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The Weekly Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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PAGE FOUR THE WICHITA Y7EEKLY EAGLE, FRIDAY nORimiG, IIAY CD, 1914 Helpful Latest Famous I. fl TQ Beauty Hints 1 JhJ iTv Edited byEstherMillison JL Ji. JL -V U. 52 Esther Millisoifs Ada Ccrrcll Jn Fancy Work Help Out Hints Friends Housewives not wet the goods. Rub Into the goods until perfectly dry, then take a cheese Cloth and wet it and put where the butter has been rubbed In and press with a hot Iron.

You will find that the garment is perfectly clean. For An Invalid- A sewing lap board is a great convenience to an Invalid. It makes the nicest kind of table for the meal tray when placed upon a small pillow on the lap of the invalid propped up in bed. It can also be used as a writing table or one on which games are played to wile away the weary hours. MRS.

W. H. C. Newklrk, Okla, Ohlonir Pillow, 01 6-A fo Four pretty pillow tops to grace the 'Cosy corner." Size 17x211 Bachelor Button Tour letter- was very good, but would make over one column ami a half in print, too Jong for me to use, you see. Yaetlsi Ttsa, Summertime Is upon us, and the city dwellers are looking forward to vacation time.

The school children are crease each day. This ia he reason it la more advisable to add to the jar for several days rather than to try to make the whole thing in one day. At the end of four or five days-you will find that a larga quantity of juice has been extracted and will remain in the bottom of the crock. Do not throw this away as you must turn your petals thoroughly twice a -day for five to ten days and this juice will gradually be absorbed. No hard and fast rule can be given for rose jars.

I am making one and expect to put In necessary spices and perfumes to the extent that ray pockst-book will allow. If I find some of the things called for, are" more expensive than I think I can afford, I expect to leave them out. If you will follow the Instructions as given in ihe paper last week, I believe your results will be satisfactory. tB. frea from the shackles of study AVbol Wheat Bread Good for Children There Is a whole wheat raisin bread that tastes as good as oake and la much better for th children.

It Is three milk, on cupful of water, one and half cupfuls of raisin on yeast aka end whole wheat flour. Scald the milk, add the salt and when lukewarm the dissolved yeast cake; stir In flour enough to make soft dough; beat well and stand In a warm place until very light and spongy. Then add the raisins, floured and 3d; and enough more flour to make, a rather stiff dough. Knead and mold into loaves, put Into greased Tans and let stand again, until light. Rrush the tops of the loaves with milk; bak a moderate oven forty minutes.

MRS. H. R. Mc Pawnee, Okla. ror tna summer and it behooves tha busy farmer and his family to plan for some sort of a summer vacation.

I have spoken of this Xellle Gray. There's a low green valley on tha old Kentucky shore. -There I've whiled many happy hours away, A sitting and a singing by the little cottage door, Where lived my darling Nellie Gray. When the moon had climbed the mountain, and the stars were shining too. Then I'd take my darling Nellie Gray, And we'd float down the river in my little red canoe.

While my banjo sweetly' I would play. One night I went' to see her. but "she's gone" the neighbors say. The while man bound her, with his chain; They have taken her to Georgia for to wear her life away. As she toils in the cotton and the cane.

My canoe is under -water, and my banjo is unstrung. I am tired of living any more; My eyes shall look downward, and my song shall be unsung. -While I say on the old Kentucky shore. My eyes are getting blinded, and I can- Hot jjjy W3.VJ Hark! there's somebody knocking at the door Oh! I hear the angels calling, and I see my Nellie Gray, Farewell to the old Kentucky shore. CHORUS Oh! my poor Nellie Gray, they have taken you away, And I'll never see my darling any more; -I'm sitting by the river and I'm weeping all the day.

For you've gone from the old Kentucky shore. Nature) Nature never did betray The heart that loved her; 'tis her Want Cure For 'Hive. "If any of the readers have had any experience with hives In children and can tell what causes them and what will cure them will they kindly advise me through the columns of The Weekly' Eagle. MOTHER. Betsy To make the walnut stain for dyeing your switch, use walnut bark I ounce, alum 1 ounce, water 1 pint.

Boil the bark in the water for an hour, filling what is lost by steam from a boiling kettle of clear water so-that tere will be a full pint of the tonic at the last. Add the alum to set the color. Apply with a brush or sponge the full length of the hair, sparing the scalp as much as possible, but getting close to the hair roots. If your hair is not dry before retiring protect your pillows with an old folded towel Both the crushed bark and hulls are used. If there are no- waltut trees in your locality, you can find the essentials in any well stocked drug store.

ADA v. CARROUL pIor a "V7 OUT If AN matter that is neg. Beatrice. Nebr. lcted in so many communities that It needs to be agitated frequently.

No on mor needs a relaxation from tha endless round of duties than tha farmer'a family, whose hours frequently reach from four-thirty In tbe morning till Bins-thirty at night. During the tason of planting and tending crops, when every hour Is worth dollars to the farmer, the temptation la strong to use every hour of tha daylight. Editor Household Hints: I am sending you a few excellent recipes. Salmon Roup Three pints good sweet milk, one teaspoonful butter, one can salmon. Let boil, then salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with crackers. MRS. M. E. Deerhead, Kan.

Please do not expect me to send elth er Information or addresses unless stamp accompanies your letter. Dear Miss MilHson: Having rea4 some of the letters published which I think are great. I thougnt 1 would attempt to go through the motions myself for a trial. I believe Moonlight Lover suggested that the stage was a good topic to dwell upon, well as my knowledge ia limited on the question, I have very little to say of course, I never did possess that everlasting gift of gab, but 1 can say on thing, that I don care to be the actor or the one acted upon, but do like to see a good comic My experience on the stage has not been frequent, but I have had a few escapes from the lemon wielders. The first time I entered amateur circles I was an end man for my club, which put on a two-night stand and the house waa packed both times.

I had the disagreeable stunt to pull a gag and then get licked, but the place where I made my hit was when I posed with arms outstretched and howled which I thought sounded like a cat with its tail caught in the door, the old parody "Goodby My Love, Good-by." Consider how thev went but no A A Daily design. Violet design. Rose design. Good luck design. Any of the ab patterns sent on receipt, of price to th- Fancy Work De-paitment of The Weekly Eagle.

Always allow about ten days for filling of the order. Editor Household Hints: Perhaps some of The Weekly Eagle readers will be Interested In this hint. Thai mother of' a large family of little adopted the following plan to prevent the. possibility of their taking a poisonous medicine by mistake: She purchased a number, of the tiny bells sold irr toy shops, and when a bottle containing poisonous mixture was added, to medicine closet, a bell was threaded to a narrow ribbon and tied to the neck of the bottle. MRS.

W. B. Tonkawa, Okla." I privilege Through all the years of this our life Edjtor Household Hints: I am sending, a few good recipes. Light Dnmpllngat When molding out loaves of light bread, take a piece of dough the siae of a pint cup and divide in ten or twelve pieces. Mold and pla'ce In a buttered pan.

Let raise until quite light, then sprinkle one-half teaspoonful cinnamon and one heaping tablespoonful butter, 'one and one-half cups sugar and one and one-half pints- boiling -water. Boil thirty minutes -and serve with sweet cream. A few raisins worked In when molding improves them. MRS. R.

H. -v ao not believe in It. by any means. I think a farmer as much entitled to regular houra as a tnerchsnt or professional man. but I am not promul-gating theories altogether.

I aim to mix facts in with my dreams, and the hard, cold fact In this case is, that farmers generally work aa long as they can see. even In the longest days of summer. The delightful evenings, which should be spent In pleasant companionship and in Improving the mlnda and hearts of the farmer people, are usually spent In tha hardest kind Qlllt Block Designs-Pattern Number Eleven is the Necktie Block, a simple pattern, but makes a very pretty quilt or comfort top. they said I did great for an amateur. I The toast master' should act as master of ceremonies at an alumni banquet.

The business session of the evening comes first then the banquet. It Is not necessary for him to say anything before they are seated, but It may be necessary for him to tak the lead to the dining room. He should, however, be the last person seated. It is not customary to say grace. The toasts may be given between the coursr es if tha service is so arranged.

Since an entertainment follows the banquet, it would perhaps be better to give them then. The toast master should make a few appropriate remarks and introduce the first speaker after the first course. His toast should be the last and should serve to dismiss the banqueters. naa. oetter quit this line of talw, as I done care to discuss it.

Well as I feel a song coming over me, I will close, but will return with a new supply again. My description is something like Southern Farm Chap. I am feet 11 inches, weigh 165, age. 21. have black hair and blue eyes, same nationality as he is, but have more sense than to live down south, excuse me.

IRISH POTATO. to leaa From joy to joy; for she can so inform The mind that is within us. so impress With quietness and beauty, and so feed With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues, Rash judgments, jior the sneers of selfish men, Nor greeting no kindness is, nor all The dreary Intercourse of daily life. Shall e'er prevail against us. William Wordsworth.

James Cxplaini, James started his third helping of pudding with delight. "Once trnon a time. James, admon- IJotlermllk Hlcul. Editor Household Hints: I hope some of the readers, will try my way of making biscuits. Take the required amount of buttermilk, add enough Boda to sweeten In your flour, one1 or two heaping teaspoonfuls of owder and a little salt; pour In the milk rather soft and bake quick-Jy.

and I feel sure you will not go hack to the: old way of "adding a lump of lard." A HOUSEWIFE. Our "Weekly Patterns ished his mother, "there was a little I have requests for the following addresses: A Homestead Lover, Just Me, Montana, Texas Kid, Country Kid No. 1, Lonesome Boy, New Mexico, Midget. I also liave post cards for Casey Jones, New Mexico and Lone Star. Pattern Number Twelve is the Block Quilt pattern, a.

very pretty pattern and quite simple. Dear Miss Millison: May I Join your happy circle. I have brown hair, blue eyes and light complexion. I belong to the Presbyterian Sunday school. I live on a farm of 160 acres.

Rough Rider that was a fine letter. I believe every one could quit bad habits if they try hard enough. Woqld like to correspond with you, a L-am feet 2 inches and weigh 135 pounds. As this letter is getting long will close. KANSAS GIRL.

boy who ate too mucn puaaing, ana he burst!" James considered. "There aln such a thing as too much he de- "There must be," contended his mother, "else why did the little boy burst?" James passed his plate for the fourth time, saying: "Not enough boy. Port- 1 1. Rnnrta rrTV The Prlmroe Seller By Marguerite Merington Poor of garb, but fair of face. Editor Household Hints: My husband is very fond of peach cobbler and baten biscuit, but I hav never been successful at making either one.

I would be very thankful If some of the would tell me their rertpes for these. MRS. JOHN SPARKS, 1 Missouri. I wont, xor weeos grow fast, and unless crops are in the ground in the proper season, there is loss. In view of the fact that farmers put In exceptionally long hours In their working days, a vacation Is all the more essential.

It Is not often possible for the farmer and his family to go away for mora than a few hours, or a day at most, but there ara so many nice things to-be dona right at home, that it Is possible for them to make a picnic of their summer season, and at the same time be where they can look after the stock snd home duties as far as is absol utely necessary. Early In the summer, make your plans for the vacation, and although you may not be able to set an exact date for It, you can say that you will have it after certain crops are In, or tended, or harvested, and make your arrangements accordingly. Let nothing break Into theie plans save the utmost extremity. You owe it to yourselves and to your children. It Is easy to rent a tent and set It up somewhere, either in a nearfey Peggy A ratine dress should always be shrunk before it Is made up.

You can do this yourself or It can be done at many stores for a small charge extra. If this was not tdone I would suggest that you try dry cleaning it yourself. do this successfully, wash it in hot gasoline. It win require about A Few Short Jokes Can some reader tell me how to bring a child out of a nightmare quickly? MRS. MART CARPENTER.

Oklahoma. Dear Miss Millison: Won't you lease let me say Just a few words. I ust love this dear old paper and especially Miss Millison. Hurrah! for American. Girl, you sure hit the nail on the head fair and square.

Some of the readers are forever talking about danctner being harmful. There Is no more harm In dancing than anything else, it Is onl the harm we make from It. As for myself, I would rather dance than eat. If I care to use powder or rats none -of these cranky old bachelors have any right to object-New Mexico Bachelor, you are A No. 1.

Please write and tell us something about the West, for I just love it. Will sign myself MARRIANB. Dear Miss Millison: I too have been a silent reader of your columns for a long time. Since seeing glim or the original Five. Foot Eight hase come back to life, tantalizing the Nubbins again.

'While the Bean Pole type Is my choice, I must say I like the Nubbins too. We should all friends, tomake each other liappy. Five Foot Eight, why go to extremes one gallon of gasoline. The work should of course be done on an open porch or out of doors, eso there will be no danger from fire. Heat a kettle full of water to the boiling point, pour it into a.

large dish pan, set a small dish pan or a pail In the pan of hot water and' pour in ltyour gasoline. Heat penetrates it easily and it will become hot or nearly hot quickly. Wash your dress in it the same as though it were water, of course using no soap. Rub the places which are the "most soiled. Hang it on the line to dry and let remain in the open air until the odor has evaporated.

It will need only a little pressing. 2 Last week's paper had an article on removing stains. Did you try any of these to take the ink out of your lace-curtains? vuiuj, vi uiMirr tne trees bdoui the home. It Is better to get away from the home as far as roolMe, in order to break the monotony for the ones who are in the house and yard all the time, but getting out-of-doors Is A Few Short Jokes. An Epigrammatic Sentence.

"That wasn't a bad epigram of the judge's." "What did he say?" "Thirty days-" "That ain't no epigram "Yes it is. I asked a fellow what an epigram is, says it's a short sentence that sounds light, but give you a good deal to think about The One to? Avoid. Old select a good wife, my young: friend, you must avoid the descendants of a certain famous woman." i Young -Man "I shall heed your advice. was she?" Old Man "Eve." Oh," Answer7 the Child! "Pa, was Job a doctor?" "Not that I know of." "Then why do people have so much to say about the patients of Judge. Advise to a Close, Mao.

A minister of Baltimore, had observed that a wealthy member of his congregation was content to let the poorer ones give all the money toward the church. Once the wealthy man spoke of his intention to go abroad. "I have never been on the ocean," he told the minister, "and I would like the main thing. Sleep and eat out-of-doors, and do not try to get up away before sun-up. Go flahlng.

and buy. No One's Darlings It would be very foolish for me to try to give you any The little maid stood' in the marketplace, Singing: "Fresh posies, pale primroses A penny a bunch, who'll buy? Sweet spring posies, pale primroses, A penny a bunch, who'll buy?" The Knight rode by on his Arab steed. He drew his rein, and he checked his speed. "A penny a bunch, who'll buy?" He threw her a crown and kissed his hand, He was the noblest in the land. "A penny a bunch, who'll buy?" He doffed his plume to her iovely And left her there In the market-place, Singing: "Fresh posies, pale primroses, A penny a bunch, who'll buy? Bweet' spring posies, pale primroses, A penny a bunch, who'll buy?" Choosing: Baby'n Name.

In some foreign lands the baby's name is chosen ih strange ways. The poor little Chinese girls are thought of so little importance that they rarely get a name at all as infants, but are called No. 1, 2, 3 or whatever their place in the list of daughters may be. Chinese boys are given name by which they are called till they the age of twenty; then their father gives them a new name. Japanese girlg have pretty names, usually those of some flower, "Mimosa," "Chrysanthemum," "Cherry Blossom," and in some parts of the country the little Japs do not receive a name till they are five years old.

when their father chooses one for them. Hindoo babies are named when they are about twelve days old. and it ii usually the mother who chooses the name. They, too, are fond of pretty flower names for their little girls. The Egyptians have an odd way of choosing a baby's name.

They light three candles, giving a name to each, but they always call one after some deified or exalted person. The baby is called by the name borne by the candle which burns longest. Mohammedans sometimes write suitable names on slips of paper, which they insert between the pages of the Koran. The first slip dr4wn out gives the name to the baby. Three Thing.

Remember, three things come not back: The arrow sent up Its track It will not swerve, it will not stay; It speeds, it flies to wound or slay. The spoken word so soon forgot By thee, but it has perished not; In other hearts 'tis living still. And tfolng work for good or ill. And the lost opportunity That cometh back no more to thee. In vain thou weep'st, in vain- dost yearn; Those three will never more return.

From the Arabic. Editor Household Hints: am sending In pome gpod recipes for which please send me the paper. Rgglesn Cake Tjwo cups granulated sugar, two and one-half cups sweet milk, one heaping tablespoonful lard, pinch of two heaping teaspoon-fuls baking powder and enough fldur to make a batter. Then add a spoon-fu1 of flavoring and bake In layers. This is Filling For Cake One cup sugar, one-half cup sweet milk, butter the fie of a hickory nut.

Cook until It threads from the spoon. CMH Sauce Use two dozen ripe tomatoes chopped fine, one doaen onions chopped fine, one doaen red peppers chopped fine, one-half cup brown augar. three "cups vinegar, one-fourth cup "of salt. Mix all Ingredients, add mere salt If needed and boll slowly until thick. Keep in air tight Jars or bottles.

Cocoannt, Fudge Use three cups sugar, one cup milk. Let boll until It forms" soft ball in cold water, then odd one tablespoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of vanilla and cream until It begins to harden then add one cup ficocoanut. 'C MRS. B. T.

JOHNSON. Quay, N. Mx. Editor Household Hints: Cl nlna Silver To clean silver and make it bright, put a quantity of sour milk in a shallow pan and place the either way Just think of. large men being forced to marry large women regardlesi of love, they wouldn't be happy.

To be sure their offsprings would be of the large type, too large to fill the world's demand. Just now I draw to mind the large type of people of my acquaintance, they ar lasy, fat. cannot stand the heat and lay around In the shade and boss, Let's not breed up this class of people. Who could learn to love a big fat sqwab of a woman unless it would be a little bit of a man. who would appreciate her physical help, and feel assured that his children would be of a larger type than himself.

Then On the other hand, what kind of a. class of people would we soon have if all the little puney men and women were forcevd to marry? ahead Nubbins making love to the large men. I am neither large nor small, so I will be contented with the Bean Pole A TOUNO BACHELOR. particular rules for "making a good Impression" on the young men whom you meet while you are away on your visit. If you are kind hearted, nat in your appearance of a happy disposition, polite In your manners and possessed of good sense and intelligence, I am sure 996 I beg or borrow a kodak, and go hunting with It, It Is lots mors fun than hunting with a gun.

By using care, you will be able to get snsp ehots of all kinds of wild life, which to my mind is Infinitely better than nsp ehots at wild death. Do not try to keep up elaborate hot dinners, but uia all the cold foc4 you can think of. In the country, whera milk, cream, eggs and vegetables are so abundant, ice cream, sherbet, cue-, tarda, salads, randwlrhes, and air kind of picnic dainties appeal to the Jaded werhera. and a big pall of Iced tea be greeted with whoops of rapture, while hot coffee will be dladelnfullf refused. Do some cooking over a camp-fire, even If you do hav to to the house occasionally to do tome baking.

Take my word for It, If you to learn of something that will prevent me from becoming "You might swallow a dime," said the pastor. "You'll never give that up." Won't Do lt Again. "Will says that" when he kissed you last night, he noticed that you'd been eating onions." "Well, all I've cot to say is that a two girls of your age will not need to make any special effort to attract these young men, It would be unwise for you to try to do so. Young men as a general thing prefer to make their own advances and you will find It better to err on the side. of being too modest rather than too forwar-d.

2 I see no objection to two young ladles and three young men playing games together if their parents are In the room and do not object. i man who will notice onions on a girl's Dear Miss Millison: Of course anyone eould tell I am a stranger and from7 windy Oklahoma too. Am five foot six. I have brown hair, blue eyes Guess the rest If you want to know it. Certainly enjoy reading the weekly let greath when he's kissing ner nnt got his mind on his business." A Real Joy Thrill.

Old Peterby rich and stingy. In the event of his death his nephew will inherit his property. A friend of the family said to the old gentleman: "I hear your nephew is going to articles in It. tn.em remain articles in H. '-letting mem ciut Waiting: 1 I do not know of any particular remedy for blushing.

It ia en ters. Imagine Carps girl Is his own little sister. Come again Nee Rounder, your letter was fine. I heartily agree with you on the "Great subject.1 I use both of them Jo amaH quantities, however. Brother Bachelor's letter sounded like some good old brother.

How many of you like to go kodaking? If this doesn't reach the waste baaket try again. If no one objects. Meanwhile I am NOBODY'S SOMEBODY. marry. on mat occasion you ousni arm begin this vacation early In the summer, you will be aorry when it comes tlma to go back to living In the houses again that you win be tempted to stay In carep all summer.

And here'e hoping that you yield to th tempts tlonl ADA CARROLL WO HTM AN. nntll they become Wh this Is finished wash them In war water which contains a few drops ammonia. to do something to make him happy." generally causea oy sen consciousness "I will, said Peterby; "I'll pretend and should not be considered an af- of that I am dangerously ill." Miss Millison Will you admit a hanny Kanrai farmer boy Into your fllctlon. Ifis. I will admit, quite uncomfortable to blush deeply at trivial remarks.

I am sure that it is a habit which you will overcome as you become more accustomed to mixing with people. Perhaps it will help you a little bit If you remember that as a general thing girls who blush easily are of a sweet and modest type. 3 It Is perfectly proper for a girl to clerk in a drug store, providing the proprietor Pry Cleaning When grease or spots any. kind are on a woolen dress or (UH, the best way to clean It Is to take butter and rub on the spots. Do Don't Look Irnorait or Unrefined if You Wish to Succeed Italy'will add about one hundred, and eighty aeroplans to.

its army equipment this year. "What's the matter, little boy?" "M-maw's gone an' drowned all the kittens." "Dear, dear! Now that's too bad. "Yep. an' she p-promlsed bo-noo that I cud do it!" Carrying- it to Eiceaa. Quizso I understand that your friend Bronson Is a vegetarian.

Quizzed Yes. He has such pronounced views on the subject That tie married a grass widow. 1 look out of the window and think. perfect day! beautiful world! good God!" And nuch a day is the promise of blissful Eternity. Our Creator would never have made sucn weather, and given us the deep heart to enloy it, above and beyond au thought.

If He had not meant us to be immortal. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sanitary Apron is of unquestionable character. This latter provision applies to any merry circle? I am almost, old enough to vote and weigh something less than a ton. I am not what you call a Nubbin and I am not a Bean Pole by any means, I think know some of the writers.

1 like the way Oklahoma Cowboy writes. I know an ex-cowglrL Have gone with-ber for nearly three years, she Is the sweetest blue eyed girl in Kansas or any other tat for that matter. How many of the readers like to go away from home to school? I have gone the last two winters to one of the best business colleges in the state and I like It so very w5L Of courte I came home every two or three weeks, but I got pretty homesick tome times. I thought when I started I would have a fine time, but the people In the city are so different from Thm Harrow! ar Family. It'p rleaaant neighborly, Bcatje it lriff Borrow, An1 hejra ilinf that family Who live on what they borrow.

That you are proud to be friend; They haven't any doubt of; They a' think you like to lend Th JMfim they re always out of. Their servants come with cops and paiia. For groreriea forgotten: The daughter borrows ehawls veil And "datura, pint and cotton Th mthe bnrrnwi toek to read. And kettle, pots and Ad thter hw know. yj -rlr need.

BegardSeaa of yor wlihei. like th! happy farelly. They make our pSeiaurea douMe, Y' whii they borrow all they eee. They never borrow trouble. fPTl CVOTW euMcMico i CLOTH No woman'i wardrobe complete without this protection.

Worn under light, tight-fitting skirts. ProtertiTf tart of rur)beriwl clotn. Sent postpaid for 29c. Ste hip measure. LADY AGENTS WANTED For this apron and 30 other Hygienic Specialties for women and children 'i wenr.

C. W. ROWLAND, If you have an ignorant rlish nose we can refine It. If you have age lines or marks, of dissipation we tan remove them. All other unnatural face defects can also be corrected.

over the list below. If your face Is not refined orattractlve It can be Dewdrop Since the young man eould not call on you the first time you said he could, and the second time you had some other plana yourself, I would suggest that the next time you see him. 20 Goodaw" St. m. T.

you have a friendly little talk about thelh.t tm ned to out hr In the country. sure have soma roodt matter and see If you can not make a date for some one of the seven nights during the next week. I am sure you will not both be busy all of these night. time in the country. have a Bible clata at or Sunday school for tfe young folk, and had prtia about every three or four wetka.

Some of them wanted to have them fterir, byt the president of the data said "nit Then they would go and here a party anyway outline of the clatt. but It would about th im. What la the Sowing Cheeks Bgcr v.reltta Outstanding Earl Thick Lip Preoylni Mmithl Vnjrupetv Nfwes,,, Flohlty Neck llotlow fherka A Ailmtblnj Wrinkles lied Srf wRKV one fcB Silver FUM Jewel Buttons, the wKVlera shirt waist triwnrtn. wrt a quarter. To introduce ouf tUtraUr.J useful sp-' eUJties for your home.

Writ today enclosing a Particular free, ENSHBRN MEYERS "BX 104 SACtABENTB. CAUFeMU. Pish No Frown Une Mmith to Nose Linn Pork Mirks Hirth l.irkt Weak. Receding ChlB Pimples Rlackheaitt foarw Tom MMes tiprfluHia Hair Scars Please Test, Free, My Natural Body Brace ron 30 DAYS rJEDER MY PERSOXAL DIRECTION If row anfferlnf fpow any farm of fetcal wiaknew If yon tJelr a better fifure, er, aparklief a-raeeful carrtat of T-ant health I yoa ta liacerlty na yn a-ra t'itw "sy 30 Day Fret Trial Offer? Bewterac-r, ft bar Sen of ara la wn tf I fail to cacTtne yon ef th aiiut ta'oe of nry Brace anl Sm-. yw in tu Vm tmt em aitstJw p3By- Mlggie: 1 If you wearta white dress when you are married, wear white slippers or black patent leather.

If you matter KUaing Bag that yo-a don thick you must have write again. Lines of DHilpiitton been dreaming when you wrot that letter, dav rwamfng I mean. thfrk yotlf. rtefem ah list. Inetwe 2p nt.rrn tth nn.

we and irt1r for oiir Ixklrt. "Ho to Mid io4 Looktnt." VtluaM adTict wiX tlwn jtoi. FUASCIS WILCOX. Suite 335. rnny At, Kansas City, Mo.

wear a traveling; suit I would suggest black slippers of either dull ki-d or patent leather. 2 It would be Impossible for me to tell you what to make a summer dress of. It depends on when you wish to wear It. If it ia a house dress, gingham, percale or erepe Is good- If a party dress, crepe, roile or tissue. D061 Ladlea Tunica.

Cut In 5 24. 26, 28 and 30 Inches waist measure. It requires 2 1-4 yards of 24-lnch material for 1, 2 l-i yards for 2 and 2 1-4 yards for 3, with 1J yards for ruffles on 1 for a 24-inch size. Price 10c. 9D33 Ladle WaMt With or Without Chemisette and olllero.

Cut in 6 sizes: 34. 36. 38, 40, 42 and 44 Inches bust measure. It requires 3 1-4 yards of material for the waist, and 1 5-8 yards for the bolero, for a 3S-inch siae. Price 10c.

21K51 Ladlea Bathing 5ult vrlth Bloomer Cut in 6 sies: 34. S6. 3. 40, At and 44 inches bust measure. It requires 7 yards of 27-inch material for a 36-Inch siae.

Price 10c. 4T15 Ladle Apron Cut in 3 sises: Small, medium and large. It requires 4 1-4 yards of 36-lnch material for a medium sise. Price l'V. 1173 Girl Middy Suit vtlth Dickey.

Cut in 4 tises: 8, 1 0. 12 and 14 years. It requires 5 yards of 27-lnh material for a 10-year siae. Price iDc. W2 Girl Dreaa Tlh Colmpe Cut in 4 aiies: 4, 6, 8 and 10 years.

It requires 1 5-8 yards of 36-inch material for the guimpe, and 2 1-8 yards for the dress, for a 6-year siae. Price 10c, Ladle Dreaa. Cut in 5 siaes: 34. 36, 38. 40 and 42 inchea but measure.

It requires 51 yards of 44-inch material for a 36-inch siae. Price 10c. 8703 Ladle Blouse Drtaa. A HAVrr KANSAS FARMER BOT. Dear Mi MlUtaon: I thought I would Join your harpy band cf young folks th rainy afternoon and chat awhile.

It I will take a seat by Motorcycle Flwsd and jaarrel with htm- I am aorrr yon Hon'X agre with me Harry, but I to man to chanx my views- 1 Jt to trt everyone aa go! mm I can. htr they -drv wood irtmnt rr r-t. Yes SWITCHES FRBM CBKBINGS Why not ha ywir ca hiir cobbMph tufa a that will wmtr rtt fcafr exactly In eVr and Wiality? I haw te finest weTer of In the tat. Mr. tran Fart.

France-, as trrt worker in hir. ran Rst cmMrc t-r arty of switch or fewfettliMi rm Write we atwi it an I wH yw Nil nrmim. fMnfjie. ink r-4 tT Th Rijti B-airty Shon. Miw Katben Tepfer.

frep. 15 Lawrecce itcnie. Wichita. By teeswsal faita in tbe rtrrae, mjt Xa'oraJ Body recwl et rrmn IB wsora Usass 600 east fa saltsitcd. Bar ishes All These Troubles afy tar, I gfy raa tt la perfectly eeaifflftitsi aiiwrtafcl wfier asy flaw.

It reclacw wpana ail a-jslacd teirtal rfaaa rwdtpre, eslairew a i!itena and rtrewrfeeaa tee bart ir ferrs tana wck from rKry eillt 8J salr waikiat lwwr. litem wa abwt- tjuis kel tii I Fttrxafi bai! i a. tBteraal pais, ured feetlse. srmmstm, tt-tvtrst p9t aed atber rwt wf I'm i ought to try it CEee-and feow ma-h tetter voa feel. A frierxiy rM or rf.crniUen e- a is -rta5Rlr a FiSCIllATIHG CROCHET DESIGNS I i SI Paaxled: I have your letter with regard to th rose Jar, It does not make any difference how many resets you start with.

Beginning what yoa have whether It is one handful or several quartet. Teu will find you can not ute a bttr thing" to place them in at first than a large crock. If you ay to give ac a cool afar or frown, tad it arjrel- 'cier to think tfcat i 11-seoM apk o- arcljea of I never rate. tsv are not worn nt here la fcnly tr th Omeovayai and ,1 i fate pwdr, but i no paint. Oh yea.

a wcrd or two i onYoui- V. Bhoo OnZ Vco.t For berener or rert- JSSS'HJJSSSl Ll awnt posl-tWKi for a7c T.l.OJlsraaiOTWOKCOsi CBwckSO. S.kaaa.Ba SERB ut as cbiet rew ua ajhve juit one layer or ro petaia. ptace tht I win t-s 4 at tsTrt in the crock say oce-half inch rat Iritl tfr tm4 feif I do it ajatekfy. I do tt eTtfetl.

I It te44w. 2 4kmt mmM a9 raa. ir rm t4 a ta w-r a4 a MU fjW rs4 We hxm. tm 4 -w tmf-P W-jwww wr tw maw. Tr au a.

Um ya ww. awar. Cl.EA.3rf Wlsy tt esakee It Jok 1'kw M7 ariUj rtrwr a 1 Ail aJ'Jt cinr --a cr wos r.ot vote? 'ell think a wrman (sat as Tiafct to rt mm a man Byt r.ftrlv all wemr wtll 07 wataeal b-sm uii t. wna It- i.rD nri liirful mi rf ii at ht- aoaaUy. rfet Sf ABB Bt.

rewiavwt. Iilitl tty Intl Cwaay 181 Bart B'ta Swltaa. Haw. Delivered At Your Door YOU CAN MAKE a tt finest wrtnk ypa tatS wlih a 10 wf f-xr nnrJo rw-jw. Suitr ae4 water.

Just tbe tSir tsraira. fir, arzt fr 3 AGENTS WAm. 1BSEPM CE16EB, S. Tfwy due, tiL vote it tfeffir fcoittr.f do. B-o can't mch good taelr getting I vote If ir.y do that.

the- bt book I tav ever read. tt woaid be -herd, to y. 1 like Two, and Tha ta im a wr norj rd tb forsier ia a r.el. 4 M(k i4 realr mean at yov atS? I lii I w.M like' not a thick Iayr, bat a very havy probably a half a handful of salt to en good layer of roa-e petal, nace in another layer of ptla and then mora aaJt alwsya having tSe it lr-r of "Tut Is a jar aa soon '-aa dry. If you get tfeem at night, it will sot the neceary to wait at aU.

Add -the roe DED DEVIL LYE PRH A 42 inches bust measure. It requires 7 yards of SS-inch material for a 3S-lnch i Tbla Just a ample of ear woederful value. Br aMIoij now too set tb beautlfal, velTel, two-atrap pump, with GroarraJa bowa. leatbar hel 11 Intra, hraltt around tb t-p aoU atrapa, natty toa n4 Cuhaa bet la width, aliea a tat) nr JuatKTc. detlrervd prepaid, at jrorli.xr.

do to acquaint you wit hour "direct to the warer," tnone tvtng run. We know where you will bur your atsoea after you've once tried our tneihodn. Absolut altafaetlou ruaranteed or your Kefirr kark. fiaxia t't to I of ia rla4id euiBin iio 4 i A 11 wl KiLL A HISR-CK, H. 111.

we ww fw. fBta- tw Hweli f-r wav to hear frei-s rr. arrai-j ta wrr fsrt. Okiahoma ard RiHS writa ieterettiaa Ofi Got rs; again. pVhl Mirss Jo KEW XCXICO each day until ye -a think yoa have rev rmaam alrwoet ms a aa ytsm ilc.

AVE HT LADELS siae. Price 10c. Any. of. the ibava.uttms sent on recfipt of ten cents to the aPttern Department, care Weekly Eagle.

Allow about ten days for filling of the order. r-'4 w-6S earti ar feiarsiaa What is Sweeter Than Honey A iiru bee, refuse' Uhira'a Te lT x-prfcM. art js 1c clS fctssir. mo f-r Cesra. AJSreas J4tS C4-.

ilLVtt CtlK. I. T. CAIICER enough, for tij, two quarta Tea will fSnd that tie ealt will extract tfte Jaice and that petals In itt Jar vt- f-e. It.

ChawK w. (CwaUae4 aw r3f Ss leiam Slia. ISta A. Kassaa CZj, Hw..

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