The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 7, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1894
Page 4
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cloth to mafcsh, and the hat Is of straw, the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, > KINDERGARTENS FOR PARENTS. * sPtaco Wanted Where They JI»y Leant the Rudiments of Common Sense. Among the numerous educational Institutions of which thla country, and Indeed the'.world, arc In need, Is 5 grownup kin- Oetgarten to which parents may be som to learn the rudiments of common sense •and 'the simple laws of cause and effect that, It would seem, must naturally be patent to the meanest Intelligence. If the father is selfish and fault finding at home, be has no right to expect his sons, with 1 hi* example constantly before thorn, to be the tissue Into Which you Insert them ever go adipose. Sincerity Is not synonymous with brutality, and it Is possible to Ignore unpleasant facts without tho aid of falsehood or deceit. The sketch shows a gold colored straw sailor hat trimmed with moss green velvet twisted about the crown, A small bunch of yellow chrysanthemums forms a bow on tho right side, while tho left Is trimmed with on oreot spray of the same flowers mingled with mignonette and yellow and terra ootta roses, with their foliage, JtJDld CHOLbET. PARISIAN IDBA& Dresses, Hmts, Cravats, Bonnets and T«Ui of the Period. The two choui which have been so popular a finish for the nook bands of crepe and moussellne de sole collaM oregrvlng place to small bunches of artificial fl<rversir lected to match those trimming the hat. Veils of net covered with a close pattern In application are the fashion of th« moment. They almost hldo the face from Bight and are admirably calculated to conceal the ravages «jf time and the complexion specialist. Parisian wonno favor white kid shoe* With yellow leather trimmings, as well at the all white ones which have been K much seen here. Guipure continues In general use ana shows no sign of a decline In public estimation. It Is always effective and ma} MUSLIN GOWN. helpful and good humored. If the mothet .•practices deceit and equivocation, she •Shouldnot condemn.her daughters for not being truthful and sincere. Why should .aman who reads aloud and discusses In the presence of his boys the police news . and reports of the detail* of murders and executions punish them for devouring • dime novels t>i other sensational fiction? •Why should a woman who customarily . adopts a scolding and complaining tone reproach her girls for not being cheerful . and contented? Parents have no right to expect a spon- 'taneous development of goodness In a -ohjld. If, with all their advantages of . age, experience and mastery of the situation they habitually do things they ought not,, how'- "" - 1 -"- 1 ' '"* <1a ' SOME NEW DESIGNS FOR FALL. The center gown is of butter colored orepon with the front breadth draped a* the bottom, the fold? held by pointed tabs of lilac faille. The gown on the right.u. of pink chaille with dark blue velvet trimmings, while that on the loft u of tan chaillo trimmed with dark brown silk and ribbons and Spanish lace. CARROLL Classified Business Directory. f Is thechUi Jgnorant,..deK|. •uuuuuuv «..- ,,'IthTineir conduct asTls coTP] stant model, to habitually do right? The peevish voice, the deceitful word, the selfish act, tho ungoverned temper, are an ol- .mcftt Irresistible influence beside which -mere commands and penalties are futile. Children have a keen sense of injustice, and when they are punished for a fault that their parents commit with impunity tho good and, suffidient reason given for tho latter's exemption from the general law—"I am your father," or "I am your mother." does not seem a good and sufficient reason to tho victims of arbitrary home legislation, or even to tho unprejudiced observer. Mere parenthood does not Imply Infallibility. Thoro is, unfortunately, no natural law which precludes persons entirely unfit for tho responsibility from having children and misgoverning thorn. If you want your sons and daughters to bo gentle, generous, truthful und broad minded, live up to that standard yourself. A sketch is given of a gown of flowered muslin trimmed with luce insertion und green ribbon. • JUDIC CUOLLET. PERSONAL CRITICISM. ••Candia Friend* and the Weaker Side of Humanity. Few men or women are strong enough to endure adverse criticism, says a wise observer. Tho desire for pruiso is universal. Tho candid friend is a nuisance therefore, and the harm she does will never bo known until tho secrets of all hearts arc revealed. Most of us want helping und cheering along tho uphill road. Tho world outside Is too busy and hurried to hood our individual concerns, and if wo cannot rely 1 upon our frieuds for tho moat of encouragement and for tho oil and wine of sympathy we arc >n hard case indeed. But the candid friend has uo regard for tho weaker side of humanity. "Why should I not spook tho truth?" she argues. "I* may •wound, but it is my duty to set yo«.right BONNET AND CHAVAT. be even more satisfactorily combined with wool and velvet goods than with thin fabrics, so it will probably be ono feature of fall toilets if not of winter ones. The hat of the period is of ample proportions. There are a few close toque shapes consisting of flowers, jet and a bow of ribbon, but large hats are the rule. They are often made of shirred mousse- line de sole or have lace brims, or a round straw shape Is trimmed with ohoux of moussollne de sole and a flounce of the same material falls over the edge of the briiu like a valance. With tho addition of a bow of changeable ribbop, this style U -' with a soft bed to retire to afterward than a stalled ox that must be digested on r couch of stone. The moral of this is: If y are a worker of any sort, with brain hand, Indulge yourself with a good sprii.,, bod and hair mattress even if you have to go without two new gowns to pay fo* them, for you need all the ease possible at night in order that nature may .exercise her recuperative powers. Tb* sketch shows a peignoir of white peroalt trimmed with white embroidery frills. A band of beading threaded with lavender ribbon heads the ruffles. JUDIC CBOLLEV. FASHION NOTES. f uillc Cbollet's Practical Suggestions For tho Fair Se«. Flannels should not bo tubbed when they are washed, as it shrinks and stiffens them. They should be pressed and squeezed between the hands In clean warm water In which soap has previously been dissolved, and if they are sufficiently soiled to kill tho suds they require to have the process repeated in a fresh supply of warm •oapy water. When they are clean, they •hall be braced against the back of th« •eat. If tbla back is straight, the shout- i»<o»e Immense white cravats of crepe de chine, mousseline de sole and similar fabrics are coming In again. They are sure to bo well received, for they are almost universally becoming. Everybody acknowledges that a man looks bettor in evening dress than at any other time, because of the large expanse of white neai tho face, and tho same principle applies tc women In dark gowns. The big whits scarf produces the some effect as tho broad shirt bosom. The illustration shows a reception bonnet of rosebuds, lilies of tho valley and vio lets. It is trimmed with two jet wlnge and has no strings. The cravat is ol cream moussoline de sole trimmed on the ends with antique lace. Artificial flowers arc more fashionable thttii ever, so much so that their populor- ity is said to have given renewed vigor to the business of making them. Juino CnoLLET. The J»M» Bats and Bonnet*. Felt and satin cut In narrow strip* and braided together precisely as summer straws havo been platted are among Imported autumn hats and bonnets noted by Harper's Bazar. The dull felt, brightened by lustrous satin of the same shade, pro- duos* an excellent effect In tobacco brown, black, tuby and other wintry colors. Plain smooth felt and glossy beaver remain IB favor fur hats tot general Wear, while for more ctnbocate dress are those of mlrolr velvet mid satin. As usual, jet bonnets are offered for the dcmlseason and promise to bo leas eccentric than those worn at present. TWy ore mostly small crowns, formed of Je» spangles entirely or of Jet and steel spangles together, and are greatly enlarged by trimmings, satin ribbon*, birds, long pins of jot and full algrets. Cashier Dlckeraon Sentenced. HABLAV, !»., Sept. 8.—A. W. Dicker- BOD, cashier of the broken Cass County bank of Atlantic, la., was Tuesday afternoon gentenoed to six years at hard labor in the Foit Madisonpemtentiary. Dick- ersonhad pleaded guilty to fraudulent banking. He made a lengthy statement, tending to throw the responsibility on the other officers of the institution. Judge Thornell said that in the interests of honest banking he was forced to give the prisoner the limit of the law. Several hundred thousand were involved in the failure. __ lilrttwnod laid to Rest. IOWA CITY, S^pt. 5.—The funeral of Samuel Kirkwood was held at 2 p. m. Tuesday from the family residence on Kirkwood avenue. Business was suspended and the large grounds of the Kirkwood home were overflowing with people. Dr. Barrett of the First Presbyterian church and Rev. Dr.. F. B. Bosh of the First Methodist church conducted the services. Addresses were made by Governor Jackson. Senator Alltann and Judge CL Q. Wright. Doctors and nurses Make slender purses; The health U the way to wealth. Many persons ol slender means have seen the savings of yean swallowed up In a few weeks by exorbitant Doctor bills. Serious Illness and Its result, heavy bills, nay almost be prevented If taken In time. When the system seems to be *i__ l_.t n «,a Minfilr and ItntUlVA nftllRlfltf MILLINERY. MRS. M. 3HADI,*, fashionable Mtlll MISS ELLA TOW), Milliner; and FINANCIAL. FIBS* NATIOKAT, BANK, Cor. Main and KlftB NORTHWESTERS BUILDING AND Mi ASSOCIATION, Kltth I FEED MILLS. I. J. A J. B, MATLOCK, fifth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDERSON, Harness and Hone Clothing,| Trunki, Values and sewing Machines, '> WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. 8THPPUHK, "The PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHBFF1ELD ft PATTERSON, Wind Hills, Tanki and Pumps. JOB PRINT)NO. DAILY SENTINEL, Adams Street Bert Equipped Printing Office In Western Iowa. Professional Cards. JAB. L. MARTIN. G. E. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS.) wm f^MurST "* VPronpt attention given to collections. Notary In offloe. Office In MoLagan Block. BEACH A HOYT LAWYERS. Pratt* IB state and federal oonrts. Offle* OB Main street, over Nlswonget's dry goods stors. Va&CU IU *1SUC> TT UVU >uv fff »w». ———— run down, the blood weak and Impure, ca eruptions, headache, weakness and ussltade, backache, scrofula, biliousness, obi is. aversion .„ -T^.ir «•- r «,ow> I. niiunn fnr Iwllof that B6rl- baekscne, scrotum, oiuousness, °«»'»•"•""'"." to wort. et£ there Is reason for belief thai; serious Illness Is threatened. A bottle of Dr. plerue's Goldeu Medical Discovery will drive the impurities from (be system, enrlcn the blood, bringing sound health, energy, strength and ambition. All dealer sin medicine. W. H. Ktchardson returned to ualias, Ttox.. after 80 years and found his wife remarried. She returned to him and they •re suing the second husband for the property. • GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. Office on flrst lloor German .bank building. Will practice In state and federal courts. BS«-8peelal attention given to foreclosures tad Nttlementof estates. QBOBCMB W. BOWMH ATTORNEY A i LAW. onrioa. SRItFITH BUILLTNff. NECESSARY LUXURIES. Relative Importance to Life of Sleep and Food. Tho term "sybarite" has oomo to have a rather vogue meaning In modern times and is generally applied to somebody whoso pot Indulgence is different from oui own. As a matter of fact, it is a question whether it bettor describes tho person who makes necessities of luxuries or the ono who makes luxuries of necessities. One's sympathy Is naturally more engaged by tho latter individual, since as he—01 she, for present purposes—must have necessities, she may as well have them of the best klud. Thoro is something more sea- BAILOR I1AT. concerning this and that,'' And site goo* about th "world performing her self 1m- i tank to her own satisfaction «ud ev- ly else's hurt. Perhaps tho gloss at you look low frequently day by day wTjouger shown you u satisfactory reflection. Your hair is becoming thin-, your oyoslucklustori you have lost a toother two; you aro growing »toM- You urn per- fwtjy conscious of those Wflos. They• MI- IK* you, und you are glad, to think of them us HtUo us possible, but uufortu liutely your candid friend knows thum, too, . ad site lots you know that she know* them. You »'»»« amiably ut hot »u you o hands In farewell, uut there 1» r- pwMitiiwnt in your heart. MOlll wound to your van ty, o«*r i ferttntoil, my candid friend, but it in •• uonoMury to go through tho world sHi'l- uliw into puPPly, Uu those uvw BO Uny «>m PEIGNOIR. •enable in the idea that a woman demand! the very bust sort of brood and butter than that she Insists that she cannot live without truffles and champagne e?ery day. Bread and butter are necessities ana traffics and champagne aro not. But tho tending of these remarks M meant to bo toward tho subja* of btds. Beds are a necessity, and too often a stern nowwlty, uuyluldlng IM fate. An aston- shiug number of housokoepen wear pretty clothes, set their table with pretty dishes and arrange an agreeable bill of fare for iholr guusU, but oondoinn them u> sleep on a uiattresB stuffed with Iron filings s»<i pillows like a dry moul poultice. The bod linen bolng fresh and an allowance of extra coverings being provided, everything Is supposed to be HulUfuotory. But U Is kultur lo have the guest's couch ait uncomfortable one than that of u mem bur of the family, which U occupied every wight. The more tlroaouw uud trying one's duyilgbt hours are, Ihe more one re quires ooinpli't* rwt and relaxation u nlKht on u bod that will not keen one uwuke with aching bo»o», and with pillow* thut aro thoroughly substantial We ml know that slucp l» ««>«» i«"l>orUuit to thu pruuervutlon of ll/o uwl health than 1* even food. Woltor Is a dlnuer of herus BICYCLE COSTUME. must bo rinsed In,warm water, pulled lengthwise, dried as quickly as possible and Ironed when completely dry. Tho pretty block and white gowns in thin goods, such as muslins and nain- sooks, so rrv-:i soon this season, would hove boo-.! >.»iU prettier If some manufacturer had been clever enough to bring out a lino of fast black washable laces in cotton or linen, like valonolennos or torchon loco, which could have boon used for trimming them. The. black laces at present on the market ore only lit to bo employed on gowns that are novor dump and come to no hard wear. Changeable teffetaonjoys as much favoi as ever. Most of tho largo shops ore selling off their summer silks, plain, changeable and figured, at a great reduction, and excellent opportunities aro offered to obtain a light silk of good quality at a minimum cost. . Many women arc freshening up then worn silk bodices by adding a plastron and sleeve trimmings of inoussellno dt sole or chiffon. This sort of decoration U fragile, but very effective while It lasts. Sometimes thoso diaphanous materials are arranged to form a glrdlo with long ends fastened to the skirt by choux and full epaulets or a capollke collar. Almost all bats also are trimmed with moussellno de sole combined with ribbon or flowers 01 Small capes or pelerines made of taffote are coming Into favor. Sometimes the capes are double and aro mode of two shades of silk, tho lowor cujio just visible bolow the edge of the upper one- Ihe edges of both are Indented. In order to give tho skirts of gowns the proper flaring shape petticoats are worn trimmed with throe or four flounces ol graduated widths arranged at different heights on the body of the petticoat In such a way that tho bottom edges of all tho flounces are even. The bicycle costume shown Is of oust eray cloth «nd consists of extremely full touovo trousers and a double breasted round bodloo. Juino OllOLLET. TAILOR MADE GOWN. dors will also rest against It, but evon If the shoulders have no point of support it will bo found that they do not need It when the base of tho splno is supported properly. This position makes no strain upon the ligaments of tho spine. Every organ of the body is properly fixed by this attitude. The feet should rest sqUaroly upon tho floor Tho hun'ds should rest lightly In the lap, mul th"» perfect equilibrium and rest are secured. A'woman with a fine carriage, good taste in dress and plenty of self confidence requires neither beauty, wit nor talent to be a social success. Her merits arc obvious at flrst sight,' needing no long acquaintance in order to be appreciated. For women of this type tho tailor made gown Is particularly appropriate, and tho sketch shows a pretty ono of fine checked cloth. Tho bodice forms a blouse in front, but has a basque behind. Tho stitched straps are of white cloth and tho buttons of mother of pearl. J" »'° CHOLLKT. F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTOBNB AT LAW. Legal holiness UsM- (\. acted In both state and federal courts. d*w —o— Qfflce over Mark's d"iy goods store, Carroll EXERCISE FOR WOMEN. A Good Appetite. . Always aocom'pantet good health, and an absence of appetite Is an Indication et something wrong, The universal testimony jtlven by those who have used Hood's Sarsaparllla, HS to Its merits In restoring appetite, and its a puriner of the blood, constitutes the stronger recommendation that can be urged for any medicine. Hood's Pills cure all liver Ills, biliousness, Jaundice, Indigestion, sick beadacbe. 25c. •prapwratloiiB for an Industrial nxpQBl- tfon of giant proportions, to be held In 1897, are being mads In Stockholm. Sweden. . "Let us Cross Over the River and rest In the shade of the trees." Thus spoke the dying hero, Stonewall Jackson, a man whose contention of war WHS so heroic, so chlvnlrlc that friends and foes praise him alike. How many dispirited women leel that they would Indeed Use "to crone over the river, and rest." Every day brings Its measure of annoyance and pain. If only tliey could be made to realize the Inestimable comfort and physical strength to be found m Dr. Plerce's Favorite V reserlption, they would soon feel that "their ways were ways of pleasantness, their iiutbs were paths of peace." Mrs. 8. E. Bongtiy. of Red Oak, Stephen sou Co., Ill, writes: "One or my neighbors w»re F IRE INSURANCE •======g=======3g BELIABLK INSURANCE In the best companies at the lowest rates. It pays to have the best. Better have no Insur- 1 ante than to be Insured In an unrell&ble company, Tho best companies can be secured of H.SW. MACOMBER lOFFfOE IN THE BANK OF CARROLL. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. C. Co., Chicago Bicycling, Walking, Dumbbell* uud Uorae- biusk Hiding-. Since tho Idoa that women cannot be stronn mentally" and" physically, too, is not yet quite done away with, it behooves them to take particular pains to disprove its truth. . All who can possibly enter a gymnasium should do so, for public gymnasiums are now so conducted that by following the directions of tho Instructors it Is almost Impossible to exercise In such a way as will be detrimental to health, but those who arc uniiblo or unwilling to do this can by simple moons build up and Improve the body at homo. For strengthening and developing tho legs nothing can be bolter than walking. A simple but most useful exorcise which all can practice is that of breathing. When the breathing capacity is Increased, tho general health Is Improved. • For tho bruatlilng exorcise* throw the head up, thu shoulders back aud the V.O., III , wnino; v/uo v« iwi ••«i«n»u««o YTW»~ very sick during her 'change of life. 1 After sd- vlslug her to "ske Dr. Pleroe's Favorite Prescription. I visited bor H few days ago, und ine told me she was so strong she could work all daylong without getting tired, und says she was grflntlyTwusllttd. I know many afflicted women who have been cured by your medicine Labor Commissioner Wright says the Investigation of the strike \viis successful aud believes It will retmlt In great good. Methodists of Mason City, la., laid the corner stoiu> for a nevv church to cost 130,; 000. A 0000 CARRIAGE. WUy Our arauduioMmr* Ilulti Tb»w»«l»«* Like Uucliii»M!». An English writer, lit sui-nklng of tho value of currying oueself well, remark* thut when our grandmother* were girl* aud straight baukud chulrb Instead of cushioned divans were thu usual rotting plaoei the young women held tliumtsolvos with a str«iKhU»et» that was almost •»••»«••• Then when they grew old they still new themselves Ukeduchonsos, for U Uw> way one sits rawer than the exercise, one takes thut determines thu orectiiusb of thellgure. A imminent physician says that tbe proper Hitting position nxjulros lliut (he *p»»u «hall bo kept straight, out! tlmt the tup- port uumleu for ilio upper purl itlittll we I"" In the right place. Theivturo It U » uw) »vary to bit as fur liuuk In tho chair a* possible. 60 (hat/ the lower *"" yt tt*> »l" 110 WCVCLB BUIT. chest out. Inuuto ths lungs through tbs noso until full, then «»b»le quickly until the lungs are empty and flnlsh with long drawn Inspirations. This should he done, If possible, out of doors. For strengthening and developing the upper part of the body a pair of light dumbbells Is all that U needed. llorsuliuck riding und fencing are excellent okordws, but for Uiu majority of women bicycling is more convenient, and us u uunurul umuaemunt it btds fair to rival the popularity of tennis. The long bUrt 1m* almost disappeared us ubloyo!Ing uurmcut, owing to the trouble H causes lu mounting und the danger (if Its becoming wound up In the gearing while the machine U In motion. Short skirt or full Uoubors uro now tliu rule. A sketch is K^vcu of a Kivuoh bloyoltpg costume ittNfr) A Household Treasure. . D, W. Kuller.otCftsnaJohrle, N. Y., says that ho always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery In the bouse and bis family bus slways found the very best results follow Its use; that he would not bo without It, If proeurbsle. G. A. Dykemsn, drug- glut,OaUUll,N.Y.,s»ys (bat Dr. King's'New Discovery U undoubtedly the best cough remedy; tlmhshss used In his family for eight years, slid U IMS nsTSt failed to do sll thstls claimed for It. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottUs free at J. W. Uatton's drug •tore. Uegultr sl» <BOo and 11.00. . * Bandit* made a descent on the' bunk at Tesoott, Kan., and robbed It of 11,000. lu • fight with citizens one of the latter wai 4«li l 9«r«B>lv wounded. BaoklMt'a Arnica Salvo TUsbNt sslw In the world for Cui». Units**, •MM, Views, "ail Bliuum, Vsver Hnran, TsUsr, Otspp** U»«4»,C;bllbl»lus,Oorni *u4 *1< akto BrupUoM. M* positively on'«i Pilot or M MV *MoUed, U Is gnsroBted to give p*rfss4 HttrtTttT" *• •""••• ««•-*•*• frto» »«••!• ««*•!. for sals b J.w.uauea. Ttos nuuHm of W. J. Kdgerly, who died In Paris. France, Aug. 10, of upoplnxy, arrived at Ottiliaw», la., for burial. Tbs *»m ballot has been taken In tbs T**as Soeoud district Deiuoer«tto «on- groasloiMl eouwntloii atPaleatlus, with DO sinus <tf tbs dsadlock breaking. Coop- at ems' romisum cuts. The Old Reliable .ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS. NOCKEL8 & GMAM, Bonth Wde Hquarc, Carroll. Iowa, —TSXH— OF OABBOLL, IOWA. Capital, 9100,000.00. i. H. Olliord.Hew Ossssl, Wls.,waslreabl«4 wlib nsuralgla and ib«u»«tlsiB, bis stowwb WM dltoidsrsd, bl* liver was sf eolsd to s» slarniui* dugrs«, sppctiw fell swsy, and «« wss Wrrltlx rsai»W)d In nu»b sud ilraailb. Tliies boltlss of Vleetrlo Wlll«rs eared klw. Edward 8heuiMrd, llurrUburg, 111., u»U a lunnlDK sor« on b(s le« of sbjbt yesrs 1 »MM»4lng. UisdUire« bottlM of KlectrloOHIers sad sev« n noses of Uuoklttt'ssrulea nslvs, sua bis >«• is souudsud well. Joliu 8v«»ksr,Ual»wl>a, O., Ukd llvu Isrge fwer survs ou bis ley, doctors said he wst Inou'tble. OUB bottle J£l«olrlo Bit l«i's and ono be* Uitoslou'* srulcs salve euis4 klw ontUvly. Bold «l J- W. iUttoa's orug item. tmtinenn *'«!>. t, tsss. OI?IOIWMIP 0. A. MAST, it. w. U. I. WATTHW, a,». tinntb, M. V. Slurgoi, • vios - - UasbM V. Ulurlulii, Obas. Wallsnobsl Bituiusr Wallace, to aud |rw wrliltnui UM

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