The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE MALVfetm LfeAfrtft, MALVfeftK> IOWA, JUNE S. 1933 tilt MALVEftN LfcAPfett, MAtVtRN, IC-WA^ JUMfe ft, PAGtFtV* Hear »t Optimistic in Addfe** It! the F* M* B. Banquet Fonefal of tt. ft, Newton * Today At P«tt6* at Glenwood Friday services for Horace j Dayton Newton wftt 6e fcetd i -'-•;-•• Pacific JtracUon this (fnttrii*i? 150 Attend AruittsU Affair I afternoon. Borlal Win be in tb .. »,,^_^. ^j^ '-jatejBKHrtfe cemetery. Mr. Newton who had been ill . for some time passed away More than 150 farmers and merchants of Mills connty ban- trtreted together Friday evening when the annual Farmers Mer- tnants Bankers banquet was held day at the age ol flfty-o»e years ten months, and eleven days. He fa a son-in-law of Billy Martin. In the Dropped, at howerer, for the first time since the annual affair was started six years ago, was th« name of the bankers from the program. ' Following the banquet, which many attending considered one of (he best ever served at these affairs, a program of music was | given with Mrs. June M. Fickelf e " cn of Hastings presiding as toast- inaster. Witty, Mrs. FJckel kept all gnests in high spirits and enabled the program to progress with smoothness, Hearst Speak* Chas. Hearst of Des Molnes, president of the Iowa Farm Bn- Wifi* Purple Heart Citation Edwin E. Hayes, formerly o this connty bnt now in the U. 8 Veterans Hospital at Knoxrtlle was recently awarded the Pnrple Heart citation for serrtce July 28, 1918, at Chateau Thierry. He was in Co. I in the World war. reatt and rice president of toe American Farm Bureau federation, was the mala speaker of the evening, airing a detailed and extensive outlln? pf the work dongj *by farm organization toward get* ting national relief legislation, Mr. Hearst talked for nearly an hour. Mis talk, while he told ot while somewhat too detailed, was interesting. Appreciating the length of the program Wayne ft. Choate, editor of the Olenwood Opinion-Tribune, made a very short talk, extolling the annual banquets and urging that the 1934 affair, which Will be in Malrern, be supported loyally. Wm. H. Rodabaugh, president of the Olenwood Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the guests efforts which failed as well as the successes, was fairly optimistic and he bettered that the present higher price trend would continue. ChOAte Talks Legislation toward surplus control, Inflation and public works was described by Mr. Hearst and his anallzatlon of the problems of to this. For the tnuBlcal part ot the program Vetnott Bobbitt, accompanied by Mrs. Zelma Fletcher, sang three tenor solos. A male quartet, accompanied by Miss Lela Raines, also sang three songs, and Georgia Marie and Harry Hilton gare an entertainment of cornet music and chalk talks. Miss Helen F. Jones played the accompaniment for this feature. Rev. Roy E. Ougeler returned the banquet. LOCAL SPORTS All Stars Defeat Merchants in First McCuIlouffh Batting Too Much for Opponent* • in Kittenball With a crowd of spectators which would have delighted the town baseball team the first kit- tenball game of the season was played Thursday evening, the All Stars defeating the Merchants in the tilt, 27 to 15. And It was all excellent entertainment. ,... JJTe^ All Stan kept comparatively quiet during the first half of the game, but opened up during the last few Innings to run in an amazing score. "Ping" Me- Cullough, start of the late Chanticleer club, popped a suspender button when he knocked a home run the first time up and al though he repeated the batting performance on each succeeding time, he refused to run fast enough to get beyond first base. The Merchants took a term ot dissatisfaction with their pitchers, had Homer Jackson, Lynn Mullen, and L. R. Saar in the box during the same inning. Big Paul Hertz, able twirler for the Ail Stars, varied a fas' ball with a slow ball, greatly mys lifted opposing batsmen until they caught on to his style. In the All Stars lineup were Hertz, McCullough, Felton Jones, Karl Jones, B. McCord, Sidney Larson, Carl Paulson, Clifford Mackey, GUIs Graves, Gilbert Good. On the Merchants team were Leonard Anderson, Homer Jackson, Pale Dyke, L. R, Saar, Shorty Storer, Russell Bigger' staff, Lynn Mullen, Charles ghere, Harry Zanders, Gene Herta. during the season. Under Piper's tutelage the Plymouths have been formed while McFall has designated bis club as the Oilers. On the latter are Mike Dunn, McFall, Leonard Duval, Hugh Picket, Bam Walker, Albert Johnson, Bob Paulson, Charles Raine, Vern Walker, Max Dashner. and Charles Shore. On the Plymouth lineup will be Cecil Butts, Earl Jones, Ed piper, Harry Dunn, Harry Galliher, ''elton Jones, Ward Roberts, Albert Johnson, Dewey Durick, Lyman Foster. Jane '8$ All Stairs vs. JMjfr mouths. June mouths. June chants. All postponed games will be played on Friday evenings. Players must bring 6c to care for expenses for hats, balls, etc. 18; Boosters vs. Ply- 13; Firemen vs. Mer- Firemen Batsmen Lose to Boosters Unable to properly handle the able pitching of Gerald Caldwell, the Firemen kittenball team dropped their first game Monday evening to the Booster ten, 10 to f. The Boosters gained an early ead and kept well ahead of their opponents. Pitching for the Firemen were Oscar Hall and B. McCord, from both of whom Booster batters gained numerous hits. Fielding on both teams ettll showed room for Improvement and accounted, more than expert batting, tor most ot the scoring. Malvern Defeats Emersonian Nine t i Hoover Pitches <*ood Game to Win 6*3 Tilt S * ."^^TVlr^ Maiveru'8 town after a airing o! dtfeatt, off Sunday to defeat tie son town nine, 6 to 3, on the En> erson diamond. Young Gene HOOT ver, In the bos for Malvern, gave i a smooth perjorpjaftce, aettioe 14 i llrike cuts and allowing JJmeraon' but six hits. Eineraon kept a slight lead la scoring until the eighth Inning when the Malvernlans brought In {our ruos. Felton Jones kept the Emerson defense on Us toes by pounding out two 3-baae hlta and s single in four triea. Mijlholland and Phelps ot the Malvern lineup also did superior work at bat. Zanders caught for Malveru and Pete aud Quy Hvnvtswau aud Graham were the battery (or eroon. The lojcal ulue plays the Oak All Star* on the Fair Orouuds dl»mo»d k«r» »**t Merchant* Win From Oiler Ten After a defeat a few days previously. Captain L. R. Saar an<J his Merchants kWenball teais started a, heavyThtttlog spree Tuesday evening to defeat the Oilers, 18 to 13, Although Cap, Uln Jlp McFall of the Oilers 41* l"a«{?d kit men with masterly •kill, they were JJB*bl9 to opBOBents. -^,, :- Heaw m **** Hew TeAmi Enter Kittenb^ - fur v»l«Sf lor f ubitt tw* n u- ****** Almost a track m»»t Wa» tne oaseball game Sunday between the Dutchmen, ot the t*<W4 J««t north of Jjjftltern, and Mud Greek (a which the forme; won by a 38 to 9 tally. Managed by E4win ^eu, the Rutcb»eB hammered steadily away p a the «u4 Creek a e i4 wtthcut opposition. Playing steadily together ulaee early itprluj, tbi» tea» has a, atroag Uueup. They plaij Swimming Suit SPECIAL S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S^S|S^SHSHMSMSiaMMH^ Saturday, June 10th! Come and See the Pool and Swim! FUNf THIS WEEK OILY One Lot Boys and Girls Suits, Blue and Bed, Special at ea6h*......... One Lot Mens and Womens Suits, Blue, Red, and Black, Special at, eaeh... Try and buy them for less than 59c to 75c each elsewhere. 35« 39' Cleaning , PriceS STORE OPEN EVENINGS Suits *.*,.* » a »* Pants ^___ _^ Plain Dress _.— ,-7S<j Top Coat .»» &&A& «7fie Overcoat --**.» si»«a91 Ladies 1 Coats, fur collar — *|1.28 Ladies' Coats, fur collar and cuffs — -- _— $1»SO Quality Service ' Price MALVERN CLEANERS Mr. and Mrt. f. It. XUeheUwger GALLIHER'S Summer Specials -S-A-V-E WE SELL RETAIL IT WHOLESALE PRICES Malvern Friut Co. Sipr $1 3, My, and August we will make especially low price* i on all jobs of Computer Partial Overhauling of your motora. ^,.,^ v , j-.,- _-.. j, .^.fii .•'..•..........,. -.-.;•). ..-.-.. -^-^.i--,----..^. , - ;J , --]--•.-;.-" "•--'•••- - . ' - .:.L_. j% Wheh you come in to take & swim, leave your car and we will give it the once over and tell you just what it needs. Yours for more summer business. H. A. GALLIHER, GARAGE Buicks and Buick Service 49 Ik. tick Flair Tall Cafii Pink Miller'* 3 pkgi. j Certo, »«r bettl«..«,*»».i.-. Jelly Spoon Fr*« with each bottle. St»W*t L*«i«»e», No, 2 Siz« Corn, Qt, Site Pcaftufi ghetti. 4 •Checte, . 21bi. No. 2V 8 Site Peachet of ApricoU, 2 cans 4 iMltSrtr.—JOO jGood I Broom*. Bacon, Bros Coffee Juttentut Coffee Hill* Bros, Coffee K: Large Size K. C. Baking Powder, 25 oz. per can Save on Foods the wonder Majestic KEFRI6ERATOR jcatt tiow be bought for as low as $98 50 **** DELIVERED You'll marvel at the savings and convent* ence of a Majestic Refrigerator this warm weather. Thirty out* standing features make it the remarkable buy of the year. Learn of the ELECTKO-SEALED Compressor — the most remarkable of any electric refrigerator — which is on all De Luxe models. A Majestic will really let you save on food.costs. Salvers Auto Co. Malvern Mal-Co Quality FeedS Save You Money, Let the Kids Go Swimming with the Difference. 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STORE MALVERN • ' •"• Mi ™ ••^""^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"•••^^•^••^^^•^•^••i^BBBi^B^i^Bi^^M^BBBHBB^BBBBpM^^M^MMB^M^MMiiMWBww"*"^^^^^^^^^^^"^^™™™""" . •' ' .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HilHHIIIHHI^HI^I^^HilHIiHHIH^HHIHII^HHI^Hi^^Hii^^HHHIl^HBiHlBHIi^H^^Hi^iB Clean, Healthy Water for Swimming | QpriviMn SATURDAY alvern Municipal ING POOL ICE CREAM Always Call for Nishna Valley Ice Cream Healthy, delicious, cooling—you'll enjoy Nishna Valley Ice Cream. ~ Always call for it when ordering /* for parties, family dinners or — cones and dishes. CT. V '';% **N You'll enjoy this Sweet Cream Ice Cream — made from cream produced on Mills County farms, MALVERN COLD STORAGE CO. "You are Panting These Hot Days for Cool Pants" Don't Miss these Buying Opportunities BBBBBBM^''^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . . SWIM . . Boys' Wash Pants, Ducks included -98c Men's Seersucker, White Ducks, White Drills, 98c, $1.25, $1.50, $1.95 Summer Sweaters, Young Men's .$1.29 Beau Brummell New Summer Shirts $1.00 Flannell All Wool Young Men's Trousers, Tan, Greys and* Nubs $3.95 Straw Hats, Toyp, Pan- S Come to Malv tottte : cojnmi asnable Sponge 9Sc, $1.49, $1.98 .Summer Fey Belts SOc and 59c » iurday, June 10, and swim in the fine Municipal Pool which was donated ,,W' Boehner. You'll thrill to the fun of swimming in FRESH WATER, t'poo) is 196 feet by 72 feet) and you'll enjoy us- E^psiggappsa^w &*.»«£•«& -^- Our Loss and Your Gain! We're CLOSING OUT our entire stock of fine Wash Dresses BATHIHG SUITS for Men, Women, Children Rubber Bathing, Caps for the Family, Any Grade. • Bathing Belts, Rubber — I9c White Interlined Work Sox, Men's, Special — «.—lOc .Shorts and Shirts _25c iWork Panamas and Bandanas SOc 60.000 M- Fresh Filtered Water DAILY 10. JON A SWIM CLASS! Classes will be starM pfeortly by qualified instructors and those from nearby communitiajwin be allotted convenient time for meeting. WE CORDIALLY MITE EVERYONE FROM MILLS, FREMONT, PACE, MONTCOAt AND POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTIES adm. **»**» J. E. Randcrson, «•** Clean, Honest Bargains for Shopping These things will Up Soon! Why not do that repairing and rebsJJdtog now before prices take the rise which! is bound to come shortly? Even if you don'tItftve tfme V : do the actual work until teter in-ittf ;§!*»?»§?* it WOUld be Wise to buv the material while the Children under 12 years mentary Sunday ets admitted I compli* 901 Tick- 'REE School Children presenting grade cards get FREE SWiM Spectators admitted to Pool Area FREE on opening day Saturday Every single dress included and all are of No. 1 quality. We're taking a loss on every garment in order to move them quickly. SATURDAY ONLY A special in the Beauty Shop. Our Croquignole or Combination Permanent Wave, at only Miladv Beautv & Dress Shoo Phone 90 Mr», O. A, Strahan M»lv«m EVERT No sport is more healthy or enjoyable during the summer weather. And in case of sore muscles, sun burn, remember that we have COLD CREAMS S * L¥ES UMWEHTSl UMWEMTS We'll be glad to suggest the one most suitable to your need. BATHING CAPS A good cap will last the season or more. We ; have the best as well as inexpensive caps. COLLINS DRUG COMPANY would be wfae to buy the materiel prjcei are §Q |QW, W§ have? ~ J " THIS SPECIAL Offer on Recife for Health Daily Swim Plenty of Suiwhine DEUC10US FRESH *wf'f*j iL&? ^MffMH^ 1 "p^iw^Wi », «t«* to the Pool Saturday and All kind* of lumber Cement} aanc Tile, brick* Po«U, (Heel and We'll l?e glad t» quote pricee on Th« Red & White $Ur« Do your Trading in this friendly Town Enjoy the Pool! AFTER THE PLUNGE come to the - City Meat Market The Malvern w iU open Saturday for the season' Come In .and get whit you wa»t fiw - j -nicaie J«»eb »» d stay 8 U day sn4 evening* HAM HAM HAM UVEB 8AVSAGB SUSIAIEH of Deardorff GROCERY Join the rest of the crowd an4 buy Ricnelleu and Baby BtU' art Quality Goods, Coffee, Richelieu, O. E. DAVIS After the Swim - - Try our Gelatine, Richelieu, 't-f^f^^f^fyfVSW^TPWtSf^ Ginger Ales Deborah's and Red Star, Ws havt Picnic , Pistes, Paper P»pr,. Paper Plates, Paper Potato Malted Milk* w .,*,^.ww, AU Flavor Creams lull It's a credit to any town. Use it often this sum' mer. And if you want to save on Building Material We suggest that you buy now before the inevit* able price rise, Bread. Maivern, *" edneadayB Storage Bins, Fencing W.e have good grades at reasonable costs. .Get them ready now to use when needed. When you want Service, Quality, Pri«e eone to the Gearhart lumber Co* J, W, M^Nulty, M»r, ' %"-• r x^^fpt»:

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