Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1933
Page 3
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; TOLA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY EEGISTEB. THTOSDAY EVENINC. MARCH 9.1933. Laveme. Barker, a Junior High Bchobl student, who has been ill the Jjast week, Js reported ImproTing. —Tune In on 1175 for'iPlumbing and Repair Work. lola Plumbing Co. Mrs. John Bums^whp has been 111 with influenza th^'past two weeks. Is able to be up agiln and is feeling much better. —See our. prices before you sell your produce. R. G. McKinney Feed Store, Opp. P. O. Phone 389. ' Mrs. T. S. Woods and her children arrived Monday from Kansas City for a visit with Mrs. Woods's sister .Mrs. R. V. McHaley and her family. Sometimes It Is More Saviair to Repair Your Old Saab Than Buy Kew Doors, Windows, and Glass lOLA. PIANING MUX "If Made if Wood. We Make «" 404 North St. Phone 404 Miss :Marjorie Bell .spent the week-end at Topekai as the guest of her. sister Miss Florence Bell and Miss Helen Cummins. —Car of Southern: Kansas Lump coal on: track, $4.50 per ton off car in ton lots only. lola Coal & Junk Company. Phone 317. —Economy begins at Home. We are trying to assume our part. Sleeper Mortuary. P. W. Jacobs will spend Sunday with his grandmother, Mrs. W. F. Weber, in Topeka. EVEBBLOOMIXG ROSES : 2-year-old Field Grown. Will : Bloom First Year: 6 25c ones : or 4 35c ones, or 3 50c ones : for Sl.OO. Come in and see how : you can get a Rose Bush FREE WISHARD SEED CO. lola. Ka isas Miss Juanita Stevenson had as her guest last night Miss Wanda Green of LaHarpe. —Typewriters for sale, rent, trade. WiUiamE Typewriter Co. —Milford C: Langley stands for Economy and;Lower UtUity Rates. Frank Taylor went to Richmond today for a visit with his sister Mrs. D. H. Smith, and Dr. Smith. A New S-JHece : RANGE SET in pink or green . —75c Sei— SHANNON HARDWARE : Phone 29 : ^rs. Harlan Taylor returned this morning from a two^day visit with her daughter. Mrs. Robert McGrew and her family, in Humboldt. W. W. Baker, who has been quite Ul the past week, is somewhat improved, his son Raymond Baker said today. -«Dr. W. P. Hull, Osteopath and Diagnostician. Phone 120. Miss Elora Lehman is visiting with relatives and friends in Wichita. BRAKES RUINED Winter brings an added strain . on the brakes-^ore stopphig, more jamming on the brake pedal. Have your brakes tested, adjusted, or relfned: today. Be Sure! Be Safe! SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Mr. and' Mrs. Chris Troutwlne have as their guest their son Noble Troutwlne of Kansas City, who arrived last evening. —35 and 50% off on Special Order for Wall Paper. At Antrim's, 219 North Jefferson. —Mildred Curtis, M. D.. and residence over Cook's Store. Phone 1234. office Drug Harold Standley will arrive Satm-- day from Fredonia for a ten-day visit with his daughters Joan and Ruth Ann Standley, and his sister Mrs. John Burns, and Mr. Bums. Sow Your Blue Grass Seed Now 24-lb. Seed—the Best Sold —25c lb.— SHANNON HARDWARE Phone 29 Good Seeds Make a Good Garden Last season our seed business increased over 100%—there was a reason. Make this your seed store. BRIGHAM HDW. CO. Miss Opal Haney, 219 North Second; has been confined to hqr home by illness for a week. New Shipment of Gold Seal fings and Floor Covering 65 felt base rugs on display. attractive pftttems^l2 new designs of floor covering to choose from. We Buy for Less We Sell for Less W. H. WOOD FINE FURN. 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 —A. R. Chambers. M. D. Office Mittelbach BIdg. Pho.'SOS. Res. 377, Miss Helen Logan will arrive Friday night from Wichita for a weekend visit with her father, C. M. Logan. NEW SPRING DESIGNS —In GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM Rugs and Yard Goods, the lowest prices ever. A. R. Sleeper Fum. Go Mrs. Florence Kent Belding, English instructor in the lola jmiior college, judged the preliminary literary contests of the Colony high school Tuesday evening at Colony. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown's Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. K ^Friendly counsel when help is most needed. Waugh Pvmeral Home. Mrs. H. R. Lackey of Norfolk, Va., arrived Sunday for an indefinite visit with her daughter, Mrs. J, B. Bruce, and Mr. Bruce. SELF SERVICE MARKET Kraut, 6 lbs. for 25c Frankfurters, lb ...10c Sweet Pickles, 1 doz. lOc Bacon, sliced, 3 lbs gSc Bacon, half or whole slab .... .30c Steak, tender, 2 lbs 25c Henderson Mitchell, who has been ill with bronchial asthma for sev- Ed Sutherland and Ollie Suther-' fJr^l "^^"flv^^n^ land attended the fmieral of their i^''^' said^today. aunt Mrs. Jim Bryant which ' was j ^ ^ held yesterday afternoon, at Fort i Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant were; former residents of lola. —We take checks for gasoline and | oil. Miller Service. 801 East Street.' Regular Meeting • Friday Afternoon, 2;30 Bring Thimble and Needle MONT McKlNNEY CROCERV ai\ MARKET Mop StlcicK; ooch ;, 12c Wrl«ht'H BlWer Polish 20c BtiW Wtuthliig Powdrr, !«. size I7c Pnltnolivfl B«ad«, 7c cn,. 3 for, ,20c Bnrr'H Mechimlc Sonp, 8o each, 3 for 'JSC FUKK DKLI.VKRV 110 t*. W»»<h. Phone J7;J Mfw Addc Southard of Parsons In HpendInK iln* week with her sUiterH Mr«, J. O, Tnylor and her family, and Mr«. Ivmi Orlcvc, and Mr. Orlnvo. MR. CITIZEN, TAXPAYER AND UTILITIES USER Do you know tlio year before : Mr. Hoyt assumed office lola ; City's total tax levy was : $05,460.50? Last year It was ; $31,«87.00. a reduction of $63,: 782.00. Do you know the average : home as .sessed at $500.00 in 1930 :- paid $9.90 city tax for that year : and this year the same home : pays only $3.00 city tax? Do you know with Mr. Hoyt's : program we will have both low : taxes and lower x utility rates : within the next year? : Re-elect a jnan with this un; usual record as finance commis: sioner. .'•1' Ray Drake will leave Saturday evening for Yates Center where he will spend the week-end with his family. ' MORE VALUE! —Sec the new ONE MINUTE Washer that sells at $49.50. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and;Pressed —35c- ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 105 . One Day Service If Desired Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Preyer of Weed, Calif., announce the birth March 2,of an 8-pound daughter whom they have named Elizabeth Lou. Mrs. Preyer was formerly Miss Beatrice Lester of lola and is a sister of Mrs. Dan Hinson and Mrs. Frank McCabe. BUY lOLA BREAD • Now is -the time to keep busi: ness at Home. We have the : utmost confidence in you, our : bank, and our country. You : need the bread and we need the :, business. Why not buy Dell: - clous or Enner Jee Bread mtfde : in lola and keep our dollars : at home. Let us all help. lOLA BAKERY Chas. Feister, F^p. 120 E. Jackscm ; Pfacme 502 YES YOU Can Save by Buying Genuine Auto Electric Farts, Carburation, Delco and WlHard Batteries. A. H. DAVIS ElEC. SERVICE Phone 1379 202 N. Wash. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Shelly returned yesterday; from .Washhigton., D. C, where they attended Inaugural ceremonies for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cook of ToiDckn accompanied them on their trip. FRYER BROS. GROCERY Oxydol.' medium size .19c (With Free Jlg-Saw Puzzle> Tomatoes, No. 2 can, 4 lor 25c 1 dozen for 7Qc llnlRlnH, 4 lbs. for 22c AppUi Buller, Armour's Very Best, No, 8'i can, 2 for 25c " PHONE 401 Mi'«. O, H. Rllcy, who hits biTji ii sum o£ hur brolhor-lh-luw nnd slAter -ln-liiw Mr. and Mrs, C. E. Lcitmuii the punt two dityh, returned Wednesday to her home In Wichita, Prom now on all Clean)niT brouirht In FHday afternoon Will be out Saturcluy, Coats, Suits, Dresses, -—30c CUT RATE CLEANERS Phone 775 Opp. Postofflce R. E. CuUlson, en route from his home in Bartlesvllle, Okla., to Topeka, stopped in lola today for a brief visit! with his daughter Mrs. R. P. Fife and her family, and his son Frederick Culllson. Mrs.! Cullison, who accompanied him here, remained for a week-end visit. Guaranteed Chip-Proof Stainless Enanielware : Boils dry without harm—lemon : Jlce test licked at last. Soap and ; water will remove discoloration— ; always —' easily — completely. : Think of the time saved—clean: ing; The most durable utensil : ever built. Has beauty and con: venlence never before attempted : in kitchenware. SHANNON HARDWARE Phone 29 Mrs. Ted Holcomb and her cousin George Wilson returned Sunday evening to their home in Topeka after spending the weck-eHd with Mr. Wilson's sister Mrs. Zelby. Taylor, and Mr. Tiaylor. Mr. Wilson's mother. Mrs. J. L; Wilson, who accompanied them here, remained for a week's visit. DO YOU BELIEVE —In a program of economy and efficiency for the taxpayer and usot of Utilities?. A record of constructive work, of six years as a city official? That city business should not be Just a side Une to another business? That duties of City Engineer and Siipt. of UtUtles should be combined, needing only one, instead of two? That two of the Board should not employ a man to head another's department? Your vote for Commissioner of Finance will be appreciated by, R. I. MATHER. Improve Your Cooking Use' FAIRMONT'S Paslenrized Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese and Buttermilk., Call 91 for House Delivery or ask your grocer Jess Howard, proprietor of Howard's Repair shop, who has been seriously tU for some time, is able to be out again. However, he will not be at his work for a few months. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE RADIO SERVICE SHOI^ Verne Northrnp, Prop. 109 W. Madison Phone 33 Harold Shaffer, a cnnler salesman of The Reulster, is confined to his bed with bronchial trouble. NEW SHIPMENT —Tiiblc Top GUT, RanKcs.. Vei*y latest at rock bolloin prices. TermJj, Trade in yld at Curtis Furniture. Phone 772, The Alli-n County Bur u.ssoclutlon in(!t lor its roKulnr monthly dinner fit Uii' Portliind hotel last night, There were 11 mcmlHTN prcucnt. Leo Mills, county ultorncy of Woodson county, was u guetit, Matters pertaining to InrJk 'H reconlly enacted by the KiinsiiH legluluturc were discussed Informally. ATPfeONt WJJPH CHINESE ©EPENDERS Mrs. Knepp Ent^grtainsi Twentieth! Centnry Club at Home In lob. Latest picture to arrive from the north China front where the ichtaese defense is crumbling before Japan's weU co-ordhiated oflensive, the above picture shows part of a division of Gen. Feng Chanhai's veteran troops. They are resting on their arms after a brush with the Japanese advance. These troops are now in the front line of the Jehpl defense. Ifote their machine guns (foreground >, the orderly way in which their guns are stacked, and the modem eciulpment. With the Japanese within 75 miles pf Jehol City after advancing with unexpected rapidity, it is expected that more will be heard from Feng's troops before the campaign ends. Rev. M. R. Bishop, Lorain Slack, U. F. Gaddis.and George Lane re- tume(^last night from Pittsburg where they attended the mid-year convention: of the Kansas City district of the chiu-ch of the Nazarene. Rev. Mr. Bishop says the convention was well attended. Dr. J. B. Chapman, general superintendent, was OpENSE Mar. 7.—Mr,s. U. S. Peck and Anna Elizabeth took Sunday dinner with Mrs. Charles. Jones. :Mr. Peck, Mr. .Tones, and Wayne Bowen motored to Kansas City Sunday morning. Mi.«;:;c.s LuUi and Blanche Cuppet spent Saturdaj^ in lola. Oscar Johnson and Olaf Gerdln 'made a business trip to lola Saturday. Mr. .and Mrs; K(!nneth Swanson assisted Mr. and Mrs. Herbert .Johnson with their moving Saturday. They moved to the farm vacated by Lester Roberts and family in the Fairview district. Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Johnson entertained at supjffir Saturday evening, honoring Conrad's birthday. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Johnson and Ruth of Chanute, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson and Vema. , Miss Gladys Nelson was a supper guest of Anna Elizabeth Peck Thm-sday evening. Other evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seymour, Mrs. George Seymour, Mrs! Harry Shively, Victor. John, Carl, and Verle Nelson, Three telephone lines are broken today (Tuesday) just west of Odense schoolhouse. One pole is also down in the road. Mr. and Mrs. Vivian John^n and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Walter Nelson home. : IP YOU MISS THE REGISTER CALL 157 OR 520. WOMAN'S WEAKNESS M ANY women both youns and m i d d I e-aged suffer from periodic pains in side or back — from ,<,ca t a r r ha I drains from nervousness, or "heat flashes," they.should take that vegetable tonic favorably known for sixty years as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. TUis is what Jlrs. Evert Grctn, Route 3. Pauls Vallry. Okla., sass; "Be/ore taking Dr. Pierce*s • medicine* I was "weak from functional disturbances. I bad pains that ran around my back down into my knees and also bad a catarrhal condition. I was so weak I could not do my houseivork. X took two bottks each of Dr. Pierce'i Favorite Prescription and 'Golden Jledical ;D£.<«:avcry' ' and pattts tele me and I grew suoos." STAR VALLEY (Lester Helle.) Mar. 6.—Mr. and Mrs'. Beatty Ray and sons, Harold and Howard were Sunday diimer guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. lioy Kaufman and family spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. R. S. McHenry, Prairie Dell district. Mrs. Frank Helle, Mrs. I. B. Wlieatley and M^iss Elizabeth Pickarts spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Martha Rhodes of] Ettmiboldt. • Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cooper. Prudy Lower spent Sunday with M3ss Wanda Lower of Humboldt. Mrs. Frank Helle spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. I. B. Wheatley- Mr. J. C. Overman, spent Saturday morning in Greeley. Mrs. Lena Tanner and Mrs. Elmer Rowson of Chanute. called on Mrs. I. B. Wheatley Friday afternoon. Mr. C. N. Truster and son Merrill, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.: Bert Truster, Miss yLaty Truster and Mi's. M: A. Truster. Chanute. . Mrs. R. E. Sullivan spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. J. C. Overmaa • Mr. aiid Mrs. Russell Larkey of LaHarpe, "Spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Truster and daugii- ters, .Thelma, Lois, and Olennls. CONFER ON FINANCIAL PROBLEMS MONTEVALE Mar. 8.—Mr, ^nd Mrs. John Rogers spent Wedncaday afternoon with her daughter Mrs. Elbert Tcmplc- man, helping her get her home straightened up after moving. MrH. Ida Rogers called on Mrs. Churlcs laoftc Wednesday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Isaac and Bllllc, Mr. and Mrs. Oarleton Stlck- cy spent Thursday evening with homo folks. O, L. Isaac and son Mclvin called on home folks Saturdoy. Mn. Paul Scbcr took her parents Mr. and Mr^. John Rogers, shopping Iri lola Saturday. Mrs. Flora Templeman visited her mother Mrs. Ida Rogers Tliursday afternoon. ^ Mr. John Young called at the Charles Isaac home and to visit his brother J. C. Young and family Saturday afternoon. Donald Mowrer, RoUln Hutton. Joe Wilson spent Sunday with the WiUard Smith family. Miss Iva Mowrer. spent th'e week- SENEKER DRY GOODS CO. lOLA'S POrCLAB STORE Special Sale...... •••SILIC.i* DRESSES FRlDAY-SATtjfeDAY $3.95 You are bdund to succumb the minute your ^ye.s feast on these , frocks. And who'd 'ever need to resist when they are so low priced! Every Dress is a New Spring Creationi . ^ Oihcr New Spring Frocks up to $12.75 VOIJR CBl ^ck , is good ^t this store. We also invite you to mjoke use of your charge accoimt. V.'orking for a solution of the country's perplexing financial problems. Secretary of the Treasury William Woodin (left) and Adolph Miller of the Federal Reserve Board, are shown leaving a conference, in Washington. (Beverly Mallory.) -j LAHARPE,^ March 9 —iOss Doris Beard. Erie, was an all night gue^ Wednesday of her annts, Mzs. 'Ja|me^ Moore and family, and Mi's. Idamie Bicking. James ^rten. Fort JBcott.was in town attending to taushsesd Wednesday afternoon. " ' • ' Miss Helen Owens, Kansas City, arrived Wednesday to visit her aunt. Mi's. C. T, Harris, who is Ifl, and other relatives for a few days. ' '\ Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campbell, Westphalia, visited the first of jthe week with Mr. Campbell's mother, Mrs. Maude Campbell and Mettle. . Clyde Sickly, New York, and jjlns. Bertha Bondy, Kansas City, were in town on business Wednesday after^ noon and visited fWeniJs. • | ' Mrs. Jess Turner and.son,'0&>ei; left Wednesday momingf ror Tbpck?, where! Omer will enter the S.' BJ 4. hospital for treatnrent and undelrgo an operation for the removal of ims tonsils t^e last trf the week. Paul-Aten spent the week-end in Lawrence and attended the. Oklar homa-Kansas basketball game. Aten visited Mr. aiMl ItSrs. Robef; Brigden and Carl Fowler while iii Lawrence. Some of the members of th<j PhUathea class of the Sfetbodte cliurck met at the home of thelT: president, Mrs. Dora Newman. Wedr jnesday evening to make plans fcl^ the year. Another meeting of tht? class will be held this evening. Thfe following attended: Meadames \Qi D. Hartley, J. H. Culbeftsoo, RrsQk Stevenson, Russ Henderson, E*heJ Barker, Edna Barker and 'JbSXs. NeW^ man. The Twentieth Centurj' «lub n)e(Wednesday afterncran in lola attli^ home of Mrs. J. B. Knepp. "Hje aft-; ernoon was spent socially. Refresihii ment.s were served to the following members by the hostess assisted Mrs. Wood: Mesdames J. F. Heaih; J. A. Reeves, Chas. Bryan, Joe Biir-.: gcr. W. R. Doilgherty, WlUls Kerr^ W. K. Wood, Ralph Barter, Dora Newman, J. A. McDonald, Heber. Ran.som and MSnnle Ohlfest. ;' The Y. M. club held Us regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Effle Pettit Wednesday afternt»n. Re? freshmeiits were served to thfe guests: Miss Lennie Green and Mrs.; Minnie Be<^annon and to the foi^ lowing memljers: Mesdames EdiUr Johnson, O. D. Hartley, Prank Stevenson. Lowell Baumunk. Verne Green, Tom Green, Boy Brock. Ma^ bel Lewman. lola. Geo. McDonald, Lutle Livingston, Lester tCnepp,^ Edna;Barker, H. L. Lacy, Lewis Richardson and the hostess Mrs. Pettit. PAGE THREE WHEI^ SHE SAYS "NO" IT'S "NO!" Eleanor Wesa, 14, above, of Newcastle, Wash., made up her mhid she wouldn't go to Rnssia, though her father planned to take her there. Eleanor, American-bom. appeared to juvenile and imnti-: gratlon authorities, churches and women's cltibs. After a lon^ fig^t she' became a voluntary ward of the juvinile conrt, and thus gained the right to stay in America. Topeka—A suit seeking to recover $L60d allegedly due him from. Dr. J. a. Biinkley of MUford, Kas.. was filed in district court here yesterday by attonieyB for W. K. Henderson. Sbreveport, La., owner of the radio station KWKH. The petition alleged Dr. Brinkley had ^uKhased» QQ bis statilon under a contract providing fori 32 bnMUlcasts at $100 each, adding that only half of the amount had been paid. end In lola visiting her cousin Mrs. Dever. Mrs. E. T. Wilson visited Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Charles Isaac and Grandma Erwln. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Young and daughter Evelyn. Mr. Hilmer Jenson, Miss Eulcta Isaac and :Mr3. Effle Young drove down from Kansas City and spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Isoac and Curley families. Mrs. Effl^ Young spent the thne visiting her parents,! the Will Myers family, and her daughter Wilma Young. Mr. Hnrold Drury and Mr. Blgclow ! called at C. L. Isaac's Sunday. kAVE Money, Time' 'and Health with! the new Vicks Plan for ^ better Control-of-Colds.; Ottawa—Members of the Ottawa university basketball squad ycslcr-; day elected Ben-y Dillon, Kansas City, captain of the team for the 1034 ccofion. Dillon, a Junior, played forward on the team hist seacson, j Just Receired Big Shipment of New "POLLY ANN" WASH FROCKS Printed FoBgee, Plqoes, Dress Ptints, Brottdcloths, In clever new style crcaHons. Every Dress .gnarantced fa6t color— Special— 1.00 See these New Frocks in our display \^'lndow today. LEADER

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