The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 1, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
Page 3
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•7 WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THRE£ 1 NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that you can slow your guests Is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends Is to let them learn of your visits through this page. I'loase call the society editor, telephone 100. Radio Club—The Ludington Radio club will meet at 7:30 o'clock this eveningfin the.fLud- Jngton high school building. Returned— Dr. E. J. Andersen, Ndi-th James street, has returned irom Ann Arbor where he attended the dental clinic held last week at the University of Michi- Division —The Northwest division of the Ladies' Aid of First Methodjsfc church Will meet on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the home^of Mrs. William Hall, 009 North Rath avenue. -Co- hostesses will be Mrs, Cora Hammond and-Mrs. Ed Fortune. Marchiao PT-A— There will be a special meeting of the Parent-Teache* association of Marchido school on Friday evening- at 8 o'clock. All 'members are urged to be present as there will be a discussion of the hot-lunch project. Week-End — Mr. and Mrs. Glen Topping and Miss Merry Evelyn LeSarge of Chicago spent the week-end at the homes of their parents, Mr. and Ms. Ray Topping, Ludington. Route 3, and Mrs. Grace LeSarge. Ladies' Aid —The Ladies' Aid society of Bethany Methodist church will meet at 2:30 p. m. Thursday at the home of Mrs. Stefan Nerheim, 802 East Loomis street. Mrs. Arne Soli and Mrs. Robert Lunde will act as co-hostesses. Leaves Today —Miss Jeane Godfrey, 201 North Lewis street. Mason county welfare worker attached to the probate court, was to leave this evening for Kalamazoo where she will spend a two-week vacation' at the home of her parents. Party—Pere Marquette chapter No'. 327. Order of Eastern Star, will sponsor a pinochle party and dance at 8 o'clock Thursday evening in the Masonic temple. The event is the largest iall event of the chapter. Refreshments will be served at the close of the evening. Banks to Close on Saturday P. M.'s Commencing this Saturday, Oct. 24. and on every Saturday thereafter, LudinRton State bank and the National Bank of Ludington will close at noon, in- steaci of at 3 p. m. as previously. On week days, the regular hours of 9 a. m. to 3 p. in. will be maintained. The noon closing, bank officials declared, is necessary in order that the banks may conform to the fair labor standards act of 1039 which requires a maximum of 42 working hours per week beginning Oct. 24, 1939, and 40 hours per week beginning Oct. 24, 1940. In .spite- of the fact that'most banks in Michigan have closed at noon on Saturdays for years, Ludington has come to this decision only after careful consideration and in order to meet the legal requirements enacted in 1938, bank officials stated. Button School Mr. and Mrs. Art, Voss .spent Tuesday, Oct. 24, in Grand Rapids consulting a doctor for Mrs. Voss' asthma condition. Mr. and Mrs. George Sterns have gone to Ohio for a visit with relatives. The Russell Rasmussen family enjoyed Sunday dinner, Oct. 29, with Mr. and Mrs. C. Klstler in Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bailey and son came Wednesday evening, Oct. 25, to the Kendall home and left the baby there while attending the Teachers' Institute at Grand Rapids. »»•>».» •»<•><*» 4. » PENTWER THEATRE |i Tonight and Thursday Nov. 1-2 Mil I DAVIS MIRIAM HOPKINS In Warner Broi.' dajluj; new dram* n *^* ' iw>*.'-'i-. •uu GEO. BRENT \ DONALD CRISP v JANE BRYAN LOUISE FAZENDA , JAMES STEPHENSON JEROME COWAN' WILLIAM LUNDIGAN CECILIA LOFTUS , < Directed by EDMUND MOULDING Presented by WARNER BROS; Screen PUr by Cuiy Rolilmon • fined on lho Pulluw I friio PUr by KOI Aklni ind Uu Navel br Edith Whirton >«>•>•> KEEP YOUR RED CROSS READY T HIS striking painting ot a Red Cross nurse keeping the symbol of mercy flying is the keynote of the 1939 appeal for membership in the American Red Cross. Faced with the need for strengthening dally Red Cross services In 3,700 Chapters, and with its chartered obligation to aid in some measure in meeting the distress of the men, women and children refugees in war-torn countries across the sea, the Red Cross asks every man and woman in the nation, able to do so, to join as a member this year and support America's official voluntary relief agency. Ruskin Williams, a distinguished artist, is creator of this ideal conception of the nurse heroine. The roll call for members will be held November 11 to 30 — Join through your local Chapter. Help your Red Cross help other's by becoming one of the millions who will add their names to the roll of mercy. tlves. ' Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bennett of Manistee visited at the Ross Bennett home Sunday, Oct. 29. Ross Bennett and Fay LaGuire motored to Charlevoix Monday on business. Monday morning, Oct. 30, Floyd Nash presented the correspondent with a lovely rose and bud that he had picked from a bush which is growing on his lawn. MARKETS AND FINAHCE (Additional Markets on Pare 5) NEW YORK STOCKS (1:30 P. M. Prices) Adams Express ' 9V2 Am Can ...109 Am Smelt & Ref /... 54 Am Tel & Tel 167'/4 Am Wat Wks 12Vi Anaconda 32% Armour of III 6 Avitition Corporation 1\'» Borden 21 Calumet & Hecla Bid dies & Ohio 42'/.i Chrysler 88 l /2 Colum G & El 7','a Com'wlth South 1 3 /B Curtlss Wright 9 3 ' 4 Elec P & L 8 s /o General Elec 40 Oen Poods 44 General Mot 54 HudROti Mot 6% Int Harvest OZVa Int Nick Can 39=>/ 4 Int Tel & Tel 5 Kennecott Corp 39% Ligg & Myars B 98% Marshall Field IB 1 ,'* Masonlte Corp 38'/4 Montgomsry Ward 54V< Motor Wheel 17 'A Nash-Kelvinator 7','e National Biscuit 23','a Nut! Power & Light 8% New York Central 21 North American 22 7 /a Packard 3% Fenney (J C) 90 Phclps Dorlge '. 41% Philips Pete 43% Pullman 35'A Radio ' 5% Radio Kelth-Orp 1% Heo Motor l s ,a Republic Steel 25Ta St. L-San Fran ','2 Scars-Roebuck 84H South Cal Edison 26 Standard Brands 5% Standard Gas & El 2% Standard Oil Cal 27',;, Standard Oil Ind 27% Stand Oil N J 47V 2 Studebaker 9 Underwood El 46','a Union Carbide 87 United Corp 2% U S Steel 73% Yellow T & C 20'/4 ' "* Masco Screw Prod 95c Michigan Sugar 1 Motor Products 13',i Nash-Kclvlnator 7Vi New York Central 21 Peninsular Metal Prod I 3 ,a Rickel H W 3'/4 Shelter Mfg Co 4>/ 2 Standard Tube B 1% Tlmken-Detrott Axle Pf' 20% Tlvoli Brewing 2' B Universal Cooler B I'/'a Warner Aircraft Corp l^a Stock Averages, Nov. 1 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15... 15 60 Iiidust Rails Util Stocks Net change ... D.4 D.2 D.I D.3 Today 74.0 22.1 Previous day .. 74.4 22.3 Month ago 74.1 22.5 Year ago 76.3 21.4 1939 High 77.0 23.8 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 l'J38 High 79.5 23.5 1938 Low 49.2 12.1 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 39.9 40.0 38.8 36.7 40.6 33.7 37.8 24.9 52.3 52.6 52.2 52.4 53.9 41.6 54.7 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.8 closes 5 p. m. Incoming Mall Weekdays Prom south (mall truck) 8 a. m. From, cast (train) 11:45 a. m. From south (mall bus) 10:45 a. m. From east (bus) 9:40 p. m. Incoming mall, Sundays (mall truck) 9:30 a. m. FROM SCOTTVILLE Pere Marquette Passenger. Trains From east, arrive 11:10 a. m. Eastbound, leave 1:02 p. m. Bus Lines Leave for Traverse City, etc 11:15 a. m., 4:30 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc .11:45 a. m., 7:30 p. m. Leave for and Donald and Robert Gordon visited Sunday, Oct. 29, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Pappe. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thompson and daughters, Virginia and Harriet, visited Sunday, Oct. 29, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Knudsen. Ruba and daughter, Delia Gay, isited Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 25. with Mrs. Elta Kline of Scottville. East Riverton Club to Meet The East Riverton Extension . club will meet at the home of Arrive from Ludlng- m " 5:4S P ' m< Mrs ' Alber t Langfeldt Tuesday, Freesofl Frcesoil residents experienced their first snow and wintry blasts on Saturday, Oct. 28. Mrs. Marian Seitz was a Saturday evening dinner guest, Oct. 28, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Seitz in Fountain. Burrell Lydic, Mason and Oceana county cow tester, was a visitor at his home on Saturday and • auntlay,' "OnL. '26 artel 29. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Tubbs were Sunday afternoon visitors, Oct. 29, at the Milo Halberg home at Scottville. Ruth Tomlin of the Darr DETROIT STOCKS (1:30 P. M. Prices) Baldwin Rubber 7'/ a Chrysler Motors 88 Continental Motors 2% Detroit Mich Stove P/a Detroit Paper Prod 1% ENcello Corp 23'A Fruehauf 29 General Finance Corp 3 Hosklns Mfg 14>/ 2 Hupp Motors 1 Kurd Lock 51c Time Schedules Mail, Rail, Boat and Bus Pere Marquette passenger Trains Westbound, arrive 11:25 a. m. Eastbound, leave 12:50 p. m. Dally, except Sundays Pere Marquette Carferries Leave for Milwaukee, Wls 11 a. m., 7 p. m. Arrive from Milwaukee 2:30 a. m., 9:30 a. m. Leave for Manltowoc, Wls 4 p. m., 3:30 a. m. Arrive from Manltowoc 3:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. Leave for Kewaunee, Wls P «N. m. Additional sailings without regard to schedule. Dally. Sundays Included Call dock office for dally information. All boats carry automobiles. Bus Lines Leave for Muskegon. etc. . .8:30 a. m., 12:30 p. m,, 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Muskcgon, etc. ..10:50 a. m., 4:05 p. m., 7:35 p. m. Leave for Traverse City, etc 11 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:59 a. m., 6 p. m. Dally, Sundays included Leave for Baldwin 5:30 p. m. Outgoing Mail Weekdays Southbound mall (mall truck) closes 9:30! ft. m. Eastbound mall (train) connecting with north and south trains, closes 11:30 a. m. Southbound (mall bus) closes 3:30 p. m. Eastboimd (but;) connecting with, north and south trains, claaes 4:30 p. m. I Outgoing mail Sundays (mail truck) ton .,11:15 a. m., 5:45 p. m., 7:15 p. m. Leave for Baldwin 5:45 p. ni. Arrive from Baldwin 9 p. m. Outgoing Mail Northbound mall (mail truck) closes 7:30 a. m, Southbound mall (mall truck) closes 9:15 a. m. Westbound (train) closes ..10:40 a. m. Eastbound (train), connecting with north and south trains, closes 12:40 p. m. Eastbound (bus), connecting with north and south trains, closes t 5:30 p. m. Westbound (bus) closes 6 p, m. Incoming Mall From south (mail truck) ....8:30 a. m. Arrives from east (train) ....11:10 a. m. Arrives from west (train) ....1:02 p. m. Arrives from west (bus) 6:00 p. m. Jones (Amber) Schoo? Mrs. John Cory, who has been a patient at Paulina Stearns hospital at Ludington, has returned to her home. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Prettyman of.Muskegon spent Thursday, Oct. 26, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. George Chilberg are visiting relatives in Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gordon Nov. 6, for an all-day meeting. Mrs. Langfeldt will be assisted with the dinner by Miss Emma Langfeldt, Mrs. Muriel Thurow, Mrs. Beatrice Barrett and Mrs. Bessie Rathbun. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Peder L. Pedersen were Mr. and Mrs. John DeRooy and son, Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Rhinehart Andersen and daughter, Lois, and Mr. and Mrs. James Pedersen of West Riverton. Mrs. Estel Brown and daugh- er, Maraveen and Mrs. Pete Guire and daughter. Francine, i JJcAieer Mfg 32 ° nf TnHinotnn ™ni-P Rnnrinv McClanahan Oil Co \\ were Sunday at the Fay La- of Ludington, guests, Oct. 29, Guire home. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Heckman. Lloyd Tubbs and Misses Maxine and Carol Hunt were entertained Sunday, Oct. 29, at the: Allison Hllden home in honor of Rex Hilden who plans on leaving soon for Detroit where he will enter the. De- .troit Trade .school. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bailey and son were last week-end Hiiests of relatives in North IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? CAN IT BE CURED? A booklet contilnlnc the oplnlon§~«f famoud doctors on thli interesting "object will be >tnt FREE, while they U*t. to any reader writing to (he Educational Dirinion. 535 Fifth Arenuc.'.New-York. N. Y.. Dept 1072 msi Caring fo Small Details for Those We Serve. Dorrell Funeral Home Phone 438-W Ludington, Mich. Bear Alignment Service also Body Bumping—Painting THE BEAR SHOP 604 E. Don-land Phone 227 SPECIAL CLEARANCE SALE Misses & Women's Coats, Sizes 12 to 44, fl» QO Prices begin at Girls' Sizes 6 to 14, $3.98 Prices begin at Snow Suits, Prices begin at Sizes 7 to 20. $3.75: WOLVERINE SPORTSWEAR CO. 231 E. Dowland St. (Over Hume Grocery Company) BUYER'S INDEX READ f THE ADS* Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER ... YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM! ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Bills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES. Phone 600 W. LoomU Stn«* THE BEST LUBRICATION In Town And Only 75c! We Use ALEMITE Greases ' SUBURBAN SERVICE STATION Lud. Ave. & Lewis St. Phone 570-W district was a guest of Nora Black Sunday Oct. Mrs Frank Hunt and daugh _ ter Eileen and Terry Stanley wcre Sunday afternoon visitors. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parks and daughter, Beverly, and Mrs. Campbell of Lake City were Sunday visitors, Oct. 29, at the Ira Granger and Sidney Vanderpool homes. Sunday guests, Oct. 29, at the Inv Granger home other than the above mentioned were John Kaye of Caster,' Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, Mrs. Louise Benson, daughter, Alma, and son, Fred; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crawford, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. George La- Mrs. | Oc t. 9, at the Frank 29 | home in Fountain. Frank Eddy was reported ill with the I'lii on Monday. Mrs. G. A. Canfieldvwho has been spending the past 'week at the Marian Seitz-home, has returned to his home in Sherman township. Free.soil friends are welcoming Mrs. Irene Bepple of Quincy, Wash., who is visiting relatives in the village and vicinity. Mrs. Bepple was formerly Miss Irene Darr. Isabell Hasenbank is spending a vacation in Detroit with rela- Now Is The Time to Save! TAKE ADVANTAGEOF THIS ORIGINAL Hexall 1 Sale 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 PLUS 1C AT THIS 25 ANNIVERSARY SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION 3 More Big Sale Days THURSDA Y, FRIDA Y AND SA TURD A Y Come Ear]) —77n's Is Your Celebration! Only A Limited Time On Some of Our Super Specials! Snow's Drug Store ,rt/VWWV.WWVVrVUVyW^ The Curtain Falls on FALL and WINTER Takes the Stage! THE REXALL STORE PHONE 36 ORDER YOUR NOW: Day by day finds Fall making its exit and winter stepping into the picture. Snow, ice and biting cold seem out of place with the nice weather we have enjoyed, but for a while at least, the warm days are gone even if not forgotten. Dropping temperatures should serve as a reminder to wise home-owners that soon the days will be much colder and that right now is the time to prepare for 5 a siege of bitter cold, ice and snow. A supply of Abrahamson-Nerheim Coal in your bin is mighty comforting when the temperature drops suddenly. Why don't you take care of your own coal needs today? Our prices are moderate and you're always assured of FULL WEIGHT, COURTEOUS ATTENTION and HIGHEST QUALITY. Here are the coals we carry to give you the type of fuel that is best suited to your heating unit. Ask us for free heating information ... we have a coal for every purposte: PHONE 13O CHAMPION LUMP • CHAMPION FURNACE MAljESTIC FURNACE • MAYFLOWER LUMIP < STEARNS LUMP • STEARNS FURNACE • WAYLAND WASP FURNACE • PO'CAH'ONTAS GREAT HEART EGG • SEMET SOLVAY COKE GAS COKE • CHESTNUT HARD COAL • MAJESTIC LUMP » MAYFLOWER FURNACE WAYLAND WASP LUMP LUM|P AND; FURNACE (EGG OR CHESTNUT) • CROWN STOKER COAL • SLACK (All Grades) • CHARCOAL • ALSO HARDWOOD AND KINDLING WOOD .... .,..,. .,;,..,:, .. ^ Abrahamsoii'Nerheim EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING ! .••f-'va* 'f *?<< vuwvwuwwwvwvuvw

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