The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 7, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1894
Page 8
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OHfJBOB DlRSrTOBt lift. ' «wnlng,7:30p. m. BAPTIST. IBNINO leMlce, 11 »• m '', M S nIngml ?y,|^ ''"l.'iaaBpfm^'P^'ayM'Meetlng.'Tbui »»t!"j. C. HKNnmcRBON, Pastor ; H. Count, •SrtHSrtntsndent, mTBODIST, IOBHINO service, 11 a. OUSING ; ,,„.,.jg, lit B. \inuflirowH. VaStOf :, Superintendent. Uarroll Vo»t-OJBoe. MWlB at the office close as folpwc ESS*, 1 ®Fl?fffffit + 'b Office open on Sunday from • to 10a.m. ana from 8 to 4 p. m. STAB ROUTES. Jit. C«rm«l ^Kentne^dallyexaept Sundas H »„ ,n~ ...l»o. a ,. n. . p _ Depirt Goon Hapias, t»rr«un»u, Wllley. Tuesday, ttuwday, Biturdny, arrives 1Z m. departs 1 p. m. **. Re. M«. 7 Ho. 18 O. * M. 'W. Time card FABRineiR TBAHW WM1. No. US. Me. Bo. •e. M . u ....... jarrivese 07 a. m. 6 Denver Local \ leaves 6 17 a. m. Paclfle Express -"6 p. m. Carroll Express aXSE' i»' vwlrtt 823p. a>. Piemen TBAOT BAST. Overland limited 9 05 p. m i arrlvesB 00 p. in. Denver Local J leaves 8 10 p. at. 16 Des Molnes Passenger 8 00 a. m. M Freight, West Bide to Boon*.. 9 IB a. m. uonx om urn wwn*a mivs* •etuis LMfM • 26e.« 700* • AUDOBOI MUJWB. . »Ht. P. B-y. mas eonre MAST. m. No. 72 Freight. Wo. 64 Freight. .900 p.m. ,.1:06 a. m. taAiis ooi»« iran 8:43 a.m. 1:37 P.M. 7:10 a. m. 10:80a. m CITY GOVERNMENT. CARROLL. IOWA, Sept. 1, 1894. Council met in regular session at the office of E. «. Parsons. Present, E. M. Parsons, mayor; Maurice Bowler. W. Llewer, C. H. Hoett, E. N. Merchant, Sam Todd, J. A.NeNeill and W. 0. Eich. Geo. Egermayer appeared before the council in regard to the Northwestern band trouble. Motion made andjseconded that we leave this matter over until next regular meeting. Carried. ST. Belter appeared before the council In behalf of the the Germanla, asking for a light from the city to their ball. Motion made and second that there be an arc light between Third and Main street. Motion made to amend the above motion to also place a light in first ward. Not second. First motion was pow voted on and earried. A petition asking for a light on Fifth and Maple street was lead, and WPtiou made and seconded that the petition be allowed. Carried. Uotlon made and seconded that we abandon the above two motions and that arc light on First and Main street be moved down one block. Carried. A petition fromC.G. Brooks was read attklog J2,000 damage and. was on motion laid on the table. The following bills were acted upon and allowed: Bulled States Pump Co,, valve, etc 1249 Cuurllle Pump Co., pnmp fitting! 28600 K. H. Faraoni, freight 2420 K. M, Parson*, " 2 E. M. Parsons, express 80 J. Schncbtner, salary one-bulf year 60 00 J.'Bclmcutuer, paper and binding tax list 1 *6 Bleotrlc Light and Power Co., light to Sept.1, '94 10500 P. Illinar, 6 hours [labor 100 V. Piiinzwa, 9 days 2ft hours labor on waterworks 1386 2S6 THE TOOTHPICK SHOES AND THE Louis Johnson. Mrs. M. O. Myer and Miss Tillle Kay Forney, followed up Fashion's caprices in all departments of the home, besides giving much readable matter on current subjects. There is also another of the series of articles on "Old- English Silver" and to many who are sending their boys to college for the first, "Jack's College Trunk"will be most help- tul. This magazine is published In Philadelphia, Pa., at SI per year; 10 cents, current Issue; or to our readers, a sample copy will be sent free. THE JAPANESE vs. THE CHINESE. But If this contest is provoked for display abroad, and effect at home, a more thoughtful people would have hesitated before pitting themselves against such fearful odds. China can afford to wear out her little adversary in the game o f death. The Japanese affect to despise the Chinaman as stupid and woodenheaded, but many liberal-minded foreigners who know both, unqualifiedly give the palm of superiority to the Chinaman. In solidity of character, in business sagacity and honor, he is far ahead. The Japanese merchant has a most unsavory reputation as being flighty and tricky. Nor are the Chinese standing still, though it is probably a world belief that they are. They advance, but it is a slow advance. They build as highly approved modern meu-of-war as any in Japan or elsewhere. Their courage in facing death, it is well hnown, amounts to stolidity.' China has a fleet equal to Japan's, an army several times larger, and a population ten times as great. What but the desperation of the Japanese government or the fanatical jingoism of the people would embark on such a perilous venture ?—From "Political Japan and its Leaders," by C. Meriwether, September Kevlew of Reviews. TOWN SWALLOWED UP. Most Complete Mine Cavein jEver Known In Pennsylvania. FIFTY MINERS WERE IMPRISONED, been taken from the rains, although the full roll of those to be accounted for can not be prepared at this time. Will Close the Saloon*. DES MOINES, Sept.. 6.—Judge Spurrier, In the district court, has Issued injunctions against 65 saloons running under the Martin mulct law, all there are in the city. The injunctions were asked by District Attorney Davis, backed by the prohibitionists, upon the ground that the petitions, which should have 6,000 names, are 818 names short. The saloon men have at least $250,000 invested in the business. Fythlani and Liquor Dealer*. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6.—The reports of the committees favoring exclusion of liquor dealers from future membership in the Knights of Pythias, and the restraint of the German lodges from performing the ritual in their language, are ready for presentation, but will probably not be considered until late in the session. 1. Funk, 1 day 5 hours labor on well... B. Bolster, cleaning cistern 760 J. Flanagan, 8 day* labor on pump 460 J. Bolster, 8 day* labor on pump bouse.., 4 60 B. Boliter, 8 days 6 hours lobor on pomp homo 626 W. O. Bleb, 2 days labor on watet works,.. it Ob J.ConwB)-,S load 200 J. Bell, 0 dajs 5 hours >labor on pump home. 8TU Bbenleld * Patterson, labor ana repairs., id i£ H. Winter,hauling repairs i «o «. M, BI»V». Hauling material to Vmmp aousa..,, •> " "6 It, W. Bowen, salary 8 months ifiOO Oieen Bay Lumber Co., lumbe* HI GO Afotlon made (bat we. authorize Mayor Parsons to settle with the insurance company (or 9460 or give it the privilege to replace the building of the pump and edgiue house. Motion carried. The following resolution was then acted upon: Be It resolved by the city council of Carroll, Iowa, that ou and after tlio third , day of Hoptomber, IBM, no boy or boy a under the age of 16 yours shall be allowed on the streets of the city of Carroll, after the hour of 10 o'clock p. in,, unless they have a reasonable OXCUBO, Auy violation of this resolution shall be considered a misdemeanor and they shall Unpunished as such. Motion wado and seconded that the above resolution bo adopted. Yens, J. A. McNeMI.Jf. Bowler, If. Uover, W. O. Jllch.C. U. Hooft, 8am Tcdd. Motion to adjourn. Carried. JOHN SOIIACUTMCH, K. M. 1'AllBUNM, City Clerk. Mayor. BMoued Through a Tunnel Which Bad Been Used M an Alribaft — Accident Caused by Timber Supports Giving W»y In Haunt lookout CalHerjr—No Dead Bodies H»Te Yet Been Found. LOFTY, Pa., Sept. 6.—The little mining town of Scotch Valley in Lackawauna county, near this place, was swallowed np Wednesday night in one of the most complete mine caverns ever known in this region. The scene of the disaster is on the slope of Mount Lookout, th« score of houses comprising the hamlet being at the mouth of the shaft of the Mount Lookout colliery, The wildest excitement prevails throughout the region and detail* are fragmentary. It is known, however, that the dozen houses 'on each side of the principal street of the hamlet ore completely swallowed up in the gap- win Have to Pay Up. LYONS, Neb., Sept. 6.—A further shortage of $622.21* has been discovered in the accounts of ex-Postinaster Smith. He has been called .upon to "make it good." In all probability his bondsmen will get to perform that duty for him. This makes over $1,200 which it is said he got away with. Women and Newspaper Work, SARATOGA, N. Y., Sept. «.—In the American Social Science association, department of health, among several papers read was one by Margaret id. Welch of New York, on "Is Newspaper Work a Healthful Occupation for Women?" Bound Over For Belling Whisky. NEBRASKA CITY, Sept. «.—W. H. Lopp, a barber living at Nehawka, was bound over to the United States court in the sum of $500, charged with selling liquor without a license. He gave bond. < Cashed • Big Forged Draft. &ONPQ& Sept, Qi—Ai the bulking ouse of Glynn, Mills, Cnrrie & Co. a man succeeded in cashing a forged draft or £4,800 (|24,000) on the credit of TAIH.H TALK. iu (be fiepteiuber Issue of "Table Talk" housekeepers and liome-wakerH will tut interested, for, la addition to thu ing hole* and nothing can be (teen of the other buiWinw of the town but the rooft, gables and chimneys. It is impossible to state accurately the number 1 of fatalities, or if there are any. Rescuing parties are exerting every means to release the occupants o! the engulfed dwellings. One of the buried houses has taken lire. The cavein was caused by the giving way of timber support* in the workings of Mount Lookout colliery, which has not been in operation for about two years and had been neglected in consequence. At about 9 o'clock Wednesday afternoon the inhabitants of the hamlet were startled by rambling and reports like falling rook in the caverns of the abandoned mine many hundreds of feet below them. The ground trembled and swayed like an earthquake beneath them. Report wus followed by report, and accompanied by other tremors and the village sank out Bight in the gaping cavelu. Meanwhile some M) miners were imprisoned in th« colliery. They hud been at work in an other portion of the mine und all means of exit from the mine was completely wiped out by the oaveiu. Jumea Perrin, one of the oldest miners got the men together und started to leui them up through u tunnel which hud been used UB un uir shaft. The rescuing party on the surface had made an at tempt to cut u passage through the muis of debris which blocked the main en trunoe. Failing in this, eoiuo of th more during of the party oume into th! pannage und name to where the Imprli oued miners were struggling upward BlftF uiontWy menus, there Is a digest ito manner and way of carrying them VuttM week, under the title of The* men we?e carried to the surface where a great crowd of excited, pan! itrloken people were awaiting them. A the persous wlio could be (ouad u#v Funeral of Charle* Bo»nthal. WEST POINT, Neb., Sept. 6.—The nneral of Charles Rosenthal was the argestseen in West Point for many ears. All business was suspended dur- ug the burial. Two Youug Ladle* -Drowned. BAYBHOOKB, , Conn., Sept. 0.—Miss tf arion GUendenning and Kittle Koutz f Brooklyn, aged 22 and 15, .were rowned near the mouth of Oyster river, Aid From the For Northwest. TACOMA, Wash., Sept. «.—The Inter- tate fair management has decided to onate one day's receipts to the Minno ota and Wisconsin forest fire sufferers. Deary Irvlug Mult** • Contribution. NEW YORK, Sept, &.—Acting Mayor McClellan received a cablegram from lenry Irving in London contributing COO to the forest fire relief fund. Opening of the State Normal PKBU, Neb., Sept. «.—The State Normal school for the training of teachers opened with a full corps of teucuen and over 400 student*. _ HELEN M. QOUQER IN NEW YORK Tells the Worklngraou What She l)o If She Were God. NEW YORK Sept, U.-Fully 1,000 men and women listened to an address by Mrs. Helen M, Gouger, of Indiana, a the auditorium in Prohibition park, tataten Island, Sunday afternoon. The •ubjeot was "The Shotgun or Justice, Which Shall the Laboring Classes Have In the Settlement of Strikna and Battles Between Capital and Labor," Roferring to the poverty In the great cities and the suffering In tho great tenement house districts of the cities, Mrs. (louger siiiil there were thousands of acres of laud in the suburbs of New York held idle for speculation purposes, and added: "If I were tho Almighty for only flvo minutes, I would take all this property from the land speculatori and |{ivo to Uod'u children in the tenement, bouses of Now Vork u place upon this earth and some of thu gospel of fresh air and Huuuliino." TUESDAY. Ity Ai rung* fa* brief addresses in addition to the religions services, by Senator Allison, Oovef» nor Jackson and others, DcsMotNES, Sk-pt. H.—Governor Jackson late Saturday night issued a prod* tnation on the death of ex-Oovernor Kirkwood. Among things said is that "the nation shared the greatness of his life; Iowa enjoyed the distinction of liil supreme manhood." Out of respect Ifct his memory all rings are ordered at hall mast and the capitol is ordered appf* prlately draped. Franco IJcmti'ii' tticlomnlty. PARIS, Sept. 1.—The governor of Indo- Chinn reports that the night of the 2?th Ihincsa marauders murdered M. Chillet, French collector of customs in TonkVn, and killed his wife and children, Troops pursued the outlaws, but failed to cap- Sure them. The French government h«9 demanded indemnity from the govern* nient at Pekin. cracks.—It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that has been painted in the first place with cheap ready-mixed paints, than it would to have painted it twice with strictly pure white lead, ground in pure linseed oil. Strictly Pure White Lead forms a permanent base for repainting and never has to be burned or scraped off on account of scaling or cracking. It is always smooth and clean. To be sure of getting strictly pure white lead, purchase any of the following brands: 'Southern," Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors, a one-noun 1 can to a 35-pound keg of Lead and mix yen own paints. Saves time and annoyance in rm ••!•» shades, and insures the best paint that i> "j£ lible to put on wood. Send us a postal card and get our ^ on paints und color-card, free; it will probably save you a good many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO. St. Louis Branch, Clark Avenue and Tenth Street, St. Louis. Seven prisoners escaped from the coun- y jail at Hillsdnle, Mich., by cutting hrough a 80-inch wall. Secretary Carlisle is pleased with the mproved condition of the treasury and believes a further issue of bonds will be unnecessary. Miss Ella Larson killed her lover, Willam Hunt, at Niobrarn, Neb., he having assaulted her for refusing to marry him. Burglars entered the vault of the bank at Marceline, Mo., by digging through wo feet of masonary. Secretary Hoko Smith and Speaker /risp will speak from the same platform at Atlanta, Ga., on Friday. Henry Irving, the English actor, cabled '500 to the mayor of New York to be used or relief of forest fire sufferers. A Wisconsin farmer prevented a dlBns- rous train wreck near Stevens Point by aking off his shirt and setting it afire. Twelve hundred miners employed by he Spring Valley, Ills., Coal company quit work in sympathy with the trap boys who want an advance of 5 cents a day. LONQ STMINI of dlnemn and de- rangemenUhaT*their origin in torpor of the liver. Deranged appetite, ooniUpatl6n, headache, BOUT stonv- acb, gassy btlcUngi, indigestion, or dya- pepsia, are due to sluggish liver. Hit. Joan A. Da. BBUHY, U. B. Inspector of ImmlfraticB at Bu/olo. N. F., _- writes a» follows: " From earljr childhood I suffered from a slug- glib liver. Doctors' prescriptions aitd patent medicine* afforded only temporary relief. I tried Dr. Fieroe'a Pleasant Pellet*, taking three at night and two after dinner everr day for two weelu and then one " Pellet " every day (or two months. I have In ill month* increased la colld tleih, twonty-alx pound*. I am In better health than I have been ilio* childhood. Drowsiness und unpleaaant reeking* after meal* have completely disappeared. lieipeotfully your*, U. 8. Inspector of Immigration. Are you thinking of buying a new Stove of Range-none that will burn the least fuel, cause the least trouble, give L the greatest degree of heat, last the longest and Io6k the best? Then Jewel Stoves and Ranges will interest you. J E WElg ,STOVES' IUR6E5T STOVE rlAOTBI THE < For efficiency, economy, durability, and beauty,, they represent the zenith of the stovemaker's skill. Ask to see them at the dealers. Look for the above trade mark. 1 to JUST OPENED KIEE PANTS LARGE ASSORTMENT Prices, 20,3O and SOcts Boys' Suits Away; Down Steam ship tickets to and from all parts oj the world at lowest rates. $1000 In money: also oluer valuable premium* to good gutsier*. Bass ball enthusiasts, Cms Is your opportunity. Bee offer 110MB AMD COUNTRY MA<»A/,INK. Price 2So. All newsdealers; or 58 Bast 10th street. New York. 8-11 A CUP OF BEBr" TEA (the chenpmt, purest atid best) can be prepared Instantly from LleblE COMP.HT'S Extraet ot Bed. There's only one K«nulnu kind and Hi«t you can know by the sluuatiiro In blu« on every Jar. CONSUMPTIVE BF~BUmED WlUt OIUsuiis Mvelluv "' l UHru '"'I' ArraMV Olt|to«ltluu uf Uuv. Uli'kwuud't llo IOWA CITY, la., Bupt. iJ.-Al tu0 •en's meeting uri'ttiigeuiuata were for the fuuurul of thu late (iovernoi Kirkwood ou Tuesday. There will be THINACURA For Thin People AltIS YOU THIN? Klesh uiuU« with Tblbncura lablt'ls uy. u "I tlllu process, Tlwjr create por'tiit asslinllxilvu uf evory form of food, «M>rt>t im lU* vnin«Me iart« Hud discarding tb» »ortbl*BS. Tiny iHrte bin fuues plump uucl round out lb« Uiiuru. 'i'u«| ur« tho BTANDAMPWKMISDY for leiww»«. containing: DO iimuiitc, «ud Hlw luiolr huruiloKs. I'rlcii, prepaid, 11 por box, U for 16. I'umphlBt, "HOW TO MET If AT." fr««. The TIUNAUUIU CO., m Brosdway, N«w York. Bf\R LOCK The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention of genius, unfettered by old-aohool tra- ditiona. It has been brought to perfection in its mechanical details by tour yeare of experience, backed by ample capital, helped by practical men determined to spare no endeavor to manufacture a high grade machine which •bail produce the beat work with the least effort and in the shor'eet time. Ita price may by a little higher than that of others, bat the Bar-Look IB made for theolaai who want L The Best Typewriter Possible, And the only double key-board machine that writaa EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. BNDOWED by those who use it: R, O. Dun & Co., St. Paul, Minn. Pinkerton National Detective Agency. (8) New York Central & Hudson River R. R.(10) Michigan Central R. R. Co. (10) Daenport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. Superior Evening Telegram. Eational Wall Paper Co. (7) And thousands of others. ON TRIAL in your offloe, and unless you like it you "^^™"~™ pay nothing, Old maohioea exchanged Our Argument; Sent on trial Ihe Bar-Look has a obanoe to speak for iteelf and to stand on its own merito, which ia just where we want the Bar-Look to stand. We take all toe risk otite not pleaeiug yon. Whatever typewriter you buy, there are typewriter secrete you ebould know, j iOur catalogue oontaioa them. Bend a poetal (or it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Go., UUUi at., I*nos and fifth an., MBW YORK. 8t. Paul Branch, OH ISwt 4th Street INSURANCE Uuittod umouiit* of reliable lusurauos, III HQOdtJiiutuul coiui>uul««- Vstluiated eosl, uboutouetmlf the proBtiui bowel rate*. If you waul rwsouaUle rates ou need lusursuw), lake out a polity frow U»» only nou-boorU ofllw lu lite olty. J. C. QHIWTH.UAgent, LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blaoksmitliing, horse shoeing, plow work and general repairing. WAGON MAKER A first class workman in wood is employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles ot wagon and carriage work and repairing. us A CALL. JERRY LUCY, Proprietor. $h»p opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa.

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