The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, January 28, 1933
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TMK UAKUnsl'lliLD CALIFOHN'IAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1953 COMMUNITY NEWS: FOR NEEDY CLASS GRADUATED AT OILDALE Dclnno Civic Body Adopts Program for 'Relief: Fund Reported DKLAXO, Jan. -S.—Director? of the chamber of commerce met on Wednesday night In the organization office in the De Vennoy K Turner building, with all direi-tor.s but three present. Leonard Fnyln, president, presided, and O. A. Clasen, secretary, took the minutes. Walter S. Allen reported that there ts J2ti!!.;!t in the local welfare fund, and asked for suggestions for the be^st method of administering relief. After considerable discussion n motion was adopted that nil those seeking relief be given a chance to work for the city one day a week In cleaning up lots, streets or other forms of needed municipal worli, the wage to be 20 cents per hour. It was decided that the chamber will recommend to Its membership that they co-operate with city officials in the annual cleanup week. Trustee Allen wiis designated to ascertain what oould bo done about having the city truck gather rubbish. The secretary was instructed lo malte up a bulletin of community activities- so that, there would not be duplication of entertainments and other affairs on the same nights. The matter of closing hours for business houses came up and B. K. .Stradley, who was present as a guest, suggested that merchants enter Into H gentlemen's (igrcnient regarding closing hours und close at. a reasonable hour, making it possible for clerks to have shorter working hours. This matter will also be brought before the membership. W. S. Allen reported that he had visited other valley towns investigating fixed licenses for business firms and found that Delano's licenses were about tho same as other towns of the valley. He found only one town which had cheaper license fees. The next meeting of members and directors will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 12:15 at the Kern hotel. Directors who attended Wednesday night were: Leonard Faylc, Walter S. Allen, Frank Panero, W. R. The graduates of the Standard Grammar School are as follows: Top row (left to right)—Gladys Gann, James McCoy, Cletls Norman, Robert Ball, Marvin Barton, Lewis S'nyder, Kenneth Weaver, Helen Letterman. Middle row—Loretta Thompson, Betty Ross, Melba Roussel, Charlotte Watson, Joyce Dugglns. Bottom row—Charles Qeers, Paul Blrchfleld, Russell Hiatt, Fred David. FOR LEGION PLAYERS SHAFTER AID GROUP GUESTS AT WASCO; LUNCHEON SERVED Jan. 28. — A luncheon was served to members of tho Con- WASCO, Jan. 28.— The drums for ' grcga lloiml Ladles' Aid' Thursday at the driiiii corps which Is being organ- ! 1)1.3 AVasco social hall, the members of Ized for children of members of the ; the Shatter Ladles' Aid being guests. Waseo legion, are to arrive soon, hav- The two societies have had such reeling been purchased . by Leland Brier, proclly Instruction Is to be given by Dick years. meetings the past several Wasco Aid, conducted a short business ! mooting during which the Father-Son banquet was postponed Indefinitely. Tho luncheon was served at beautifully decorated tables. Tho Shatter group who responded to tho Invitation Included Mesdames J. P, Harris, president; 15. a. Kolbenstotter, O. T. Olsen, Lowe of Bakorsflcld, to 25 children . Among the guests were Mrs. Lydla ! L. A. Anderson, C. a. Llndqulst, who luive enrolled. The enrollment ; Yausscy of Arvln, chairman of the , Sherman Bobst, R. M. Bobst, J5lmer Includes Janet nnd James Brier. Bar- missionary department for the Ivern ! Clilnberg, Frank Nottingham, H. S. bara, Culver and Bobby Jones, George County Church Federation; Mrs. R. S. Souimervllle, Jr., Shirley and Loora : Holding, chairman of foreign missions Cruzan, Donald and Dean West, Billy : for tbo county, and Mrs. Franklin Hart, ISdna Little, George Coyne, Jr.. ; Warner of Clnrcmont. Mrs. Warner, Howard and Richard Bennett, Miriam • who with her husband has made sev- Raven, LI la Mae English, Louise Horn- orn.l trips around the world In the Infeld, Arthur nnd Leo Crettol, Frank tcrcsts of missions, told .many of her Little, John Coyno and Virginia experiences In her work, especially In Sadler. " China nnd Japan. Mrs. Warner's sub- There arc to be 21 snare drums nnd'-joot. was "Crusaders for Christ." two bass drums and cymbals. The legion is expending nearly ?400 on the drums land much enthusiasm is being expressed. Mrs. A. W. Miller, president of tho Hampton, M. R. Hare, J. S, Harris, T. H. Mettlor, Dean Potter, M. Luders, H, R. Janzen and P. L. Arnold. Tho Wa-sco group present wore Mesdames A. W. Miller, Humphrey Jones, Maude Brunton, Grant Knlffen, Jeanetto Stoner, H, F. Dovonney, Glen Compton, A. F. Raven, E. S. Fogg, T. H. Ratcllffo. Paul Moore, K. F. Clemens, T. T. Matloek, M. P. Kerr, R. C. Annln, IT. G. Hull nnd Fred,Smith. LITE W. C. TOPIC OF EXCHANGE WASCO. Jan. 28.—Members of A N1CW method for development of the comic spirit among the drys Is suggested by John Haynes Holmes, writing in the "World Tomorrow" of 'January II. Mr. Holmes In nn article B^^eldE^ngTaub were pres-: entitled "The' Ignoble Surrender" ent for the regular meeting Thursday of the Wasco Exchange Club at AVeit's hotel. Road building was discussed by It. A. Ingalls and short ! talks wero made by the other visitors I who were Iornor says: "The next few 1 confidently expect to he the most hilarious of my life, if only the boozer will win all along tho lino. What 1 want to see Is i-ere J. T. Wlngate, district gov- ,, ie dec]{s swept clenn , everything sir ? f -? xt ± al !. BC , CIl ! bs U, £'«»•'<* I ranged precisely a* the wets woul. J UDGE ALLAN B. CAMPBELL of sized the value of self-reliance, rcapon- .Means Bakorsfleld addressed tho Standard slblllty and citizenship In his Inspiring Farnlu Grammar School graduates and tho jaddrqss. The Invocation was offered , I by the Reverend S. Carson of tho Oil- large audience which gathered to honor i(ln]o Ctmgr epj lt lonal church. B. L. them on Friday evening at the Oildale | Marble of the school board of trustees |_-songs were sung by the class and auditorium. Judge Campbell empha- ispoko on "What the Standard School lother music presented. ! Xat C. Hudson. to the Community." N. H. | Arch R. Beckes, president of the •''arnham, superintendent, presented | local group, announced that ladles' the graduates to It. F. Greenstreet, ; night Is to be featured on February trustee, who awarded' the diplomas. Tho school orchestra furnished music, 16. A dinner will precede the party and entertainment will be in charge of, W. H. Jahant. Visitors from other . I get rid of the state enforcement acts, repeal the Eighteenth amendment. Then the fun: "The fun of watching the nation legalize the sale of liquor and at the same time prevent tho return of the Exchange Clubs of the county are saloon, which Is a place to sell liquor. : "The fun of watching the nation provide places for selling liquor under | strict legal control and at the same ; time get rid of speakeasies, which are \Voollomes, George W. McCllntlck, Embrey as their captain. Clarence J. Roupo, David L. Shlfflet Miss Ball, music supervisor, was a visitor at. the Orceley School Friday. find Frank Sinks. REBEKAH CARD PARTY MOJAVE. Jan. 28.—Twelve tables were in play at the invitational card party given by the Rcbekah lodge on Thursday night. Bridge was played and Mrs. W. R. Lukins won first prize for ladles; Mrs. George Arper, second: and Mrs. Stephen Hardln, consolation. George Everett, Jr., won the men's first, and R. L. Bruce, .second; Ed Streby won consolation. Henri Ghennrd was winner of the door prize. A midnight supper was served. The committee In charge were Mrs. Ruby Rlley and Mrs. Mabel Trlpp. expected to be present for the event which is to be in the nature of Valentine party. VINELAND GREELEY ; places for selling Ikiuor. AID SOCIETY MEETING The fun of watching tho nation put it heavy lax on liquor, and at tho same Ladles Aid will meet at the home of time suppress the bootlegging of un GREELEY, Jan. 18.—The boys of she went to Marlcopa to attend a slm- sources of 'Innocent merriment' flow- Ing like tho beer that will burst its barrel hoops once Congress legalizes booze. I expect lo laugh until I cry— perhaps laugh to keep from crying, 't laugh,' said Voltaire, 'that I may not weep.' Turn to Laugh "They laughed at us, tho drys, because we succeeded none too well with a 'noble experiment' which they made inordinately difficult by blocking and Interfering In a spirit of bad sportsmanship which would mako a professional pugilist blush with shame. Now comes our turn to laugh at them as they try their hands at. a policy which Is too old to bo an experiment, and has not oven the grace of being 'noble.' "But we can't laugh too long for wo know just what Is going to happen if or when the Eighteenth amendment is repealed, and the wets know it too. The wet regime will simply be history lived over again. We know what's coming tomorrow, because we remember, some of us, what came yesterday." AID SOCIETY ENJOYS ' "DEPRESSl" PARTY .Tan, 28.— The Ladles' Aid Society of tho Westminster Presbyterian church hold Its monthly silver tea Thursday afternoon at the church. Mrs. O. V. Swetgurt. prodded over tho business session, with Mrs. T. N. AVInslow lending devotlonals. named , means Mrs. Jane W. Kofuhl ohnlrmnn of tho ways and committee for tho months of February nnd March. Hostesses for tho social hour .were Mesdames A. R. Hummel, A. M. Pecka, nnd J. H. Mason. They had prepared u very unique party In keeping with the "depression." Mom ; hers came In their house dresses. Tables were covered with oilcloth and oil lamps were used. Contests were hold, tho "farmers" wns won by Mrs, I. N. AVInslow first, Mrs. C. Li. O'Ddl second. •'Refreshments were served to Mesdumes J. A. Hylton, li. Heuler and son Barton, Charles Tloedcr, H. W. Bernltz and son« Bobby. H. AV. Dargltz, n. A. Potter. Cf. H. Potler mid son George, Jr., C. X. Fletcher, W. AV. Talmadge, O. V. Swoigart, H. K. Waggonor, H. J. Dus- tln, C. U O'Dell, T. IS. Barnes, Lloyd Williamson, Lee T. Smltho, Ross Win' slow, T. N. Wlnslow, Marlon G. Roberts. R. T. C. Roberts, W. I. Hlnes, W. 13. Ileasloy, W. J.,. Evatt, B. ' F. Janes, A. W. Pough. J. Q. Kofalil, E. P. Heck, Misses Thelma Dustln, Laura Marshal, Florence Swelgart, Reverend B. F. Jones. Miss Marshal signed up as a new member. Quarters Provided for Aid Meetings KBRNVILLB, Jan. 28.—That the Woman's Aid Society of the Methodist Church, and members of tho Kern- vlllu choir may have a permanently designated meeting place, Mrs. .Edith P. Bechtel has given over one of her cottages to those" organizations. The aid society is meeting on the first and third Thursdays of each the Oreeley School have formed ;i basketball terim, month, instead of Friday's as herc- j tofore, so as not to conflict with Fri- i day meetings of the Rebckahs. The I next society gathering will bo oil _ , , Thursday, February 2, over' which tor Fuel at Church l Mrs n °y c - Miis °" wil1 preside .«* I hostess. k Pastor Makes Plea Hannah Nord was a recent over; night guest of Bertha Nord who Is rc- ' siding at tho home of Doctor Jones In Stockdale. Herbert Mealy, county superintendent of schools, spent: some tlmo visit- Several out present. of town guests were Lamont. Mr. AVceks Is employed at KERNA'ILLE, Jan. 28.—The Rev- \ erend Roy the Di Giorgio farms. Mr. and Mrs. Truman have moved to Lament. Among tho local people who at- liar meeting. McDanicls ! J. D. Tucker bus been confined to ; his home with influenza. MOJAVE Mr. and Mrs. Waller Roush had as • He is I Angeles and after visiting relatives meeting of the homo depart- i Tucker, remains the same. ,, . . , , , ,._..,. „„/ C. Mason, pastor of the j 13irkii£>AT> the purchasing power which Is to re- i Kernvllle Circuit of tho Methodist * IWneer store prosperity. j "The fun of watching the nation, which had trouble protecting its single border line from wet Canada and Mexico, undertake to protect tho Frank wero Sunday dinner guests of the John Schroder homo. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gunther were recent supper guests at the home of A. A. Kl lower. Tho children in Mrs. Delia Camp- boll's room at Greeley School, have organized n Help-One-Another Club. many borderlines of dry states from arrived | wet states. Booze for Leisure Tlioc of" Qnil T IIIU -LJ1CO ClI; kJO.ll AJUli? i church, announces that continued cold weather has been very trying upon • the stove wood supply of the Weldon and Kernvllle churches, both edifices WASCO. Jan. 28.—AVord was re- now being in need of fuel. To members of those congregations who are cclved recently of the passing of William H. Gllbreath, SO years of age. Mr. ment In Bakersfleld on Wednesday. i being cared for by Mrs. M. Freeman, j until the first of the wee'k, will be Donald Holler was n dinner guest of : a nurse from Bakersfleld. Harry Cheevers in Arvln on Wednes- I _ Mesdames M. II. Krauter. J. 1,. \ brother. accompanied on her return by her day evening. Krauter and W. T. Mahin attended I j oc McDonald, local member of Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Richardson of i the P. T. A. board meeting In Bale- I the Lancaster All Star basketball Bakersfleld were callers in Lament on ersfleld on Tuesday. Thursday afternoon. team, motored to Lancaster. Friday Mrs. Merrill Barlow, who has been night to play in the game 1 of the : ! ill, has resumed her duties at the • ] Rookplle School. Lancaster A. S. vs. the Glendalu American Legion team. The score AUCTION SALE!! of Reconditioned Farm Machinery and Equipment Tuesday, February 7 Mrs. A. E. Burnett of Los Angeles 1 was 38 to 55 in favor of the Glendale is at tho home of her sister, Mrs. J. team. D. Tucker, having come here on ac- "The fun of watching the nation move into a five-day week, with i around 14x4 Indies, while the Kern- booze on tap at every corner for every I vlllc heater will oblige a chunk up to in a position to remedy this shortage | Gllbreath. who was one of Kern much appreciation will be shown. ! county's early pioneers, died at hi* The Weldon stove uses a stock llome ln Sil " 1 ' uls Oblspo after a Ion:; leisure moment. "The fun of watching innumerable 1 homes In dry territory as well as wet tune in on the radio and hear the family mellifuosly advised to drink j gin rickies at least twice a day and to i new ln tho way of ^Sunday evening 30 inches long by 10 inches in diameter. UNIQUE CHURCH PROGRAM TEHACHAPI, Jan. 28.—Something Illness. Interment was made In the family plot In Inglewood cemeterv, Los Angeles, beside the grave of hi.s wife who preceded him In death by two years. Mr. and .Mrs. Clay Gilbreath and Marvin and Clyde Gll- breath attended the funeral. visit the corner saloon at least twice a week. "And tho fun—the warm, full-heart- Home county committee meeting, held i week-end In Los Angeles. .._. ___..__„ _ „ Mrs. W. W. Martin was called to! count of the Illness of her father, W. j her home In Fresno on receipt of the j e(i fun of seeing the good old days W. Walker. j news of her mother's death. . I of childhood back again when drunks Arvin was represented at tho Farm , Mrs. Ellen Planck will spend the j reeled along tho sidewalks; when i children 'rushed the growler' for sodden parents; when distracted women met their husbands on pay day at the factory gates to gut the week's wage before it was wasted in the saloon; when Saturday night downtown was a reign of riot and debauchery. "Fun? There will be fun enough these next few years, If tho wots have their heedless way, to keep the In Bakersfield on Wednesday, by Mrs. Fred Doll and Mrs. AV. P. Nance. Mrs. Beverly Young and son Roger have returned to their homo in Lens Beach after spending a few days at their ranch. .The Arvin Ladies' Aid will hold Its ; meeting on Thursday, February 2, in! stead of Wednesday, at tho homo of i Mrs. Henry Yaussy, Mrs. Otto Yaussy will ho assisting hostess. Mary Kay Davis left for Bakersfield, to resume her studies at Bakersfield Junlnor College, after several days spent, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. AV. O. Davis. Kenneth Martin, son of the AV. W. Martins, who is a senior at the Bak- ersfleld High School, spent the weekend at his home here. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Moore motored to 7-.OS Angeles, Friday. Sale Starts 9:15 a. m. COL. O. S. GRANT, Auctioneer SANDWICHES AND COFFEE SERVED FOR LUNCH The Following Articles Will Be Offered for Sale: 2 Horse Mollne Corn Planters 4 P. A O. Cotton and Corn Planters 1 John Deere Cotton Planter 1 Massey Harris Planter 1 Asplnwall Potato Planter 1 Little Giant Potato Planter 1 Hoover Potato Planter 1 Two-Row P. & O. Power Lift Cotton and Corn Lister 1 Walking Lister 1 New Combination Lister and Planter 2 New 14-Inch Middle Busters 1 Four-Row P. & O. Beet Seeder 4 10-ft. Hay Rakes 2 John Deere Buck Rakes 2 Ohio Hay Presses 1 AdmlraTHay Press 1 IHC Hay Press 1 Hay Staker 1 25-ft. Drag 1 Ditcher 2 Wood Wheel Wagons 1 Electric Meat Grinder 3 McDrg. Mowers 4 15-30 McDrg. Tractors 4 10-20 McDrg. Tractors 1 Two-Ton Holt 2 Wallls Tractors 4 Fordson Tractors 4 Farmall Tractors 5 Home-made Light Trailers 4 Light Truck Chassis Suitable for Trailers 2 Dodge Trucks 1 One-Half Ton IHC Truck 1 Chevrolet Truck 1 Studebaker Roadster 1 Ohio Cutter 1 Compton Tractor Scraper 1 6-ft. Mlskln Scraper 1 7-ft. Mlskln Scraper I No. 10 De Lavel Cream Separator 8 Tractor Disc Harrows 1 Four-Section Peg Tooth Harrow 1 8-ft. Horse Disc Harrow 1 Reversible Disc Harrow 4 Sections Mollne Peg Harrow 1 71/2-ft Offset Disc Harrow 1 Tandem Attachment 1 14-Inch Walking Plow 2 Case 4-Btm. Disc Plows 6 La Crosse Disc Plows 2 No. 1 P. & O. Disc Plows 1 Case 3-Btm. Disc Plow I 4-12 Rock Island Plow 1 No. 2 2-12 P. & O. Plow 1 No. 5 3-14 P. & O. Plow I John Deere 12-Inch Two-Way Plow 1 P. &'O. 14-Inch Two-Way Plow 1 8-Inch Vineyard Plow 1 4-Btm. Unltlller Disc Plow 1 New 2-Btm. No. 11 P. 4. O. Disc Plow I New 3-10 Vineyard Plow 1 Subsoller 8 Farmall Cultivators 4 John Deere Two-Horse, One-Row Cult. 3 Rock Island Two-Horse, One-Row Cult. 2 P. & O. Two-Horse, One-Row Cult. 2 Two-Row Planet Jr. Cultivators 1 8-Shovel Goose Neck Cultivators 3 Two-Row Cultivators 2 Sled Lister Cultivators 1 Weeder Other Machinery Not Listed 8 Head Horses 2 Sets Harness SUNDAY SERVICES IN LOCAL CHURCHES programs js to be tried out this Sunday evening at the local church. In keeping with the proposed plan to have a different program each .Sunday night, the Rev. T. C. AVIlllams gave a colored slide program last Sunday night, and has sent out notice that this Sunday evening everyone who likes to eat and sing old- fashioned hymns will be welcomed. Those attending are asked to hrlng sandwiches. The committee .will furnish coffee, and after the supper hour an hour of singing will bo en- Joyed. The time Is 6:30 p. rn. KERNVILLE Evangelistic Tabernacle Eighth Street and Chester Avenue First CWUrch of Christ, Scientist I of liakersfield, a branch of The | Mother Church, The First Church of i "The Return of Elljali to This Christ, Scientist,, in Boston, Massa- i Earth" is the lecture for Sunday eve- chuselts, holds Sunday -services at 11 ] ning to be delivered bv Evangelist I a. in. and at 8 p. in., at Eighteenth j Robert L. Boothby. Mr. Boothby will I and C streets. Tho Wednesday eve- use for his text the following scrip- nlng nicotine at 8 o'clock Includes testimonies of Christian Science healing. Sunday school, for children un- ture: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord." : dcr 'M years of age. convenes at 9:30 I Malachl 4:5. Some of the questions • Sunday mornings. The public is cor- ; the evangelist will consider under this 1 dlally Invited to attend tho church i topic are: AVheu will Elijah come? ! services and to enjoy tho privileges i How will he come? What message of the reading room maintained by tho i will bo bring to the world? What luirch at 324 Brewer building, which • -will he say about the wordllness of except Sundays, holidays, from 10 is open dally, Wednesdays and . . a. in. until 4 p. m., and from 1 until I fl p. in., closing AVednesdays at 4 I p. in.; open on legal holidays from 2 I until 4 p. m. The subject for Sun• nay's Lesson-Sermon Is "Love." First Nazarene Church Fourth Street and Chester Avenue S. H. Erwln, Pastor professed Christians, and of the Immorality and sin of this age? This is one of Evangelist Boothby's most famous lectures. First Congregational Church Seventeenth and G Streets I Uev. A. S. Donat, Pastor Sunday school begins In the rooms of all departments at 9:45. Please note, tho change In time and places. The Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Morning J-riendshlp class will discuss Sunday [service, 1.1 o'clock. The sen-- observance, led by M. F. 10. ! tco will close at 11:30. Tho school and T ho morning service at 11 o clock, ber- mornlng worship will Evening service, 7:30 TERMS OF SALE: We reserve the right to sell any of the listed machinery at private aale, either befpre or during the auction aale. Sale Terms: All articles under $50.00, cash. All articles from $50.00 to $100.00, 50% cash and balance settled by 8% interest- bearing notes payable In three monthly Installments. All articles above $100.00, 40% cash and balance settled by 8% Interest-bearing notes payable In monthly Installments of two, four and six months. bo together 1 "ion subject. "Kindliest Greetings of ,.,,„ K „„.,.„., ..„„ o'clock. An - A", Ages." Very special: At 0:30 the i evangelistic service. The Beauchamp I Bakersfield Musicians' Club, led by brothers of Texas, Methodist minis- i Miss Ruth Morgan, will present an ters, will be with us. Tho Rev. Frank ' hour of music. Please note the hour— i Heauchamp will sing at both services. ' a tea held by the young people and The morning message will be an tllus- • the Argonauts. This vesper muslcale trated message to the children on fruit takes the place of tho evening service, ! bearing. The Senior N. V. P. S. meets : !ut C:30 p. m. Music for all tho serv- Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church I iocs Corner Nlles and King Streets •• Krrieft Birdscll Cole, Pastor St. John's Lutheran Church : Blhl ° school meets ;it 9:45 a. m. Corner of Twentieth und C Streets Louis A. Kneffner, Pastor Sunday school and adult Bible class begins Sunday earlier than usual, at . ,,-,,, I !i a in. Classes are held in the church member of this church is asked to be I hull on C Street between Nineteenth I present. Epworth Leagues at 0:30 : and Twentieth streets. lilbla class p. in. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. • taught by the pastor. Divine services ] Special music. ; at 10:30 a. m. Celebration of holy , communion. Confessional service ut 10 o'clock. Meetings as follows: Young People's meeting and social, AVcdncs- Calvary Baptist Church i Corner Kern and Nlles Streets Evangelist Albert T. Douglass, Acting Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.; morning worship, n o'clock. The Reverend Mr. Douglass will preach at the morning hour. Theme. "Christ's Coming to Calvary Baptist Church, Be There and Meet Him." All young people's meetings convene at 6:110 p. m. Evening worship, 7:30 o'clock. Robert H. Jensen, a concerted lawyer, who was formerly an atheist and Infidel, will toll his own story of how he came to accept Christ. All who wish to go with our young people to Delano for the county-wide rally next Friday evening, are requested to hand In names by AVednesday evening. First Presbyterian Church Corner Seventeenth and H Streets Kev. John Murdoch, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Theme for the month of January, "Service." Morning service, 11 o'clock. Text, Luke 11:1. Theme, "Learning to Pray." Iwenlng service, 7:30 o'clock. Text, John 1:37-39. Theme, "A Gracious Invitation." Christian Endeavor meetings at 6:30 p. m. World's Friendship Class at 6:30 p. m. Teachers' training school starts Monday evening nt 7 p. m.i preceded by a dinner at 6 p. in. at FlnjL. Baptist church on Truxtun avenue. No midweek service thin week because of teachers' training school. St. Paul's Church, Episcopal Corner Seventeenth and I Streets KERNA'ILLE, Jan. 28.—Art Alexan- i dor of AVcldon, and Charles Parks of the Kern Valley Packing Company, are away on a business trip to Arizona. P. Sunnier Brown of the A. Brown Company, was a business vls'tor In Bakersfleld late In tho week. Jim Bctchel and Roy Rudcliff are spending a few days In Los Angeles looking after business affairs. Aubrey Stains had the misfortune recently to have a steel sliver lodge In his eye. while working In his ICern- villo garage. He was taken to Bakert,- OFFICERS RE-ELECTED WASCO; Jan. 28.—At a recent meet- Ing of the AVaseo-Pond National Farm Loan Association in the office of N. P. Cormack tho following „ of fleer.-were re-elected: Jesse Peters, president; TI. D. Grund, vice-president, an. Mr. Cormack, secretary. This association is composed of farmers Interested in the farm loan operations of the, government In this section of Knrn county. DELANO DELANO, Jan. 2S.—Mrs. William C. Eddy motored to Bakersfleld on Friday morning on business for tho local Community church, of which her husband is*> pastor. Miss Ellen McCawloy is ill at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. T. McCawley of Lexington street. Misses Edna Jullcn and Ruth Froels wore recent visitors at. Tularo whore they wero guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Cato. Mrs. Pearl Rider and her son Jack are enjoying a visit in San Jose with Mrs. TUdcr's sister, Mrs. Earl Porter and family. Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Tatum and their daughter Helen are home from field Friday by Ellis Byrom lo have I Angeles where they visited their rel- the Injury given medical attention, a atlves. the L. L. Tatum family. previous trip having been made. " '" " ' ' ' ' *~ A ' Lloyd Barlee. who has been enjoying a week's interim between semesters of the Bakersfleld High School, returned to his studies at the end of the week. Tho Rev. William E. Patrick, Rector Fourth Sunday after the Kplpbany, A. H. KARPE'S IMPLEMENT HOUSE Auction al 615 East Nineteenth Street, Bakersfield : day at S p. m. Ladles' Aid birthday j dinner and meeting following. A'ot- i ing members, Thursday at 8 p. in. | Unity Truth Center Delia ShuttH, Leader J 10G2 1 " Chester Avenue. Phone 4M4 Sunday school. 9Mu ». in. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Subject, "The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand" Matthew 4:17. Evening service. 8 o'clock. ' Subject, "He That AVas Called In the Lord, eBIng a Bondservant. Is the Lord's Freed Man." T. Corinthians, 7:22. Lessons In Truth, Monday, -8 p. in. Business clinic, Wednesday. S p. in. Dally meditation, "Spiritual Hookup," 1 to 1:15 p. m. Center open from 9 a. m. to D p. m. Flrit Baptist^ Church Truxtun Avenue Between L and M Streets Rev. Frank O. Belden, Pastor Sunday school. 0:45 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Subject, "The Faith That Falls Xot?" Evening service ut 7:80 o'clock. Topic, "Wasted Energy." Special morning and evening music. The dedication recital nf the now pipe organ will he played Friday evening, February 3,. by Thco- ilori' SUong of San Francisco. Church of Christ Twentieth and G Streets L'. 11. Forrest. Minister .Sunday school. 9:15 a. m.; morning ccsan convention at Sonora, 11 o'clock. Meetings' next week: AVednesday at I p. in., St. Paul's Guild; Wednesday at 7:HO p. in., choir rehearsal; Friday at 4 p. in.. Girls' Friendly Society candidates. MARICOPA MAUICOPA, Jan. 28.— ITorton Doo- slnger, formerly of -Marlc-opa, but now residing In pisnio Beach, was a recent business visitor hero. Grace Cheesebrough has returned to her home hero after several days in Lou Angeles. Dr. Robert Thomason of Los Angeles is a guest at the home of his mother Mrs. William Thomason. Lyle Bock has returned from Los Angeles. U. K. Ballugh is a business visitor to San 1'Yanciscci. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kldwell have" gono to Bakersfield where they will make their home. 4 » » FRUITVALE service, 11 o'clock. Subject of sermon, "Setting Things in Order" (Tit. 1:5). j n ev Evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Subject, I "The .Supreme Question." Anglo-Saxon Federation of America Undenominational 300 F Street Sunshine Mission On Fresno Highway. Rlverview ' Mrs. S. P. Glllcspie, Director ! Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Chll- ; dren's church. 3 p. m. Young People. I Gleaners. Evening service, 6 o'clock. ' Matthew 5:13-10. The contest be- i tween the Blue and Red closes Sun- j day evening. I Philip E. J. Monsoii. Teacher and Lecturer Subject "The Destinv of a Sinking Contrast.' FRUITVALE, Jan. 2. 1 !.—Miss Josephine Hull, primary teacher, left Friday for Los Angeles to spend the weekend with Ivor mother mid sister. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. AVIilte of Green Acres visited tho Charles Schultx | family in Bakarsfleld recently. •Pho Miss Evelyn Palmer, teacher ut the i no jjYultvale School, in spending the. Bible Frank ICvard and his daughters, the Misses lAiclle und Mary Jane, arc home from a biiKlnes.s trip of several days to txjs Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Richmond and son have returned to Fresno aftftr a two-day visit hero with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. AV. B. Richmond. FELLOWS FELLOW'S," Jan. 28.—Mr. and Mrn. \V. M. Frazler of TClngsberg, were recent overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. AV. R. Anderson of the Republic. Howell Giles, accompanied by his, sister Miss Mario Giles of the Santa Fo, are visiting for a few days In Kxeter with their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Nance. Church Spiritual Science 1204 Baker Street, East Bakersfield Two Doors West of Monterey Street Rev. Josephine Edwards, Pastor amescnifwyp cmfwyp kw lew gfgt First Christian Church Sixteenth and I Streets Charles H. Hulmo, Minister Bible school at 9M5 n. m. "99" cliuss for men at 9:30 o'clock. Sermon and communion at 10:45 it. in. Sermon subject, "Credit With Man or God." Evening .sermon at 7:30 o'clock. Subject, "The True A'ine." Special music Sunday services 2:30 and 7:45 p. m.- by orchestra and choir. Also Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 I p.m. Subject, _PsulmjH. j Church of the Brethren _ , ,.. „.,.., , „. . Palm Drive and A Street Trinity Spiritualist Church aien R. Montz. Pastor Woodman Building Basement ™ • - Rev. Mary Crlswell Kralce, Pastor WASCO Sunday evening services only, 7:30 o'clock. Subject, "Spiritual GIftK." The pastor will conduct the service and give all the messages from articles and flowers. Sunday school, 9:4R a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon. Evening service. 6:45 o'clock. Congregational singing. Text, 7:05-7M5. Adult group study and one children's group. Evening Herman, 7:45 o'clock, ladles' Aid Society, Thursday. WASCO. Jan. 28.—Mr. and Mrs. Grant Knlffen had as week-end guests their son John Knlffen und family of Bakersfleld. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jo Miller last AVednesday. The baby is under close observation as it Is very, weak. Mesdumes Mark Frascr. Summor- vllle and McNeil met at the home of Mrs. Vorlln Rose Friday afternoon to complete plans for the entertainment to bo given on fathom' night by tho Progressive Club. DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST New low prlcts on pUtei ind bridgewirli Hide In tar own l«l»r«tory 1421 Nineteenth Street Aeroii Fr.m Welll'i Phint 179 REDUCE '« SAFELY NORMALLY New A»mtlte Centre! Methid A-C Tislile. V«u cm now reduce wltheut feir er hirni. Prill 12.00 per bo*. Bieklet milled en requeil. HAMAN-EDMONtS LABORATORIES, 1415 N. Vine Street, Nellywoed, Cillfeml*. ••' ' ANY WATCH REPAIRED Material* Uswl, at Cost Reader's Jewelers 1522 NlrveUenth Street

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