The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 7, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1894
Page 9
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"For Yean," Styl CARRtB E. STOGKWCtfc, ot ChttM* Held, N. a., "1 was afflicted with an eitremely severe pain In the lower patt of the chest. The feeling was as It a ton weight was Uld on a spot the lite ot my baud. During the attacks, the perspiration would stand In drops on my face, audit was I agony tor me to |make sufficient 1 effort even to wills, per. They came suddenly, at any hour of the da,/or night, lasting Irom thirty mtnntes to half a day, leaving as suddenly; but, tot several days after, I was quite prostrated and sore. Sometimes the attack* were almost dally, then less frequent. After about four years of this suffering, I was taken down with bilious typhoid fever, and when I began to recover, I had the worst . .attack of my old trouble I ever experienced. At the first ot the fever, my mother gave me Ayer's Fills, my doctor recommending tbem as being bettor than anything he) conld prepare. 1 continued taking these Fills, and so great was the benefit derived that during nearly thirty yens I have had. but one attack ot my former trouble, which yielded readily to the tame remedy." AYER'S PILLS' WILSON'S OPPOIrEHT. Alston O, Dayton Nominated by West Virginia Republicans. QEN. HABttlSOtf MAKES a SPEECH, r.J.O.Ayer*Co.,Lowsll,lUf» •very Dose Effective CALIFORNIA And all Pacific Ooaet and Poget Bound points are reached comfortably and quickly via Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Oars and Tourist Sleepers leave Chioage daily and ran through to Ban Francisco without change. ^Personally Concerted Excursions In Tourist Bleeping Ours leave Chicago every Thursday. Bate for a ootttpletttl.T equipped berth from Ohioago to Sau Fraooieoo, Los Angeles or Portland only 84.00. Passengers from points weet and northwest of Ohioago oan join these excursions en route. Variable route excursion tickets at greatly reduced rntee. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION APPLY TO AQCNTS) CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS, W. A.ETHIUL, Gen. Pass, an'I Ticket Agent CHICAGO. 1st Day. 16th Day. THE GREAT 30th RE VIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. produce* the above result* lu'3O day«. It act powerfully and quickly. C'uroB when all othcrn fal Voung mou will regain tlioir lost manhood, sod ol tnou will recover their youthful vliior by ueln BKVIVO. It oulokly and enroly ru«tori:ii Nervous ncfis, Lout Vitality. Impotcucy. Mlffhtly Eralaalona LoBtFowor, Fulling Memory, Wasting Dl«eaBCH.M( - all cffMta of eoll-abuBo or oicoes and Indieoretlou which unfits ouo (or Btikly, tHiElnean or marrUgo. I not only cures by starting at tho noat ot dlsciso, bu Issgceat norve tonlo and blood builder, bring ing back tho pink glow to pale cheeks and ro storing tho lire of youth. It wards off Insanlt • aita Consumption. Insist on having UHVIVO, n •tti&r. It can bo carried in vest pocket, lly mat •l.OO pur packaRo, or six (or 9B.OO, with a pos •tlve written guarantee to cure or refund the money. Circular free. Address ROYAL MEDICINE CO., 03 River St., CHICAGO. For Sale tit Carroll, Iowa, by J. W. Hutton. ilO.OO to »18.OO. LUDWIQ BROS., CwrNU, low* Be Is VMtlug Et-Secrctury Rlklns—Sena- tor Mills Bctnras ttome to Bnter the CauipAlcn — Oorernor Walte B*noml< nkted—Independent Populttt to Bun Against Concressman Bell. GLRIRBS W. Va., Sept. «.—The He- publicans of the Second congressional itstrict never had aa long » conrcntton as the one that on Wednesday nominated Alatou Grordon Dayton of Barbont county to run against Chalrnlan W. L. Wilson for congress. Ei-Presldent larrlsoa arrlred at 1 p. m. by special ,rain from Cumberland, and with his daughter, Mrs. McKee, is the gueit ol ex-Secretary Elkins. A comttiittM wai appointed to call on the ez-prssldent and nvite him to address the convention. When the committee escorted the distinguished visitor to the open ai? oonven- ion there was a great demonstration. Mr. Harrison, after stating he had not expected to make a speech, said in part: •You are assembled to discharge an important duty and I will not therefore detain you with any speech. This district will be before all eyes this autumn. This contest is not local, n happen! that your present representative was assigned to prepare a tariff bill and hat at* tached his name to it. Distinctive Warfare I* to OoOm "It is, therefore, expected *h1fl conduct be subject ed to severe and careful scrutiny. Fortunately the proclamation has been made by President Cleveland and Mr. Wilson that the tariff Mil la not a finality, bnt thia distinctive warfare Is to go on. If yon approve this, show it by returning Mr. Wilson to congress; bnt if, on the other hand, yon have felt the effects of the depression,'if yon think more of• those who prefer to lead the country through the slough of despondency, show it by defeating hint, I cannot say much of the last administration; delicacy forbids me to say much of this, bnt if you consider the heads ot departments and subordinate officers, yon will see there was an attempt to. act for the best interests of all people. I cannot say how we have succeeded, bnt ortly that we have done the best we could do. "If the people at the election thta fall condemn the recent action on the tariff, we shall have an end of tariff tinker- ings. When the tide of emigration started from the seaboard it turned to Ohio and the interior valleys, but it is now toward Weet Virginia. Now the spring of commerce is coursing through your fertile valley. | The pick and shovol are busy. Is this'a time through the cheap ocean rates to bring into competition with your products the cheap coal of Nova Scotia? I speak as a patriotic American, who feels an interest in the honest people. To your judgment by the quiet November firesides this question must bo settled and may yon have the courage to do your duty." ''• Ex-President Harrison was received with enthusiasm and his brief speech applauded at the various points. GOVERNOR WAITE RENOMINATED. AliuoHt n Itlot In' tho Colorado- Populist State Convnritlon. PCEBLO, Colo., Sept. 0,—Pandemonium i broke loose in the Populist state convention almost as soon as it was called to order at 0:lo'today, The majority re-, port of tho committee ou credentials favored the seating of the Walto delegates from Denver and the Darela delegates from Las Animas county, indicating that Waito and Uarola have reached an an-' dorstanding, and Senator Barela, who has been already nominated for state treasurer by the Democrats, will also receive the Populist nomination for that office. Thomas M. Patterson, leader of the opposition to Waite, appeared on the stage and endeavored to speak. The convention re* fused to hear him until tho majority report of the credentials committee had been adopted with a hurrah. 4 motion was then ciirriod allowing Mr. Patterson five minutes to address the convention. Mr, Patterson said he was hissed out of the Populist convention as ho was hooted down in the last national Democratic] convention when he was making H fight for silver. Nothing ho could tag in five minutes, he aaid, would mttkd any impression upon the delegates and he would therefore simply enter the protest of toe minority. Ed Holden, an antl-Waite, attempted to speak, bat was howled down, Thereupon the Pattanon delegation from Denver left the hall, followed by about a doaeu ot the other delegates, Governor Waite wae renoufaatod OB the first ballot, receiving all bat half a down vote» which were given to Ootv growmau Pence, The uoniloattoo wae made unanimous. Governor Waite, after thanking toe convention for the honor bestowed upon uliu. said: "I do not take ttu* as an In- dorsement of all my official twte, M I know I have wade many grlevona mistake*, bat I take it as an expression of confidence in ine and that 1 paw acted honestly, If not always wisely." Tilings itartod with a nub at nigbt In great contrast with the dilatory action of the afternoon, but watton MOB i*>- rawed their ilow golug Iptyw. Tb» •ooond ballot for lleutoaaM gavuruer I* suited in abe atleottou of & W, Barman of Peuvor, ei-prealdMtt ot tt» tnd* «• •wably, wbo defeated H*w. Myron W. Rood, for state trewurer, Caatuilr* Barela of Trinidad) for •talc •uperln teudeut of public iu*truotlou, |f|w Alice Oatliu of Hontnwoi aeoretary of atato, N. O. Mobeea of Pueblo, reoflniiuatedi attoruoy general, H. O, &db* of Glenwood ROBERT J. FL-INQ JIB THREE F MOUS PAGERS. MASCOT Pacers first broke the 2:20, the 2:10 and the 2:05 mile records, and two of them covered that distance in 2:04 before Nancy Hanks trotted it. T-ey are Mascot, the champion, and Flying Jib. Robert J. U the latest aspirant, recently pacing in 2i041-4. He is expected to do better than 2:04 nert Mason. ment of cftn^resa. Mr. Mills is in good health, and stated that he enjoyed hit long journey home. He will rest np in this city for several days, and will then take a hand in the state campaign. Ware For Governor. Sioux FALLS, 8. D., Sept. «.—The tamocratic state convention met here and nominated James A. Ware of Pierre for governor by acclamation. W. B. Wilson, the temporary chairman, created a sensation by his references to Senator Pettigrew, whom he saldiwas "a Napolean Bonaparte without courage, a Cassias without a Brutus to guide nil Dagger, a Judas Iscariot with <M) piece* of Silver in his pocket and without the oxirage to use a rope." Motion to nominate a United State senator was lost. Clark's Majority will Reach 10,000. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept ft.—Reliable tat incomplete returns from the state elections indicate that Clark's majority will reach UO.OOO. The Democrats have elected ttjeir state and county tickets in all except Nevada, Pike, Oreene, Osborne and Stone, in which the Populists have majorities. H*iial»r Mills at How*, QOWMOANA, Tex., Bout. O.—flou, Roger 0. "Mills, Uuitud titutw senator from this state, arrived at uU borne in this oity Iroiu Ottutw Surlngs, Va., where ha Uus l**n. JBouiwrutlug slimy tt» adjourn* Senator Harris Going to Texas. WASHINGTON, Sept. 8.—Senator Harris left Washington for Tennessee and will make the first speech of the campaign at Trenton on Saturday. Then he will go to Texas to rest ou his ranch until the 1st of October, when he will return to Tennessee to take an active part in the campaign. Moat Keep Out of Politics. OMAHA, Sept. 6.—The Union Pacific has issued a notico to all employes to, it the future, abstain from any participation in politics, the discussion of any subjects tending in that direction being prohibited. All men not willing to keep out of politics were requested to resign Campaign Opened at Sehuyler. SOHUYLEB, Neb., Sept. U.—John M. Thuroton addressed the largest asaeuv blago of people iu Jauecek's opera boost that has been together in Schnyler sine* the presidential campaign, it being the occasion of tho opening of the, Republican campaign iu Schuylor. Independent Populist Candidate. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 9.— Giles Otis Pearce, a metallurgist, has au> nouuced himself an independent Populist candidate for congress against John O. Boll, in the Second district. Vermont's Itapubllcan 1'lnrallty. BUKLINUTON, Vt., Sopt. 0.—Secretary Morril of the Republican state commit too claims, on figures from Otttt towns, that Woodbury for governor will have a majority of aa.OOO. CLEVELAND LAKE FRONT CASE. Celebrated CSM, Involving Million! of Dollars, Decided Against the City. CLEVELAND, Sept. 6.—Judge Noble, sitting in the court of common pieaa recorded a decision against the city in favor of the Lake Shore and Big Pour railroads in the celebrated Cleveland lake front case. The property in controversy is a large tract of land lying between the lake front and the river bed and involves several millions of dollars. The city brought suit against the railways to recover the property, claiming that they were occupying streets laid out and accepted by the city 60 years ago. Judge Noble decided that while the city had once accepted the streets, they had been abandoned as such many years ago, and no attempt had ever been made to retain them. The solicitor gave notice of appeal and the cose will be carried to the supreme court Fall Plowing Generally Betarded. CHICAGO, Sept. 3.—Corn is maturing rapidly in North Dakota and Wisconsin and cutting has begun in Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota. The crop has improved In Tennessee and in portions of Illinois," and lowland corn is doing fairly well in Ohio. In Michigan a large part of the crop is beyond help. In Indiana corn is maturing slowly. Drouth conditions generally prevail throughout the northern districts east of the Rocky mountains, and owing to the fry and baked condition of tho soil bnt little plowing for fall seeding has yet been done. Pasturage is generally poor, rendering it necessary to feed stock, and lack of water for stock exists in many sections. Lumber Company Lu«e» Heavily. DUBOQUK, la., Sept. (I.—The Standard Lumber company of this city is a heavy loser from tho recent fires in the piner- ies. The company practically owned the town of Partridge and near by were the carnpe, all of which, with their outfits, were destroyed. Only one man came out alive. The timber was in the center of the fire bolt. HOIftST PHTERNALISH. Secretary Morton's Reply to the Governor of North Dakota. DtJBOIS 18 STILL "A Regret* the Action of Senator (tones In treating the Party—-E«-S«cret«rjr Elklns' IllncM Wot Dangerous—Right! ot Americans at Uluefleltls to Be Protected. Other Washington Newt. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6.—Secretary Morton haa written a letter to Governor Bhortriflgo of North Dakota in reply to a missive from that official In which be lays: I hasten to acknowledge the receipt of your communication relating to further investigation as to the Russian thistle, in which yon remark that "it cannot be itamped out by individual, county or Btate agency." As the republic is made np of individuals, counties and states, I can hardly see how, when the integral parts fail to stamp out the Russian thistle, the concrete—which you call "national aid"—can eradicate it. The Russian thistle can be eradicated as easily as any other weed and by the game methods of individual effort, with county and state regulations to prevent its spread, and to compel its destruction along public highways. Again, you remark: "If, however, yon are unalterably committed in opposition to any assistance to agriculture in this matter, which seems to be the case, it is useless for North Dakota or any other state to trouble yon further with Importunities in behalf of our unfortunate fanners." I am not "unalterably committed in opposition to any assistance," and I have demonstrated my willingness within the limits of the law and the appropriations made to the United States department of agriculture, to famish the people of the Russian thistle infested districts with all the information concerning that pest, which science has aocnmmnlated in this country and abroad. Knowledge as to beat means of eradicating this new weed has been disseminated gratuitously all over the country. The department haa no legal right to do more in this matter than it has already attempted. Congressmen alone may listen to the importunities of "unfortunate farmers" who «eek an appropriation of the public funds out of which to pay laborers for destroying the Russian thistle. Such importunity was made to congress during its last session, and congress refused to make an appropriation of 11,000,000, to be expended in pulling, digging up, cutting down or otherwise exterminating Russian thistles, either in Dakota or elsewhere. , Legislation providing money with which to weed farms in North Dakota by taxing farmers in Kansas, Maine or California, who weed their own farms, did not seem to have sufficient strength to get into the statute books of the United States. When the weedless farms are taxed to benefit the weedy ones, when those who weed their own farms are burdened by the raising of money with which to clear the farms owned by people not self-reliant enough to weed them themselves, it will be time to merge this republic into absolute paternalism and elect somebody to act as care-taking father over all Americans. DUBOIS 18 STILL IN THE RANKS. Will llaoe at Knozrllle, la, 'KNOXVILLE, la., Sept. 0.—A new organization known as the Knoxville Driving club, with W. V. Elliott, president; J. B. Elliott, treasurer, and T. G. Gibson, secretary, has loosed the Iowa Driving park and will give a meeting Sept. 85 to as. Death of a Pioneer Kanun. GALENA, Kan., Sept, «.—W. O. Wiley, a pioneer citizen and prominent business man of Galena, died near Wier City. He had buen sent to the insane asylum as an incurable and his wife was on her way to take him homo when ho succumbed. ration Conference Brok. Up. «"* Brown. In Prison Garb. PAKOO, N. D., Sept. O.-A conference MASSIUXJN, O., Sept. «.-Carl Browne for the fusion of the Democrats and Pop- hns returned to Massillon to organiM ttlists in this city broke up with all fac- tl10 C 016 * pled pinor «»wpa'g»», which Uous at sea. ! >* booked to open on Saturday; Browne was arrayed in prison garb and said Coxoy'i election to congress was assured. Fatally Hurt In a friendly Scum*. CUKSTQN, la., Sept. «.—L. G. Kirk and Harry Bower, a couple of business men % of Bridgewater, got* into a friendly jouftto. Bower threw Kirk, who fell on bis neck and book, completely partU- Htulal For Governor. CONCORD, N. H., Sept. 6.—The Republican state convention met here and nominated C. A. Btuiol of Laooua foi governor, _______ Warrra Millar fat Congrees. WIUEBUNO, W. Va., Sept «,—Hon. Warron Miller was nominated for con- grew by tha Fourth district Republicans. your M»o Picked D|i al •*•, GLOUOKSTKK, Mast., Sept. «,—The •hip Emily Whitney from Trapanla, Captain Parsons, has arrived in port anil reports picking up four men in a •mall boat Aug. 17 in a starving condition. The shipwrecked men were part of the crew of the tUbing schooner Maria of fit, Pierre, Mlquelon, which sprung a leak on the grand banks and touodered on Aug. ID. After being a number of day* without food and water the men wen rescued. Their tongues were parched and their faoce swollen beyond recognition. Murdered III* »0-Ve*r-Old Wife. •UoKBONViLUt, Fla., Sopt.O,—William F. Hayes, a young white wan 90 yean old, a tUuermau, murdered hU Ill-year- old wife and dangerously wounded, bis mother-in-law, Mm. Biuan Mason, In Bart Jacksonville. Hayes' wife had left him on account of cruelty several utouthi ago and had gone to live with her mother. Searching parties are now after the murderer. l*u*luiast«rs lu low*, WaWUNUTON, Sept. «.— Formatters wore appointed 1u lowu »• follow*! At Owiuta, Hardiii comity, 8, I, NichoU, vice O. P. NjuhoU, cloud; at Waltlmm, Taiua county, U. 0, Haaklno, vice Frank Kofcosh, npfriuxl, ysiug him. He will die. Hennloa of (Irani** Uld Hog I ment. KiUiQNDY, IIU., Sept. tl,—The 80th annual reunion of the veterans of General Grant's old regiment, the a (st Illinois volunteer*, was held here and, notwithstanding the rain, was largely at- tpuOj.4 DR. DOWNING This well known and sneoestfnl speelillst fla Chronic and Nervous diseases and diseases ef "— of msny ' CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, September II Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation flee DR. DOWNING! minor of "Narrow Debility." "Oeneratt Bzanstlon, lt§ Oanie and Cow," etc. Thli Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout U nortbweit for the many wonderful onrei of all formt of CHRONICWNERVOU8 DISEASES blob he bai effected that bad baffled Ibe skill of ether pbytlclani and specialist!. He Cures "When Others Fail. Diseases of Eyes and Ears, Granulated Lldsy Cataract. Orois Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Kari, Deafneo. etc., Diseases of Not* and throat. Oatank, Bronchitis, Aithmn, etc. Dlieaies ot StomaeX and Liver, Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Heartburn.. BillloQBnoss, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and JiUf In Trouble*, Blood and Skin DUeaiei, Scrofula, Pimples, Blotches, Boiema, Ulcers, eta. Nervous Diseases, Headache, Hysteria, Insoo*. nla, Lack of Vitality, Langor, Nervousness, RbenmBtlim, Neuralgia, etc. Dlsetses of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations ot all kinds successfully performed. v onug and Middle Aged Men Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Fky slcal Debility, Seminal Weakness, Loat Vigor. Decline of Manly Powen, Drain*. Dlsehams) or Losses, Varloocele, and all the train of evu» resulting from Excesses, Errors In Tontb, •in producing some of the following effect*, aa Nervousness, Emissions, Pimples, Blotohea, ity, Dizziness, Defective Memoir, Abs ucuillty. uiMiuroB. WIWUVD otoiuui j , AUBVMJ _ of Will Power, Oodfnaloa of Ideas, Aversion * Society, Sexual Exhaustion. Pain In the Baoa\ etc., blighting the most radiant hopes, reoder- derlng marriage unhappy and business a faO lire; sweeping thousands to an untimely grave .<To matter who Installed, consult the Doctor He haa cured thousands wbo have given up a despair. A perfect restoration. OonsnltntfoM sacredly confldentlal. De<a>s are dangerous. Those contemplating mai Heavy Pry floods failure. MlLWAUKKK, Sept. 9.-Sherlfl Holli closed the mammoth dry goods (tore ol Weber Bros, on elocution* aggregating |88,5orU8, The stock U worth nearly $119,000. Pull trade caused the failure. Mewsuauer Man W«4a, VHRMOMT, Neb., Sept. «.-Nat W. Hiuaiht, for VO years proprietor and pub- lither of the Fremont Dally Herald, and Mian Cora B. Kemp of Fremoat wew niurriod in St. Paul, Mlun. lt«iU|M*r-Nul)»rtby right • Draw. NKW OBI.KANS, Supt. tt.—Deuipaey- McCurtuy tight was declared a draw In the aoth round. \V«Uu««iUy'« lluuvlmll <l*ui(M. Hrooklyu. D; ('kni'liiiul. I. Kvuuody awl Klnalowi YUUIIK aiiU /.luimvr. Uuiulro, Lynul), Nutv York, 4; I'llubury. ». Ituulu aitU r'at' roli Khrvluuil ^iitiilou. l'ni|>lru, MvQuald. \Vu«lilnuiuii, u; .••!. l.uuU. u. KtoukdaUi »ud McUttlrui Clurk»u:i u»U Tv^uuliuiu- Uiuulro, »«••:*. Ke|iet> the Action of Senator Jones In Leaving the Republican Patty. WASHINGTON, Sept. 0.—Senator Du- boU of Idaho, who is in Washington, bnt expects to leave for the west soon, wonld not be questioned concerning the action of Senator Jones of Nevada in leaving the Republican party and joining the Populists, except to say any reports concornUig n similar move on his part had no foundation. Ho would be found in the Republican ranks to the end of his term, he said. Senator Dubois regretted the action of Senator Jones and expressed the belief that silver interests would bo best subserved by remaining in the Republican party. It is understood that when the senate committees are reorganized an effort will be made in tho Republican caucna to replace Senator Jonee as a member of the finance committee with eomo western Republican favorable to silver. Protects Aunrtaausln Their HlarhU. WASHINGTON, Sept, «.—Acting Secretary Uhl says that tho government's reports from Nicaragua on the Bluenelds troubles have been very inenger. It is inferred from recent reports that two of tho Americans who were arrested and placed under parole have conformed to the decree of banishment without giving any farther trouble to the authorities, Before leaving Washington Secretary Ureshaiu sent iustrueaioiu to Minister Baker which were Intended to cover all coutlngttuoies growing out of the Bluefields affair and which would protect all Americana iu their rights. Klklus' Illuvaa Not Dangerous. WASHINGTON, Bupt. 0.—The following private dispatch was received front a dote aiul confidential friend of ox-Secretary Elkius, who is ill at his homo In Elkins, W. Va.1 "Please correct uiagger- ated reports of tho condition of flou. 8. B. Elklni. His phyaiolau pronounces hii Uluesa not daugoroua. He in couvales- cent and expects to be outlu a few days." Pld* tot llruus* Modal*. WABtiiNirTON, Bept «.—Bid* for furnishing and striking in broune 83,600 medals of award for tho World's Columbian uxpoaltiou wore oiwnuU at tho treat- ury dennrtumnt. Thoro wen) seveu olds, that of tho bcovlllo Mauufaoturiug com- pauy of WuUrbury, Omu., at $W,OUO, Uelug tho lowest, 8«inul|«ld Uu«*u't Waut Itoy aulUUrs. WAtuilNOivN, Sept. !>.—Ueuarul BoUo- Held haH ordorod that hereafter, iu view of the pinull uunibur of vauunolos in tho urmy uiid (he cuuHc^uunt n«trlutlnus UJKUI recruiting, that 110 jteiiioiv umler the age ol 31 will bo eulUted except boy* at uiiuicluu* w to loatn ntuaiu, MArfRIAGE. —••«« v vu »._r>r»»>D . riag« who are aware of physical defepU or weakness which would render marriage a disappointment wonld do well to call on us. FREE examination of the Urine, chemloar and microscopical In all oases of Kidney pt* ease, Brlght's Disease, Dlntwtes, au<* Spaima- tonbooa. Bring specimen. REMARKABLE Cores perfoctad m el* eases •which hHTo^een neglected or aaskllfully treated. No experiment* or failure. Partloa treated by mall or express: but where possible) personal consultation preferred. Oases and correspondence strictly conndaa Ual and medicine tent to an; part of U*> United Slates. List ot questions free. A4- rcsB with postage, DB. DOWNING, n» West Madison Street. Chicago, lira. The ART AMATEUR. (The only Art Periodical awarded a Medal Uthe World's Kalr.) Invaluable (or all who wish to make their living by art or to make their homes beautiful. T? rt»» 1 fks> wt) wl " 6e " d •* anyone montlo» r Or IVC Honing ihlB publication a speoi men copy, with superb color plates, (tor copying or framing) and 8 sup- plemoutary pages of designs (regular tlce thirty five cents). Or f\t» t*F\n w« "lU 6und » l »° Or <flUU r oR BKtilNNRB8"(90pWM). Montague Marks. 23 Pnlon Snoare, N. T BLOOD nonti ^_ __ _ _ curt_ lu £0 to~eb Uays by a llairta KetnedT, under I guurttutoo, backed by |S>0,000 capltit]. Post-1 five proofs and 100 page book, Illustrated I from lire from people cured, free by mall I Whan Hot Springs and mercury rill, u«r| Mu«lu Itoiuotly will euro. COOK REMEDY CO., CHieAflO. IttJ LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. UlfJ rh. QutekM* VIHNorvUu>kD<i«m> Bold with a wrlliaB guarantee to ton ait ucrvoui dlMSM* sa«ai •• Ntrrou* Prortnr lion, Waksftilnsea, Lou of Brain Vowvr, liupolenir, Lost Mask- hood, Klchllf T Allrruklnic. QuIokuvM, Ornuui, Laok ot», Ijiulludt aud all uiil Lo«tf«of 1'owr o( Ui« wvnvrfttlvg orvm4m In KUI. r«U»<xl br ^*, •Wru»«o( t«p*tvo,opiumgr »tlmtU*uU, vblch IMI| to Inaanlty ur vuiuuinptluiu fut up to ' ' VvitvuckvU S.-iil by lu.ll t» ' ' ' for I" ' my ••Mr**- for II, or •!•. ' " i our* or rt*fut MATJONAI fur <»rMUUw to cur* or rofuiul ihciuaiioy. Circular* t ' ATIONAI, MKIHOINll CO.. 110 Mitillsou *:., Dnlcago. Vat ant* tn Carroll Df ), W, nation. BOOQB, PKAZBB *CO. •swUn ol the 31« - OMIOJ PROVISIONS STOCK! KstenuMsi QMN IKOMANSS Market Lettsr Tn*. Cnplulii Pntniil OM. H«B«*'S VIOU CREAM ^o^tt.aW.5 irn and* Taa, .aniTw. i Oio aklu To Uaorlgt- Uviuo Uv»t- •uabun StURW O. C. OCrrN . MT04.OM4.Ov

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