The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 10
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LANDMARK TO GO — This massive house will be replaced by the one-story buildmg under construction at right. (HERALD Photo) Massive Old Spring Valley Home Is Giving Way to Modern Design SPRING VALLEY, Minn. — | It was the Archie Jorris resi-! signed to be built around the old The massive, gray, nine • room dence then, until Archie followed house. "I thought mother would object to seeing the family home go," Jorris said, "but she didn't at all. She knows the old must give way to the modern in homes, too." Early Closings Slated Today -,-„ - ~ -.. «w...a.. 6C »u-, Most of workaday Austin will dent, Guenther Hedderick, also liead home'early this afternoon to * i iv «»WWB • «*» o* »-j f «*•«*• • wr»*B vi^ttwv **i^*() uiikjt, f\i vill« IViMJVrCTJ house perched on top of the hill, the trail to California his father where Highway 16 curves through had blazed and his son, Loren, Spring Valley, will soon be gone, who had another house a block away, moved his family into the And in its place will be a low, mm 411 ivo £/iaxr^ WAU L™ * ivyv r •• —*r t «-—« one-story, functional building which b »8 house will carry on the half-century tradition of the Jorris family living on the curve. The old house wasn't new when P. K. Jorris moved to Spring Valley from Wykoff in the early 1900s. But P. K. liked the looks of the place and bought it. Probably 75 Years Old "I estimate the bouse is at least 75 years old," said Loren Jorris, a member of the third generation : and current resident. When P. K. took over the furniture and funeral busi- n e s s, Mirices w«r« conducted from the stores, but within a few yean, it became the vogue for funeral director* to Lorea Jorris hav* funeral homes, often their residences, for the services. "It must be 50 years ago that the funeral home was moved into the house," Jorris said. "With all those rooms, there was space to spare for the business." Loren Moved In When P. K. retired, his son, Archie, took over the funeral and furniture business. And P. K. moved out of the big house, and Archie who had a house a block away, moved into the house on the highway. Jorris figured that seven children! had lived in the house. His grand- i father had four children still at! home when he moved to Spring Valley, and Loren and his brother, Thayer, grew up in the big house. And, Loren's son, Terry, was reared there. Now a German exchange stu- lives in the big house, spending the year with the Jorrises while attending Spring Valley High School. Will Move or Wreck Sometime in the Spring, movers or house wreckers will swarm over the big house and take it away. By then, the new building which will house the funeral home and Jorris residence will be completed. The new structure is a jogged L-shape, 80 feet long and 80 feet wide along the wings. One wing houses the funeral home and chapel and the other wing has a two- bedroom apartment for the family. "It's designed so the living room of the. apartment can be joined with the chapel when more space is required and one of the bedrooms will double as a family room," Jorris explained. After years of directing funerals from the old house, Jorris decided something had to be done and the cost of remodeling was prohibitive. Yet he disliked to leave the site, so the new building was de- start the Christmas holiday. Most Austin business, city hall and the Mower County Courthouse personnel will go home at 4 p.m. while most Geo. A. Hormel & Co. employes will go off duty at noon with cleanup and other late-working gangs getting off in the early afternoon. • General closings will be in effect Christmas Day and federal offices in the city will also be off Friday by presidential proclamation. THE HERALD will not publish and the Thursday comics will appear in Friday's paper. The Post Office will deliver all parcels arriving at the Post Office Christmas Day and will resume normal schedule Friday. TO ABANDON LINE WASHINGTON (fl — The Rock Island Railroad had authority today* from the Interstate Commerce Commission to abandon a five-mile branch linking Waverly and Waverly Junction in Bremer County, Iowa. Local protests were dismissed. AS CROWD WATCHED FIRE — Ropes kept the crowd at a safe distance from the Grand Hotel fire Tuesday, but after AT EARLY STAGE — Firemen were hoisting their ladders and pulling hose up to the roof in this early fire scene. The starfish, 10 the National I LaVonne Reinortz |oen Geographic Society reports, is>TeacheS in Wyoming ting not • fish at «11 It i« • T4>K;».n_ * *! not a fish at all. It is a Echino- dermata phylum. WMIWIMW^^ "4 RE HERE TO Al Haakenson Burt Plehat this picture billowing smoke effectively pushed the spectators back. The fire ambulance can be seen standing by. Pet Dog Still Is Separated' From Owners Somewhere there is a family which lost a pet dog. , .and in a home, west of Austin, a family would like to give that family a Christmas present — their dog. But how do you find the family? That's the problem facing Mr. and Mrs. Benny Thompson, current boarders of the wandering dog, and Mr. and Mrs. .Earl Quam and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sommers, previous benefactors of the dog. The dog, about three years old, is a Weimarenner which wandered onto the Quam yard in October, the last week of the pheasant season. The dog was apparently stunned, as if he had jumped or fallen from a speeding car. There was no collar, no marks of identification, on such a valuable dog. Perhaps he had been stolen. The Quams took him in and later the Sommers kept him. He obviously was a pet, the way he settled down to living in the house. And now the Thompsons and their five children have the dog while the search for the owner continues. Advertisements have brought scores of people out to look at the dog, but they all sadly shake their heads, and say "No." Somewhere there is a family who lost their pet dog. . . Youths Conduct Candlelight Service WALTHAM, Minn. — Youth of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, conducted the candlelight service Sunday night. Those participating were Earl Behrens, leader; William Schlich- Old Testament lesson; Nor- Mr. and Mrs. Martin Reinartz is teaching home economics and physical education at A 1 b i n High i School, Albin, Wyo., following her i recent graduation from the Uni- i versity of Montana. Beckman, message; Roger Schmeling, prayers; Ruth Garbisch, organist. Duet selections were sung by Barbara Baumgartner and Sharon Olson. Choir members were Phyl -- wv .. ( -V..W** *41fc4AIWVi 9 WCi C fliyl' She graduated with a B.A. de-;iis Nelson, Nancy Meyer, Lavonne ree in home economics with min- ! Beckman, Eileen Garbisch, Mar! ors in English and education. She ; ian Schneider, Mary Persinger and a graduate pf Rose Creek High Charlotte Bakken. School. Arthur Schneider, Gary Per- At the university she was a sm ser and Tommy Buck were ush member of the Home Economics ', ers Club, Mask and Dagger Drama 1 Guild, Orchesis, Katonian yearbook Former GiftV Man staff. TnllPM TJATwto,. ctaff T iKJ . . . . \ **"7 *™«" staff, College Reporter staff, Liberal Party and 4-H Club. Ben Lageson w pi Rev. Elsie Hortmon | Announces Services BLOOMING PRAIRIE, Minn.- ,. , Held for Larceny Jimmy Johnson, 18 - year - old former Austin resident, was bound over to Mower County District Court in a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court this morning. Johnson was charged with sec*, Candlelight services will be held ,. . , , - - g:at both Community Methodist ?* .:. de & r «.^ceny for alleged Clarence Smith Bill Witte ^ Church and Lansing Methodist KI Church Christmas eve, according g ; to the Rev. Elsie Hartman, pastor. l'< Sermon theme will be "The ,;Journey to Bethlehem." Lansing ly pilfering the car.of Elmer Almon, 814 Padden, Sept. 27, 1958. He and his family resided in Austin at that time bue have moved to St. Paul since then. Judge Kenneth McMillan set bail i *| services will be held at 8 p.m. and ! at $1,000 and remanded Johnson ! Blooming Prairie at 10 p.m. | to the custody of the sheriff. ' Watch night party and services' __i will be held at the Lansing church! Pilotf Entertain x| starting at 8:30 p.m. New Years'%A/J . «v g'Eve, with services at 11 p.m. vTIVei Or Uinner 5 Members of the Austin Pilots $ MOWer COUnty Picks ; club and their wivea he W a dinner meeting Saturday at Nelson's Hos- Met Siegfried | Up Check Writers MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Sheriff's deputies left this morn- Jng for Osceola, Iowa, to pick up |two suspects who allegedly wrote pitality Room. Roger Svejkovsky, president, welcomed the guests and following the turkey dinner, Glen" Hov ' iwo suspects wno allegedly wrote ° ««~-vj »»»».>, v«ici— »»«>• 'close to $200 of no-account checks j land and Robe rt Erw »n showed |;in the Austin area. movies. Ken Laufle Bill Strifert Ray Hewitt Held for Mower County authori- A ,, _, ties are Ernest Gene Iverson, 22, AN THot Work TOr SB: J'nartz, requested apprehension of 0"ly on Empty Cqn RACINE, Wis. The thief Bill Dalquist , . — * the two in a radiogram to Iowa who smashed a display window at ^authorities. the Sanitary Meat Market got a 4 i Deputies also left for Rock Rap- ; hollow victory. J ids, Iowa, to return a suspect,) Missing was a container of can- X Paul Peters, for writing $150 -$200 j ned ham, but the proprietor told 2 i of no-account checks in the latter j police the missing can, like the * part of November in the Austin ! others in the window, was era- a area. ! ntv Our entire staff joins us in wishing all of you a Joyful Christmas and Happy Holiday! HBmlott 9*891 j AUSTIN STATE BANK "Tbfiioidfy bank" :pty. Austin Electric Service, Inc. Electrical fir T.V. Service Highway 211 South Will Be Closed DEC. 25th t|c 26th For Emergency Service Call ^ HE 7*2116 Rott Crtak 4-H'tri Enttftain at Party ROSE CRfiSK, Minn. - BuBi- essmen and parents wefft guests f th« Rose Greek Mountain Clitfib* n 4>H Club it their Christmas DofitW tntttlUnf welcomed the iieitt Mid MM. Olenft Hunst re*. coded for the parent*, Kick De- een.and Stanley Ulven for the uslnessmen and Supt. H. S. May or the school. Awards in talent and frowning made and demonstrations were given by Pfttty McCIosky, Helen Bdliantyne and Janet KU- got« In the business meeting. Ren 9e«Kh, 4-tt ctub agent, showed the film "tti« 4-M story," ind Maty Reagan played accordion selection!/Oifta were exchanged. Kidney dlaease it atid to be the fourth ranking killer disease in the United States. 1H AUSTIN (Minn.) HEftAlD IV Wedntsdoy, Dee. 24, '58 Children to Sing Ov«r Radio Kaus win carry 1 25-minutt pr»gram by the «0-volee Monteheart Children'! choir Chriitmat Day. The youngsters from the City of Children of the Moose will sing Christmas carols and hymn*, vwt the Mutual network with the local program to begin at 11:28 a.m. HALF PRICE Sunk EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28th Half Price On Fanoai Nam Deodorant ELECTRIC RAZORS Rtg. $11.95 Value for "ETIQUET" Reg. ffc Vduf On Sato At A miracle clMnttr H<«' help* «cnt. CtlAt hvlpt y*u ••! rM •( tl*tgi«fl topvriltoi Hi* •flu MU 4 M. id* ... 11.00 (M In). DUBARRY CLOUD SILK Pearled Powder and Royal Velvet Regular $5.50 Value Now for N0WMI Discovery for Dry and Aging SkM DUBARRY 7 "DJUM Polyvmatorat. C R0«vlarly 3.JO Now Only 200 A tiper-ricB «Moni«»t fortified with *• <beper, queker ! See • thrift- iit| different*- mem softiMM !• dry ikii, tiny HBM •noothed, a fresher, fimMC look. Yoa MTC 11.00 on Um •-before special .ffcc. once-o-yeof PRICK SALB «nH( p*r MIIIN of Mt tonne***, K k***4 row ikta hiHy wfl oiid l*v*lylooliliif... tf*y •ftaf tfvrl Y*« ••! »t>« $1 ito* f*f mly >' rfwlnfl Mid prta Ml*1 TOY PRICES UP TO 50% • Gilbert Chemistry Sets e Microscope Sets • Satellite Launchers • Roy Rogers Dinner Sets • Doll Play Pens • Mickey Mouse Tap-a-Tune Big Assortment Guns A Gun Sets SPECIAL WHITE RAIN RUB IN SHAMPOO Regular OA* $1.20 Value 096 ASPIRIN TWINS None Better at Any Price McKesson Aspirin "Twins" 100 Tablet* Per Bottle Reg. Price 54e Each 2 FOR 54 ( TUSSY Wind & Weather Lotion • Soothes • Softens • Moisturiies 6-Oi. Reg. $1.00 Value for only 50c 12-Oz. Reg. $2.00 Value now only . .$1.00 HAND CREAM Reg. 8 oz. $2 Vol. for $1 TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE SALE Costume Jewelry Large Selection 2 TUBES One Price Kolynos Tooth Paste 69c Twe Giant Tube* YOUR MONEY BACK With Each Tube of TOOTH PASTE Moll In k«tk end fUpt from c«M<oft with bkio >li». Offer Expires Dec. 31, '59 YOU WILL LIKE STRIPE JACKIE GLEASON t«ye; "I'LL BUY YOU A [TUBE OF STRIPE TOOTH PASTE" Large Size Giant Size Economy Size <HT OITAILS HKftl Camera Fans! Here's What You've Waited For TREMENDOUS SELECTION OF in MOVIE CAMERAS & 3Snn SLIDE CAMERAS OUTSTANDING VALUES At Amumgly Low Price* - ft* Sure To Set These "Suy»." Some Photo Film •t H Price - Outdated But Still dated in 1958. FLASH BULB SPECIAL AUSTIN DRUG 5t. Paul tt Water St. • Austin, Minn. Open Seven Days « Week Till 10 P.M. Ph. HE 3-2105

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