Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 17, 1970 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1970
Page 6
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•Junior Editor Quiz on- SEWING THE FIRST surr OF CLOTHES IX THE QUESTION. When was sewing with a needle first invented? ANSWER: It was a chilly afternoon in cave man country somewhere in Europe. Time? About 50,000 B.C. in what's called the Upper Stone Age. A cave-father wishing he could keep his family warmer in the cold weather, had a great idea as he gnaws an animal bone. There were scraps of animal hide laying around. Why couldn't they be joined together. He started grinding down the bone until one end was sharply pointed (2), drilled a hole in the other end (3), poked a strip of sinew through the hole (4), and showed the whole contraption to smart Mrs. cave man. She instantly picked up the idea and got to work. Result, (main picture), she concocted a suit of hide clothes for her son, crudely sewn, of course, but sewn together just the same. Something like that must have happened, because actual bone needles from this period have been found, with holes in one end. With the discovery of firemaking, of stone tools and weapons and this one of sewing clothes, men living in cold climates had found a way to master their environment, (Lisa Fonetnot of Elton, La., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook of your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY By Kate Osann "I'm losing my tnthuiiasm for airplane travel—I guess it's because I can't speak Spanish or Arabic!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Of course I want you in the picture, dear! I need you for scale comparison!" CAPTAIN EASY Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics OUT OUR WAY By NIG C6CHRAN Tuesday, Noxember 17, 1970 Scrambler Anjwer fo Previous Puizle ACROSS I I Kind of English china 5 Tribunals 9 Babylonian earth god 12 Hunting dog (archaic) 13 Region, • . .14 Exist i 15 Serpentlike ' 17 Falsehood (18 Plied with medication. '19 Slight 21 Anatomical plexus 23 Caviar, for" instance 24 Certain •railways (coll.) 27 Female relative 29 Low-lying valley (poet.) 32 Recollect 34 Northwestern state 36 Reluctant . 37 Act of voting 38 Large marine fish 39 Blemish 41 Uncle (dial.) 42 Large cask 44 Hodgepodge 46 Set at liberty 49 Niter (comb. form) 53 Be indebted for 54 Certain • engravings 56 In the middle (comb, form; var.) 57 Son of Eric •the Red 58 Redact 59 Bitter vetch. GO Denomination 61 Remove 1 Wandering minstrel 2 Margarine 3 Snoozes 4 Penetrate 5 French dance fi Ascended 7 Genuine 8 More rational 9 U.S. national bird (2 words) 10 Iroquoian. Indian 11 Sly look 1G Standards of perfection, 20 Fictitious prose tale 22 Bulrushes 24 Epochal 25 Jacob's son (Bib.) 26 Odorless 28 Irtish tributary • 30 Come into sight 31 Grafted (her.) 33 Dispute (with) 35 Classificatioa 40 Pertaining to a versifier 43 Brads 45 Lubricated: 46 Italian city 47 Widemouthed- pitcher 48 Dirk 50 Ocean movement 51 Vex 52 Bone (comb, form) 55 Astern (nautical) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Our collection this morning will go to the relief of those members who lost hubcaps while attending Wednesday's prayer meeting!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL HMMMi HEART SOUNDS OKAYi PULSE IS NORMAL! OKAY, ROSCOE, BRIM& IN MY REPORT) By CROOKS & LAWRENCE YPU'tJ, NBVBR PINP "HOT5HOT 1 HARRY' 1 JACK00N,,.HE? PIBP PUANB CRA^H WEAK CHICAGO- PUT I'LL £EB / NOT UK11-E55 CAW FINP OUT.,./VOU KNOW WEUU.MOW. v THEKE'^ THI^ POLICE MAYBE 1 P0», TYPE WHO LEFT TUB FORCB RECBNTLY- TAKg^ OPPMLL r CAN / PRIVATE EYB WHO COULP HELf MB PIMP A UTTL& GIRL'5 ROCKING ALL VOL) IP.' THEM LIME THAT STICK TIPS DUMPS THE ^ARBAfi UP TO THE HOUSE LdT5 OF STEPS YOU'LL SAVE ME LOTS OF STEPS. RIOHTNOW.WHEM y<DJJ MARCH OUT AMP PUT THAT WHOLE Rl<5 IMTHECAM-eO/ LOVE'S LABOR LOST OUR IOARDINQ HOUSI . . . wlrn . . . MAJOR HOOHt "**tn rv AP-E >fc>U DIP ->t?U(2 F\MA.LL-y iSHUT OFF VOUP2 CREP1T •? X TIME- HE you A. HMPCLTT, we WA^S TME OME e-crr ~^S' \COUUP FIMP A SPOT SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL MAKE SURL PRAWBRIP&E DOUBLE ANP GET TM£ BOIUNIG OIL VOUP£ EXPECTING 1H6 HUNS, THE FI.INTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA PRISCILLA'S POP '—f DID VOU ENJOY VDUR SURPRISE LUMCM By AL VERMEER WHAT'S SURPRISING ABOUT A MASHED, POTATO SANDWICH' YOU DIDN'T NOTICE THE ALLEY OOP I GUESS IT'S ALL) NOW,NOW PET, \ OH, I'D \THEN WAIT HERE OVER, UMPA...TH' / WEVE STILL SOT FORGOTTEN \ AWD PLL fllr ...HOW ABOUT NO THANkS,UMPA PARTY, TH PRESENTS, EVERYTHIN3.' By V. T. HAMLIN LET'S SEE "\ JUST A NOW...M\vi, MOMENT, THIS LOOKS / YOUR eOOD... / HIGHNESS! WINTHROP / UH-HUH... I'M I <30)NQTDBE V A TEACHER. HAVE VEO DECIDED WHAT YOU WANT TO UP, CINDV? By DICK CAVALLI C VOL) Q\N CONSIDER OJR ENGAGEMENT' cAUA,U-L-{ FRECKLES (5 EATlMQ USOUf OP MOUS& CAN \Afe0ErWD OF By HENRY FORMHALS MASH IS PRETf/ THIN), wirnour MUCM BOP/ TO ir, Bur Youu &Mjoy .EA.TJJVJ6 If, Z C, mo k, NtA, Inc. T.W. «,,. US. f«. OH. J'LL BRIN6YOU A STRAVJ. CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS W£ JUST WANTED TOTWAMK US FOR HIS NEW CAM HE OWNS THE TEAR <5A$

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