Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 6, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 9
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: We aren't millionaries but we do have a considerable amount of money in our joint checking account. My husband has a habit of signing his name to checlts and then he lets people fill in the amount. For example, we had some stone masonry done last week and the man who did the work said he hadn't figured out the cost of the job yet. My husband wrote a check, signed it and said "Fill in the amount when you figure it." When I told my husband this was dangerous he answered, "I trust people." I believe the man is honest, but what if he lost the check and someone who wasn't honest picked it up? What can you suggest? — WIFE OF RECKLESS ROBERT Dear Wife. It's admirable to trust people, and Reckless Robert may never regret it. But it IS foolish, for the reason you mentioned and for another reason. In the same way that keys left in the ignition might tempt someone to steal a car, a signed check might tempt someone to write a larger check than he ought to write. Dear Ann Landers: A group of us high school students composed some rules for teachers to follow. Please print them in your column. Ten Commandments for Teachers 1. A teacher should be neat and appropriately dressed. 2. A teacher should not apply make-up, or comb her hair during class 3. A teacher should not eat, drink or take medicine in front of students. 4. A teacher should avoid playing favorites. 5. A teacher should not be influenced too strongly by first impressions. 6. A teacher should give at least a day of notice on all tests. 7. A teacher should not manhandle students. 8. A teacher should strive for a happy medium between being too personal and too distant. PUT YOUR CAR IN EXPERT HANDS. We guarantee( you quality,, reliable service and repair backed by yean in the motive business. Your Olds. — Volvo Dealer HARRY & LLOYD, Inc. 200 W. State Ph. 793-2371 OUE ANCESTORS by Quincy 9. A teacher should not cause students to fear her. 10. A teacher should keep her temper and not raise her voice. Thank you.—COMMITTEE FOR BETTER TEACHERS Dear Committee: I'll bet if the teachers were asked to compose Ten Commandments for students some of the same rules would appear on THEIR lists—for example: Rules, 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10. Your best rule is Number 4. Many teachers would do well to keep this in mind. As for rule Number 7, I would like to add a word of my own. In New Jersey several months ago the governor signed a "Hit the Kid Back" bill which gives teachers the right to protect themselves in the classroom. Most high school kids these days are bigger than the teachers. It's the teachers who need protection against manhandling — not the kids. Dear Ann Landers: I belong to a club that meets every other week. We play cards and the winners put half their winnings into a kitty which we donate to a worthy charity at the end of the year. The officers decide which charity gets the money. A certain clique has been running the club for the past two years because they hold the offices. This clique has been voting that the money be given to THEIR pet charity and we resent it. Yesterday we had another election of officers. The president and vice president are sisters. The president's daughter- in-law is secretary and her cousin is the treasurer. The vice president's niece is sergeant-at-arms. We k n o w right now where the money is going AGAIN. Is this fair? — MUTINY IN THE RANKS Dear Ranks: Do the by-laws say relatives cannot hold office? If not — then it's fair. To solve some of the frustrations, disappointments and dis- illusionmcnts of married life. Send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Redlands Daily Facts enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright, 1965, PubUshcrs Newspaper Syndicate. "Why the open cockpit? For your answer, just stick your head down and try a whiff of that airplane glue!" Day in Sacramento By United Press International The Governor: Politics-Says major faction of state's Republican Party isn't recognizing the facts of California life. Bay area—Calls for approval of bill to curb fillmg of San Francisco Bay. The Senate: (Msy 5) Measui-es approved: Family — Endorses making birth control services available in local public health programs. Freeways— Lets communities Utah NAACP seeks censure of Mormons SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) The Utah chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People planned Wednesday to ask for national censure by the group against the Mormon Cliurch. John Driver said the Utah group would present two resolutions in the national convention in Denver June 28. He said one resolution requests ministers of non - White nations to refrain from issuing visas to missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The other requests the church to make its position on civil rights, "unmistakable and clear to all." SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Birth control resolution reaches Assembly floor form districts to pay extra costs of alternative freeway routes if they dislike the Highway Commission's choice. Retire — Reduces requirements for legislative retirement to allow benefits to Senators reapportioned out of their seats. Committee and other action: Bonds—Senate Education Committee approves bill to reduce voter percentage for passing school bond issues. Farm — Governmental efficiency committee okays resolution calling for legislative study of State Farm Labor Service figures. The Assembly: May 5 Measures approved: Elections—46 - 32, further re- tricts challenging of voters at polls. Firearms—46 - 25, increases waiting period for delivery of concealable weapons after purchase. Committee actions: Magazines—Revenue and Taxation Committee kills bUl clamping sales tax on magazines. Tax — Revenue and Taxation also takes these actions: approves bill exempting blood plasma from taxes, approves bill giving property tax break for blind veterans, kills bill exempting high school yearbooks from sales tax, kills bill reducing sales tax revenue from products sold by opticians. Sales—Finance and Insiurance Committee kills Unruli - sponsored bill to outlaw referral sales. SACRAMENTO (UPI) — A resolution calling for the provision of voluntary birth control services for the needy reached the Assembly today after clearing a Senate with a new attitude toward family planning. The measure, drafted by a spokesman for the Roman Cath-I olic Church, passed the senate: 28-7 yesterday. Two years ago, a similar resolution was killed in a Senate committee. The measure states legislative intent "that provision should be made to include family planning services in public health service programs." It says that the birth control services should be locally financed, and should be "made readily available to those adults .. . who voluntarily seek them." Its author. Sen. Alvin C. Weingand, D-Santa Barbara, said the legislative declaration was needed to offset an "old taboo," and thus encourage the services, even though no law prohibits them. The resolution says the services should include "a variety of family planning methods and techniques sufficient to insure that persons may obtain benefits from the program which are consistent with their personal beliefs." The language was supplied by Msgr. William Johnston, Roman Catholic Welfare Director in Los Angeles, as something the Church could live with. Several Catholics voted" for the measure. The resolution stated that the California Medical Association had found that family planning services should be included in "every adequate medical care program," and that such services are not now available to many of the needy. Weingand earlier won passage through both houses of the Legislature for a resolution calling for a crash program of birth control research at the federal level. Elsewhere in the Legislature: Retirement — The Senate Redlands Daily Facts Thursday, May 6,1965 - 0 unanimously passed a bill by Sen. Stephen P. Teale, D-West Point, to allow retirement benefits to members of the Legislature reapportioned out of their seats. For these lawmakers, the bill reduces the number of years of legislative service needed to qualify for the benefits. Bonds — The Senate Education Committee approved a bill to reduce from 66.7 to 60 per cent the vote needed to approve local school bond issues. It was sponsored by Assemblyman Charles G a r r i g u s, D-Reedley. No action was taken on a related constitutional amendment. Sales — The Assembly Finance and Insurance Committee killed a bill by Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh to outlaw "referral sales." A string of salesmen defended the practice in which a customer is given a discount or bonus for supplying names of other possible customers. Magazines — The Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee killed a bill by Assemblyman W. Byron Rumford, D- Berkeley, to put a sales tax on magazines. Wayne released from clinic LA JOLLA (UPI) — Actor John Wayne, who revealed earlier this year that he had been treated for limg cancer, was released from Scripps CUnic Wednesday after a routine checkup Wayne's secretary said the actor underwent the checkup as a precautionary measure because he plans to go to Europe soon to work on a motion picture. Rids house of mosquitos CAIRO, 111. (UPI)—The Douglas Franklins, who used to be plagued by mosquitoes around their house, had no such problem today. They also had no house. Fire Chief Bill Brooks said the house burned down when a pilot light on a gas heater apparently ignited a flammable spray used to rid the house of mosquitoes. Dinner to honor Martin LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Singer Tony Martin will be honored May 5 at a testimonial dinner in liis native Oakland, a spokes man for the singer said today. The testimonial, sponsored by the Oakland Tribime, was expected to draw local government, social and theatrical personalities. Berry rancher confronts Wirtz with problem SANTA ANA (UPI) — A "plowed-eartli" policy of strawberry growers who say they don't have sufficient experienced field hands to pick their cro'ps will go into operation tomorrow. Jack Tabata. one of the owners of Tabata Bros, s'rawberry farms, said a 12-acre field at nearby Westminster will be plowed under starting at 10:.'!0 a.m. tomorrow. The field's crop was valued at $120,000. Hundreds of other acres with [Strawberries valued at about S4 million will be leveled in Orange county, Tabata said. The county's strawberry crop last lyear grossed $12 milUon. Tabata, acting as spokesman for 85 growers, said he sent telegrams to President Johnson, California senators George Murphy and Thomas H. Kuchel, and Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz advising them that the plowing under of strawberries resulted from lack (<f experienced fiold hands such as Mexican braccros to harvest them. The telegrams said, "We invite your presence at this unfortunate and costly interment of a major non-subsidized agricultural industry." Tabata said he also sent a, tray of strawberries to Secre-i tary Wirtz. He described the berries as "over-ripe, bruised! and green" — typical of the kind picked by current inexperienced workers. In a letter to Wirtz, Tabata said: 'We know your wife would not care to serve these berries. We also know that housewives in the United States would not care to serve them, either. "As you have such definite ideas on the labor involved in strawberry production, perhaps you can advise us how to dis. pose of them." House approves 17 new cutters for Coast Guard' WASHINGTON (UPI) - T\u House today approve:! a S5.; million request for replacement of 17 Coast Guard cutters bcin; sent to Viet Nam. But member; expressed amazement lh;>: tli? Navy did not have such ve5s ~l; on hand. The measure, approve;! imwl mously by voice vote, went t) the Senate. President Jolmson ordered I In cutters to Viet Nam in an effort to curtail Communist infiltration along the South Vietnamese coastline. The S2-foot- long craft are being withdrav .7i from their customary assignments along the U.S. Easf. West and Gulf coasts. ""'^ ROOFING SUnSOl' Contractors, Inc. 700 New York St.. Hedlands Phone 793-3234 Free Estimates — Bank Termi Second Black Friday The second Black Friday was on Sept. 19, 1873, when the New York Stock Exchange reported numerous failures and brought on the panic of 1873. with Jewelry ... a beautiful and tangible way of expressing your sentiments on this Sunday — Mother's Day. Here, a selection of jewelry — in season — for your favorite "pin-up" girl. Pins — and many other fine gifts. Serving Redlands for 35-Yeari no East State St. Downtown Rediands Karl's SURFSIDER Black or beige uppers. Multicolored stripes. Girls' sizes IZ'A-^, skipftr blue only. New line; First Quality Seamless Nylons reduced to (2 pr. pkg.) — Limit 6 pr. 33 pr. Etrl' SHOES OPEN MON. & FRI. NITES "TIL 9 10 East State St. Downtown Rediands m Has 0 MAY 7 — Donald S. C. Anderson Wayne Bergeson James Berkoben Ray Oeussen Louis De Witt Michael G. Lagather Bud Lefeber Bert Gilroy Don B. Miller Henry Romo Jr. James R. Dunn Michael Bo Wat Jeffrey Dover Fred Engle Harold H. Hall III Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. PY 3-2S0S Woolworth's ANNIVERSARY SALE Slightly irregular SEMLESS NYLONS Lu.xury-look mesh stockings in fashion's most flattering shades. SHght irregularities won't afTcct looks or wear. In sizes SV2 to 11. Save Tiowl Acetate Tricot Ladies' Briefs In elastic or band leg. Sizes S to 10 3 5F Quality Cotton Half Slips featuring full front shadow panel. All around elastic waist band. Sizes S-M-L-XL 77* 3 Pc. riastic . .. SINK SET 16x20" drainboard tray, \inyl covered wire dish drainer plus large matching plastic cutlery cup. Low price includes FREE soap dish. SPECIAL 4 pc. Paint Brush Set Consisting of Vi-in., 1-in., IVi-in. and 2-in. Brushes Reg. ?1.32 Value NOW Lysol Spray Disinfectant Eliminates odors, kills germs, prevents mold and mildew, over 120 uses Special Value 77« Easy-On Spray Starch Will not scorch Special Value l-!b. Can Assorted styles... MEN'S SOCKS Choice of regular or stretch stj'les in favorite colors for dress or sport. All sizes. yOllR MONEY'S WORTH MORE AT WOOLWORTH'S 2 EAST STATE REDLANDS

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