The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 2, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 3
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(THURSDAY, NOV. 2,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDI&GTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE L NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that you can show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. Flcase call the society editor, telephone 106. Choir— The choir of Grace Episcopal church will meet for rehearsal at 7 o'clock this evening in the church. Rehearsal— The choir of The Community church will meet for practice at 1 o'clock this evening at the church. Stamp Club— The Ludington Stamp club will meet at 8 this evening at the home of Clark Norton, 303 North Lewis street. Choir Practice— The choir of First Methodist church will meet for rehearsal at 7:30 o'clock this evening in the church. Announce Birth — Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson, 605 North Rowe street, annonce the birth of a son, at Paulina Stearns hospital this morning. Division — The Northwest division of the Ladies' Aid of First Methodist church will meet at 8 p. m. tonight at the home of Mrs. William Hall, 609 North Rath avenue. Trustees — Trustees of The Community church are remind- eel of the mootine oVlork his are taken they are sent to the state office at Lansing for diagnosis and then returned to their respective counties. Announce Further Memorial Donors Nineteen further memberships in the Pere Marquette memorial association were announced this morning. They are as follows: Honorary memberships: R. L. Stearns, Tucson, Ariz.; Mrs. R. L. Stearns, Tucson,.Ariz. Full memberships: Mr. and Mrs. C. .T. Hansen, S. George Da- tanis, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Angle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith, Baldwin; Dave Gibbs, Mr. and Mr.s. F. A. Anderson. Associate memberships: Hanna L. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Grotemat, Helen J. Bennett, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Paukstis, Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Hoffman, Advance Loan Co., Mr. and Mrs. George Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. George Caplon, Capt. and Mrs. W. G. McGaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Anderson. Hallowe'en Party Enjoyed by Group THE OPEN FORUM Readers are invited to use this column to express their Ideas upon public question* and topics of general interest. Letters printed under this heading will he understood to represent ihc opinion of the individual writer rather than that of The News. Letters involving racial or religious controversies or personal attacks will not be accepted. All communication! SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the nam^ am address of the writer. keep our word. We want to live with and trade with free peoples who keep their word also. I am just as anxious to keep out of war as any one can be. I do not want my son to go to war. I am for cash-and- carry and rapeaHng'-the embargo because that is the way to keep our sons and daughters at home. PINCHOT'S VIEWS EDITOR, THE NEWS: We are neutral, and we must stay neutral. • But it is no I cas. But would it be good for more unneutral to repeal the lour peace if a despotism whose There are, as I see it, two law is the law of the wolf things practically all Americans are for in this war: We want to stay out of it, and we pack, which hates freedom, despises religion, looks on small nations as mere loot, and keeps want Hitler stopped. We can, I no faith should try to extend I am convinced, get both of its military rule to Canada and these things by repealing the I the French and British colonies embargo and enacting "cash- iin America? embargo, which will help the Allies, than to maintain the embargo, which is helping Hitler right now. Other nations across the sea are fighting the things we R. Mallory Home Scene of Party FAIR-VIEW SCHOOL. — Mr. and Mrs. Roland Mallory entertained a few friends at a Hallowe'en party Saturday evening, Oct. 28. The house was decorated with black cats', bats and streamers. Pinochle and Chinese checkers were played, after which a delicious lunch was served by the hostess. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sladick and Mr. and Mrs. Roland Mallory, host Sf SH6PPEK-MSE and-carry. What chance would there be The best way for us to keep if or permanent world peace if out of the war is to helo the 'Hitler should win? Can world hate—cruelty, aggression, the ruthless rule of force. The way I to stay out of war is to help ' them win without us, and so prevent the spread of Hitlerism over the earth. and hostess. Allies to win it without us. j peace _be based on raw force? That we should be helping the unspeakable Hitler by The Allies ought to win 'the jBut if the Allies win, there war, first 'because it is right,'will be a chance, and this time and also because that is the jl firmly believe a good chance, maintaining our embargo is al- best thing for the States. most unthinkable. United : for a peace based on justice should help him land the right of each nation against the right That we not only but also This war will decide whether j to its fair snare of natural re- against our own interest—that we shall continue to live in sources - jis just simply ridiculous, peace and security, or wheth- You may not like England ; Like you I am for America er we must'be armed and ready or France—because of imper-! first last and all the time. I to keep the unbearable Hitler ialism, past _wars, war debts, am for staying out of the war system — tyranny, paganism, |or whatever. But suppose burg- persecution, blood-purges, faith- ' lars were breaking into the tho the n > 7 o~n with the teachers enjoyed a ^ l; n . ' pleasant evening Monday. Oct. home of Mrs Daisv'Reek 1(W i 30 - wnen they S atncred in the numt OI mlfj. JjaiSy tteCK, iUa I,,),....„>, . n orlr)r<; fnr n Hnllowp'Pll Smith Wivjhinfrr.n,-, avprmo Cnuicn pailOlb 101 a riailOWC ell breakln * and conquesf by force i _ f f thi viomicnViovo South Washington avenue. From Chicago— Mrs. Charles p „ y . —out of this hemisphere. The Nazis have already given unmistakable notice of their desire to houses of your friends. And suppose the chief of police had not always led a model life, owed you money, and was per- Cash-and-carry and no embargo is the answer. If you are willing to jnve this letter to your readers as a statement of how one American sees it, I shall appreciate immensely. GIFFORD PINCHOT. Former Governor *..h AmerSTo'uWS*"' gST ™ ^ ""'^ Oveenwald arrived recently from! Several, of- the youngsters f Allied victory will bring no 1 This is a free country. We | of "Pennsylvania? Chicago to spend some time at j came attired in Hallowe'en cos- i threat to peace in the Amen- Ihe home of her son-in-law and! tlimfi whlrh ai-oused consider- • .=== ----- __ -- which aroused consider 'inri Mrs '.Tnrk : able curiosity. 0-> North Frankl hi * ranklin DOES FATTY INDIGESTION WALLOP YOU BELOW THE BELT? Help Vour Forgotten "28" For The Kind Oi Relief That Helps Make You Rarin' To Go Three-quarters of your digestion is done r/elow the belt —in youi- 28 feet of bowels. So don't expect remedies that work only In your stomach to privo relief. What you want is Carter s Little Liver Pills to give needed help to that "forgotten 28 feet" of bowels which have such a 018 di T C a"e"5ne 0 Cartels Little Liver Pill before nrnl one after menlB. They help wake up n larger now of the three mam digestive juices in your stomach AND bowels. So you disest what you have eaten in Nature B OV Thcn you Kct the kind of relief that makes vou feel bettor from your head to your toes. Just be sure you Ret the genuine Carter-8 Little Liver Pills from your druggist — 10$ and 25^. At Your Blue Ribbon Soda, Ib. box Cherry Chocolates, Ib. box 14cl 23C i Stores ":j Crackers Candy Pork and Beans tan C a ns 3 25c ;• Starch £S° r 2p kgs .17c Swedish Brown Beans,," 19c Ammonia qu art bottle 13c American V boxes ItfC Games and a lunch passed the evening all too soon. Those attending were Bever- Return to Oscoda— Mr. and ! i y , Shirley and Jack Rayle, Do- I Mrs. George Egbert and chil- , lores Brunke. Terry Stanley, i dren. Alice, George Jr., Jimmic I Betty Granger, Charlotte Shaw, and Dannie, returned to Oscoda j Geraldine Zeikert, Viola and recently after visiting a few Warren Heuer, Vera Lucker, days in Ludington with Mr. Eg- ! Carol Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Arbert's mother, Mrs. Ellen Eg- 1 thur Maynard and sons, Edbert, at the John Schmock | mund and Lloyd, and Rev. J. home, 101 East Pere Marquette H. Rayle. street, and with Mrs. Egbert's mother, Mrs. Georgiana lin_ Postponed —The branch of the American Asso- Conk-1 Eileen Hunt is confined to ! her home with illness. and Mrs. George Rayle family motored to Traverse elation of University Women will not meet this evening, as :p;» v Orf •") to visit L j Ecld f was a P o7 vl ;sffiic5i;rd n a c t c e d s ^f ess -'>- in *«*«>» •*"*- with the activties of other or- j Mesdimes Ira Grancer and ffj'Sfs s. -at-Kjxa £? s ^1 jrS € S SS"& C ^' lln ^i, N a I! W'"'- A Snow M ?o yil0 Sc d ottv^ Gregory. East Ludington avenue. Joseph Buck will speak j to the members on the topic j "The International Situation." Miss Ruth Smedberg Entertains Pupils WEST RIVERTON. — Miss Ruth Smedberg, teacher of Butler school primary room gave ,,,.,,, m , , ^ ,, , her pupHs a most enjoyable WiUiam Tobey. of Fie£soiL..were party^ Wed nesday -afteTTTdon, injured in an automobile acci- ! Qct 25 dent Wednesday, Nov 1. when I Thc schoo] room was festive they were returning from Cm-; witn Hallowe'en suggestions cinnati. O after enjoying a j and many of the p up5 if s wore visit with their son and daugh- cos t um es which greatly enliv- tnr_m_1o\i' TVjf r onH TVjfrc .Till in n i * » ° , J . , William Tobeys Are Injured in Accident FREESOIL.—Mr7 and Mrs. tcr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Tobey. The accident occurred about one mile south of the Mills schoolhouse in Sherman township when their car turned completely over. Mrs. Tobey received a bad cut on the top of her head and Mr. Tobey was cut on the upper part of his forehead. Both suffered from bruises and .shock and the car was badly damaged. Mr. and Mrs. Tobey drive to New York and Cincinnati every year and this is their automobile accident. first Report on X-Rays Taken at Clinic Of the 38 cases X-rayed at a recent tuberculosis clinic in Ludington, two were diagnosed as active and one as suspicious, it was revealed this morning by the Mason county health unit. All other cases X-rayed, it was found, were not active. Included were 18 healed childhood cases, usually not considered dangerous. Tuberculosis work is sponsored by the Michigan Tuberculosis association. After X-rays ened the games and contests enjoyed during the afternoon. Miss Smedberg served delicious refreshments. Mrs. Alfred Benson and Mrs. John Lister were guests. Mrs. Edward Parker will entertain the flutton's Corner Friendship club at her home this afternoon, Nov. 2. Mrs. Jacob Kief spent last week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Oshe, of Weidon Creek. Friends are sorry to hear that Mr. Oshe, who is 84 years old, is seriously ill. 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