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The Weekly Eaglei
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THE WICHITA WEEKLY EAGLE, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEIIBER-23, 1913 PAGE FOUR TATII- Helpf ul Advice. 1 4fcfc CM IP Latest; FasIiois Beau ty i nts Edited byEstherMift'son OUR COLUMN for Mrs. WORTMAN'S WEEKLYLETTER husband ever kisses his wife or wants her to 1 never received kisses before I was engaged, but I get my share since my wedding day, nearly two years ago. Alv husband and I are still He is as kind and affectionate as any lover could be, and I always expect to be treated as his sweetheart. We always try to please Beauty and Hints for Our Readers Household -Hints By Our'HeipOut' Writers the YOUNG FOLKS i uuicr, jl ilium iiiainas mpst sacred relation on earth and I in 1 pint of water, then with a sort cloth bathe the entire body, allowing it to dry." One application is usually enough, also take two teaspoonfuls Ep-som Salts every, morning for a week to thin tlie blood.

Tested and proven effective. MUS. ALICE HOPKINS, Meridian, California. 1MIK KXCIJLLKXT KIX'II'ES Chill Sanoe. Editor Household Hints Eighteen large tomatoes, 6 peppers, ripe or preen, 6 onions, 1 teaspoonful of cloves, teaspoonfuls cinnamon, 2 teaspoonfuls ground mustard, 4 tablespoonfuls cusar, 2 tablespoonfuls Bait, 5 cups vinegar, i 'head -of cabbage.

Cook The Modern Daaee. I am not one of those who cry out against all forms of youthful pleasure. years of age. I have often wanted to write to the Eagle but never have until now. The Eagle is a good.

paper and I like to read it. I will do some guess work. Opal Miller's riddle is "Milwaukee," and the answer to 'Pansy Thatcher's riUdle is "A Newspaper." I will close with a riddle and who ever guesses it I will send a card. On the hill there is a green in the green house' Is, a white house, in the white house is a red houseV in the red house are a lot of little I remain. A reader, VIVIAN' CHOAT, Culver, Kan.

o- "My Fancy Work" for I know, (who better?) that young: folks must be amused and enter- don know why so many marrieu people cease to be lavers. A HAPPY WIFE. Dear Miss Millison: I have short and tall sisters-in-law. They are both nice women and good- housekeepers, and make an effort to make home happy. I must congratulate Miss Five Foot Seven and Three Quarter Inches for the way v.a it-.

i .3 i-. thi coals I i lit it te-- AIlss MilHson will answer any Inquiries sent this department, especially those pertaining to beauty and etiquette. It is the. privilege and duty of every woman to keep her to improve her appearance and In every way possible overcome all defects nature ma hove given her. This Miss MilHson will assist the Weekly Eagle readers in doing.

It is best to sign full name whn abo s'gn a rrondeplume to be used the answer column. You may vrjte as often as you wish and all letters will be held strictly confidential. Address Miss Esther Millison. care Weekly Eagle, Kan. Our Help Out Department.

It Is the desire of this department to bt of to the practical and busy housewife. want you to feel free, to as' otir advlcs ana If you have. any favorite recipe, or household-discovery, whether It concerns the nursery, the kitchen, trie Hewlnir room or the happiness 10. the home pas It alon tor the benefit of others by- sending it to. us for our Household Hints column, '-For the best things published' each wek, we will give a year subscription to the Weekly Lagle.

Address Editor Household Hmta. Weekly -Eagle. Wichita. Kan. Stolen Custard.

In haste 1 bore the tidings; "My, darling, I'm afraid Your Pussy-cat has stolen The custard that you I feared a burst of weeping. But saw with glad surprise, A look of joyouswaptUre Light up the childish eyes. 'Oh. I'm so flattered. To have dear Pussy feel That I can make a custard That's good enough to steal." Esther B.

Tiffany. I have met- about such people as he -1 if VA even one of those who abhor any ref-, erence to my own youthful follies, for I know well hovv tomatoes one hour, chop cabbage fine and put In. When it bolls put. in onions and peppers. Boil until done, then can.

Artificial Honey- Ten lbs. sugar, add 3 lbs. water, forty grains cream tar and -irre- CARROLL sponsible 1 was. ADA A Beatrice. Neor.

seems to oe; i nave imj uuuui would be worth the wife he desires. I would like to employ him for a-while. He would get the full benefit of the house work and I would expect it to eq ual his advocations. She need not feel cast down because the Young folks do not associate -with her." There is -seldom' a road so long but what there is a turn -in it. I.

feel safe to say the parents of' those important feeling young folks admire the way she has discharged her duties in caring for thefr home, IMPARTIAL BACHELOR. But when an amusement becomes a. A OTIC No subscriptions awarded unless the iHm and address appears in -vwnuctiuti the article. tar, 10 drops essence oT peppermint, then add three lbs. strained honey.

Dissolve the sugar in vater and take off scum. Dissolve cream of tartar In warm water, add. then stir, add honey and heat to boiling. Stir a few mih- Neudft tiullt II locks. Miss illison -I will send you a quilt pattern which 1 call the White Cross, which is pretty and easy to piece.

1 have just finished a quilt like it. Also another which I do not know the name of, of which 1 have nearly enough pieced for a quilt. I am very much interested in making quilts and also in embroidery, although I am not yet very proficient in that art. I hope to see many quilt patterns in this department for I want to piece several quilts this winter. source of danger to the coming generations, Lam constrained to lift my voice against it, and make what protest I am able.

1 remember In my girlhood days that the dance was one of the most fascinating of pleasures, and to me. it was almost' an obsession. I loved to danca for the mere delight of the rhythm, and the tilt of -the music, and would. lust ax liof Via nii s-ith i utes it is ready to use. Dear Editor: I will try my luck for the first time.

1 am ten years old and live on a farm four- miles from town. We take the Weekly Eagle, and like It fine. Our school commenced the loth of September. I am in the fifth grade. I will guess Pansy Thatche's riddle, "A Newspaper," and George Cruse's birthday to be in April.

HAZEL. JONES, R. R. No. 2 Manchester, Okla.

Dear Miss Millison: 1 Please send me- the directions tor mixing flake-white, glycerine, bay rum tnid, rose-water to make liquid fact- powder. 2 Will Beaver hats be stylish this winter? Will the wide or narrow brims be worn the most? 2 in using" peroxide cream, would you put it on in the morning, and then put powder ou? Do vou think it is harm tui to the skin 4 send me the names of the cheapest dry goods houses you know. VA 1 Do you mean Magnolia balm? It is-made as follows: Pure oxide of zinc, 1 ounce; glycerine, 1 drachm, rose-water 4 ounces, essence of: roses 15 drops. Shakej- and apply with a soft cloth' or sponge. Wipe off while still damp, to avoid white streaks.

2 I think beavers will be worn some, though I have seen only, felt, velvet, plush, anj silks so far, narrow brims and medium sized hats seem to prevail. 3 I prefer to use any. face, cream at night after' thoroughly cleansing the face, Some people apply the cream' before powdering they are going for an automobile ride in the. sun or wind. This is to prevent sunburn, tan or freckles.

4 1 do not furnish addresses in this- column, but will be glad to send them on receipt of stamped addressed envelope. UcIIcIuiin Ilhe. Editor Household liliita--lleie is recipe for a pudding, that may be kept "a Ions time'. Just cut into allc'en as steam'" it ami serve hot ith any kind of sauce. Take 1 cupful each currants and stoned raisins, 11-2 'cupfuls of flour.

'1 cupful of bread crumbs, a pinch each of-clnnambn and "cloves, 1-2 ltablepoorlful a little lemon- peel prated and 2 cupfuls of milk In which has been dissolved 1 teaspoonful of soda. Mix all together and boil in a 'cloth-or for three Hours. lliif.pberry I'le Line a pie with rlc.n puff paste and fill with nice canned raspberries sweetened to taste. 'Cover with pastry but do not press this down at the edges; also rub the lower crust to prevent adhesion. Bake In a brisk, oven.

While it is cooking beat 9 rtirh Dear Miss Millison: If. I am little. I will sav I can work. I think I can work with any of my; sisters- I have three, all older than myself, but I will stay hv their side even if they are married women, and my brothers. I can worK with them as welL I will now- close, wishing the home page much success, and will say the Weekly.

Wichita Eagle has got to be quite a paper since live Foot Eight joined us. A LITTLE FIVE-FOOTER. Dear Miss Millison: I feel so sorry for Five Foot Eighth -that-- I'm writing this letter especially for her. I'm five foot eight and hate it just awfully. It's dreadful to be the only tall girl in your bunch, although I'm rather used to it now; my chum is three inches shorter than I.

The boys in this town are short too. I know there Isn't a sixfootejr here. I don't go with any special onei though I have a boy rienj who always takes me whenever he does go any place; that is, to parties, but. he don't go often, for he's a farmer. I have one consolation." I'm thin, not very thin, either, but I'm certainly not large.

I weigh 140. Another consolation is that I'm fairly pretty. Are you. Five Foot Eight? I am a blonde, blue eves and-a long slim face, my hair is as with boy, for the. pleasure in It to me was the combination of musio and But too many of the girl thought it was "slow" to dance with, another girl, and wouW rather sit out a dance dance in that way: lii this alone lies lone; of most insidious dangers of the modern dance.

When our mothers were girls, they danced the old-fashioned quadrilles, where four couples stood in a square and carried out; the figures qf the dance as called by the! man beside the fiddler. There were no unnecessary liberties taken in this dance, and it was one of the prettiest wand pleasant-est forms of recreation that could well Devil rodflyTwo cups brown sugar, one-half cup butter, one. cup milk, two eggs, one-half cake melted chocolate, one teaspoonful each of soda anil cream of tartar, one-half cup boiling water, three cups sifted flour. Use the whites of the eggs last. Fronting Two cups brown sugar, one-half cup sweet milk, butter the size of an egg, one teaspoonful vanilla.

Boil until waxy, then put on cake. To Fry.Kjsgt. Put some lard in your frying pan, when hotput enough corn meal to cover of pan, then break eggs in. salt and pepper to taste. They taste like fish, try it.

A Good "Way to I He Dried Bread-, Soak then to a crock full "put in one cup vinegar, two teaspoonfuls cinnamon, one, teaspoonful each of cldYes and allspice. Then add three cups one pound raisins, one pound currants and any- other fruit you maye Stir and put In a bread pan and bake. MRS. MINNIE HARRIS. Burden, Kansas.

Dar Editor: I am a little boy, 9 years of age. I live on a farm and can help my I papa' in ways. 1 punfp water for the cows and pigs, feed and up the cows. My. school-begins the 6th 1 of October, and we live three, jniles My teacher's name "is- Miss Merrcll.

I have a little brotlver w-ho will be 4 years old the 19th of October. He fell out of a tree and broke his arm, and must keep it in a plaster cast five -more weeks. My birthday is the fifth of I should 'like to have a' post card shower for brother and myself. I will try and return the favor if "all'' who sejid cards' tellitne qinilli irncuinui nf soda in it and stir' into It a of cornstarch wet' with cold milk; 'odd s' i par to taste and cook for three Pour the mixture into -a email when their birthday is. Brother's name just yellow as it' can be.

I do wish and my name. is The Ayreshlre and Guernsey type of dairy cattle are increasing in favor in the Middle Western states. is Willie GUthrie Freddie Guthrie. bus tn and beat in the frothed whites of two eggs, whip to a cream and let it Ret 'cool. When the pie is- taken I Ml a a.

AMjt The White Cross 9 inches Square. This one Jlaue of Itlue with White Fl)LfMrei Light with Blue Klgures. It Will be Unite Pretty. Blocks 12 Inches Square. -it A FARMER'S WIFE.

Five Foot Sseen and Three-Quarters: Address has been requested by several. -Ted The total numberof soldiers in the civil war was 2,772,408. Of this number about 750,000 were confederates. Garcelt Caney, is a boy 15 years old, and wishes' to toe-come one of the members of our happy band. He wishes to exchange post cards with some of- the readers.

He closes with a The man that made it" didn't need it, the man that bought it didn't need it, and the man that used It didn't know it. SOME RECH'KS FROM lOW.i. Cheque Hallrf One 'cup grated cheese whites of three well beaten, a speck of red pepper, one-half teaspoon salt. After mixing let stand fifteen minutes." Make into balls the size of a walnut, fry in deep hot lard until golden brown. UKVILKD MUGS Boil egg steadily for forty minutes, then lay in cold uc unaaiueu.

out in my the round, dances had begun to be-popular, and it was not long until their postures and figures were mingled with-the square Later, the squa re dance was abandoned. an since that, time, the dance has been oi the down grade, every new generation adding something 6f license or "Immoral suggestion. Where are the mothers of this great nation? Do they see the danger that menaces their pure and innocent, boys and girls in these new dances, that would seem to have been from the underworld?" I can remember the time we did not dare even to mention by name some of the figure that are now danced at society functions; danced by boys and girls who ought to have been taught better. Ate we blinded by our prejudice or are we asleep at our post of duty? Surely any mother or father who sees the modern dances knows that they are immoral in posture, thought and suggestion. It is high time that a.

note ot warning should be sounded by every; parent' who desires to keep his children free from temptation. We pray, "Lead us not into temptation," and. from trie oven iti um iup pour in the replace the" crust and set aside to Sprinkle a lt- tie sugar over the top before serving. The pie tin should be large enough so -you can use at least a quart of berries. Coronniit Cookie One cunful of sugar.

1-2 cupful of sour milk, 1-2 cup-ful of butter. 1-2 teaspoonful of soda, 2 tablespoonfuls of prepared cocoanut, I osc and flour enough, to roll. Snxy lleanst for Invalid This next recipe tells how to cook navy beans with milk so they- can be eaten even by invalids. Prepare j'our beans for atbollihg as for baking In the usual ray. When parboiled them the crock In which they are to be salted ar-d ac'd -a tablespoonful of mo-' losses tr a quart of the beans tafter have been of course.

'salt and pepper-to taste and a little Big'Rill 1 There are so many nive girls whv create trouble, by taking another fellow's girl? 2 I see no harm in a young: man going with a girl. a few years older. Women age more quickly than men, which. is perhaps one reason the rule is generally observed? of. the lady's being a few years younger.

3 I didn't know girls liked especially well boys with curly hair. I will take your word for it, but am sure I cant' tell why. water for five minutes, remove shells. Miss Edith i-Xiocha, R. 2, Dolyrood, wants to join our jolly crowd.

She guesses 1 Lucile Rater's birthday in April, George 'E. Cruse's in March, and Grace Cruse's in A'dah Cooper's riddle is. Because a hill 1s Tnot so big as a till. when perfectly cold cut each egg intD halves, remove yolks, mash smooth and to; each dozen -add 2 tablespoons softened butter, one of vinegar, teaspoon made mustard, salt and pepper to taste, mix thoroughly and heap the mixture In the whites. Cocoanut Macaroon -Whites of two eggs beaten stiff, pinch of salt, three- Directions for Fan Lace.

Dear Miss Millison: I am sending you a crochet pattern of fan lace with avpicot edge crocheted after the other is finished I think is real pretty on towels. I certainly enjoy the fancy work and was glad we; could print crochet patterns; also quilt patterns. I am sure going to make a dresser scarf for Xmas. present, described by "Mrs. H.

W- and am waiting anxiously for that hat pin pattern and also that cross stitch rug described a few weeks ago. A FARMER'S Fan Lace. Commence with 23 First Row 2 dc into fifth ch, 2ch 2 dc into same st. 7 ch 1 dc into eighth ch, 5 ch; 1 dc in same stitch, 7 ch 2 dc into eight ch, 2'ch 2 dc. into -same stitch, 1 dc into second ch.

Second Row Turn 3 ch ,2 dc into 2 ch. 2 ch 2 dc 2 ch into same st, 5 cb 7dc into a ch, ch-2 'dc into the 2 ch 2 dc into the same st, 1 dc Into third ch Third Row Turn 3 ch 2 dc into 2 ch-2 dc Into same st, 3 Dear Miss Millison: We are twins almost 17. We are going with two boy friends who love us very much. Our father has nothing against them but thinks us too young to marry. We will follow your advice.

BECLAH AXD FREDA. Your father is quite right, girls. Why by the time you were twenty-five you would be old and tired looking with probably a family of children. Miss Opa! Malone. R.

1, Neodesha, write that her school began September She is years n'nd in the fourth grade. -Anyone -guessing the month of her birthday she send a It is between "November and March. fourths cup granulated sugar. Set this mixture in a pan of hot water until 1 piece of add milk until they re well covered, refilling as the milk warmed. Stir In one rounded tablespoon rooks Bake them 'nine or ten i of cornstarch, one-half pound of shred- ded cocoanut and vanilla to taste.

hours in a slow, The crock can- then-let. our children go where we know they will be led into temptation of the greatest kind. If the parents do krfo ntfiesa" things, they, should know them, and I plead with, you," fathers and mothers, to investigate your children's pastimes. Nina El is. a little girl 12 years old, and' has tvlue eyes and brown iler birthdayis between October and January, and anyone guessing the, month, she will send a card or letter.

be filled as full as when the beans firft. baked in; the, usual w-ay, for the b-oljs over so easily. It is the "most healthful way In which bean? can re cooked, and even -a dyspeptic can at of them without regretting it ifterward. Don't have to dry. Bake in a slow oven; one teaspoon dough to a macaroon on bakg turned upside down.

This makes from three to four dozen. Stewed Cranberries Boil one pound sugar in one quart water, until like syrup, then add one quart cranberries. Boil about fiften minutes. A I'sefu! Hint When anything is scorching or burning on the stove, try setting it in a pan of cold water immediately, but do not stir. Let stand ch 1 dc in to first dc 1 ch' dc into first You may meet with rebuff, for Young VeKCtrJite nlal Take two medium- America has grown most independent.

but you have a right to know what Edna Doop, a little Oklahoma girl, wants-to join our children's corner. She guesses Marie Osborn's age as, 13, and Frances Taylor's riddle" a button'i it were Drown, graauatea irom nigij school last year and went away to college this year. I'm not going back, though. In college I had some fairly good There are tall boys there. Sometimes I think to myself the use hating yourself because you are tall.

If boys think of that in selecting their girl friends they aren't worth having as friends." Once a boy said to me: "You are awfully tall. Mary; but not one bit too tall. I hate a shorty, don't you And I confessed to him that I didn't. That boy died a month later, but not before he'd asked me to marry him. I told him for I really and truly loved him.

This all happened a year and a half ago, but it seems so much longer. Five Foot Eight, let's be friends. I am sorry" for you and you are sorry for me, ain't you? I'd love to hear from some nice youivg man is tall and who likes a tall blonde girl. Give your address to- Miss Millison and then I'll send- her mine. Ji.

MARION. Dear 'Miss Millison: A letter to Celestial and also -to Five Seven: I'm glad' Celestial did not understand mc as Five Seven Celestial. I fear I'm too old for you; I'm twenty-four. It is not mv thought that you are not good enough as Five Seven might think. 1 am sorry you get lonesome.

Try to avoid that. I do not think I have been lonesome one hour in the last years. 1 will think of you and wish you happiness. I'm sorrv that any one thinks of me as Five Seven seems to. I'm very slow to get acquainted with people but just any common girl from 18 to 25 that would like to live on a farm would even be good enough to be my wife if she is respectable.

I had kept company with the girls for several years. I thought I would wait till I met one that I was suitable for and she suitable for me. I am not very well educated or perhaps I could explain thoughts better, or perhaps you were not in a very good humor- at that time. I enjoy, seeing seeing a woman rest and many other-pleasures of life as well as to work. I do not go much on getting acquainted with girls this way and never did do such a thing before, but would like to correspond with a lady that is fair looking and also a good cookand housekeeper.

FARMER BOY. Dear Mts Millison: I have been very much interested in the letters written in these columns, but I especially like the spirit of the letter written by the one signing himself "Rastus." i His sentiment was very good and I think that too often we do forget that each one of us has "imperfections" in our characters, some being- more pronounced than others. I wonder if he really thinks a woman could be perfect. Does he remember ever having read of Eve? 1 have a question here personally to ask the readers of these columns: Have yOU any of you tried long distance walking as a help toward beauty? There are many things which a girl can do to help beautify her form, but I know of no one exercise which helps to develop all the parts of 'the body as walking. Will some of you write your experiences or opinions on this suggestion? I believe it is not how tall or how much we measure In feet or inches, but of our measure of true worth to the world which x-ounts.

I stand five feet and six inches and weigh ICO pounds, but not one-bit of this weight is fat but solid muscle. Now some of the smaller women may think I can not be as ladylike as they are. but whereas I may not enjoy my pleasures in the same wav, I can be just as womanly as they are" and still stoop to the hardest of I think. Miss Five Foot Eight Inches, that you are right In many of your ideas and I am glad of the spirit shown by you, although some have misinterpreted vour original idea. -The smaller of the sex certainly" can not starfd the same amount of labor and exercise as rlr at nil tHSnlc Dear Editor May I join your happy about fifteen minutes then remove from dish.

It will not taste ittle CJC le. I live on a farm eight miles from Ellis. Our school began the first cooked 1 hnrd-bolled, good-fizrtd apple (raw), large raw tomato, small cucumber, 1 cup-ful cabbage seasoned (cabbage find cucumber are raw and cut fine like all the other ingredients), small onion. Thop ar mix thoroughly. Next add 3 'tublespoonfuls of strong vinegar and mix again, then add 2 tablespoonfuls of thick cream and 1 tablespoonful of uaar.

A dash of pepper may be add- If desired. TJils Is very good. Try it. Yours truly, MRS.JACOB YVILL.Y, Orleans, Neb. they are doing, and you must, stand upon that right.

Go with your children and guide them as they should be guided. A child will not be apt -to go very far wrong under the tutelage of a wise, and loving parent. If I my way, girls and boys would never be allowed to "keep com- pany" until they were school, as that Is a time when they need all their force for their If they could be kept free from tempta- Hnn qc Inn tr aa tViat -i r- Dear Miss I am a northern girl but am' visiting my parents in Texas-at the present. I have brown hair and brown eyes and am 19 years old. I haven't any beau, as I left him up north when I came down here, and I feel confident that some other girl has taken him by this time.

I certainly like Sunnys letter and would like to know more of her. If she will send her name and address I would be very much pleased to correspond with her. I will closewith a poem which I hope is not too long to be printed. LONE STAR. I am publishing the poem elsewhere in the Dear Miss Millison: My wife and I are readers of the WeeklV Eagle and enjoy reading it very much, more especially the letters from the voung people.

Pam delighted to see the little nubbins hold up for themselves, for I married one myself. I rather admire them for my part. While there are lots of tall ones that will jyake just as good companions as the smaller size, it is not the size that has anything to do with it, so 1 do not think that Five Foot Eight need get discouraged. I was reading the letter signed Outcast. She was speaking about when she should receive kisses, for there was no man that wanted to kiss his wife after they were married.

I differ from her. I never think of going to work without kissing my wife, and also the first thing when I return, and a bushel of times between times. Some people call this silly, but call it as they please, I do not worry. I do not think Outcast need worry for there will foe plenty of time for kisses after marries if she gets the righfkind of a man. A HAPPY HUSBAND.

dc, 1 ch 1 dc Into next, repeat six times, 3 ch 2" dc into two ch, 2 ch 2 dc into same st, 1 dc into third st. 7 Fourth Row Turn 3 ch 2 dc into 2 ch, 2 ch 2 dc into sarfie st, 1 ch 9 dc Into next dc and chain stitches, 2 ch 9 clc into next dc and' chain st, 1 ch 2 do into ch, 2 ch 2 dc into same st, 1 dc into third ch. Fifth Row Turn 3 eh, 2 dc into 2 ch, 2 ch 2' dc into same st, 7 ch 1 dc into the i ch'5 ch 1 dc into same st; 7 2 dc Into 2 ch 2 ch 2 dc into same st, 1 dc third ch, put on' a picot 3 dc 3 ch anted In the last dc, 3 de 3 ch 3 dc in each space along insertion. Thanks for the lace pattern. I will use the quilt pattern at some later date.

One Subscriber, asks: How are the quilt blocks joined with strips or with plain blocks. I refer to the Wild Pigeon and Canada Star. i Baby Cap. of September. have one brother, bis name is Richard.

I-will "be in the sixth grade at school this year. I will describe myself I have dark eyes and dark hair and am four feet and seven Inches tall, w-eigh 67 pounds and anyone guessing what age I will be the 27th of October I will serd a cajed. It is between 7 and 13. I will do some gu-ess work. I guess Madge Hinshaw's birthday is in March.

Wishing yu much success, I am, ItOSE STORM, Ellis, Kan. i Cinnamon Roll. Editor Household Hints In response a recent request, am sending a Miss Edith Snider. Ocheycdan, R. 2.

SOHR I SKKl-L IXFORJl ATIOX. To Make Toiigh Meat Tender When boiling a chicken that is tough or tough meat of any kind, put a common jelly glass in the kettle while cookings All fowls and meats that are tough will be made tender In this way. ToSave Strenicth in beating sponge for5 bread use a spoon with a perforated bowl. -White- Cake Without Kggs One cup 'sugar, two teaspoonfuls' butter, one smal cup sweet milk, one teaspoon lemon extract, two teaspoonfuls baking powder. Bake in loaf and use chocolate icing.

A i Hot Water Bottle may be rnaOe witli little expense out of any large sized glass The bottle may be filled with hot water without cracking by first placing in a-pan of cold vater. lill the bottle real full, then put in the cork. The suction w-ill keep it from leaking. Wipe dry and draw a Dear Editor I am a Kansas.girl, "13 recipe for cinr.a mon' rolls. Two cups bread sionfie, shortening r7." of 'an egg.

one heaping tablespoon jSitgur, one egg beaten light. Mix soft Jet raise, roll then and spread with sugar and cinnamon. MRS. MARY M. ROBERTS, Washington, stockingi over it pinning the ends to-j A handsome, little cap for baby in renaissance work.

The design stamped on cambric, (from which it is removed Dear-Miss Millison: I must disagree with Ellen Smith when she says "No getner. ureal comiort may De gaineu in sickness by "this simple contrivance and several, bottles may be on hand at one time, which is often a grea advantage. MRS. MILDRED OWINGS. Kellogg, la.

i Cure-for Hives. Editor Household Hints -To "the; from "Hives." when you begin to "Itch" dissolve 1-4 box of baking soda little danger of their going wrong. I do not mean, that they should not be allowed to go anywhere. but that either the father, or a trustworthy chaperon should always accompany them, both going and coming, vlt would mean many a trip in -the cold, and' but" without it, you may easily see a time when, no trip would seem too long or cold for you to tak if it could back to you your peace of mind, and the -innocence of your child. -v Girls, if your parents do not overse your amusements, let me utter thia word' of warning to yout- Keep your modesty as you would your life.

Never let a young man take in the dance a. liberty that you would permit in the open day, and before eyes -of your mother. If you adhere, to thia resolve, it may shut you out from some of the pleasures you have held dear, but you will be safe, and there are many other innocent pleasures that will keep you pure! The "young men will respect you all the more for not allow-ing them any advantage over you. Keep yourself unpolluted, and your adde4 self-respect will more than repay yoi fnrnnv that vou miy be com Si We again nakeoar naparaUeled oHert Iowa with vonr rin w. vu ciiuvmi fin lor mons 36-lb.

feaih-k. All j- lor ida em- fa-f of itfiAftHlBi ww. tufluq ajj; saaitary leathera; best tickiot mad pew TO. EVERY-LADY eqmpped with sanitary ven- fe-3? SkAi tilatora. Freight nmaM 1) ii hi i FULL-SIZE Mod-ey back if not satHBed.

Aseutj mtke big mcnrT. Iffl. ElBi fi ff I iiffnl i i.i I I i ii .11.1, I I .1.1 ii ii A. tl.AUI.OTTE, C. irt5 i tj they, probably can do just as well as THE BEE CELL SUPPORTER pelled make.

ADA CARROLL WORTMA.NV we can. sianq oy me me iwi cisih inch girl, however, every time. Don't let the "Baby Dolls" get ahead of you. Good luck to you. JEANE.

Dear Miss Millison: I think it very Interesting to read the letters concerning the tall andVshort girls, but it seems the stout -and lean girls are not A Doun to Woman- kind Made from the purest, softest rubber. Six cups or faces render misplacement absolutely impossible. Endorsed by the medical profession. Ask rati1 included. But at any rate they are all One of the most unique booths at th fair was that of the Morrow Cultivator company.

They have a new kind of cul-tivatorwhich attracted a great deal off attention. It is a combination cultivator, killer, pulverizer and harrow. They are a new firm located in Woodward. Okla, and we believe that it will pay any farmer to investigate their machine. after it has" been completely worked) Including braid, rings and thread to work 45c your druggist or send $2.00 and we will mail you one postpaid in plain package.

Money back it not entirely satisfactory. Descriptive, circular free, The Bee Cell Co, Dept. '12. White Buffalo, V. Our.Coods.

Ever Mado bvan Old Established House. CEA3 ASD BE CSSYIXCMJ and Promlumcf. 1 in- -tj vn it I.T i vt ess QUILT PATTERNS IMAM lntl -7 17S40 Iin Cushion. A dainty forget-me-not design for Tin Cushion, for solid embroidery. This will -'make' til -and welcome gift.

Size including back 16x18 Inches. Stamped on fin white union linen 35c" Stampedloji fine white pure linen 50c W84 Tnt i a Dig lot or cousins ana snouia iry iu be content, with their lot Big Brother Six Foot Three seems to be judging-all girls by hi3 own sisters, but that is a mistake, as big girls can be just as loving and tender as small girls, and In some cases more. One thing I like about Five Foot Eight's letters, although she would evidently like to have some men friends, she does not write silly love-sick letters to men she doesn't know. 4 Little Brown. Eyed Bonnie appears to be so proud of her beauty that perhaps that is the, reason some tall girls won't speak to her.

She appears to think she has unlimited access to "beaux." I liked Just One Little Girl's letter splendidly, except that 1 don't think the big girls deserve to be called names any more than the small ones. I agree with her as to girls and-women working in the field. I live in town but know several girls who work in the fields for their fathers or husbands, and of course they lose some of their attractiveness by so doing. I will close, hoping to see some more letters like Just One Little Girl's. CLANCY J.

V3 -HI I Mr ESP T3very quilter should have our book of 450 designs, taining the prettiest queerest, scarcest. most grotesque patterns, from old log cabin to stars and puzzle designs; also crazy stitches and Cat. All postpaid for six 2 ct. IV 7 i I ifef? Mi89 Lbs. Best Lamdry Soap "for Guaranteed equal to best 5-cent soaj) on market; Our own make and easily-made in your pantry in twenty minutes, enough to last you one year.

No fire required and costing you one cent per pound. Our instruction how to make onlv $1.00, which will jsave you many -dollars in one year. A genuine lavor saving soap, will clean and not injure the finest fabrics or hards, it's a genuine labor-saving soft soft. Something new, nothiner like it on earth. Also 6 ladies' beautiful handkerchiefs that alone worth the' price.

It's much cheaper to make your own as you have no freight, jobbers and retail stores to eat up profits. Send P. O. or Ex-" press- Order to Desi Mannfacturlus Green Bay Wis. JiLl" rScAr 4.UibjUlVr Mrre.

hlen-grrde rocertes utid family supplies, we now offer ABSOLUTELY a handsome embossed, artisticfiUy flowil decorated, full size ofS'ov-sF? for Of i 2 BOXES SOAP tM rivJn Premiums, with each box of 7 large cakes. Salt. Tfeara JpMrdrr. Tpoons, Shears and Need les, (as per pkn 4 illustrated above. QUALITY as well as QUANTITY are in this offer, as we buy such lrjre tots Xou lnors fod 8rdof less money than any other concern.

OUR PLAN'S SKLL stamps (or silver dime) 3 for 25c. LADIES' ART Block SO. St. Lou in, 31 o. t3 uiMumrf Dr, vn anocner ana wt tu our other Uniting mwaer.

Tea, ciuujoau up uxr ws, you wm ret aaniicate orders and ern 1 yu Let Us Do Your Irwk. JUj. 7Z Toilet Sets, Linen fts. Silverware, 7 I wtluo l.rCi ApTere1' 4n nythi yon need! i SSSE PREPAY FREIGHT rpms! Perforated pattern including neees- sary stamping materials. Special price i 15c.

Kodak Finishing 1 iianic, i-roviaeri uanlc, fonttnaster. Writ at once for FRPE c.amdi ritlTPITT faaacsfrv -ii II and other things If after receiving them, von decide Tnot to Tfet an ord-V, yfu Ow8 1 fj K'thlngr 'end von FREB of charre for the trouble in answIrinthJaart7 f.T The above designs will be sent' on receipt of price. Allow i0 days for I Dear Miss Millison: As -Five Joot Eight has caused quite a debate between the tall and the doll baby girls. I. like Fatty, vant to ask why the fleshy girls are so often slighted when there isn't any cause extent she way not look quite so well.

But in the meantime may know more about keeping or make a more loving wife. Some will say 'Yes. she is not noticed." It's true I am sometimes not rtoticed as I wmilrt like to be. because of beinz I nc give Uzautilul Presents for aorolntlnr nnt nr rnnr rrs fnc I fnfryI iFFtH.TZ ii! delivery. Address all letters to Fancy i SILK REM AN TS IV; POCXD BOXES" of beautiful Large Silk Remnants for fancy work, quilts, portieres, pillows, etc.

One pound will make a grand bfd-snread. Send 10 CKM'S for a 'i Expert Workman Mall Order clve-n prompt v- texitloB. Send for price liwt. PHOTO FIXISII-, IG CO. H.

1ottenKr Msr. llarket, AVK-hita. Office Tbfnwioru Sttre. Work'Depai ttnent, The Weekly Eagle, Kansas. 1 1 over weighted, although I seem to be package of lovely samples.

If not d-Jliglited return them get 25 cents I for your trouble. AfcKXTS A TKD iinaVh'iMfi. yhaTSnot.kinS to Remember, the Special Premhimsnd Sample We give a 26-Pe. Silver lae Kn'fa, Fork and SpoonlJ lj-A2c. stamp or post card is your only expense.

"WE ITU TODAY. Set. or 7-Pc. Khrtt-Gritfa erantte Kitchen Set. orSj VFinj Dlinr? Cnnn fZ ESTABLISHED XO.

Uzm 10-Pe. Decorated I Tellrt Set. FREE of mil. ryUd bffi. 589 Pearl CICINKATI.O.

TSdfAkaink Wc can galeiy recoiamead Ihe Pure Food Co. as beiag a thoroughly reliable responsible firm. -EdiTos. favorite with the. old people and the young folks all seem to like roe.

But tlie young men don't seem to like being 1 1 CoitlItwert on PBf 6, Cot. "I explained -1" Geoi se v)ieu he pro-i posed that-, of course iie could not ex- 1 pect me to cook." 1 "What did 3e " he Only expected me to try." If yon are aot earn Inn y.5l.oi weeklv, Don't Ad dreas BELL THAUlNti CO, tblraz..

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