Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1933
Page 3
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i. Connie Krause Tetmv^ Wuiy'lrom a ten-day visit ;Wlthi h*B«?iS8, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ki g»n NieVada, Mo. jr ycga, want the Best—ask your ^ tp* Delicious or Enner Jeej E H siHle by lola Bakery. X. Ifoore, district manager ot tnoutbvestem Bell Tele;dione oinqri of Chanute, was in towii y|4jiy en business., YES " •• YOV Can Save by :7t)riQ^ Oenolne Auto Electric •• H. DAVIS ELEC. SERVICE : Phd&c «79 202 N. Wash. andiMra. James Loth will ar^ rl3alurHay evening from Olrard ta week-end guests or Mrs. Loth's l>iu, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Anderr Stm SPRING DESIGNS n GOLD, SEAli CONGOLEUM R!-and. Yard Goods, the lowert m eyet. A. B. Sleeper Turn. Co. an^lMrs. s. P. Whitlow and th dlfljfren arrived, today from Wita called by the death of Mrs. W.ow'» aiDther Mrs. George Carr ne •.'• Hr. Citteen, Taxpayer, and ' ; UtiUtles User ^ 15011 know when Mr. Hoyt Office our bonded in- eibKfiS was S503.494.03? ) VQ'U know the City under dWction has paid $229,.09 ^ these bonds? " joli know with Mr. Hoyt's m we will have both •er Utility and lower tax i,es?' ;. le^elcct a man for Finance mmii^oner with this un- ual record. •jrge IJonald returned Wedn&s- ddrom a visit with his fanUly in I $10.00 REWARD •jNo qaestions asked) for the re- iJof. or information leading to ttleoovecy of the 4-edged French -bfjiet tKJKn from the lola Theatre ap February 20. Valued by me as war ,relic found near Verdun. Ivf. Potvler. 1103 Korth Jefferson. Pip 1170. js Gtortrudc Green went to K*« this morning for a w<iend: insit with her sister Miss m..O)[5Ben. • lvE»BI.OO»nNG ROSES tfeariiJW Field Grown. Will oom First Year. 6 25c ones 4 ones, or 3 50c ones • S1.W. Come in and see how .1 caiiget a Rose Bush FREE WI^iHARD SEED CO. • lola, Kansas and;Mrs. C. S. Taylor had as I th guess for Thursday their sis- teii-late^Mrs. Edna Peete of La- He!. ' Dr. J. T. R6id left yesterday for Rochester, Minn.-, where he will enter the Mayo clinic for examination. —Call us for quick Plumbing Service, lola Plumbing Co. PBone H75. Mrs. Tom Oimlin of Mcnan underwent a,, major qperatlon this morning at St. John's hospitaL FAIRMONT ICE CREAM Instantaneously your tongue detects the richness of flavor and smoothness of texture that have made Faimont's. Ice Cream outstanding among desserts. IndlTtduU Molds (or HoUday Parties P. J. Dullea, who has been visiting his brother E. F. DuUea, and his nephew'D. C. Dullea and his family, the past three weeks, left yesterday for his home in Spokane, Wash. —We take d^ecka for gasoline and oU. MiUer Service. 801 East Street. Dr. A. B. Twadell went to Wichita this morning on business. He will return tonight. WHY PAY MORE? We seU [FanlUess Electric Wasbers for $39.95 and gnsrantee them for ten years. Two RoU-a-Tobs given "Free." » down, $1 week. Tryoot. W. n. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 203 S. Jeff. Phone 190 Peter Ketter, who has been re- cel\-ing medical treatment the past tw'o weeks at St. John's hospital, returned yesterday afternoon to his home in Westphalia. —Thoughtful of every desire. Waugh Funeral Home. Mrs. Alvesta Glass and her son J. C. Glass and her grandson Elvln Glass will spend Sunday at Waverly as guests of Mrs. Glass's sister, Mrs. £. 8. Robinson. Sometimes, It Is More Sartnc to Repair Your Old Sa-sh Than Bay New Doors, Windows, and Glass lOLA PLANING MILL "If IVIade of Wood, We MaJw U" 404 North St. Phone 404 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH 10,1933. 'B. T. Bari>er suffered a broken rib yesterday while working in his —Phone 72 for Ambulance service. Sleeper Mortuary. i Miss Esther Dullea R. N.. returned to Chicago Thursday after spending the winter with her father E. P. Dullea. MILPORD C. LANOLEY (Resident of lola 37 years) Candidate for COMMiSSIONEB OP FINANCE Stands for ECONOMY and LOWER UnLTTY RATES The City spends several hundred dollars each year In mailing utilities bills. This expense is wholly unnecessary as the meter reader could leave these when he reads your meters. What better time is there than< now to replace worn-out gas lines? Material and labor will never be cheaper than now. LaM year the City lost 21 per cent of gas it bought. Replacement of old gas Unes would provide needed employment and cost no one anything as the gas saved would pay — ^ • ' iw years tell you that gas loss should not exceed 8 PAGE THRfeE "MADAME SECRETARY" fprue insUllation in a few time. (Any gas' man will teU you _as loss should not excee ' " or 10 per cent.) Note-rThe figure 21 used above is absolutely correct, having been taken from auditor's statement for the year 1932. , . j<BW SHIPSIENT 'pble::Top Gas Ranges. Very lat at rj>ck bottom prices. Terms. Te: in ;oId at Curtis Furniture. Pit' Tti. is Adslaine Reld, a student at _ State collegCi will arrive ffliun Manhattan to spend Ic^fliiui with her parents Mr. larMis. C. A. Reld. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Morrow, who were called here a week ago by the serious illness of Mrs. Morrow's mother Mrs. B. P. Hlxon, Park Place addition, returned yesterday to their home in Meade. Mrs. Hixon's condition Is unimproved. MORE^ALUEi —See the new ONE MINUTE Washer that sells at $49.50. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Mrs. W. S. Clark and Miss Montie Jones of Onaga are guests'of Mrs. Clark's sister Mrs. George Grp- ver and Her family. Miss Jones Is a niece of Mrs. Grover. "MIS. Charles Edmondson arrived Wednesday night from Kansas City for a visit with her daughter Mrs. Lawrence Gordon, and Mr. Odrden. She .was met in Lawrence by Lawrence Gorden and his father Clyde Qorden, who drove there for her. —You know and I know, and everybody should know Antrim has Wall Paper moderately low priced, at 219 North Jefferson. MONT aicKINNEY GROCERY & MARKET Lantern Glolies, extra heavy.... 15c FJ-.O.G. Gelatine Dessert, aU flavors, none better, pkg 5c Pure Jelly, assorted flavors, 15-oz. glass 20c Oysters, 5-oz. can, 3 for 25c FREE DELIVERY no S. Wash. Phone 173 Miss Edith Conrad, chief operator for the local Southwestern Bell Telephone office, returned Wednesday from Pittsburg where she has been 111 the past ivo weeks at the home .of her parents Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Conrad. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed -35o ABLESON CLEANERS Plione. 105 " One Day Service If Desii-ed Dance! Dance! Dance! M. W. A. HALL Satm^ay, March 11 Knights of Rhyttim Admission 50c Mrs. Stanley D. Kincheloe and her daughter Naomi Jeanne will arrive tonight from Arkansas City for a week-end visit with Mrs. Klnche- loe's parents Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Fleisher. BROS. GROCERY : l^ee; Choice Rio. 2 lbs. .. .25c : •'*t B<»»st. per lb ....7o : nut ©utter, qt. Jar .. 18c : rk^i Crackers, 2-lb. box 18c : : »;tefe3 lbs 14c : Phone 401 iile Wagner of Tola, accompan- istir ii)^ women's glee' club at the Ui ^^;ot Kansas, will go on tlie gl(3lub<^Bancert tour through the noiastesra part of Kansas starting ^ohd&y. The club will present CO rta ij5 several towns in Kansas ann S^^ Joseph. Mo. ir. H.; L. Lacy, Dentist. Office tov Bnnbi's Drug Store. X-ray 1 eq ped. J^one 149. 'I ii "Dfe C. Dullea and her son Dt [: "Dulles visited Thursday aft- pn a toih Mrs. DuUea's sister, M:^n>Bess and her family In Hitai /SERVICE MARKET IliMdtJcs, 4 for 10c Bm, Kjllf or whole slabs.... 10c Hibunpjr, 8c lb., 4 lbs. for..2.^c S;ige;i00'-. pure, 4 lbs. ...2Sc B iRoftU. 8c and 7c B luvtir. lb. 10c K |jt. 6;ibs. for 2§c %\ Eid Ricketts and Mr. and Ml P. G..Jlicketts and their son: K ha retui^d to their home In Pit »arg after a visit with Mrs. EaaidMtts's sister Mrs. George Haj andVMr. Hart. F. C. Ricketts is heid)(;W of Mr. and Mrs. Hart. NOTICE. •he fiUowing dogs will be held I in ty pB)und for 48 hours, after wth diMOsition will be made ac- coiig TOClty ordinance: , Bed bird dog: rat terrier, |bl8 yellow with harness; baing tTound, black and tan; cur, mia7l *i* and yellow. Intie^-Black shepherd; yellow- isHaepbtJTd; white rat terrier, yel- ^Tiers'inay redeem dogs by call- hn»-CitSr Clerk's office and paying thitegnlio: Impounding fee. ' ' ' A. V. FUNKHODSER, Chief of PoUce. |jeni|:'i#rvices for Shirely Ann ' • Maye Olsen, infant ersjof Mr. and Mrs. .of Humboldt, who^ >;r^)Qlted a few hours apaH laaiighfe were held this afternoon aitl!^ %ataQ in Humboldt. Interim made in the cemete^ _ ^tfrley Aim and Shirl^ vK'Win granddaughters of Vtc. ^l ^^ieOisea m lola. Mr. and Mrs. dare Gregory returned Tuesday to their home in Fredonia after a few days' visit with Mr. Gregory's parents Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Gregory. —Milford C. Langley stands for Economy and Lower Utility Rates. Earl Rosebush of Wichita, former resident of lola. became seriously 111 last night and was taken to: a hospital for treatment, according to word received here today. Mr. Rosebush is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lyons. Complete Winter Super Service for Your Car Anti-Freeze, Battery Fluid, Brake Service, Radiator Service, Crankcase Service, Body Work. OU. Washing, Gas, Tire Service, Ignition. SHEIXY MOTOR CO. 214 N;. Jeff.—Phone 80 Dr. George Richardson of Neosho Falls and Dr. Ira F. Kerwood attended a meeting of the Eastern Kansas Osteopathis society last night at the Nelson hotel in Ottawa. Dr. Kerwood was elected president of the organization. TTie next meeting of the society will be held at lola In April. Nutrena Chick Mash. cwt...$2.00 Nutrena All-Mash Starter and Grower, cwt.' $1.60 Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin Tested, in bulk, gal $1.15 RALPH McKINNEY First door west Ice Plant The Rev. J. H. Sowerby returned yesterday nooh from Ottawa where he attended the Baptist ministers retreat of the state of Elansas which was in session Tuesday, Wednesday, and Tliursday morning. Gnaranteed Chip-Proof Stainless Enamelware Bolls,dry without.harm—lemon Jlce test licked at'lost. Soap and water will remove discoloration— always — easily — completely. Think of the time saved—leaning. The^ost durable utensil ever built. Has beauty and con- venienc* never before attempted In kltchenware. SIL\NN!aN HARDWARE jPhone 29 The following out-of-town relatives were here to attend the funeral rites this afteimoon of Charles Murphy: Sam Murphy and Jess Murphy of BlackweU, C^.; John Muiiihy of Englewood, Colo.; Mrs; Fannie Wolf and her son Gilbert of Aurora, Mo.; and Miss Grace Matthews of Wichita. VALVE GRINDING SPECIALS Valve Compoand, tube ...12e Valve Grinder 27e Fort T Valves (Reg. or Oversiie) He Ford A Valves 26c Chevrolet Valves ....19c ANDREWS & SON IoI»-14 Soath Waablivtoa Cluua]tt»-4I5 East Main LAGRANDE Mar. 6.—Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reade and family of Tola, and Mr. and Mrs. Clareiice Houk ana family were supper guests last Wednesday evenitig at the parental Joe Reade honie, in honor of their father and grandfather's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Morrison and famllj- and Mrs. Parker visited Sunday at the I. O. and Russell Moril- son home. Miss Gladys Hesseltlne visited Wednesday afternoon - with Mrs. I. O. and Russel Morrison. Mr. Ralph Ensmlnger of Parsons, spent the week-end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Will Ensmlnger, Phillip and Freddie. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Oerdsen and Pauline moved last Wednesday to their new home in the Waverly district. Mr. and Mrs. ^Marlow who lived northeast of Moran moved to the farm vacated by Mr. Gerdsens. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCulley and family moved into the house a half mile north of the LaGrande schoolhouse and have two children'en­ rolled in otu- school. We have not learned where they lived before moving to this district. There was no Sunday school at LaGrande this last Sunday on the account of the bad weather, but hope there will be a; large attendance for next Sunday. Miss Ruth Adams spent Monday night at the Morrison home. Do You Know •That Sir Walter Scott's influence secured the circulation of smal notes in Scotland one hundred years ago, and ' We have some new low prices on Firestone Spark Plugs. We will test your old plugs free. CITY OIL CO. D. C. Dnllea, BIgr. Washington and Broadway FIBESTONE-TEXACO Sunday School ...Lesson... MINISTRATIONS 0¥ JESUS •Madame Secretary"—that's the title Miss Frances Perkins, the new secretary of labor, has designated for herself. Here is the first woman cabinet member as she left her first cabinet meeting. A White House guard calls. "Madame Secretary's car." Independence—Mrs. Helen Makinney, Colimibus, was elected district director of the third district Ameri­ can Legion auxiliarj* at a meeting here yesterday. Wlnfield was selected for the 1934 convention. The fatematlonal Unifom Snn- day School Leeawi for March 12. Text: Mark 6:S!-44. BY ym. E. OILROY, D. D. Editor! of The Coagregatlonalist. FToml the miraclea or healing and restoratjion to Ufe, we turn now to the miracle of feeding the multitudes. JRere again it is useless to seek etihn- to explain the miracle or to explain it away. If we could expl^l it, it would be no miracle, and it i| the record as a part of the marvelous story of the wonderful life of Jesus. For us its slg-; nlficancc is in its symbolism of the power of Jesus to feed the soul'. He Is .the Bread of Life, and what he offers is abundant for the satisfaction of all htmian himger, In its spiritual interpretation the story of the minwie of the feeding of the five thousand becomes very plain and signlflcant. Wliat is described as happening in connection with the few loaves and fishes l:i exactly what happens In the realn. of spiritual food. The more of it we give, the more we have, and tht more we share, the more it incieas- es. We do not always appreciate that fact, but it Is the miracle of grace. The economy of the Kingdom of Heaven is an economy of abund- anco. It is in service that men find ma.stery over their own souls and over the soulte of their fellowmen. It 1:: in sacrifice that they find strength and new resources. It is in passing on to others al' that God has given them that they find en increase in their own heritage of spiritual worth and trutb. This was the supreme greatness of Jesus. Above all others he had dls- cm-ered the powCT to give, and through this consecration to the Fathers will God gave "not ttic spirit by mea-jure unto him." A significant phrase concerning Jesus; is that he "emptied himself," and in tills emptying himself of all that earth, might have valued, he re,>calr ed to the world the fullness of the di'.-ine character and grace. Thus it is that Jesus taught iiis disciples, and teaches us, the way to Ufe through ministering. It is not by n .selfish attitude in which we expect to receive • that we grow' strong and partake of the character of God; it is not by having others minister to us; but It Is by ministering to others that we attain the true life. "The son of man came not to be ministered untc. but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many." of the huma&ity of whieb they were a part. Jesis lived In a lairge and comidete wiorld because his com- pfissibu related him to every human 1 being., i He has given us the privilege of making onr Uves as broad and :«3 deep as we ^loose thicu^ following his example of compassion and ministering. Green Bay, Wis.—Since the money pinch started,: the puhlic Ubrary has been swamped witbrequests for funny stories. Librarians said folks were genettOly Just laughing away their troubles with humorous reading. The deepest note in Jesus, as he looked out upon his fellowmen, wfts the note of compassion. HO* can one vievc the world of modem me*-, without feeling deeper than everything else that same compasiion? Wo .".re still in a world that is ful' of sin. and want, and sufferipg, and misery-. ' I ' , View it through the rosiest spectacles that we may use, and iihless our \-ision Is very limited, or we are color blind, we cannot fail to see how deep is the need of humanity nor can our ears be deadened to the wail of want and woe that ascenda from our fellov.-mcn. There were those in the day of Jesus who were blind and deaf, who had never learned to share the lifi.' Dnosiml Off er Is MadebyVickson tyHontli-Wasli The mak^ of Vicks VapoRub have put out a new antiseptic mouthwash and gargle. It will do everything that any mouth antiseptic can and should do . . . and at half the 'vsu/al cost. The prooi^ is actual use in your own home. .To furnish this proof, S mUlion bottles in a special trial size were supplied to druggists, below cost—a 25c value for only 10c. But the demand has been enormous. If your druggist is already out of the trial size, the regular 10- ounce size of ^cks' Antiseptic Is an even bigger bargain—a 75c value for only SSc And, after using it a week, if you are not delighted with Us quality, and: amaring economy, you can return the unused portion and get your mc^y back. THE WORirS LOWEST-PRICED FULL-Slh SIX-CYMNDER ENCLOSED CARS A NEW AND ADOmONAL LINE OF CHEVROLET SIXES . 0 Another great new line ot cara from the leader.' Worthy companions to the present Chevrolet Master Six, world's most popular automobile! Tomorrow, Chevrolet presents the new Standard Six—a f f ^« lowes t prices ever placed on full-size six-cylinder enclosed cars. These prices are many dollars lower than those of any corresponding six-cylinder models you can buy today. Yet each body-type is a big, full-size, full- length automobile. Each is a brand new car throughout. And each is a C/ievro/ef—featuring the same standards| of quality that have made CHEVROLET the greatest name in low-price transportation. The styling is modern, aer-stream styling. The bodies COUPE.. $445 COACH. M55 COUPE with rumbi* s«at ..5475 All prices f. o. h. Flint, .l/ic/i. Special extra. LowdeUcered pricts G.M.A.C.terms. equipment id easy I are Fisher wood-and-steel bodies—•pftdous, tastcfiiSy finished—and featuring Fisher: No Draft Vfrtilation. The windshields have safety plate glas ^i. The tranamia- sioh has a! silent seccxid gear. The ea0ne is a SDOOth. fast, responsive sbt. And Chevrolet englngm have made economy 1 an outstanding feature! £>ncineexinc tetta show that the Standard Six casts leaa to run titan aoy other full-size car on the road_. The introduction of this new car ope &a-:thc way Sor new thousands to enjoy Chevrolet quality. givw the pubftc, for the first time, a full-size automobile tnmbioinc oiajD- 'mum quality and maximtitn all-rifund economy. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DKT^IT, kiCRBUK CHEVROLET STANDARD SIX "GENERAL MOTORS VALUE BUD WHITE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 60 Chevrvlet and Service lola, Kansas

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