The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 31, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NfcWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. TUESDAY, OCT. 31,1939. Boxers From Illinois Rings Tom Harmon Is Compared With Harold 'Red' Grange CHICAGO. Oct. 31.—(/P)—Scn-i >;-holastic scorer at Gary, Incl., EAST LANSING, Oct. 31.— <&) Michigan State's Coach Charley Bachman, who has tried just about every combination that a squad of 65 men would normally afford in an effort to hit upon a ._ —- . . . i sational Tom Harmon, one and ; has .scored 73 points this season 1 ii/ijphimn Onlv TOny GalentO, Max Schmel- ; all will agree, is one of the years on 10 touchdowns, 10 points-af-! IVMU .'« ' ~."' y anri Twn Manaoers i finest backs, but the claim that'tor-touchdown and a field goal.; BJQ Ten Team, nUHS 3 ctnu iwu mm.ay ' he is the equal of Harold (Red i As a Sophomore at Michigan he' Plnsp Sprond Grange has the football faithful sained 405 yards and completed! vmotsj^uunu down at the University of Illinois 21 out of 45 passes. i N ^W YORK. Oct. 31. (/P) ing Listed in Charges CHICAGO, Oct. 31.— (IP)— Illinois boxing rings were closed today to fight managers Nate Lewis and Joe Jacobs and Fighters Tony Galento. Max ScnmelhiR and Harry Thomas, all heavyweights. The Illinois State Athletic commission barred all of them Monday after publication of charges by Thomas that his bouts with Schmeling and Galento were "fixed" fights. The commission said none of them could operate in this state "until every vestige of suspicion is cleared away." Thomas, who lives in Eagle Bend, Minn., lost to Schmeling •by a technical knockout in the eighth round, Dec. 13, 1937, in New York. He lost to Galento ,by a technical knockout in the third round, Nov. 14, 1938, in Philadelphia. The Chicago Tribune, which published the charges originally, said Thomas made affidavits that both fights were "fakes," and that they "had W YORK Oct. in a seething rage. , His biggest day this year so far j The backers of' Major Bob Ney- To many niidwcst grid follow-. w . ls . ar rainst Iowa when he land's Tennessee Volunteers crs and particularly Illini fans., y CJred ajl of tnc Wolverines'!still are beating the loudest drums on the football bandwagon. Grange is the all-time tops for, 27 poin ^, but he has been bril- getting to payoff dirt quicker ]iant in evcrv appc arance. and oftener than anyone else His coai-h" Fritz Crisler. says With 67 of 128 experts cast- ever did. Bui. you can't put that; Tom i iasn 't reached his peak vet.;ing their first-place votes for linp nvor In TTnivrr^il v nf IVTiHii-. - . * ' Tnnnnccon HIP KnnrVipast.prn line over to University of Michi gan partisans. Illinois and Michigan play at Champaign Saturday and the word is out. that Harmon, lea dins; score]- of the nation, is set to Is Combination Tennessee, run .!<roiife.-ence the Southeastern winning football still at it. Monday's practice Flight Ducks Crossing State In Large Numbers formula, is LANSING, Oct. 31. — Flight ducks migrating from their Canadian nesting grounds are now crossing Michigan in numbers that promise some of the best shooting of the season, according to reports of department of conservation field men. Duck hunters are looking also brought about the conversion of Jerry Drake, promising left halfback, to the blocking back's position. And Bachman shifted Walter Kutchins. a left end, to session for an end of the fine weather that has kept many native ducks out of gun range. Numerous flights of geese have been reported also. Good duck shooting is expect- left guard to help compensate! ed along the major water- for the number of guards who are still on the hospital list. Drake continued to exercise pheasant hunting than in 1938, with some notable exceptions as in Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties. Grouse shooting has and in good condition in spite of the toll taken by starvation in overbrowsed areas last winter. In 1938 more than 160,000 hunters took a total of 44,815 antlered bucks out of Michigan's north woods. BOXING CHICAGO—Milt Aron, 150, Chlcngo, knocked out Leonard Bennett, 145'/4, Dc, , . - i DKS MO1NES, In.—Buddy Bner, 240, been good in northeastern Low- i Livcrmorc, caiir., outpointed Lee snvoid, er Michigan and generally fair in the rest of the northern part of the southern peninsula. Squirrel hunting has been reported generally good after a closed season last year. This season also closes Nov. 5. Rabbits and snowshoe hares are expected to get more attention with the close of the bird season for the season on the courses, particularly in the I two species runs to Dec. 31 in marshes along the Great Lakes. Numerous flight ducks have nc1 vinnn wi - n irrno . '^ ?,f cT ^,* b ', (retained the No. 1 spot in the Heib Jolting lMm " c ' Press rankin his parsing arm in the new berth.! been seen in Upper Michigan One fling, to Howard Pound,] along the St. Mary's river, in Sophomore flanker, netted the j Saginaw Bay, St. Clair Flats and po'werhouse "today" I reserves a touchdown against the Monroe marshes. The sea- third Associated Press ranking state's "B" team. With the 15 firstflight players who saw most but Harmon combines all thej£ 0 means as dec isive as it was poll. But the margin was by service against Illinois Wesleyan give the Illini a beating such as Michigan received at the hands of Grange 15 years ago. Historic Day That was the fall day in 1924 when the Junior halfback .star returned the opening kk'kcff 95 ,„, „ .,,->, „. single-handed 1 Qualities of a great player. of-; a week a - go , just after Tennes- AT^ino,, ,. 0 _ fensively as -well as defensively. ; h hande Alabam ; see had handed Alabama a Cnsler says. i thorough drubbing. Bub Zuppke. Illinois coach who 1 Chiefly through .their first- developed Grange. describes place votes, the Vols accumu- Harmon a.s the best back he has lafred 1,120 points. But Michi- een in a decade, but Grange is 'gan, only all-winning team left - still tops in his book bv any; in the Big Ten. came in a close • " second with 1,005, and Cornell, yards for a touchdown, then rnn ' yardstick of comparison. 70. 57 and 43 yards for three "Red kicked well enough to do ive more touchdowns, all within the | the punting for us." .says Zuppke, state U>i ounuuuv umiueu first 10 minutes of the game.: "but we had Britten. As to de- from se v*nth place to third n that, short span he got his ^"sc. he didn t miss ^em at with 933 poinls Michigan got lands on the ball .six times.; safety and they didn t like to'20 first-place votes and Cor^.... **~...^l^~] n *.,*^.^ ~-.^^] ,-.- n ; *-. n _i rtna t IT Tnu: nnscA-? nf^nv li i T-*T r? i H ' _ ,, * n 1 team in the east and im- winner over Ohio Saturday, jumped In hands four touchdowns and gained 2G6-'nrow_ passes near him, yards. In all that day he played, they?" did'nell 18. i Two other teams witlp per« e ehter i s eCi e i ntered e ^L be rni^' the 42 n»'™. tes ' uicked UD 402 >' ard ' ; Champaign's largest crowd of'feet slates Thomas' manager'at the time •' in 21 trics - completed six passes' the season Ls expected Saturday and fifth in was Lewis veteran Chicago i for 64 y ards > onc for a touch-; and Harmon is the magnet. Cer- ; Notre Dame fight manager Jacobs man-i down - and ran .£ up five touch-; tainly. the game itself isn't be-1 notches from the runner-up aged Galento'and Schmeling downs himself. Needless to say,: cause undefeated and untied 'position, and Texas A. and M., held down fourth the ranking, dropped two last week excused from drills, son on waterfowl and shore birds extends through Nov. 14 this year. Shooting of woodcock, the only other migratory bird southern Lower Michigan, Jan. 31 in Northern Lower Michigan and March 1 in the Northern Peninsula. Great variation has been noted in reports of the abundance of rabbits and hares, with some districts reporting a good crop while in others few have been seen. Hunters who enjoy the HOC- IBS, Des Molnep, (8). PITTSBUROH — Frltzlc Zlvlc, 146, Pittsburgh, outpointed Mtlo Thcoclor- cscue, 143, Rumania, (10). NEW YORK— Maxle Shnplro, 130U, New York, outpointed Yoshlo Nakamurn. 128'i., Honolulu, (8). RICHMOND, Va.—Kenny LnSiUle, I'll), Lcs Angclces. outpointed Eddie Brink, 145. New York, (10). Mike Shelb of Allegan. an early! subject to federal regulations, j tu " ia !, s P° rt ° f treeing raccoons' season casualty, stood out as a j ended Oct. 20 in the northern Wlthdogs , will beginx their trail- ball carrier. peninsula and Oct. 31 in lower; in £. Nov - *• and the season re- Bachman, -who has served no- Michigan. i mams open until Dec. 15. No tice he will go easy with scrim- Sunday Nov 5 is the last ^"" ! huntln S or trapping of coons is mages in preparation for Sat- ' urday's game with Syracuse ., . , , , , , i ". ~~,.,... Michigan. Pheasant university is expected to devote , huntin g was reported good a good share of the week to! in the seasO n, with the ' ' poli-shmg his aerial attack and j coming - more wary as the season defense. The Orangemen are re- . progre5sses . Many counties have ported to be air-minded, but reported as good or better without the defense to cope with! a strong opponent's passing game. ! hunting or trapping of coons = "S-X5 GSTS.SC "SSSS 10, the soutnern Peninsula arc Nov. the northern nalf> and Dec j to 15 m th(J 1()W _ A11 season dates are in ~ deer j arrow i Hunters who go after anc j bear with bow and guards in uniform, apparently I W W theirshootingJ»ov Ijo doit! . . , f Bachman's prediction that his! recovered and ready to bolster! 111 an y of the counties open to I. . squad would be at full strength i up the center of the Spartan I S u , n hunting for deer. License Saturday for the first time this' — ' ' co "->H, 0 nto n ^r,,,oi^ Q ,.ov,i« season was borne out by the appearance of three injured considerable line. The returning prodigals ! sales were Fd Abdo, George Griffeth j increase in the number of arch- , , , _ , _ ______ prs Dppr nrp rpnnrtpri mirnprnii<i > and Ed Pogor. ers. Deer are reported numerous', , Test Your Skill t ', at Bowling! It's real enjoyment to find ' yourself improving 1 in this exciting sport of skill . . . enjoy the thrill of spilling , , all the pins . . . You can SMITH'S RECREATION The Tribune quoted Thomas as ; Illinois won. 39-14. saying the "faked" fights were arranged by Lewis and Jacobs. Thomas declared he received about $13,7000 for his services in the two engagements. Michigan i.s an overwhelming-'Southwest conference favorite, Harmon, an all-state prep starj favorite to win from the IllinL stayed in fifth place, the same and the country's top inter- 1 which has vet to win a panic ranking it had a week ago. All of the other members of "~~ ' " ~" ' "' ''~ ' p-"— — — ~^~. , tne f irst ten h ave been tied — ...... _____ however. Traverse City wins; were no outstanding scores in 'Oklahoma, which remained in The~ athletic"com~mission said f rom Ludington. the Trojans by : the match. Dittmcr is a ; sixth place; Southern Califor- it had been informed by At- : winning from Petoskey will cop • member of the H and P five, inia, which moved from eighth torney General John E Cassidv the ^° if Cheboygan takes, Best count for the losing team to seventh: Tulane. from ninth that it had no jurisdiction to : A1 Pena Nov. 3. ;was 440 by N. Peterson. to eighth: North Carolina from conduct an investigation since : A11 of which leaves the out- : 13th to ninth, and Nebraska, a none of the fighters or fi-ht come OI " the race as clear as ; Hansen & Peterson Auto Sales holdover in tenth place. managers involved held licenses Pere Marquette river which is \ E 172 158 n 6— 446 - u Nol 1 h Carolina, deadlocked In Illinois or had applied for .not at all. After games this . Sc h oe nberger 163 139 133—435 5 y Tulane won its berth by its an : week. Big Seven experts can - n i«°— ^" decislve defeat of Penn. and any "However, it is thf opinion . icl 'V-' of this commission and Gov. anc! safely go out on a limb Dittmer I the winner but un- -piterson Henry'Horner," it added, ""--' ni rhnt '" 11P thprp nvp +nn ' none of the accused parties will be allowed to engage in any 'boxing enterprise in the state until there has been a complete hearing of the charges by Mr. Thomas." In New York, Gen. John J. Phelan, chairman of the state boxing commission, said he would order an investigation of the : Thomas-Schmeling fight i The Eagles rampaging five : which was held there "if the ! advanced to within two and j evidence warrants." 'one-half games of the first iHeglund Joe Jacobs, in New York, | place in the Industrial- league Ijankowski scoffed at Thomas' charges. 161 154 187 146 that ^ lhat lim . e ' there are too rties' mailv possibilities with which to reckon. BOWLING 799 775 Moose Peterson ....136 169 Myers 109 149 Eriksen 147 105 Johnson .... 136 129 Jury 146 165 Handicap ... 15 15 •10- 440 1fl1 689 732 F. O. E. ..156 205 . j- -••-• ~ •" -" — •-• • o tij i i^\y vv orki ..Lit i (O by taking two out of three_from 'Myers 157 171 Nel ;lson's Service at Smith's al- j Tower- '.'.'.!!•'. 166-212 re A/Trvnr)nv nif]lt" T'wn oMlPT' ! ir*~ «U7 ior» -, r^ leys Monday night. Two other Kj ieD i ....'.'137 Handicap 29 "I don't know what Thomas is talking about and I don't think he does, either," said Jacobs. "If he was gonna dive, he could have done it a lot. earlier without taking all that beating." In Chicago, Lewis said that if Thomas "threw" the fights "he did so without my knowl- but" with "Tower and Heglund ! Half "."..'.". ".161 edge and without any jnstruc- , showing the way the lod&emen'vogel 220 .S 8 ^ 01 tnat nat ure from me. i ranR up wins in the next two! 'I have been connected with !games Tower and Heslund ' boxing since 1900 and in a^ihnth 1 matches saw Hansen and Peterson and Park Dairy take three straight Irom Moose j lodge and Willoughby's, re- | spectively. 161 29 822 956 840 2541 Nelson Sinclair Service ,'Hawley 155 The Eagles gol off to a bad'Crawford ...160 start by losing the first game jKnudsen ...152 218 177 170 174 201 ion c ' JU ' moved into a vacancy created by the Cornell triumph that booted Ohio State from fourth place into the second division. That the experts are having an easier time weeding out the i big ones from the "little ones ?R9_4T4 was £n °wn by the fact that 106—-m only 25 teams figured in this week's voting, compared to 32 a week ago. The standing of the teams (figured on basis of 10-9-8-7-6, etc., with first-place votes in parentheses): First Ten 1—Tennessee (67i 1,120 2—Michigan (20> 1,005 3_Cornell (18) 933 4—Notre Dame (12).... 858 5—Texas A. and M. (16) 714 6—Oklahoma < 21 60S 1 •'•, 7—Southern California (1) 598 8—Tulane (1) 419 9—North Carolina <li.. 314 162—517 128—456 180—558, 162—460 29— 87 136—509 148—485 180—502 154—489 185—606 10—Nebraska 180' /-, +K« - +u"-~i; .;— '" -••• turned in their highest those years the shadow of sus- SCO res of the year, the former 5"S? n ne y er has , cro ?sed my hitting 558 and the latter, 540. 848 940 803 2591 Park Dairy •., ~ ,—:—~ *"j ; mi/tins 0^0 emu mv jutv^i, uiu. i F. Alkema.. 174 162 -vwo • f y re , cord ls clear - Tower's 212 in the second game i Dove U43 114 Thomas story hurt me deeply, j was also single game high for , Newman .... 224 ihis team. |J. Alkema ...206 , . i To Olbert Vogel of Nelson's iShively 160 i Service, however, go the lion's-Handicap ...40 ! share of the honors. Vogel, j iwho has been doing some fine j 947 753 Sportlites By LOUIS BOCKSTANZ 172 128 137 40 | rolling this year, piled up his Willoughby ibest score of the year. Heiprehn 115 128 130—373 led off with a brilliant 220, lLaRue 115 157 155—427 Detroit Schools Play Half-Game I DETROIT, Oct. 31.—(XP)—In -505 ' an unprecedented replay of half -385 i a 'football game, two high school -541 ! teams cancelled a pair of touch- 146—480 downs Monday. 159—456 ' Ordered by the Metropolitan 40—120 league to replay the second half of a protested game, the North- 787 248.7 i eastern and Highland Park high school elevens battled 24 minutes without score. As both 169 128 145- !-__ _... —.. -..---..---- , _ „„ iui iu ^, — Ii( touchdowns in Highland Park's ithen dropped a bit to 201 and [Cooper 158 115 148—421 I 7 to 6 virtorv in the tonprpH nt-i- «;ith 135 for 'A ser- Wnu/lpv T71 ^^c^ , cn .„, ' l ° ° vlctol y ln tne BIG SEVEN RACE NEARING END tapered oil' with 185 for a ser lies of 606. It was the highest I Johnston IS (total racked up by a Nelson j ! bowler this year. j It may come as a surprise to j Other fine games in the i Ludington football fans to match were 218 by Hawley, ; know that the Big Seven grid'lead-off man for Nelson's, and i race has only five games to go, j 205 by Heglund of the winning | the five games to be played aggregation. 171 ...141 140 195 160 _ 471 153 _ 499 700 735 756 2191 game were scored in the second half, they were cancelled and the game goes into the records as a scoreless tie. this week-end and next. Of the five games, four may have a direct bearing on the Park Dairy pulled the surprise of the evening by winning three straight games from .'title while one, between 'Petos-j Willoughby's and pulling a bit key and Cadillac, will merely i out of the mire of last place. decide positions in the lower Willoughby, Park Dairy and steps. Moose are now all tied for the LUdington, of course, faces cellar occupancy with five vic- its toughest game of the year jtories and 13 defeats apiece. " W. Newman of the Dairymen exhibited his finest form of the year in leading his team Trojans at Thirlby field. " It!to victory with a 541 (Will be a hard trick to turn j count, high for the match, In and the game has every pros- ithe first game, Newman top- pect of being a nip-and-tuck jpled 224 pins for single game battle with one or the other high of the evening. It was the first 200 game of the year for the Park Dairy bowler. 'The game Friday evening is between (same is also true of J. Al- Cadlllac and Petoskey. ikema of the Dairy five, who nexj Friday evening when it goes to Traverse City and attempts to tame the mighty team copping the victory by a sin<ill margin. The other week will., be the second and last Saturday afternoon game the Big Seven conference IThe only other game this knocked-out 206 in the first ....... 'ame. G. Johnston was best or Willoughby's with 499. By winning three games from year. Alpena plays at the O»ie city of the Chiefs and Orlple hopes for an undisputed ;' title depend on Chebaygan's If the Wildcats win, they will have a per- year and will share the with Ludington, provid- of course, that the Tro- or Chippewas do not sue- in defeating the Orioles, Nov. 10, two Big Seven Will be played. Luding, ill play at Manistee un- fthe Chlppewa lights and y plays at Traverse City. .ngton wins at Traverse .ite.FWdfiy evening, the l,0.\ meeting between Pe<"*"4 the Trojans will be seaspn ender for the While Lucllngton yrtll ' , defeat Manistee of the title. If. Moose, Hansen and Peterson i climbed into a tie for sixth i place with Nelson's Service. Outside of Dittmer's 537, there NEBBED*! Don't Discard Leaking Boots, -i Galoushes or Any e of Rubber Footwear lirin;.; it to us—For a small sum we can VULCANIZE it as good as new—you'll get months of wear from it. 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