Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 28, 1974 · Page 5
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 5

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 5
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Florida Plan May Save $69 Million NEWfrMEKALD, ftwiwii City, Fla., Friday, June 28.1W4 PmM TALLAHASSEE, Fla, (UPI) Private businessmen believe thit If the state follows 61? recommendations In an analysis about state government, it can save more than 169 million a year and make department operations more efficient. While aides to Gov. Jteubin Askew say he is analyzing the 811'pftge report which was released Tuesday, the governor ordered the department of administration to examine ways to implement the study, Work on the report begin list October after Askew asked about 60 businessmen to examine state gov* ernment. The study also says the state can bring In almost $40 million In extra Income from the suggestions to improve state gov* ernment, The governor has the power to request about 80 per cent of the suggested changes with 20 per cent of the recommendations needing legislative approval, Some major recommendations Include: — Creating eight regional offices in the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services to bring more programs to cities and counties. A bill asking for the reorganization failed in the House this year because lawmakers feared increased bureaucracy with the regional!* zatlon. — Asking local boards to fund 25 per cent of the costs of hospitalizing mental patients, a move to save $6.3 million. — Increasing the site of audit ' staffs to review state sales tax On Credit By Governor revenues. The report says the auditors could bring in $10.5 million more for the state. The study says that Florida Is cur* rently auditing less than 1 per cent of its registered sales tax accounts, one of the lowest lev* els In the nation, — Writing budgets every two years instead of the present year by-year system. The yearly preparation, said the report, prevents departments from devoting full attention to normal program functions. -Cutting down on multi-line telephone use, a move Intended to save 1950,000 a year. TALLAHASSEE (UPD- Students can go to college in Florida on a credit card under a bill which becomes law July 1. Gov. Reubln Askew signed the bill over the protest of university system officials "as an expression of .his confidence in young people.*' It grants authority to state universities to accept credit cards for tuition, fees, goods and services. The bill HB 2692 also gives students the say, subject to a presidential veto, as to how their activity fees are spent. Presently, student govern* ment can recommend how the $34 per student activity fee la spent, but the new law gives student government the right to allocate it. University presidents, however can veto any item. Polyester DOUBLE KNIT Reg. $2.99 yd* on Bolts DOUBLE KNIT Flat Folds 2 v ds - $ JOO NEW FALL COLORS Mi/v'swe He Iron Pelyesfer/Cefften While Sheets 2 4ft _ FULL PLAT ^— 27 or / ITTED 497 TWIN FLAT or FITTED SAVE 50c RIO. 12 .77 FULL FLAT or PITTED SAVE m RIG 50c *fli 13 .47 $f.?7 * 1.67 PR. Fill up the llnon closet now and oovol Our smooth durable whit* ihoots aro a carofroo, long wearing t .«nd of 50% polyester and 50% selected American cotton. 41*34" PHLOWCASIS REG. $3.49 "OLD TIMER" •ID PILLOW SAVE 72c 50% crushed chicken feathers, 50% shredded foam. Blue and white ticking. USE OUR CONVENIENT NO CHARGE LAWAWAY PLAN OPEN SUNDAY 1 -5 MON. AND FRI. TIL S DAILY TIL 6 549 HARRISON AVE. DOWNTOWN - Eliminating two-year driven licenses. By renewing the licenses every four yean, the report says, the state could save 1616,000 a year besides reducing work loads. Salty Talk Salt has been valued sine, ancient timet; the word aal* ary. meaning "pertaining to sair, is derived from the fact that soldiers of the Roman Empire were paid either with lumps of salt or an allowance to buy salt, giving ui the expression that people "are not worth their saU*^ \Brand New For Summer!!* The board of University Regents, Chancellor Robert Mautz and university presidents asked Askew to consider vetoing the measure. Their concern, they said, Is that it shifts the responsibility for the administration of student activity from the presidents to student government organizations "which are not legal entitles." How important is sex in marriage? By Abigail Van Buran G IWO BY CMcane YMs)sjBtoft> V* NSVS oWwe\# lag* DEAR ABBY: I've been dating a fellow [I'll call him David] for about three months. He 's been giving me a big rash. David Is one of the nicest fellows I've ever met. Re la a successful professional man, good-looking, Just the right age for me, treats me like a queen, and everyone who has met him thinks he'd be Ideal for me. The problem: David doesn't Use very well. To be perfect* ly honest, it's more serious than that. Whan he kisses me, nothing [but absolutely nothing!] happens. Abby, I 'm 18 and experienced [but I'm no tramp], and I am not an that difficult to turn on. Don't tell me to teach him. If he can't even turn me on, I'm not about to give him kissing lessons. What should I do? I hate to give him up because he la by far the most eligible man I've ever dated, except for Una one fault. ' How important do you think sex is in marriage? LIBRA DEAR LIBRA: Hew Importer* I tklak R Is doesn't ter. It's bow Important YOU think It Is that ceimts. Ne em can [or should) make that dedslsa for yes. List yew priorities la order of their Importance and you'll have the an* swer. DEAR ABBY: I am 38. My wife Is 38. We've been married for 18 years and have two children, ages IS and 10. Ten months ago, my wife got a telephone call at about 7:80 p. m. She talked for a tew minutes, and after she hung up she said a girl friend of hers was in town and she was going to drive over to see her for a while. I don't know why, but I didn't believe her, so I left the kids and followed her. I found the "girl friend" was a man I knew. When they recognised my car, they went in different directions. After my wife returned home, we had a few words, but there was no big scene. Since that night our marital relations have been very unsatisfactory. Either she doesn't feel well, she's too tired, too sleepy or it's, "Please, don't bother me." If she lets me touch her, she doesn't participate. Please answer before I do something foolish. FED UP IN OREGON DEAR FED: Either you dldat have enoagh wolds, or they weren't the right ones. Level with each ether. If ihe's emotionally Involved with another man, you're both better off dealing with K. If It's only a bad ease of the "gnlllles," that should be dealt wHb, An Infected wound doesn't Just heal up and dlaappear. It erupt* sooner or later. And the sooner the better. DEAR ABBY: You will probably think I am some kind of nut for writing about this problem, but I trust your judgment, and know you have ways of finding out such things, so here goes: Following a car accident and complications, my mother had her leg amputated about five years ago. Since then, she Insists that the leg she had amputated pains her constantly. Abby, I keep telling her it is all in her head because there is nothing there to hurt. She insists the pain is real. I am at a loss to understand how this can be so. Can it? FOOLISH QUESTION DEAR QUESTION: [No question Is foolish If It la sincere.] The "pain" about which your mother complains Is called "phantom pain," and It la very real Indeed. Obviously, It only seems to be In the amputated limb because the nerve endings at the point of amputation have "set up" those sensations. Your mother should tell her doctor. He may be able to correct the situation. The Civil Service Board of the City of Panama City Beach is presently accepting application for one part- time secretary and one full-time secretary. Typing, shorthand, general knowledge of oofice procedures required. Applications and information may be obtained from the Civil Service Board secretary Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Beach City Hall. HALF-SIZE "KORELL" DRESSES PANT SUITS oReg. $28 - $46 Dresses SALE! $ 19- $ 29 oReg. $40 Pant Suits \ *x>& 3} SALE!'26 J The Leon's stores have purchased 1000 half-size dresses and pant suits from this famous maker ... and our Panama City store has Just received 2S0 pieces. All brand new summer patterns and colors... sale priced now, with plenty of warm weather ahead. 100% Polyester in sites 14U-24U. Kodel-Cotton SUMMER ROBES The "morning coffee" robe... a light weight summer duster (style similar to illustration) of 65% kodel, 35% combed cotton permanent press. Choose from a host of summer pastels. S-M-L. SPECIAL *7 Reg. $1.15 "Lollipop" Cotton Knit BRIEFS AND BIKINIS Sate! 85° ««•*•"• Reg. $9 Poly Gabardine SHORTS Sale! *4 M New tntnrlud polmter fabric, cooler thin double- knlt, In dw popular pull-on .wle. Summer putda. 8- Reg. $10 Poly-Cotton SEERSUCKER SHIRTS Sale'4 90 Smart pastel stripes for summer. Sizes 32-38. Reg. *5 Cotton Knit TOPS Sale! <3" (? for $7) / Machine Washable 100% cotton s knit tops for the active woman. Choose from, summer solids Including white* red* light blue, beige* and pink. Open 0^ 6. I ^H&tfs^^

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