The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 6
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*> tias ft*** W. PROCLAMATION Crluk at his Switchboard * tk>wti in Kansas City a former [theater. He continued his studies. - - - * ~ ' " - : There he wrote a thesis on stage Malvernian, Cedrlc L. Crink, is achieving considerable fame as a stage technician, especially in the lighting development. Crink Is the son ot Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Crink of White Cloud township and attended tbe Malvern high school. Concerning his skill and activities in this field tbe Kansas City Times recently published the following feature: In Kansas City there is a young theater technician with the degree, master of lighting, perhaps the only one ever given, who aspires to give Kansas City a little theater developed along tbe lines of the latest theater research. Cedric L. Crink, 84 years old, is more than a technician. His aspiration la directorship. But be believes that a director should know every phase of stagecraft and acting. He is a farm boy from Mai- Tern, la. He is rather short, solid, with arms sturdy enough to have tamed off much heavy farm work, bine eyes and black hair. Bat from the time be was in tbe of a high school play in his teem be no longer wanted Ightlng that won him a master's degree In that field. His thesis « nooft ___._ qDa&n ^ school he went to Hffl P*ople thafsday. infte I, at th* C«l» Davis home sontbeast of CHmai when their secotd danihtef. G«rt- ftrde, was ttfttted in miffatf e with oean w. itcLatt %t R**. C*f»*t ot Red Oak, a simple form of the ring ceremony b*ln* ftsed. A •mail gathering of immediate relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony which was at 11:89 followed by a bounteous dinner. After dinner the bride and groom left tat Indlanola to take Miss Wood, * friend ot the bride and fellow teacher In Glenwood. to her home. Alter a short wed- oHng trip the yonng people came to their home where the groom had the bouse alt furnished and ready for his bride. Dean has always lived to this community and is identified with the church and all it stands for and where he is our faithful superintendent. The 'bride, while not so welt known as Dean, has been a successful teacher in tbe county for three of tour years and has many friends. We welcome them to our midst and wish them God speed In their wedded lite. Elolse Liddell called on Mrs. Paxson and Ruth Whitney in Em* ergon Thursday afternoon. Wilma, Florence, and Sarah Cooper and Francis Ungry called at the Clarence Bishop home Friday evening. ' Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Alien were Red Oak visitors Friday aft- ft* O^ V VU» f« *• » •!•«*• »V» *MW »™-W..-«CT s contention to consider the ratification of amendments to the Constitution of the United States ttntt*r««ii i* its second CK^ittrtfoti of the United States oii *||*t*iTfofnt resolntlon as proposed and Submitted by the **•• *' IO " which an amendment to the he United States, FIW ,~««~ sSSendment pro- fa tabst*iie«> (1} that the bere. vjaes, ™ v *£Ji&ftt0£Bth J^IMYWW-— • ~- ~pealed; tl> IMt th* transportation Or lm|4rt»WoiB Into any state of fnWiteatHif B*t«* for nse in ttolattoU ot th* »« ot «»*t state be prohibited, as* U) that the proposed amendment shall go Into effect and bettrtfce a part rt the Coastttation of the United States upon helttf approved by convention ift the several states, as provided by th* Constitution. The Forty-fifth General Assembly of the State Congress for the consideration ot conventions In the several states; and, by the terms of said Act. tbe doty is Imposed upon the Governor ot the State to call said contention and to fit tbe date for tb* election ot delegates thereto. Now, THEREFORE. I. Clyde U Herring, Governor of the State ot Iowa, in the discharge of the daty Imposed upon me and by virtue ot the power and authority Vested In me by law, do hereby call a convention to act on the amendment to tbe Constitution ot Chamber sentatives in tbe State House iat tbe seat of government in D*« Koines, lows. at 1:00 o'clock P. SI on the Iftth day ot July. 1»33; •tUC^l| W**V^:«J ^*-|p « V*iW** mrmm, portant matter affecting out fen* IN TEStmONT WHKREOF, i bat* hereunto sntweribed «rfj name as Governor of the StaW et (rates' to said convention In the manner provided by senate ftJe fotir hundred seventy-seven of tbe Forty-fifth General Assembly; and all qualified electors of the State ot Iowa are hereby earnestly urged to attend at their respective polling places on said date to participate In said special election and In the selection of dele- amendment 10 me ^uanmuuuu u^ — the United States, as proposed by [gates to the convention which ' will act on the proposed emend- Seal of the State to hereto, on this fourteenth day oj April. In tbe year of our tx>rd« Nineteen Hundred Thirty-three, and of thl* Commonwealth th« eighty-seventh year. CLYDE U HERRING. Governor of the State ot Iowa, (SEAL) Th* fcbov* t*rocl»m»tton in *M*>t<!»ne* «Kh 8*e. 1*. 8«t»ale TO* 477, M wn«>n««J. 45th tbe seventy-s^ond Congress BALLOT PECONVENTH JPHB CONST1TI "OFWtmffiD STATES: ras complete plans for lighting) .he university theater stage. At Tale, Mr. Crink had met Jerome Mayer, director ot the resident theater at the T. M. H. A. His grandmother lives in Kansas City. Mr. Mayer wanted him for arranging the stage lighting at tbe Y. M. H. A. So be came to Kansas City. Builds a Unique System With odds and ends, some purchased, some made, and some borrowed from theaters, he constructed a lighting system for the Y. M. H. A. theater that Is unique In this district. Sylvia Tell, the dancer, here for a recital recently, directed attention to it by call- Ing it the best west ot tbe Mississippi. In his University tneater plans, Mr. Crink used radio remote control, with tbe entire lighting control on a small board at his finger tips. In Kansas City be had, to Several from here attended the Prohibition Rally at Malvern Sunday afternoon. Cecil Burden was a week end guest of Harold Kellenbargers. Mrs. Jennie Kellenbarger and Mrs. Eb Swisher visited last week in tbe Walter Kellenbarger and Alfred Cooper homes. Mrs. Sherman Allen entertained to dinner Saturday her grand mother, Mrs. S. A. Reed, and aunt Mrs. Kochersperger. Mesdames B. A. Reed, P. N. Liddell, and F. O. Kochersperger attended the Decoration Day service at Fairvlew cemetery west of Oakland. Mr. and Mrs. John James were Malvern visitors one afternoon last week. We enjoyed the story told by Irmen Tando after Sunday school. Next Sunday we are planning on " * tt ±S^^.»^ t rk» a Group of Candldal VvffOW W vWWMVMiwW I w*w*»jv w -—-Mm-- •Favoring Ilatlficatioft I Opportng Ratification o I Q F. O. WM. E HUMIERT JOHN J. OUNUEW DR. t E. BAMFORD AI MILLER & J. SNITKAV LEEO. PEACOCK PHILIP LESLIE SHUTT having a short Children's Day, ^gT'pJjgry program. On account ot so much Vl^fB* J.JU ika****»•*«» ^*V/ **t* *M«W^ f*t Wf>» »»*«• VTU -mv-***-rf~r •»••use what was at hand, the! sickness we were not dimming apparatus being con- make preparations till able late trolled by a line ot levers several; while the program will not be feet across. But by the addition I very long we think it will be . State Teachers' college. While there he directed the . college plays and took bis A. B decree. From the teachers' college be went to the Yale school of the theater. He worked in a restaurant to earn money to remain In school. He took » master's degree In speech and received an offer of an assistant professorship at tne Iowa university's school ot the different light-[to attend, ing setups, where the average) theater is limited to its actual dimming units, not often more than fifty. C. E JOHNSON OTIS P. MORGANTHALER HUGH REINIG L E BEES JU£» SUFFER , STOMACH, INDIGESTION Indigestion, acidity, heartburn and sour stomach often lead to serious stomach trouble. Dr. p>' ll'» Adla Tablets counteract these conditions. Give quick relief. -— Collins Dr«K Co. J. S. WUUrd Died Mr. Crink hopes tor a little theater here. He wishes to develop Kansas City talent and to create a theater from which actors and actresses will graduate into wide recognition. CHAMPION HILL adv. Sheriff § S«J«» py VIRTDB OF AN EXECUTION directed to me from the ofj flee of the Clerk of the District Mills County, Iowa oo a obtained ift «14 court, «f M PUinttff W4 Mills Miss Elolse Ltddell, who has spent tbe school year at the Sherman Allen home, left Friay morning for Omaha where she wet her mother and returned to their home at O'Neill, Nebr. Shirley Applegate of Oakland came Tuesday for a visit with Mrs, P. N. Uddell. Mr. and Mrs. Paxson and the latter's mother, Mrs. Bishop were supper guests la the Clar esce Bishop home Tuesday night Mrs, Pollitt of near Straban visited Mrs. Merrill Briggs Saturday night Several from, here attended th last day of school picnic of the Walnut school Friday and report a Tery Pleasant afternoon with more than enough to eat. We mentioned Iwt week that Hadley Parker received his eighth grade diploma but we make »P«. cial menttoa tbia week that he received * «r»4e of t«0* i« «rttt»' metic an4 wish (o congratulate bioi »g»in. Mr*. W. M- KeUenbarger in SaoU Ana. CaUf. j. s. Willard, father of Mrs. Ward Burgoin, of Silver City and Mrs. Georgia Wilkinson of Henderson, passed away after lingering illness at his borne in Santa Ana, Calif., May 18, 1933. The remains were brought to Silver City from his home in California for burial. Mr. Willard was well known in this" vicinity by the older residents, as be had been in the restaurant business here about twenty years ago. He was also In business at Red Oak and Henderson before coming to Silver City, He went to Des Moines from here and then to California where be bad since made his home, Funeral services were hel4 Monday, May 88. at «:30 o'clock at the Methodist church, conducted by Rev, F. G. Barnea. Music was furniahe4 by Mrs. Guy Parker, Mrs. F. G. Barnes, A. P. Reeve, an4 R. P. Gait, with Mrs. C. P. Mltcfceli accompanist. The all bearers were; Gall Burgoin, .rtfeur Burgoin, Gail Moore, T. 3, CaudeU of Malvern, Reno Cuser. and John Hettlnger. J. S. Wilter4 was born April , J860 at Nsperrille, IlL He was he eon of Judaon M4 Jeanett WiUar4. U« was pwrrte4 Sept 10, JS98 to fcena of Mrs. l«euie called oa , B ear SUrer City. To tbte WQ daBShfers were bora, Mrs. eorgia Wttkinaon of Hen4ejr«»a < ftq.4 Mrs, l*eaa Burgoin of . Mrs. irri&g Bolltngtoa Saturday »ftwnooa. Mrs. Irving B«W«Kton Ml hd,TtBK s ajej* birth to a We »ymp*tht»e with family «&4 toj* Mr». BulU wiU pgtojft be IB he? u»ujj feaaltfe, . Jeby, After retirin« fro® in Oea Moines he ha4 »P«nt greater part o| his time in of serial nwwtfe* b.e p»a»4 %*»?> May 18. yet b4a home to Sant* 4&ft« Cftiif-, at tae age o| Betwly-three ys*r», e month, au4 twelve days. fit le*T*» to wourn his death •"JBaWJSejj* «UUr, Mr* Bll» C. A. UPHAM W. T. CLEGHORN H. E. JONES M. X GESKE J. A. LUBBERS U W. POWERS W. P. KENT O. 0. WRAy J, P. SMITH E E ANNIS MAX CONRAD IRA F, PEACOCK A. E PIEKENBRACK J. O. KASA FRED a HARMS ED. GAYTHER R. F, SCHAEFER JOHN F, POR1ERFIELP U. K. WILLMAN HERMAN 8. KOOLMAN CHARLES OWEN EDWARD P. PRINCE WALTER T, WALFROM GILMAN H, WISNER HOWARD A. NELSON FRANK PRICE W. C. SOVEREIGN D, F. CQyLE C, W. HOyER FRANK OWEN J, 0. RJSTINE FRANK U SMITH JOHN G. BARWISE EDWIN B. WILSON C. M. HOIST ROBERT J, SHAW GEO, D, MOULTOH JOE R. FRAILEX RAy J, MILLS OHN G, KICK C, C. PiCKEREU, S. WARD HATHELD WALTER 0. COCHRANE R. G. MILLER JAMES R. BARKLEy SAY S. THOMAS F. E PALMER GRAHAM HAV S. E BASS W. H. RAY F. H. FOOTE W. C. EDSON W. C. SHEPARD CHARLES BEACHAM W. F. CLAVBURG MRS. T. L. SMITH EARL ELIJAH Group of Unofficial Candidate* NAMES MAV BE WRITTEN IN ly VOTE* IF HE SO OESIMS tvo brother*, u. J* WU!*r4 «f fiajUarnife »B4 U M, WUIW4 of KtSMfrUi*. Wv *»4 «*v« grand- , . , id, MeLAUGHUN _ , ORRIS B. J, SNXDER »ETER W. VISSil A! A. MPORE WALTER BREEN LLOXO H, KOCH MATT M08LE, WV* ~-f» *ff-l----->*- * ROBERT DAVIES WESLEX C. LOWE C. W. BALDWIN FERN E. SHARP J. R, JOHNSON ELMER L. PATTERSON scon ELLIS J, R. ADAMS GEO. N. BRIGGS R. J. eiXBX ROY WHERRX JAMIESON FERDINAND J. SMITH HERBERT ADAMS W. A. WINTERSTEIN I. J. BALDWIN CHARLES HENRY PARR FRANK H. DIRST ISAAC SCOTT ALBERT J. JANGEWAARD W. A. MOOTy GEO. M. HOPKINS J, E. BURNSTEDT S. B. DURANT JOHN T. POXLAN W. R. ADAMS MAX KINNEX DR. H. M. NORMANN H. F, JAKWAX S. M. CORRIE WALTER H. BONN R. W. DXAS ROSS R. MOWRy FRED D, MASON JUDGE O. A. 8XINGTON .A. G. HEJINIAN *U L. CHAMNESS G. W. PATTERSON E. P. ARMKNECHT CyRUS METCALF J. V. WIEOIRRICHT H. V. LEVtS EARNEST REQMAYHI W, J. EIYINS . F. T. METGALF O. W. JOHNSON W. P. WORTMAN BREDE WAMSTAD ORVAl E. WAUtE* ORVAL M. MORGAN GEORGIA. 660. H. KEENfy ROIERT SMyTH W, W, HARRIS Ql. D. W. MQ^ OR. ERtCKSON HILL JOHN

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