The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 21
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 21

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 21
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AMNII MO WOWAN HOW 10 HANDLt A qU HAVIN<JWNNCR.»ANPA*A CHftlSTMA* PR6S6NT ID *TSV8 WHO eorcHewa* «« STOBV XXITOU>,K>lrtZ6 flOIMfl SXPLAINTO Hlf »0f4 BXACTLV WHAT HAPPENED WHEN CANWN AINtt MARY WORTH «• Btause YOU'RE A *% REALDOfil-ASTUPID / LITTLE MI-BRAIN AND \_ THE 5I6HT OF YOU MAKE} /• ME SICK At WHERE'LL 1 PUT THIS CAKE AND MILK? EVEWYTMIN JUST SET IT DOWN, DEAR! I'LL GET TO I IT IN A MOMENT.' NO, NO, POP.' THIS IS FOR SANTA CLAUS! OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams WHAT? YOU'RE SITTIWCi LIKE THAT BECAUSE THERE'S A HAT IN THE CHAIR? WELL, WHY POW'T YOU PUT IT DM THE TABLE THERE? fT AIM'T MINE' WHY MOTHBR» GBT TIZZY-By Kate Oiann "Herbie, for Christmat I've decided to givt you your freedom!" 1 FED YOU THAT HOLLYWOOD LINE STRICTLY FOR LAUGHS! 50 GO HOMCt AN'IFY'EVERWMUCH M SEND M£ A POSTCARD, I'LL GIVE YOUR PARENTS A VERY UGLY EARFUL! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Heepli .. -i'SAPLUSH 30II-4T WITH THE REVERSE LUMBERS Or THE SHACK VJHERS VJE < DEHVEREt) TH5 STUPEFY ME r^MB OiyfVs^W/WS^® S\TOV!S AMD6IRS* TH' MAM OF TH' HOUSE iMlST 7 (^^M SDT TOWS LIKE JASONi// VMISTAKW6 SANTA CLAUS R LlTUS EVA/ IDELNEREDTH'1- COOKcD.MlSTAH A\A30R,A(>JD M. NOV11 KNOWS \S'HY THAT NEEDY , FAMILV 60 NESDV/JESTKESPIN'j UP THAT 616 A1ANSIOM A\U5T BE, ~" "FUL COSTLY/6UT WHAT - .wr'Epy ME PLUMB OUT is w^ TH'MAM OF TH'HOUSE |^5I5T .HUMORED i "DOLLAHS/ «:c r<3t 0 £j. '& :<^ i x 71 R-11 KAUCHfC tjfieept _ 'V* 7 -**'* «">•.••• <M. T.JH **f. Ul. ^t OlfJ feY h.THOUSHT3A50MWAS 1 THEIR CATERER'S CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner "You know, Mam, Jimmy is so steady and reliable, it's i going to be tough getting him away from Helen!" Women Have Stellar Role in Missile Test WHITE SANDS PROVING GROUND, N. M. U) - About one- fifth of the 8,000 persons working for the Army Missile Test Center, the Naval Ordnance Missile Test Facility and private industry contractors at this proving ground are women. Members of the fairer sex hold down jobs ranging from technical and engineering positions in the guided missile program to clerical and stenographic work. Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! THI TOODLM NO...TSX WOUtONT WHAT A CHABMIH9 JUST A QUIET CHOIftTMAt ffVI AT HOME WITH SANTA CLAUS AND i HIS IjSl-tAWS/ AR6NV YOU GOING TO THB CHRISTMAS PROA\ 51* '*""* dUGHBAO L IP VOU'RB TREATING ME Vi LUNCH, — PUT SOME, MONEY IN llf AND TURN THE KNOB/ ARCHIE YOU LIKE ROAST B6EW SOMEBODY PUTS'.TME MONEY IN.' . SAXON, I'M ABOUT OUR SPACE-R30P PROJECT. IF WE DON'T HEAR FROM WRISHT SOON, WE'LL HAVE TO MAKE A BI& DECISION... ABOUT WHAT, MR. MARSHALL? JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brendfield PO WE- WAIT UNTIL WRISHT SHOWS UPf OR OO WE LET PR. LUCAS TAKE OVER...? MORTY MEEKLE WE HAVE HERE A GENUINE FISCHETTI ORIGINAL WHAT AM SEVENTY F/VE THOUSAND HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS' AUCTION TOCAY OH, I PONT KNOW. COP-THAT X" HWENT-1 -SEEN-VOU - WHOOEV/ A1NT \SOMEVVHERE-BEFORE" THOT A WEIRD J TECHNIQUE'S PRETTY CONVERSATION?/ STANDARD STUFF OH.' YES.-/- WEU. CHARMING /PRESERVED NOUNX3 WCIWC * LAW...YES IWOEEP YEH..BUT rrs NOT YEARS HE'S TALLIN' ABOUT.. IT'S CENTURIES/ YES,I...SHH; KNOCK IT OFF/ MUSMT LET 'IM KNOW WE WEfeE EVESDROPPING HI, DOC' I SEE YOU'VE BEEN POINS AU. RIGHT/ TOO.. FOR SIXTEEN HUNDRED YEARS HE STIUt HAS AklOTHEl? PA.Y TO WA.K6 \T, C^OL. AMD IT'S NOT A BUSINESS TRIP EXACTLY AUTlCPiN 5AY NOW \ WW.I.I IS THAT IT'5 A. TOP ) BE A FOOLISH SECRET PROJECT W PRBMOMI THB GOVBKMMENTS ./WI CANT BEING VE ALXRIABW TOMOKKOW/ILl START LOOKUPS COR HIM PUSONM.LVI FINISH TKKMMN« THE TREE tr's MOT LIKE PAPPV TO LET A BUSINESS TRIP KEEP HIIA AWAY FKOMHOMBAT* CHRISTMAS.EAS/ BUGS BUNNY QUICK! PUT THIS ON THE DOOR, THEN WE'LL HIDE! HMM.. IPIDN 1 SEE THAT SlfiN 1 HEY. TH' DOOR CAME OPEM WHILST J WAS i KNOCKIN'.' I/WIGHT AS WELL STEP IN AN' WARM UP' WOW! THEY AAUSTA WANTED T' SEE TH' MOVIE PRETTY BAD T' RUSH OFF AN' LEAVE THESB JUST LIKE WE FI6UBED...WE'1?E READY T-TO EAT, AND HERE COMES BUflSl PRICKLES WWAT, PRAY TfeU, ARE WE60IN<5Tb PO WITH AU. THESE ODD SOCKS? BEAUTS, JUNE/ 1 DONT KNOW HOW YOU WOMEN DO fT/ r* . , ^ ALL BY MYSELF) FRECKLES/ EASY <5ernN<& THCM SAME SIZE/ AUSTIN (Minn.) HttAI.0 llf Wednesday, D*c. 24, '5* £ I SHORT RIBS I A MEAT COM IT WAS- JACOBY'S BRIDGE . • Bjr OSWALD JACOBT Written for NBA Btttict To par«phr»M the Declaration of Independence. "All bridge playen an entitled to life, liberty and the right to play no-trump contract*." South believed thU. • Of course, South did hare tome slight excuse for his two no-trump response. He held 14 points and a VKMMB (t>> 4QJS6* 4>K82 M WEST CAST 494 *A72 •> J 10 • 5 4 1 V K 9 6 • J8 410973 *K71 *653 SOUTH 4K10S . V72 OAQ54 *AJ»4 Both vulnerable North EMt 8<mtk WM* 14k Past 2N.T. Pass JN.T. Pan Pan Paw Opentoc lead— V 3 balanced hand and honor combinations in two of the three unbld suits. He did not realize that he waa wide open in the heart suit and that nasty opponents have the habit of opening the wide-open suit. Anyway, wes% did open a heart against the final < three no - trump contract. North's queen lost to East's king and a heart return cleared the suit. ,. South made a desperation try for his contract. He led the queen-ot clubs from dummy but the finesse lost and he wound up down three. Look how much easier matte™ would have been If South had made the proper response of two clubs. North would have bid two no-trump and East could have opened a can ot soup for all it mattered. North would have made at least four no-trump. Week's Sew-Thrifty PRINTED PATTERN •7 AKNJ8 '40AHI be&uty — tb* «t«r ot louf w^lcUolMl All Uu«« DMV* vtr- of UU« »Mnw»Ut «te Cho«M oottoa w cr»p« (or »*w; glAAnoroim alUw lor dr«*»up. Tomorrow'* p»tt*rn: H»U-»lM dc«bi. Printed P«.tt*rn «M: UtMM* 6i««» U. a 18. 1$. JO; 40. BtM M tftk«f 3% y*«l» M-i«ot> I»l»rtc. Printed dUecllon* oo **eb pfttwra port. SfMler. «ccur«M Send f«TV CENTS la «oln« ta tbu pattern — *dd 10 o«nU tor *o4 pattern tor Ut . clas« naalUug. Son* to Anne 4dwo«, CAM ot tlu AustUi Herald. PHttro DWj»t.. 343 W«« St.. New Tori 11. M. Y. Pflat NAME. i4»bw8» witt Z0KK.

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