The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 17
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Businessmen Doubt Congress Will Approve Ike's Budget SAM fiAWSON budget. N*W VOtiK («») - J»fttW«ftt of th« tiimhowtt'i pwpfcal of a bal- Although handled »„ « pe rwQiy aafctf budget fl«*t yew cheers ai, pe**ible, the financing of this bu*lnettmen. But the cheers are 7*«f* 12-Mnioti federal deficit ml*«d trtth doubt* as to its at- can't help but lay the foundation —"~ --' fa further monetary inflation, the up in the cost .t as that other . to* wage-price 'spiral, but will be felt in time. fh* Pfiiidwt'i budget it based Oft two hopei: ^-.TJ — 1, That Congress won't spend ** [ IvlB * «• more than hi asks and will raise postal rates and the gasoline tax *S u.9 Wwfltvt *• v»w «. * wivreiib * ^VEU IV Hldrt t, That th* -bualnesi recovery 1! th * bud *^ .*• balanced at a low- wiU proceed faster M tax cohee. «"""««« than first expected, that Uons on Individual Incomes and woiuld m * snr corporate earnings will furnish the .* ve1 ^ Ut/tr * Christmas to you Tt billion dollars he needs to avoid au ' the deficit. Budget Is Heady The federal budget is always eagerly awaited by, business because it indicates what may hap. pen along several lines: 1. Whether taxes will go up or down, and what taxes are involved. f. How much the government E£??. to nf*i? d ' Md ^ Wh8t WASHINGTON wy-x-nwaem, industries will have a chance to Eisenhower used the occasion ofl get part of that money and how much. I. And whether another federal deficit is in the making to add still further to the- inflationary pressures that in the past have eroded the purchasing power of the dollar. Congress Unfriendly. Many businessmen, like many •ongressmen, doubt that the new Congress will be in the mood to out b»ck government spending. And some industries hope that the cuU won't bo mad* in spending for their products. A higher postal rate will coot •vtryon* money. A higher gasoline tax will effect most businesses •s well as individuals — and won't please th* oil industry. Many businessmen doubt If Congress will w»to either. . ' To ioereaf* rmnu** as the *»re«ident's budget estimates would mean * rise In personal income total* next year*of about T billion dollars and « gain in in- eorporaU earnings of from U to 14 billion dollars. Mep Up Pstee present pee* of th* near. err would have to be stepped up if these goals are met, according ta> nany *eonomista. Legal Notice VOTICI Or BKARINO ON PITITION FOR ADOPTION •TATI OI* MINNESOTA, County «f Ueunr—tt Jo. DUtrtct Court, Four- . JudteUl DUtrtct. Petition of Auwllo O»rc!» - tonl* Ctanl*. bl« wite, to «0opt Dt. To lUiy Lou Afullmr. WotiM t* hV»by fl UMtnc on tbo p«UUon of Au«rllo OM«I» «nd AntonU O*rcl». hU wife, to adopt OtlorM A«uH»r wlU b* h»d b*for» tli* »boT« &»m*d court at the Uowwr County Ooun ROUM in the Qlty of Auotln. County of Mower. •teto of MlnnoMU, on J«BUMT 10. 1»M, at 9:30 o'clock AiL DaUd NoT«mb«r. 1»M. mANO. mXRENOARTEN * HOVXH- •TBf Attcrnoy* for MUttonm WkllMO BUlldiAf Aurtln, XUnuMOta _ DM. M. W, t( Legal Notice QBDER rbm REARING AMU SUMMONS VTATI Of MINNESOTA. County of in Juv«nll« Court . tbo Matter of Unda Lou Hol *at« aad MylTla Ana Holfato, D«p«n- d»nl and Netltctod Children. TBK STATE OF MINNESOTA, TO Botty lou Knifer, mother of Mid children; and Mr. and Mm. Goorse VolfaM, QREETINQ: WHEtEAS. A verified petition hu iMen filed In thla Court aUeglng. amonc other tnlno, that the aboTe named ehldren are dependent and rr IS ORDERED. That a h«arlni b* had on said petition before this Court la the Probate Court Room, In the Court Housa In Austin. Minnesota, on >u uu> nusun u*uy neraia ana January 12th. 1050, at 1:30 o'clock In mailed notice as provided bT Law tho afternoon, and that notice of this Dat«ii r>«™»mK.,. ->i^^ <»» Order and Summons and of the fact "that in the event tho Court maXes a * mu»v. juu g « final order of commitment the chll- (PROBATE COURT SEAL) dren shall be subject to adoption and, In ease of proceeding* to adopt the children, no notice ne*d be given the parent*," shall be given to the per- »!»&•, m »ons above named by the service of File No. 11608 this order upon each of them who reold* within this Count]', personally, and upon the others, by mall, accord- Ing to law. NOW, THBRKTORl!. TOO, Betty Lou Kruger, mother of said children; and Mr. and Mrs. George Holgate ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND COMMANDED to appear in Court with said children at the tuns above stated. Dated December 15th, IMS. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Judge (OOTTRT 6EAL) DM. 17. J4. 31 Legal Notice ORDEK FOB HEARING ON FIN At ACCOUNT AND PITITION FOE DISTRIBUTION STTATB Or MINNESOTA. Count? OJ Uower—w. In Probat* noun In Re Estate of Anna Ma; Bansom. Decedent. The representative of the above named estate having filed hU final account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for distribution tn the persons thereunto entitled; Bat fiofifc qo«f fels With the ideal Patience Wins Baffle With - . .- '• : * t Messy later fhe dther dfly Mrs. ' Jones showed her neighbor- a picture of a toddler who had spilled his dinner all over himself, his high chair Ike Lights Tree; Pledges Peace in Ceremony and his rorner nf t.1i« Jiifchfn. "Is-'objects like small halls and blocks, j time n't it the truth," she exclaim j But, holding a spoon is more com over, ed. "My Jimmy who's three eats'plicated. Well up into ttre second I Will neighbor, And (hen he has to sta.t third year are busy exploring and'is th* child whose mother knows getting acquainted with many thflt if " chiM ia permitted t cer- things, the youngster may find !f ln *™f*| °* m * 8 « ln » « «"• «,«!««*. •« J «*..1 »,- time th «* Mrcowfltattlon i* ft* By the third year, most chil- to learn to eat Mrs. Kelly, agreed. Her Patsy, 2 J /4, was also a messy eater. . For these mothers and others with similar problems, studies of how children learn to handle knives and forks may be helpful. At 15 mouths, many children can grasp AUSTIN (Minn.) HEftAlD Wwlrrttday, OK. K'« « ,**** « me te «. , m Woneru me to ex- an overhand fist grip. Many pick the way their mothers have en-jplore. Many a child is fascinated tf 1trt flW6i/)4k rtsvHrn ^t^MVi t<t*A» I*M*»A ! *,*.*.A*.^*. iL.-.-a i_ .•*. ks •*&*.. .. . .. • *..• ... .- . >^ .-•<.. it up upside Then they a real problem figuring out how lo turn if ever to gel the food on top of it. it's also Quite a problem for a 2-yeaf-old to keep the spoon right side tip. His wrist seems to turn over at the wrong lighting th* national Christmas i tree Tuesday night to pledge again that the United States wants peace, not war. "The people of the United States j do not wish to enslave or control! any other nation or any other peo-! pie,'! Eisenhower said in a brief address. "The United States wil never use its strength to break the peace." Eisenhower made no reference to hia earlier Christmas wish of "peace on earth and good will to men everywhere" as recorded and broadcast from the Atlas satellite last week. But he said that Christmas message, not limited to this nation or the free world, "is a universal, divine spark that lights th* *oul of mankind." A crowd of 7.MO persons watched u he spoke and then pushed a button to set aglow the 7,000 lights on a giant spruce tree erected in * park near the White House. A gentle rain fell during the hall-hour ceremony, Santa Knows Way Afftr 103 Years DENVER (AJ>) — ganta Claus doesn't have to be told how to find Mr*. Anna Bolljg's chimney. He's been climbing down it for 103 years. Mrs. Bollig win observ* her lOSnl birthday Christina* Day. She was born of German parent* in Graff, Russia, Dec. 25, 1855. She is a widow and lives with a grandson. If it* your 15th wedding anniversary, the gift for your wife something coral. Rubies match up nicely with coral. Legal Notice OIUWBI FOB BKARINO ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PBTHION FOB __ DISTRIBUTION. 3TAT1 OF MINNESOTA. County ot Mow .**^Ji ln P* 0 "** court In IU Bstat* of Nlcholaa Majerue, jlao known M Nick Majerue. Deee- The representative of the above named eotate havlnf filed her final account and petition- for settlemen- and allowance thereof and for dls- '"outlon to the person* thereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 20th day of January, 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court lit the probate court •oom In the court house In Austin Minnesota, and that notice hereof >e given by publication ot this order 1n the Austin Dally Herald and by JOTTER at BABOOCK Attorneys for Petitioner. 316 E. Main 6t. Anoka. Minnesota. Dec. 24, si. Jan. 1 Legal Notice ORDER FOR HKARINQ AND SUMMONS STATE OF MINNEOSTA, County ol Mower-HM. In Juvenile Court Th * Matt « o' Donna Marie Kru- euircuv BUU «egiecteci unimren. i THE STATE OF MINNESOTA, TO I Kenneth Kruger and Betty LOU Kru-! jer. parents of aald children, and! Cetha Burnett, GREETING: ! WHEREAS. A verified petition has I en mtA , u thu Court al)eglng | among other things, that the above | named children are dependent and i neglected, i IT IB ORDERED, That a hearing be! had on said petition before this Court' In the Probate Court Room. In the Court House In Austin, Minnesota, on the 12th day of January. 1959. at 1:30 o clock In the afternoon, and that notice of this Order and Summons and of the fact "that In the event the! Court makes a final order of commit-1 ment the children shall be subject to! adoption and. In case of proceedings: to adopt the children, no notice need utiea; ( " ttuupv mo cnuaren, no notice need IT 18 ORDERED That the hearing be given, the parents," shall be given thereof be had on the 20th day of to the persons above named by the lHOTW/1 U0 JUkU wa Wl^ «vutl uaj "* January 1659, at 10 o'clock A. M., bafore this Court In the probate court room In the court house In Austin. Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order in the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice at provided by law. Dated December 22nd. 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate' Judge. (PROBATE COURT BEAU B. A. DUNNETTE Attorney for Petitioner. Austin. Minnesota FUe No. 11TI7 Dec. 24. 31. Jan. 7 service of this order upon each of them who reside within.this County,! personally, and upon the others, bv; mall, according to law. NOW. THEREFORE, YOU. Kenneth! Kruger and B«Uy Lou Kruger, parents' of said children, and Cetha Harriett,! ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND 1 COMMANDED to appear in Court with said children at the time above 1 stated. Dated December 15th. 1958. PAUL KIMBALL. JR. Judge (COURT SEAL) Dec. IT, 24, 31 Legal Notice ORDER FOB HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION STATE OF MINNESOTA. County ol Mower—M. tn Probate Court In Re Estate of Isabel Mary Ryther, Decedent. The representative ot th* above named estate ha ring filed bis fina! account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for distribution to th* persons th«r*unto entitled; IT IS ORDERED. That th* bearing 11 ia UKUOKBU, Tnat tne neanag thereof be had on the Idth day of I thereof be had ou the 5th day of January, 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M.,' Jaiumrs'. 1959. at 10 o'clock A. M., Legal Notice ORDER FOB BEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOB DISTRIBUTION STATE OF MINNESOTA, County ot Mower—ss. in Probate Court In Re Estate of Leo Meyer, Decedent. The representative of th* above named estate having filed bis final account and petition for aettlemeut and Allowance thereof and font distribution to the person* thereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the bearing tf All LIUA J i iWV, «»V *v v *--w** *». -—-i Uefor* this Court in the probate court room in the court house In Austin. bilune*>ts. and that notice hereof bo given by publication of this order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as prorlded by lav. Doted December 30th. 1858. PAUL KIMBALL. JK. Probate Judge i PROBATE COURT SEAL) WALLACE C. 8IEB Attorney (of Petition** Austin. Minnesota vc»u ttti.* 3 , t m\*a, u v i\j v VAVSVA n. i**,, < before ibis Court In the probate court! room In the joun house In Austin ' Minnesota, «nd th»t notice hereof be glveo by publication ot tnls order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by l»w. Dated December 8th. 1958. PAUL KUJBALU JR. Probate Judge 'PROBATE COURT SEAL) PHILIP RICttARDSON Attorney for Petition** Austin, Mluaeooto ^ K °- U7U »» » n, M coufage them to do It. the tod dler needs Another's patient encouragement and understanding if he is to learn simple habits such as washing first, taking medium- sized tnouthsful and not spilling, , Because most children during the with the smooth texture of tomato soup, the crunch of com flakes, the cold feeling of ice cream, and the roughness of i cookie. A youngster may smear all of these things together, along with his milk, a« he experiments. Lucky turally faulty, he will this habit more readily if his ability to eat more efficiently improves, institute of Child welfare. University of Minnesota. Spain became a republic lit 1931 as King Alfonso fled the coun- t*Vt * DES MOWES (H - V. Li« Mffllft dljrtrict dfmtflf «f ft* Internal Ret emu fiwifii, liN Monday * alt f«det«l Il% fttfftt into effect Jan. i which Itritf ftt annual tat of f 10 oa eieli amaae. ment device and (2M Ml «If h device. ASK AIOUT OUR WRITTEN GUARANTEE I CLEAN Got to clear these famous GOODYEAR TIRES BEFORE JANUARY 1st! 7:10x15 $1 /195* 6:00x16 $1195 6:70x15 $1*>95 *BLACK WALL TUBE TYPE PLUS TAX AND RECAPPABLE TIRE IF YOU DRIVE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PRE-1957 CARS, YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THIS TREMENDOUS TIRE SALE! O FORD O CHEVROLET • NASH • STUDEBAKER O BUICK O DODGE MERCURY O PONTIAC HURRY-WE'LL SELL OUT QUICK! We Will Take Inventory January 1st.. * Warehouse Space Must Be Available. ALL SIZES AND TYPES MUST GO! 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