Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1955 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 20
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Dial PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Taker .EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD« THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1955 NINETEEN, Oregano Enhances Onion Flavor Here's a trick that will subtly enhance the flavor of boiled onions. Next time you plan Co use them —the siftall white ones, that is— boil them as usual. Meanwhile, melt, 2 tablespoons, of. butter in a saucepan and adcLa pinch ,of dried oregano. , ' . Drain cooked onions, and toss in the melted. : butter; over, -heat, for a minute or -so. When -onions are, coated, tunrihto serving dish and serve hot. Specks of oregano will cling to the onions and give them a flavor that's really distinctive. : Batter Baked Beam Doctor up those, canned, bake beans to give them a homemade taste! Add maple 'syrup; catchup, Worcestershire ^sauce /and; finally diced onion and heat .the beans thoroughly. ,/V,°. • "-.:•? '".'• ".:,-:. Dinner From The Broile Boiler main course: Squares cooked ham or luncheon meat ar put on skewers and broiled alon with:drained canned peaches. Hot ham and peaches '.re basted wit a cup of tfie peach syrup with couple, of tablespoons of lime .1 lemon juice and a dash of nutmeg Next time you prepare a bee and vegetable soup, tie a teaspoo of whole peppers in > piece o cheesecloth and add.- 'Remove th peppercorns ;betore serving. ; FRESH LEAN HOME DREST Pork Shoulder -:';;:,»ib. 33c FRESH -MADE: PonHoss 2, bs 29c /; LEAN SHOULDER Pork Steak i fa 49c CENTER CUT, LEAN Pork Chops it, 59c COUNTRY ' STYLE,; LOOSE Sausage .... ib39c • > PAN. COUNTRY Pudding ..... ib 35c SWISS or SIRLOIN Steak . t :iLADE,.CUT': All KOONTZ FAKAW .PoHl CHOPS lb 35C ,_ DOUBLE BREASTED «'«*"• „ .. .- "b /5C LOCAL, FRISH KILIEDI Boiling B6«f 4 ib. >1 ftOCKINGHAM TENDERIZED HAMS whoi » ° r >hank ha>f •••• ">49c OLD HICKORY COUNTRY SMOKED h -* HAMS «** Ib 44c Al-RITE SLICED Bacon . lb ,*, 35c WEST VIRGINIA.- HOT ^ Sausages „„;,, ia , 89c FRESH MADE Ham Salad )b 59c TENDER YOUNQ. STEER'- Beef Liver , b 29c BAKE YOUR FRUIT CAKE DEL MfaNTE SEEDLESS" Raisins 2 P k 9 , 41c AGROUND Pork Fat.. . ib 39c NEWJ:BLACK WALNUT Kernels )b 89c Also red, gretn and natural.- pineapple, red and green cherries, citron, lemon and orange peel, white raisins, etc. SWIFTS: r-REMIUM SLICED • Bacon lb 59c "IMPORTED SLICEDiSWITZER : Cheese «> 69c 'AMERICAN ; pr ; .PIMENTO: ' Cheese. .. ib 49c SHOULDER. LAMB Roast .. .. ib 49c BLADE CUT—3-lS AVERAGE PORK LOIN ROAST - 29c BLADE CUT FLAVORITE CHUCK ROAST Ib 35c HOME MADEilOOSE SAUER Kraut • • -- 2 »»29c WHOLE - GRAIN ort OtUSHEO LIBBY ; S APRIL ORCHARD" CRANBERRY NEW ENGLISH, " Waliiuts : 2 89c BEECH-NUT COFFEE >» - »»99c LOOSE BULK OYSTERS -89c Fresh, Not Frozen CRAB MEAT, STANTON'S PURE Buckwheat ^ DAINTY DEL Milk 6r.73c DOMINO . i Sugar w * b° ,BETTY:.CROCKER OX' PILLSBURY LARGE FAT HEN ROASTING CHICKENS BELTSVILLE FRESH KILLED TURKEYS bun IOC SMALL GREEN .•;:....Onions .... TINY FRESH Beets bun lOc LARGE WHITE WINTER ' Radishes 2 bun 29c LARGE WOLF-RIVER BAKING Apples 3 ib^ 25c Sfokely's Frozen Foods - Chopp?r| Brprcoji -.. Mixed Vegetables - Peas or _ Pea* & Carrots Black Eye Peas .. Roseport Pies Beef, . Chicken/ Turkey Mix 'em "up . . ..... 41c -." •* for- 89c ITALIAN ' Chestnuts 2 ,b, 35c 'FRESH ' • • . Cranberries box 25c •FRESH" - - : ••• • , ••.-.••'' .•'•• ; -. '-,• Cocqanuts «,K 19c v ' Grapefruit 4 for 29c COYLCBROS.SANITARYMARKET QUALITY FOODS FREE J)ELIYE 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD. DIAL PA4-4360 MARKET^CO. 42 N. CENTRE ST. COOKED SHRIMP COLORED OLEO 5, b ,$1.00 MINCED HAM 3, b , $1.00 WHITE PURE LARD SMOKED HAMS i b 45 PICNIC HAMS :: ib 19c ROUND STEAK . ^ > IB 49« GROUND BEEF r GOOD QUALITY L'•"•.• BEEF— r%f\ A CT NO NECK KUA5T CUTS LB SWISS ROUND SHOULDER BONE LB. SIRLOIN STEAK ib39c PORK Liver ,:i9c FRESH Tongues , b 39c WHITINO Fish 6i bi '1.0(l |/F1ttMIUM Crackers Ib 25c •!A»«iout:i : • •••••'-^i v.'V,'.'^' : Hilk 9^1 COUHTtY STTU CAUSAOC Homemade Scrapple 10-$1.00 Homemade Skinless Wieners MEATY PORK CHOPS PORK STEAK , k «9c MM. FRESH : GALA HAMS «»"i ,=,.,,: FRESH SIDE SUB BACON M39c LINK SAUSAGE ^ t 39c SALT SIDE u. Mary Haworth's Mail Editor's Note: On their first date, boy, 16, asked to kiss her goodnight; Was thU wrong: DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am a girl .15, a sophomore in high school. For a long time I have liked this boy, I shall call him Paul —but he never seemed interested in me, until recently. He is 16 and a member of the junior class. Finally a couple of weeks ago he asked me to a school dance. Of course I accepted. He was very polite and respectful and towards lie end of the evening he asked .if t was permissible for him to put his arm, around me. I said yes; arid then*' when he brought me ipirie, he asked if-he might kiss me "goodnight, and I let him.. ' Since then I nave talked with several-of my girl friends, who tell me, that they think I. shouldn't lave let him kiss me goodnight, although they think his putting an arm around me was all right. Now Paul has asked me out again, and my friends have advis- ;d-me to refuse — because they think he was fresh to kiss me goodnight; on our first date. However, is always very nice to me, and [ like.hinrvery much. Due to. my friends' advice, I am so "confused :hat I don't know what'to do. Should I go out : with him again? Arid do you think I was let :him kiss me on our first date? Also, should I have let him put his arm around me? Please help me with this problem.—N. Y. Careless Talk Is Damaging -> DEAR N. Y,: It is my impression that you are creating a problem out of thin'air. At the time of writing this, letter, a month ago, the •; only "wrong'," thing you had done thus far (in respect to Paul) was; in talking your head "off .to iriehds about him—making an open Dbok'of his every move in relation :o you.. That was a very foolish, jnrnature, and romance-crippling thing to do.. How would^you feel, if you were to learn that Paul had been discussing -you- *freely with his friends? Asking'what they think of your, letting him put an •arm irouhd you, give you a goodnight kiss, etc.?/ Your friends pass rejecting.judg- ment on Paul, saying he acted 'too fresh" and that you shouldn't accept a second date. But what if his friends were appraising you as too' easy"—and 'saying he had better be careful/ and : not get involved. Would you feel'they'had cause? , In talking your first date to shreds with so-called friends — who've proved poor advisers, in my opinion — you weren't canvassing the propriety of your concessions, so much as you were reliving the experience by rehashing the emotional 'highlights. You'just haven't developed'the gumption, and powers' of reserve, to.digest your uncertainties privately. Boy's Attitude • Is Chivalrous What you should have done, if you felt a need of corrective, counsel, was to discuss your dubieties with your mother. Or if you felt yo ucouldn't confide in her. you should have tried some other trustworthy older person. Nobody with good sense approves of careless kissing, of course. But I don't think it is wrong, per se, for a boy and girl who've long known each other favorably (as fellow students and resi- dents of the same community), to kiss in a mood of mutual liking, on a first date. It seems to me that Paul behaved with charming chivalry in asking if he might put an arm about your waist; and in asking permission to kiss you goodnight. He was responding tOjVour heartfelt interest in him (a sincere interest that dates long back)—and at the same time showing respectful concern to please you, , • I am sure you sensed that, before you got all mixed up from talking too much—and began to give heed to almost maliciously bad advice about him. You need an adult, non-competitive confidante, to help you develop moral claritv in the dating field -M. H. . Mary Haworth : counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her. in care of The • .Evening Times. :• . <The Washington :.Post>; ,.: Kitchen tongs turn bacon slices and sausage links nicely. Keep the tongs handy! V. Try Angel Food Ice Cream Cake You can make an ice cream cake at home. Bake an angelfood cake from a packaged mix and cut it into three crosswise layers. Spread two pints of slightly softened ice cream between two'of: the layers. Work fast now and' cover the whole cake with two cups: of whipped cream (sweetened and, vanilla-flavored). Freeze the ice; cream cake and serve with a fruit sauce. Artichokes Served With Bacon Here's an artichoke recipe that's a little different. Three large ones might make a main luncheon dish for three persons. Cut stems and tops off, spread the leaves and remove the chokes from three large artichokes. Divide in quarters, and boil in salted water for'15 minutes. Drain. Fry three slices of Canadian bacon and 2 tablespoons of butter. Remove and dice bacon, and discard all but 2 tablespoons of fat. Blend 2 tablespoons of flour into .. the fat, add a cup of, beef stock, 5 ; arid stir smooth. Salt and pepper taste. . ;, Add artichoke quarters and bacon to this sauce, cover, and sim- f mer for 45 minutes. Strain sauce . and pour over artichoke quarters,, For weight-watchers: a medium- sized banana contains about 95 calories. JAND POULTRY SEASONING •'-•• . for Thai "Hoiic/ay" F/ov.r FRANK TIA * SPICI CO. »» IKIr-K-Dipl.ji: M- Cincinnati 2. Ohio NOW^j COLGATE DENTAL CREAM / confo/ns GARDOL* I "SODIUM N.LAUSOYI \ SAHCOSINATE): c«Sr- ECONOMY; SIZE PERRIN'S MARKET 501 Baltimore Av«. MOXC FLAVOR K YOUR MON€Y! NttMby PIP5I-COLA IOTTLING COMPANY MAI M 4*147* Route 220 - CRESAPTOWN Tender, Juicy T-Bone, Sirlointtr ROUND STEAK... Ib. n, 35c ( 3 IBs. l;00 ) (10tol2lb$) Fresh Brains 2 lbs 29c Prime Rib Roast Beef , b 49c Urge Imported Chestnuts , b . 19c Ibs. Seedless Grapefruit 4 STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS Frtnch Friti or A . Diced Potatoet .... ™ Chopped Broccoli, Mixed Vegetables, Black Eyed Ptat, Peat or Peas and Carroll LEAVE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR HOME- DREST TURKEYS FOR THANKSGIVING SELF SERVICE MKT 412 Virginia Ave. * Free Delivery * Dial PA 4-3260 BACON ENDS AND FRESH IEEF Pieces 5. V $1 Liver 4 * 51 FRESH GROUND ; '. .; .-..'.''••. PURE PORK • . Beef 4.^ $1 Sausage 3"-$1 Center Cut CHUCK ROAST ^ 29c U; S. HO: 1 GRADE "A" POTATOES "* .... Peck ; LARGE JUICY FLORIDA" r RED DEUCioUS '" . Oranges «•• 29e Apples Calif. CARROTS 2 27e bx«.: Armour's MILK 9 c KingnutOLEO | 5 JtLLU (Jello Mold FREE) .. W • •"•• economy size pkg. .. .': ........ Yellow, White, ChocolaU Pillsbury CAKE MIX 4 b ,, 5 1.00 Wilson's -;. : ; : ''. ' .',' • . " V'^';; . : CORMEDBEEF WILKW'S COFFEE lb ;S 99c )PEN UNTIL 8 THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY., ... as you take off the inside gold aluminum foil! Taste How Sweet! Mrs. Filberb's has a Milder, sweeter-naturally! This is Mrs. Filbert's own recipe. And it takes a woman to zip her margarine onto your table so fast it tastes' jresKtr than even most expensive spreads! There's more than one secret to that extra-fresh flavor! First, only the finest,.freshest ingredients go "into Mrs. Filbert's. Each i {unmade golden quarter is wrapped instantly in flavor-tight gold aluminum foil.' There's a protective outside wrapping. But above all, it's so fresh because no other spread gets to your table faster! Just taste it! You'll say that even the highest priced spread—good as it is—can't beat Mrs. Filbert's fresh-made flavor! /». • ' Richer in vitamins! 4 times as much sunshine vitamin D as in the expensive spread. At least 15,000 units of vitamin A in every delicious pound. Spreads smooth, even ice cold. Tonight,; try Mrs. Filbert's. Discover real freshness! ... mildest, sweetest flavor! Only a womtn could make it taste so good! MRS. FILBERTS MMMMNE % : ' l : !•; i

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