The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 7, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1894
Page 7
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iirtoll DAttY AND WBEKLt. HOME PRINT. 1 _ ll __ 1 _ -Lj--- _-- _________ - - -r ____ Tun atomRBL la the only newspaper In Car(oil count; that la printed all at home and Itpon- aint more local and county newt than BUT other two papers In this county^ Potvfcng ft OOLOtOt Props. • • . FRIDAY, SEUBMBKB 7, 1894., PEOPLE AND EVENTS. LOOK OUT FOH PICK-POCKETS, - L. Hultz, of Lake View, was In the city tod «y- '.. " • '' ' ,'„ . '.,„-. Fresh oysters for sale atTodd & McAllister's. , \. ,..;;', "_ ;... ,,; J. W. Hatton is Bt Dos Moines attending the fair. ." ., ,. , A nice line of school supplies, at the PftlBoe drug store. i"jBr r,enl.—A. five room dwelling. In"' " •Forrent,.a sly,room cottage. Inquire of Mrs. Patty.Ca -olli ija., .' If will .be a -.wise fftthpr who will know his own eon tomorrow. !Jr.hey,are always,, along, with s the clr- cues,—We mean the pick-pockets. The show will be in the north west .part of the city, south of tbe college. . For rent—a small ^dwelling,, plenty ,of water. Inquire of Mrs. Maggie Brown , >For sale, fifteen acres of corn, good for fodder. Inquire at Schachtner & Egan's grocery. r Babv carriages for Bale at cost at Wopdring'e furniture store for a few days only. ( . . , When you want first class fruits of any kind", call at Schachtner & Egan's cash grocery. House for sale,or rent in the south, eastern part of town. Inquire of Mrs. F W. Krauso. , Try a cake of the Dairy Made Butter, milk soap for the complexion, at the Palace drug store. Boos & Laugblin are offering the low- «st prices on carpets and oil cloth of any one in the city. Arthur Beach has enrolled in the high echool aa a special student and will take the course in German. Mrs. Lou Gearheart and little HOD Spencer, of Story county, are visitini relatives and,friends in this city. The scrofulous taint whtoh may have been I jour blood for years, may be thoroughly expellc bj living Hood's Sarsapsrllla a trial. Try a sack of Crosby's best flour.J fo sale by Schachtner & Egan's grocery, an be convinced of its superiority. If you want to buy the best lower vein soft coal,' and hard coal, and storm gush call at Joyce's office for prices. For rent,—two ciwelling houses, on located on north side and. the .other on the south eide. Geo. W. Boweh. Egeriuayer's band will be at]Germanii park next Sunday afteraoou, and wil give a tine musical program. The great popularity of Ayer's pills i due to thoir universal usefulness and the! freedom from all Injurious ingredients/' The Christian church will serve meals tomorrow,dinner and supper just northjo tbe SENTINEL office. Warm meals, 25 cte Mrs. 11. B. King was summoned t Boono last night to a tele gram announcing the sickness of a re lative. Look out for bargains. . A corset sale for three days only, commencing Sepi 7. Come and secure a bargain. LA PL ANT & CAVANACOII. A flue lino of fall goods has just bee received at Ludwlg's. It will be to you interest, ladies, to call and cxamlng thos goods. Dr. William Woodbnrn, an eye an ear specialist from Dee Moinee will be a Dr. Kelley's office Sept. 10. Spectacles accurately nd justed. F. Riedensei, of Charier Oak, and hi brother*, of Qlidden ^township, were I the city today and remembered the SEN •TINBL office with a pleasant call. A shoemaker's children always wea ppor shoes and an insuranoe|agent neve carries insurance. Quint will prove tb «*ception to tbe rule in tbe future. Ludwlg Bros, will floso out the! •took of spring and summer goods dur ing this week at actual cost. Now Is tb time to leoure a bargain at this rellabl When you are lopkiog for fine plush •nd upholstered furniture, parlor Bull end oak chamber sets, remember the Boos & Laughlla carry the Inost line in tbe city. ^FouSAUt—A Ballet # Davis squan Grand piano for sale at a bargain. It U to p«rf«ot oondJUo*. MuM Mil before Sept. 16, M t leave at tbat time fo very school ot medicine, Its Strength, urlty, and efficacy are too well eatab- sbdd to admit of doubt a* to Its supei'i- rlty over all other, blood- purifiers what- ver. Ayer's Satsapatllla leads all. B. Soharnweber. of Carroll, Is finish- ng tbe new residence of Frank Salmon nd Is doing .some excellent work.— rola Watchman. Regular meeting of Signet Chapter No. ithls Fridav evening. Business of Ita jrtjtcce. All members are requested to e present. . M. SmoNi W. P.* , Everybody about the city Is getting eady for a big day tomorrow. Booths f flll kinds are on the street and the city ook.s as if the county fair was in sesilqn. Miss Ora Qujnt, of,Carroll^ has been npioved,a8 .assistant principal of the cranton Bchpo(e. She ,ls a cousin of A. i.'"^!^.^.^^^^^^^!..,of' the .State lank of Scrantbn.— Bcranton Journal. ; Joe Boos and wife returned to the city nd began Jiousekeepinu In the secqnd ward, Last evening tie Union -band endered the happy couple a verjr pleps- ant serenade, A large nijmDer o| frlftnds were present to extend congratulitiolas. . ( J. J..Gi^yesisfone of; the, s^jjjstanlla armerspf .^leasanjryalley tn,at has come o the conclusion that he can nbt -kee house without the SENTINEL. So we ad us name this week with several others. We are always pleased to add such names as his .to our, list. t The : modern .beauty thrives on good 'ood and sunshine, with plenty of exercise n the open air. Her form glows \\ . health and her face blooms wWh> Uf beauty. If her system needs the cleansing actlbn.of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant liquid laxatixe Syrup of Figs. !.. J; y ,;_ ,•''/_ ' • "' ' Tomorrow the great show will be h.ere and the town will be crowded with peo: pie. The ladies, sweet creatures, Will all aave to carry their purses and the next da] the men will count up in long cplumni the number who have been relieved ol these useless articles for them, on such a day as thjs. ... Last night was the worst time imag inuble to call,out,the-fire department. I; was raining "pitch-forks" and the thu n der and lightning was fearful, but th laddies responded nobly. It was a ban task to puirthe cart by 7 ha,nd and clearl; demonstrated the fact that a couple o horses would be the proper thing on sue! occasions. The ruin last night was the heavies this season. The fall was 2.15 inches The river, which has been 'as*dry~a's powder-bouse for two .months, was flllee to overflowing. . Just as ^he ,city am railroad wells were completed the rive was filled with water. After the long water famine, we have it to spare, queer world at best. Last night one of the heaviest electrical storms passed over the city that ha buen witnessed for some time. The sk was one continuous sheet of lightniu and the deep thunder bo.lIs followed oac other so rapidly that It was one continua crash upon crash. A barn in thu West ern part of the city, owned by A. U Quint, was struck by lightning and be foie the fire company could reach it the building was completely destroyed. Th buggies in the barn were removed pu the hay in tho mow was consumed There was no Insurance. While In Chicago, Mr. Charles L, Kali le'r, a prominent shoe merchant of i)e Molnes, Iowa, had quite a serious time o it. lie took such a severe bold luat h could hardly talk or navigate,' but tb prompt use Of Chamberlain's Cough liemedy cured him of his cold so quickl; that others at the hotel who had bad cold followed his example and a half dozen persons ordered it from tho nearest dru store. They were profuse In their thank to Mr. Kahler for telling them how t cure a bad eold so quickly. For sale b; J.W.Uattou, druggist. P. A. Ba^lth, of the Scranton Journal hap at jast boon united In the holy bond of matrimony. Pa was rather young an inclined to be giddy, but we trnst he wil now settle down for a long and prospe/ ousllfe. The newly married couple i now enjoying a pleasant visit with rela lives in Illinois; and are living off th fat of the land. Wo wish them well.' Irving vV. Larlmore, physical dlreoto of V. U, 0. A., Des Molues, Iowa, says b can consciously recommend Chamber- Iain's Pain Ualm to athletes, gymnasts bicyclists,foet ballplayers and fession In general for bruises, sprain* am dMooa.tl9us;;als9 fpr soreness and stiff neseof tbe muscles. When applied before tbe parts become swollen it wlllajfee acute In one half the time usually, ie- <luU-ed< For sale by J. W. Batton, druggist. ; r ' " '-• BOUND OVHH, Last evening John Uiobmaan eat Cove/ oJpUi is the newest aad Jates etvlei of lail|ei';d«)»s goods. A nn « > Juit received at Ludwlg Bros, If you want tbe latest thing out call and 0*1 tie ttuw g«o4»- . , , , Wbuuyoupometo.tlieolrcuA you are Invited into Boos * Laugblln'i, where you will bo fur,ul«hj(d with eajy arils t< rent upon, and plenty ?f .good opo) wale to drink. Call and examine their larg Hue of (urulture while la the oily. Tue 0»rroH Normal college will PP» for (ho fall terin next Mon4»y- Tl»i> fw ulty u«« everything In readiness for ef feclive work from tbe start. Tbe tudlca HOD* aru favorable for an unuiuslly UK Ayer's Hsrsaparllla Is one at tho few whluU are rycumuieudua b, lob, and no the evidsoM, before the nstio*, the prisoners were bonud over • etkted above. On Monday night the atd ware store of Miller & Beimer WAS Broken into and the nigbtwatoh saw n« of the met) coming out of the store. [e was olom enongh to him to racogblz* Im. His partner wae standing by a raggy in the alley nt the time, but be- ore the officer oould get oloae enongh to lace him under arrest, he got into the mggy and escaped, bnt the officer was plenty close enongh to identity him tor. loth of the burglars escaped that night, but the next day were arrested in Audn- bon county where they were staying. , The prisoners were tongh fellows, both it them having been Implicated in irimea before. The county attorney loee not think there will be any trouble n convicting them of the crime for which hey are under ftrritot. J . ^' : • - ffou l§anB|0g, au| plaeed !• Ill oounty jail to await the aetioa el th ^dj^.b^.Ul^^.oe-lt torney appeared for tbe Oftdnot be Cured brlobalttptlli)»tlbrt»fte'th«y'C8nn6t reach the llseaseil portion ot the ear. rvFherd le only one rty to care deaf ness; and that Is by constltu «6n«l«nsedfe«, bearri*»«'liB balited by an Inflamed condition 6ft the rautoua • lining not the euitBohlan tube. When this -tube In inflamed youiiaVe » rtnnbll»g SbUhti oVlmbBrtecl hearing, and when It Ii entirely olosed.dettfflasi »»* result, and unless the inflammation can be .taken out and this tube resiortd to Jt* >uorin»l! ooa tlon, hoMlngiwittibe dtstroyell.' foVsver; ^n! eases out of ten are caused by' catarrh, which Is nothing but (in inflamed qttddltldti of the muooui surfaoss. '' I'^'Vfrt '.i*U'' i "We' will give one hun'dred dollars for any osie jpC^aatoMS (dau»edbyo«arrh) itttat oonnot'be cuped,by Usll'i Catarrh ^re. . • dend for olrcu- larsj'free',- ' '.'.." .".",' ,'. -.<•., - ..... '.',.. ' ' F. J. CHBNBY 4 CO., Toledo, 0. uttii'78c. '<" The board of eoperviaors completed ita the next regular meeting to oanvses the eleotjon ret^rnfl, whion^iy jlje" Hoy". 12. The main work of the eeesion waa ap portioning the taxee, iand making the mulct levies, and allowing claims egains the county. The taxes will be the same a* last yeai with the exception ot en,increase of one half mill state tax aa ordered by the laa general aesembly, and, one-tenth of at ill .for the support of soldiers and .county orphans. There were thirty-five saloons "mulched" to the tune of 8600 each, or a total of $21,000 as follows: •Carroll 10, Warren 8, Arcadia 4 atneM those involved in the former » which was decided In favor ot the taintiftt - .After the evidence of B. F. rb waa in the judge instructed the jury • return a verdict for the plsln- fl fof the amount ot the policy. The grand jury submitted ' its report and returned Indictments aa olio we s Bnehsnan Conner for attempt' ng and publishing forged notes. Buoh- nan Conner, tor forgery. F. Hiokey tor srreny, wherein the 'defendant •isloharged with taking possession of a horse belong- ng to Wm. Both, of Sheridan township. And an indictment was found against .lexender Guegel, ot this city, charging im with assault with intent to murder, assault being-made opon WilHetn shmael last spring when the defendant {'charged the contents of a loaded shot nn in the body of the complaining witnese. ; ' ,^ree of the above owes were .tried with the same result. There ,tber oases ready for trial the jury was iechsrged Wednesday. After at tend- ng to some probate matter court ad- onrned .today for the eesspn., A Song of Three P's. JLeUna jlnouu a sought .threej'j,. . Tbat for work are ae busy as bees; [wealth, They ensure you what's worth more thau A most blessed abundance of health, .TUe liver they Inv; Trredulcklymake ttfliel like new; And piles and o --" Before thlBrera_, Bnt t will stop.'for yon have ppjbably goesied what I am driving at. • Who doeStoot know that Dr>J?l«i>ee'sf Isosant Pellets cure-,all; the: <fem- ilainti mentioned and many more.. Small, sure, iSWJ 'pieMiant/ ' eatisfnetlon guaranteed or money returned. •• :i, •'..;•. r ~ '•;.'-. . ;. CACCW. .,; .;, The Democrats of Carroll township, and,of the city, of .Carroll, will meet in caucus at the rotunda of ,the court house. Saturday September^?.,a*,4: o'clock, ifor the '. purpose of nominating township officers. THOS. RICH, ; Chairman. DR. DOWNING, 1 5, Union 4, Eden 3, Newton 1—total 35. There are ten other ealoona tbat are known to be running which were not returned by the assessors of the townships in which they are located, and the boan bad no power to enter them for taxation , DISTRICT OOUBT. The cose ot B. F. Erb ve. German In euranoe Co., of N. Y., wae tbe first oaee beard by the court and occupied jna four days. There waa a large number o witnesses on the side of tbe defense, an< it appeared aa if nearly all of Ooon Bapide were in tbe city during the trial About a year ago a drug store, owned b; B, F. Erb, took fire and*waa complete! destroyed. He bad it insured| in severs companies and in order to recover th amiunt of the policies, action wi brought. Tbe oompsniea made, ae thei defense, first, that B. F. Erb was not sol owner of the property; second, that tb stock was insured for more than it nee worth; third, that it was eat on are fo the purpose of securing the insurance fourth, that tbe building was being use for Illegal purposes. Tbe evidence • produced by the defendants waa weai and failed to establish any ot tba abov propositions. The jury after remainin out about two hours returned a verdio for the full amount of the policy, it b»in 81,300, There are four other coupm iee against which aetion baa been brought and we underetaud tbat they will all go i trial and if defeated,aa thie company ww they will all appeal to the supreme court. Judge Uoldsmitb adjo'nrne court last evening until Monday at o'clock. Then we understand the gram jury will be ready to make ita report It is thought that the jury has found aomji iodtotmeoto, bat tnie is only oopjeo »' wee oorapied i /or aootbei ol the in Ooon lUpids whiob Bid *ue rifbt-of-wey eo far during " " "'ooitli.'.;^, fleet ,o|'.9. n, Vid^iitr loanrajwe T, K, Umith Tbe jnjrj VMWtailom JueUn O^uwhiii, B. A Tfa» qu^at(pnf at iaeue were about onort World's Fair, Tbe ouly Pare Cream of Tartar 1'owder.—No AiuwouJaj No Alum Used in Millioua of Home*—46 Years tfa StaudarA CORMCSPONDENCE, I Correspondents, to insure the publication of teir letters in the weekly, must mail them so hey will reach our office Wednesday.] j .ONION TOWNSHIP, ; Mr. LeffltaRwell went to Omaha last al urday returning home Sunday. i Farmers are all busy cutting their coin.' MlsrtfancvDuttoh, of Grand Mound, ommenced teach Ing at the fleald school Mondaj. 8. T. Auglerls having a deep well put own on his farm. Mr. Baraud Is doing he work. ; Mrs. Lefflngwell returned home Wed- esdayfrom Omaha. Mrs. Joe Hagor is quite sick at present. Miss Lew Ramsey commenced teaching t Lake View, Sept. 8. " """Tr"*""^ Henry Miller and family, relatives of Mi. Rutbrauff arrived Tuesday to visit a horttlme. ' ....-,',,— BIHNEMT OHiOAQO SPKOIALISt AODBB9SBS ; A Dumsu MIIUICAL soounr. '' •• A' London medical Journal 'bos the following to say of Dr. Downing, the Chicago ipeelollst who has been spending a few wsek* in the medl oal oentnrs of Europe. "Dr. Downing ot Chicago, U. 8. A., one of th beet known physicians to his owm country, and one of the moat favorably known American pbysictahito the medlnoi profession -ot-Orea Britain and continental Europe, addressed th British society of medicine andChlurgery la th London Hospital college at a recent meeting The subject ot the address was, "FrotopUsml oiiaogei In nena tlslue In.degenerative nervou dtoeMes." The address was well received by an appreolatlve -audience. The doctor's addres •bowed eTery ov|donce of his mastery of his tub- Jeot, and a large' add successful experience I the treatment of nervous disorders. His new book on the treatment of "Nervous DUe will revive a cordial reception. Dr. Downing* visit to this country will do much to elevate th Brltlih opinion of American physicians." European physicians do hot hold tbe ordloar American physician In high esteem, and from professional standpoint U Is not without reaseu thatthe above from n leading medical journal I u tribute which few American physicians bav evenrecelvod. Dr. Downing Is well known 1 the United StaUw si u successful specialist; -hi method* of treating certain forms of ehroul and nervous diseases have now been general! accepted by the advanced men In medical pro tension throughout the world. His reinarkubl success In treating these unfortunate disorder to which h« devotes bio atieptiou— chronic an nervous diseases of mankind, hare caused great many self-styled specialists to come before the people, claiming to have prepared then selves to treat these special and delicate dls cases, when in fact many of them have n uiwIlcHl eduoatlon whatever; some claiming con ueotlon with "MeUUal Colleges" or "Hedlca Institutes" which have no existence, and or* shameless inlsstatementB of the pretend* •peolaltsU). The writer recalls the advertisement of a self styled "specialist" who • few months ago mad tho brazen claim to have been appointed to tb position of "Instructor la the Austrian army"— an absurdity whluh lacks the' art usually dli plyaed by this ula*i, of having the appearance ot being true. If the readers of Tat SUITIMKL requlrt th servloes of a speolullat, they should eousult onl a reliable, honorable, educated ipeolallii, wb |IH« I'roven himself worthy of eoiifl4enoe. Di Downing dpos not undertake totrfat uncurabl JJIKSS, and all .who apply to him may depen upon honorable, treatment. Be will visit Carro duturday. Ooaiulutlou free «iidoouBdentl»l. U«ui«mbor the date, sept, ti At a bargan. Tn« we|l .known farm of the lat« Mr. Button under adminie trator aaja, Farm U •Dusted 4 gsile* northeast of Coon Btpida. All nade fence and well improved. This farm must be eold toon, Itowtuti, AdnintetNtor Water has again boon turned Into th mains aad will be supplied for all pur eieept for lawni,and all parties are ely forbidden to use| it for tha pupose, ' 0. P. UAMII.TOK, ' ' "J Marshal IN TH» MOSM Vimou of the Famous just opan ed a large apartment of boys knee paaU audsulM, juslable f or the proseut wants Prlctis and goods always away down. ma. loo SOSJOQ lias now boguu and the wag on IB uow out. Leave your orders »t th bfflccof A. U. Quint or M. Bliuon's slore Carroll Market Report (H)KN-M OATS-ttOo l'OTATOK-1.00 liDTTKK-ID to 15 KdUS-Uo UAK1.BV-85 to 40 KtAX-81.00 VVUKAT-00 •AST LIBBBTT AND BUCK BUN. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Young Moore,on LUKust 81, a son, , , Dr. Deshler has had several calls in this Ictnlty of late. . . Rev. C. A. Carlson attended conference atShenandoahthls week. ' / The youngest son of Fred irood has been very islck but Is'better The old sorghum works start up this Week. There'IssoHe'cane although the stalks are rather short. Gllley Cooper and Henry Jennings re- urned last.week from a trip up. north. ., At the annual election for officers in the iast 'Liberty' Sunday 'school, Thomas Smock was ! chosen snperintendert and Mrs. Cyrus Coder assistant: ' ••'" --V.-...., ,-• . J JMi ig HIIiIi. . One of the correspondents was visiting In Dedham last Sunday. ' Geo. Sltselberger, of IFilley, Is quite low with lung trouble. > Miss A.nnlo Jtenedict, of Carrollton, visiting A few weeks in Des Molnes. . itfr. Gear, of Shelby county, passed near the Hill lately enrout for Booue county to visit with relatives there, .and says crops are about the same aa here. ..... E. T. Livingstone and Jos. ITilley were out at Omaha last Saturday on a business trip. Mr. Afulltgan, of Newton, la., was a guest of Mrs. IF. IF. Lester in Carrollton recently. ... , ', A home made machine that cuts two rows at a time is cutting fodder near the Bill now. J. B. Willey has repainted his barn in good style which addt: greatly to /the appearance of bis farm. • Dr. Town, formerly of Coon Rapids 'and late of Kansas City, Neb., was calling lately near the liili. IFe learn that John IFilliarns has rented a farm in Guthrte county and will move In be near future. Kev. Nelson will preach once more Sept.<9) atNo. 8, before going to tbe rldership. J. Nepper, of the Valley, is haWng a new house built on the Sargent land that le bought last spring. TFedid not materialize In the circle lest week through sheer carelessness which is regretted, On Saturday 8 we expect that in -the editor'* sanctum all non-de-plums will be aid aside Ih time for a mutual powwow by item getters. , _The;HI_ll road boss seidown on us, thlg as talk about hard'tfmesTnas no eftect VoT axes and death »re|allho; they,must come. IFe are sorry "Dear Jim" that we have no felines whose elongated lives', we 'C«n extol) but we knew a rbftn that carried ihreshtngcylinders up HI.' TMcoma till his back was all covered with green moss. The corn cutter and binder, we are Informed, Is not the success that was anticipated, as H took on» man two days to but and tie three acres ot corn fodder. Dr. U. Jewel, of Viols Center, Andu- bon county with some other parties pass* ed through Carrollton this wedk enronte for the. lakes for a few days shooting. £. Untover of the Valley has leased Mrs. A. Schrelbers farm for next year. ''•'" 'SANTA. PRMIUMFOR PROMPTNESS. BAUmjH & toAIUY OFFBH A UWARD FOB BARLT conns, • • • • • PromptheM 1s a Tlrtue which U 1 not always rewarded; bnt the early comer to the Baroum ft Baileytireateitsh'owon Karth thli season will be well paid for taking time by the forelock and t^o circus tent by the front Dap. Thli Is a fact that should be born In mind just now, because the show will visit Carroll tomorrow and give two 'exhibitions." in the menagerie tent the ethnological congress elves a perfarmanoe during the hour before the band plays thetiopenlni; strains for the entertaining parade In the circus proper, making that pan''of the big show as lively as the most exacting lover of entertainment could wish. It If an Innovation In the practice of the blg'show. and'offira a •premtum to-earlr corners. Thia ethnologicaleongnss'lsa. sort of peripatetic Midway Plolsanoe, ID which the native music, the dances, the games, the weapons, tbe costumes and the method ot life of people from all quarters of the glebe are Illustrated by performances on two raised plat- formi, one at each end of the long street of ok nations running down ithe center tit the menagerie. Ot course Johanna, the giant gorilla, and many strange animals In tbe big zoological collection may be examined at the same time, and a great deal ot useful Information and a fund of curtons tales stowed away. In addition t* the enjoyment. Then when the bond strikes up the overture In the circus tent, a one program— the second big show for the same admlsalon .ticket—will be found waitlag. There lithe big animal circus, the'finest thing of the kind ever ahown In thli country; the marvellous Eugenes, the twenty clowns, the ilxteen bare-back riders, and over 100 flue circus acts.' The Bannm show has been Supreme'la Its line for moor years, and Is still unapproachable.. • Beterved aeats will be sold at Westbrook's drug atore. . . GUILD'S OREflT Is still 011 and wilf J^e for eight days more. Our fall goods are beginning 1 to arrive, and must make room for them, consequently!,must aelL Cost or quality outs no figure. Wl you want bargains see Guild's prices. •^"Remember a dollaj saved is a dollar earned and you can save one dollar on| every three dollars worth you purchase ^^ AT OUILO S MEW DRY COOPS 810RE -^-gx Next door west of postotAce, Carroll, Iowa, ,

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