Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1955 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 14
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I KOSTIU 1U. - k E V S E K And Tri-State Area (13) Evening Times, Thursday, November 17, 1955 Frostburg Indebtedness Reaches $55 Per Person. 4-H'er Writes From Algeria MOOREFIELD — George Williams of Hardy County has for"warded the fourth in a series of reports from Algeria where he is visiting as an International Farm Youth exchange. He stated. "All goes well in Algeria, at least here where I am. Sidi-Bel- 'Abbe's is in the middle of a rich fertile plain .with., an altitude of around 1500 feet.-And, as in other parts of .'Algeria; the main crops are wheat and grapes for wine. "Yesterday, I .had lunch with the representative /of; the • French gov- ernment'in ;this" region ""and the American: Consul. I learned a bit about the_•: government but .it is a very difficult, one (to understand. "Today .was'-a bit- different. The chauffeur.;,. ; pl'.'the'.'Trench 'family with whom TvV stayed for ' two days got; married. I went with "my host .and; his family to see the Arab marriage. We stayed for an hour arid a half. It is hardly'pos- sible to see all because the marriage feast lasts for two or three days. I understand that the chauffeur had paid 80,000 francs (around $230) for 'his wife. Before the day of the marriage, he 'had never seen his-wife —'never.-:'.. '. ^ ' "The feast begins with the killing of the 'sheep •— a ritual in-itself. The sheep are roasted on a spit over an open fire. All the men sit around talking, and:, .eating. '.; The women 'are in another, room .Where it is agauist;-their, .'religion'for a man to enter. ;.V "After the meal the singing begins. 'The so-called orchestra : — flutes and drums —plays the 'music and a man sings. The men and boys sit around and listen and contribute money to the welfare of the'newly-weds (who are not present.) I understand that.this part of the ceremony becomes rather savage later on in 'the night. "I will arrive in :New York on December 11 and, after four or five days in ..Washington, I'll return home." '••'" Phone Rate Increase . Hearing Scheduled CHARLESTON;- W.'.Va, Ml - A rate increase application by the Augusta and Rio Telephone Co. in Hampshire County has been set for hearing here Nov. 23. .. •; The . application. asks..the Public! Service Commission for authority to put" into effect a $3 monthly rate for residential subscribers who now pay $2. Present and proposed rates are higher for subscribers on certain Jines. . , • Sewer Workers Remove 13 Tons- Substance * WESTERNPORT — Employes of the Pittsburgh Pipe Cleaner Company who are cleaning the sewer on Church Street have removed 13 and a- half tons of substance, Mayor Okey E. Michael said.'. After debris is removed-from the sewer, workers of the street department.haul'it away. ..... .. TOPS IN FRINGE AREA PERFORMANCE! FROSTBURG—Each resident of Frostburg is indebted ; in the amount of $55.41 through ; bonds sold by the city in a dozen issues over the past 21 years. Frostburg, like all municipalities of the nation,-.must'-borrow"money for street, water, utility and other improvements, ; arid . then' :pay these loans, back over a specified time. : ' • • ...'- ' In the; case of Frostburg; all loans, or bond issues must .first be approved, 'by the Maryland General Assembly. Following this ap proval the bonds are advertised and the company offering the city the best proposition is awarded the sale. The oldest bonds outstanding are "four and a half, per cent water improvement bonds, of 1931." The original amount of $50,000 was reduced to $25,000 June 30.1955. : Other'/bonds:outstanding are: 4 per cept water improvement bonds of 1934^-124,000. • 3.10 per .cent water improvement bonds of 1939—$35,000. . 2/75 per cent water funding bonds Of.-,1943-^28,000. '.', -. : • 3J5 per cent, general obligation water bonds of 1951—$25,000. ': 4 per cent- water improvement bonds of 1953—$65,000. 3 '.2 per cent sewer bonds of 1936 •554,000. 3% per cent street improvement bonds of 1939—$15,000. 3 per cent refunding bonds of 1941—$35,000. ' ' . 3\>4 per cent street improvement bonds of 1947—$25,000. 3 per cent swimming pool improvement bonds of 1949—$25,000. 3% per cent street improvement bonds of 1951—$25,000. The total of the , above is $381,000 and when divided equally among the : 6,876 Frostburg residents amounts to $55.41 per person. No community of Maryland' is permitted by the General Assembly to issue bonds. exceeding 10 per cent of the assessed property value. Frostburg's assessed real estate amounts to $6,345,846 which gives it a credit of $634,584. The city has borrowed 60 per "cent of its permissable-amount. According to : the city budget the following payments will be'made on the bonds for the "next five years. $30,000' in 1956; $31,000 in 1957;' $32,000 in 1958: $47,000 in 1959 and $32,000 in 1960. Payments will continue annually until Lhe entire amount has been paid. Interest' for 1955 will amount to $14,075 and will reduce annually as future payments are made. According, to paragraph 248 the new'city "charter adopted ; in April - 6, • 1954 by the'voters of Frostburg, -the city shall have the power to issue bonds or other cer- .ificates of indebtedness, subject in each instance to receiving the prior approval of the voters of the city in a referendum. Not more than $100,000 may be issued and outstanding at any one time under the''provision of this section. ' .Paragraph 210 of the charter gives the .city the power to borrow on a short term basis any sum or sums not to exceed $10,000 on a temporary basis without additional approval either from the General Assembly or the citizens of the community. Funds to repay any bonded indebtedness of the community are derived from taxes levied annually by the City Council, water rents, stale motor vehicle tax, state income tax, race track tax. liquor and traders licenses, auto license tax. county road appropriations, parking violations, parking meter collections and street paving to mention a few of the larger sources and numerous small ones such as franchise tax, building and sewer permits, magistrates fines, rents and other miscellaneous in items. Supervising the apportionment of the city income to the various funds, which include the retirement of the bonds, is -William Tfct WOMHAM. MI-SU* ii-iiKh TV ... —Morpeii or'lirmuio To« New Uoy'ol "X" <hat«i« ' powtr rtctption whtlhtf n«or or far from »fit'Ty,»tati«C • •'_ 'i. ; 95 Frostburg Cub Scout Pack 44 'Awards Listed FROSTBURG—Sponsored by the Hill Street Parent-Teacher Association,; Cub Scout Pack 44 met recently, at the school to receive the following awards: Bob Cats — Daniel Broadwater, William Hachard, John Johnson, Richard Kasecamp, Lawrence McGregor,. Bruce Shirey, Carl Smith, John Stafford, Edward .Steele, Duane Sandene, Stephen Powell, Harry Foor and John Boone; Wolf emblem — Stephen Po^vell. Bear — Edward Bean, Harold MiEer, Darrell. Layman and David Powell; Lion and Webelos with completion of three^i years as Cubs —' Thomas Richardson, Joseph Stevens, Ronald Richards, Gary Miller, Kenneth Poor, .Robert Crowe, Harold Conrad and Douglas Buckalew. -, f -' : One-year service star — \Villiam Petenbrink, Robert Baker, Carl Rosenbei-ger, William. Wright, James-Quinn, James McGregor,Dana Robertson, William Evans, David;Powell and. Joseph Tranum. Two-year,service star — Joseph rheSi•Edward:Bean,;Elroy Richardson, George ; Biiicklew, Darrell Layman and WiiUam-Yogtman. ;Appointed Den clu'efs were Philip Beeman, in •" charge; Theodore Kight,' Den 1; Edward James, Den 2; -Regis Truly," Den 3; Francis Via, Den 4; Lawrence' Tranum, Den 5; Lawrence Smouse, Den 6 and Raymond Swing) Den 7. Dicken Heads Coney 4-H'ers LONACONING .— Rusty Dicken was elected president of the Junior 4-H Club : of Lonaconing at a meeting Tuesday in the WW home. Carol Ann - Petry was elected vice president; Beverly Ann Wat- tenschaidt, treasurer; : Rita' Duckworth, assistant' treasurer: Kay Ann Greerij secretary; and Brenda Brakeall, assistant secretary. Plans were made for the Christmas jingle party which will be held on December 20. Achievement Day plans were made for the next meeting with members bringing items they-have achieved as a 4-H project. Miss Justine Miller, home demonstration agent. Cumberland, will attend the Achievement program Tuesday, .Further plans for the skating party will be made at the next meeting. . ' Brief Mention Martha Washington Chapter 10, of OES, will be hosts to the Past Matrons and, Past Patrons Asso- ciatipn : .of .^Western Maryland November 25 at 8 - p.m. in the Masonic Temple. Mrs.. Ella 'Evans, worthy matron, and Eugene Evans, worthy patron, and other officers will present a ceremony. Mrs.; Charles Gowans, spent last weekend in Laurel. • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lochner and family of University Park; Robert Mundeno,, Chestertown: Andrew Terhent, Mrs. Katie Jones, Mrs. Mary Jones, Mr. and Mrs. George Rudolph all of Baden, Pa., and Charles Baird of'Pittsburgh, have returned after attending the funeral of Conrad Lochner. Mr.'and Mrs. Robert Hutcheson and family of Beaver, Pa., visited at the home of Mrs. Marabel Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Hutcheson. •••'"-. Airman Jack Gowans, South Carolina, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John- Gowans, Church Street, last weekend. Firemen Answer Alarms FROSTBURG — The Frostburg Fire Department answered two alarms this morning for flue fires, one at Zihlman and the other on Big : Savage Mountain. No damage was reported. Eberly, finance commissioner, assisted by Alec Close,' city clerk and Margaret Kidwell, clerk. Somerset Hospital Listed For $60,000 Appropriation ! HARRISBURG CR —The Leader! administration has detailed its pro, posed appropriation to 187 state! ! aided medical and surgical hospitals for the current fiscal period. The total, 521,782,000, was about $2.250.000 under the 324,000,000 sug- ' gested in the original budget. Chairman Polen (D-Washington) ;of the House appropriations com-Jtj on Monday jmittee introduced the bill that P«>-| b " ^ •vides the money based on chanty j iorder Lo. o Initiates .Seven ...••:.; HYNDMAN - For-Get-Me-Not. Rebekah Lodge 375. instructed by' Mrs. Ella Crabbe, held an '>itia- night. Seven <ne\r- admitted to, the| cases handled by hospitals. ; "Even with the reduction fromi Guests were Past Grand Master, the budget proposal the total isjof Pennsylvania Guy Powell and , $5,000,000 above the appropriation JMrs. Powell. Everett and> St. . for the 1953-55 period," Polen said. 1 !J Clairsville Lodge. :He explained that every hospital had its suggested grant cut in the reduction which was carried out by changing the formula used to ; figure the grants. Originally the money was to be The degree team, included: noble grand, Martine Keller; vice gxand,• Blanche Wise; past noble grand,. Ona Bruner; chaplain, Ruth Kelly; '. conductress, .Helen Devore; war-" den, Ruth Sherman; secretary,'. (appropriated on a S7-$S-and-S9 a| Pear i Corley; treasurer, Nancy* [day basis for non-accredited hos-j MangU s ; altar bearers. Pbitoipene'', jpitals. partially accredited hospi- Ciller and Pearl Wagner:-inside'"-: guardian, Nancy Christner: £olo-- ists, Mary Topper and Augusiaf• Thomas. ' ' ' ..!'£.. The following exemplified the 7 '. tableaux: banner bearers, Helen,Bruner, Mary Johanasen, Augusta-; Thomas and Gertrude Pensyl, •Mamie Ake, Delia Twigg; Delli; jtals and fully accredited hospitals. jUnder the new plan the formula is iss for fully accredited hospitals land S7 for others. | Polen. estimated that the aver- jage increase over the last two years is 30 per cent with some hospitals receiving up to -45 per cent more. The latter cases are in areas of high unemployment and resulting high number of charity jcases. . ''"".'•'' j The appropriation bill was refer- ired to Polen's.committee., | It calls for grants which include.| Memorial Hospital ; of Bedford !County, Everett. $16.000; Me'yers- j dale Community Hospital, $105,000; Meyersdale Community Hospital 57,000,: and; Somerset Community- Hospital, $60,000... .'BUNNY HOP' IN WAITING ROOM—Stranded at a wayside railroad station in the three-act comedy "Off The Track," these. Fort Ashby High School seniors do the "Bunny Hop 1 ; while "killing time"-for, a mystery'to be cleared, up. Shown (1. to ir.) Colleen Brooks, Sheila Speel- man, Keith Martin and Erma Kesner. There' is a student matinee today and a public performance tomorrow night. Directing the show, are Miss Barbara Mitchell, .-Virgil Hull and Lawrence FouL The mystery angle surrounds missing pearls. Homemakers Meeting Set • - . "- :.. .'• -. '. MT. SAVAGE—The Mt. Savage Homemakers Club will meet today at 7:30 p.m. in St. George's Hall. Miss Mary Wise .will give a dem-; onstration on floor and wall treat-; ment, and a report of the nominating committee will be heard. The achievement auction has been postponed to the January meeting. '-.. . Brief Mention Colin 'Bowers is a patient in Sacred Heart Hospital after suffering a heart attack. Mr. and Mrs. Colia Bowers Jr. and daughter, Linda, and Mr, and Mrs. Robert Bowers and son, Robert, Herndon, Va., returned after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Colin Bowers Sr. Mrs. .Chris Pollock returned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wiljiam Sturtz, Baltimore. Mr. and .Mrs. .Raymond King and Mrs. Pearl King returned after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles King, Norwalk, Ohio. Mr. ar.J Mrs. Frank Ewald and daughter have returned to Pittsburgh after visiting Mrs. Tillie Neder. • Miss Bernadette Malloy and Miss Rosalie Malloy returned to Washington after, visiting their parents, Mr.. and Mrs. Joseph Malloy. Undergoes Surgery FROSTBURG - Mrs. Kathryn Plummer; Hyattsville, a former resident, is convalescing at home after undergoing major surgery at Prince Georges General Hospital. Cheverly. - " • Name Finalists In Voice Contest At Valley High . LONACONING. — Juniors and seniors at Valley,. High School elected 11 contestants to compete as finalists to represent the school in the county "I Speak for Democracy" contest at Cumberland Sunday. Contestants are Donald Amoniso, Colleen Beeman, Anne Perry Chappell, Zennia Mackley, Betty Kallmyer, Richard Granstaff, Colleen Sharp, " Carole Jean McFarlane, Jackie Mongold, Peggy Stakem and Mackey McKeuzie.' William Abbott introduced each contestant and the program. While the decision of the judges was being made, music was played by Lois Jane Howell, violinist, and Donna Fazenbaker, pianist. Judges will be Miss Dorothy Stone White, dramatic director at State Teachers College, Frederick I. Sheeley, pupil personnel department of Allegany County Board of Education office, and Mrs. Boyd Bolyard. a former teacher at Allegany High School. BiinerHeacls Dimes Marcli OAKLAND—Charles .,L. Briner las been appointed campaign director in Garrett County for the March of Dimes program, it was annouced by George L. Raddiffe, state chairman. The campaign begins throughout the state on January 3. The drive, which continues through January, will have the theme, "Polio Isn't Licked Yet." Radcliffe pointed out that thousands of children and. adults still were being stricken. He added thai 3,200 iron lungs also must be kept going and that polio research is still in full swing. School Event Planned LUKE — The Luke School will hold a Thanksgiving service next Wednesday at 10:30 a.- m. in the school. •••••: . LeoniF Beal. Nora Stuby. Eileen Carrie Miller and Laura Allenj ; ^ . : .• .Brief Mention ;. ? ^.'s * '~^**'.; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Mangus : ahd" granddaughter. Ruth Aberle, Visitr," e'd Mr. and .Mrs^Milby Happort," West Newton. : . ; . •Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dieberf,- Renova, -are! visiting at the home of,; ; ' Mriarid Mrs. Lloyd Christner: "' Mrs. Philomene jMfller ret from Connellsville where she ^ Hayes Miller and relative*. .; Moorefield Juniors Will Present Show MOOREFIELD — A three-actjCoiiple Entertains comedv, "Mountain Girl," will bej c f\ -o- ,i j ' presented by the Junior Class; of 5od Utt "^Ulday Moorefield High School next Thursday in .the school, auditorium. Curtain-time is at 8 p. m. E." B. Simmons, .sponsor for th'e Junior Class and coach for the play,-.stated that "Mountain Girl'" is a -comedy involving an Ozark Mountain family and. ._a'., touring couple who stop overnight after having car, trouble. Members of the cast include Gay Halterman, Naomi Evans, Wayde Barr, Mildred Schell, John Hawse. Sandra Raines. Robert Kemp. Lester Hyre, Phyllis Inskeep. Walbert Peters and Helen Myers. The stage settings are in charge of Lea Inskeep and -Retha Reel. BARTON — Mr. and.Mrs. James Ashby. entertained :with a party", for their son, Dennis, on: his, ninth, birthday. . : . •:...,: : . Attending .were Gary and-.;Stephen Barber, Kathy Broadwater,. Thomas ' James,- Calvin Ashby, Carolyn' Ashby; Mickey Johnson, Rita Ann and Mary Russell, Bruce, Carolyn and Patty Metz. Bobby Joe Rae, Deanna Orndorff, Susan' and Wendy Clark. Games wer« played and refreshments served. Visit Pittsburgh " CORRIGANVILLE—Mr. and Mrs.; Albert Matthews and their son-in-: law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald' Rose, were dinner guests Sunday in Pittsburgh at!the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Maxwell. For Rent: Furnished apartment. 4 rooms, bath, automatic heat. Phone Frostbu rg 1138; ''': '"• v: ^; I Adv.—Nov. N-T 16-17-18 WALLPAPER New Pattern* for FALL AND WINTER LEMMERTBROS, .PAINT A HAROWARI >HONE .360 ' ' FROSTIUKC . STOtt HOU*S DAIIY W P. M. ; I ; JATU»OAY M P. M. ^ Dance Scheduled WE'STERNPORT-A dance will be held tomorrow from 9 p. m. to midnight in the 'Red Men's Club. Sodality Plans Reception, Party MIDLAND — The Sodality of St. Joseph's Catholic Church will; hold a bake sale Saturday from ij to 4 p. m. for the benefit of the| church. ! A reception of new members and; the annual Christmas party will bej held December 8 in Assembly Hall. | Committees appointed for the. party were: refreshments, Mrs. : Teresa Sulser, Mrs. Mary Baker,' Mrs. Lionel Baker, and Mrs. i George Winner; decorations and games, Catherine Ann Ward, Elizabeth Ann Maher. Frances Crowe, Marie Crowe and Noreen Stakem. Dramatically ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. 19,Untat St. Dial HO 3-4421 k«nac«ninf PROCLAMATION " WHEREAS, President Dwight D. Eisenhower .has set aside Thursday, December 1, 1955, as "SAFE-DRIVING DAY," and in cooperation with the President's Action Committee for Traffic Safety, various national organizations throughout the United States have been called upn to demonstrate that traffic 'accidents can;be reduced materially when ail motorists and ^pedestrians do their part; and " .'... . . . : • WHEREAS, S-D Day will be preceded-by 30 days of intensive public education, and calls for the greatest cooperative. job ever undertaken in behalf of accident elimination; and. '• •'• '.. '. • • : ' '-.' ' ;•;'.''•'(•'••• .; WHEREAS, S-D Day is an opportunity and. challenge 'for ,all types of organizations-^national. , state, and local—to" join in a common effort against a..common enemy; the traffic Occident"toll. ' . ' . ._..'.-.? i 'Now,, therefore. I-Perry W. Myers, Mayor of the City'•• of Frostburg;;- Maryland, dp .solemnly proclaim, .Thursday, 'Thursday, December 1, 1955, as; "SAKE-DRIVING DAY", and do-hereby callupon all-civic organizations, churches,'schools, you'tn : organizations and citizens at large to cooperate and participate in carryjng out this 1 program. .•;.-"'- _.. In \Vitness Whereof, I have hereunto set 1 my. harich.'and_ r -caused the ,Seal of the City of Frostburg. Maryland, to be hereto affbce'd this 7th day of November,'1955. • l Mayor 4 C«uncilm«ft «f Frosfburg, Moryltnrf. By: PERRY W. MYERS, MAYOR Attest: i ALEX G. CLOSE, City Clerk • ABLAZE WITH DIAMONDS SIX PRECISION ADJUSTME)4TS • LIFETIME UNBREAKABLE : MAINSPRING . • JEWELED OUTSIDE FOR BLAZING • BEAUTY ' ' • JEWELED INSIDE FOR PRECISION ACCURACY La petite "A" 23 Jtwels, 1,00 Will Uy l» Away murt* «ti«TiT . T* ••»• MTUl " Other BidovcfLo, Petite"Walche* '••'- from $59.50 to 1150.00 HOSKEN JEWELRY 4M ••.•' Own $«r. /Till 9:00 P< M. Striking Limed Oak Combined With Black and Brass $1275 1 Mm • «ach The beauty of frosted limed oak top* and shelves with tapered black kg* tipped with brass ferrules. Tops resistant to .mar, stains and burns. •, -- / i., J Corner IM^^^ Step Table $12.75 Endless variety of ways to use. them for convenience and itrik- ing .effects. Buy th« ,»tep Ubl« in pairs for double glamour. All Cocktail Table $12.75 generously sized. See themt

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