretends Let's ask him: just how did he cross the frontier? Was his passport in order? Are these his own deer? And look at his get-up. It makes a man think: Why all the red isn't a pink? And look at his nose wonder he's frisky: MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A gunman wearing a Santa. Claus mask shot and wounded a customer who mistook for a joke the holdup of a north Minneapolis off-sale beer store shortly before closing time Tuesday night. Albert Dustman 43, was reported in critical condition at General Hospital with a bullet wound in the abdomen. Dustman was in the store with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sather, the proprietor and his wife, when the! intruder flashed a gun and s^id, clothes if he " Give me all the big bills. 1 " Thinking it was a gag, Dust-it's no i man stepped toward the man and told him to put the gun away. Dustman It's an alcohol lamp he ignited j <Tm not kidding," the gunman with whisky. l said . He fired and Let's return him at once to the; s i um p ed to the floor, place he came from. I Sather then ordercd his Best thing we can do is get ridi stand j ng near the cash . reg ister of this bum. to hand over the money. She stuffed the bills into a sack and started to add some coins but the gunman objected. He then grabbed the sack and fled. Sather said loot was under $100. The hpldup came while the police car assigned to that district was taking an accident victim to the hospital. Officers said,they be* lieved the intruder escaped in a car driven by an accomplice. 1 sr Grade Prop Man Enjoys Eating Prop NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) A first grade Christmas play here j almost had a sour ending. | One of the props was an apple. RED CAMPAIGN THREATENS Berliners Hail Holiday but Fears Haunt Them By REINHOLD ENS BERLIN (AP) -The 2,200,000 West Berliners today fervently tailed the coming of Chrlstm'as, hoping it would not be their last one in freedom. Haunted by the new Soviet campaign against their isolated city, many were putting extra touches of gaiety into their celebrations. Thousands of other Germans— from the historic Rhine in the West to the disputed Oder in the East — streamed into the city for a special reunion with loved ones. This year, East Germany's Communist regime has made it much harder to get in and out of East Germany itself, so divided families were using Berlin as a meeting point. ' West Berlin city officials estimated that about 80,000 West Germans were already in their part of the city or were en route. The three Western airlines that fly the 110-mile route from West Germany put on extra flights. Special trains and < extra buses were running. Bishop Otto Dibelius, titular head of Germany's big Evangelical (Lutheran) Church, sharply attacked the Eastern government in a special Christmas statement. Dibelius said his Christmas wish for 1959 is:"'That the system of force under which the Eastern part of Germany suffers will fall away at last and that the West Berlin Mayor Willy Brand* in his Christmas statement Hid his city knows "the new year witi bring many a test for us." But he added he is convinced thai "the courage and attitude of thft Berliners will remain the same during the new year." In East Berlin, Communist Dep. uty Mayor Waldemar Schmidt issued a statement which fell ofl unconvinced ears in West Berlin. Said Schmidt: "What a happy Christmas holiday West Berlinera would have constructive before them if suggestions of the the Soviet Union were accepted." people who live there will once again be given the elementary human right to have freedom and self-determination." L- (KBUPICKA) GROCERY Corner of 8th and Grove Across from Athletic Field CHRISTMAS DAY 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Merry Christmas To All ROLLER SKATERS ATTENTION! 2 Murderers Play Santa at cr-n Orphanage U t>T^ Ulysses Grant Thompson, 40, and Leo Jones, 33, both serving 25 years in the Missouri Penitentiary/for second degree murder, ' played Santa Claus to 114 children ST. LOUIS (AP)-A couple of murderers were turned loose in a He's never said anything, never'St. Louis orphanage Tuesday and been quoted. the kids loved it. But even his silence is hardly enough To save him completely from any rebuff. Since he isn't pro-Western, pro-neutral, pro-Red , „. ,,. ., „ , He's suspected of having a" hole at St " Vlncent s Orphans Home ' in his head. ; Warden E. V. Nash accom- Some people regard him as just P anied the convicts, representing a bit funny ,2,000 inmates who donated gifts If only because he's not itching to ' ne St. Vincent's children and for money. an orphanage at Independence. The fact that he's jolly and glad "In many instances the men only serves gave their last nickel to see that To irritate some people's sensi- some orphans win have a happier live nerves. Christmas," Nash said. Some people, the prudes, don't approve of his giving. They'd like to know more: how he earns his own living. There's snooping, of course, in the man's private life; He's always alone; what about Ivs poor wife? But all this is small stuff, and hardly worth mention Compared with events if he CINCINNATI (AP) — A Cincin- turned his attention nati detective and a downtown de- To politics, labor and foreign partment stora made Christmas affairs, dreams come true for a sobbing Then nothing would save him,'13-year-old, caught stealing a doll not even white hairs. for one of her homeless live sis- One side or the other would ters and brothers question him fast Detecti , 'Vetlrand^t!' 16 ' ™ ^ f °' f "f<* ^' ™ * ** To hand out these gifts must mean money to burn. Tnen steue >' found that the fain- What we'd like to know: did ily>s home burn ed in October; he file a return? tne y nave bee " living with the No man could produce all these iSalvation Armv since ; ne r f^her toys by himself, is J11 and can't work. These millions of toys, and with The store arranged to let the more on the shelf. girl pick out an assortment of So what of the workers he had toys and gifts for her family. Sobbing Thief \y Finds Friends n Yu!e Spirit 1 \ jjj CLOSED TONITE We Wish You All o Blessed Christmos and o Happy and Prosperous New Year. Coming Christmos Day! A Wonderful Comedy for the Whole family. Action and Laughs Galore! Ht "promoted" himitlf lo GENERAL I co-slaiimg Red Taina BUTTONS-ELG •MI DEAN JONES In CINEMASCOPE CHRISTMAS DAY SHOWS 3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 But the first grade prop man who § W jf e J brought the apple ate it for lunch, ig The cast used a make-believe !g apple. g I To our patrons and friends we appreciate your patronage of the post year and we look forward to serving you in the year to come. Alvin & Neva Lerum GOLDEN ROD CAFE Herald Square 0 From MARK ROLLER RINK Brownsdale, Minn. NOTICE! The Rink Will Be Closed CHRISTMAS EVE. Tonifa But We Will Be Open CHRISTMAS DAY in of- ternoon from 2 to 4 p.m.j and CHRISTMAS NIGHT from 8 to 10:30 p.m. * I K I DON'T FORGET THB BIG NEW YEAR'S EVE SKATING PARTY SOUTHERN MINNESOTA'S FINEST No Movie Tonight MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS DAY ENTERTAINMENT Shows Christmas Doy at 1 -3-5-7-9 p.m. - Regular Prices TOPS EVERYTHING HE'S B/ER DONE! Jerry hits the Orient in a Mirth-Quake of Fun K ) MRAMOHIT PRESENTS JERRY LEWIS Jerry in Japan— oh, man I Join Fun's No. 1 Boy •nd hl> hilarious bunny playmate! .TECHNICOLOR,,,.,, EXOTIC BEAUTY OF COLORFUL JAPAN! Co stilling MARIE MCDONALD-SESSUE HAYAKAWA

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