The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1948
Page 4
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PACE SIX. "BlA'THF-VILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1948 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION __ Ooukt M*TM* vordi M to* line for thrw or iU UWM md before »iplr*tloB will b* ca*rc- •d (or fcfe* aumb*r of Uou-i t&« *d »D- *m. *dju«tm«at of bill a»»d*. Kl AdTerfcUl&x oopr tub- ww r*.Idlu« »"*»**• ' °' tb* <*W must be *?corop*ai*d oy c**n ntty b« »**Hj computed from lh« Ut ln*»r- dtr for ln«fii tii* on* Urn* r»i«- K,- r-pon^bllltj will b. than on* Incorrect to; ImMrtlon oj All »da *r« r*trlct«d to thtlr el»a»iflc»tloB. «W« "3 UP "_,. Court«r rea<ir»«« in* rithl » *»u M)M* a»T ad. Money to Loan DO modal) *• ATPBOYMJ MAT* Mi Mix Logan, Realtor Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY iij w. WALHUT mom iui Notice for Rent rDUiiwl Bpariooeat, lhr«?« room* butd. couple onljr. T. Simon. OB* room apartment. Phone 'J9: • ,32-pX-^w J-room iurnlshad ho\iw. Il2i W. Syramor*. 6;25-pk-7;2 Three Room furnislied apartment, good location. Prefer c-iiuple but would take couple with one child. Write Box DA* Courier News. 6-25-dh-U Business Service Directory After thla date I will not b« reapon- 1 lltjle lor any debt or obligation that may be Incurred by Mre. Anner DrlT«r or Mr*. Ueontla M. Driver. Signed Ahner nrlvfr Auto Supplies and Service* CHAPMAN SUtVICB STATION lialn & DKlalon Fhoue 2 Don't endanger your fa tlr with raultj urea—BUY LEE riKBfi Je«p parts now available al POOLB MOTOR CO. Wei can fill »H your need* Get genuLo* p*rtJ from our oo plete line. fcLUS POOLE OWNER k OPERATOR South H Lei) way 01 «t Steclt. Uo Phone &tfl«li id FCKX/S WANTKD Toiinir Urn lnt*r«atMl In Tr»Tel If you arf 17, bill unrter M If you want to &»* J«,p*n If von want to »*e l.Ce >n foreign ronntrle*. Jf you want to h« fr«« of: ClothlnK bills. Doctor hILIi, rood bUU. uentAt bill*. J[ voti want a rrgiilar incr««M In pay II you want A chsnc* tar Promotion. If you want an apporLiinlty Mt S.iv»» money. Thf-n !i»« MR*.t.«r S*rR«»nt Winiion D. Fraaer. C. K. Army and U. S. Air fr-orc^ Rfcritltlnr. City Kail BldR. A hoi it a )oh or from 3 to ft ji'flrs with the Tint Cavalry Dirl- »lon in Toltro, Jiipan, DO YOU NEED A CAR OR TRUCK? -Then- Come First to Phillips'. — ON OUR LOT TODAY — Ford Sutwr Deluxe Tudor; k)tn of exlrtn. 1947 Chevrolet Fleetma.iler Town Sedan. R»Hin and heater, very low mileage. 1917 (Chevrolet Heelm^er 5 pas**Bg«r et>Hpc. Two-lone biiw color. 19i« Chevrolet Kleelline Club Sedan. Radio and henter. 1914 Ford long wheel b«s* Stake Truck. 1A4K Ford Pickup. Ptumfcer If 70x1 ne*4 a IICCDM<I plumb«r. or Hatry Uejvrft at Rutibaid Hardware 1)10 -ck -tf Services Fresh Florida ice-cold melons at Lewis Poultry, 419 E. • Main. 4-27-ck-tf ' Insurance PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR. WK OPERATE THK ON1/T "8THOBO- SCOPE" PIANO TUNING SERVICE BETWEEN ST. LOUIS AND MEMPHIS THK ONLY j'KRFECT KIjZCTBONIC TUNING RECOMMENDED BY RECOGNIZED MUSIC TEACHERS, CALXj *11 FOR ENGAGEMENT. BROOKS MUSIC STORE. 107 EAST MAIN STREET. Hl.VVHF.Vll,L». »»I For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GIJtKCOI HOTEL BUILDINQ 1M W ASH 8T Household Goods O*t a Dexter or Speed Queen Washer »t ADAUS APPLIANCE COMPANY NOW. 208 W. Mflln. phone 207-. Floor aandlng mactilne. all muer- lal. and expert adrlce at Deal's Paint Blor*. Phone 4469. e-l-ck-7-1 We can deliver your ne»- MAYTAG jar. Call ADAMS APPLIANCE, pnone Loans P«R8ONAL LOANS A>iiomobll«-al|t- Bature-^ornaier-Iurnlture QUICK prl. »at« aemce Personalized atteatlon uom* in or telephone 2938 GENERAL CONTRACT rUKCHASR CORPORATION KM s. nith st. BlrtheTltla Ark. ll'M-ck-tf "PORTRAITS" 'hoto nnlah and commercial worlt MAYER BENTLEY STUDIO riS-ca--7|18 •ern«r*> Gooch, Mgr. i(h at WabiDt Raymond Cole, Salesm. ir*. I'm Mrletlr la th« farm land i Id Man bnilnaai Wfttch my td for t ;H«r llltlBW OM Mlxrt (arm. In Dill >p«f. BLAMC IJMO OO mUBtVll.l. I. RIALES, REALTOR MM . 1 Pnonea 413» •lytheTlltr, Arv. for Safe, City Mio» auburtoan home. On* five room HOUM with 2 thr«* room tenant hou- NlR« orchard,) garden, garage and chlcfcan yard. Plantjr or acreage. In northern part of city, cheap and erma. On* fir« room houa« with bath. Two lou. Well located. Prkt M500 1500 down and balance like rent. I hat* othar city llstlnga. AIM farm Lnda. Call me for quick real eatate ervlca. yonr propel ty with me. «rl Koaa, realtor. Phona 3816 or 4237. A film awaf. Two building*, large >t. Building can ba connected Into our room dwelling. |1300 or . left* uchrllU, lira. Maador. t H-pi-7|H s-rooaa unfurnUhad houn, IntMlal- Ml. 706 <;tarM. phona 3116. fl.24-pkt-28 Qnr. of the best curb mai'- k«ts with grocery »nd meal market in connection. On m»in Hiwa.\ r . All new equipment, doing; good business Low rent. Cheap if sold at one*. Call Bert Ross, Realtor Phone 3816 or 4237 6-23-pk-28 noija* at SlTth and Walnm. Ton more It. Make offer. First Lutheran Church. Call Jlmmte Deal. 4*&9-'JW1. 6 2«-clc-U Well-established grocery in good location. With building, stock, and fixtures. Also separate living quarters. Offered at a bargain. See or call W. C. Gates or Kay Woi'th- ington, 115 S. Third, Blytheville. Office phone 2751, after 5 ! p. m. call 2843 or 2367. 6-22-ck-6-29 Smwing &ELT3. BUCKLES, covered buttons, button tioleit. Mat Miller. Alma Bass. Kltna Crowder. Phone 3539, If no answer. 4632. 60« N. 5th. SI. 6,22-p)c-7|2a Sporting Goods HOUSEMOVING. Thirteen years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Level- ,ng, foundfttion buildinK and repairing. Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 6-3 pk 7-3 Set ovvr selection of £l(\efi. plstolV shot, nuns, amnilinltlon. fishing equipment and b&.seball equipment. ADAUS APPLIANCE COMPANY. 208 W. Main, For Sal*, form* SPECIAL 50Vj awes at Calumet gravel road. Good sandy loam Six room duplex, completely furnished, on Clark Street. jOne side renting for $28 ! per month. The other side va- 'cant. $2975. |1450 cash, ?25 per month. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 6-25-ck-29 HOM E BUYERS SPECIAL Cars Like New 1947 Ckcvral.t FU«tmM»«r Sport 1947 Ch*vroltt Styl.mait«r Town S«da* 1946 Ch«vrol«t Styltmatt.r 4- Door SodaN 1946 Chevrolet FU.tmastcr Town Sedan 1946 Ford Super Deluxe 2-Doer Sedai 1946 Plymouth Deluxe 2-Door Sedan 1942 Chevrolet Ae rot* dan 2- Door 1941 Chevrolet 4- Door Sedan 1938 Chevrolet 4- Door Sedan Most of these can have Radios, Heaters and Defrosters. have spotlights. Many More to Choose From Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Closed Nights & Sundays 301 W. Walnut St. Phone 578 . APPOINTMENT WEEK land. Has three houses and Let us show yo| , homeSj one barn. ilots, businesses and real in- 120 acres near Calumet on| vestment proper ty. Open all gravel road. Some of the best| c j arj g un fji g Local and Long Distance MOVING Phone 2977 24-pk-7-24 Lawn Mowers sharpened and repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royaj, StDllkt. CoroDA uid Kccnln.1' ton Portable DON EDWARDS The Typewriter MAO *t>cnad St PhT Farmer's Column S. Second. For Sale—One International two row 4 C i , , , tractor-culllvalor. On* John Deere two -D-CK-tl | row tractor-cuUlTRlor. One John Deere Try the Miracle F nrxt palm Jot). Call F. : inter lor . Nelson. TI Public Hauling Local or lonp dUtancn day or night Call c. D. Qean Trucking: Co. Phone l»l. or 4115. delivery hay-rack Rnct haywire >re C.arrarrt Caudlll at Mllllgan Ridge 3r call John Catidllt al 3liS. K;l»-pK-23 and in Mississippi County. 60 hcrea at Half Moon. One of a very few farms listed at $200 per acre. 120 acres near Dell. Has 5 houses and 3 barns. Well located on good road. 158 acres oh gravel road, near" 1 Dell. Excellent location. Four houses and three barns. 85 acres N. of Gosnell, with house valued at $8000. A lovely homeplace with 85 acres of the best land. This farm is on gravel road and has electricity. 82 aCVCs West of Gosnell On Field Realty Bonded Broker Office 808 Hearn, Ph. 2394 Private Rooms Bedroom 1109 chlckaaawbR. phone Two bedrooms. US W. Ash. call 3983. Furnished bedroom for couple. Men 6-23-nk-30 I or women- Can EEeep three. Phone 2188. _'_ 71> W. Ash. 6!21-pt-27 For Homes In All Parts of Blytheville— limo to W3.000. Some choice lots and I Nice bedroom. Men onlr. Phone • Bedroom. Close In. Girls preferred. Phone 2087. 6.24-plt-7|l jrocery and Baby-5ltler«. C>epenrlable. Maty and Frances Dowdr. Phone 3547. fi'24-pk-7;l Hay Press. "| Excellent condition. Call Bob Lowe, Manila, 91, or B. C. Land Co., LeaphviUe. 6-18-ck-tf It's Let Your Car Know VACATION FERTILIZER 3-9-18 Planters Coop. Phone 720 5-6-ck-7-6 100% outside White Paint $4.93 gallon; $24.50 in 5 gallons. Gaixlen tractors I'/ii h.p. at .?1G9.85. Screen door?, $7.15 up. JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Main 4-M-ck-tf MR. TARMER: Let ua build your uck and trailer becis. Aay tl?e nd. Don't foruil to see the. Shelby raller witr* or wltnr.ut aprlnga. Hen• Weilbrcok Shop. 325 N. Flcst. pnone And You'll Have A Carefree Trip For a vacation trip can b« an unhappy «xp*ri«ni'« if you are continually plagued with car trouble. Briny your car lo I.angston-Wrolen for a thorough, txptrt insp««lion. Then, count on a wonderful trip! SAFE SUMMER DRIVING ,'WAu.ut AT BROADWAY * DIAL 555 FOR SER ^ for Sale, Cars, Trucks FOR SALK: — i perlecl Bhapa One A-raodel Ford Call 793 after 4:00 lire Insurance. Call 2394. Field Realty. bonded broker. flOB Hearn. 619-pkj-7i3 I Glencoe Hotel. Attractive weekly -------- ..... — - - . rates. I'none «G4. «22-pk-7;22 Netfthborhood Grocery. Wilt Rell at . — ----- ivolce. Phone 3062. fl;22-pfc-28 Nice bedroom. Men only. Attic fan. | 613 Walnut. Phone 2496.' 6,22-p*-29 Blythcvllle Hntpl: Bedrooms with fans. 106'i E. Main. Phone 952. 625-pX-7;25 Used cars and trucks Phillips Motor Co. 5-6-ck-tf WANTED TO BUY 3 late model A-G combines. Write Box C. Y. News. Courier 6-22-ck-7-13 By owner. 3-room House, ncreened raar porch. 2J13 Carolrn. «-lO-pk.-7-tO For Sale, Misc. Two 24" window fans. Complete with stands. Phone 2721. 6-18-ck-tf email crawler tractort. Jack Kobinson imple. Co. ^rg« roniol* model Zenith radio, line reception, nl A-l condition Only 50 cash. Pnone 2331. 5;23-dh-tr For Sale or Rent. Good condition, ipnght piano. Phane M9W. Osccola. gravnl road with five houses one tenant house and one >am. Priced to sell at $200 Der ncre. I have two 40 acre tracts f land near Half Moon on gravel road. These farms are •easonablv priced. DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. Salesmen Ben D. Hamner R. W. Williford Phone 3633 or 2486 3-plpc« bedroom set and 2-plece Uv- [g room »ulte. 2780. . 6-26-pk-30 80 acres, extra good land! ^ on(s ad<)lnt machlne " ana one cash mues northwest of Bly-1'«'««r. s«e at ios N. rnnkiia or thevilie; half mile frontage. 1 "" *"• em-rt-tr pood gravel road; two houses, two barns well located. Possession .Ian. I, 1919. Price $275 per acre. See or call JOHNNY MARR, Phone. 4111 or 2596 112 South Second . G-26-ck-U Tier cool bedroom Close in. ?lo E. DavtF Men prefcrrecT. fi.26-pk-30 Wanted to Buy Cathedral in Washington Honors State of Arkansas WASHINGTON, D. C.. June 2«flr» The State of Arkansas will be honored at Washington Cathedral tomorrow. Prayers will be offered lor the government and people of the state, and men and women of Arkansas who have served the nation in time of war will be particularly commemorated. On Arkansas Sunday the state flig is borne In procession with the national colors. The Very Rev. John W. Suter, dean of the cathedral, ex- Commander of Army's First Paratroopers Dies DUNN, N. C.. June 26. (UP)— Funeral plant were completed today for Maj. Gen. William C. Lee, retired commander of the Army's | tends a special Invitation to all Ar- first paratroopers. He died at. his home here yesterday at the age of kansas citizens living In the District of Columbia »rea to share in the observance. Each state In the Union la hon- WE NEED A FEW GOOD USED PIANOS. IF YOU HAVE ONE TO SELL CALL, US AT 811. BROOKS MUSIC I STORE. 107 EAST MAIN STREET. ! BLA'THEVILLE. « ; l9-ck-tf Inside Stuff For Sale Onu electric floor fan with power motor Paul W. Davis 220 W. Davis Good Used Car Values 19'10 Model four door DeSoto Custom 941 Model two door Ford 917 Model four door Hudson 1917 Model four door Dodge Cuslom 19-17 Model tour door Chrysler Saratoga 19-17 Model four door Pon- :iac streamliner. TUB "01" MOTOR CO. North Highway 61 Phone 2142 5-27-ck-tf ATl'ENTJON! FARM LANDS! Arc you interesled in buying or soiling farm lands In N. K. Ark. or S. E. Mo.? I have cash buyers who will 1 - 5 "" 111 co - mplet " buy now subject to possession Aluminum tuthlnetie, tn excellent condition. Also two Urpe woof russ, (.ioort n,s new. Prlctd very rfi^ionably Pnon« 3564. 6.«-C>t-G.28 Bedroom mite. b»by buggy, stroller. iiRh ch»\r. Wftshlns machine, kitchen cabinet. Phone «3fi. 6 ; 24-p)c-28 Porcrlain *lnX: Iffthancl drain, cast iron. Complete with movablr fittings. J2S. Pnone .t^'M- 6|2A-pti-30 Ciood QiiKllty ye.low ear corn. P. A HAle, Burdetie. Phone 702. 6 2t-ck-28 odel 10 ft. home deep freeze, year old. No. 315. DPAire bos;. Phone 3SJ2. N. C. Pat- | teraon. 40 Fryers. Mm. J. E. McFall. i IttlRidxlre. In Rood I Hill, R January 1, 19-19. K1A1.KS LAND CO. 33?2— 2 Phones —41 ;!9 Blytheville, Ark. • 6-21-ck-29 1S3S Chrj.l ^>o. Body in o atll. see l Npw OTrrH»«l (-onri!::on. Triced f Sjomorr. 1010 Lincoln Coup*. Kxueltonk condition, .j ft<iwn, ?12 per month. in it v *_ «r»ipii iJ S TI , ion. Utley Bros See «e ont oT Ah* ulcwrt. 4O *cc«ft ,-\s neen oifered »t thli price lor Aonie time. Mam buUding very comfortable r.nd nic« looVinK. Good t«n- »nt t.aust, b»rn a net (Xitbullcilnp*. All in couon «nd extra fine crop. Scnoot hv.s, n.Ail route mid both houses H&TC rleciricuy. Posffsston now. If bous.H xonsced. S'200 per «cr«. 40 a.cies rl^hl In the town, of Holland, Mo. All smooth Und.* good crop, la'.r bulldtngs. Prlc* »\*i5 per *tr*. 'iwo 64 ncre iracia. new 5 room hous« witn barns. One milt or good towa. Pfiiie. S16.S per ncr«. 190 kCTeH ihort dUt*nc* trom Ktn- neii. Mo. All smooth tractor lnn4 with practically MI In cotton. For i qx.lrk sAlr. mo per acre fi [ > &cr*A on "" " BAvrmUI. 48" Raif condition Herman Leftchvllle, 6;25-pX-7 2 TOUGH, RUT UANDSOMK Sherwin-Williams Mar-Not Varnisli protects floors, woodwork from scuffs, scratches, stains. Builders Supply Co., Hiway 61 South. Phone 2882. 6-23-ck-tf OLD NFAVSPAPERS COURIim N1WS OFFIC« S3. Gen. Le«, known as the "Father of the Airborne Command," li\ed 1 ored annually at Washington Ca- here at his birthplace since his i thedral in the nation's capital. health failed In England in 1944. He returned her* shortly after he authorized the airborne tactics that played such a big part in the D- Day attack on the Normandy coast. The flying general will be buried | ''important"mission^ 'it was to"asic here tomorrow. i Acim. Henry B. Wilson, then corn- Lee organized the. first paratroop- rrmider O f the Atlantic fleet for er group al Ft. Benning. Ga., in his daughter's hand in marriage. 1944 and later formed the Airborne The answer was "yes" and todsy Command at Ft. 1 Bragg. N. C.. I the admiral's daughter it Mrs. where he activated the lamed 101st: Hurley Airborne Division. Patrick J. Hurley, former diplomat and secretary of war. Hurley said he was piped aboard the battleship early in 1919 on an 'Miss/on Completed' How 'Pennsylvania' Scuttled , SANTA FE, N. M. (UP)—Scut-l IMng of the battleship Pennsylvania ' in the post-war cleanup brought See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Protect Y NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! Help Wanted, Male Stable pal Spots gels feed box information from High Trend at Monmouth Park, N. J. ATter 3:30, 335». Lost and Found iNOW! Private Rooms LOST—100 lb. *AC* of St.clkn "' 1 <1 Between B]yih«Tiiie xnd .T.J milrs _ H^Rhway 23, thorl <1L*- | \v«i of oGsncll. CnntArt Charlie \Vil«^i% -.( lie \'"c- j ot . «nrf irom Kennctt. Mo.. r»lr 1m-; Moody s Stort. Pnone 7C7. Ro,« CAM- t "llSOll at lift ,\, Second St.J provemtnts. nice ?hnd«. ThU U » r*»1 well. Kouu 1. 8,a4-pX-2S 6-2'l-Ck-28' b * r S*ln- Prlc* |110 p*r »cre. ~~ tm pood improTement*. np»ily cotton. Not fur from P*«cti r* trdiifr. Equipped orcnard. Mo. 5100 p*r acre. oon x 20 lire*. Gonrt aoo acres, extra pood Una nev H*>1- Hollanrf. Mo. comb, Mft., $13% per nr.rp. A.25-pk*7j2 J2f) ncrps on Stats Highway Junt of pn rtn j, t M O j|2S per *cr« with •,rt« joining lor >.2^ p«r »et«. U iwu wi la M "~ " 1W Bedroom. Good location. Phone 2<S3. R*<troomi. atlle fan «wm. Mam Maty. 31ft D Convenient. !at FOUNTAINS \ Everywhere! With Pontiac Service Day by day, more Pontiac owners are realizing that* Authorized Ponliac Service can not be matched . . . because they get (he best service and it costs no more. Our personnel are factory-trained, our parts factory- «nj?ineere<f, *nd our service scrupulously fair. Yt», protect your Ponliac with Pontiac Service. SMITH PONTIAC CO.

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