The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSP1ELD CALIFORN1AN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1933 anting mem "HELLO, EVERYBODY!" "Hollo. Everybody" Ttoolcrd. "NVilli Kalr Sniilli Heading Finr Cast Two Rrcnl features arc on the program al the Pox Marling tomorrow. Kate Smith's first starring motion picture. "Hollo. Kv err body." a story Written especially for her by Kannle jrursl, has been boohed. The ".Songbird of th" .South," one of radio's first ladies, WHS signed for the, picture after audiences throughout tho country, who applauded her work In "The Big Broadcast." In which she made an appearance with 14 other radio stars, set up a clamor for more of her. Miss Smith K the central character In a simple, touching story. As leader of a group of farmers whose property Is threatened by a power company which Insists on destroying their lands to mnke way for a great water project she abandons her own homestead to go east and make a name for herself on the radio. In an effort to raise funds with which to battle the ease in court. Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnston wrote four new songs especially for Stiss Smith's use In the picture. They are "Moon Song." "Pickaninnies' Heaven," "Out in the Great Open Spaces," and "Twenty Million People." The science of fingerprinting is one of the elemental tricks of the modern detective organization, according to the noted French detective. Anselme, now retired from the French Surete after years of remarkable service. Anselme was brought to Hollywood to serve as technical expert during filming of "Secrets of the French Police," the amazing crime drama playing tomorrow at the Fox theater. Gwili Andre is featured with a strong supporting cast headed by Frank Morgan and John Warburton, noted New York stage actors. KATE SMITH, RADIO SONGBIRD, FEATURED IN FOX FILM 333.1 M —KHJ—900 K. "Hot Pepper" Ends Showing Here Today Edmund l^owe and Victor MacLag- ' ]en, in their roles of Quirt and Flagg j :n the Fox picture. "Hot Pepper" end- ' ing today at the Fox theater, battle i onstantly for the affections of Lupe Vclez, the little Mexican firebrand, i *\vho enacts the leading feminine role ' in the picture. IC1 Brendel plays a i comedy role and others in the cast ; ure Lilian Bond, Gloria Koy and , Boothe Howard. Beautiful dancing girls and catchy music are said to add much color to the production. C—Blng Crosby. «:IB—Kdwln C. Hill. 6:30—Jimmy Bittlck's orchestra. 7—Boswell Sisters. 7:15—Frank Greeiiough orchestra. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7M5—Gertrude Nlesen. S—Guv lx>mbardo's orchestra. 8:30—Raymond Paige's orchestra. 0—Duke Ellington's orchestra. H:30—Tom Coakley's orchestra. 10—News items. 10:10—Tom Ooakley's orchestra. U—Hal Graysnn's orchestra. 11:30—Bob Coleman's orchestra. 12—Marshall Grant, organist. DEFER INSULL HEARING TORONTO. Ont., Jan. 2S. (U. P.l— A Supreme Court hearing for Martin Jnbiill, former utilities magnate, seeking his extradition to Chicago, •was postponed today until March 6. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 6:15—Bill. Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Klmcr. «:15—Currier's Serenaders. -—Frank Watanabe and Archie. ":15—Guardsmen, male quarter. ":30—KNX Ensemble. ":45—Happy Chappies. S—KNX Varieties. 9—News. 9:15—Singing Strings. , 9:30—Venice Nights. 10—Dance Band and Marion Mansfield. 10:30—Sol Hoopll. 11 to 12 midnight—New Parla Inn. Week Days 7 and 9 • i Sat.-Sun. Shows 3, 5, 7, 9 LAST TIMES TODAY 1O.OOO Starting TOMORROW The Producers of "Frankenstein" Do the Different Again! IT COMES TO LIFE! .. .Yesterday a mummy; today a living, breathing, fighting MAN, ZITA JOHANN, David Manncri, Edward Van Sloan, Arthur Byron. KAR1OFT THE UNCANNY in Story by Nina Wilcox Putnam! PANAMA DANCE The Usual Good Dance Tonight Featuring the Revelers—the Class of the Younger Generation Third and Final Night of the Elimination Waltz Contest CASH PRIZES TONIGHT Floor in Fine Shape—Ladies Always FREE Four Big Hours of Dancing for 55c BILL POWERS, Floor Manager DANCE TONIGHT g at Canaday's Pavilion Enter Our Orchestra Naming Contest—Secure rules at hall. Grand cash prize and four other lesser prizes Good Music—Good Floor Admission 25e PUBLIC mm CASI "Toss of Slorni Country" Is Uookfil With Furrell- Guynor Co-Stars KERN—1200 K. 0 — C'liPHterfiuld proKriuu. Bint; Crosby and Ijcunurd Jluylou'a orchestra. (1:15—Kclwln C. Mill. U:30—Jun Gnrlj«r's oroheslru. 7—The UoHwell Sisters. 7:1,-,—Columbia Public Affaira. 7:45—(iertrudi- Nle.seii. S—(Juy l.iiinbiinlo oivlientm. 8:30—Humid Stern orc-liostru. !'—-l)iik« ISIIIiifttntr* oroheHtra. 9:11!)—Tom Potikley'H urvlicMtru. 10— All-rf(|uosl hour. 10:10—Tom Ooakley'.s orrhPHtra. It—Dancing With the Stars. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 6:30—Oldsmobile program. 7—Lurky Strike Dance Hour. 8—CiiKXVcll Coffeo Concert. S:15—Golden Stole r'umlly Uobin- HIIII. R:4B—-Tiiiinscription program. 9—Associatucl Spot Unlit. 10:30—Musical program. 11 to 12 midnight— Phil Harris' or• chestra. *-*-• Tt. IN entirely due to public opinion that Juliet. Guynor and diaries Kim-ell arc loBullicr In "Tcnx of the Storm Country" nt. Urn California theater to- tnnrrow. AVIien Mls.s Gaynor wliw preparing to make "Tens" lunt fall. l>'arroll wan up In the California Sierras making "Wild Ciirl" with Joan IJennott Fox studio officials accordingly dprld'.'cl to cast another well-known actor upuubllo the tltlan-halrud favorilc, and an an- nonnc'einenl to thai cffpcl. was Kent out, while Director .Alfred Santcll and Ills staff went ahead with their pro- duotion plans. All of them, however, reckoned wlthput the million^ of iidmlrerH of HID Uayiior-Karrell loam. AH soon as these millions read the announcement, they apparently grubbed pens, pencils and typewriters. Kor the studio offt- clala found their mall flooded with letters from the faim Ihrnughuul thc countiy, all dciniindim; tlmt .lanet and Charlie, be Ueijt .'together on tho screen. Hasty conforencea were held, resulting In a decision to postpone (liming on "Tons' 1 until Farrell was avallahle— 'and peace once more defiucmled on fandum and, incidentally, on the studio. Knding today arc two great features. j X/ane (.irey's "Robbers' Hoost," with George O'Brien tiud Maureen O'Sulll- VHII. and "Women Won't Tell," alar- ring Sarah Padden. IN FOX FILM Qwili Andre, featured In "Secrets of the French Police" IS FEATURED Al RIALTO A beautiful and unscrupulous woman who can maneuver four respectec business men to'entertain her with their wives and families present, i s a dangerous woman. This* is what Karen Morley does In the role of Jenny Wren in "The Phantom of Crcstwood," mystery drama opening Sunday at tho Hlalto theater. Her purpose is not only extortion, but the enjoyment of their fright at her bold move. However, a few brief hours after dinner that night at Crcstwood the lovely, scheming adventuress Is murdered! The linger of suspicion points at 17 different persons present, their roles played by such sterling performers as II. B. \Varner, Ivan Simpson, Pauline Frederick, Rlcardo Cortes, Alleen Prlngle, Anita Louise, Robert McWade,' George E. Stone, Sam Hardy. IVIary Duncan, Gavin Gordon, Skeets Gallagher and Matty Kemp. KKO-Kudio recently held a nationwide contest over the National Broadcasting network of 00 radio stations for'the best hundred endings for "The Phantom of Crestwood," these endings to solve, in some way, tho murder. The prizes totaled |(iOOO. HILL BILLIES APPEAR LAST TIMES TODAY Today Is the last chance to see tho Hevorly Hill Ulllles at the Fox theater, where they are making a personal appearance. Cilon Uico and his ulghl original Beverly HIM Ulllles hold more records than any other organization before the public. They have broken all house records In such theaters as Graunmn's r'hlneso and the Panlages in Hollywood, l-.oew's Wurllcld thea- in San Francisco. Don't confuse Beverly Hill Billies with any of their many Imitators, for they arc the only original Hill Billy act. Make It. a point to got. right, down to tho Fox and greet your old friends. COMING TO CALIFORNIA Charles Farrell and Janet Qaynor in leading rolea of "Teas of the Storm Country." Merger of Warner and Fox Rumored NEW YOniC, Jan. •>&.— Rumors of secret negotiations between Fox Film Corporation and Warner Brothers, looking toward a merger, circulated widely today In financial and amusement circles Officials of tho companies declined comment on the reports, which arose after It became known that Wlnfleld It. Sheehan, Fox production director, and George K. Bagnal, studio treasurer, were en route here, from Hollywood for "Important conferences." Informed sources in the amusement world thought further developments among motion picture companies were 1'iobable after two of the major corporations had gone Into receivership. U.S. TO DRIVE HOME 15 SCREEN PLAYERS (United Pretx Leased Wire} HOLLYWOOD, Jan. I'S.—An exodus of foreign-born screen personalities was under way today, forced by threat of deportation to quit tho country and apply for readmlsslon. Fifteen were In tho group, according to Murray AV. Garsson. special assistant secretary of labor, who said they have voluntarily agreed to leave. Garsson refused to divulge their names. Hacqucl Torres, prominent Mexican actress, was understood to be mit! of the group. All had overstayed their passports, or visiting permits. Immigration agents placed only one me.mber of the colony under arrest. Ho was John Farrow, scenario writer, who was taften into custody while dancing with Monn Marls, South American film beauty, at a fashionable hotel. The scenarist was confronted with charges he misrepresented himself as a Rumanian envoy In seeking entrance Into the country. Agents said he was a native of England. Farrow was released under $2500 bond. Prosecutors Intimated he may be charged with perjury. MAY B1FOUGH1 Move to Scale Down Some of Unprofitable T.cases C.onlcmplaled ftJiHU-d 1'rcun T.ciiHcil Win') N10VV TOHK, Jan. :!S.— A move to scale, down unprofitable theater leases In a score, of cities was predicted today us a result of the appointment of receivers for Paramount Publlx Corporation, one of the largest producers and distributers of films. Paramount Publlx and a subsidiary, PtibllN lihiterprlses, Inc., both were In receivership. Adolph /ukor, Paramount Publlx president, and Charles I). I lilies. JteiHibtlean national com- mltleeman, were, appointed receivers In equity for the parent corporation last night by Federal Judge William l.ioiuly. Publlx Rnlerpriscs earlier had entered a Voluntary petition of luinlt- ruplcy, and the Irving Trust Company was named as its receiver. Seek Changes Tn several recent receiverships .of corporations operating chains of stores, observers pointed out, the. receivers have been able to arrange favorable changes In terms of long leases which could not be achieved by the corporations directly. It. was believed similar tactics would ho followed In all cities In which Publlx Enterprises owns theater leases. An explanatory statement issued by tho Paramount directors said In part: Statement to Public "Tho corporation lias earnestly striven to obtain voluntary adjustment of rental and other fixed charges and has taken advantage of every available means of attempting to maintain a ratio between fixed charges and receipts approximating that which existed In recent and more prosperous years. , . . Constructive and helpful though these efforts have been, they have been precluded from attaining their ultimate end by the prolongation and acuteness of the depression." Production cost of pictures and salaries of players have been lowered, tho statement wild, but economies failed to compensate for tho decrease In both domestic and foreign revenues brought about by the depression. $166,000,000 Assets Paramount Publlx listed assets of $106,000,000. It consented to the equity receivership petition brought by Uroadway Twentieth Properties, Tn< % ., a California corporation to which Paramount Pnbllx owed $29,16(5. ISnrller three small bondholders had filed a petition for an Involuntary receivership. The directors declared tho company was solvent and said they would contest the Involuntary receivership. Publlx Enterprises listed ussets of $2U,864,07C and liabilities of $41,211,407. PLAN NEW FILM STUDIO VICTORIA, B. C., Jan. 28. (A. P.>— The British-American Films, L,td., with the backing of Victoria business men and Hollywood, Calif., interests, sponsors said, was incorporated here yesterday, with an authorized capital of $600,000. Plans to operate a fully equipped motion picture studio here were announced. Betty Compson, star of "The Barker," "Woman to Woman," "Weary liivor," "Docks of New York," "The Great Gabbo," "On With the Show" and many other features, Is seen for the tlrst time in more than a year In "Guilty or Not Guilty," the thrilling melodrama which, will havu its first showing In Bakersfleld Sunday at the Virginia theater. Others In the cast are Claudia Dell, Tom Douglas, Wheeler Oakman, Luis Albernt and George Irving. Presenting It for one day only, the Virginia today is showing "The Vanishing Frontier," a colorful action picture of the old west. Johnny Mack Brown, the star, Is supported by I5va- lyn Knapp, Za.iu Pitts and Raymond Itatton. VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. -m. 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c Sunday and Monday THEATERS IN RECEIVERSHIP N13W OtlL.KA_NS, Jan. 28. (U. P.)— Saengcr Theaters. Inc., a subsidiary of Paramount-Publlx Corporation, was placed In receivership today by Judge AV. G. Borah In Federal Court, on application of tho parent corporation. Saenger's liabilities were listed as !fM5ii,000. DANCE AT BEARDSLEY TONIGHT Modern and Old-Fashioned Dancing Hornkohl's Orchestra Good Floor "POP" WEABER, Floor Manager Dancing 9 to 1 Admission, Adults, 40c Old Time and Modern Dancing Every Saturday night Rainbow Garden Where They All Oo Juat for Fun Big Free Lunch From 11 to 12 Cash Prizes and Spot Dance Permanent Wave Given Away Every Saturday Night WILSON'S HARMONY BAND Admission, 40c—No Tax LA GRANADA 55c DANCE TONIGHT You Will Enjoy Yourself in Bakertfleld's Ballroom Beautiful QUINN JOHNSON'S LA GRANADA ORCHESTRA Dancing Starts 8:30 Wednesday and Saturday Ladies Free to 9, After 9, 15c G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street TilUm Picture! Ev«ry Dty A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 15c Children Always 10c Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Continuous, Today, Sunday, 1 to 11 TWO BIG FEATURES MAURICE CHEVALIER and JEANETTE MacDONALD in Their Greatest Romantic Roles "Love Me Tonight" And That Dynamic Screen Hero LEE TRACY In "Night Mayor" News and Cartoo.i LAST TIMES TODAY KAY FRANCIS and STAR CAST in "TROUBLE IN PARADISE" Titfrhtry MO* Ftlu Grifi with t«w MO* Love rtATutna COMPSON DELL U. •**>» . Wk^kn OMav First Showing in Bakersfleld Comedy, News, Cartoon » TODAY ONLY Johnny Mack Brown in 'Vanishing Frontier" With Evalyn Knapp, Zasu Pitta. Also "Heroe* of the West," Comedy and Novelty ••••••••••••••••••••••B Bargain Dance! Tonight All Evening Ladies Free of Course Coconut Grove Ballroom Kern County's Finest Floor for Dancing "Duke Kenyon's Band by Popular Demand ••••••••••••••••••••••i RIALTO 3 TO B P. M., I9t; AFTER «. I5t, 25t Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Continuous Saturday, Sunday, TWO BIG°PICTURES Rieardo Cortez, Karen Morley In the Radio Prize Mystery "PHANTOM OF CRESTWOOD" and Dorothy Revler in "Sally of the Subway"' News and Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY RIN-TIN-TIN, Jr. and Ail-Star Human Cast In "Pride of the Legion" APPEARS IN "THE MUMMY" ZITA JOHANN HAS LEADING ROLE IN NILE FILM, SUNDAY T HE producers of the "Phantom of the Opera," "Tho Hunchback of iN'utro Dame" and "Frankenstein," present at the Nile tomorrow, "The Mummy," which critics bollevo. to bo the most unusual picture ever aho,wn on thi! screen. Iilborty magazine's review says, "Whether or not you believe in ve- Inearnalion, you will certainly bo intrigued and thrilled tu your'very marrow by this picture." "The Mummy" reaches back Into the mists of .atilli.ju.ily and uncovers a lovo which existed 3700 years ago in Hie. days of tho '.Egyptian pharaohs, but its main story is modern in background and theme. Uoris Karloff makes his starring debut In this picture.' His mummy is so real, so death-like, that It is al- , most unbelievable. The great makeup artist proves conclusively that ho in supreme In his Hold of characterization. Zita, Johann Is a new exotic actress who will bo remembered for her portrayal. David Manners,. Arthur Byron, Edward Van Sloan and Brain- well Fletcher also handlo dramatic roles. The story is by Nina Putnam, with direction by. Karl Preund and settings by Willy Pbgany. FROZEN TO DEATH QUINCY, Calif., Jan. 28. (U. .P.)— W. ,T. (Jack) Wardlow, GO. prominent Plumas county summer resort owner, was found dead today by a party of searchers one mile from his cabin on tho shores of T^ake Almanor. Ho had been frozen to death. WILL WED YOUNG LASKY NEW YORK, Jan. 28. (U. P.)— Patricia Harper, young scenario writer and art student, returned today, from a curtailed visit to Paris and announced her engagement to Jesse Lasky, Jr., son of tho pioneer motion picture executive. FILE IN BANKRUPTCY WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 28. (U. P.)—The Radlo-Kelth-Orpheum Southern Corporation and the Radlo- Kelth-Orpheum Western Corporation filed petitions of voluntary bankruptcy here today in the United States District Court. JAIL BUS WILDCATTER FRESNO, Jan. 28. (U. P.)—W. B. Loudy of San Francisco was under a B-day jail sentence hero today for admitted operation of "wildcat" stage .between San. Francisco and Fresno. He pleaded guilty in Police Court to the charge. IOX THE AIM CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 STARTING TOMORROW OUT OF THE HEAVENS AND ONTO THE SCEEEN SEE THE BEVERLY HILL BILLIES TODAY AT 3:14 7:17 9:36 NO ADVANCE IN PRICES FflNNICrlURST'S THRILLING DRAMA BASED ON AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE OF THE GREAT BER- TILLON AS REVEALED BV H. A8HTON-WOLFE IN THE AMERICAN WEEKLY. 'nor mm* SECRETS DFTHI FRENCH PDLICE GLEN RICE AND HIS EIGHT ORIGINAL BEVERLY HILL BILLIES ' THE SENSATIONAL ENTERTAIN. ER8 THAT HAVE BROKEN RECORDS AT THE COUNTRY'S LEADING THEATERS. :{ DAYS STARTING TOMORROW .Stuart Erwin, Leila Hyamslj S and All the Stars of Radioland IN A HEART- STIRRING ROMANCE Also Comedy, Cartoon and News LAST TIMES TODAY JOE E. BROWN in "TENDERFOOT" CONTINUOUS. 1:30 TO 11:00 LAST TIMES TODAY Zane "ROBBER'S Grey's ROOST" WITH GEORGE O'BRIEN "Women Won't Tell" With SARAH PADDEN , STARTING TOMORROW The viry /imum you wtuld wrlttin Itr then Imril GfifNOR CHAAlCf FARRtll Laurel and Hardy Comedy

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