The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 26, 1976 · Page 1
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 1

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1976
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Fergus tills (Mi.) Igirai! Sat., June 26,1976 2 »i.on J, COUNTY COURT PROIATEDWlilON NOTICE OF JNFORMAL APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL RCPREIEftT- ATlVEAHDNOIICETOCREtHTOtS m Br Evittr o* jut Biorn. DKHIM 10 ALL isr CREDITORS. f rn Pi,D'-£i'or. Jur<H. COUkrY COURT PROBATE DIVISION NOTICE OF INFORMAL APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL BFPBESENTATIVE ANOSOtlCE TO CREDITORS n Re fi'i F*!r$. A/S SiSJJ, ai ptr aiivF cl "he eVi' aro tn* periM-a' tfipOAtreo W fu I/ t':tf X >ivj*nce of n:i Off. mie re r. it, <,ee or o'f.e* .rvereneo ffrrwr. "I/ ee «-jiv« 10 appc n-.«-i ai per rtf reuT.'ahteor T.J^OC.KI 'or.* -V3 I"* peiiWi' rKTK*-IS' .S CREDITORS i-av'ng tl* -ni i?a Til ' t PjW:tji:or Jir* IS, 1*7*1 COUNTY COUDT PflOtATEDIVJSION V rs> t A Ei.ii C- tl ( C -r-.-, iif*r. K ti 1 van Mother ties iiLabertN Insurance safes plan lauded The Heritage Preservation Commission meets at<:30 p.m. Monday, June 28, at the Otter Tai| County Museum. The Fergus Falls Human Rights Commission meets at 7 . ..... p.m. Monday, June a in the W IIIllvf] college center conference room ""»••• at Fergus Falls Community College. Mrs. John (Esther) Hubert ot Lambert*] died Friday at the Lambertpn Rest Home. Among the survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Zane Tassier of Fergus Falls. Also surviving are daughters Mrs. Winthrop (Virginia) Bryan, NorthfieM; Mrs. James (Phyllis) Behrens, Slayton; and son Sherman, at home. Services ByJOHNOJNNffF NEW YORK (AP) - At a already are being sold whose ' tace value — the rate paid to beneficiaries — is governed "Our eiperientt! tells us that in the long run the returns on common stock will be greater time when many Americans partly by how well the stock than on bonds and mortgages," have become disillusioned with market performs, says Harry Walker, president the stock market, that most conservative of all industries, life insurance, is getting excited about it. Following a relaxation of regulatory restrictions, policies In return, the insurers beneficiaries ar« guaranteed a minimum of $100,000, and possibly more* although at this time stock market investors t how Note the phrase "by how of an Equitable Life'Assurance have questions about j well." It doesn't matter if in subsidiary that is the first to much more the meantime the market collapses, because the traditional feature of a fixed return — the face value — is guaranteed. write siyh insurance. In Walker's opinion, the Equitable Variable Life Insurance Co. should be able to obtain a return 2 to 3 per cent better than that earned by the tradi- NOTICE OF 1KFORUAL APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOT ICE TO CREDITORS ir. Re Ei'a'e ol Jcrn Aoopn Wsor., EH^ecsM TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS A>,D . . FRAZEEV£RCASPUBL1CJCHOOLS fBAIEE, MINNESOTA • IDHOTICE' Sealed eos *•-! «fK«.v« »i tr*e'(« cl i.M wptrirlefWml of ichw'.s. Frn«. W .v*io4* SiS*4. W or bdWf 7 X P M AvgvW t, U'». fW IH IO-te*"ng grctp ->yjii-x.t<X>ttr4>jt*tQr rre eT.ployeti C1 incep«M*r.i School D.nrkl so. Z3, - HVJ irsrnxrkiis fer 'drf-*J bf to !•* KMxHi or eel xv) 111 - q /M Til nyor--nai appo niT.eni o c s V O(*i'^. ** *O3'ni Hv )1) S P«k. Sl.'Mt. Fwg-.s Fa'ls. MN. ai p*f$or-a! r«f r«emi ft cf ir* «m* 4F;rit Pjti cil-wi I?, itfi IXCOUMTY COURT FAMILY DIVISION try 1T*.TE.QF MINNESOTA Dorj 3 O attiwi. Wiriory E Bfr-son. Jii-rtH Can.Wi.r- el El/ Ca, r. irv - Dan. £a*arc: R rjiAitef fne rs'a'e i frwr. ir.* lit* of . 'ease or a-sVi&^erwi «ia-e. Rot*'I Piiwi, Reiporidervi. SUMMONS THE STATE OF MINNESOTA 10 THE ABOVE NAMEO RESPONDENT, ROBFST PAJARI: YOU AtJE HEREBY SUMMONED HVl proptfi «. -re . win t,-M«M»=eo:or.sif*re-o4iefi'W*iTi rre r*;j red 10 wve u !. Gor»>i Kd'gv jr, en J*TrtR Oocen. A . E'.-ei SE <hbo-g that ALL »fvi r.e Cc*.rr oi-*"*ise oro«r» Nrtke ii given CREDITOR rj/^vg cH ni H a cersonai rny«er.>ative a ra ir* Cf-rk e^ r-vp Covti Mf-En four r.wtnj a'lert.-was-eci mii.icikeor Wd claiT.s FIELD, APVfcSE^. DOSOKO. LUNDEFS IHOFf TKF STiTF CF '. ^itPjtl CA-on |») COUNTY COURT PRO BATED! VISION ii cl O-fef Tail. Srait Cl tt ' Tr*o i ol r f« d "•* ax*t oejeribw real c-ocerv. dS -w^rrs ir tonTCn, and ll-«; nor.e C' ir-e sad d*t« "a»e an)' «isie> or vtreii irvwerfi of Ken tr.»r»on Da!«l n"i *ti da/ of Anarch. 1574. HALL. BTE«S. HALL & HtNSOV i TD By PSvl Vr. S'e.l Aliocrty ior PUir.hffi n 1 . FirM Slreel Norli PO Bex 944 Ccvivof Cner la I NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE CF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE IN SUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS n R* Esla'e d Ja:-« E Pwrw. POLNTMENT OF PERSOKAL. REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS n 8t Etfaie at FrltCl N tt*. TO ALL I'lTERESTED PfcRSCKS AND CREDITORS. g.ven in*I Yiyiri: app&r.rrnv of O'a! S-ref, Per'g<.s Fa!:;. MN WSJ;, a^ pec Kxwl repfrt-r.talive of 1"* ei'tile c! tf^ sbo/e r^rr.ea cececen!, fas. btw mse. f-r.f he r. Ctv !*e W o:rer irtwevlwl peiwn rray n* r^i.fifd "o appo'rt.TPn' as personal rec^eseniai.»e w may obiecf ro ire apF3*nlmenl cF ihe ptrsc.ial representative and rnt perienal rep'einUfive ij e^po*«-M to alter i f.-o-n tr.e sa^ o - c:«n- «. a-fa'irv;* c seK'Si- !•« JX/e rjrrfO Cl',-1 *! l^.e Clle- T*'l Cojr;-«jM. Fergi,* Fa Ii. Win- r.noii. ix ire p.'ocaie d in !rsiri,meni O^-pGf! -^g ID t* i".e 'tl Ii cl I'rf abo^ '3-TfC a«ri«r.i. a v: lor ir.e acpo' ot M- 3-ec M Pe*!-wn «i Cellar j r«-«f-.:ai ** cl !^e eva'e o' ir* ext rair-a fleceder.' -n iypervuea ad rr=r.:i1fdl : or. are .1 t* acpcEn-ec r: ac ' ' 'ifd a\ ordered cy ff>« ra Section s?' 3 60D -xxJ the tovrt cnw- .Nfltke ii 1jrtr.w given t-U1 ALL CREDITORS rav.r-g ciAnr-i agi-tll S*k! n:ai e AI 1 1 eqv Ired to pr «*r t i»* wr* ra wld perwui r eornerial :«e or 10 IK C'fTk 0* T.e Covrr wJr'n ftxr iron fa* af lw ft* ca-e d irui mike a- sa^j clairr.j * J be barred. Da1«O: Jure '.fti, »16 W H M£Kerj>e Rcg'Vrar v.rgj-'a A. Rtiud Ctwti Dfpvti/ Cterk. Wi'i 9-rs. tJHwr-. NJi & V»n dale Arrorre,! at Lev* Pr-gji Fji't. VN M51J CMTI F itc No. 4}!H NOTICE OF INFORMAL AP POINTMENT OF PERSONAL -REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Ir Re. Estate of George RfriJ, O«ea»d TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS No 1 ;e by pytn.eaJxxi u vreb/ rtrrvr given ful in/or rrul ip&'-nttntn 1 c! C*J1 SOj-h. Ffrsa* Fa'ts/MN S4i3J, as per w^l reprpen'a'ive cf tr-t es'jie cl t.-* acovf fwr-.ed eec«-r*. r^: t«« rr-ade. person rr.a^ be enticed to a^oo'ctmeni as persona' representative ~'- rri f O^lKt !o recrese^iaii*e ara the persoral ret'e^enia' ie \\ enpowved 'o Ic-ly ain- r s'er te es'ate :nclus.-^. a'ler M ea.i irom i-.e ca-e el -H«*nce s' r i or c-s'r-b-j'e real estate- '.x'eii ooieel oni l-*i«'3*r«l led wti ir.e CCV1 (pv.rsv*r.t to Secrkm 5Ji 3 W) aid l.-.e c«,rt cf^rwie wee i Ko'tr •* fuller 9 ven i-wt ALL CREDITORS ?>«•* ^g c'a ni «air^f sa-d es'i'e *r* rec j'red 'o pifwrj ifi «*r-e to Oerh of mt COvT *if r. :o«,r rron'fi af'er tt-.e d*'e si *hi* notice Of w a c'airr.s (F>«P*.t:i!:»fon Jjr*l!.H76) FRAZEEVERCAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS FRAZEE.MIKNCIOTA NOTICE OF BIDS Tt-e Strxc! Boa*d of rr« Fraiee Vtrgji ScKc'. D:ur/ct No n *'.\ retei/e wa'ed K'afe dvui.ced ftereerrer on or before J » P.M. ThufKay. Je'f 1. MJt al th* c'Cc* o* t-< itper'rsTerfien- ct schooH, anJ sa'd b'tJi i*i;l b*opf^ec and ptbJ ^iy read ai * ne*i rvg ci tr.e S<AOO< ti-ars on t-te at>o«e date. Each bd vwM iii-e clt4r:» in rsriljig iM(: : ececf ieal estate be'n? c-d t:a cayi P--<e 1or S*ne. Fw mnk-h t-ve «r^oJ dl«- cran or cerr:r:«l (l-«x ecjal ^o fee. perceniof tM uatedbxjrrade parade to Inceperxleni School DAtrkl No. 13 tMil »i:i be *«?''« 10 rw tw ire SixceMfU t'dOranda re:i_f.-.'oa'loC*er tMdtrs 11 won as the sale ii corp'eled. Bxii be n-^r for eil-Vr or botn parcebcl'and BlssiftallM placed inan enie'aoe te'M. udr«Mtf rt the school C y r id a.-W p'a T.I >* narked "Sw^eO Bk?" Tn« scrool board reserves rK rig'il fa rfirct aiy or all b'3s. Oticripl on of properly: A. Or* »cr* in wtt*«1 part erf L« ?, Seel on 77, Tmmv'p K norta, R*n9t » »,«r, GKker Cointf, B Ore acre in norrt-weM '. of Seoon I. Twrrvwp 119 aont. Range 3* writ, Becker County. Funeral services are pending for Miliard RansUd, 80, Battle Lake, who died early Saturday morning at Lake Region Hospital. Nikon Funeral Home, Battle Lake, is in charge of arrangements. Services Moity for Agies MMSM Mrs. Agnes Johnson, 79, of Fergus Falls and former resident of the Wendell area, died Friday at Lake Region Hospital in Fergus Falls. Funeral services are at 2 p.m. Monday at Rock Prairie Lutheran Church. Rev. Harold Underdahl will officiate and burial will be in the church . cemetery. She was born Aug. 10,1996 in Stonybrook Township, Grant County, the daughter of EUirg and Emelia Vifcesland. She married Syverin Johnson on June 20, 1917 and the couple made their home on a farm in Stonybrook Township. Mr. Johnson died Nov. 1, 1960. In 1962, Mrs. Johnson moved to 504 W. Bancroft, Fergus Falls. Surviving are two sons, Marcus of Wendell and Paul of Larimore, N.D.; 17 grandchildren; one great-grandson; one sister, Mrs. Sigrte Berland- son of Fergus Falls; and two brothers, Eddie of Dalton and Eilert of Elbow Lake. Friends may call at Erickson's Funeral Home in Elbow Lake. Even though the Standard & Poor's 500 stock average gained only £ per cent from 1965 through 1975, Walker has high hopes for his new product, now being sold in 14 states, but soon . -— .--.._~, — _ _ WS.UK kiviu ui »T ovai^o, knjl JUUJl Uon£, more conservative in- expected to be offered in all 50, vestment procedures. Hangin' in ... Big Joe Adamo (Vic Tayback) and J. W. Osboroe (David N'iven) are booby-trapped while responding to a ransom note-in this scene from Walt Disney Productions' "No Deposit, No Return." This Technicolor story of two youngsters who fake their own kidnaping is showing thru Tuesday at the FERGUS Theatre. The insurance costs more than most ordinary whole life policies, but Walker maintains that it is impossible to make comparisons because of the different nature of the policies. At age 40, a female can obtain 1100,000 face amount for an annual premium of (2,010, a male for U.3S3. At age 55 the annual premiums are about double - M.012 for women, **,620 for men. The policies pay no dividends,, but do have cash x value. NEW YORK POULTRY MARKET (June 25) NEW' YORK (AP) (USDA)-Dressed poultry. North Atlantic car lot and trucUot turkey markets, U.S. grade A, Minn£D. No. 1 hard winter rtady-to-ccok, frown, f.o.b. or 3.61VH.BVi. equivalent: Trading is fair on No. 1 hard amber durum, consumer classes with some 4.104.20; discounts, amber 15 ezport interest being filled on cents; durum 30 cents, consumer toms. Grade B fryer Corn No. 2 yellow 2.90. roasters sold at M. Trading on Oats No. 2 extra heavy white institutional sizesirregular with 1.94-1.95. some distributors having diffi- Barley, cars 115, year ago Jl; culties filling inventory due to a Larker 2.66-3.70; Blue Malting truck shortage. Some shippers 2.66-3.50; Beacon 2.66-3.55; are holding 22-2! Ib toms off the Feed 2.00-2.65. market at current price levels Rye No. land 2 3.304,50. while others are free sellers. Flax No. 1 truck 7.50, rail Sales reported: hens 8-16 lbs 7.55. 4M8W; young toms 14-20 lbs « Soybeans No. 1 yellow truck cents. 6.4W; rail 6.50 1 *. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (June25) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) - Wheat receipts Friday 127, year ago 203; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to down! to 3 cents; prices up Vt to down IVt to 2Vi. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 3.ttVi-4.0(B4. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 53 to 61 lbs; one cent discount each *41b under 58 lbs. Protein prices; 11 per cent 3.924; 12,4.154; 13,4.20^; 14, 4.444; 15,4.65K; 16,4.904:17, 5.004. No. 1 bard Montana winter TELEVISION SCHEDULES XX JB Ch. 4 [F'ril PI,E Heal Ion .'LV '.*. 1»74) 1NCOUNTT COURT FAMILY COURT DIVISION STATEOFMINHESOTA CCUNTYOFOTTESTAIL Dale Neibert, Pehlior«r —VI- Ga!i KevD*ft, Re^pox^eni SUMMONS YCJ are hereby SLrrrrcrrd ind rnv red la serve upon Fei.t"oo*r"i ai lorner an Arvs*ef ID irw Petit on wn'ch ii •tftenri'h wr»ed i,pon roy. » Iti'n 3fl dayi »".tr H-.e serv.'te of t-»is muront upon yav, exclusive ol uwdifd iach wrvke. :\ you 1a!l ta do M fufemerJ by Crtath •nil be liken against yw tor rw rel'ef demareed in th* Pet M ion M ftn. rr- 1 atr.on nvMvn. atf*cts, or brr?*qi in q-j«i;on teal property ^iTjaled •n thi cojr-ty cl oref TU. 5-a!e cf M,'.wuia, rincciacd AI fortowv IV SM1f.«et1 ' in part, ih^ oblecl of t*iis a.c.i*on is Is terrr.inait aM riqM, TJk and !nier«3l at Git NcvMri n tand real property; and to delerra;r« r.lle to vaid pfoperty to be in ih« owners o! record, SLtjtcl fo any in- !rrnl or U«n ol reiO*d; n **fl « ro *ise'»e Ifct marriage t*r*een rxtitioner . Lewii C Ri.ark :als Saturday M 6:30 Uttle 7:00 Jeffersons 7:30 Doc 8:0(1 M. T. Moore 8:30 Bob Newhart 9:00 Dinah Shore 9:30 Dinah Shore 10:00 Eyewitness News 10:30 Double Feature: 11:00 "Yankee Doodle 11:30 Dandy" & "The 12:00 Fighting 69th" Sunday 7:30 Dwayne Friend 8:00 Rex Humbard 6:30 Globetrotters 9:00 Jimmy Swaggart 9:30 Hour of 10:00 Power 10:30 Face the Nation WOAY Ch. 6 Saturday Night 6:30 Sanford & Son 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "The 9:00 Nelson 9:30 Affair" 10:00 Movie 10:23 News-wthr-spts. 10:» Saturday Night 11:30 Saturday Night 12:00 Saturday Night Sunday 7:30 Gerald Derstine 8:00 Gerald Derstine 8:30 Rel Town Hall 9:00 Oral Roberts 9:30 Day of Discovery 10:00 Rex Humbard 10:30 Rex Humbard KCMT Ch. 7 Saturday Night 6:30 NFL Action '75 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "The 9:00 Nelson 9:30 Affair" 10:00 Movie 10:25 News-wthr-spts. 11:00 Shock Theatre: 11:30 "Tomb of the 12:00 Living Dead" ay 7:00 Ext Service 7:30 Old Tune 8:00 Gospel Hour 8:30 Revival Fires 9:00 Christian Life KTHI Ch. n Saturday Nlim 6:30 Jane Goodall 7:00 Good Heavens 7:30 Good Heavens 8:00 Father, 0 Father 8:30 Father, 0 Father 9:00 Bert D'Angelo 9:30 Sunerstar 10:00 Nashville Music 10:30 Theatre: 11:00 "The Proud 11:30 and the 12:00 Profane" Soday 11:00 Eyewitness News li'.OO Messiah NOTICE OF HEAK1HG ON PETITION FOR FOBMAL AD JUDICA.TION OF INTESTACY, DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP AND APPOINTMENT OF PER. SONAL REPRESENTATIVE IN UN&UPER.VI&ED ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Ir. R* FJIale cl Atl'cn C. EtagliMV Dtceawd TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS: Kolice is IxrKy y'-ttfi ! or- 1T4 lltn Oil cf Jdr. l*?i. al K 00 o'clock A V.. » hearing *"3 D* r.eM j\ tn J^OYF rair.rt Co-jfl II Oiler Tja Cw.-ily Cov-llovw. Tercel Fails. It «*sofa. on peuion cf f-'lsn B»3'ien. daled Juo« 1X1. Wt. ior n .-ulion cf -•* ryMC cf «•« ascve rair.ed ^eiriwt. and for lr« A!!oi Dsg'im. *N>» Kdrns ii Box U71. Graixl Fcrhl. Noni DJV0I Sa»l. at ptr"ac^ rfprn(n!al.»e of l.-.f «ia'e of !•« aocve raT.rt otcrtert uperviied •slraro Thai } obiKf. personal rfpreieniifiv f *;•! M jacc : ^:;^ >o acn'niMer Iff eMatr. '0 col«l a 1 1 assen. par a'-l legal decn. claim. IAICS. properl r.Anddovlr.Ke»aryactU3rn-.e Ncrfk.e is l-jrtf-^f g.ven lhal ALL CREDtTOHS riAvinsc'aJrj ataxiT u'd K'aieare recj redtcTprnecii !t-e»rr«to v four irontii afrer Oaled 1)u*. ' Ci- e! OetKIr C erk s. seison. N 11 i van oa^e ,s A: La* c a'is. vinrnc'a 56131 TH_ ANNUAL- OTTER TAIL COUNTY JULY 7 thru JULY 11 i FOR Sl.OO RIDE COUPONS and ADVANCE SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: IN FERGUS FALLS: Roy Olson Music Store, KSRF Rad o Station, Andrews A Mcister Drug Store and 5* Clair & Rovang Men's Store. IN PELICAN RAPIDS: The Swan Drug Store IN BATTLE LAKE: The Village Apofhecary irii Pi.t'kai"0o June l», 19141 COUNTYC«J *T PROBATE DIVISfOM PETITION FOR ADJLTDfCATION OF INTESTACY AND DETERMINATION OF NEIRSIIIP AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL R E P R E SE NTATIVE IN SUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS l-i Re Es'a'e cf Mabie A Hoka-non. Defeated TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS Nolice by pt^icaloi ii hereby 9 : vrti rsat on t-« lit. ^ay ol Mi. V1U. al VI CJ3 o'dock A If .arear^g ^'.ib«-4td in 1-4 awve ran-ed Cowrl at Ciier Tail Cfturjy Courft*M«. FerOvt Faiil. V rtr«cla. for rw acfjCXa'-on of i--ei!»cy »«J deter ir.iMlcn of te;«tf! : p and fx lie ap comment ol Roberl D Knvfion as per ic«v>i rec-eienuiive c' tr-t n'ate el IK acove naxed dececmt :r. ueerv led ac^ .--ifrai-on. Trar. .f proper, and ro cbieciiom are filed, u'd penonal iep'ese" • n c* escorted ro M rr'n !•«• t-e CMatf- *0 CO"*Kt 30 aSWIV pay au lega' fletii. cia ni. i*»o. a-rf erperan. a>J sefl real tf4 per«jn*l praperty. a^d oo a'l necetury ach for tfte estate upon ccrpieiicn of t^e ad r-. i vrr*!-cn. rre repreiertaiive tfvan Irte a t^a! accowni Far ru a'Mwance a^ct shal c.iv*w'e r-e ei^ie to r-e oeriont t^rf^-to erf.lled as proVrpd by me court, aid c'cse !*e esta'e Notice .' fwrt^r g>»«r. piat ALL C^EDf TORS rtav ng claim aga^^i %a'd estate are rpo-J red teprner.l -resaTe la M-d perionai reoreMTiiaiirt v to r* Clerk cf ffe Cowl * ft-n 'ov ncnT-.l after f-t date cr ft-1 ratlce or tadciamii .. COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION i-aie of WJVWWTB Cour.r t/ e1 Ottir Ta'l C«r1 FrCt Ki. 4«H HOTLCE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR ADJUDICATION OF INTESTACY AND DETER- MIKAT10H OF HE1RSHIP AND. APPOIHTMEHT OF PERSONAL R EPS ESE N TATI VE IN SUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION AKD NOTICE TO CREDITORS in Re: Ev«!f Ct Andrew Gijitav Sa'or^onic^ atio krs*n ai G'jita^ Suwnwiie^, Guitar SoJofrcnsan. Otrawd TO AVL INTERESTED PERSONS AKD CREDITORS: Nc' ce by C'jWicaficri is heftCy g"r*tn on ITW 1 Jth tfjy C1 -}<. ty, tf ;t. It K: 30 o'C-xk. AM, a hearing »' KM held in the- above named Court at otter Ta'l Covnty Courthouse. Fei gv-S F*';j, rjUnrtwta. for •frt te'i^icttion of 'minliff and tfeter- •"^i.r.n d Mlrvirp a-w lor rti« ap EiorJrw-r o/ Vernon C Sa'oroor.un *s ptriorai reprrs«itai ivt ol the aWe ct rM j&oye narned dccMcni in iuptrv:s«d »dn ^Ura'.on That, if proper. *nd no MiecEiont Are liled. slid perior»l f*fne»«ii4'*ve wii > *3po-"rtnj to *tJ- nim^tr IS* «nie. tg ccJlett i*J aiMK. pay JH 1*9*1 tfecti, cii^r-i, f»*es, ma pjfxrAM, aod sell real trxi p*rion*J prDpcriy. And do a'l necnur y *<'* 'w ft* tt'a'r. Upon comp:efiori of the M trwviii m on . th« reomentitive ^j» f.le. . No'.c* t! furi-ver given Tiwt ALA CREDITORS having cli : mi jgiirril sj-0 rttale irprrajired ropres*r.< the vine to ^)d perundi r*pr«*f tal ve or to tt* CVh er Coyrt low monTTa alter X* date o! tftii notice or w'd claim* » n be torred. Da'ed June |ih, 19)4 Her^y Polklrtghorn Jj<*}f Virg'n'a A Ri,il»d Cf-ef Oepjty Cfef^ F^a. Ar-vncn. Donotxi. Lnndeen 1 Hot 11:30 Music & Word 12:00 Davey & Goliath 12:30 Perry Mason 1:00 Perry Mason 1:30 Movie 4 Today: 2:00 "San Quentin" 2:30 Movie 3:00 Movie 3:30 Western 4:00 Golf Open 4:30 Tournament a:00 CBS News 5:30 Eyewitness News 6:00 60 Minutes Sunday Night 6:30 60 Minutes 7:00 "The Bolshot 7:30 Ballet" & 8:00 "Romeo and 8:30 Juliet" 9:00 Bronk 9:30Bronk 11:30 Luth. Church 12:00 Farm Report 12:30 Meet the Press 1:00 World of Survival 1:30 David Niven 2:00 Body of Iron 2:30 Wimbledon 3:00 Tennis 3:30 Championships 4:00 Chmielewski Fun 4:30 Wrestling 7:30 Uncle Waldo 8:00 Jerry Falwell 8:30 Jerry Falwell 9:00 It is Written 9:30 Mr. Gospel Guitar 9:30 Groovy Coolies 10:00 Good News 10:00 Voice of Church 10:30 Day of Discovery 10:30 Make a Wish 11:00 Catholic Hour 11:00 Directions 11:30 Meet the Press 11:30 Directions 12:00 Good News 12:00 G. T. Armstrong 12:30 Country Jubilee 12:30 Rev. Inspiration 1:00 Chmielewslri Fu.. 1:00 Champions 1:30 North Star Report 1:30 Champions 2:00 Fishin' Hole 2:30 Wimbledon 3:00 Tennis 3:30 Championship 4:00 Olympic 4:30 Boxing Trials KFME Ch. n Saturday NigU 6:30 Firing Line 7:00 Evening at 7:30 Symphony 8:00 Soundstage 8:30 Soundstage 9:00 PBS Movie: 9:30 "The Lady 10:00 Killers" 10:30 Movie 10:40 Peek at Week 10:55 Sign Off Suday 9:00 Sesame Street 9:30 Sesame Street 10:00 Electric Company 10:30 Big Blue Marble 11:00 Sesame Street 11:30 Sesame Street 12:00 Electric Co. 12:30 Carrascolendas 1:00 Music from Aspen 1:30 Music from Aspen 2:00 Nashville on Road 2:00 Dance for Camera 6:00 W. Disney Sunday Night 5:30 W. Disney 7:00 Etlery Queen 7:30 EUery Queen 8:00 Mystery Movie: 3:39 McMillan & Wife 9:00 "Ihe Deadly 9:30 Oirse" 10:00 Eyewitness News 10:00 News-wthr-spts. 10:30 Virginian 11:00 Virginian 11:30 Virginian 12:00 Final Edition 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Secret War 11:00 of 12:00 Harry Frigg" 6:00 W. Disney Sunday Night 6:30 W. Disney 7:00 EUery Queen 7:30 EUery Queen 8:00 Mystery Movie: 8:30 McMillan it Wife 9:00 "The Deadly 9:30 Curse" 10:00 News-wthr-spts. 10:30 McGuire Movie: 11:00 "Pretty Poison" 11:30 Movie 12:00 Movie 2:30 World 3:00 Invitational 3:30 Tennis 4:00 Olympic Trials 4:30 Olympic Trials 5:00 Award Theatre: 5:30 "14 Hours" 6:00 Movie Suiday Night 6:30 Movie 7:00 Six Million 7:30 Dollar Man 8:00 Olympic Trials 8:30 Olympic Trials 9:00 Olympic Trials 9:30 Olympic Trials 10:00 Action News 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "The Command' 11:30 Movie 12:00 Movie Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Sanford & Son 9:30 Celebrity Sweep. 10:00 Wheel of Fortune Da'ed Virgn.a A Rws'ad C> ef Depu'f Clerk Kefle. Petrberton. Schultf 4 Attorneys at Law Fe-guS «=«'ls. W r. IF i rsi PwW nation Jtoe 1*. if :*) COUNTY COURT PR01ATEDLVISEON Siittot Wflnestfa CounlyofCrerTail C««nF>ltH*.4]54S ORDER FOR HEARING PETITION FOR DESCENT OF PROPERTY in Re. Estare of John M. Oossfee. Deceased Th« peti'on cl Jor.i Mkfaef Goss'ee. da'ed Jwie lani. 19J4.ha»iog been foed in itis Court leprnerting rm rie Above rained deccnoir has' tree dead for more man nvee yean leaving cecra:n properly therein ctexi^ed. and recruesi ng the pnabale ct ft* last ir« of each decetfert. * iff. »*X3 tte descent of s»'d property be delern'nedand ansioned by the Ccvrt to rhe personi en'.ried mere-o IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that UU pe? fien be heard on me nih flay of Jufy. i»r*. at '*.» o'clock A M by t*e above nar-.ed Court at Otter Ta'l coun'y Court, house. C.ty 10* Fergus Fi'ts. Sta'e of Vnvtesa'a IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the pet.tNjner r<* ce Of l*id hearing ^1 tr*mannerprescr.oedcyMSA SM.IaOl to an persor-1 entired 10 nof<e pvrsuanl •o V S A s?i 3 aoi and ta an penora wv> have f^'ed a cien-and for notice pursuant 10 MSA S5I ) RM OYed June ICih, 1<7I Henry Poikingnom Judge By VirgViia A Rus<«d Oief Oecvty Clerk (Ccwrt Seal) Dotiar.d. oosiand. Nxd^ouge^ i v<ckeRmg Attorney Far PeTitior^r Arxrital SlaFe Bar-k BgJd<^ vcorread. MN MS60 '^tooday Monday 7:00 Morning Sews 7:00 Today Show - 7:30 Morning News 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Captain Kangaroo 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Price is Right 9:00 Sanford 1 Son 9:30 Price is Right 9:30 Celebrity Sweep. 10:00 Panorama 10:00 Wheel Fortune 10:30 Love of Life . 10:30 Hollywood Squares 10:30 Hollywood Squares ^ Movie 11:00 Young i Restless 11:00 Fun Factory 11:00 Fun Factory ll:'oOMakea Deal 11:30 Gong Show 11:00 Farm Today 12:30 Days of Lives 1:00 Days of Lives 1:30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 Another World 3:00 Somerset 3:30 Welcome Inn 4:00 Tom & Jeiry 4:30 Grape Ape 5:00 Make a Deal 5:30 NBC News 6:00 6 PM Report 11:30 Search for Tomorr 11:30 Gong Show 12:00 Eyewitness News 12:00 Noonday 12:30 As the 1:M World Turns 1:30 Guiding Light 2:00 All in Family 2:30 Match Game 3:00 Tell the Truth 3:30 Mike Douglas 4:00 Mike Douglas 4:30 Mike Douglas 12:30 Days of Lives 1:00 Days of Lives 1:30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 Another World 3:00 Party-line 3:30 Partyline 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Bewitched 5-00 Beverly Hillbillies 5:00 McHale's Navy 5:30 CBS News 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Eyewitness News 6:00 News-wthr-spts. Monday 7:00 Cartoons 7:30 Good 8:00 Morning 8:30 America 9:00 Movie: 9:30 "That Kind 10:00 of Woman" 11:30 All My Children 12:00 Noon Show 12:30 Rhyme & Reason 1:00 (20,000 Pyramid 1:30 Break the Bank 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 Lassie 3:30 Flintstones 4:00 Maybeny RFD 4:X Happy Days 5:00 ABC News 2:30 PBS 3:00 Sports 3:30 Special 4:00 College for Canine 4:30 Inner Tennis 5:00 GED Series 5:30 World Press 6:00 Sing America Sunday Night 6:30 Sing America 7:00 "Case of the 7:30 Bermuda Triangle 8:00 Masterpiece Theat 8:30 Notorious Woman 9:00 Romagnolis' Table 9:30 Victory Garden 10:00 Flying Circus 10:30 Sign Off Monday Monday NifM Monday NWit 6:30 Pop Goes Country 6:30 Wild farualom 7:OORhoda 7:30 Phyllis 4:00 All in Family 8:30 Maude 9:00 Medical Center 9:30 Medical Center 7:00 Rich Little 7:30 Rich LitUe 8:00 Joe Forrester 8:30 Joe Forrester 9:00 Jigsaw John 9:30 Jigsaw John 10:00 Eyewitness News 10:00 News-wthr-spls. 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Surnrnertirne" 11:30 Movie 12:00 Final Edition 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow Monday Night 6:30 Sanford & Son 7:00 Rich Little 7:30 Rich Link J:00 Joe Forrester 8:30 Joe Forrester 9:00 Jigsaw John 9:30 Jigsaw John 10:00 10 PM Report 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow 3:30 lilias, Yoga & YCH »:00 Misterogers 4:30 Sesame Street 5:8C Sesame Street 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Zoom . Monday Nigtrt 6:30 Hollywood Squares 6:30 GED Series 7:00 Yankee Doodle 7:00 People & Politics 5:30 Lucy Show 6:00 Brady Bunch 7:30 Baseball 8:00 Baseball 8:30 Baseball 9:00 Baseball 9:30 Baseball 10:00 Action News 10:30 Ironside 11:00 Ironside 11:30 Dragnet 12:00 Movie 7:30 Workmanship 8:00 Special of Week:' 8:30 "Sing America" 9:00 Firing Line 9:30 Firing Line 10:00 ABC News 10:30 The Olympiad 11:00 IV Olympiad 11:30 Sign Off TIRED OF TV? We have the answers! Photography "Hi-Fi's «CB Radios There's only one pUe*yo«c»n find it Electronic Kitt «Hobby tCriHs TH« PHOTO ENTJSR" A Rxiio SfUdc Outer

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