The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 24, 1958 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 5
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, D«c. AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRAlD-3 « ., j-7/--;-- r*T h l'° children of and Evelyn,, who came home from the Mr. and Mrs, Edward C. Englehart of hospital Saturday. Also on the bed is Richmond, Va., have their first picture Mary Jane, 2'/ 2 . In the back are Joseph- taken. Lying on the bed are the* 2- ine 4, Kathleen, 4, Gloria, 5V 2 , Bever- month-old quads, Edtoard, Edna, Edwin ,ley, 9, and Marie, 10. (AP Photofax) GOOD BOOKS BEAT WINE Hal Boyle Makes Last Minute Suggestion - Too Last Minute NEW YORK (AP)- To those who have everything—or those who have nothing—there is no better present than a book. * -There is nothing like a book to help a man escape from the pov- Indian Claims China Speaks With One Voice HONG KONG (AP)-An Indian social scientist who toured Com- j munist China says everyone there speaks with one voice. "It's shocking, this creation of a mass mind," he said. "There seems to be no individuality left." Dr. S. Chandrasekhar, director of the Indian Institute for Popula-; tion Studies, spent six weeks surveying population problems of Red China. Everywhere he went, he said, he heard the same words and phrases over and over. Mass conditioning ranged over every field of human endeavor, from personal hygiene, to anti-American propaganda. Children stood on corners bellowing through megaphones: "Kill flies, kill sparrows, kill rats." Public address systems in factories, homes, restaurants and trains dinned into, the people's ears: "Taiwan must be liberated from the American imperialists." "Chandrasekhar said: Proud Achievement "Communist officials consider j their creation of a mass mind one! of their proudest achievements, a j proof of national solidarity. j "I kept telling them they've' destroyed intellectuals, but they kept telling me that to the contrary they have made everybody 1 intellectual." j The Communists, he found, have' abandoned all liberal education in | favor of technological training. "They're going all out to pro-! duce steel and coal build 1 bridges, dams and railroads.' Shakespeare to them is a bourgeois luxury," he said. KOREAN BONUSES PAID DES MOINES (fl — Another 1,000 Koren War bonuses were paid Tuesday, the final payments of 1958. This brings to 26,000 the number of bonuses paid since payments began in September. About 70,000 Iowa veterans of the Korean War of their beneficjaries have filed for the bonus. erty of wealth, or to show him, if poor, a vista to the kind of riches Midas never knew. . And for the last-minute Christmas shopper, seeking the Jast- minute gift for the overlooked friend, there is no better bargain than a book. Good wine warms for an hour; good books warm for a lifetime both the heart that sends, the mind that receives. Art of Giving But there is an art in giving books—in selecting just the right volume for the right person at the right time. All in fun. we present again our annual mythical Christmas list of book gifts for people we all know: "The Affluent Society" — Anybody you owe money to. "All That Was Mortal" — The 1958 Republican National Committee. "Aku-Aku"—Anybody you know in Walla Walla. "Let No Man Write My Epitaph"—Adlai Stevenson. "On My Own" — Gov. Averell Harriman. "The Other Side of the Coin"— Nelson A. Rockefeller. "Master of Deceit"—The "people who try to keep up with the Joneses. "The Mountain Is Young"—Bernard Baruch. More Ideas "The Prospects Are Pleasing" —Any Democratic presidential aspirant. "The Rainbow Comes and Goes" — Vice President Richard M-. Nixon. "A Friend in Power"—Bernard Goldfine. "Exile and the Kingdom" — Sherman Adams. "A Mixture of Frailties" — James R. Hoffa. "The Land God Gave to Cain"— Your favorite suburbanite.' "Ask Me No More"—James C. Hagerty. "Give Me the World"—Gamel Abdel Nasser. "How to do Nothing with Nobody All Alone By Yourself" — Harold Stassen. "The Last Angry Man"—Your boss. "The Shook-up Generation" — Any guy who ran a TV quiz show in 1958. "The Best of Everything" — To your favorite wife. Pre-lnventory Sale S. S. KRESGE CO. SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE Bath Towels - Reg. 69e each 2 for $1.00 Wash Cloths - Reg. 15c each 3 for 25c Ladies Cotton Dusters - Reg. 1.98 $1.57 Ladies Wool Gloves - Reg. 1.00 77c Sofa Pillows - Reg. 1.98 77c Dish Cloths - Reg. lOc each 6 for 47c Cookies - Reg. 39e Ib 27c Tree Lights - Reg. 8c and 15c 5e and lOc New Lamp Shades - Just Arrived Values to 2.98 99 C New and Used Records 4 for $1.00 Parakeet (with purchase of special cage) .. FREE Cleansing Tissues - 400'i 4 for 99c Men's Handkerchiefs 10 for 77c Peppered Sheets $1.67 Peppered Pillow Cases 2 for 77c Acrilon Sleeping Pillows • Reg. 2.98 .. 2 for $5.00 Men's T-Shirts 2 for $1.00 Ladies Rayon Panties 3 for 66c Plastic Draperies • Reg. 1.00 67c S. S. KRESGE CO. « Across 'From Courthouse - Austin KELLY FURNITURE CLOSED HUTU FURTHER NOTICE BECAUSE OF GRAND HOTEL FIRE! OFFICE OPEN FOB PAYMENTS. STARTS FRIDAY! SHOP PENNEY'S BET tonmy'i ring* out«» oM wtth brand new special Biiy*...tlmery as the year ahead! WOOL BLEND FLANNELS 250Q Fancy patterns ond solids t . . MORE for the young man's wardrobe! The fabrics are flawless, the tailoring caters exactly to our 3- button specifications! MAIN FLOOR ymsmxm regular longs Sixes 37 to 46 MAIN FLOOR 4 Aft I •UU WOMEN'S ACETATE BRIEFS Elastic leg. White and pastels. £ .Sizes small, medium, large ............. V for WOMEN'S FLANNELETTE NIGHTWEAR Assorted prints in cotton flannelette. Baby dolls, long gowns, short gowns, waltz length gowns, and pajamas. Sizes 34-48; S-M-L ......... ..... WOMEN'S FLANNELETTE PAJAMAS Assorted prints. Cotton flannelette. Warm and comfortable. Sizes 34 to 40 ............ WOMEN'S WOOL KNIT GLOVES Assorted colors. Warm and durabb. Sizes small, medium, large ................ WOMEN'S RAYON PLAID SCARFS Rayon with nylon stripe. Ass't. plaids Sizes 32 by 32 ' 2.00 2.00 66c «,, 88c COTTON BABY BLANKETS White background with prints. Bargain A priced! Size 36 by 50 g, f or TODDLERS' SNO-SUITS One piece. Cotton shell. Washable. Assorted darks. Sizes 2 to 4 ........ TODDLERS' CARDIGAN SWEATERS Ban-Ion. White or pastels. Wonderful quality. Sizes Vt to 4 MEN'S KNIT PAJAMAS Cotton. * Sizes A-B-C-D TODDLERS' PLAYWEAR REDUCED! Two piece styles. Corduroys, flannels. Assorted colors. Sizes 2 to 4. MEN'S KNIT SHIRTS Long sleeves. Sizes S-M-L 4.00 3.00 2.00 2.00 2.88 1.50 MEN'S ORLON OR IAMBS WOOL SWEATERS Crew neck & V-Neck. Ass't, colors. J AA f AA Broken sizes 4.UU-5.UO MEN'S UNION SUITS Wools & port wools. Washable. O AA J AA f AA durable. Sizes 38-50 UiUlr4.UU-5.00 MEN'S TROUSERS REDUCED! Wool & acetates. Greys, blues. f AA 4 A AA Sizes 30 to 40 3.UU-1U.UU MEN'S WOOL SHIRTS REDUCED! Wool blends. Properly fitted. Plenty of warmth, softness strength. Assorted colors. m *JL Sizes small, medium, large : 4.DU MEN'S SWEAT SHIRTS Broken sizes WOMEN'S STRETCHABLE NYLONS 2 ,.» 1.60 First quality! Full fashioned' 100% strecth nylon. Gala ond confetti shades. Sizes nudge, norm., long. MAIN FLOOR MEN'S SPORT COATS 1700 Fashion styling and such a low-low price! Assorted colors. Sizes 38 to 44. MAIN FLOOR Oacron Pricillo's white, earth lone Chenille Bedipregd* twin or double size . . Wool or Nylon Yarn Assarted colors. . . Girlt Nylon Slip* can-can style. Sires 4 to 14. . . 44e 1.00 DOWNSTAIRS STORE DOWNSTAIRS STORE SPECIAL) PINWALE CORDUROY Prints and solid colors. 36 Inches wide , 66c yd. SCATTER RUGS Rayon-nylon. Sanddlwood, tan, grey, white, red. Machine Washable ' 25 by 36 25 by 48 1 .50 ACRILAN PILLOWS Lightweight. Non-allergic. Colorful cover BRUSHWOOD SUITINGS Reduced! Solids, tweeds. Machine washable. 44-45 inches wide. . . . 100% COTTON SHEET BLANKETS First quality. Plaids. Size 60 by 76 inches. SATIN BACK DRAPES Modern prints. 90 inches long 1.00 25 by 72 2.50 3.00 88C yd. 1.00 1.88 pair REDUCED! BETTER PIECE GOODS All beftcr qualify. Crease resistant cottons, Ramona cloth. Fashion cottons, plus others! REDUCED! UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL Rayons, nylons. Better quality. 54 inches wide yd. REDUCED! READY MADE DRAPES Fiberglass, cotton & rayons. Prints, solids. 90 inches long REDUCED! DRAPERY MATERIAL Vat-dyed. Prints. 45 inches wide GIRLS' BLOUSES REDUCED! Broken sizes and lots. Terrific values! 2. 3.00 1.33 v , 1.50 GIRLS' SNO-PANTS REDUCED! Nylon or cotton gabardine. Warmly lined. Red, grey, navy. Sizes 4 to 6x GIRLS' LINED JEANS Sizes 3 to 6x 2.00 1.50-2.00 GIRLS' SKIRTS REDUCED! Assorted patterns and solids. Broken sizes GIRLS' PAJAMAS REDUCED! 2 piece cotton flannel. Prints, solids, Sizes 4 to 14 GIRLS' GOWNS REDUCED! Soft warm flannel. Sanforized. Sizes 6 to 14 GIRLS' CORDUROY SLACKS Machine washable. Sanforized. 3 to 6x. 7 to 14 REDUCED GIRLS' DRESSES Sizes 4 to 6x; 7 to 14. GIRLS' SWEATERS REDUCED) Pen-Ion, orlons. Cardigan and slipover styles. Sizes 3 to 14 BOYS' WASHABLE SNOW Knit cuffs. Grey, navy, brown. Sizes 4 to 8 BOYS' CAPS REDUCED! Leathers, cottons. Brown, grey, green. . . 1.00 1.50-2.00 2.00 1.50-2.00 1.50-2.00-3.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 1.00-1.50 BOYS' WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS Full cut. First quality BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Assorted colors. Machine washable. . BOYS' COTTON SWEAT SHIRTS Hooded. Fleece lined. Sizes 8 to 16 BOYS' COTTON FLANNEL SHIRTS Wash 'n Wear. Assorted plaids, solids & stripes. Sizes 4 to 18 BOYS' COTTON DRAWERS Ankle length. Sizes 4 to 16 BOYS' COTTON FLANNEL PAJAMAS Pullover & -i £f| button front. 4 to 8 I • VV BOYS' CORDUROY TROUSERS Stripes & solids. Many colors. Sizes 10 to 20 BOYS' MITTENS REDUCED! Deerskins, cottons, waterproof, fleece lining. Sizes 4 to 12 REDUCED! 54 INCH WOOL FELT Black or brown REDUCED! MEN'S COTTON FLANNEL SHIRTS Sanforized. Long tails. Ass't. plaids. Sizes small, medium, large, extra large MEN'S NAP OUT WORK GLOVES Double thick cotton flannel. MEN'S COTTON WORK SOCKS Nylon reinforced heel & toe. Random or white. Sizes lOli to 13., 12 ,., 1.00 1.50 1.00 1.22 79c-98c 10 to 18 Z.UU 3.00-4.00 66C-1.00 1.00yd 1.50 , 1.00 , 1.00 UNTIL 9:00 P. M; ON FRIDAY FOR THESE TERRIFIC BETWEEN YEAR BARGAINS! ,v WOOL TOPCOATS HAVE MORE STYLE . .. WEAR! • • Every coot In this collection is tail, ored to Penney specifications. Tweeds, velours, cheviots, saxon- ies with roglon or set-In sleeves Grey 'n blue, ton 'n brown. men's'•«•• 38 to 44 regular, long MAIN FLOOR 30°° FASHION BALCONY .00-9.00 4,44 1.50 3.00-4.00 i • - .- . 1.00-1.50 2.00 WOMEN'S BETTER DRESSES Reduced to clear! Juniors, misses, ft and half sizes OB' WOMEN'S SLACKS REDUCED! All wools, corduroys. Sizes 10 to 18 WOMEN'S SWEAT SHIRTS Machine washable. Fleece lined. Sizes small, medium, large. WOMEN'S ROBES REDUCED! Ginghams, chenilles, quilted. Sizes 10 to 18 WOMEN'S BLOUSES REDUCED Cottons. Solids and woven plaids. Sanforized. Sizes 32 to. 38. ..'..., WOMEN'S SWEATERS REDUCED! Orlons, wools, Ian-furs. ., 4 AA O AA C AA Sizes 36 to 40 £»UlrUJUIKMJU WOMEN'S COTTON DRESSES Washable. Misses, half, and extra sizes WOMEN'S JEANS REDUCED! Good styles and colors. Machine washable. Sizes 10 to 20. Good selection! '. WOMEN'S FLANNEL LINED JEANS Cotton flannel lined. Sanforized. ' A I Sizes TO to 16" £.1 • SHOE CLEAN-UP V MEN'S BETTER DRESS SHOES Loafers, dress oxfords, chino brushed oxfords, shu-loks, slip-ons. Sizes 6Va to 12. WOMEN'S BETTER SHOES REDUCED! Sport, dress, comfort, white saddles, flats, and oxfords. Sizes 4Yt to 9. BOYS' SCHOOL ft DRESS OXFORDS Brown or black. Sizes 3V4 to 6. ,. GIRLS' OXFORDS A STRAPS Red, brown, black, patent. Sizes BVi to 3. JR. BOYS' ft GIRLS' SHOES REDUCED! Jr. boys' dress oxfords & »lip-ons. Jr. girls' oxfords. Brown and black. Sizes 12V4 to 3. PRE-SCHOOL OXFORDS ft STRAPS Patent leather straps, crepe sole oxfords. Black or brown. Sizes 314 to 8 LUGGAGE SPECIAL! Companion Case WOMEN'S OVERSHOES REDUCED! Zipper front, fur trimmed. Black brown, blonde. Broken sizes .,., LOUNGING SOCKS REDUCED Sizes for men, women OO^ 4 EA and children OOG"L9U 5.00 3.00 4.00 3. 2. 9. 2. CANDY BUY! ASSORTED Filled ft Hard Candies 25c .AO Fresh, delicious! MAIN FLOOR Girl.' Mittens fr Gloves Wool knit. M 4 i *for Is 1 1.60-2,00 Sires 4 to 14. Boyi' Lined Jeant 10-ounce. Sizes 4-8; 10-14. Men'» Winter Cap* Broken sijei . Men', Work Trouten Broken Sizes 1.00 2.88 DpWNSTAIRJ STOW WANT MORE? Walt till you »•• P«nn»y'» N*W LOW PRICVS durina JANUARY WHITE OOODSI REDUCED WOMIN'5 WINTER OOATS $20 $25 Socsor. fir** fabrics ond colon. Woof and arion pil« int«rJin*nfl|, Misses and hplf sizes. FASHION ULCONY

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