Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 28, 1974 · Page 4
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 4

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 4
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Page 4A NEWS-HERALD, Panama City. Kla., Friday, <Umc 28, 1974 NEWS-HERALD w w Si .'X MS 8 V." ft v.* «< SB m W, STH ST................................. W .............703.1»2I Panama City, Florida A Florida Freedom Newspaper This newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when man is free to control himself and all he produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities. | We believe that freedom is a gift from God and not a I political grant from government. Freedom is neither license i|| nor anarchy. It is self control. No more. No less. It must •:| be consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral p! guides as, the Coveting Commandment, the Golden Rule $j and the Declaration of Independence. Little League Girls Trustees of the Little League Baseball handled the "chauvinist" problem in an enlightened way. At issue was whether teams could let girls play along with the boys. The action of the top board was to leave the answer up to the leagues. That amounts to local option. The decision is in accord with the proposition that the folks closest to the problem are in the. best position to solve it. In the case of Little League, the chances are that the problem was much smaller than supposed. Sure girls sometimes like to play baseball and on occasion the game becomes a fad. Over the long haul, however, experience has been that girls are not inclined to playing baseball on a regular schedule. For >one thing they seem to like to jump and yell from the side lines. For another, at the Little League age, they tend to have their own activities — like kittens and dolls, learning to sew, and making fudge. On the whole it is reasonable to expect that girls will continue to be girls, in behavior as well as otherwise. You may see a number on Little League teams at first, but the chances are things will drift back to where they were before the board's decision came itown. When folks are able to do what they wish, they sometimes are not so eager to do it. So where's the problem? Ray How our oil tax policy exports jobs By Ray Cromley WASHINGTON (NBA) An incredibly stupid tax policy over the last decade ha cost us dearly in jobs exported, in lost purchasing power aw in vulnerability to foreign economic boycotts. Despite heated congressional debate, the policy continuity As Is well known, the oil-rich nations label as "taxes" much of what they charge U.S. companies for oil. These pay* ments therefore are not treated merely as deductions on cor* porate income, but "dollar-for-dollar Income tax payments They are so credited by the Internal Revenue Service against what these corporations would otherwise owe thfe U.S. government. Since these payments quite frequently are greater than ah oil company's local profits after depletion and other allowances, the large American concerns typically pay Ati tax at all on their foreign operations, according to research by a team working at the Brookings Institution. The com 4 panies usually end up with excess tax credits. ' t Over the years, U.S. petroleum firms have accumulatid ge amounts of such "vouchers." They are currently bUUdj ing'up at a steep rate because of the enormous jump in the PR LAWRENCE E. LAMB Fad diet isn't sound Funny How They Talk By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - Recently I read an article on the cider vinegar, lecithin, kelp, B-6 diet as a natural way to beauty. The diet consisted of 1,000 calories a day, lecithin granules sprinkled over raw wheat germ or in orange juice or' milk once a day, a Some folks say the Watergate transcripts prove the President was guilty. Some say they prove he was innocent. Most note that they indicate he cusses a lot. One of the things that hit us was the scarcity of complete sentences in oralcommunications. Maybe the tapes will not contribute a great deal to history, but they surely show screenwriters how to compose true-life dialogue. Consumers Ask Your 1 Horoscope By Jeane Dixon QUESTION: lam shopping for a new clothes dryer. Which is more economical gas or electric? ANSWER: You should consider these three factors in determining which dryer would be more economical — the price of the appliance, the cost of installation, and the operating cost. Gas dryers usually cost slightly more to buy than electric dryers. However, installation costs vary, depending on the present wiring or gas lines in your home. The operating cost will depend upon your local utility rates. General • Services Administration estimates drying an average load of clothes takes about 3.4 kilowatt-hours of electricity or about 14 cubic feet of natural gas. Fuel rates differ across the state. To determine your operating cost, find out from your local utility companies the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour and the gas cost per cubic foot. You can obtain the cost of drying an average load, for an electric dryer by multiplying the cost per kilowatt-hour by 3.4; for gas by multiplying the cost per cubic foot by 14 and then add 0.4 cents for the electricity used to operate the motor, lights, and controls. QUESTION: I get intimidated by the buying cantaloupes the stem should be missing leaving a soft shallow base. This indicates that the fruit was mature enough at picking to separate easily from the stem. Other signs of maturity is the skin color (ground color) which should be yellowish-buff, yellowish-gray or pale yellow as well as slight softening of blossom end. Acceptability of the melon to the consumer is generally related to the aroma since the persons' smell and taste are inseparable. Although, according to Professor Halsey, smell is not necessarily an indication of a good sweet flavor (sugar content) which we desire in a melon. Contrary to most people's belief, the netting (webb-look, out-side covering) and shape of the melon have little to do with quality. They relate more to the variety. The main advantage offered by the netting is protection during handling and shipping. Your main concern in choosing a quality melon is to avoid those that have soft spots, bruises and other blemishes since this could indicate spoilage on the inside. QUESTION: While cucumbers are in season, I have a chance to pick all I need from a local farmer's garden at quite a prospects of picking out a saving. Is it necessary to good cantaloupe. Is there process pickles in a any sure way to tell a good water-bath canner? one? ANSWER: According to ANSWER: Short of cut- the Florida Cooperative ting the melon there is no Extension Food real formula for checking Specialist, here in Florida the edible quality—flavor where the climate is often and inside texture that warm and humid, it is par- would help you in ticuiarly important to on-the-spot selection of a process pickles in the melon says Professor L.H. water-bath canner. The Halsey, Department of heat treatment used in Vegetable Crops, Univer- this method of processing Represented In the general sity of Florida. However, destroys certain ^f^W -WiHJ 1 **}; ,jt is necessary to under-organisms that cause ThtdAv^^ stand signs of maturity undesirable changes in 10017! BranV ? " !? ^ an$ ripeness. When texture;'flavor, and color, cipal cities. Remember, pickling as well as other forms of food processing, is an art and a science. The ingredients should be measured and directions carefully followed if you wish your home processed foods to compare in quality to those commercially processed. For more details on modern pickling procedures and new recipes, you may wish to obtain "Pickling Florida Fruits and Vegetables" (75 cents) from Rm. 3014C McCarty Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl. 32611. For further information which will help you with your consumer problems, write to "Consumer Information", Extension Home Economics, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl. 32611, or contact your local County Extension Home Economics Agent, Eliza Jackson, 301 McKenzie Ave., Panama City, H 32401, phone: 763-54561 1 Bible Verse Let every person be subject toi the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 1 ,3 :1. I Netro-Herald | Published Daily and Sunday by Florida Freedom New- spappers Inc. Second Class Postage Paid at Panama City, Florida: P.O. Box 1940, ZIP Code 32401. Direct successor to the Panama City News. Member Audit Bureau of Circulation. ) * SUBSCRIPTION RATES BY CARRIER: Daily And Sunday, 1 year 39.00, 6 Mos. 19.50i 3 ^AIL M0S * 3 ' 2S Dpiiy &'siihday, \ Year 48.00 6Mos;, 24.00, 3 Mos; 12.00, } Mbs. 4.00, Daily Only, 1 Year; 32.4pl 6 Mos. 16.20, 3 Mos. 8.10, i Mb, 2.70, Siihday Only 1 Year, 23>40 ; 6 Mos, 11.70,3 Mb>!,5;85 FRIDAY, JUNE 28 Your birthday today: Brings on a definite departure from things as they were in most departments of your daily life. The new habits you adopt now take hold swiftly, so make sure that they're healthy, apt to produce benefits. Relationships take on zip, go forward or break off as you wish. Today's natives concentrate on home life, the local scene, and personal independence. Aries I March 2l -April 19|: Wind up your work week as neatly as you can. Spend no time on future plans. An adventurous weekend is coming up before you can get into next week, anyhow. Taurus f April 20 -May 20): Life in general eases up a little—survey your home and local base of operation, make minor improvements. Important people prove productive contacts. Gemini I May 21 -June 20 1: You're judged on how well and consistently you tie up loose ends, blend old and new today. Gather good friends for a lively evening. Cancer I June 21 -July 22): Creative enterprises offer openings for promotion, increased public notice. Present the needs and merits of younger people. Experience today tends to be intense. Leo I July 23-Aug. 22): Those wh6 help you may not want special notice for their own reason s—no name dropping! Family activity is up, takes more of your time and energy. Virgo I Aug. 23-Sept. 221: Back off a little, so to speak —see the whole forest rather than nearby twigs. There's more to be gained than just perspective. Seek life's beauty. Libra I Sept. 23-Oct. 221: Bring your experience into balance today, touching all bases. Budgets, accounts de. serve careful study. Demand recognition for good work well done. Scorpio [Oct. 23-Nov. 211: Make the most of a quiet day to polish off chores you've been neglecting. You are nearing peak of a personal energy cycle, should prepare an interesting weekend. Sagittarius I Nov. 22-Dec. 211: Financial arrangements are easier made if you keep them confidential. Retire outstanding obligations before launching any new spending action. Capricorn | Dec. 22-Jan. 191: Social contacts include people who may be open to suggestion on business or career matters. Exert yourself to clarify family issues toward full agreement. Aquarius I Jan. 20-Feb. 181: Later hours are better for completing -negotiations. Selection of people for the weekend makes a big difference—if you have a choice, that is. Your attitude may be more important. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 201: Select the hardest chores, mental tasks, get them done early, then breeze through a day of closing out unfinished business. Celebrate tonight. teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water after each meal, five or six kelp tablets with the cider vinegar, B complex vitamin every day and vitamin B-6 (50 milligrams) each day. I would like for you to comment on this diet and its soundness. I'm 45, weigh 110 r unds and am five-feet-one. want to lose five pounds, and the diet is designed to take off excess fat if a slow metabolism is apparent. I'm in good health and have a complete yearly checkup. DEAR READER - As I have said before, I do not approve of any adult eating less than 1200 calories a day except under a doctor's supervision. Any fewer calories than this will result in deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. I think it is a good idea to take vitamins with deficient diets, but in most cases a deficient diet is a bad idea to start with. This diet will probably cause a lot of people to lose weight, because it contains only 1,000 calories a day. Not only will you lose weight, but if you don t eat the right foods in that 1,000 calories to get the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals you will also lose your health. In other words, you may lose more than just pounds, price paid for oil. - i One can argue whether this considerable tax break is good or bad. What is destructive to the interests of the American consumer is not the tax break itself (which may help to keep 1 oil prices down) but these excess tax credits which, by law; cannot be used in the United States. This wrinkle in the law penalizes these firms if they do not use their foreign profits to make further investments abroad, rather than in the United States. For if they invest abroad, and only if they do so, these tak credits, liberally Used, can insure that these new foreign investments in turn can be made virtually free from U.S. taxes. These provisions of U.S. law seem calculated, the Brook* ings men say, to inspire investment in Caribbean refineries and in tankers registered in Liberia, Honduras and Panama - rather than investments to increase this country 's domestic output of energy. It is a clear subsidy of foreign in» vestment at the expense of the U.S. economy. Moveover, this policy encourages the growth of large, vertically integrated multinational companies in conflict with our antitrust objectives. 1 It is customary to blame the oil companies for this mess; but it was Congress which voted the taws. • If the rules were changed so that these foreign taxes would be credited as excise tax payments, that is, as normal deductions on income rather than aS income tax payments, it would mean but a small increase in yearly U.S. government collections. Estimates run from $100 million to $200 million overall. But this one move would eliminate most excess foreign tax credits and reduce the pressure to use profits for tax-free investment abroad. COMMUNITY CALENDAR in prirt- BERRY'S WORLD © 1974 by NEA, Inc. "You SET I'mhoppl'ngrhadl Mhbri inflation begins M affect the well-to-do, it 's tlfni^something was DONE mut ill" FRIDAY 9:30 a.m.—TOPS, Fla. Chap. 76, Bob George Park. 9:30 a.m.—Cove Duplicate Bridge Club, 110 S. Palo Alto Ave. 10 a.m.—Funjinkai, Parkway Presbyterian Church. Noon—Shrine Club, Harbour House Restaurant. 7 p.m.—Arthriti.s League, Frank Nelson Clubhouse. 7 p.m.—Organized Fishermen of Florida, Panhandle Chap., First Federal Eastside Branch. 7 p.m.—Miracle Strip Chap. 118, DAV, Panama City Beach Civic Center. 7:30 p.m.—Scottish Rite Masonic Body, Acme Lodge. 8 p.m.—Alcoholics Anonymous, Trinity Methodist Church. 8 p.m.—Alcoholics Anonymous, Gulf Beach Presbyterian Church. 8 p.m.—Swinging Squarees Square Dance Club, Boys Club. 8 p.m.—Navy Officer Wives Game Night, Breezeway, Navy Base. SUNDAY 4 n m —Alcoholics Anonymous, St. Bernadette ore man IUSI uounus. * p.m. rtn-uinjiiv -o ™« j » There is absolutely nothing Catholic Church, Panama City Beach, in the cider and water SSfWKtSiiSgjfcfe The Press and the Presidency may help fill your stomach "Not hounds chasing the hare' Water has a tendency to pass right through the stomach and doesn 't help to give you a feeling of fullness very long. The sprinkling of lecithin is nothing. Lecithin, as I have mentioned many times before, is just another fat. Basically it is a compound of fatty acids, one of which has some phosphorous connected to choline. The choline is found in abundance in your meats. Most real low-calorie diets contain some meat and hence plenty of choline. So, the sprinkling of a special fat on your food isn 't going to do a thing for you. Such ideas usually spring from a complete lack of understanding of how the body digests and uses foods. Lecithin is digested in the stomach and intestine and not absorbed as lecithin into the body. The lecithin in your blood-stream is manufactured in the liver from choline', fatty acids from your regular food. You can swallow lecithin until you E op and it won 't change this asic fact. The kelp is just one more folklore-type addition of so- called magic. It won 't help you either unless you have an iodine deficiency. It is an iodine-containing sea weed. Remember always that the f ;oal of a successful diet is to ose fat - not pounds or heeded body tissues, and to do so Without harming the body. The last part .of this rule is usually Ignored in fad diets; In §Ummary, 1 can 't recommend the' cider water .diet as a sound, healthy practice. , Send, yoilr questions to Dr. 4aM In oi(0 of mis rtewspaberi ftO. fipx.fSSlj BffloCiti Station, Atfijr Wifi, N.Y. look For a copy (Editor's Note: Richard C. Wald, vice president of NCB news, recently circulated a memo among his news executive — not the reportorlal staff - which warned that coverage of President Nixon's impeachment difficulties will provide a severe test of news judgment and balance. The memo, reprinted below, originally appeared in Variety.) We are about to embark on the most important story this division has ever covered. It may be the most important story of the century. Before us there stretches the certainty of a redistribution of presidential power, no matter what the outcome of the process that begins with the deliberations of the Judiciary Committee. The Imperial Presidency is over, for a time at least. No president has given up so much, so visibly, ever. And no period of our history has ever involved so many of us in the fabric of how we are governed. It is the biggest event of our times and we were drawn into news because we wanted to deal with history, with events greater than ourselves, with the issues and the men that are important. But therein lies a problem that worries me. We tend at times like this to get manic, to fall into that form of excitement that sustains us in the small hours of an election morn* ing and makes the problems seem worthwhile. The deadline pressure and the story carry us along, unthinking, on a crest of activity. I do not want us to become part of the story. We are not hounds chasing the hare. The excitement is in the event; hbt in us. What begins in journalistic energy must not end in predicting, or reaching or guessing. This is an awful time, and I mean that it should fill us with awe. A great, wheeling tragedy is being played out before us and I do not want to anticipate its movements. I want to re- K ort each day as it happens, record each significant moment) ut I do not want to push it along. There is no specific remedy I can give you. There is no set of rules handy for com tingencies such as this. Just be aware of the problems, be; aware of your own tendencies. There is no glee in this. It will bring good to none. . And if we do not get caught up in the moment, history will hold us better. FUNffl BUSihESS HoWcojAt ^duptn:. velgl II a* m It KSORem f QBrAND W

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