The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 7, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1894
Page 12
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II) $ • pjsyp ^^^"ii^W^^^f^^^^T^^^^W^T-W^^ BtaawaM Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE PAU.T AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE BBNTIMBL IB the only newspaper In Car roll county that li printed all at borne and It oon ttna more local and count? news than any otbe two papers ID this county. POWBRS * COLOLO, Props FBIDAY, SEPTEMBBB 7, 1894. Visit Moore's shoe store. 0. L. IPattles returned Tuesday from Nebraska. Patent photograph envelopes for sal at this office. Call at Martin & Clovie' for Qlidden barbed win. PaintH, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. W. R. Hamlet, of Glidden, was doing business in our city Saturday. E. M. Parsons returned this afternoon from Perry where he has been a few dayi. Diseases of the 070, ear, throat and qga*. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. Thomti Morgan, of Viola Center, wai a pleasant caller at this office Monday Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KBLLEY, Carroll, la. Miss Maggie Barger entered the high school Tuesday to do post graduate work A billiard hall and barber shop have opened up for business on Adams street Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pott, and daughter Alice, of Churdan, are visiting in the city. John Guild and wife left for Omaha 'Tuesday f»r a visit of a couple of days. James Banl and wife, of Denison, are in the city visiting their son, W. C. and family. J. R. Whitney has returned to the city and is again engaged in the shoe factory. There is a wilderness of boxes on the side-walks of this city which should be removed. Miss Violet Quint left Saturday for West Side to begin school Monday morning. Flour is 90 orate per sack at Mo- Lagan's. Why is it BO cheap? Because lie U selling out. ., Maboney sisters will take charge of the millinery store formerly occupied by Mahoney ft Cavanaugh. Miss Anna Tegge left Monday evening for Minn., where she will enjoy a month's visit with friends. Charleg|Ba«ertT, ot Templeton, entered the high school Tueiday, and will take the scientific course. J. C. Prater, of Arcadia, was a pleasant caller at this office while in the city transacting business. The petit Jury was discharged Wednesday afternoon and there will be no more jury cases this term of court. Mrs. Francis Miner appeared in court yesterday and secured a divorce . from her husband Oscar E. Miner. MoLagan has got some awful good groceries and will sell much below any one in Carroll. He is selling out. H. B. Russell and Miss Rettenmayer have charge of the county recorder's office during Mr. Heires* sickness. R. E. Dargin returned after a day's absence from the board meeting, as bis son was considered resting easier. Miss Lou Adams, of Clinton, Arrived In the city Monday and will be the guest of her friend, Mrs. J. W. Kennebeok. Oar prices on floor ere right, suite everybody, give it a trial and you will oome back to the Yellow front for more. The man who stole a set of harness the other evening will now do the owner • favor if be would ctll and take the bone. Hits Allle Manning has returned from Chicago, where she was called by the Hidden deatb of ber sister, Mrs. Elizabeth , Raymond. B. J, Kearney has sufficiently recover • ed from bis attack of malaria fever to be up again. We are pleased to bear of bit recovery. Have yon beard the news? MoLagan la •sUtog out. Goods most be all sold Mfipf tbe mouth of August and don't yon forget it. Ten dollar* t« all part of England, ttreat reduction in steamship tickets to all part, in the world. Call at oueo. Moses Simon. The first meeting ot the Clio club for the year hai been postponed from the first Wednesday in September to tho first Wednesday In October. H. W. Macomber was aeon down town a short time yesterday and today. His friends will be pleated to know that h« It getting along so nicely. Tito attendance at the fair from this sily it (be HBwUest that it ua» l>e«u for yeajr*. Everybody i» witling for the big •bow which will be in 0w«i»jr Saturday, «ud tn«o money it pretty acaroetbii year, The people feel as if .the fair is a good thing to economize on and for that reason the number going is very small flenry Lohmann, of Brunswick. Neb., ie In the city for a few days visiting ok friends. He drove acioss the country and says ho found it very dry. Chose & Banborn teas and coffees were used exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. Mr. BndJMrs. A. U. Quint have returned from Lake Champlain, N. Y., where they have been for a couple of weeks enjoying a short vacation. Prof. Essley, of the Glidden normal, was in the city Monday. His school began Tuesday andjho is anticipating a large attendance during the coming year. The grand jury returned four true bills one against Alexander Ouegel, and P. Hickey.Jand two against Buchanan Con ner. All other cases were dismissed. It's here—What? Why the merry-go- round, and as true as preaching its just across the street from our office. Oh my I what have we done to be thus afflicted. Boos & Laughlin have just received a car load of furniture and are prepared to meet the wants of the trade SB well as any furniture store in this section of the state. The Herald IB evidently mistaken in the idea thajt the "kids" are making a play for "sympathy." For it is not sympathy they are after, it is dollars and cents. Chas. Onam and Qua. Mannemann were caught four days on the jury last week and found it rather monotonous work as it took all of that time to dispose of one case. Zala Church, of Jefferson, one of the Republican candidates for judge was in the city looking over the political situa-r tion and we understood that he got but ittle encouragement. As soon as the old pump, which passed through the fira, can be repaired the city will be fully supplied with water. It will probably requite a week or ten days to get it fully repaired. Merchant wants yon to call at his store and see how few goods yon oaa ray for five dollars. Leave your sacks and >askets at home, but put a doable box on your eled or wagon. Farmers come on, now is the time and McLagan'e is the plane to get some goods cheap to carry yon over this bard sea- eon. Lay in a stock for the year; yop can eave money by doing so. H. E. Russell has returned from JHot Springs, 8. D.,:where he has beentor the past month and appears to be greatly mproved in health. We are pleased to see him with us again lopking so well. Esquire Lynch united Chas. A Cook nd Catherine Barley in marriage Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Cook is 57 years old and is a missionary among the ndians down in the Indian territory. LaPlant £ Cavanaugh will open a millinery and dress making establishment in the Drees buildiui? on the south ide of Fifth street next week. The adies are requested to give them a call. J. A. Kemp and family and Mrs. Stick will left today for Sioux City, here they will take charge of a board- ng house. Mr. Stick will remain in the tore as long at bis services are required. Yesterday the horse driven to Bolters delivery cart fell and gave the Iriver a heavy fall. All the damage done, however, wai that by John, as he thot out over the dash-board, making it off. The atmosphere seems drowsy about his (the Herald) office this week-Carroll Herald. And this, too, the week before the Re- ubllcsn eounty convention. Great cot! What will it be the week after leotionf "Coming events cast their badowt before." Egermayer's orchestra has just fairly ot to work preparing a program to bs iven when the company start! on the oad, which will not be for several eebs yet. Those who appreciate fine music will enjoy an evening with this roueitra. Geo. Seller informs us that the city rell did not effect his well in the least, 'he reason it did not furnish water Bunay wa« due to sand that had lodged in the pump and when It wai removed the well furnished water as abundantly at vor. Labor Day wai not obtsrved In lull ity. About the most greatful thing hat we poor mortal! appreciate li a ay's labor, for we have plenty of odd ays on which wo cuu pay tribute to the lunlty of labor without having u spec- ul schedule being arranged iu advance. 1/r. Kesslor informed ui Monday that ur worthy county recorder was having eorioui time with typhoid foyer. • Ho ud his wife, tliolr little daughter and tho ilrud girl uro all cualiued to Uiolr buds with this Uiieuio. Thujcloclor nay a tliulull f the patients with the exception of M. .are resting quietly, bul that bo U worry og fearfully about hit butluosi and tuo recorders office. The disefcie usually requires several Weeks to run Us course and it ii especially unfortunate that he has fallen a yictlm to it. The business directory put in the post- office by Jus. Cain is a very attractive and effective mode of advertising. The public bulletin is a feature which cannot fail to prove popular. The work Is sncb that it recommends itself, and Mr. Cain has reason to leel proud of its execution, The Union band gave one of it» entertaining concerts Sunday at Germania park. The large crowd of guests was well pleased with the music furnished by tbe new organization, It will only be a short time until the band will rank among the best in this part of the country. The president of the school board, ai Jefferson, was in the city today and visited the high school building and was well pleased with it. He says that they are using three basement rooms in his citv and they are no better than the ones in use here and that thev give entire satisfaction. Rev. W. B. Thompson left Wednesday foriBhenandoah to be present at tbo annual M. E. conlerence which will be held in that city this week. There is no doubt but what Mr. Thompson will be returned to the congregation he has served so faithfully and acceptably during the past two years. Now that September has come the matrimonial market is looking up quite lively. Mr. Eennebeck issued the following licenses this month: Glaus Brp and Paulina Jurgens, of Arcadia, John D. Schwitters and Ella Ammann, of Wheatland township, and Chris P. Goech and Clara E. Dillingham, of Manning. Mr. Burke wai one of the belt pleased men in tbe city Tuesday when be was notified that the water-works would again supply him with water. It has been a hard task to furnish water for his hotel since the water-works have been turned off and he ia especially pleased at being able to secure an abundant supply once more. Our stock ie complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or ailver bill cats no figure with us. Don't think became we don't button bole yon on tbe street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, 'out think yon are wise enough to chocee tbe beet place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHANT. Tbe new millinery firm of LaPlant & Cavanaugh it now ready for business. The goods are of the latest styles. A lady from the millinery house of , Edson ft Keith, Chicago, will hold tbe responsible position of trimmer, and theie ladies feel assured of their ability to place before the ladies the latest and correct styles of the season. One has to leave home to learn the news, is an old laying. The Marshalltown papers say that a stock company is being formed in tbii city to erect a Isrge hotel In tbe west ead of the city, close to where tbe new depot ii to be built. This is news to our people, for we have good enough hotel for our city {and there is no demand for any more building of that kind. All of our business men stood on the Streets yesterday with a broad grin on their placid countenancei when the itreet sprinkler put in an appearance. During the past two monthi it has been laid off for the lack of water and the duit has been simply awful. The streets were thoroughly soak*d down and life will be a little more tolerable in tbe future than it has been for tbe past two monthi. The open air concert given by tbe Northwestern band Friday evening was enjoyed by hundreds of people. Tbo band s composed of eight members, all of the Kgermayer family. Tbe band is one of the finest musical organizations in tbe state, and is a credit to our city. We understand tho family ii arranging to go on the road this winter to give concerts. In tbe event that it doei we believe it willi'meet with tuoceu, for they are all artliti. Borne one returned a harness to J. L. Miner in place of tbe one which wai stolon from hit barn; but the harness re. turned ii not the one stolen. The question now is whose harness baa John got? The complications liable to grow out of hit transaction may prove serious. When notice wai given that the man who took the harness would do tbe owner a favor If he would oome and take tho horse too, some unknown returned a harness to tbe barn. John is afraid to appropriate it to bis own use 'or fear tome one is only waiting to see I come to light when he will descend on the man who baa it la his possession and lorcibly take it from his horse like a turkey gobbler would yank a grasshopper off a swell-potato vine. AVAIDABLB Dr. Kaaaler has at last received tbe continental microscope wbiob be ordered some time »«o. It ie one of the finest natrnments wade, and adds greatly to be effloienoy of bis floe ottoe equipment* [a order to give it tbe highest power possible, it is supplied with a Ma luce) til immersion objective, and «n Abbe ooodeuetu in mounting witb iria dia- tbragm. Tbie instrument ia uaed to examine almost everything Imaginable, especially drinking water, the structure of plaule, bone, muHoles, blood* brain, etc. It is an absolute uaoacaity In a physicians offloe o determine verioue diaeaese suob aa tidn»7 troubles, ftypb old fever, dipb- theria and consumption. Its magnifying power is 00 groat that tbe baeillne tnber oulosis of consumption can be easily seen with it, although this small organism ii only 1-1400 of an inch in diatdeter. The livee of many consumptives are greatly prolonged by the timely discovery ot the** bacteria, BO that treat- tuent may be taken, or a change o climate, made, before the disease 6 mnde too great tin itnoad on the hnm system. CITY SCHOOLS. OPEN wan TBE IiAHOEST BNKOIiIiMBNT AND BEGINS TBE YEAR'S WOBK UNDBB IHB MOST FAVORABLE CONDITIONS. Monday tbe old bell in the high- school building called the children of oar city back to the school room. Abont five hundred of them aaaembled in tbe twelve rooms in the city eobools and ninety-seven in the high room. These rooms are in charge of tho following teachers: James E. Ament Superintendent HIGH 8CBOOI,. J. Everett Smith Principal GuyMewalf Llik Science Martha Johanna Butzow .Languages NORTH BCILDIMO. Bertha Marie Bangs VIII and VII Grades Mrs.LaunSchollenberger VI Grade Carrie BentonNanee V Grade Elizabeth Maclean IV Grade LjdlsL Moon Ill Grade Ada M. Thompson II Grade Grace Arlena Ksll I Orade Lulu Long I Grade SOUTH BUILDING. Louis U.LtBk Principal Emma Boderlck Grammar (trade Nellie Atkinson.; Intermediate Urades Blanche Vonateln Primary Grades Every beat, except fonr, wee occupied in the high school assembly room that morning, bnt ae tbe names of five old members who were nnable to be there were sent in, tbe total enrollment was greater than tbe seating capacity ot that large room. Seven are trying the entrance examination. The outlook is that the board will have to place more seats in the aesembly room, bnt we understand that there can be bnt ten more put in. There ie no longer any doubt that Carroll ia to have the largest nigh echool in tbe etate in a city of ber eize. Bupt. Ament saya that tbe total en- roUment ot tbe schools was about eix hundred, and that he thinks it will pass far beyond eix hundred this week. Old pnpili are beginning to return to the high eobool. Mies Blanche Patterson will spend this year in the high eobool instead ot going to St. Mary's, ee wae ber intention. Miea Gertie Drees also enrolled in tbe high eohool this morning, and will not return to Dobu- qne. Others nave Bent in their names and will probably enroll this week. Everything goes to indicate that this year will prove an important one in tbe development of our schools. During tbe vacation which baa just drawn to a close tbe board baa labored earnestly and bard to pot the buildingein tbe best possible condition for enooeesfnl work. Tbe pupils and teeobere are earnest and enthusiastic and ahonld receive the fullest support ot every citizen in our oity, in order that our schools ahonld reach their highest possible development. No matter what may be our pereenal views the interests of tbe schools stsnd above all, and at them we meet on a common level. , LAMB DAT. Monday waa tbe day eet aside by tbe legislature ot this etate as a legal holiday, to be known ae Labor Day. The following ia tbe proclamation ot Oovernor Jaokeoa: Now, therefore, 1, Frank D. Jackson, Governor of the Mate of Iowa, do hereby recommend and request that on that day, it being the 8rd day of September in tbo present year, the factories, offices and all places where labor is employed, be closed, that opportunity may be given the employer ana employed to celebrate this day In a manner Gentling tbe purpose to which it Is dedicated. ., , Let tbe people of Iowa assemble together In their respective localities, and by appropriate exercises manifest their deep appreciation of the manual laborers of our state, upon whose Industry, fidelity and continued devotion and duty, the development and prosperity of low* depend. In testimony, whereof. 1 have hereunto set my baud and caused to be afflxMl the great seal of the state of Iowa. Done at Des Molnes this twenty-fifth day of August , A. D., UM. By tbe governor. FUANK D. JACKSON. IFlLUAM MOKAKLAHD, Secretary of state. OOB Wara. All ot tbe people ot onr oity have been greatly interested in tbe well wbiob tbe eitv bas been getting in shape to test ae to whether water bad been secured in a euffloieot quantity to supply tbe wants of tbe oity. Sunday everything wan ready for tbe teat and about 10 o'clock tbe machinery was eet in motion. Tbe new pump worked to perfection ami a etrean of water fonr inobee in dianiuter was pumped steadily for the remainder of tbe day. At least 100,000 gallons were pumped from tbe well during tbe day and when tbe teat was ooneidsted satisfactory and (be stream turned off the water was ae high >u the well us it was in the morning. About 8 o'clock ia tbe afternoon tbe water was furnlabed to tbe railroad oempauy, en it bad connection with the pump.tbe water was pat in their tank*, tbne doing, away witb tbe •atar train wbiob bas been furnishing thft company with water for eevera weeks, Just as soon ne the connections are completed with the. new pump anc the oity water-works, which will probab ty bo mnde by tomorrow, the city wil! again be supplied with water. The water is ot an exceptionally pure quality Cold end eoft.RDd will be nil onr citizens mask, The want of water baa been to bur afly, bul with ,two such fine wells ns have been put in one for the oity and the other for Urn railroad company, we believe the problem bus been solved and it will be n long time More the oity will have tio go "dry" as it has this summer. A. F. Kefflo had charge of the setting and placing of the new oity pump, and in fact the machinery was purchased on his recommendation, and it is with some pride-to him that everything is working aa satisfactorily as it is possible for it to do. PEOPLE'S PARTY. The People's Party held its county convention at Glidden last Saturday. Tbe convention was harmonious and enthusiastic. Hon. J. 0. Baker, congressional candidate on the Democratic and People's Party tioket,waa before the convention a short time and left a very favorable impression. J. W. Ellis, ot Soranton, also addressed the convention. J. A. Strata waa chosen chairman and J. A. Lyons secretary of the convention and also for the county for the ensuing year. Tbe following were chosen as delegates^ tbe etate convention which meeta in Dee Moinee, Sept. 4: W. H. Daven port, H. Smith, J. Lister, H. B. Smith and J. A. Lyons. Tbe convention then proceeded to place in nomination a full eonnty ticket aa follows: Auditor, J. A.-Harris. Clerk, J. A. Lyone. Recorder, J. Lister. Attorney, M. A. Hoyt. Supervisor, H. W. Davenport. WBLL SAID. Ot coarse we agreed witb J. T. Rogers, when be came into our office Monday and said, "I suppose that in order for me to vote intelligently this fall I ahonld read THE SKMTINBL." So he gave us $1.50 and said. "Send it to Halbnr." He will find also that THB BBHTimii will be a regular encyclopedia containing the names of nearly all onr business men who are prepared to offer tbe mdare of this paper special bargains in the lines ot business in wbiob tbey are engaged. It will pay yon to keep your eye on the advertising columns ol this paper, for our business men are a wide-a-wake set of fellows and when tbey can give tbe trade special iu- dnoemente they never fail to announce that fact lo tbe public. So read tbe advertising oolnmna*jf THB BBMTINBL and yon will save far more money during the ensuing year than tbe price of tbe paper, if yon will take advantage of the special offers presented in this , paper, when yon are trading in tbe oity. On A STBOH. Tuesday a large number of tbe employee ol tbe boot and shoe factory ret need to return to work unless some satisfactory arrangement could be made between, them and the new manager of tbe factory. Tbe trouble grew ont of tbe fact that tbe employee were unable to secure their pay which wae due them at tbe time tbe factory waa taken poe- session of on a chattel mortgage, over a week ago. On Monday the factory .started up witb a full force, bnt there was a disposition on tbe part of tbe help to want security or a guarantee for the wegee dne them. Tbia,aa we understand, was impossible for tbe manager to make; bat be did the very beet thing possible under tbe circumstance* and tbat was, be offered to increase tbeir pay twenty per cent and pay them weekly instead of monthly aawaa the former role of tbe factory. Witb tbia understanding the help went to work, bnt tbe next morning trouble waa brewing and when 0. D. Boynloa, tbe present manager, arrived at tbe factory be found 80 to 40 of tbe bands idle and requested some guarantee tbat the work in tbe factory would oootinno long enough for them to get the full amount dne them, by tbeir wag•a being thus increased twenty per cant. Tbie be did not do and tbe beln went to tbe city and secured counsel witb tbe in. twlionof trying to recover tbeir wagaa by legal procedure. Front ten to fifteen of tbe older bands iu the factory refused to quit work, aa tbey consider Mr. Boynton'a proposition aa favorable as can be expected and are desirous of holding tbeir positions and at tbe same time get tbeir book pay, Under these ooudiMoue|lbs strike looks ratber III advised as U appears to be tbe evident intention of tbe manager to deal fairly witb tbe employee. It would have been tbe par I of wisdom for themlobaw compiled, tor tbey would not be out anything only tbe us* of their money tor a abort time. Tbe olthwus are all personally inter- IVORY IT FLOATS* BEST TOR SHIRTS. VHC PROCTER ft GAMBLE CO., OINTI. eated in seeing the factory kept open for there is no reason why it cannot be made a paying institution and is of great benefit to every man in onr oity. We trust those who "went ont" will reconsider tbeir action and return to work. When snob differences arise there is always eome middle ground between the laborer and tbe manager and in this instance as it Mr. Bqynton has met tbe laborers, of tbe factory fairly they should be willing to do their part and settle all differences amicably and let • tbe wheels ot tbe factory be set in. motion. The whole trouble with tbe help which "went ont" is that the manager refuses to five them any assurance that tbey will be retained for any length of time and that they are liable to be "knocked off" at any time without notice. If ibis is true tbey say they will try to protect tbeir own interests and let the manager of tbe factory do the eame. WBDDIMO BBLLS. Tuesday evening Misa Rosa Mark and< O.Beokley were united in marriage at the lomeoftbe bride's sister Mrs. J. W. If ilee, in Grant township. Rev. W. B. Thompson, of tbe M. E. church of this city, performed tbe oaremony. The wedding was attended by a large nam- >er of friends of the contracting parties,, and was a very pleasant affair, all present enjoying themselves. The bride, Miss dark, is well known to onr citizens. She as oneot tbe successful eobool teachers n this county for several years, and is a ronng lady -with floe accomplishments. ['he groom is a worthy young man and ia employed in tbe ticket offloe fur tbe Northwestern railroad at Tama. The happy couple left today for tbeir home, taking with them the beet wishes of tbeir many friends in onr oity. Herman Letting and Miss Johanna Naarkanp, of Arcadia township, were united in marriage Tuesday forenoon at Arcadia, Rev. Father Sohulte performing tbe marriage ceremony. After the services at the church were over tbe bridal >arty repaired to the home of Mr. Lsit- ng's parents and. a pleasant time waa enjoyed by a large number ol friends who were present to extend oongiatula- iona to tbe newly married couple. Refreshments were served and tbe young 'oiks enjoyed themselves at dancing and other amusements. Those who were present spoke highly of tbe royal manner in wbiob tbey were entertained. Joe. Booe and Miss Cassis Delhi, at Missouri Valley, Tuesday. Both ot these young people are well known to ib« citizens of our oity and all will unite n wishing them a happy life. Mr. Booa a tbe popular young man ot tbe firm of 3oos & Laoghl[in, dealers in furniture. Ie is a bright, energelio young man, bound to succeed in Ufa and hie estimable wife ie a daughter ot J. B. Deibl ot tfaple River, Tbe newly married couple will return to onr oity in a day or ao and will begin bouse keeping in tbe second ward. TUB SHNTINBL extends oongratu- File* i Piienl Itenlog Piles, Symptoms moisture; Intense Itchlug and sting ug, most ftt nlgbt; worse br nonttobTng. if ai ow*d to uQiittuiM tumor* form, wbiob often il**d Bud ulcerate, beuomlni very sore. Bw»y- a*'* olutmim HOP* the Itoltlug and Weeding, wait ulooriitlon tuiU Iu mom oiwes remove* the Advortlaext Letter*, The following letters remain uncalled 'or at tbo uoutottlet). Sept. 8, IHVt. Jul«»s delivered within thirty day* from date they will bo forwarded to the dead utter offloe at WsshliiKtoii, 1). U.; Miss Borito Wvloer Boiio *• Wubb 0. M. wsldron 0. W, Nunro* cum. Keitiutn w. j. BurUart Kv» strong yrnulc SltiMtpkit Clmi. Stoveiu Surmour ttloe 0. D. Drake Turplu Uovermueut Mr*, iuulw Coptirluud tlurtor GltorlDf Browu The law provides that ono aunt shall bo paid for all lotturs mlv«trU«tKl. When ottlllnu for stkiuu ujuaso «t«tt» d«to of ad- vertlsement. JNO. L. T'owteita, f. M. "How to Uure AUBfcin Dlaeasea." Blmuly «(i|)ly byvuyua'iiolutmnut. Nomtvrual m« r«(iulr«d. Ouros u>tu>r, evztnun, W9HIVIUV .vuiumut fw,v« wvi"-., v*«viu», ivuili illiruptloiu on tb« f«<<«. baud*, now. »io, [,««vliuiiue ikui oloar, white and uesitlir. iu irest bSsling and ourtUlvs w>w»r» ire pomstsed »r n« otter nmedy. ASK rour druggir -- Swajne'i ointment.

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