Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 6, 1965 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 10
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10-Thursday, May 6, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts Viet Cong shows gains Communisfs apparently successful with people By PHIL NEWSOM UPl Foreign News Analyst SAIGON, South Viet Nam fUPI) — Tlie Communist Viet Cong is a faceless man. He hurls a bomb in a busyj Saigon street or crowded res-j taurant. He fights from ambush' in the swamps of the Mekong River Delta, in the jungled highlands or from the shoulder- high grasses of the coastal plain. But he is no mere terrorist. .M his highest level he is a master of both psychological M FREE Bin ^ Ife FOR MOTHER Handy Set of 3 Kitchen Aids; • Egg Separator • Strainer • Funnel EVERY OAY IS Starting on Sunday this Set of 3 Kitchen Aids will be given FREE to customers until our supply is exhausted. Limit: 1 Set per family, cf'p Surprise Mother: order Chicken Delight dinners and present her with this useful, beautiful Set of Kitchen Aids. And whether the dinner be Chicken, Shrimp, fc> Rib or Fish Delight...Mother will be pleased. Your dinners will be delivered Free, piping-hot at exactly ^ the time you want them .c 'j^^ Give Mother a kitchen holiday...and a Gift...from Chicken Delight! c ^j^o 302 E. Citrus Redlands PHONE 793-2285 FREE DELIVERY IN REDLANDS Dally Hours: 4-10 P.M.; Sundays: 12-10 P.M. and military warfare, working under a table of organization perhaps even more efficient than the governments own. Each province has its commissar whose duties are the same as the government - appointed provincial cliief. In provinces under Communist control, notably in the heavily populated delta, the Viet Cong collect the taxes, supervise the schools and function as an organized government. And despite massive United States aid to the South Vietnamese government, now running at $1.5 billion a year, he has shown steady gains. Seek Peoples' Loyalty U.S. military advisors emphasize that this is a war more for the loyalty and control of people than it is for geography. But by any measurement, the Communists have been winning. For example, some 8 million of South Viet Nam's 14 million population live in the delta. U.S. military advisors figure that as of Jan. 1, 1963, the Viet Cong controlled 21 per cent of the population. By Jan. 1, 1964, that figure had risen to 23 per cent. And by January, 1964, to 24 per cent. In the coastal plain, with a population of some 3 million, the Viet Cong were estimated to control 19 per cent of the population at the beginning of 1963. Within the next year that figure increased to 20 per cent and was estimated at 21 per cent at the begiiming of this year. In-the higUands, Communist control is estimated at 50 per cent, a figure which has remained stable. Who are the Viet Cong? Had Fought French In the beginning, they were the people who fought the French colonialists. When the Geneva conference of 1954 divided the country at the 17th parallel between North and South, 90,000 who had been fighting in the South went to the North. Others remained in the South but their loyalties remained with Ho Chi Minli, tlie wispy Communist leader whom they regarded as the father of Viet Nam. These were the hard core who continued to fight the South Vietnamese government in guerrilla attacks from 1954 onward. In the North, the 90,000 Southerners became the manpower pool from which to replace the Viet Cong losses. They also were hard core, trained in the arts of subversion and sabotage as weU as in the use of weaponry and military .tactics. The men infiltrating from the National Window Johnson scoring high marks By Lyle C. Wilson In comparison with the men who just preceded him in tlie White House, President Johnson's handling of problems in the Dominican Republic should rate very high marks. The tests for Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kermedy came m Cuba when Fidel Castro took over and thereafter. DDE and JFK flunked. Ike's White House, the State Department and the Pentagon had ample and timely warning in 1958 of Castro's Communist connections. Director J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had a book on Castro. He was a baddie and a Red baddie, at that. For reasons never fully acknowledged by the Eisenhower administration, this information Qever reached the top layer of officialdom. Ike and his secretary of state learned long after Castro took over that Fidel was a Communist stooge. They were astonished. The difference between DDE and LBJ is that Johnson operates the presidency as a personal preserve, assuming total responsibility in all areas. Johnson reads the fine print as well as the captions in the reports that come to him. Ike rejected all fme print and demanded that questions be presented to him briefly and with solid recommendations. That was the so-called staff system by which Eisenhower administered to e.xecutive department precisely as he administered the Allied armies in the West when he was supreme commander. On the record as it stands, Ike's staff system works better for military operations than it does for civilian government. If there were floating around the Wliite House or the State Department an important paper, such as the FBI report on Castro, LBJ would know North enabled the Viet Cong to maintain and even increase their strength despite heavy losses. Three Military Units The Viet Cong are divided into three types of military units. At the top are the main forces, crack troops infiltrated from Communist North Viet Nam. Next to them are the militia under the command of province commissars. The forces total up to 45.000, about equally divided between main and militia forces. Below them are the guerrillas estimated to number 80,000 to 100,000. The fact tliat main and militia forces have increased by at least 10,000 in tlie last year is further evidence of Communist determination and about it. If someone goofed and he was permitted to remain in ignorance of something like that, Johnson would punish severely the understrappers responsible. Eisenhower didn't punish anyone. So far as is known, Ike never was fully aware that vital information had been withheld from him at a time when he could have knocked Castro over with a waggle of his little finger. JFK's blunder was in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The record seems to prove that it was Kennedy who pulled promised air cover away from the unfortunate invasion force. JFK publicly demanded that he be hel<l responsible for invasion failure. In his angry, semi-private moments, however, Keimedy blamed tlie Jomt Chiefs of Staif in language fit to set 'em on fire. Neither Lazy JFK was just as persona! as is LBJ in his work as President Df the United States. Kennedy leraanded and got ail tlie facts as his advisers saw tliem. He also read the fine print. There was not a lazy bone in him nor Ln LBJ, either. Kennedy's weakness was that his military knowledge was slight despite combat service as a junior naval officer against Japan. It was old soldier Ike who expressed almost incredulous astonishment when he learned that the Bay of Pigs invaders had been sent ashore without air cover. JFK simply did not know that it was necessary. The Eisenhower - Kennedy blunders in the Caribbean com.- bined to create and to maintain m the Western Hemisphere a Communist canker. LBJ has many perilous decisions ahead of him. The citizens can be confident that he will not commit any repeat blunders. His image is of a president whose courage is strong and whose hand is firm. THE E'VERGREEN CROSS—On the slope of Goat Hill, near Enumclaw, 'Wash., workmen of the Weyerhaeuser Company have created an evergreen cross. The area, used as a natural seeding source, is visible from the Chinook Pass highway. In addition to its natural beauty, it has served as the inspiration for poetry and meditation. Gets inside look at jail AKRON, Ohio (UPl) — Disc jockey Steve Stone of radio station WSLR got an "inside" look at the new Summit County jail Wednesday. While touring the jail with other visitors, he wandered into a cell and the automatic locking door slammed shut. He spent more than three hours there whle deputies hunted for keys lo the new cells. Tough to stop speeder CUD.^HY, Calif. (UPn — Think it's lough to stop a speeder'.' Consider the trouble Sheriff's Deputy Lids Punccl had with Charles Briggs who was driving only 20 miles an hour. Punccl wheeled his cruiser in behind Briggs' car and turned on his red light. Then he switched on the spotlights. He honked his horn and gave a few blasts on the siren. Two miles later, Punccl turned on the cruiser's public address system and begged Briggs to stop. Finally, he blared: "Stop, or I'll do something drastic 1" Briggs, 52. slopped. He said he hadn't pulled over sooner because Puncel wasn't driving an ambulance — only a police car. He got two citations. STILL THERE POL.WD SPRING, Maine, (UPl) — The State of Maine Building at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago is still standing here. It houses a library, 'museum and exhibition hall. Abrasives Diamonds are the hardest of all abrasives. Small or imperfect diamonds are crushed and the abrasive powder produced is graded and used in polishing and grinding operations. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified .'^ds Attenfion Motorists! the big Mercury-Comet Leadership Days Celebration Sale Your Deal! Your Terms! on any 1965 Comet or Mercury NOW JIM GLAZE, INC. 420 WEST REDLANDS BLVD. REDLANDS for EASTBOUND freight it Santa Fe New power — big locomotive power 100 additional "Diesels" now on order! Santa Fe is adding 250,000 "husky horses" to the power fleet. One hundred diesels, each with 2500 horse power. These new locomotives are a part of our continuous program to provide better service for your eastbound^freight. Let us show you the advantages of Santa Fe's eastbound service, just call: R. D. POOLE, Agent Santa Fe Station, Phone 792-1601 Redlands, Calif. Santa Fei ^1 w' 'JAMS" ... a great new ityls from "the islands" LOUNGE, SURF, SWIM, SLEEP, LIVE IN 'EM All-round FUN p-jnts for people who like crash colors, •wild prints and solid cmofort. "JAMS" ... by Surf Line, Ha­ waii, Ltd., 100% cotton . . . machine washable of course. $6.95 • other fine swim trunlcs by Sand Comber from S5.00 LEVINEIS • OPEN MONDAY & FRIDAY EVENINGS • S&H GREEN STAMPS • BANKAMERICARD 308 Orange St.. Redlands

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