The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 2, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINOTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, NOV. 2, 1939. any Fans Plan to Follow Orioles [ Challedon Is Nearing Money-Winning Record ihance of Local Team to iShare in Title Hinge on Outcome I Plans were being made today fto keep Highway US-10 cool ' "~lday evening when what is 1 cted to be a record Luding- .1 crowd swarms onto the con- fete and rolls upward to Tra- Jerse Pieir BALTIMORE. Nov. 2.—</!>)—, There arc polity of juicy pots at! Challedon. champion of all rac-!Hialeah and Tropical, headed by ing for 1939, \venton vacation | the $50,000 Widener cup. Brann. who received a handsome gold cup as well as thc $10,000 from 1 ! today before getting back on j the glory road which stands a 1 good chance of leading him to all-time high record of $376,- , the special, has said Challedon W. R. Rand, Sporting Big Bankroll, Takes Steps to Restore will be nominated for both the! rmrAOO Nnv 2 UP) a^siss. $ /r™,f^ «%£3S%^ u,r- William L. Brann's colt is .still nearly $1P.VOOO short of Sun Beau's "balk account," but this chance he may take his likeable big bay to California. Since Kayak and Cravat, with Hn and he ' s p i ay j n g "Chicago must become a boxing center again." He is William Robert Rand, bay son cf Challenger II, is only 1 Challedon. are the outstanding completely dry from Wednesday. Citv experts concede i there's no indication he's win* i ° f rain, his chances of picking up City experts conceut., f ^ ^.^ nilting thc ja £ kpo t! lhat $125.000 aren't too tough as j&ington an edge over their Sme-town boys. But that stop soon. „ mean that the Orioles His half-length victory over 'n'"invade Thirlby field and Kayak in the $10.0001 winner-take £raltz out with a victory. It is jail special at a mile and three- nrieU-known that experts always sixteenths, with Cravat a poor sfncede the opposing team thc | third, boosted his earnings after years of racing to S252.2 ge and so Ludington feels will be a long pull to whip the Jjans in their own field. glimpse at the past record and outdoor shows. For the last two years, however, the fist fighting business, with the exception of small neighborhood shows, has been in the doldrums. Wednesday night the young impressario steps where other "angels" have feared to tread— ^^t\or^^e^Sl^?l *'&*$**• ™*«*y into the spacious Chicago sta- automobile long; as he remains sound. Of course, Seabiscut, winner of more than SOJU.OOO, may yet come back ID the wars, but at present his chances are remote bad Owner Brann and Trainer Lou bility is it •U'r.ates it is Ludington's turn .lose. Last year, the Orioles )ri from the Trojans by a 13-7 lore at Oriole field. Two years ;o, at Thirlby field in a blind- g snowstorm, the Traverse am eked out a 7-6 victory over ie Orioles and so the,, record :s back to 1933, one team win- one year and the other the ixl. In 1933, the teams were '-0 and the previous two lars were the last in which er team won two consecutive •s, Traverse City winning ;h of the games. rThis week, as in last week's me, Coach Mitch Read has a •sbnnal issue at stake wnon Orioles meet Traverse City. it week, Coach Read drew up mgside the ViKi: i / - in the [limber of victories since he has in coaching at Ludington. On, day night, if the Orioles win, Neison Schaeffer are going to give him new. Although plans are .still indefinite, the chance.? are "Big Pete,"'won't have any more work to do this year. If he does any winter work after 1940 comes in, the proba- Howard, California dium for a presentation featur- distributor That) in § Sammy Angott, Louisville, came as the three-horse field ! K >"" No - ! challenger for the rounded the stretch uirn and lightweight championship, and Kayak made his move, straightened out. S they contender poked his way to the front. But Jockey Eddie Arcaro went to the bat there, and back came Big Pete. Baby Arizmendi of Los Angeles in a 10 round bout supported by heavyweight encounters. Chicago is starting to recognize Rand as fit for the role he high score in the league Wednesday. Commercial! with games of 204, 212 and 171,' led the Tampers with 587 WATCH CASE CO. (3) Wilson 181 176 166—523 wants to play. Joseph Triner, chairman of the Illinois State Athletic commission, referred to him as "apparently just the McKertylman Chicago needs to give it big-time boxing." Sports writers, impressed by his determination to keep going and the apparent Fee 165 198 Karstens .... 206 178 Heglund ... H. Anderson 162— 525 148— 532 158 114 168— 440 152 180 199— 531 Watch Case leaped into a tie in the Commercial 862 846 843—2551 WILLOUGHBY (0) Taylor 131 202 166— 499 Beckstrom .. 191 139 158— 488 will have evened another ! league, by taking down the' Baillargeon .. 165 178 195— 538 .^ • i.i_ i_ 4-1 i len0i7P-lpariino 1 \Villmiahh-tr nro\ir i T.nHTPI* 1*3^ ico IRC ^co elasticity of his bankroll, have lined up behind him. In private life Rand, who is only 36. is a trucking contractor and real estate operator. Kids and sports are his two favorites. Two years ago Rand organized a boys' club to keep the youngsters of Chicago's south side off the streets and supplied them with a clubroom and gymnasi- „.... ___ _._ __„ ^^ tiuuiuum tm a svjmicisi- During his rule over the! eague-leadmg Willoughby crew j Lather 135 162 156- 453 um . S oon the membership had ,-,_ i ___> i_ ij i m t nrf»P QTVQ in-nt o-ci-nioc- of i T?ncr»inc?cnn 1 Rl ic/i TO/? A f** \ . ^ . . . _ " _ _^ oles, the "two schools liavei 111 tnree straight games atiRasmussen 13 times Traverse City has' Smith s alleys Wednesday night. six times and Ludington j °^' matches saw King's Court won five while the teams! win two games in a hotly cone deadlocked twice, once in : tested battle with Plumb and 3 anri once in 1928. Friday Nelson and Birke's Shoes eke riing will be the rourteenth; out two fr °m the Tamper. ine will-' Traverse for "Coach" Some good and bad bowling 161 164 136— 461 783 845 811—2439 \d his heart is set on a victory Jir personal reasons in addition io- his natural desire for a was on display during the eve- : ning. Two 600 series and IS' PLUMB Schoenherr vic : j games of 200 or better were I turned in, not quite as fine a Ludington fans are urged 'to i ma , rk as hung up by Commer- 'e their blankets if they plan | cial league keslers last week. ;'journeying to Traverse City The Willoughby crew bowledyGalinski . I to start early so they may far below its usual standard in i Greening lye cautiously over roads | dropping three to the up-and- H - Hanson J -"- j coming Watch Case squad. Campbell 'Beckstrom and Rasmussen, two! i leading bowlers on the Wil- i ; loughby team and KING'S COURT (2) Hillman ..... 224 199 188 — 611 Hawley ...... 183190169—542, ..... - , Cronenwett . 160 222 204— 586 ' wltn the P roceeds Anderson .... 148 190 144— 47? scholarships LcClair ...... 201 192 203— 596 grown to 1,000. Rand footed all the bills. It was through the club that he progressed to big-time boxing. All last winter he staged amateur ring shows at the club towards for the members, but that only whetted his appetite for bigger things in the Jich may be slippery in spots. iflWTTM 916 994 908—2818 s P° rt & NELSON (1) . . 209 187 194— 5901 . 139 223 164— 526 .. 148 190 144— 482 . . 210 203 164— 577' . 231 190 156— 577 i 937 993 822—2752: among the league leaders, slipped below the 500 mark for the first time this season. Baillargeon was the I R'. Anderson 221 198 200— 619 only Willoughby player to top | Olson 182 183 162— 527 500, his 538 total being high for Weir 151 169 127— 447 It wasn't long before he had taken over a. piece of small pro- i fessional boxing club and before ! last winter was over he had gone into Chicago's Coliseum. Now it is thc stadium. which, with the exception of a couple of shows, has been dark to the i sport for three years. ; RED GOOSE SHOES i2) Spoor 177 178 182— 537 3T LANSING, Nov. Sichigan State's Coach Char- iBachman designated a ten- Jye starting line-up today encounter at the match. While the Watch Case did no spectacular rolling, four members of the team produced consistent games and as a result | Slyfield 192 221 182— 595 923 949 853—2725 TAMPER CO. (1) Pelawski 239 150 180— 569' the team had just enough punch i Cartier 186 181 184- 551 Th^ccurlte^o'e of°Don' to come through. Willouehbv ! McKerty .... 204 212 171- 587 • iVma's captain has booted (IP)— (.naming of tine full squad itil all had showed how well fathomed this week's 4rse in Syracuse combina- le Spartans, still avoiding i now has a three-game lead over j Newhoff 157 188 156— 501 | the second-place fives, one less than last week. "Chick" Karstens of the Watch Case with 206 and Ray Taylor of Willoughby's with 202, were the only players to roll 200. Karstens also Bmmage like a plague—for '£ ad high series for the Watch been what it has been to this season, faced .a i Aboard session Wednesday j it which was almost as j jh as a scrimmage. During ' •afternoon, they had bur- | tad their passing game, con- ,' Ired their best weapon |inst Coach Ossie Solem's CBS. lachman said he probably start Ends Bruce Black- Case, spilling 532 pins. The hardest fought battle of j the evening was the King's i Court-Plumb and Nelson affair in which the former won two. The defending champions lost the first game by 21 pins, won the second which ended in a tie necessitating an extra frame, and took the third rather easily when the Plumb team slipped below 900. The meeting of these { NE W YORK, the feature at- | Broadway evening and the i jt e sons reach the end of' the dis- ! road in Madison Square Garden quarter- into the Individual scoring leadership of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic association football campaign. Smith, Senior from Charlotte, has replaced Bruce Coburn, Hillsdale halfback, who held first place since the opening game. Both have four touchdowns, but Smith has place- kicked three extra points and leads, 27 to 24. ! Tied for third place in Hom., . r, " JT,' • . er Frazier, conference sprint Veteran Boxer Determines to,champion, whose so-yard touch- Quit Game After Whipping ;d o_wn rf run_ended milsdale's long on Wednesday \ b The leaders: Nov. 2.—(XP)— P*>'? s d <» Quarterback Bob Sher;' Halfbacks Buck Cros- iite and Bill Kennedy, and lack Jack Amon. ,at combination would give Spartans an experienced Kward wall, with the excep- of Bupp, a phomore. The ' ever, would consist of three id-year men, only Amon ig a veteran, te's line was expected to up well with the Orange irds, although it is slightly iter in the middle. The admittedly slower than icuse slippery ball carriers, r irently will need a passing ie to throw off defeat. D Alma ... .5 Coburn, Hillsdale 4 , ._-, Frazier, Albion ..4 .. some "red hot" rolling, i Wednesday night—and it was- 'Brannock, Hope 4 Hillman. star lead-off man forjn't a pretty sight. ,Meyers, Hope ...4 Kings Court, led both teams! Old and ring-wise Tony Can- Rybacnak, Albion 4 with a spectacular Gil series, zoneri, veteran of 166 stirring including a 224 game. battles, was belted into oblivion Ten 200 games in all were, by the stinging left hand of a T 4 4 3 3 3 2 To- Pat tal 3 4 0 0 0 1 27 24 18 18 18 13 The hot dog was invented by Johann Georg La'hner, a butch..„ ,, x ,. Hn racked up in the match. Camp-'young Brooklyn kid, placid Al e1 ' of Frankfurt, Germany 183-Dound b . e11 of p l um b and Nelson copped i Davis, in the third round of a hence t_he_name ^frankfurters. backfield j sin &le game honors with 231. scheduled 10-rounder in the "— ..=---- - ' 'Other high 200 scores were 222 same arena where his fight and 204 by Jack Cronenwett of! witn A1 Singer set an attend- Orange Kist and a 596 series byi ance record back in 1928 the Len LeClair of the same team i same rin S where he lost the with games of ~ ^^"-i^^^ „,„!,« <!.,„ ,..— c. : thrown in for Schoenherr of . iu ^i« « 41 u INCJ- , v , 4 ^ son topped the losers with vtn dressing room was like a tomb Galinski of the samV t^m hn,i — in shar P contrast to the stuf- vjuunhKi 01 me same team hadi f ,, rrnorto,^ -,irho,-o« ^v,nr, D _ BOXING TH« ASSOCIATED HKESS) yORK~Al Dnvis, 147»i Brook- )|)pcd Tony Cauzoueri, 143, New 3DJNATI—,Iohnny Stevens. 139 Ul, outpoliHed Prankle Torru- New York. Tenu—Steve , "W1W Bill" d»W. (10). Wilkerson. McDowell. 157, .WRESTLING ! ASSOCIATED PRESS) ,_ N. J.—George Becker, 200 threw Bull Morino. 101, New of year, horses on farms > smallest in 60 years and - of mules was esti- be the smallest Ui 30 201 and 203 ' featherweight title from Singer good measure.! Plumb and Afterwards the Canzoneri a nice game of 223. King's Court 994 in thc jfy quarters where Davis chang- jed into street togs, sec-! "Well, it had to come some- ond game was a new record for jtlmeV'"Tony" mumbled" through it displaces the season. lai the [ a cu t Up. His followers nodded . up by Turn-[sadly. He said he hadn't any in the season. plans but when asked if this Goose Shoes;was his last fight he looked out of the league eel-1 glumly up and said, "Gosh, I ay virtue ol two victories I hope so." the Tamper crew which is His right eye was badly damaged from the blows of Davis, now in last place. Led by "Rudy Anderson and Slyfield, Birke's dropped thfe first tilt but came the smiling slugger. A momentary roar from the - -.v^^^j lw « t iiUJIl Lll<; oack to take the next two. An- crowd of 12,750 greeted the end derson turned in his finest 'of the Canzoneri ....... *•*« V i* i ••* •* !t i* !t •> * •:* * AFTERNOON BOWLING! WOMEN ENJOY Alleys are always avail- * 9i ° f the year with games of 221, 198 and 200 for 619. Slvfield one of the league's leading'bowl- ers, improved his average with a series, including a 221 game fnr ?h | elawski - lead-off man for the Tampers, grabbed off a ?ia»? o?o hon oi's with a brilliant 239 game in the they filed out saga, almost and as though they were passing- Tony's bier, shocked and stunned that the end had come so quickly to their idol. In Drebecen, Hungary, low tobacco leaves and dust are compressed into briquettes to make and it's real fun to your skill in this able, | test * health-giving sport. Clubs •!• or special groups would afternoon enjoy bowling! SMITH'S RECREATION 4 „„ 4i< vv/ WA j^m^u Y^U y\j 11 j. tl A. C A T opener, a good and cheap form of fuel. *+++++++'+++***+++++**+*'* * Discuss Hockey Plans at Meeting This Week Plans for the hockey season were discussed at a recent meeting of the Ludington Hockey club held at Salvation Army hall. It was suggested at the meeting that buttons or pins should be sold to raise money for financing a rink and other expenses. This practice is carried out by other cities, it is reported. A fulier sciiecune is planned this year than last year with additional teams being planned on the program. The games will begin, weather permitting, by the end of December. The next meeting of the club I will be held at the same place in three weeks. Hard Time Party Enjoyed by Grange FOUNTAIN.— The Hallowe'en hard time party sponsored by the Fountain Grange was well attended considering the night. Seventy-two Grangers and friends were present. Harvey Goff and Agnes Petterson were chosen the best hard time costumes. The next regular meeting will be Friday evening, Nov. 3. Master F. E. Stewart gave a short address of welcome and the following program was given: i Selection—Ford Lake band. I Play'. "Clothes Line Gossip"—' Characters: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Barney Nelson; Mrs. Peters, Mrs. C. J. Petterson; Mr. Harris, C. J. Petterson. Reading, "A Nut"—Mrs. F. E. Stewart. Duet, "Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine"—Mrs. C. J. Pettersen and Mrs. Earl Goff. Reading, "The Calf on the Lawn"—Mrs. A. A. Johnson. Selection—Ford Lake band. Rev. and Mrs. F. E. Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Johnson, delegates, are leaving Monday for Traverse City to attend State Grange. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hubbell of Amber also are delegates. In a surprising number of lakes in Michigan better fishing may result from a reduction in the fish population rather than add- ing to it from hatchery stock,because there is at present overcrowding with respect to the food supply. NNKHE1M MOTOR CO EIGHTIETH NIVERSARY 1939 BIG VALUES that recall the GOOD OLD DAYS CHESAPEAKE BAY OYSTERS 23c pint FRESH HERRING FILLETS 2» 29c PILGRIM BRAND TURKEYS Spring Birds 29c SMOKED HAMS Tendered Whole Butt or Hockless Shank Half 21 c LAMB BREAST LAMB SHOULDER ROAST CHICKENS Frcsh Dresscd Ducklings i Hockless Picnics Slab Bacon Stew or Braize 7C 17c Lean Rili End Oiuck Cuts "" 18c * 16c »• 16c Bacon Squares Sliced Bacon r.,' ir'JW 2 pkOT - 23c Fancy Green Shrimp »• 19c PORK LOIN ROAST BEEF ROAST PRIME RIB ROAST •**«** Ground Beef Fresh Side Pork Frankfurters Ib. * 15c 'b. 19c TV 23c 2 - 25c * 11c - 18c No- Special*.. . . No. lime Jlimify. But Jl&ut Plic&i CORNED BEEF Armour's cans Blue p * ter Spiced Ham Corned Beef Hash 2 ChHi Con Carne*"" 00 ' 1 ^ Sardines Mackerel Tuna Fish Shrimp Rolled Oats *•"*"• SS. 27c 29c 25c 25c 25c 25c Wet 18c YrlVrw Corn meal Pancake Flour Wheaties Huskies Corn Flakes Kellogg's All Bran Grapenut Flakes Wheat Puffs Or Btr« 37c 5 £ 15c 5 & I5c i*«. 1Qc "*. 9c 2 •""• 15c tar- 20c 2 •*"• 19c *.. s c BUTTERFIELD Potato Sticks 2 - 15c POTTED MEAT Cut-RHe Swansdown Flour Bisquick Wax Paper Scot Tissue 4 feed Cross Towels Kleenex 18fl sh ~ ta Staley's Starch ^^ 3 Soap Flakes 8weelh< * rt 5 •*«• 23c ralln "•" 29c lOc 19c 25c Armour's * Fels Naptha Soap Blue Suds Gold Dust Lux Flakes Rinso Super Suds Vel Bowlene cans 10 3 fOc " 41c • 25c DAILY DOG FOOD 5c 16-0/. can Glanl fr»« Caaeentntted M«dlnn »• 21c 39c 29c 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 0 •"" 17C RIVAL DOG FOOD quart £4C 3 Clorox Sweetheart Soap OW Dutch Brillo Cleanser Fairy Soap Lux or Lifebuoy Palmolive Soap Woodbury's Soap 8c 15c 4 3 3 25c 17c 25c 3 can, 25C Mince Meat *<***«<•» «*«. -JQC Cranberry Sauce 2 — 25c Marshmallow Creme qmri Pumpkin NM * lona Tomatoes Sauerkraut lona Peaches lona Apricots Punk YUKON BEVERAGES 3 4 2 2 2 2 1-qt. Lottlea JO-ol. can tall 10c 39c I0c Fruit Cocktail Whitehouse Milk Dole Pineapple Nllred Dill Pickles Criscp or Spry Ann Page Ketchup Peanut Butter Salad Dressing Ann rnK * """' 27c gallon 3 & 49c . bnllle Sparkle Dessert Red Kidney Beaens Noodles nro<Ml or Flne Tomato Soup Cam p' w »'» Rrartrl <, A * p Dreaa soft TWM Clapp's Baby Food Butter Conntry Roll Wisconsin Cseese 3 "*"t« 4 i-ib. rnni 1-lb. 25c 25c 19c 27c •27c I5c 10c 19c SUF?E GOOD OLEO 2 " 23C CIIKF BOIAKIM SPAGHETTI WITH MEAT n.Al.!^ 3 24 -ox. 20c loavra 4 c«» 29c »• 29c •" I8c SKMINOI.K APPLES U. S. No. 1 WINESAPS 10 • I9c NORTHERN SPIES U. S. No. 1 10 lbs 29c guum 6RAPEFRUIT ORANGES !!l :;- 1 ADJIDCO California Q UnfirCO Red Emperors 0 BANANAS 'i:': 4 CAULIFLOWER Texas Seedless 80 Size 2«««. 37c 19c 23c 6 25c CRANBERRIES ^nT 2"» 29c SWEET POTATOES 5 ^ 19c CARROTS 4 10o Large White Head* 2«25c SUPER MARKET FOOD 5IOIJ1S OWNED AND OPERATED BY JTHE GEEAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. .ft: SI*.*!,/..

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