Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1955 · Page 24
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 24

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 24
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Dial-PA.2.4600 for a WANT AD Taker L v ~,:*i iN (• • Tittiii-irf. (.. J;" i. ftiiC THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1955 Eggplant Used As Lunch Base Eggplant is the baw for ,an all- hi-ont broiler difh that makes a gubstantial luncfi. Pe«l a medium eggplant and cut it in inch-thick slices, crossways. Place on a broiler rack, along with tomato slices and mushroom caps. Mix together Vt Clip,breadcrumbs and Vt cup : .Parmesan cheese, and sprinkle'over all. Dot with butter and broil 'till* vegetables are brown and ..tender, Next time you prepare corn pudding, add a little chopped green pepper and canned pimiento. Attractive Salad Suggestion Given A handsome tawriy ring mold makes an attractive salad for your autumn buffet suppers. .Use';golden-colored apricot, whole-fruit nectar as-part of liquid in lemon- flavored gelatin. .Add halved fresh grapes, sliced banana and other fresh fruits. Chill in ring mold and at serving time fill center with frosted grapes made by dipping small clusters of grapes into slightly beaten egg whites, then in granulated sugar. For extra flavor, "garnish potato salad with finely chopped green onion or chives. Ample Supply Of Turkeys er - ': ly Tkt Aubciottd The emphasis will be on turkeys in most food stores this weekend.. Meat dealers figure that'many housewives will be -buying their Thanksgiving birds Friday or Saturday, rather than early next week, so turkeys will top the list of advertised . specials. It's generally agreed that: they will 'cost more than they did a year ago—JJerhaps five or six cents a pound—because production is down around four per Still Time To prefer Your.;, FAMOUS KOONTZ FARM Double Breasted ! Fresh Killed! Thti. turk.yi hav. b»«v o*p.cially raiiod to provide mar* slicing . ( . Mer» wh'.lt mtpl . ... Ordtr new to you'll'hev« th. b«l and th. lisa you, want tee I Stokely's Frozen Foods F»Mh FrUi, Mcod ••tatoM, A L M f «r Ch»r.«d Spinach' .. * •ooi, P»*«-««d C«rro»v •ia<k.|y*d no. . . . ... Rotepott Frozen Piei • UfF ... • CHICKEN • TURKEY. . ] I*,-!* ;." Uinghorn Cheese - Dot .Meiit*. . • .... ....... ....:. Pineapple Juice 2'••-"• Ctwf Boy-Ar-D..— Spaghetti Dinner Compfir. Marshmallows * . Thomot '«;.. English Muffins ^ Clam Juice "•' 43c 41 c 33c 18c 25c Damin* •. Sugar 3-lb Fancy. Dittd : .Fruits AND Peels ibfiQ c Vwlf : Ptpptridg* Corn and Molamt Bread :. n> QUALITY MEATS IEGS OF \ Spring Lamb . ..... ... TENDIR YOUNG BeefUver.;...... 7;...... RI8 .IND-';'v\ .'••'.:".."' " ..-.. .-.-'• - • ' Pork Roast j to jib ova ......' ib SWIFT'S PREMIUM or ARMOUR'S STAR . . Chuck Roast of Beef .... ib SWIFT'S PREMIUM or ARMOUR'S STAR ; Round Steak ... ...... ........ tb SWIFTS PREMIUM or ARMOUR'S STA* • Leah Ground Beef .......... n, 69c 45c 33c 55c 69c 49c HEINZ Hamburg Relish ll-oi jar 29c Addi flavor to any landwich Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Large Fancy California Broccoli, bch. 39c Cranberriet . . .. .. . . . . 'T-jb. box 19e Fancy Stork's Delicious Applet 2 Ibs. 29c D'Anjous Pears ...... . . .. 2 Ibs. 29e Large Calif. Iceberg Lettuce 2 hds. 35e Spinach, Kali, Cucumbtrt, Slicing Tomolon, Coeeanuts, .-.ChMrniiit, Cauliflower, Turnipi, Grttn B»ant, «te. FOOD MARKET 436 Cumberland St. Phone PA 4-3480 FtH OH.IVEIV cent! The National Turkey Federa- ion stresses, however, that there will be ample supplies. Prime Ribs Featured For the forthcoming weekend, stores will have a good selection of worthwhile buys in meats. Prime ribs will 1 be widely featured, with prices down two to four cents a pound from a week ago in many instances. Sirloin steaks will be lower, too, and some other types of steaks will be available at sale prices in many outlets. Legs of lamb and loins of pork are other favorite weekend selec- :ions. Fryers, on the other hand, will;, cost you more than a week agol Price advances of around six cents a pound will be fairly common." Scattered stores plan to feature such items as smoked ham, chuck roast, round roast and cross-rib roast. There's a good choice of vegetables to be had at reasonable prices. The best buys include beets, cabbage, onions, potatoes, radishes and turnips (both yellow and vhite). Also recommended are cauliflower, beans, cucumbers, pas- cal celery, spinach, escarole, en dive, eggplant yams and arti chokes. : Apples Still Good Buy Peppers, carrots and golden heart celery are higher. . Apples are considered a good buy in fruit, although there is a wide range in quality. Limes are cheap. Emperors are among the better buys in grapes. Oranges and grapefruit are up slightly at wholesale but are rated good buys, nevertheless. Tangerines are moderately priced. Except for peanuts, nuts are oh the scarce side .'and rather high in price, according to produce specialists. . . . • Coffee prices are due to come down,- following cuts in wholesale prices of around four cents a pound in the last week by leading roasters;Jt's expected that-chain stores will be trimming prices on . their private brands of- coffee, too. : . You can make ah ice cream cake at home. Bake an angelfood cake from a packaged mix and cut at into three crosswise layers. Spread two. pints of .slightly softened ice cream between two of the layers. Work fast now and cover the whole cake with two cups of whipped cream (sweetened and vanilla- flavored). : Freeze the -ice cream cake and serve with a :fruit sauce. You can vary the flavors of the ice' cream and. sauce to suit your taste. ...''". •-.-'"•• Want to vary green, snap beans? Add the cooked beans ! to a cream sauce and top with bits of crisply cooked bacon. Use bacori fat in making the. cream sauce, if youl like''a lot of bacon flavor. Seasoned Apple Sauce Give applesauce good flavor by adding sugar to taste, dash of salt, lemon rind and lemon juice, a suspicion of nutmeg. Aspic Garnish Pretty garnish for tomato, aspic :| cauliflouwerets (cooked and chilled! or raw) sprinkled with -minced[parsley. , - . , .. On Robin Hood Flour With Coupon From Bag Good on Your Next Purchase— 8* from a 2-lb. Bag., .10* from a 5-lb. Bag.. 15* from a 104. Bag... 25* from a 25-lb. ;..50*froma50-lb. Thi* offer to made to get yvn to discover, for yourself how much better Robin Hood is for all your baking! Go to your grocer now and bcy;]Robin Hood Flour. With every bag you will get a coupon which you may use in part payment the next time you buy this wonderful flour. Whenyou use Robin Hood-you will find that you get the best results with one flour for all your baking. This is because Robin Hood i* milled [from a blend of only the choiceit wheats. ; .- '..' ; . • . • , ' ; - . , most flavorsom* V.\ the toodireit jpwtry . ^ . the lightest, fluffiest cakes yw fVar aU.flear your whole family tell you how wonderful all yo« baMnf ii when you use Robin Hood Flour. Next tim« you art at your grocer's ask for Robin Hood, CM batter baking and save yourself money, too! 44 Ma*/ Thii «fftr good for • limiud tim*<mly! Robin Flour. New Frosting Sugar 50% Finer... MAKES PERFECT NO COOK'ICINGS with that Homemade Goodness! MUSSaMAN'S CIDER VINEGAR FROM THE PCNNA. DUTCH COUNTMY QUART ICE BOX SOTTLEi MUSSELMAN'S APPLE BUTTER MVSSOMAKS FRUIT WI RULINGS MilSSELMMCS APPLE SAUCE F8M7HE POW. DUTCH COBinii 303 CAN) MUSSELMAN'S JELLIES CONFECTIONERS SUGAR /'- DISTRIBUTED BY PIEDMONT GROCERY CO. R.G.. DuVoli, Manager -. [Confectioners 1; 10-X POWDERED * For Smoother, Crearnier, Easier Made Icings and Frosting!... Every Tim*. New Domino 10-X Confection- ® . ° ers tof j. ay . Right on every ers is the only ""S"/^/*" package are recipes for .vanety buy that's made 50% £n€r;... V™ * l<No C qok" icings, 'for far better, silky-smooth No w n ^.^ eagy> t ^ ty _. _ Cook" Icings! ! compliment winners all! Because it's 50% finer, it blends c es in New "Stay^^s?*?&! °aS ^jas.-aasrsK Kings-r-thecan't-be-copied g^ tr10u1mJp \ ng _fc ee p S Domino Homemade, kind... vu. rn , u " v ln °y Confectioners dry ( iresn., smoother, richer, creamierl 1"-^ ^ ; ... SWEETEN IT «.TH DOMINO-AMER.CA'S LARGEST-SELUNJ! ROBIN HOOD ' FJour . 2i-ib bos 2.09 Coupon wbrtK 25c . in " toch . bag .• CRISCO . : -,3.ib.:c«;.79^V-: MA*WUL HOUSE . Coffee x . :- jh*«.89c.v: ; ; LOOSI PURE PORK Sausage ' •' : ib : 45c' '.;•'" LEAN GROUND Hamburg ••.':;•: 'ib • .35C;;^;^;g ARMOUR . ' Milk 9 : '• '•• $1 : coni ^* KIXGNUf Oleo :,;s'^;$i- : ; : :: '. •.^ALL-MEAT SKINLESS • Wi«nef« v- ;V Mi>39c7-.; ; ' ••'. fRESH tOJUK '••. ";'•' 'Liver,:< : ; : : ' ; ^..Cifc : 2|£-;V> MRS..FIL8EST-S SAIAD Dressing ' . Quart iar 4™C NA81SCO PREMIUM Crackers . Ib box 25C K»tb!»r Choc, Fudg* Sandwich 1.W39C ;RIS-END PORK. Loin Roast ' n,35c ASSORTED LUNCH Meats ;;!,; : ;g49c US. NO. 1 EASTERN POTATOES 39c ICEBERG . . ' Lettuce 2 = 29c NEW CROP CALIF, RED .': Grapes 2 !*«. 29c GOIOEN RIPE "• .,. Bananas 2 »» 29c STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS t • ' • . - - • - ". French Fried Potatoes, Diced PotofsM,. .Spinach, ' 2 pka*. *J7fi^ Itof or Chopped ** •*• V Roieport. Pi<> '-. . A for fiQft Bi.if Chicken. Turkey..; *» »'» ' "ORDETypUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! FRESH DRESSED FROM NEAfcBY FARMS FREE! Win a 12 Ib. TURKEY Juit Uav« your nam« at Our Mtat -. Dtpl. Dtowins Snt.; Nov.'Hth., FREE! Win a 4 qt. Mirro-Matic ^ Pressure Cooker Juil ttovt '-your nom* at Qnckotrl. '.' Countiri. Drawing'Sol!; Nov. 19»h. : ''•'.' SHOP UNTIL 8 FRIDAY NIGHT p t RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET RIDGELEY, W. VA. MST-CHICKOUT WE DELIVER DIAL RE 8-9511 ~ You'll »uve in every department en brandi you know ond truit. Complttt «tocki for Ont- /J-'aijj 177 Step Shopping. Phone or thop in ptnon. D«- livtry fru on S3.00 or mor«. Wilton's Pure Lard 2 Mb carton, 31c Domino Pure Cane Sugar io.ib i» 9 99c Nabisco Premium Crackers ib box 25c Suck Volley Hand Packed Tomatoes .... 2 \ ar ,, 2 h C( ,n. f Del Monte Fruit Cocktail torg. NO. 2» » n N«w Pippericjgt Farm Cypress Garden Oraptfrult Instant COCOA ib tin 47c Gef (h« Size and Kind You '•• Want . I Dr ° D 7 c ', d ; ry ..Koontz Farms — Double Breasted! Killed and carefully ~drtistd on the farm. This* AND birds or* the fineit mangy con buy. Sim from PEELS ' p ° Und ' Up- ; KOONTZ FARMS Heavy Young Rootling 39c ib i,r ssc Chickens " d Capons 4 to 7 ib •'» N.itl.'. S«mj-5wett Stokely's Honor Brand Corn and Molaues Sections ^2 ' - » 31C ££^ FROZEN FOOD VALUES .^, BITS "The Finest, Always" BREAD li-oi loaf 28C Old Tim«, Ddlitioui Muiifltmon'i Appla, Raspberry Jelly M» !<" 39c Swift's Peanut Butter • Spinoch, leof o Savt 5c Jor — Kroft'j Mayonnaise '«» 35c & 39c 2«^, P i (SI ,43c Potol «': F - f -,! Chopped Brocco Sruii Chopp*d Diced 2 pi*» 37c pkg 21c- at these TERRIFIC' SAVINGS! 'The Finest Meats in Town', 'properly handled, expertly cut, priced right. w Wil«n'i Corn King lean Sliced Bacon ibi "" wl< —Mild Flavor, Value Priced— SMALL LEAN PORK LOIN ROAST 7-Rib Blade Cut * 33c Sirloin Gut ,"• 47c CENTER CUT LOIN ib:59c Our Own Mokf Pyr. F»rk Saisagi Iulk l«on, Swifl't Premium Hue lib*! >MC HaiB$±;::r-- Bt'rf, ysu'll lik. It. '•'' Cut Is y*ur SnHr Cttittr Cut Sprouts •••-• p>>9 30c Spears - ™ 49c SWANSON'S READY-TO-BAKe PUS (ndivtciuol Chicken,; Turt«y and Beef Pies 2 f«59c Do why FfaVe I-Mtnuti Frozen Waffles 2^.35c FRESH PRODUCE Criip Green Calif. Poicat v Celery bunth 25c Solid Purple-top, Home Grown Turnips 3 • 29c Small, Solid Gr..n Cabbage 2 15c J-Ripe Slicing . ; Tomatoes 2."» 45c .,fr.»h Cop. Cod larly Block , 2'^49c Swifl'i Prtmlwrn *r Arm.wr't ,$l«r POT ROAST BEEF Jcr flavorful l«f—AH S,i« Cranberries 4A Extra Fancy Sfork'i Red ' !kqbc Delicious Apples^ - 33c U. S. No. 1 Grade 'A* Selected Idaho Bakini Potatoes *••'*£ 6k ,.63c Arrn««r'> U. I. Ch*i«« Sboilder ...-.,.,.. i. TENMR, MIATY WAJTt F«H ' PA 25960 MU.NMMM //GARLITZ BROS./ * Itl *M

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