Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1933
Page 5
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IOT; A. KANSAS THE lOtA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 9.1933. PAGE FIVE (Becipea Selected By Ratk Ljnm.) • • • cream Irish Bosettes. K Clip mayonnaise 2 packages (6 ounces) cheese •. • 1 loaf sandwich bread Sweet liicldes To maydnnaise add cream clieese and blend thoroughly.] Remove crusts and sUce loaf I of bread lengthwise. Spread lightly with cream cheese and mayonnaise mix- tjure. Place a whole sweet pickle acrbss end of eaeh slice and roll bread around pickle. Wrap tightly in waxed paper and put in ice box. When ready to serve, cUt In slices like a Jelly roll. t- ;,; NSWERS Bntterscotch Bread Poddlnfr- • Melt 1 tablespoon. butter and '= cup brown sugar to a syrup. Add 2 cups scalded milk and stir until dissolved. Pour over I'.i cups biead cubes (not too .stale)land pour into pudding dish. Bake In a aSO-degree oven lor thirty-five to forty minutes or imtil a knife comes out clean. Sen'cs two. Serve ulth: Butterscotch Sance. Boll \i cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons corn s.vmp and 2 tablespoons water to 236 degree (soft ball) stajgc. Add 1 tablespoon butter, 3 tablespoons cream or evaporated milk, beat and serve over the pudding. S AM HOUSTON was the FIRST PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC OP TEXAS and also the leader of* Us war for Independence from Mexico. The flower is a i JADY'S SLipPER. The sketch shows an ASTERISK. i Carrots and Com O'Brien. Molt twoj tablespoons butter In sklHct, addl ',i green pepper shredded and 2 cups com, and. saute five minutes. Add i cup diced carrots and 1 tablespoon chopped plmiento, and season to taste with salt and pepper; dbntlniie cooking imtil a golden brown. iServes two. Sealahipt Oysters in Cream. Take 24 Sealshipt oysters, put them into saucepan, add the strained Juice of 1 lemon, 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, salt and pepper to taste, and bring to boiling point. Melt 2 tablespoonfuls of butter; add 2 teaspoonfuls of flour, 1 cupful of white stock, & teospoonfUl of mushroom catsup, and cook for five minutes, stirring all the time. Blend the yolks of 3 eggs vlth half a cupful Of cream, add tci the saluce and pour over the oysters. Scrambled Eggs With Shad Roe. • 6-8 eggs U cup cream Butter 1 can shad roc Salt Pepper Paprika Beat the eggs, add the cream and season to taste with salt and pepper. Melt one tablespoon butter in a heavy frying pan, pour in mixture and stir over a low fire until just set. Turn out on a hot platter, sprinkle with paprika and a»- rangc on each side a roe which has been lightly browned on both .sides in butter. SelS^Seryi^e Grocery We Deliver $1 Orders -:- Phones 224-225 SUGAR, Fine Gramiliited, 20 lbs.... S9c MEAL, 24 lb. Bsiig . . . . . 2SC CoSSee^ Self-Service, 1 lb. 22c— S lbs. 57e Post i^oasties or Corn Flakes 10c Apples, Delicious or Arkansas Blacks, 6 lbs. Laundry Soap, 10 Bars ....... 19c OATS, Large Quail, 2 Kegs...... 25c FLOUR, 4S lbs... 65c - S5c - 99c Seed Potatoes, Per Bag ..... $1.20 Onion Sets, White, Red or Yellow, Quart.. 5c Pineapple ,No .2y2 Sliced or Crushed ,2forS3c See Our Se and 10c Counters! Raisins, Seedless, 4 lbs. ..... 25c Pruties, Sweet Variety, 3 lbs...... 15c Apricots, Unpitted^ 4 lbs. . w .. .25c Salmon, 2 Tall Cans, Q Q Brand..... 19c PfiT MILK, 5 Tall Cans . . . . . . 25c MUSTARD, 2 Quart Jars...... 27c Peanut Butter, Quart Jar..... .19c Salad Dressing^ S.S.S. Brand, Quart.. 25c Sandwich Spread, S.S.S. Brand, Ql 25 c Our Fresh Goods Line Is Complete! WE BUY EGGS AND CREAM! ^SEE US: FOR ANT KIND OF FEEDS.- : Creuned Shrimps and Peas. ; pint of milk Butter slae of an tgg 1 can shrimps M can peas; Heat milk and butter in frying pan, add butter. Removb from the fire and add shrinitis and peas. .Preminm Cheese Fonciiie. IK CUP scalded milk . 20 Premium Flake Crackers, crumbled H lb. American cheese, flaked 1 tablespoon butter , >b teaspoon salt 2 egg yolks, beaten 2 egg whites, stiffly beaten Pour, scalded inllk over crumi^ed crackers, flalced cheese, butter and salt: Stir this mixture into beaten egg yolks and fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into a buttered baking dish and bake in a moderate oven (375d F.) 25-30 nunute&. 6 portions. OSAGE VALLEY CMKS. Edward Ksson.} .' Mar. 1.—^. and Mrs. I^ur Oillham and son and Louise and Junior MdCloud took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mts. Roy Gillham. Mr. and Mts. Edmurd Sisson, I3en- zel Wayne and Daml Eugene spent Sunday with Mrs. Louella UUey, Blue Mbund. Mr. aad Mrs. J. 6. OiUham sp^ Sunday with Mkrlc OiUham's. We are very sony to hear of Roy Aluminum being in the hospital again. We hppe be will soon be back to bis usual health again. The community was saddened when they beard that EU Ouyvr had passed away at his home near Ihfildred j Saturday afternoon: Mr. Guj-er had been in very poor health for; some time and all the m^ical aid; seemed to do him no good. He was laid to rest in the Konson cemetery Monday afternoon, the AFEW^ STORE You can save pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars at Safeway Stores on foods you need .. and buy .. every day. These prices are effectiTe Friday and Saturday March 10 and U in lola. Post Toasties 9-lb. Cloth SoapP&G Large Pkg.IOo Bag 22e 10 Bars 23c Salmon ^K.'^'c^ 2 for 33o Puffed Wheat • • • Pkg. 9c FLOUR HARVEST BLOSSOM 48 Lb. Bag 59c SatisfactioD Gnanuiteed or Money Back Msx-i-unM Tall csof ... Peaehecf"^ 5 for 2Sc Yellow CUng 2No.2l /2Can8 21c Siinbright Cleaner 3 Cans 14c Ovaltine S *81ze ..... Ea. 83c Oxydol ^;:%£. i9c Large Package Jlg-8iiw ft^e Free Coffee fri iu. : 2 Lb. Can S»c Lettuce 2^,^""^ Lb. 10c Onions C^id iKeepetB .. 10 Lbs. 18c PotatoesS;^ Pk. t9i Apples Fancy Winesap «Ihtu 25c Pork Ribs LEAN AND MEATY Lb. Sc Beef Roast ^ Lb. 8c Bacon Squares Cond . 6c Sausage ^ FipMh Fish -6c or Halibut .. lb. 18C EIGHT CfCUKK ' t% r'f COf ¥EE3 ^^55c SEED POTATOES, U. S.NO. 1 Ohios or Cobblers, 100 lbs. $1.20 Daisy Cheese, lb. ..... .15c Macaroni, Bulk, 3 lbs. ..... 22c Salmon ^ .3 Tall Cans 25c Salmon Sultana .2 Tall Cans 29c SHRIMP S t Back Can 10c Syrup r^'.2" 5-lb. Can ^c White House Milk. Tall Can 5c Fresh Eggs, 2 Dozen ..... ibc THE GREAT ATLATigBC^Mg>iiWfcOHa&. Masonic lodge taking cbarge of the body at the cemetery. The community extends their syn^wthy to the berieved ones that are left behind. Blllie Dwayne has pneumonia fever but is a Uttle better at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gillham stayed Tuesday night to help care for him. Mr. and M>s. J. 8. OUlbam and Mr. and Mra. Roy OUlbam helped Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oillham move to their new home near kincald, Wednesday. iSr. and Mta'. Bill Rodrock are moving to a farm near M^leton. We are sorry to lose Freda and iMarvel out of our sdlool. : I Roy Gillhajn and Edward Sisson disked oats for Luthur Gillham Tuesday. Edw^ Sisaon's Harvey and Viola Paddock helped Chester OUlham's' more to the John Jenkins farm Wednesday. Mr. and Mn.' Eaxi Kewman and Jaunita visited at the Blcknel home Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. John PaddodE and Freeman OUUuun helped Thomas Paddock move to the Amanda Best farm Wednesday. Edward dissons spent Monday evening at Roy Oillham's. . Edward. SIsson's and Chester Gillham's were in lola on Business Saturday. Earl Sisson, chanute, was calling oh Edward Blsson's Sunday afternoon. Freda Bedrock has missed all this w«ek of school on account of sickness. Angry Father: "How, dare show your face here again?". ; Persistent Suitor: "Because oould not leave it at home." you SODEUCIOUS,! AND THE SECRET'S SO SIMPLE TOTHINk THIS COFFEE IS ALWAYS THE SAME WITHOUT WATCHING... NEVER TOO WEAK OR TOO STRONG...ANO IT CUTS COFFEE BILLS TOO! IWOULDNTOARE ORINKANY OTHER] COFFEE AND EXPECT TO SLEEP] NIGHTS I ITS NEVER BITTER BECAUSE HARMFUtACIOS CANT DEVELOP About This New Coffee Dripped in 5 Miniites ... . Better in 5 Ways Than Coffee Prepared in the Old-Fashioned Way M ANY women are throwing away their coffee pot« and percolators. Turning instead to this new Sensation KWIK-DRIP Cof- ifce, specially prepared for dripping. The restilt? Perfect coffee every time—and a 25% saving in coffee bills, too. With this new KWIK-DRIP Coffee the fiiU, rich flavor is extracted with one passage of boiling water through the specially prepared coffee berries. That's because a costly secret process exposes more than twice the usual, number of coffee cells to the boiling, water. Strength never varies. No waste. Since groimds )10:iiot stand or percolate, bitterness and harm- fai adds are absent. You enjoy real, healthfully, stimulating, full-bodied coffee that lets you sleep. The blend, too, is ideal for drippirig—five different coffees, each the best fhi^^ altitude" grade from Central and South America. Skiper- vacuum-packed, of courte. 89c DRIP-O-LATOR For Only Solid aluminum, eleven inches high, fuR ^t-cup capacity—nationally advertised at 89c,Now yours for only 47c— with the purcliaM of a one-pound con of Sensation KWIK7DRIP Coffee. Ehjoy this flawleas cqffee t*t no higher price petr- cup than bheap "Saiito*." See your indepcOdent grocer. . Get Sensatioa KWIK-DRIP Coffee at your independent grocer's TODAY. Ordinary "grind"; and so-ialled "drip" coffees that are actually pulverired cannot possibly give the results you wanti The H. D. LEE Mercantile Go., Kansas Cicy.Saliiia SPECIALLY PREPAREO.BY USIVE PROCESS. FOR DRIPPING WE DEUVEB PHONES 401-402-403 A Few of Our Week-End Prices Sausage, pure pork, 3 lbs.. 14c Lard,lb.5c;2lbs. .... ..9c (Our own make) Coffee, Choice Rio, 2 lbs. .. 25c Coffee, fryer's Best, lb. . .24c (All Central American) Peanut Butter, Qi Jar .. .18c Mustard, prepared, Qt jar 12c Apt>lebutter, No. 2^/2 Can 2 cans for .25c (Veri-Best Brand) Soap, Crystal White 7 large bars 23c Blaklng Potatoes ^ FREE With each purchase of a beef roast weighing 3 pounds or more we will give 2 serving size Baking Potatoes free with each lb. Apricots, dried, 3 lbs. ... .23c Toilet Soap, (White King, Chandu or Toilet) 5 bars 19c Sweet Potatoes, 10 lbs. .. 10c Raisins, sinless, 4 lbs, .. .22c Post Toasties, pkg. 10c Toilet Paper, Pickwick Brand,! rolls . .24c Flour, Pillsbury 4x, 48-lb. bag 95c; 24-lb. bag 55c Sorghum, bring pail, pure, 10- lbs. for . .\. .^3c Mince Meat, Very (5ood,. per lb .......;lOc Olaoinargarinei ? lbs. .. ............ ..^^A^c ... ..••,.u- •i: •-• 4

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