The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 11, 1997 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1997
Page 18
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BB_SUNDAY,jyiXV^11, 1997 LIFE THE SALINA JOURNAL Wish / God prepared them for this FROM PAGE B1 "We'll take them," the woman replied. It was Rose Malavolti speaking. " 'I said, 'You haven't even spoken to your husband!'," Teran recalls. "She said. "From the time my husband and I got married, God has been preparing us for this.' " Journey to Laredo In January, the Malavoltis, accompanied by their two youngest children, arrived in Laredo to meet the Blanca's three sons and six daughters, including 19-year- old Erica, a new mother herself, who had temporarily left her husband in Wisconsin to help out. The couple was immediately touched by what they witnessed that first day. They saw Edgar, 7, impish with his gap-toothed smile, scurry to pick up smaller siblings who had tumbled down the stairs. They saw Juan Pablo, 5, unwrap a lollipop but hand it over to a sister who enviously eyed it. And they saw Jacqueline, 3, tenderly pat little Kenya as she cried. Only the eldest two — 17-year- old Eric and 14-year-old Wendy — were told that day why Rose and Al were there. The Malavoltis carried a photo album to Blanca's hospital room, where they paged through it, showing her Christmas and vacation snapshots featuring their three sons and daughter. Her mind clouded by morphine, she nodded in and out, but told Teran, who was translating, "They seem like nice people." Blanca Enriquez, an illegal alien, had no money or job, but she had a legacy: her children. And with so little, she had done so much to instill in them love for one another. "They were normal, healthy, happy kids. I knew what would happen in that situation if they had to split up," Al says. "I knew how much more we had to offer them than that." But blood ties stirred some powerful emotions the next day. Two of the children's fathers were known, and neither had provided support or expressed interest in taking them. But some of Blanca's brothers and sisters wanted the children to remain in Texas, though no one could afford to care for the entire brood. Anna Laura Cavazos Ramirez, an attorney who provided legal help, sat in Blanca's hospital room for four hours as she ar- gued — in person and by phone — with oldest son Eric, who couldn't decide about the move, and with her siblings and in-laws. "She kept saying, 'These are MY children. This is MY decision. You are not going to provide for them the life I'd like them to have,' " Cavazos Ramirez remembers. "She was crying through the whole thing. I had to step out. It was just the saddest thing I've ever seen." Finally, with Blanca unwavering, her family acquiesced. Then Cavazos Ramirez presented Blanca papers to relinquish custody of her children, carefully explaining the documents, word by word. By then, 17 people — family, friends, hospital workers and the Malavoltis — had packed the room. All were in tears, including the notary public. With pen in hand, Blanca paused to ask a question. A nervous Teran translated for the Malavoltis, eager to capture every nuance of a moment that signaled the end of one family and the beginning of another. "Vas a querer a mis hijos?" Blanca asked. Teran repeated in English: "Will you love my children?" "They're all I've ever had in my life," she said. "They're all that matters to me." "I bent down and held her hand," Rose recalls. "I said, 'All children are precious in God's eyes and we will do our best to love them. Children are precious to us as well.' " Then, sobbing, saying goodbye to her children with every stroke of the pen, Blanca scrawled her signature. She died a month later, on Feb. 12. One month after that, Cavazos Ramirez went to court, seeking permission for the Malavoltis to take the children to Illinois, pending formal adoption. A judge visited with Eric and Wendy, asked the attorney questions, then gave his approval. On the children's last day in Texas, Wendy visit ed her mother's grave. There, she grabbed a clump of dirt with a pebble in it and stuffed it in her pocket. "The little ones really didn't understand," Esther says. "The older ones, they looked relieved. It was like, 'OK, mom. We're do- ing what you said you want us to do.' They didn't cry- There was a smile behind the sadness. It was like, 'This is for you.' " Swing on the porch In this far northern Illinois city, a quaint Dutch colonial sign at the end of a cul-de-sac announces the house Al Malavolti built with his own hands. It's an inviting place: A white swing sways on the front porch, a stuffed bear reading a magazine rocks on a hallway chair, and a trampoline sits out back. The Malavoltis have the old- shoe comfort of a couple who soon will celebrate their 24th anniversary: They know each other's foibles, they tickle each other's funny bones. At 46, Al, an engineer, is soft- spoken and wiry with an unflappable demeanor, an easy smile that widens beneath aviator eyeglasses and a flannel-shirted, outdoorsy look that befits a man with a forestry degree and a carpenter's skills. At 43, Rose, with her pixie cut and tiny pearl earrings, is sentimental but self-deprecating, a born storyteller who does some public speaking about faith, and animatedly quotes everyone from Albert Schweitzer to Mother Teresa, tossing out adages that seem destined to be needlepointed. Rose, who now teaches religion at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, insists she knew she'd adopt ever since her fourth- grade teacher told the class poignant stories about her days in an orphanage. As a principal, teacher and "They're all I've ever had in my life. They're all that counselor ' she matters to me." Blanca Enriquez speaking of her nine children before her death " SOMETHING FOR' EVERYONE! , and Ifit ("LASS QUALITY olu-ai/t, and. .. Jutttfor FUN! 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Nov. 6-24 (19 days) 2,884 Ca/f or writ* lor 1997 Catalog 000 M««dowbrook, tmllnm t-000-028-7710 (913)825-0881 In the MaJavolti house, those 13 and older shower in the morning; the younger ones bathe at night. Bedtimes are staggered. After dinner, some children do dishes, some prepare lunches for the next day. The couple's youngest biological son, 8-year-old Gabriel, already a generous child, has learned to share even more: his toys, his room with two other boys and, perhaps hardest of all, his parents. Rachel, 16, gets up early in the morning and sometime helps dress the little ones. The freshly minted family sits in two full church pews, consumes up to 12 gallons of milk and washes 36 loads of laundry a week, and travels in a 15-seater 1981 Ford van bought from a church at a giveaway price. They've received many donations, too: a hot-water heater from Al's boss at Sundstrand Corp., two freezers, even a side of beef. One adoptive mother with 10 kids sent a $165 check along with some advice: "The one thing I learned with children is pray, pray, pray." Money, though, remains a big concern, so they plan to seek financial adoption assistance from Texas once the legal process is complete, which should happen within less than six months. In the meantime, the new members of this ready-made family continue to adjust. In Texas, Wendy would awake at 5 a.m., check the weather reports and make sure her brothers and sisters were dressed properly. Here, Rose gently told her, she could stop being a mother — and start being a 14-year-old. Some of them also face cultural and legal barriers: Jacqueline, 3, is only now learning English, and Eric and Wendy are illegal aliens who won't become citizens until the adoption is final. But Rose and Al love them, and the children — all eight of them — are together. Every Sunday night, this new family has a prayer service and talk about what they're grateful for. 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