The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 28, 1976 · Page 9
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 9

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1976
Page 9
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THEY'RE ALL IN REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES Fergis Fills (Mi.) tanil Hon., June 28,1976 Jfi Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising The DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible for errors in Classified Ads after (tie first insertion. For corrections/ dial 7367513 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. MISC. FARM TRUCKS AUTO-REPAIRS | MACH1NERYOF all klrtft. Traclof pans. Tires, treated posts. Roman FOR SALE U5a*iioofutl link with to W mounted '<n p'chyp. LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanted Any si«. Have out of vat* orders Can pay niShesr CK!C«. Check ow priCH be'cre yoj Mil. 33 years of cfcper.ddbie servxe. Gordon Ne«, H«cicr, fV.irji. 61 2- W 272'. LlST YOUR livestock for cuttom proceis:ng. tilling Mondays, Tuesday ar.d WedrestfavJ. Call Bill V^rtjisoo. Fruxie 736-7016, Lake Region infiiritnw. LIVESTOCK AND horse trailers for sale. ail types in stock. We irade ano finance. We sell corral parvels. Double AA W«tern, 736-2:76. WANTED TO b-jy: Feeder pigs NEdl GooO*in, OsaklS, MV-.n. Ph. FOR SALE: Regisiereo halt AraD'an Palcrrino gekJirg. 5 years o:d. Green C/rAeano spirited. 734 WANTED SPRINGING heifers and tous Also tOTipiete herd* and yo.fW5 cattle. Have out o' si a re orders. Roger • Kraus, Long Pra'ne, 612 7J2-3970 cr 732 2256. WANTED BIG saddle fiorses.. Pa»ir>g tap do 1 , far. Also disabled horses. Paying up to 22c a n. Scger, Long Prairie. 612 732-3970 or 732-?75A. FOR SALE: Tcp Angus bjll* from Err.ilcm. Errr.Ure. and Canadian Colossal breeding. Reasonably pr'ced I ano 2 year o'ds. V.ei Cordes, Her.nir.g, 533-2803. FOR SALE 2 Durcc boars, v/eighl about 250 Ibs. Davtd Meyer, Rcute I, Fergus Falls. 7366337. LIVESTOCK AUCTION Every Y/ednesday at J:00 p.m. Baoy calves, fewer cattle, feeder pigs, sows and boars. Fergus Falls Auction Market, 736-3125. DAIRY EQUIP. DELAVAL DAIRY and Clay Equipment. Sales aivJ service. Jensen Repair. UNIVERSAL PIPELINE milkers, sales dnJ service. Also used eq.' : FmenT. Dou^'as Co- Co-op, Bra-xJon, or Perh*m Co-op O'l, Pern am. v;iNPOWER P.T.O. farm itand-b/ tjeneraiors. For free on the farm analysis write or phone U'en V/ingcwer Service*, Inc., Ulen, Wnn. Ptxr.e 211-596 U26. SURGE DAIRY equipment, »!« service. ContacT us (or all oi your da r ry n«<J5. Henning Suf«e. PATZ BARN ciear.ers and teed ha^flli.ig equipment. FunWwysw Equipment, Ddlton, Minn. Evenings S89-BU2. FOR SALE used CMC 200 mower- cofid-lcfiff. Sew Gehl mo*er- cor.dit oners. Infer state Service. 7347123 Fergus Falls FREE ERECTION on arain Dint. Ch n i! i arson's inc.. Elbow take. FQk SALc new rear fr^ufiT 4 6 and 8 row crop cultivators. Ustd cultivators. Iniersiate Service. 7W 7172 Fergus Fjlls. FOR SALE 15 A-. used swathers, used OAAC 101 conditioner tor MC&I 50 throogn Bl swraiherv Intecitatf Service. 734-7122 Fergus Falls. FOR SALE parts. Our OMC parts depaiimtnt is among the largest in tr.« lerr.tory. See us lor early buyer disco crm. Inters;ate Service. 7W 7122 Fergus Fans. FOR SALE: Augers, farm wagons, utility augers, truck boxes and rwrsts. roller chains, M«1 cnain, ana Ma rings on hand. Sickle reouJ&ng. Jim Britt, Route \. Ferg-^s Fails, M"itnesot». 7M-HW. (32.00 elf new apron price with purcf.aM of Meiroe rebuilt pickup aprons and exchange ot old aprons. Tysdai-Miiler inc. USEDOWATONNABlSwatherwIth condlkxier, verr clean. Versatile 103 swaiher, ready to go. Cwilt Jargon's Inc., Elbow Like. FOR SALE 1958 720 John Deere, standard cab and cab cooler, d,3ls. 5698SS1. 1971 JD 6601; l«fl JD 95 with C35; K6S JD A»Q; 1H 400 with loader; 1 i,«d spray coup*. 716-48S-4387 or FOR SALE: Morris chisel plows, automatic trip shanks, siies amiable ircm IMS feet. Bob Meis, Rouie 5, Fergus Falls. 218- 7M-M36. HYDRAULIC SYSTEMfor trt'Ck or iractor, pjrrp, lank, control and hyd motor and hos«. To b* sold at Ferg-jS Fall? Auction Market on June 33. FOR SALE: H Farmail, good i>« ar.d gcod pa'nt. Jim Bntt. Rout* i, Fergus Falls, Mn- PrtoM 736-M53. 7 FT. Case tractor moww, ws, 4)3. 4316 FOR SALE: IHC lf>3 l?-li. swather. Good condit'on, ccmplett with Wisconsin motor wilh starter. George Schuir, Route 3. Ferg-j.5 falls. Te:ephcne 73A-SI37. FOR SALE John Deere Mod<] 7» iractor with duals and electric starter, good condition. Prone 589- THE WADENA "AIL Crop" SJfj features colored rood, swing plywood doors. Equipment pack«9ft. Call 631-3537 for more inlofmnion and prices. LET'S GO ihe best, both haylage and sjlage. S«c the latest 't\ (eaiures, go Rochester 1 Sito Inc. Call Jor-.nson Repair Shop, FARM BUREAU members — Need lires or baneries? Checker prices first. Phone Elbow lake, M5-4445, yoirT Firestone ana Safemark dealer f\ Elbow Lake. JAMESWAY POWER Choring equipment and parts. Henning Surgt. FOR SALE: Rough hardwood lumber, mi) 3M9551- FOR SALE: 30 8 tool treated fence posts. Two 12 toot Case swath en, good condition. One s:rnjte ro* horse cuitJvaior. One 5 foot horse grass mower. Sylvester He.ikamp. Atooreton, N D. S«06l. <70U 2?* 8261. _______ NEW 197* Dodge pkkups on h*nd. '''7-ton, H-ton, CLuD Cabs end 4- wtietf drlvi models, tm mediate delivery. Ferg M76 GMVC L'.ght at\l medium duty trucks on hand for fmmMfite delivery at Super GMC Trtck Sales, Highway 59 Souih, Fergus Fa^li. _ FOR SAtE 10-foot ulility box for !• ton truck. U?8SS1. 19*9 CHEVY panel tack. New en$:ne. Phone" ?ivZ7B3. _ 1M8 IK Scout 4 wheel drive, 4 cylinder, rr.ecnankaMy excellent, SS.OOO miles, new ti/es, 20 mpg hrgh^ay. Phonf 311 747-2909. 1976 DODGE DIM. 5,000 miles. Like new. Reasonable. 21B 739-M1I. WALVATNE AUTO Repair, _ economy and quality muffler . center. Exfiaust and tailpipe bend'ng- Lifei;m« gu«raniee. Dial 7M321I, 521 West GvstavLrt. SPACIOUS OLDER home with biterest'ng floor Plan. Format cttn'no. room, comtoriatH* tiVng room in tuck. Enclosed porch and secluded backyard. 3 bedrooms and bath up. Super master bedroom! Good loan balance. AVIler Realty, 4\1 N. Friberg. 734 3531 of 7M«li. "SOLD" Thars AVrvwsota West Realty'* fawiie four leiier word. If you want ACTION, call 7362236. TINY HOUSE. TinY price. Total eiKiric. AViier Realty 417 N. LAKESHORE PROPERTY AUTO PARTS SERVICES FOR SALE t*3 bale conveyws, one iS-txtt ar.d one 4?.foot. Call Daltan S67-BUO. FEED-SEED POULTRY FOR SALE Rouen and heavy breed goslings, started or day o'd. te-jie's W^lerfowl Haich.- ery. Route i.Willmar 56201. Pnone (6^2, 335 3379 or (6^2t 335-6535. FOR SALE: Weal lype fryers and rwi-ers, freezer ready, delivered, 75c per Ib Tele^on* noon or even=rgs 739-9134, Harold Cetiler. SAVE ON STARTED PULLETS V-t.: ; e fhe/ last, 500 v*titte egg layer on'ir;. - «eeks old. Still hoicivng giant Cornish Rocks Aeeki .. Ra-ge Hatchery, ir.c.. El taw Ljke. Mrnr.escta £iS31. CONTACT U5 for top prk« on sunflowers, markei grain and K*d. KnappSeed, Foxhorne, Minn. 7393366 or 643S617. SOY PROTEIN for less! Use full energy soybeans in your live-stock rsikmu for a 13 percenl advantage •neHiciency. One lono' full er.ergy Soybeans has an energy value «iual to me comb'ned energy in or-e 1an of commercial soybean rr-eal plus a half-ion of com. FUI Energy Soybeans — todays most econornkai and ht&h performance po!tin. Available now at Farmers Grain and Feed, Erhard, rVVnn. 56534. SPRAYER FOR rent. Cr.emicals for sale. Farmers Gra'n and Feed. Errvard, M : nn. 56534. 6425204. HAY FOR sale. Farmws Grar, and Feed, Erhard, Minn. 843-5308. Glern Rogness, 7M-?*ft6. FOR SALE 66S bales of a'.fa^fd drxl grass hay. Jorin Brcrson. Route 1, Fergus Fa'.is. Phone 549-1*01. FOR SALE: Registered Snobird Millet, very hish yielding. 219-736- A39Q. ASH BY SEPTIC tar* and (arm Ifqgid pit cleaning. Gary Bothun, 5W M40. rOR EXPERT repair on small engines o* all makes, set Verne at Orter Tail Co-op Oils, 203 W. Wasnr.tfon. FRIBERG UPHOLSTERY Srop. MaterFals on hard. 736-7956 or 7399134. EDDIE'S INSULATING Service. The home toamer, also Mown Tnsvlat^n. Phone 73*4743. BERGE'5 CUSTOM UpnoiStery, 22* €. vasa. Phone 736 2929. SEPTIC TANK ptmp'ng. Phone «5-nS8, Julian ToLierud, Underwood, Minnesota. EARN. MORE on yo^r savings at Western Minnesota Savings & Loan Assn. SANDBLASTING, ALL metal surfaces from tricycles to trucks. For yiur refinlstvng call 736-7824. BILL'S PAINTING, specializing m steeples and farm buildings. Airless spray. 736464. WRECKER SERVICE, 24-r.ours, call 739-9940 or 736-6688. Jim's Interstate Standard. ERICKSON'5 SEPTIC pump-ng service, Fergus Falls. Phone 7366290. If no answer call 734-7621. SHOPONWHEELS On the k* service. All types of mechanic and weW^ng services. A to 2 Custom Repa>. SS9-IM8 or 5W- 1114. F & F Furniture Stripping and Ant:q-.-es, U mil* East on 210^-*i mile South, Underwood, M'rji. Phont Shop 126 6WK 826-6(36 or 495-2521. 736-2&12. RADIATORS — HEATERS: Cleaned - Repaired - R scored. JarK's Radiator, Jack Keigel, Mrghway S9 Scrth. 739-2527. FREE HOT LINE Service. Wenave a flireci wYe with over 300 auto- truck ana tractor salvage yards in 7 states. And offer lo* mi:iage drop-in motors to 1973. All makes ar.d sites. Car arvd truck trans missions, car and truck rear en as. Body parts. Dakota's lea ding scrap iron yard. Phillips Fur and Wool Co., Wahpeton, N.D. PERFORMANCE — ECONOMY headers, manifolds, camshafts, carburetors, automatic transmission kits, shifters, wheels, tires, gauges. AM malor brands. Arvm'S Shop, 82i 6133. ' FAST ACTION with Journal Want Ads. VACANT no- frontage cottage and other improvements located on Silver, 1.4 mile North of Battle Lake. m-aiM. BLANCHE LAKE beauty, y*ar- round, all brick bi-ievd home. 2 lovely (irepfaces. 2 bedrooms, barh 4Vi. Miller Realty, 417 H. Friberg, BEAUTIFUL YEAR around lake home on Swan Lake. 3 bedroom, 2 on fsi fi- lol- Call Jensen Realty, 739 3341, or evenings 736-'634 cr 7393505. ' FOR SALE by o*ner: Year around newer three bedroom rambler lake home wim to acres of wooded and open I ar.d. Shown by appo : nlmerit. Call 4953432. Also have 27Vi wooded acreage wiih approximately 700 fe*l of lakestwe wirh creek running through. SWAN LAKE Atiractive S'jmmer home, all modern, rock fireplace with heatilaior, furnis^o. spacious. WHAT IS your home worth? Win- nesota West Realty win give a free sales estimaie. NO "high- pressure." Plenty of ideas to help sell it. Personalized service! Phone 736-2234 now. FOR SALE 3oedroomandden, new carpeting. Completely insulated basement also. Basement paneled ar.d carpeted, large lot and Shade irees. Phone 736-3SI3 alter 6 p.m. "NEW LISTINGS" S-OOOSPACIOUS In beautiful Northland Park, this well kept 6 bdrm. home offers easily arranged liv. rm., formal din. rm., bright kit. with all bull-ins. Added features include 2 fireplaces, Ige. rec. rm., den, screened porch, 2 car garage, HO ft. lake frontage. Call today for snowing. "SQUEAKY CLEAN" This 2 bdrm. rambler is a gem, scaled for pleasant living including built in dishwasher and range, central air, plus and rec. rm. 2 car PLENTY Of PLAY SPACE For younsHers, near MtKioley SUwol, 3 bedroom ram e'er, big Moraoe attic. Mo*n Really. 736««9, or afier bourn 7141 of 4 «SJ. NEED TO SELL BeVe you buy? ftiw l/ade yovrs on this pmty new 3 bedroom rambler, w.ln 2 car garage. Moen Really. 7»«« or after hous 7M4JM or lU-Wl. 1 BEDROOM mobile home in Untferwood School Dislrlct. on on« acre lol w:m FHA approved well and sew H system. Buy as a unit of separately. Moen Realty or Miit Paul! RURALJEWEL Kear Fergus, spotvess 3 bedroom split-level featvres fam'4/ room and 2 car garage, must see to appreciate. Atoen Ruliy, ^ W or afier hours 73* 43S4 or 4*5-2372. REAL ESTATE SALES PRESENT HOME TOO SMALL? Then trade into rni« * bedroom, 2 batn beauty. This split ttvel r«. room, (JrepJace,formsl d.mng and 1 car garage. Moen Really, 736 6969 or afl*r hows 736-4354 or Wf.WO.OO ca'l to inspect it todayl Universal Realty Co , P O. Box TIK. Fargo, North Dakota. Dill n\.r,i-nu icsi ccJiecti AUTOMOBILE? p. A dream at $31,000. BUYZBENT1 Excellent duplex close in. Lge. FOR SALE nke 3 tMroom win. L"™\ apt. down, newly terimj cottage with garaae ano decorated 1 bdrm. apt. up, acreage -on access East Battle private entry. Easy care ex- Like. Pnor.e !343U9. - • ' ELECTRICAL WIRING and vice. BUI'S Electric. 739-2931, ser- CONCRETE, WOOD and steel. We do it all. Estimates upon request. R.D. Field Construction- 734-301}.CARPENTRY WORK: All kinds, rooting, remodeling, additions, kitctiens, lining. Wins Battle Lake or S&-5HH. SCHROEDER BACKHOE Service. Septic tank, drain fields, waterKnes. Call Todd Schroeder, Dalian 5BI191. Fergus 7M71SI. WATK1NS FURNITURE Slripping. Using Bix cold system, 3 « mile East of YMCA Otter Ta:i Lake Road. 7».28!(. DICX'S BACKHOE Service — Excavating, Sewer, Drain a.-,d Field Ti!e InsTallatxMi. Call 73&. 6259, Dick Hanson, Route 4, Fergus Falls. JOHNSON'S TAXIDERMY: SmaH game, birds, fish Banle Lake. Mir.n. PW RUST PREVENTION for your new or near new car w^lh guarantee^ Rultop Corroiloo Proofing at Minnesota Molor Co. 1972 OLDS Deita 88 Royal. Loaded. Will trade. 7«-22», Asnby. 1972 HORNET SST — < door sedan, economical, 6 cylinder, aukxr.atic transmission, 20,800 actual miles, excellent condition. 7JS 2038. FOUR WHEEL drive, 1970 GMC ••Jimmy" — v-8 s-andard trans miss'on. lew mileage, excellent ccndVcn. 736 2038. 1963 ROADRUNNER 383. 390 h.p., '.vr:h fnags BcKiy r.eedi some »o'k, S250. Call 736-3MO. THOMPSON SALES and Service. Ashby. Small town— small dealer - Kg Savings! 717.J2W. ]914 NOVA 6 cyl'ndef. 3 speed, power sjeerrg. 20.000 miles. Will trade. Itl fxa. Ashby. 19« FORD, best olfer. 8M81J6. TWO BRAND new K7S DoCK Dart Swinger 2 door hardtops, slant six engine, automatic transmission, power steer ing, onewith air. Going at ctoseo'j: prices. Fergj^ Dodge. 1»71 OLDS«2(W-30>.lSSV.B.Super power! Will trade. 7<;-77M. Ashby. FOR SALE 1947 German Ford, i door, 4cylinder, front wheel drive, 4 speed transmission, 1900. 7343315. FREE BUS for Minnesota Mo»r customers leaves for downtown Fergus Falis every \S mViutes, 7:30 a.m. !o 9 a.m. and on the hour through 5:00 p.m. 1971 PLYMOUTH Fuiy III. Power steerir.g. power brakes, air conditioned. Clean. To settle esute, 734-3096. FOR SALE: 1977 Hcrn«, 4cylinder, slick, 45.000 actual miles, tlSSO. Call I24.4UO. •49 BONNEV1LLE Wagon, 728 engine, air conc^tion'ng, power w'r.dows, power brakes, power steer'ng and good radial t'res. Engine has been overhauled, cornn'e:e brake [ol3 done recently ana r-.»d r.ew battery, alternator, reg-jlator, starier and sh.ocks. Book value, without tne above refurbishing,saoo. am asking 1700. Call 4S«3. ex:, ia. days. 4-S97I alter 5. LAKE LOTS on Otter, Tall. Ciftrierail, west Battle, Silver, Buchanan. German, Deer, East Batne, Rcr-nd and Tamarac Lakes now for sale. Dale Erks Realty, Box 346, Battle Lake, Minn. 54515. Phone 218864-8116. SECURITY A HOME OF YOUR OWN $22,OM 3 bedroom cabin on CliUterall Lake, nice beach with immediate possess ion. $35,0*0 one-year-old 3 bedroom year around home, electric beat on Stalker Lake. $60. per foot for lakeshore lots on beautiful Clitherall Lake. Your MLS broker PARK REGION REALTY 325WestLmcol!i Phone day or night 218-73S-561S REAL ESTATE- WANTED BUYING OR seU'-ng, see EnSJad- Larson-AAann, Inc. Realtors. Phone 734-7591. WE MIGHT have sold your home today, had we known it was for safe. We need: listings. Miller Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 716-3531 or 7M-7J15. LISTINGS WANTEDL Commercial, farm, houses, A.H. Morrill Co- Real Estate, Sales and Appraising. Phone 736-54M, 403 South Union, Fergus Falls. "CONSIDER IT SOLD" When you Trst your property with Voen Realty. Quick, courteous service since 195i. Moen Realty, 313 W. Lincoln, Fergus Falls, /ta. 73&4M9, or afier hours 736-7141 or 736-43,54. LIST WITH us if you are planning lo sell your properly this summer. Call Joe Jorgenson or Julian Aftorsiad, Joe Jorgenson Really, 736-6903. MLS Realtor. 7elepno.,e 2H-6JJ ml. TOM'S STEAM CARPET CLEANING And Janitorial Service Restoreyourcarpflt to a new finish. Fret estimates. Fergus Falls 736-2596 .FOR SALE: Abocl 700 bdlesof new dl'dlfd. Cond'Tkni ed and pui up withowT rain. 739-929S. Even : n$s And weekends. FOR SALE buckwheat. Irving FOR SALE £» bushtls cob com, e'*v«!or for loading. Call after 6 prr. 218-769.4137. 300 BALES of alfalfa, excellent condition. 7 36-40 U. WOMEN'S WEAR FRESH AN'DFABULOUS SUMMER CLOTHES Update vcw wardrobe at the Clara B. Wn«hl Shop BUILD ON ONE OF THESE CHOICE BUILDING SITES: 4.S wooded acres south of Battle Like .$3.000 terms. 2 acre wooded lots iusl b tods from West Baitte . . .15500 each. 10 acres in Leil Mi. Township, nils, Irees, easy access $5*00 Moen Realty 736-6969 Milt Paulson 864-5892 SEWER PROBLEMS? 34 hour s«rvke for all you*" itwer r.wdi, drain cleaning, septic pumping, new systems. 7M-5580. Oitertail Sewer ar.d Water Servi:*. SEPTIC TANK pumping. Herb Rosud, Greg Bwry. B2S-«« or EXPERIENCED EXTERIOR ixjie painl'tig. Free estimaln. Call aft*r 6. 7W-M01- BARRY'S EXCAVATING. Basements-Sewer 5--Gravei — Landscaping. Underwood ait 6474 or Mame 49S-3M9. CJSTOM BOBCAT end backtxif work, barn clean'mg, excavating, landscaping, sewer systems, garden rilling. Reasonable! c*tl 7364715. NEEDED NOW — 1,000 imprinted qu'Xhly? Ask for our Quick- Print stationary, letterheads, bvs'tnes* cards/ you name Ft. Dial 736-.UW, Secretarial Service, 309 W«st Lir.coln- SAVE SUMMER special — furnace cleaned, checked, X15.00 farm or city. Even-frp. weekends 734-31 M CUSTOM EXCAVATING irr'gatiofl systems, (arrficdpi/ig, sewer anrJ water fx»kup. 736-5SW, Otter! all Sewer and Water Servke. PAINT NG -- FREE esiirrat«. Call atier i. 739 2345. REGULAR READERS *tt Ont T»« Tfcft* OCX Tw* Thrff H 1« .-. 3« H rtn JK 49* - » J » S " "1 t! IB !« , 1 f. V 770 i« • Ill * *" StS Ml U 1J6 J *0 ' KU 7>'}IO'47Q SD N tOI »IO MO „ - - -.' '^ - • :* us ii« . - *• *w »'s "i - ; . : •• ]*J . ! M j JOO «» • 5» « ; l» »» '»1 * 31 ,i 0 315 ' 1» I 31 ' 1» '1S »W , « '• <» *» | ISS ?: IK 3 » 15 IK 3 *S ' yp^Siy^w 11 f M i 1* Sid • 6*6 M ( 143 ; *» [ 1" 37 » i )» us *« » iw '« . in S6 . » | )» : SO ; *M , j 1 J 110 '» | »« j r ,r^i eor ' MCWt ve "' wrl>tri ~ '- fc ** wa '" 3 cort * <tft " v * iw * ff;oni - ^ •* 1963 IMPALA hardtop, automatic, mag wtieeK Also, . exlra mag vrtMis lor salt. 7M-7J17. 6li"THE 30th of June the Wowing cars will be put cpfor aucton: 73 Bulck LeSabre, '71 Chevrolet Caprice, '65 Corvair Monta con- v«r|ibte. AuclHXiwiLI be held at 2H E. Oou^lat starting at 6:30. mi COUGAR XR7. «0 1-t. All Ox gooses. i},000 miles. Our prke «n'l bf beat Will trade, U1-11K, Ashby. 1772 PINTO 2 door, automatic, 46,. 000 actual miles. Phone 73*30«. FOR SALE W71 PlVinauili Ousler.6 cYl-nder. automatic, 57.000 miles. (]l» 3W.MS7. mi PINTO Ruubovl. Mint body. Perfect runnirvQ conditiofl. SKOO. 123« Kortti Marien. 739-JtSl. FOB SALE: 1HO Lincoln Continental. Good conOiiion. R<ns good. SMO or Irvie for Van. Call after 7:00 p.m. )34 X7I Good Used Cars and Pickups Iff! Ford F?» pichp, 3M motor, power brakes, power stetring. 1972 Ford FIDO, 3tt m«t«. mi Furd FIN, 3tt moUr. 1972 Chevy va* 20, lit motor. 1J73 Sporty MavfrtrkMZ, nu« rt«ls and etc. Iff! LTD4 door, power bnkes, power steering, ah-. 1972 LTD 2 door hardtop, power brakes, power steering, air. 1J72 Plymgulb, air, power brakes, p«wer steertig. 1971 Ckevrokt Impala, air, ptwer brakes, power steering. New F2S»-Fia -.Graiada - Mavtrkkt aod LTD 01 ba»L F«r best deal. Cash trtnde HILGflEN FORD Parkers Prairie, Miaaesrta | EQUIP. RENTAL EQUIPMENT RENTALi CttnCnl. corjrBCTors, lawn, garden, painl- ing, decoral'mg. plumb:ng tools, andoffier equipment- Fergus Fattt Rental Center, 73<-n24. BOBCAT RENTAL. Tysdal-M : l[tr Inc. PMne 734-29M. lerior. $23,900 F.H.A. Enslad-Larson- Mann, Inc. 127S.MJU PHONE736-7591 After of (Ice hours call: Vern F. Johnson 136-3050 Rill Returns .- 739-9038 Roger Olson J3f375C HAPPINESS IS Morning col'ee on your balccny overloolcing Hoot LaXe, walkout lower level, fireplace, 2 car garage. Trddt yo--rs on ihis one. Moen Rea'ty, 736W69 or after hours 734-43S4 gr ^ 2272. WHYIZENT? Wtien it'i cheaper to buy this 2 bedroom bungalow, aluminum siding, attached garage, E-2 terms >o qualified people. Mcen Realty, 736-6969 or alter hours 7364354 cr W5-2272. START ADDING 4 bedrooms + 1 baths + new kitchen i formal d^ing + steel siding i a 1 .1 electric -r frcpldce -*2 car garage. ftVjen Realty, 736- 6V69 or afier r.ours 736 *354 or *«• 7272. VJHY LOOK through all the old homes "m Town when you could own a newWaysa-Jhome.We prowkte a complete selection from $20,000 and up. Come down and look at our model home or give us a call. Christiansens Inc., Elbo* LaXe, Minn. 218-663X467. ' PAINT BRUSH and Hammer Special, wim a terrific location. 3 bedrooms, bath and a half. With a little TLC, I'll give you years of comfort and convenience. S1S.WO.W. Miller Realty, 417 N. Fribcrg, 7363531 or 736-651S. COMFORIABLE 2 story 3 bedroom home. Close in. Ne* carpetr.g ar.d decorating. 0* will sell con- jract for deed to qualififd buyer. 116,000.00. Miller Really, 417 N. _Fri&erg. 736-3531 or 734 6515. WE HAVE more buyers than houses. We need list'ngs for 2-34 bedroom homes. For prompt, cwteovs and experienced service give us a call today. Mcen Really, 736 6*69 cr after hours 7367141 cr 7364354. REMODELED PROJECT: 2 bedroom *nih attached garage artd formal tiitvng room, Sl^vOO. Call Jensen Really, 739.3311, or evenings 739-3124 or 7367636. AN OUTSTANDING 4BEDROOMCOCONIAL On a beajifful deadend street, huge wa1k-:n ckisets. Crepiace, Formal dining, den, 2 car garage attached. Veen Realty. 7U-6W or after hours 736-4354 or 495-237}. FOR SALE 3 bedroom rambler. Pfcone 736 3377. MINNESOTA WEST REALTY Beautiful \Vi Slory with 2 bedrooms up and ? flown. Only 12 years old with 1^ baths, large (ot with an excellent location- Oil hot water heat. 6-JJ34 or evenings 6 4SJO OWNER TRANSFERRED, rr.vst s«1L: Like new 3 bedroom all electric rambler, nice tol on o.utet street. Drive by 132! Foothill Court and then call Ron Becker a! M'nnesola West Realty. 7K-2JH or 716.5530. FOR SALE by owner. 4 beoroom modern home, dovble garage, newly painted inside and out, on ? acres, partly wooded, good road, scnool bus by doer, located fn Erdahl. Odin M. Johnson, Route 1, Elbow Late, MN. 2ma-»52. JUST LISTED: Co!/ 1*0 bedroom home. Let us show you Ihis one. Jutt 111.500. Joe Jorgenson Realty, 73*6903. Evenings 736-2113 or 736- •gn. Member MLS. STARTER HOME — 2 bedroom wiih atlached garage ar.d beautiful ECONOMICAL HOUSING, 3 bedrooms, auxleO livinfl **> <rning room. Ma'n flow utility room. Do-Me ssrage. S1S.OOO.OO. Miller HM'.ty. '» N. Friberg. JJ4 ]S3lor)M6SlS __ BUILOING SITE piirt acreage to suit buyer -n Hennlng Scnool district. Dldw * bedroom home m nwd o1 updating, Terms. N.jtn Realty 7M-*Wor Milt Paulson !44 MM. _ LARGE LOT *'.'.» double «ara«e and U' x W rr.ob-le home. Located in small Town, kUal retiremtn! localion. Mom Realty ruatl or Milt Paulson 144 5»«. 5 ACRE *oo<Kd seiiins wiiti w Tially remodeled 3 bedroom home, new healing sysiem, kiT^hen and ba'h, lerms. Woen Realty 7» »«» or Mill Paulson tU yffl. 3 BEDROOMS with walkout uasemenl, 1 acre lot in Underwood area, J19.WO. Moen Realty 734 tw« or Mill Paulscn 8M-S8»3. PARTIALLY WOODEO «0 «ith 3 bedroom home, barn, garage «no machine SMd, Hennina School District, cash or terms. Moen RealtyJ3S6'McyMilt Pajison«*<- itn. __ _ . GET OUT of town for under 121,000. 4 acre farmstead includes 5 bedroom house with ne*ly remodeled kitchen, barn, double garage. ? garden plots and lots ot Iruittrets. Minnesota WMI Realty. ;M !3!» or evening! Judy Bauihley. m-X02. _ NEW HOWE on good fisnkn lake. ElKtric heat, IV? balhs. 100' of sandy beach, can be C.F.D. 29 percent down, call Joe JorgKison Realty, 7M-6903. Everui9s73t-2!l3 . Member MLS. Realty, 7393341. Of efen'ngi 7393505 or 739-3UJ. _^ BEST BUY on. the market! This 4 bedroom is m excellent condition. Look «J the "Itrtle ihings" (hat rr.ake ii a homf: Ind'rect lignling, mitien and bool df yer, his and her closets, leaded glass windows, buill in dishwasher, ail heat. All this can be yours wi!h last possession for $34,500. M r nnesota Wesi Realty, Inc.736-W3«or 6-<J4i. SECURITY A HOME OF YOUR OWN $20,9*0 Large duplex close to the shopping area. $21,000 three bedroom home close to the business district. Could be used as a duplex or a single family dwelling. $37,MO 4 bedroom, split foyer, close to the churches and playground. OFFICE SPACE for RENT H ith off-street parking. Your MLS broker PARK REGION REALTY 325 West Lincoln P'uone day or night 218-738-iMS SOUTHS1DE NEAR school- Well- kept oioer 3 bedroom home. New carolling and remodeling. Lars* garden. 2 car garage. Joe Jorgenson Realty. 734 6M3. Evenings 7M2113 or 7J6-3222. Member MLS. _ OTTER TAIL Lake: 3 bedroom unlirrshed year-round home near golf course. Price is S32.500.00. S« cr call Joe Jorgenson Realty, 736 6903. EvenV.SS 136-1»UOT !3t-3m. Member MLS. _ A.K. W.ORRILL Co. Real Estate, Fergus Falls. Phone 734-S444. Alb:n "Babe" Morrill. FOR COUNTRY living or city lignis - Dynamic Homes. 734 3787, 734 232S. FOR SALE triplex apartment in Asriby. Built in 1971. 2 bedroom tnits. Carpeted, elecirk heat, gas, utility rocm,1riplegarage,n:ce lot, excellent opportunity toeniov Asn- by living wilh built-in r.come. 2 bedroom humecn corner lol at 914 West Stanton.wiih garag«. Nearly new 3 bedroom noir.e, splil foyer, beautifU lot with view overlooking the lake. Attached garage and all- e'ectric. Priced to sell as owner has accepted employment out ot me area. Catl George Healt, 747 2044, 739 2201. The SmedSrtd Agency, Inc. FARMLANDS FOR SALE: 117 acre firm with » tillable. Good 3 bedrocm rambltr home and other buildings. Joe Jorgenson Really, 736-6993. Evenings 7367113 or 734-3322. M«mb«- MLS. FOR SALE: m acres, more or less, witft wetland septic tank. T/i miles Irom blacktop. S2.SOO.OO. Phone 735-921B. il) nold ealty Inc. 800 acres — All open. West of Thief River Falls. Terms Available. 345 acres — Excellent terms. SJOO per acre. 400 acres — 3SS under cultivation. 5275 per acre. Terms. 1600 acres — new 4 bedroom house. Good cattle operation. Terms open. FARMS-RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL Hifhwoy 59 Sovtk-Thief River Fills Phone 481-4571 Jerry Freitag 44S-3WJ YOU WILL NEVER BUY FOR LESS! That's right! There are factory incentives on certain Pintos, Mustangs and Mavericks now through July 4,1976 ON LY!! LET'S TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE DISCOUNTS WHILE WE CAN! BOTH YOU AND US! AFTER JULY 4TH All UNITS WILL BE 'ISO MORE! HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES: 1976 PINTO 2-DOOfl 1976 MAVERICK 4-DOOR Equipped with all standard features including 38 mites per gallon E.P.A. rating. LIST PRICE REGULAR SMALL CAR DISCOUNT PLUS FACTORY DISCOUNT UNTILJULT 4TH $223.00 Automatic, ^cylinder, white walls, power storing, AM radio, tinted glass, heavy duty battery. IISTPRICI $3965.00 REGUUR SMALL CAR DISCOUNT PLUS FACTORY DISCOUNT UNTIL JULY 4TH 1416.00 SALE PRICE BRAND NEW, $ 2895 00 SALE PRKE BRAND NEW, $ 3549°° MANY "MOORE" TO CHOOSE FROM! WHERE CAN YOU GET A BETTER DEAL ON A NEW CAR? THAT'S EASY! YOU CAN'T! THE BEST DEALS IN MINNESOTA ARE AT: BOB MOORE FORD-LINCOLN-MERCURY 326 W. Lincoln • F«rgui Fall* • Phon* 736-7515 Open Wednesday and Thursday nights until 9:00 p.m. and all day Saturday.

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