Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1955 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 19
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t -EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for s WANT AD Ttktr Cooked Salad Dressing Made Easily Apple Wedges .ingredients: 2 tablespoons flour, •y'l: tablespoon sugar, l teaspoon • «altpl teaspoon dry mustard, 2 • eggs;' 1 cup milk, V* cup cider .'• vinegar, 1 tablespoon butler or margarine, V* teaspoon celery . seed.. Method: Stir flour, sugar, salt and.mustard together thoroughly in t6j>,part of double boiler. Add '••mill;./ gradually, stirring until smooth after each addition; add eggs; beat with long-handled two 1 lined fork until combined with other ingredients. Stir in vinegar a teaspoon at a time. Cook over •' simmering (not boiling) water, -stirring constantly until thickened—this will take 15 or 20 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in butter. FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX gives you DOUGH TO SPARE ,..and at no extra cost! .OKIjY FLAKO .gives- YOU 10 full ounces in every package.. The exclusive extra, ounce tEat eliminates tiresome stretching "arid " patching, guarantees flaJcy tender, flavor- rich MAN SIZED pies with dough to^ spare I For the biggest, easiest, best-tasting pies you ever baked. SPECIAL OFFER! -Embroidery and .Sewing Scissors f Rf i when you "order this outstanding MOTHIR-DAUGHTIR $«00 SHEAR SIT ... Only I tb;ok for complete details on the Bide panel of every extra-measure package Of famous.FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX. Baked In Hash It's a brand new idea. So good, too. Use corned beef hash as stuffing in big baking apples. A fine idea for Sunday brunch, or for any cool night's supper. Tavern Baked Apples 1 Ib. corned beef hash % cup flour 4 large apples Combine hash and flour; mix well. Divide hash into 4 equal portions 'and shape into balls. Core do not pare; cut -into Press wedges, jinto, hash apples; sixths. balls. Set on rack in baking pan over dot water. Bake in moderate oven, 375 degrees, about 40 minutes, -or until apples'are" tender. Top each with spoonful of chutney. Assignment: America Nita Naldi Says Vamp Returning But Film Censorship Worries Her (K*g. U. S. Pat. Oft.) : By PHYLLIS IATTELLE ; NEW YORK — (INS) — Slit your eyes, honey, and take a tight grip on your jnan. The age of the "Vamp" is coming back. Nita Naldi jusf slithered into town and said so. And being an old vamp herself (in experience, we mean), Nita Xnovvs.. "Definitely, there's a revival coming," she said, nervously gliding around her hotel room. "Dior is showing vamp-couture clothes, Broadway has a new musical call- I Mrs* Filbert's Salad Pressing 100% nature's own! Stands high-not stiff! Tastes lively .... .. -not It bursts Into flavor- became nothing in Mr i. Filbert*! holds that good flavor back! You get Mrs. Filbert's own. boiled dressing, rich with eggs, , zesty with natural spices. Everything in, Mrs. Filbert's recipe is 100% nature's own ! That's why there's no'flat, : : starchy or synthetic taste — 'it's lively flavor, through ind'through ! It swirls higher for- prettier salads. Smoother, _. richer — blends easier, goes farther ! -"•--•For new flavor that's'*// flavor, discover Mrs. Filbert's delicious new Salad Dressing —today! Mr.. M.V. Fllb.rt only a woman could make it so good 1 ... .. ..""I "w" CLOROX-clean linens look so !ovely...and they protect health! CLOROX makes linens morethmwhfr ^MHHp^BHMHHBMBBMBte. •^••'•^••••••••k VHMHMMM"^^^' it makes them wiiterv, too! Clorox-cltan lintns distinguish a (ORsiiltrat* hostess. Thty'r* lovily to look at..'. sift t* vsi. For Clorox rially whittns... it rtmovts dinginiss and stains, ovon scorch and miMtw. And Clorox provides addtd btalth prattctioM ... no othir homo lavndtring product o^vals Clorox in form-killing •fficioncyl Clorox is extra genlle fo your finejt whit* ond color-fast cottoni and linens... for, thanks to an exclusive patented formulo, it'* free from caustic. And Clorox, a liquid, contains no gritty particles to damage your wash, washer or dryer. Important, too: Clorox deodorize^.. *o your wash smells sunshine-fresh, even when dried indoor*! IOROX You'll •njoy inviting gut»t* into your CLOROX-tleon kitchtn! A Clorox-cleon kilchtn !i enelS«r Iribute to your houitkitplng... a further proltc!ion to htollh. For, In roiilin»cleoning,Cloro»dtoder^i«. rtmovet slaini.,. and, bttt of oil ... providti a typt of dlilnftetlort rtcommtndtd by public htallh Outhorilif i, S»» lobil dirtclloni for th« many wayt Clorox ran h*t» y«v. - * Qomx-cTetm w»«h! J.ftwwy-wkll* (i •»•«... Ctoroi nmmt p*f »m/iTlte«r tinfinrtt. Irlfkl /•>( c<.Jor»,..Cte»» iMavn irullinf I IIK • <#) Zesly Stuffed Celery Add celery salt and Worcestershire sauce to a jar of blue cheese spread; use as a stuffing for small wedges of •• celery. - Good served with tomato juice.' .•;,*•• Add celery salt and Worcestershire sauce to a jar of blue cheese spread; use as a stuffing for small wedges of celery. Good served with tomato juice. •:•',.• ed 'The Vamp.' And there's just a sort of slinkiness in the air, don't you. think?"" But one thing worries her. -The censorship. There was no such word in the good old 'twenties, and !\ 7 ita feels .it will cramp/vamps' styles.-. ' . "If you ask me—you did ask me, didn't you, dear?—no woman can expected^to vamp competently if she's going to have to be refined about it." .... , : . • .'••• Miss'Naldi, believed to be the third best vamp of her day, siiper- slurik only by Theda Bara and Pola Negri, claims that it's not an easy business. "You can never walk, you always must slither or glide," she says, "and you don't talk; you say.what must be said with your hands and eyes." On screen, she spent almost an hour, once, saying "maybe." "Maybe," .she 'claims, "takes more slithering than a flat yes or no." Miss Naldi, still sultry when she's wearing the proper make-up, is in ' town to coach Miss Carol Charming, the star of the new musical comedy about the silent films of her heyday. She is glad that the musiqal "spoofs" the vamp period, rather than glorifying it because it was riot a very comfortable era in her life. ' ' • • < "We. vamps were always embarrassed to be taking women away from .their husbands, in movie after movie. And I, for one, got incredibly tired of kissing peopled Why, without censors, a kiss could last forever. ; And when you kiss someone you scarcely know for a great length of ..time, it .is just — well, you can't imagine. how tedious!". . . ••..'•'. Miss Naldi says she .was. a show-girl for John Murray Anderson in New York when she was first approached b'y Fox in Hollywood, to make film, in .which she would be called upon to vamp. "I turned it down, darling, 'because they offered me $75. Imagine, $75 for all that eye-rolling, when dear Andy paid me' $300 just to stand there and smile." in .the middle of the bathtub gin period, however, she succumbed tor more money and went to the coast to become a .budding vamp. At first, she was not* a tremendous success. Too wide-eyed. : • But she quickly got the knack of it. "We all had something in common besides vamping all over Lhe place," she remembers now. "We were all blind as bats. Why, Theda couldn't see a foot ahead of her and poor, dear old Rudy (Valentino) groped his way :hrough most of the love scenes. . 'It was those aluminum refle'c- :ors they used to get extra light "rom the sun. You may have :hought vamps purposely had an Oriental look, but that's nonsense. "We were just squinting." Miss Naldi says she does not think the vamps ,of 1956 will be quite so wicked-looking as those of 30 years ago. But inherently they will be more dangerous, because women have picked up more wiles and dainty deceits. She sums it up like so: "Old-time vamps used to roll ;heir eyes entertainingly. Now ;hey. eye their roles seriously." • Cover Milk And Eggs Milk absorbs odors readily; so do eggs. Keep refrigerated milk and eggs covered. Never wash eggs before storing. Tip for good .cooks: Next time you are topping a cake or pie with walnut halves, brown the nuts lightly in a little butter before using as the garnish. Fresh From the Farm FRUITS 4 VEGETABLES TOLL GATE FRUIT MARKET Route 40 West Past La Vole Optn Evtr,y Day from 9 til 9 WUGUESTSarrive Yew* ta Imry ANEW CREATION v. ! ' BIG BOY BREAD On Sd« Af'YMirUcel lnd!tt«ndittil 6 A rf^vvcf •? McMfyrM THE FINEST TURKEYS AVAILABLE WILL BE AT THE PUBLIC SERVICE ALL GRANTSVILLE TURKEYS • FRESH KILLED • FULL DRESSED e READY FOR THE OVEN • LOWEST PRICES PHONE Cumberland PA 4-0600 . Cresaptown PA 2-5212 YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE at the PUBLIC SERVICE) FLOUR PILLSBURY'S or GOLD MEDAL DOMINO SUGAR NEW PACK ..... CRISCO 3-lb. can 87c PUBLIC PRIDE SALAD DRESSING 5t39c TASTY GOOD CHEESE 2B !. 67c PURE BLACK PEPPER ^ 79c ALASKA SALMON IHSTAHT COFFEE 2£;89c PUBLIC PRIDE OLEO 2 ::, 39c Family Brand COFFEE Bog 65C EARLY JUNE PEAS 2 _25c TUXEDO TUNA 2 „„. 43c " ARMOUR'S MILK 9 „ J1.00 CRUSHED Pineapple 5 can ,1.00 WILSON'S CHOPPED BEEF SOFTEE TOILET TISSUES TENDER ROUND STEAKS 49c "" ARMOUR'S STAR or SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAMS 47 C IB. FRESH ROASTING CHICKENS Tender Rump Roast .... ib 39c Veal Shoulder Chops .. m 37c Pork Shoulder Steak .. m 39c Fresh Spare Ribs ........ ib 39c Smoked Sausage ...... ib 39c Skinless Franks .. ib 39c Popped Pork SLICED .:...... H> 39c JUICY Tenderloin Steaks ib 43c Tender Club Steaks .... m 33c Juicy Sirloin Steaks .. », 33c Pan Liver Pudding ...... ib 29c Minced Luncheon ..... . n, 29c ARMOUR'S CRESCENT SLICED .BACON •3.-.*, 89c PURE PORK Sausage BAIT BEEF LIVER 4 - 1,00 LEAN -CHUCK ROAST 29c »> GARDEN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PRICED LOW , HMd Lettuce. ..2 f. r 29c Maryland Sw**t Potatoes . 4 lb ,25c Lars* California . Celery .....:.... ^H, 29c D«lic!au< .Apples ....... s.ib b., 39c JUICY FLA. Oraiges SEEDLESS G-fruit 25c larg* Purl Whil» Ca'flower 29c SMALL CHARGI 1MOUR SERViCt PUBLIC SERYIC OOD MARKET 76 N CEOBCF STRFET AND CRESAPTOWN PHONE ORDERS CALL CUMI. PA-4 0400 CSPTN ?A-2 1211

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