Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1933
Page 2
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PACE TWO •Wte lOLX DAILY REGISTEIl. FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH. 10/1938. J ^SOCIETY I THE SECRET HEART i (By Rotert P. Tristram Corrin.) Across tho years hb couia rocull Kls father ono w«y b<>»t of nil, I: In the sUllcftt hour.of hl^lu J The boy nwakuned to thu ll|^ht; Hnlf In dreaaw, lie saw hU sin; : with his great hnnds Hull ot Ilif. The man hod struck n mutcli to sec t If his son slept pciuxfuUj-, „ He held his pahm each side tho spaik r His love had Wndled In the dark. ,•0 hands were curved apart semblance of a heart. It seemed to his small son, heart on his hidden one. A he^rt that gave out such a glow No son awake could bear to Know. It Showed a look upon a face TOO tender f^r the diiy to trace. One Instant, it lit all aboui, And then the secret heart went out. But It shone lonff enough for one i To know that bands held up tlij! sun. • 1 Thousands Witness Germak Rites at Miami Fo«rth Divlnion Mi-eU With Mrs: Stndicr j Tlie fourth division' of the PITS- | byterian working society met >-cster-1 day afternoon at the home of Mrs I J. a. Stadler with Miss Jes-sle Try i assisting. M1 .S8 Mar>- Remsberf,' led i the devotlonals. Refreshments were; served to 19 members present. • • <• Second Division Meets WHh Mrs. Ray The second division of the Prcs- Tho fJoB-draped casket containing the body ol Mayor Aftton J. Cermak ot Chicago, tlctlm p( an asaas- aln's bullet Jntondod for President Rooaevelt. l» shown being borne by vbite-clad Ameriean Legionnaires from a Miami, Pla., funeral parlor to ^4 placed fa tbe CBortege that eacortejl It to the railroad BtaUon tis saddened throngs looked on. Miami police formed a gnafd a( (lOBor on the Ualn wblch bore tbe late mayor's body to Chicago tor burial. i and Mrs. Walter Arndt, accompan- jied by Mi!s. Otto Hildebrant. Other i.special members were an Instru- I mental di)et by John and Phyllis 1 Fou,st. and a piano solo by Virginia byterian church workhiR societ.\ met i Finley. Dainty refreshments, were yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Bsai-j .served by the hostess group: Mes- ty Ray, Mrs. Dan Braiun and Mrs. E. H. Brown assisting. Mrs. L. Bnrt led the devotlonals and talkeJ. dames Boy Finley. J. L. Smith, Gertrude McGinnis, J. C. Smith; Bessie Farling. Roy Reed and A. E. Gibon -Faith and Fear." She read from I son: Tliirty-one members were the fourteenth chapter of Matthews, present and five visitors: Mrs. W. followed by prayer. Mrs. Fred Dun- P Holden. Miss Virginia ' Finley, lap, chairman, had charge of the J^i-"* Nellie Farling and David Lee business meeting in which prepar-| Ball, atlons were made for ending thy j <' • •> fiscal years wor)?^ Fifteen m^mb^rs S*- Timothy Women's were present ancT three guests: Mrs. i Auxiliary Meets P. W. Sherw-ood. Mrs. R. D. Snuffer, i The Women's auxiliary of St. Mrs. Zona Thompson!-. 'Timothy's Episcopal chm-ch met •> <•'"•. yesterday afternoon at the home of Third Division Meets ! Mrs. Clarence Lutz. The meeting With Mrs. Lynn i was called to order by the president, The third division of the Presbyterian workmg society met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. E. E. Lynn. Mrs. T. W. Waite led Mrs. G. E. Pendarvis, and the Rev Charles Davies led the devotlonals. ^ Mrs. R. L. Thompson Jr.. commun- th-^ chairma'n. reported the donation devotlonals and the chairman. Mrs. Charles Klauman. presided over the short business session. A social Jiour followed and refreshments were ser\-ed to 13 presen:. • •:• Wood-Moore Class Holds Monthly Meeting The Wood-Moore Sundajt school class of the First Methodist-'church held its regular monthly' meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy Finley with the president, Mrs. Kermeth Foust, in charge. After the business session, Mrs. M., H. Pleisher led the devotlonals in | Bertha Nichols, connection with the theme. "Love. Friendship. Faith and Trust." which was featured by prayer, poems ana song. Mrs. R. B. Warner made a talk on fi-iendship, Mrs. Earl Williams on faith and trust, and Mrs. Pleisher recited on the subject, "Love and Cheer. of food and clothes to a needy person. The next meeting will be held in two weeks at the home of Mrs. O. L. Cox. •:• •:• • Fourth Division Meets With >Irs. Thomas The fourth division of the Presbyterian working society met yesterday .-iftcmoon at the home of Mrs. Katie Thomas with Mrs. S. J. Delap the assisting hostess. P. R. Forrest, cliairman, presided and led the de­ votlonals. Refreshments were served to 13 members and one guest. Miss the room when Mrs. Fleisher presented "money growiftg on trees" and "gold bricks"; which were later given to different'meipbers who in _ Pleasanton—Terminating an in- foi-mal investigation into a double shooting here Wednesday night. Coroner. H. L. Clark of La Cj'gne said yesterday evidence "indicated that Miss Beulah Halpain, 25-year- Smiles filled iold Pittsburg school teacher, shot and killed her former admirer, Zack Collins, 27, and then killed herself.;Dr. Clark s6i$3 np inquest was planhed. Coroner Clark said he had been turn read the message written on i informed the shooting took place . them. Then she. read a little poem! after Miss Halpain learned Collins, entitled "Mr. Depression's Death." a miner, was engaged to Miss Max- Special singing was furnislied by ine Franklin. Drexel, Mo., now Post, Mrs. R. B. Warner, Mrs. J. L. Smith. Mrs. John Evans, Mrs. Roy Finley. teaching Kas. school at Trading North Ireland HOmZONTAli 1 Capital ot North Ireland. 7 Humbler, 13 Axillary. 14 Relieved. 16 A- Jar of aay kind. 17 Forcible restraint ot speecli. 10 Definite artirlc. 20 Tree bearing acorn. 21 Exists. 23 To bark. 26 Tablet. 26 Credit. 27 To perform. fOEntlcer. 32 Card game. S3 Type. S5 Tunnels. ?6 Skin. 37 To gather a harvest; 3STo hasten. 39 Jargon. 40 Armadillo. 41 To lift up. 43 Flock. 45 Morsel. 46 Set hammers. 48 Neither. gi An.swer to I 'rcvioiis Tuz/ln the ZQdlac. 24 Hc )«Ec cat. 2.">KootUko part. I'tiTo rejfulatc. 2STo manipulatp. 30 Being on a , Wall. SlUapt, 32 Chief manufactured product ill North Ireland SITo damage. I 36Hurrah. IOIMIEI^I 40TO kidnap, 41 Stream. 42Unit of work "^SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN ;BY SISTER MAR\ NKA Service \Vritcr "VTOUNG iiousekeepers as well as experienced ones often jare puzzled by the problem of having all the foods cooked and ready at the same time when preparing a meal. That it requires good management and planning by even the most practiced must be admitted. One way to meet this probltm is to choose frequently those dishes that need not be served the minute they leave the stove. Casserole dishes come under Ihis class and arc both economical and app.etiz- in?. The woman without a maid who wants to entertain will Qnd a casserole main disb a great help. The dish can be prepared In the early morniug and kept In the refrigerator until time to put it in the oven. With the main dish out of the way. there will not be such a mad rush at the last minute. Chicken and mushrooms or sweetbreads and mushrooms or a fish mousse are a few of the many delicious combinations suitable for the party casserole. The everyday rasserole dish uses up odds and ends left over-In the refriserator in an appetizing ion. Carrots, peas and rice or the combination of corn and tomatoes with croutons are examples of vegetable combinations. Lamb and rice with caper sauce or lish, potatoes, carrots and celery are suggestions for meat combinations. A savory sauce forms the basis of one type of casserole dish. This sauce is made like a cream sauce witii milk or vegetable stock or meat stock for the liquid. Then the the casserole. Allow 2 tablespoons butter and 1 tablesppons floiir for each cup of liquid. Cabbngo niiil Pork cn Casserole - One small head cabbage.. 2 cups cooked rice, pound bulk sausage. 2 tablespoons buttei^. 1' tea-, spoon salt, % teaspoon pepper. Parboil cabbage until leaves will come off easi,ly. Combine rice and sausage and season well with salt and pepper. Make into cakes or rolls and brown on all sides. Re- waler in which cabbage was cooked, principal material is"added to the 1 Ba^e In a'moderate oven for 4U sauce and the whole is reheated in ' minutes. Serve from casserole. Tomorrow 's Menu BREAKFAST: Sliced bananas with canned apricots, cereal, cream, Vienna sausages, creamed potatoes, graham muffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of eel- cry soup with oysters, toasted crackers, beet and lettuce salad, toasted muffins, orange marmaladei milk, tea. DINNER; Casserole of spaghetti and veal, broccoli In lemon butter, grapefruit and Chinese cabbage salad, snow pudding, milk, coffee. TiM) Biiii{(iBt mple. We Jinve not tokpn a rcnl Easter offering In thla chursh for several yean. Wo have received 30,0 dimd bookM which' wo will' bcgm to dl8> tribute on Sunday, These books onch hold ten dimes which wo are asking every member of thff church to tKke and fill at least' one book by Easter Sunday. The proceeds of this collccdon will go to the building fund. • ' . The college play that was to have ^en presented by several people Mm our Chanute church. Is post- l)dned for one week, and will be ^ven next Sunday. It is entitled '.'His Mother's First Broadcast." ' Presbyterian, Chnreh. Sunday morning, Sunday school hnd morning worship. Mr. Snuffer's subject: "For Such a Time As This." This is Every Member Cahva$s Sunday. Junior high 'and grade st^opl Endeavors at 5 m. Senior "• iVor at 6:30. In the evening tormal service, similar to a tiParlter meeting will be beld at The Pidelis puild meets Tuesday at 9!30 with Mrs. SnuCTer at the MaAee. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 9;30 i>. m. Mrs. Waite leader. Mis- slo'a&ry meeting Thursday, 3:30, it the phurch. Business meeting, and very Important. lOLA. KANSAS Pint Church of Christ, Scientist. Sunday services 11 a. m. Wednesday evening meeting 8 p, m.' Sunday school 9:45 a. m. The reading room at corner of East nnd Sycamore streets is oi^en daily from 2 to 5 p. m., excepting iSundays and legal holidays. "Substance" will be the subject of the lesson sermon in aU churches of Christ, Scientist; Stmday, March 12. Golden text: Hosea 12:6. Turn Thou to thy God; keep mercy and judgment, and wait on thy God continually. The public is cordially invited to attend the cliurch services and to enjoy the privileges and make use of the reading, room. move as nianj' leaves from the cabr'- bage as there are sausage and rica)" cakes and wrap eacJi cake in .a catjiv' bage leaf. Chop remaining cabbage very fine and put half of it in a well-buttered casserole. Arrange caljbaKo rolls on the bed of cabbage and cover with remaining chopped cabibage. iDot with bits of butter and add about three-fourths cup I'nited Brethren. Cburcli- Albert V. Howland, Minister. Earl F. KrK)ck, S. S. Supt. You are invited to Worship with us in our unified service 9:45 to 11:15 a. m. 9:45 a. m. Woi-ship and praise. 10:10 a. ni. Sermon by the minister. 10:35 a. m. Sunday school classes. 11:15 a. m. Adjournment. . 6:30 p. m. Intermediate, and Young People's Christian Endeavor. 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service. "Come once and you will come often." Free Methodist Church. f307 North Third.) Morning service given to temperance program. Come, you'll enjoy it. Evening service 7:45 p. m. Cla^ Meeting Tuesday night! . Cottage Prayer Meeting Thursday night. Rev. and Mrs. Traver broadcast from KGGP on Friday morning, March 17 from 10:00 to 10:30. ,You are always welcome here. REV. RICHARD TRAVER, \ Pastof. NEWS OF LAHARPE Mrs. p. M. Bartzog Seriovsly Bruised Thursday Morning When Struck By a MlUc Truck 4».To accompirsh. G To make lace, .^currents of 50 Age. olAeriform fuel. 53 Minor-note. r>i Night before. 55 Point. 57 "to; moisten. .'30 Anxiety. CI Sea eagles. C3To argue. 65 Reincarhations ,. , . . .. la Important VERTICAL 1 Indian jacket, 2 Deity. 3 To loiter. 4 Contest. 5 Southeast. "Sheltered air. •place. 46 Enemy. •S Alleged force. 47 Observed, fl Burden. 50 Opposite of 10 Kind. odd. 11 Same as No. 52 Half (prefix), 2 vertical. 54 Age-; 12 Part 0^1 a 55 Three, firearm. 56 By. 5SAlso.: industry-in 60 Measure ot North Ireland; area. IS.Natural' 61 Type channel. • measure. 20'p,nddle. 62 South America, 22 Eighth sign of 64 Upon. LAHARPE, Mar. 10—Dr. and Mrs. H. L, Lacy and family will move the first of the week to their new home on North Jefferson street, lola. The Lacey property here was traded for the T. B, Shannon property In lola. A. B. Shaughnessy, who has been quite ill the past few days with hic­ coughs, is much iniproved. A. A. Holdeman was In lola Thursday attending to business. The interior of the McDonald grocery store is being rearranged and will later be redecorated. Mr. McDonald, Kansas City,' was in town calling on business friends Thursday morning. The Tredway feed store has the first onion plants in to^im. Charles Paddgck accampaoied bis nephew, Austin Paddock, to Ceoter- ville Thursday to visit a few days. Mrs. P. M. Hartzog was serioudy bruised Thursday morning when struck by a milk tauck. Mrs. Walter Beard and daughter, Zoe, and Mrs. Zoe McA^len, Erie, spent Thursday'aftjernoon here visr iting Mr. and Mrs. James Moore and family and Mrs. Blcking. Mrs. C. A. Walker, who has been vidting in Erie for some time, accompanied them here for an indefinite vlalt with relatives. The names of "^iliss Ruth Culbertson and Miss Nola Moss should have been included in, th^ guest list [Attending the party held at the home of Miss Margaret Stewart Satiutlay eveiling. j. , Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gilmore, of Moran, called on Mrs. F. M. Hartzog, who is suffering from injuries, Thursday afterpodn. •, Clarence C. Thompson, Wamego, Kas.,.was in town on. business yesterday afternoon, • • Mr. and: Mrs. Fred ^mvri and children, I ^poria, came after Mrs. Brown's mother, Mrs. LilliaQ Boajs. who has been visiting at the home of her broths, Cbairles 3helton. >rho is ill. and Mrs. Chas.' Shelton the past week, and all returned to Emporia Thursday. ) Harold Smith, lola, was a bjual- hess visitor here lliufsdfly. Mr. .and M*s. Ml .Corey were dinner guests WednciWay evening la Oas City pf'Mni. Corey's Jbrother. John Thornton suvl Mrs. Tbomtoa. Have yon » house fof rent? Or for sale? Wfint to btiy Ahythlmr? Vse the Clmlltbd columaat OSAGE VALLEY (Mrs. Edward Sisson.) Mar. 6.—The Busy Hour club held an all day meethig with Mrs. George Sisson Thursday; A covered dish dinner *was served at noon. Those that enjoyed the day were, Mrs. Ora Mauk, Mr^. Hugh Mur- ropr, Mrs, Edward Sisson and Darrei Eugene, Mrs. Jim Reynolds, Mrs. Pete Jackson, Utrs. Harrison Heaton, Mrs. Ben Lowe, Mrs. Ralph Stewart, Mrs. E. E. Youngs, visitors were, Mrs.. Roy Olllham, Mrs. McQueeh, Mrs, Deen Robinson, Mi-s. Goodsell, Miss Blanch Wlllltt and the hostess. Mrs. George Sisson. , Quilting was the work for the day. Next meeting will be with Mrs: Ralph Stewart, March 16. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Glllham spent Saturday evening at Edward Sisson's. I Pay: Glllham visited with Bud McElvaln Simday morning. Roy Alundaugh who was in St. John's hospital, retiumed home Saturday, and 1^ getting along fine. Barrel EU^ne Sisson is having a; siege'of the flu. Billie Dwayne Glllham Is able to he up again after being confined to Ills bed with pneumoma. •>L:Gas City Methodist Church. Morning worship 10:00 o'clock: Theme, "God's Plan for Our Life.'* §i^n'day school installation of teachers tad officers. Sunday school at li:00 o'clock. Junior League at 4:30. Senior League at 6:30. "The date for the play to be given by the Ladies' Aid is March 24. . W. E. VAN PATTEN, Pastor. I mil II A small ad^m the Classified columns often puts over a big deaL' WAKE UP YOiffi LIVER BILE-^ WITHOUT CAIOMEL And You'U Jump Out of Bed io tbe Morning Eaiin' to Go If yoa feel tour and junk and thu world looha nank, dnn't ntaUow a lot ol aalta, Oincru water, oil, laxatiw caody or rtifwiog euQi Bad expect them to make you suddenly vweet and buoyant )ind full ot sunshibd. For they can't do li. They only more the bowala and a mere nmrement do«sa't (ct at the cause. The reason tor your down-aad-out ferine Is your liver, tt should poui' out tHro pounds of liquid bUe thto your boveU daily. U this bOe ia not flowioK freely, your food doesn't digest. It just decays io the bowels. Gas bloats up your stomach.' You have a thick, bad taste and;your breath is foul, skin often breaks out in blemishes. Yc^ head aches and you feel dovn and out. Moat irbole syatem Is poisoned; •;' It takes thow ipxA. old CARTER'S UTTLK UVBB. PII4£ lo set Itheie t»ro pounds of bile flowioK frcdy and make you feel "up and up." TBey contain vdridcrful, harmless, (entle vegetable extracts, artazint when it coni«B to inaUias the bil^ AQW freely. But dont ask tor liver pills. Asjc for Carter's litUe Liver PiIls..l«ok for the name Cait«r'a Little Liver Fills oa the nxf label. Resmt a substitute. ZSe at aU atorea. O U31 C. U. Co. ALWAYS PRESENT DAY AND NIGHT Loved ones trusted to our care are never left in our Mortuary alone at night or day. We are alwfajrs present. -PHONE 36- • 1 • : Funeral Service WA UG H Ambulance Service Nazarene Church. (223 North'Sycamore.) 10 a, m, Bible school, Mrs, Nellie R,andcl, Ruperiatendenti 11 a, m. n^omlBg worship. The pastor will preach the sennon, 6:30 p, m. Young Pdople's, society U, Fi OaddlB/president; 7:30 p, m. Evening service. The pastor will preach the sermon. There is a possiUlUy of the rc- vtvftl contli^ulng from |the Sunday evening pcnvlce. notii^e the announcement through the paper and the evening service Sunday. M. R. Bishopi, Pastor. f^httreh of Ood. (Fourth atid Madison.) The revival meeting ai the Church of Ood. n>urth and Madison, still continues y/lth interest. A good mmlibet are being saved!and sanctified. ' Will still continue over the Sabbath and maybe longer. Everybody welcome each evehlng at 7:30. Sunday school at 10 a. m. preaching at 11 a. m.; Ezra Hood, pascor. Trinity Methodist Church. Sunday school 9:45. Morning worship at 11:00. ITieme, "God's Plah for Our Life." Epworth Leagrw at 6:30, Evening worship at 7:30, 'Theme. "The Necessity of Ood." Plus Ultra party tonight at Mrs, Foster's,! The new church envelopes arc here'and %in be diatrlbtrtod at Sunday school "(lour, W. B, VAN PATTEN", Pastor, • Pentecostal Cliureh, (Second and Neosho) Revival serylcci) every night ut 7:30, .... ^ with good progress and sustained U.i- this neighborhood,'It will help ilu; pumping engtne this week. He took it to town for a thorough repairing. , MrE| P.- ^"tProvanchft and grandson ponald, Have been on the sick list also, Mr, dnd Mr&, F, E, Provanch.i and son Earl, spent Thursday evoul) with Mr, Aod Mrs. JS. C. Cannon o| Tnlii. . . 1 Vliitor Provanchii H |x>ht Sunday evening at the N. I.' CrowcU hoini-. Tho ijood i-^ln was appreciated liil tcrest, Sunday school at 9:45.' Preaching at 11 d, m, ' Come hear good music and good preaching by Evangelist James I). Burrell. All welcome. J, A. DUNHAM, Pastor. Mr. ELM CBEEK' (Alice Provancha.i and Mrs. E. A. Boyer and Mrs. Molly Chandler spent Friday afternoon at the N. J. Crowell homp. Mrs. Wash Barker has Deen on the sick list the last week. , Mr. N. I. Crowell was a c^ler at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Provancha and fiiniily. feunday. Mr. Rlelly had the misfortune to break the crankshaft in his watdr pasture and onts RI'OW. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Cannoh were cnllTii at the T. E, Provancha home. Alice Provanclin returned home with them and spent tlie night with Vlr- pinla Oannoh. Duo to bftd road.s and slckni'.s.s I waF unable to get all the items tills week. Soothes the throat Freshens tiie mouth OVERCOMES BAD BREATH ^^The onl^ iMms we have to feiif if fieav itself -I 'resiilent Roosevelt, .March 4, 1933. A statement frovfi a citizen of Ip)jj to hjs fellow citizens: On Saturday I saw Franklin D. Rcpsevelt inaugurated as 3!2nd President of thp United States. I bjeard his inaugural address. A few hoiirs later he declared a bank holiday. Why? Solely because he knew that a pubJic fear, by reason of its' unthinking demands, was threatening to put oiir banks in a position wherp they could no longer properly serve the public. President Roosevelt wisely declared a bank holiday to give us—-thfe public— time tc realize that.' He gave us time to remember that: 1. We, the public, put our money into banks for safekeeping.; 2. Banks must be reasonably paid for that service. 3. Banks must therefore put part of oilr money to work, to, earn interdst for and to pay the bank tor protecting us. 4. The law says clearly what • part of our money can be put to wcrk. , 5. Tbp banks, by law,/put that money to work; they make legal investments to pay our interest and the bank's expenses. ; 6. At no time—even peak-prosperity—-could the banks sell all these securities to pay each of us every dollar—without causing us and cur banks great losses. " 7. For all of us to ask our banks tp pay each of us every dollar at one and the same time, isj to fcirce heavy loss upon ourselvesj us well as our banks. President Roosevelt declared the holiday to make us sojberly realize a.11 that. :;: ;;: ;;: :j; He gave us a chance too, to realize that we live in the soundest country in the Avorld .. . . . . that it has the safest and sanest form of government. . . . that since the adoption of its Constitution in 1789 we and our forbears have been through five wars, ten panics —and have .come OMt of eajch stronger, healthier, richer, and saner. Our country is sick. But cur country has every means of curie that it pver had: in ability, in natural resources, in energy, ii? inventiveness, in patriotic leaders— iiiKJ in citizen-courage. We are the envy of the world for that strength- So novk-—just as we would stand by a sick relative, ^YCU^ do nothing rash, would trust the' (Joctors we have-chosen—so let iig trust the leaders we have chosen. We elected President Roosevelt because we' trust him. His pledge on Saturday: "There must be provision for adequate but solind currency I • . " —moved: every citizen who heard it. That man, our President, knows our ailment. He knows our distress. ; He knows ' our unem- plcjTnent. He will leave no step untaken which will put men back in jpbs, and food back on tables. As a citizen, the bank holiday • has given n^e time and cause to set: down ;a code which I am fol- lo^^ing: ; ; "I trust my government. "I trust our banks. "I dp not e.^pect the imppssible. "I shall dp nothing hysterical. I shaU act as nearjy as I can to nor- fpal.' Jl ft is noripal to carry little cash in my pocket when there is plenty to go rou^d, ] Ir'shall carry little now.. Ther^ ncV*r was a time \yhe'n evei-ypne op earth-could pos- Nj?ss all his cash ^n bis pockets, his stocking, his safe-dqposit box, or anywhere <jlse. i "I knew that if I try *ow to get all my cash, I tihaU certainly make matterti worse. ! >• "I will riot sfampede. I will not lose ncirve.; I will keepimy bead." At the end of tjija' holiday— which .will be soon-«-;|t will be found that the bank^ of the country, ha-ce prepared thcitf^Ives, with the appf-ovat of the gbrierniiient, to furnish ari, abundant supply of currency which will ;<m^ble every househpltler and stciffekeeper to carry'on his normal; ^affairs mnin- tcrrijptcdly, y Ev^rjr- d^y, every hour, can make si turn for the better., This day can be t^e turning point of our ' country's future. It is up to every citizen. S.S. SHELLY. (Taken in part from an advertisement by R. H. department store.) Use Yottv Macey Co., Uhe world's largest To all our old customers who have eatab^shed credit with lis and to all new customers who have, a satisfactory credit rating—we will extend crcidit ff^ aoto iprv- ices, parts, repairs. General Tires, Vesta Ba5tteries,{Mo- bilmis, lubrication services and^ of course, new and i^ed cutomobiles. v. PONTIAC — DEALERS ^ GUARANTEED USED GARS BUICK SHELLY U€^t0Wm^, PBP^E 80 214 N. JEFFERSON

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