The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 31, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCT. 31, 1939. 'HE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. VAGEMVE' Your Merchants Have Scores of Money-Saving Values to Offer You This Fall! ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT OF MARY JANE TOWNS TO JOHN CHIPPI OF DETROIT Pappe of Ludington. Eagle School Mrs. F. A. Ewald left Thurs- Iday to join her husband in SUMMIT.—The engagement of i Great Falls, Mont. They both Miss Mary Jane Towns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Towns, to John Chippi of De- expect to -return here about Dec. 1. Mrs. C. Johnson will enter- troit was made known Sunday,'tain the West Amber circle of Oct. 29, when Mr. and Mrs. j the Amber Missionary society Towns entertained at dinner. I Thursday afternoon, Nov. 2. The "table appointments were' Miss Marian VanHosen en- carried out in the Hallowe'en jtertained her pupils at a Hal- motif and the place cards were i 1 ^^ ™ party at the school orange and black envelopes an- I Friday afternoon. Children, Official Proceedings COMMISSION PROCEEDINGS October 27, 1939 Special meeting of the Board of Commissioners held at the City Hall, Ludington, Michigan, on Prlclny, October 27, 1939 (it 7:30 o'clock P. M. , - t , . ., _,, , Present His Honor the Mayor citv ! misslontrs ol thp clty of ^udlngton, Attorney, Chief of Police Commission- Mason County, Michigan, as folowa: crs Pell, Bertram, Schmock, Madison Section 1. That for the purpose of Marks, Haller. Nelson, Johnson Ah- 'Ttlring the Tax Anticipation Note of sent none 'he City of Luriington in the amount now desired to provide for the issuance of refunding bonds lor such purpose; and WHEREAS, the Public Debt Commission of the State of Michigan has given Its preliminary approval to the Issuance of refunding bonds In the manner hereinafter provided. NOW THEREFORE. Bo It and It Is Hereby Resolved by the Board of Com- the taxes of the City of Ludington in . Followiricr thp Droeram n box anticipation of the collection of which *,",„•!, | i ,,„! "H ^,, ,." said general obligation CRX anticipation social will be enjoyed and every- nouncing the engagement. r, , , ... , ,. they played games and were Guests were Mr. and Mrs. treated to candy and cider. Paul Weinert and daughter, i Mr and "" Gladys; Dick and Sarajanejed Johnson and Nona the honor guests, came dressed in costume and ISP."""' meeting or the Board or com- CALL FOR A SPECIAL MEETING Ludington, Mich. October 27, 1939. Dean Thompson, City Clerk. You arc hereby requested to call a missioners of the City of Ludington, 01 $43.000, dcKprihcd In the preamble hereto, there be issued $43,000 refunding I bonds of the City of Ludlngtou. ! Section 2. That said refunding bonds i shall be known as '•Refunding Bonds, I Scries 1939," of the City ol Ludington, shall be in the denomination of $1,000 each, shall be numbered 1 to 43, in- at Michigan/ cm PiTdny"thp"27"fh"daV"of elusive, ;ihall be dated November 1, 1939, Octe/b;r, 1939 at 7:30 o'clock P M for I sha11 benr l«t rr cst at the rate of four and one-half percent per annum until paid, said inter;st to be payable semi. _ _. Rasmussen,'Friday evening, Oct. 27. Mi's. O ClinCS Call- I tlu ' consideration of the following bust- the O. Johnson home l "- 8 -?.'- t ? e - 1 * F i m P c - e .. 0 ? $4 3- 000 / c 'ty or ; Ludington. Re-fundirig Bonds, erics 1939, and einy. other business which may MiSS Towns Callers at the C. Johnson Iconic before the meeting. and Mr. Chippi and the host i home Sunday were M! Ewald | and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. j and daughter, Mrs. Cooper, and Towns. 'Mrs. Cooper's son and daugh- Supper guests at the Towns ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle home were Mr. and Mrs. F. Cooper, all of Pentwater. one is cordially invited to come and bring a box. note Is Issued, and which weiv pledged to the payment of said note, have been ond are hereby pledged to the payment of principal of and Interest on tnls bond I ,.,(..„ tpi.-..,,...,".,,, wonm-mii u- iricft and said bond issue. i MIS. rlOlCllCe JNCWmail IS VlSlt- It is hereby certified and recited that \ ing her sister, Mrs. Jeff Griffin, an acts, conditions and things required of Lost lake, and also her iiipcc.s, by law to exist or to be clone* precedent | i\/f rt . to and in the issuance of this uond nnd | lvl1 -- J. F. Pleiness and Mrs. in the incurring of the indebtedness re-1 Sigurd Hansen, before returning * * * * * * •5* IF YOU'RE PLANNING A NEW HOUSE OR IF PLUMBING WORK MUST BE DONE ON THE OLD ONE—CALL EARL AYERS YOUR PLUMBER PHONE 640 When you plan your new home, we'll be glad to help make it easier. E. J. THOMPSON, Mayor. RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION authorizing the Issuance of $43.000. Re-funding Bonds, Series 1039. of the City of Ludington, 1 Mason County, Michigan, fixing the 2 details th.reof and providing for the 3 ami 4 payment thereof. | 5 aru i 6 WHEREAS, pursuant to proceedings ! 7 and 8 properly had by the Board of Commts- j 9 and 10 sioners and to approval duly given by I H and 12 the Loan Board of UK State of Michigan, ' '" ' " the City of Ludington has heretofore issued and now has outstanding its duly authorized and legally binding Tax Anticipation Note in the amount of $43.000. dated September 1. 1939, hear- annually on May 1, and November 1 of each year, shall be payable as to both principal and interest in lawful money of the United States of America at the Kairis Trust and Savings Bank, in Chi- cf.go. Illinois, and shall mature serially in numc'icr.? nrder as follows: Unnd Numbers Amour.. Maturity Date 13 and 14 l r ) and 16 17 and 18 HI and 20 21 and 22 2o to 25 L;C to 23 20 to 31 31: to 34 35 to 37 $1.000 1,000 2000 2.000 2.000 2,000 2,000 2.000 2.^00 2-OflO 2.000 2.000 3.000 3.0HO 3.000 3,r.OO 3.000 3.000 3.030 November 1, 1941 November 1, 1942 November 1, 1943 Novernber 1. 1944 November 1, 1945 November 1, 1946 November 1. 1947 November 1, 1948 November 1, 1949 Nove-mber 1. 1950 November 1, 1951 November 1, 1952 November 1, 1953 November 1. 1954 November 1, 1955 November 1, 1956 November 1, 1957 November 1. 1958 November 1, 195P That said bonds shall be ... i ing interest at the rate of Ilvt percent •;« per annum, and due February 29 1940' * i and .;. WHEREAS, said note is secured bv tiixr<; In .mticipatlon of the collection ! 38 to 40 C'f \vhlch it. was issued p.r.d it. is also a I 41 to 43 * ! general obligation or the City of Luc!- I Section 3. -- •;• Ington. and the full faith and credit of executed in the name of the City of •'- said city is pledged to its payment; and Ludtngton by the Mayor of said ciy. and <•> . WHEREAS, the City of Ludington has shall be countersigned by the City Clerk, v no funds available for the payment of land shall have the corporate seal of the •j* I thr note and has not. and will not have v , funds available for the payment of the v I note when it falls due on February 2ii, HI40 and the financial condition of the tired by the Issuance of this bond did exist, have happened and have been done and performed. In regular and due form and time, as required by law, and that the Indebtedness of said city, in- , eluding this Lond, does not exceed any limitation imposed by law. j IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, said City by its Board 01 Commissioners, has caused this bond to be signed by its Mayor and to be s.aled with Its corporate s*.nl, countersigned by the pity Clerk, and th_ coupons hereto attached to be signed by said Mayor and City Clerk by their respective facsimile signatures, which oliiccrs do respectively, by the execution hcr.of, adopt as and lor their proper signatures their respective facsimile signatures appearing on said coupons, all as of the first day of November, 1939. E. J. THOMPSON, Mayor. Countersigned: DEAN THOMPSON, City Clerk. (Form of Coupon) j Oh the first day of .—, 19—, the I City of Ludington, Mason County, Ivllcn- igan, will pay to bearer Dollars ($ ) in lawful money of the United States of America at the Harris Trust ar.-i Savings Bank, in Chicago, Illinois, for interest due that day on its Rotund- ing Bond, S.ries 1939, dated the first day ol November, 1939, No. • . E. J. THOMPSON, Mayor. Countersigned: DtAN THOMPSON, City Clerk. Section 3. That for the purpose of to her home in Kersey. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Griffin and son, Bob, of Bitely, visited relatives last week including Mr. and Mrs. Art Andersen, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pleiness and Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Griffin. Mrs. Martha Andersen and daughter, Miss Capitola, who i have taken an apartment in whprp Miss WlltJie IVllbS providing for the payment of said bonds and the; interest thereon there be and tli: re Is hereby appropriatd a sum suf- itola p'ans to attend school, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Fred Griffin on their return. The little canary, who has occupied a prominent place in the J. F. home, died Saturday. Guests at (he Pleiness home have been charmed with the sweet melodies and the remarkable intuition of the little bird which was 11 years old. Ouster Mrs. Sam Martin of Spring Valley, Wis., arrived in Freesoil Friday evening to spend some time with her daughter,, Mrs. Cecil Lydic. Clifford Tubbs, Loyal Bagley, Edward Karas and Irving Howell attended a Soil Conser- and th.-interest thereon there be and ' vation meeting ill Cadillac Pri- IF YOU ARE THINKING Of building a new home—let us, with our years of experience, help you plan this, home. We are sure that we can offer many suggestions that will not only help in its construction, but will save you. money. If finances are bothering you, drop in--we could possibly help you to work out something. The Ludington Lumber Company "For Correct Time iPhone 99." illlU hlUlll nnvu nn; v^ui j/-jm i-v, >JI~M.I •-•*. « | «•!,„. , ,.- •• - if I\ citv impressed thereon, and interest ac- i i-cltnt for that purpose and for the uros r' day. erulng on said bonds prior to maturity fhal be evidenced by coupons to be thereto attached, such coupons to be purpose i>i provi^'.nt -->r the levy and collection of a direct, annual tax :>uf- ficient to pay the interest on said bonds ... ... ... .» aim LUC iii.iiuuuu euiiunum oi mo tneteto aLLaciieu, seicii uemi-iunn v-w tj*~ ~ - - -- »--.- -«• — -• «....« » w **v.u municipality is such that it is necessary is'iuicd by the Mavor and City Clerk by as it falls eiue and also to provide a tu refund said note as a matter of sound ' their respective 'facsimile signatures. | sufftri. nt. sink-,™ f,,r,ri tn ™,, „„* ,,!„_ municipal ilnancc; and 1 vhich officers shall by the execution of WHEREAS, Act No. 13 of the Public I said bonds adopt as and for their re- Acts of Michigan, 1932, as amended, ! fpective proper signatures their fac- * Remember? appearing on said note, subject to "the" approval of the Pub- j "section 4. That said bonds and cou- lic Debt Commission of the State of i pons shall be in substantially the fol- ! Michigan; and i lowing form. I WHEREAS, the holders of the out- (Form of Bond) I ..landing Tax Anticipation Note above ! UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ; d. scribed have agreed to accept refund- ' STATE OF MICHIGAN : Ing bonds In exchange therefor and to ! COUNTY OF MASON make such exchange at par. and it is I CITY OF LUDINGTON I REFUNDING BOND, SERIES 1039 , Numh rr $1,000.00 It isn't VyiR ago that a man had to buy a shirt several sires large to avoid the possibility of ReltiiiK into this fix. But American in;;cnuily came to the rescue with pre-shrunk fabrics . . . that have saved us millions in money and trouble. NOW YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME ADVANTAGES IN PAINTI O'Brirn Paints arc now made with TunR Oil that is actually prr-fltnuik before it is mixed with the other ingredients. The M-crct is O'Brien's Patented Thcrmolyzing (heat treating) process. The results arc much longer wear . . . better lustre nnd color . . . anel real Wiishability. There's an O'Hrirn Paint for evcjy painting purpose . . . and llicy come in the smart, new colors. Buy or specify O'Brien when you paint. Stop at our store for color cards. Quality Paint and Decorating Company PHONE 903-R O ' B R IE N hc-Shmk P A I NT S E H S I I WHEN YOU NEED ELECTRICAL WORK DONE—CALL AND SONS PHONE 4 Let us help you plan your wiring problem in your new home or a job for your old home. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the City of Ludington, Mason County. State of Michigan, hereby acknowledges its self to owe and for _ the principal thereof at maturity, there be and thi_rc Is hereby levied upon I all taxable property in said city in each year while any of said bonds or coupons : remain outstanding a direct, annual tax sufficient for that purpose, and the proper ofiicia s of said city shall in each year make due and sufficient provision therefor, all as directed and empowered by the laws of the State of Michigan. '.uie pioce*.us of cue uixe's levied lor ine I payment of principal of and interest i on said refunding bonds, as in this sec- i tion provided, shall be segregated and , kept apart from the proceeds of other i taxes levied by the City of Ludington, i and shall be used and applied solely to the paym.nt of said principal and interest. received promises to pay to bearer becui r,-, r,r nnn Thnnsnnrt Dollars ($1.000) for the tion and surrender of the Interest cou- poiu 1 hereto attached as they severally I cccmc due. Both principal h-reof and Int'rcft hrreon are hereby made payable at Harris Trust and Savings Bank, in Chicago. Illinois. For thr prompt payment of this bond, both principal and Interest, at matur- tt.v. and for the levy and collection of taxes sufficient for that purpose, th fu'l faith, credit and resources of said city are hrreby irr vccably pledged. '• Tliiv bond, toncehir with the issue of, which it is a part, is issued by said city for-UK-purpose of retiring a legally m- ,,,.,,..,:,.. ,„„.....-,.„ .~ r-j -- - , , bl;( ;Lion 6. That as additional security , -urn of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) for the payment of the, principal of and : i-uvful JMOIIPV of the United States I interest on said bonds, and not in lieu cf America'on the first day of Novem- " f fhr -'—<— "«HO ,„ *..„,,„„ s , brr. in , with inter, si thereon at the }:>'• of four iuid one-half percent (4 1 .'', ) p'r annum from the date hereof until paid, payable semi-annually on th first day of May and the first day of November "of each year, on presenta- ol the provisions .nade in Section 5 i above for the levy of an annual ad valor, m tax for the purpose, the uncolk.ct- cd taxes in antic.pation of the collcc- Uon of which the tax anticipation note which is being refunded by the issuance -•f said bends was authorized and issued, are hereby pledged to the payment of WHY Build Your Own Home Right Now Is the Time to Plan It—We Can Give You Full Information on F. H. A. LOANS—Labor and Material Is " Low—There Never Was a Bet. ter Time. 1 principal ol and interest on said re- .uncling bonds, and it is hereby dirtct- .d that said taxes as collected wliall be :«t aside in a Kp.cial fund and shall be ised solely for th. ; purpose of the payment of principal of and interest on the icfunding bonds herein authorised. Section 7. That said refunding bonds hail be pr.paivd and executed as soon u: may bj after the adoption of this .•(solution and shall be thereupon cle- .ivered to the holders of the note which s to be refunded, provided however, hat simultaneously with th-3 delivery i."urd and vahdlv binding general Ob- |'°f said rcUindins bonds the tax an- llr-atlon tax anticipation note of said- licipation note .uereiiiabove described cltv rtuiiwilpnt in principal amount to n»d which is to l;e refunded by th: is- ., ' : ; , .,* ,,f l\-,n 4c:c11n rtf SUallCe Of MlLCl I'C.l 11H fl i H (T hnllflK fhnl' UK- principal amount of the issue of which tlvs bond is a part, as nuthor- l7rd ly th" Constitution and laws of the S'.atc of Michigan, and particular- lv Act No. 13 of the Public Acts of Michigan. Extra Session. 1932, as amended, and bv the charter of said city, and is authorised by resolutions duly and properly passed by the Board of Com- mlrslrnTs cf said city and by order of the Public Debt Commission of th^State 'of Michigan. As additional r,e- curlty for the payment of this bond and the issue of which it forms a part YOU CAN BUILD THAT HOME of YOUR OWN! of said refunding bonds, dial be deliycr.d to the city in exchange for said refunding bonds and shall be simul- tuneously canceled. Section 8. 'lhat after said exchange nnd cancellation have been complct d the City Clerk shall cause to be submitted to the Public Dcpt. Commission of the S^atj of Michigan due proof thereof. . Stctlon 9. That all resolutions or parts thereof in conflict herewith be. and the same arc hereby repealed, and this resolution shall take effect imm.diatcly after its passage and approval. Adopted and approved this 27th clay of October 1939. E. J. THOMPSON, Mayor. Attest: Dean Thompson, City Clerk. i Moved l.y Johnson nnd supported by ! Marks th,\t the resolution be ace pt d • and adopted. Roll call, yens el;.;ht. Pell, I Bertram, fchmock, Madison, Marks. Hal- I Icr, Nelson, Johnson. Navs none. Car- i rled. * j Commissioners Hallrr and Schmock i came in and took their seats during th_reading of the resolution. RESOLUTION of Ludington RESOLVED that the City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to make | application on brhalf of the City of j Ijudington for a permit closing Trunk ! Line US-10 b. twecn James Street and Rath Avenue on Oct. 31, 1939; and that the City of Ludington wlil indemnify and save harmless thi State of Michigan and the State Highway Commissioner from all claims of every kind arising out of the said closing. j I hereby certify that the- foregoing is a true copy of a r solution adopted by -said Commission at a special meeting I held Friday. Oct. 27, 1939 and that said I resolution is in force. I Signed, DEAN THOMPSON, i Title, City Clerk. j Dated Oct-jber 27. 1939. I Moved by P 11 and supported by Marks I that the n solution be ace pti'd and ' 'idopted. Roll call, yens eight, Pell, ! Bertram, Sc'-mock, Madison, Marks, I Haller, Nelson, Johnson. Nays none. ! ! Carried. | Moved by Madison and supported by | Bertram to grant a building permit to i Albert Bo-reman. Carried. ! Moved by Haller and supported by Marks to adjourn. Carried. DEAN THOMPSON, City Clerk. USE THE FHA TO BUILD, REMODEL OR IMPROVE YOUR PROPERTY! It's no longer an impossible task to build and pay for a home of your own . . . thousands of families are doing it on moderate incomes! An FHA Loan enables you to build a new home, live in it and pay for it as you would ordinarily pay rent! The Abrahamson Nerheim Co. has the plans, materials, and will be glad to advise you without the slightest obligation. 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