The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 8
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 8

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 8
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CHRISTMAS NOTES Guests it the bonne of Mr. and Mrs, Clifford Moaahan, 170S Sun Vtltey, will be Mr. and Mrs. J. X. MoMh«», Austin Rt. S; Mf. and Quests at the home of Mr. and Mrs, A. Q. Sodergren, 308 Division, will be Mr. and Mrs. Vern s. Monanan, Austin tit, s; Mf. and ., • .... , . ' • Mrs. R. L. Monahan, Mlnneapo- Wfrgwn and Patricia, St. Paul; u.. »». .^i it.. *. t *»- «... Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walterman. , Mr. and Mrs. S, 3. Monahan and family, Everly, Iowa. « AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD 'i W«dn«doy, Dtft. 54, '58 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walterrhan, DatW and Richard, Dexter; Mrs. Burdine Colby, James and Annette, De's Moines; Mrs, Maytne Sheldon, Austin. 323 N. Main - AUSTIN -x- IN ANY LANGUAGE F Venta 'Kiarusitas r erkauf'Verkoop I'Vendita" SCOOP I GIRLS'COATS Solid* - Tweed* « Fleece* Asrt. Colon Slit* 7-14 Reg. $17.00 One of o Kind BANLON CARDIGAN SWEATERS A**'t. Color* ^«%QQ Siie* 34-40 3 £OO Rea. $5 .J Value ** EAM.Y BIRD Special Ladies' Skirls Imported Italian Tweed* $099 Menswear, fiollo Sises 22.30 lea $4 Value LIMITED QUANTITY GIRLS' PAJAMAS Sixes 3-6* 7-14 Reg. $2 Value (157 LADIES' soo%wooil COATS Reg. $25.00 Value) • FLEECES • PILE LINED • MARTINIQUE • SIZES 10-18 • -• • ? Here's Real Savingsl HBJMRi LADIES' SLIPS 2 for $3.00 limited Quantity Sim 32-40 Come Earlyl LADIES' PAJAMAS Cotton Asst. Colors Re*. $3.00 PONT MISS THISI LAWK' DRESSES SJxti 7*19 * 10*11 Week, + mt\n ****"*'' $499 ImwiCaee *IL" I*. II™ «f LADIES' FINERY HOSIERY PR. LADIES' DUSTERS Nylon and .t«%n Rayon Quilt a J J SUM U-JI ^A R*a. |5 Volu« W IIMITEO QUANnTY penww^ • ^ —f* ^ lAOJII' BLOUSES •§•• ii v«i u , Christmas Eve dinner guests at the Ormanio Peterson home, near Blooming Prairie, will be Mf. and Mf. and Mrs, George Diiga'n.-Dannewitz, Spencer, fow«; Mr*, das and Joanne, Leland Mayland, 801 S. Franklin, Will have as George Larson and children, Cyl- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Helland guests Christmas Ew, Mrs. Mar-Under, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Peter j? nd . fflmily - Mr - * nd Mf *' tha Heimsness, Mr. and Mr«. Wil- Peterson and. children, Esther- Sa ™ er8 , . . bur Heimsness and f«mily, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knobte, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bttttwigns and Richard, Austin, Mr. and Mrt. James , ville, Iowa. Mrs. Larson and children will remain a tew days. Mrs. Anna White, 502 S. Main, \* * ~— i« r *i nuBwn, wr. ana Mrs. James »>«»• n»»«t wmw, ou< a. main, Mrs. Lawwncft Christiansen and [Smith, Judy Kelly, Jean and Sal- left t(x)a y ^ Wellsburg, Iowa, to family, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Mines |ly, rort Dodge, Iowa. Christmas j sP«"d the holidays with relatives, and sons, Mr. and Mrs. MarlonJDajr guests at the Cugan home! Peterson and family, Mr. and Mrs.! will be Mr. and Mrs Theodore' Guests Christmas Day at the - «•— •"<•••• *.».»«..Arnold Christiansen and family, ' Bachman and Karen M : nneaoo' home ot Mr> and Mrs - Wilfred' Une, 405 N. Third, are spending Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Trom and list Mr. and Mrs Warren Lade King and famil y> Adams, will be tllc holidays with their son-in-law A—^»11i_ « »_ - _. .* *tt —i. . _ , - . ' »O«»»*1 JJOUC, ••__ * ».__ «•» Ji»_«. • . , A. AMJ! «lM»*MViA« \ltmt LuJ **—^ +-t_* . I A ; Mr ' and Mrs. Grant Helland and daughters, Circle Pmes, Minn.; Mayland H«n«tnd, Milwaukee. Mr. and Mfs. Russell Bellrichard and sons will arrive from Milwaukee, Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. 0., S". Tramon- family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson and Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Peterson and family, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Hiram Peterson and Donald Jensen. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jones and Robert, 213 Garfield, will entertain during the Christmas holiday Mr. and Mrs. Lellen Jones, Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Larson, Mrs. Marion Josephson and Terry, Miss,Karen Comeau ind I,anny Krachmer, Austin. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lawrenz, 906 McKinley, are spending the Holidays with their son, the Rev. R. H. Lawrenz and family, Mason City, 111. Lt. and Mrs. Lloyd Jan and fnm- ly ,bave arrived from Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, to ^pend the holidays with their par- mts, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jan, .07 S. Chatham, and Mr. and Mrs. -. 0. Hanson, Austin Rt. 1. They then leave for Fort Lee, y a . Robbinsdale; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dugan, Marcia and Russell, Olivia; Mf. and Mrs. Leonard Dugan and Mary Jo, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dugan, Austin. Mrs. Katherine Waters, 1411 Locust, Will entertain Mf . and Mrs. Ray Waters, ' Austin; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Plantz and son, Kasson; Mrs. Rose Haehm and daughter, Davenport, Iowa. Col. Donald Davison; Chicago, will arrive today to spend Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Albert Cotter, 205 N. First. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Hueman, Kathy and Karen, 2007 McKinley, on Christmas Eve will be Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ross, Georgia and Terry and Mrs. Anna Hueman, Taopi. Christmas Day guests of Mr, and Mrs. Glenn Schoonmaker ancl daughters, Highway 218 South, Mrs. Lena King, Caledonia; Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Eisterhold, James and Mark, Adams; Mr, and Mrs. Herman King, Rochester. and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Abrahamson and family, Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ormsby, Craig and Kent, South Bend, Ind., Guests on Christmas Day at the are guests of his grandparents, James Hueman home, 2007 Me-! Mr. and Mrs. Hurt Dibble, 805 Klnley, will be Mrs. Ethel Brings- Jord, Miss. Edna Flamming, Mr and Mrs. Alfred Mudra, Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mudra and Park, and will attend the golden wedding anniversary of the Dibbles, Dec. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dnane and Tony, London. . Mary Kay and Mrs. Katherine Ly- Mrs. Teresa Wiseman and Mr.' nde will be dinner guests of Mfss and Mrs. Earle Vaughan will be j Marjorie Bell at King's Wood Ho- guests Christmas Eve of Mr. and j tel, Christmas Day. Mrs. Robert Wiseman, Valley) Road, Cresthaven. | Mr. and Mrs. W, B. Ormsby, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lohman will entertain on Christmas Day, Garland, Texas, are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burt Dibble, 805 Park, who will celebrate Mrs. Margaret Lohman, Mrs. Dai- j their 50th wedding anniversary Sun sy Edwin, the Earle Vaughans " and the Robert Wisemans and son. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Helland, 810 N. Second, will entertain at dinner Christmas Eve, Mr. and day, Christmas dinner guests at the John Heimer Sr. home, Adams, will include John Heimer Jr., Minneapolis; Miss Mary Heimer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Felvy and chil mer and children; Mr. and Mrs., Mr. ami Mrs. Phillip Lembriefc, John Fran* «nd Debra, St. Paul: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heimer and amity, Adams; Miss Sharon Heimer, Rochester. ,' Guests of Mr, ftftd M/S. H. fi. Rasmussen, MftLijUtal, cm Christmas five will b* Mr. and Mrs. Dunne A. Rasmulsen and family, Mrs. Mabel McCue, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Daane and Mary Kay, Mrs. Katherine Lynde, Miss Marjorie Bell, Miss May Thompson, Miss Louise Thompson, Mrs, Marguerite Caufield, Austin; Mrs. Reuben Larson, LaCrosse, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Anderson, 1011 W. Allegheney, will have the following guests at dinner Christmas , Eve, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ScBrafel, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schrafel, David and Ronald, Dr. and Mrs. C. E, Schrafel, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jensen and Debra, Clerks Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Teasar, Joseph and Kay, Detroit Lakes, Minn., were dinner guests Thursday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Scott, Adams, the Teasars are visiting in their parents' homes during the holidays. Mrs. Annie Olson, 901 N. First, is spending the holidays with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Thiel Knoertzer, Hopkins. Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Minneapolis, is spending the holidays with her mother and sister, Mrs. Clara Luskow and Alice, 600 Freeborn. 807 Bauman, will entertain Mr. and Mrs. Earle Williams, Minneapolis, Mrs. 0. L. Gravlln end Lyle, at Christmas dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Bitsil Bierce, 1410 Hope, will spend Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. William Sorenson, Owatonna, the William Riemerman family, 707 N. Second, will spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Finch, Minneapolis. Mrs. Dorothy Kough, 1007 Grove, will entertain Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Beckel, Mr. and, Mrs. Kenneth Miland and family, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Beckel and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lundy and family, Estherville, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jarvis and family, Austin, and Miss Jeanette Jarvis, Albert Lea, will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guilbert W. Jarvis, 700 Locust, ; Guests at-the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jirele Jr., 702 Harmon, will include Mr. and Mrs. Edward W, Jirele and Orris, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Jirele, Mrs. Agnes JJrele, Mrs. Agnes Wennes and Howard, Mrs. Hilda Burreson. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joyce and sons, 318 E. Water, will spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. George Becker, Rpseville, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Hayek are spending Christmas with relatives in Pennington, Minn. Mr. «ftd Mrs. Daniel Austin Rt. 1, will entertain Christ* mas Eve, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kit* tleaon, Miss Mary Johnson, fit. Ahsgar; Kenneth Smith, Mr. *nd Mrs, Merrviile Jensen, Mr, *nd JAtii Donald Ivenson and children, Austin. On Christmas Day, the Merrvll- le Jensens, 1715 Collins, wilt «n. tertoln 33 relatives and friends. Guests at the home of Mr. *<id Mrs. Charles Larson and family, 1205 Padden, will be Mr. and Mrs. Verne Van and James, Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Larson, Austin; Clarence Van and Ole Van, Charles City, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rassch and Bonnie, 1607 Sun Valley, will entertain, Ronald Raasch, Mr. and Mrs. John Frost and family, St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. James Verchota, Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Ver« chota, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ed' wards and family, Mr. and Mn. William Sherman and son, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baudler, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Eblen and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Eblen and family, Charles Johnson, Gens Westphal, Austin. Austin guests Christmas Day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Thompson, Racine, will include Mr.and Mrs. S. C. Haase, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Farnswortli, Mr. and Mrs. John Beckel, Susan Jane and Debra, also Miss Karen Haase, St. Paul. HOUSE CLEANING 8:00 a. m. FRIDAY DEC. 26lh OPEN 13 HOURS First Day (FRIDAY) 8 a. m. lo 9 P. m. . • ~~~^^—- ~*v™**vMwr?iififi.-ft><ififvftt.-\-*f,.9vt>; Bi^vMEnwawJcy »wJ«»ww»t»tK-Miw]pffii»>r.WV^r.-* iWw :^. ; .Va»i Starting at 8 a. m. Friday, December 26th-Open Until 9 p. m BREAKFAST LUNCH SUPPER! OPEN 8 A. M. 9P.M. FRIDAY _____ ___ We must make room for new and exciting Spring Merchandise arriving Soon! One of the largest stocks of fine quality shoes in Southern Minnesota will be on sale racks at >•; LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW PRICES! AU Shoes from the Austin Boolery's Own Slock! All First Quality! No Distress Merchandise! All First Quality! LADIES' KICKERINO SNO-BOOTS Reg. $12.95 $|Q99 Others Reg. $10.95 - $7.99 Th M«n'« . Women's . Children's SLIPPERS SPECIAL GBOUP Women's Air Step — Paradise Kittens — Life Strides High - Medium Low Heels $399$13.95These will go fast Am RED WING Work Oxford-6-Inch Shoe • Seamless Back e Cork Sole • Steel Shank ' • Sweatproof Insole Beg. $9.95 — ~ ^^ ^—~ ~~ ' ^^^»— • • -^^-^^-^•F-^^'-^«^^^^»»^^g» Men's Dress Oxfords Val. to $17.95 $5.99 While 126 pr. Last Sizes 5 to 12 PAIR FOR (Not oil ii<e* in every poHern) MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS Values to $14.95 Shoes byi • Roblee • Pedwin Men's Nunn Bush (Anue Fashioned OKiords) Nationally Advertised, Sale Prices No Refunds No Exchanges All Sales Final 404 N. Moin Tht Store With The Interest In Your Feet * No Refunds * No Exchanges * AU Sales Final

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