The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 28, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKEASF1ELO CAL1FORN1AN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1933 EDUCATIONAL '* CARTOONS B HUMOROUS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON A BALLOON THAT IS FILLED WITH HYDROGEN DESCINDS WHEN RELEASED THE TOP OF MOUNT WASHINGTON, IN. NEW HAMPSHIRE/ ENGLANDS- GREAT ADMIRAL AND THE HERO OF THC BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR., DISLIKED SHORE LEAVE BECAUSE HE BECAME SEA SICK WHENEVER. HE RETURNED TO HIT SHIP. O IMS »Y NIA SOIVMC. WC. THE AU ANTIC OCEAN CARRIES » 7y PER CENT OF THE WORLDS COMMERCE,, YET IT 15 «NLY ONE- HALF AS LARGE AS -. M ';« ,,fAvj A2/ SIDE GLANCES m GEORGE CLARK BM. U. t. FAT. CfT. (tl 1M» »Y HI* ttHWCt. INC. "We could pay those bills If you hadn't tried to show off and spend so much when you were dating me." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pleturttby King) O P COUnSE when all tho others saw wee Scouty grab tho big tear's paw and shako It, they were quite amazed. Wee Duncy said, "Thut'B great!" "Instead of being In a fix, we've found a bear that may know tricks. If It came from :i cirrus, 'twill perform. Gee. I can't wait!" "Oh, don't bo in a hurry, son. I'm alBo eure we'll have some fun eventually." said .Scouty, "but tho bear la eating now. "If wo tease it, it might get mad, and that, of cour«e, would be too bad. 'Tii, I.e.-t to bo real patient, EO wo will not Etart u. row." * • « Soon Windy said, "I think that ohaln is doing naught but bringing pain. Ljet us file it from tho collar. It won't take us very long." "Oh, no! The bear IH used to it. It doesn't hurt one single bit," replied the friendly hunter. "And, WviUuH, the chain's too strong." Then he continued, "I've a hunch that 1 believe will please this bunch. I'll run and get my fiddle. Then I'll play a tune or two. "Real shortly, Indc, If 1 guesn right, you'll see a very funny sight. At least you all can wait and see Just what tho bear will do." # • V Just then tho hunter's dog dashed out and started running nil about. "Como here," exclaimed thn hunter. "That big bear's a friend of mine. "Now, don't you bit«. Stay right by mo and bo as friendly IIH can be." Thn dog obeyed its master and It all worked out Just fine. Tho hunter got his violin and cried, "Now, watch, when I begin." And then he started playing and tho bear seemed in a tranc.i'. "Oil, look!" crlisd Duncy. "There it goes. That bear has surely been with chowp." And then the whole lumen laughed to see tho bear begin to dance. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS GOT -THAT GO V OM TW «3Pc?r. TvV CV.OC.K AM -fi-V O«\MV^V4 APC. RIGHT BV VMS GOT KIO Tv-V TiMe tn To GET A OP Go F/v=>Ttep?. BUT He-' OF A VWOOX-O TW^/IM' PlGV-VT TO Ti-UNH' OF SOMH. PLACE. To GO, Ffcf» A OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN HECK/^WHATRE YOU STOPPING ME FOR?>~-I WAS JUST GOIKf TO BEND, SALT, AN' VARNISH HIM , LIKE- A PRETZEL/ -HE CANTRAS6LE BIS MATTRESS IN AAY j m AN 4 TAKE A •REST/—TOR TH V LAST HAL? MOUR TH X BOTH OF YOU HAVE BEEN EACH OTHER UKE A, •BA.R<=vMN COUNTER Of-* SHIRTS / ^H^e^f^^^^^^ LET ME WE'RE ALL JIG-SAW PU2ZLE BENDS \N THIS HOUSE --'AN'' WHEN I <SET THRU WITH HIM, WE'LL ALL HAVE A LOT OP FUN 'FORTH' NEXT MONTH "PUTTING) UM TOGETHER AGAIN FOR A BREATHER THE GUMPS A LUCKY THING FOR. , MAMA. DE. STROPS . THAT "SHE MAS A. |FRtENt> UKE BENJANMN THE4AIL DOORS WERE XAWNINC* WIDE FOR HER WHEN UNCLE B\M CAME YO HER RESCUE- NOW SHE IS IN A PICKLE,- WITH VHE BROOtH OONE AND THE MOTEL, BILL. STILL UNPAID AND BROKE There Is a Santa Claus v By SIDNEY SMITH NOW — „ •^•* SHAsLL I DO T ^.r-,^.^* SMALl- I TUfeN , M/kWEX'T DARED LOOK YME . >F*TM»* MOTEL IN YME FACE FOR DAYS- WELL- I MIOMT AS \NEU- CaO DOWN AND BRAVE THE. LION IN MIS DEN RlfeMT NOW— A.ND 4UST TELL. M^MTHXr I H^veN'T ' — AKIO CAN'T FOOTSTEPS APPROACHED E CLERK'S DESK- CrOOl> ^RS DESTROYS- I SOME. MAIL. \ FOR YOO•>— ^s. t>EAI» MRS. DE A& EXECUTORS OP= YOOR LATE MOSBAND'S ESTATE, WE ARE SORE \OU WILL BE. GLAD TO KNOW TMAT ONE OF THE FIRST MOR 1 .— BONDS VslMICM WE THOUGHT WAS WORTHLESS HAS MATURED AND WAS PAID IN FULL- TME AMOONT WAS <y - \oo V*ILL PiND WEy A ENCLOSED— i ^ •> BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Telling Him, That's All! By MARTIN VOO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Beached! By BLOSSER VOU SAY WE'RE OKI LAVJP? WHAT tXSYC MEAN ? GREAT GUNS' THIS CAK1T BE tt-rt » *H^ VESSR....OUTOFMY PORTHOLE I SEE LASID/RISHT TOP OF ME, IT SEEM .... FEAR V/E ISS ALL SHIPWRECKED // VNHY.' \weve RUM I DIDH'T EVESJ MEBB6 I FIHP TREASURE POR you, ANYWHERE NEAR' LAND FORSET THIS TREASURE BUSINESS/ W= HAVE ID SET OUT OF THIS FIX/ AWP SET OUT QUICK.... I'M 60IW5 UP ID see. CAPTAIN FLACK!/ \NCLL,! VJOULPNT CALL ITTHAT=JUS' HELPLESS.., A TIB*L WAVE DID THIS TO OS, COMMODORE HAVE ID SET OFF, FLACK... OR SWE'U- 3£ GROUMD TO IS THIS A SHIPWRECK, THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Hospitality! By Cowan [W/TLL, THE DISTANT IN-LAWS AOC ALL 5ELT FOP THE NIGHT AND THE LITTLE, NEWFANGLE, APARTMENT IS FILLED TO CAPACITY AFTEP ALL. THEY \ WE COULD LET APE. RELATIVES. WE'LL/THEM HAVE OUP HAVE T'PUT THEM UP/BED AND WE CAN I GUESS Jf «3LEEP ON THE COUCH ,^""^'5 NICE OF COUSIN GLADYS T'LET U«5 HAVE TWEK? BED-POOM YEAH, BUT THEY'LL HAVE T'APPANGE FOP CASSIE. T'SLEEP SOMEWHEPES. I CAN'T GET 1 A GOOD NIGHT'S PEST WIT HEP 9LEEPIN 1 AT THE FOOT OF TWC BED APE. VOU ASLEEP, CHICK? I'M TIOED LVING ON THIS SIDE. WE'LL HAVE TO TUPN OVEP TOGETHER ASLEEP? WHO THE HECK COULD SLEEP WITH'HIS FEET STICKING OUT IN THE COLD? AND IF I PULL THEM \N, MY KNEES GO OUT OVEP THE SIDE" \ into. u. s. PAT. < v:

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