The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 20
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EUGENE GILBERT'S WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE THINK' Leave It to the Young People- They Will Get the Job Done! 20 AUStlN (Minn.) H6RAIO, tnsny cards from frewmips Wednesday, Dee, 24, '38 EUGENE GILBERT PWilflMit »f the Gilbert Yonih Renetrch Co. thought their buddies should pitch in a little harder. The biggest drawbacks to com- something done in your j munity work were called lack of town* Ask the teenagers! Most youngster* are doing volunteer work for their communities now and the majority want to do even more. Replies to our question! in a nation • wide poll Indicate that community • conscious teeners are putting many of their elders to Shame, squeezing hours from their crowded schedules to work on tarled projects. "I like to do work helping oth- trs," said 14-year-old Linda Bobbe Of Chicago in a typical comment. In fact, the answers we received indicated that the .picture of teeners spending their spare time rock 'n 1 rolling in black leather Jackets and tight sweaters is foreign to most of the country. Eighty per cent of the young people reported they are doing some sort of volunteer community work — charity fund raising, clean- tip drives, hospital aide work, election campaigns or other projects. They Want a Chance ,And 71 per cent said they would like to do still more. More than half felt that their friends are doing as much public service work as they should, although a third time and opportunity. "I think my friends would honestly like to devote more time to this sort of thing, but there are so many home work and school activities that there isn't much QUESTIONS ASKED Do you belong to an organization like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, YWCA or other recognized boys or girls clubs? If yes, how can organizations like these help teenagers? Is there any particular reason why you do not belong to this type of organization? If you don't belong to this type of organization, would you like to join one? Do you take part in volunteer community activities such as charity fund raising, cleanup drives, hospital aide work, election campaigns etc.? Would you like to do more service work than you do? Why? Why do you think teenagers might not take part in community activities? Do you think your friends do as much public service work as you think they should? If not, why? What type of public service work can a teenager do? WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE THINK ARE THE TOP RECORDS OF THE WEEK Compiled Weekly By The Gilbert Youth Research Company This int. 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 . 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 tut *wo WK. WKB. 1 T •out md Btcordlnf Star Girls Bojl - Chipmunk Song Chipmunks 6 One Night Elvis Presley 1 1 To Know Him Is To Love Him .. Teddy Bears 11 10 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Platters — — The Christmas Song ;. Nat King Cole * S Tom Dooley ...,, Kingston Trio 4 I Beep Beep Playmates 17 M Bibombey Jimmie Rodgers « 7 LonesomeTown Ricky Nelson — — Gotta Travel On , Billy Crammer 8 9 Problems Everly Brothers 10 4 It's Only Make Believe Conway Twitty — — It'll Remember Tonight Pat Boone 18 — Philadelphia, U. S. A Nu/Tornadoes • 8 I Got Stung Elvis Presley 18 17 A Lover's Question Clyde McPhatter — 15 Teen Commandments ., A9nka-Nash-Hamilton — — Tea for Two Cha-Cha ...... Dorsey-Covingtan — — My Happiness Connie Francis Lonely Teardrops Jackie Wilson 1 3 2 6 4 5 8 9 7 10 11 15 12 13 14 17 16 20 18 19 11 9 12 10 13 16 15 14 19 17 21 20 f Stamps in tlie News A3 CHRISTMAS TIME near* post offices all over the work are being deluged with mail ltd dressed,to "Santa Calus," One ol ;hese, however, not Wy is ett toying the boom but also is ans wering the letters. It's the post office at Santa Claus, Ind. 'This little post office has wiped make Christmas merry :or millions of. youngsters since it was established more than century ago. This year it expects to answer 60,000 "Santa Claus etters from children all over the SERVICE! A group of girl scouts helps out at a civil defense plane plot. nation. Besides the children's mail mailed from Saint*, claw. Pott- master Elb«rt S. ffeinfc* antloi- pates i Christmas mail total volume ot more than thfW Mil- Ifofc items. FRANC* HAS ISSUED two n«* wml-pwtal stamps honoring ft< mous Ffenehmttj with tt» proceeds derited from the additional values gdtng to th* Fr«nch Red Cross. The IS francs plus? bears a likeness of St. Vincent de Paul and his dates 1581 • 1660. The 20 fr plus 8 fr depicts J. H. Dunant and his dates 1828 • 1910. THE AMERICAN SOCIETY of COMING UP FAST: Want to be Happy Cha Cha .... Enoch Light Woman, Alert in Most Ways, Finds Herself Bad Driving Risk By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NBA Service In view of the appalling number of automobile accidents, today's first letter is particularly interesting. It raises the important question of who should and who should not drive automobiles. Q — I am 58 and considered speedy. I talk fast and walk fast, etc. Recently I took driving lessons, but the instructor told me I had poor coordination and was slow in thought. How can this be true when I am quick in other ways ? — Miss B. A—A great deal of study has gone into the question of what kind of person makes a good driver. So far a* I can tell, (bere is no necessary correlation between Intelligence (within certain degrees) and the ability to drive automobiles with ease and safety. Indeed, one of the mast intelligent persons I have ever known found it virtually impossible to learn to drive a car and gave it op. Because of the Importance of this subject, I believe that eventually we snail have to license automobile drivers only after even more extensive examinations than art now required. This would in- erode physical, mental and emotional tests aimed at increasing safety on the highway. In comment on the particular question, one can only say that perhaps, Miss B., for the safety qf herself and others, may not be a potentially- good driver. She should discuss this thoroughly, I think, not only with her Instructor, but with her physician. Q — Why does a person get blue spots on the legs and arms at times which look just like a bruise — Reader. A — These are probably small hemorrhages under the skin. Some people bruise easily, probably because their tiny blood vessels (called capillaries) are excessively fragile. However, these unexplained blue spots may reflect the presence of some disease — particularly of the blood — which should be treated Consequently, immediate and thorough examination to determine the cause is necessary. Q— I drop, bump and knock things over no matter how much I try not to. Mu husband buys nice things for our home, but nearly all of the breakable objects are time left," explained 18-year-olc Merle Robin of Montgomery, Ala Paul Mensh, 18, of New York City, listed the other big block to teenage volunteers: "The organizations that I know of don't have much for teenagers to do," he said. "They want to have older people help that .have more money Some of the teeners, like 17-year old Lori Collins of Philadelphia complained that adults push teen agers aside. "Every time the teenagers star to do something for this sort o an organization, the adults inter rupt and take over. They interfere too much with the projects tha we think up to do," she said. Almost two • thirds of the young sters (aid they belonged to an or ganization such as Boy Scouts Girl Scouts, YMCA, YWCA or some other recognized group, They Like a Crowd Another 16 per cent said they would like to join such a group, Reasons for joining were varied, but all reflected a sense of responsibility to themselves and their communities. "I belong to the Young Democrats and I think organizations liki this give teens a sense of respon siblltyy," commented 19 - year-old Louis Curttss of Imperial Beach Calif. * "It teaches ui to work together and gives us a feeling of belong 3-Whecled Mower Sports a *Tin Roof ASHLAND, Ky. UPI — W. A Morris* lawnmower is a combine tion power mower, tricycle a n t automobile. He uses the three • wheelei machine to care for 14 lawns. I even has a tin roof and window shades that can be lowered to ware off the sun or rain. glued together after my handling them. —Mrs. E. A — There is no doubt t h a some people are Just born more awkward than others. However, if this condition is exaggerated, a seems to be Mrs. E.'s case, or U it has developed only in the las few years, there is a possibility of some muscular or nervous dig order being responsible. I should think that such a pos sibiiity should be investigated be fore concluding that nothing what ever can be done to lessen this excessive breakage. SAVE MONEY! Watch tor Younkers AFTER-CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE Starting Friday, December 26 'Satisfaction Always" ing," explained 15-year-old Carolyn Arnold of Columbus, Ga. "It helps socially more than any other way." "You meet new friends and they reep you busy and out of trouble," added Margaret Johnson, 15, of St. Paul But a boy from Boise, Idaho, 18- year-old Cleve Corlett, sounded a slightly cynical note. Such groups are good, he said, because they provide recreation, then added: "This type of recreation never attracts those who need it." In community activities as in other projects, the teeners love to be with the crowd. Teeners who said they did not do much volunteer work often echoed the Alabama girl who explained: Fund Raising Popular "My friends don't like to do this sort of work, so I find that it is not much fun it by myself." But almost one,- third of the teeners blamed lack of interest in others for preventing teenagers from doing more volunteer community work. "Most teenagers take up too; much time cruising around in their cars, drinking cokes and just being lazy," snorted a 19 • year-old j California boy. But the survey indicated that these teeners are too severe critics. Judging from the number of youngsters actually doing community work, 80 per cent would agree with 15 • year - old Carolyn ar- nold of Columbus, Ga., who says: "I like to work for people and be helpful." The most popular public service work for teeners seems to be chari-1 ty fund raising, with hospital work coming as a close second. Young-: sters are welcome in election,; clean - up and safety campaigns.' Junior Red Cross was mentioned frequently. j Some other community activities,' listed were: Helping a crippled children's hospital, working in hospital canteens or stores, visiting and entertaining sick people, help-| ing in old age homes and orphan-j ages-, community playground work, j church work and day camp work, More—Add lOtt em Questions • lol. "ll*» (town" H "wtf rWl" «MM NIMTN ANO «Afm MtVKf • •T ICVHTI pf ANNOUNCEMENT for the Hard of Hearing Mr. E. M. McDermoid Special Qualtone Field Consultant and a man rec- •ognized nationally for outstanding work with the Hard of Hearing will hold a'special ONE DAY CLINIC SATURDAY - DECEMBER 27 Mr. McDermaid is a Hearing Specialist who will give your hearing problem careful, sympathetic attention. PHON8 Hf 3-7195 FOR YQUt APPOINTMENT! Austin Hearing Center 404ft A. North Main Above The Boofcry PhflalelfsU, affiliated with! THREE commemorative siampt th» Amfrtedn Polar society, will 1 **** &** n ««o*» hold Its ftrtt convention and tfehibitttJtt from FiB. fff to Ittfc 1» Mfft, to New York City during the totttfiaMonat stamp Exhibition "mfEttPfiX m w A ^j^Lyt. K^Ml^MKjkAf^^ aM.ViJLji. ^fe if 4 I »wy inipmiivV vxniDiY wi 11 show tfit complete history of Aft. He and Antarctic exploration* through postal* Stamps and tou- twir covers, iff addition, % tn a fly interesting Miles ahd original sou- venlrs of explorers, sorni of which have never been publicly displayed, will be on exhibition. AFGHANISTAN HAS Issued two new stamps of identical design to honor the United Nations. Featured on the adhesive* is the United Nations flag and the flag of Afghanistan. One stamp has the basic color gray, the UN flag in blue and the Afghanistan flag in black, red and green. The other shows a basic green background with the flags in the same natural colors, honor the bicycle tournament held in that country. The 35 sen is fetal, SO sen brown «d and 1 rp gray. Also issued by Indonesia wit • set of fit* different stamps iff honor of United Nations Human Rights Day. THE PHtLlPPlNflS has issued a new 8 dent stamp to mark the Inauguration of the a#wfr ftcon- structed Manila Cathedral ill tn- tramuros. The Cathedral forms the central design, THE 1959 Midwest Postage Stamp Show will be held March 18-15 at the LaSalle Hotel in Chi. cago. The show la devoted to tha promotion of stamp ooflectlnf in general and to the sal* of stamps by the dealers from the Midwest area who will be participating. Massachusetts, New Jersey are berry producing states in the country. Wisconsin and the major cran- semi-annual Once again it is time for Giidners big semf-anntral sa!0 of top quality clothing. All suits, topcoats.and sport coats are from our regular stock of best quality, name brand merchandise, You can be sure you are In "style" If you buy from your Gildner store. Fashion In men's wear hai been Giidners business for 60 years. — -—- -—• -^f -^^ i^ ^^ SUITS Large selection In each group of specially marKea* tuftf. You'll recognize the brand names and be pleased with the style. Regulars, portly, shorts, longs and extra longs Included. FORMERLY TO 55.00 $ 38 FORMERLY TO 69.50 $ FORMERLY '. TO 65.00 58 $ 48 — — —• —^ ^ ^ ^ w ^ w w w w TOP COATS Chorfse your topcoat now and save. Sizes from 36 to 48 are included. Raglan and set fn sleeves in tweeds, coverts, gabardines and other fabrics. FORMERLY TO 39.95 $ 28 FORMERLY TO 65.00 $ FORMERLY TO 49.95 48 $ 38 ~ ~~^^^wwwwwww^^ijij SPORT COATS Sizes from 35 to 48 in shorts, regulars and longs. Included are many late fall selections. Shop now - complete your casual wardrobe with a sport coat from Giidners. FORMERLY TO 24.95 18 FORMERLY C TO 39.95 FORMERLY TO 29.95 28 SALI STARTS AT | 9A. M. *; FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26 | • ••••• DRESS RIGHT — When you look your i :j ' Jl best you do your best!

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