The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 8, 1976 · Page 10
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 10

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1976
Page 10
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THEY'RE ALL IN REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES Fertis Fills (Mi.) Tues., Junes, 1976 Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising The DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible tor errors in Classified Ads after the first insertion. For corrections, dill 7367513 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. FEED-SEED W^CHINERYOF all kinds. Tractor pans. Tires, treated posts. Roman Roers, 21B-367-W)). FAR«ALL INTERNATIONAL M Irauor, *kie Ironl *tth late motfel farn-Jiana IcMer. 7CT-3J37. VERVEER IRRIGATION Sales and Service. Asher Cordes, Henning, Minn. SB3 31S4 FRONT MOUNT cultivator, i ro» lor Allis 0 17. Front mourn for Voline 30! 60?. 4 ro* (root mounl (cr M I.M.C. Case 4 row rear mcum. J.D. 4rowrear mount. Also new 4, *, S row All.'ed ciriiiva:ors Tysdal Miller Ir.c LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanied. Any iiie. Have out of state orders Can pay highest prices. Cneck our prices before you fen. 33 years s>( dependacHe ser«:ce. Gorocn Ness, He<ior, Minn. 612-8*82727. LIST YOUR livesiock lor custom processing. (<'"' n ff Monflays. Ttesday ana V/ecnescByl. Call Bill Maitirton, Ptwr.e J3i J314. Lake Region Industries. LIVESTOCK AND horse trailers for sale, all types in stock. We trdde and rnance. We sell corral panels. Double AA Western, 7U-2276. WANTED TO buy: Feeder pigs. Neal OoodM^n. Osakis, Minn. Ph. 8S9-2495. - WAHTED TO buy — good clean feeder pigs, a IDS and up. Nesiande Feeder p:gs. Fairfax. Mrinesota. PtTpne 507-4J6-763A. FOR SALE: 6 Heiefwd brood CQ*S. stxr.e w^:n calves ai skJe. Also genlle Family milk CQW to If eshen soon. Ken Ur-jen. Vin'rw, Wlinn. WANTED TO Our DaDy catve^ Glenn Rog-.ess, pnone ?i?-92<)7. WANTED SPRINGING refers and cov-s. AIM comp'.ete herds and YOLftg Cdiile, Have out o> stare orders. Roger Kraus, Long . Prairie, 612 73! WO or 7322256. 2«T JOHN Deere baler with thrower. 3 years old. «,<00. 1550 Otiief desrt, 3 po-'nl hiich, d'.al hydraulic, new tires ard cab I4.W 3SS-3134. FOR SALE new rear mount 4-6 and J row crop cvdivators. Used cull- i valors. Inferstate Service. 7M- 7122 Ferg-.s Fjlls FOR SALE 15 A 1 used s*aihers, used OMC m cor.&ikner for A'<we) 30 throL^h 81 swatners. Ir.iersfate Servxe. 736 7122 Fergus Falls. FOR SALE used OA1C W(J nr^i*fr- corvd^tioner. sew Gehi mo'wer- ccnd:iior.ers. interstate Sec^ce. 734-7122 Fergus Fails. WANTED 8iG saddle hcrses. . Paying top dollar. Also disabled '- hcrses. Paying u0 :o 22c a Ib. Roger Kra-^se. Long prairie. 612732-39^0 or 732-225^. FOR SALE 9 Ha-npshire giln, bred to Du/oc Dear, due to farrow in July 335-313J FOR SALE: ? reqisterec polled Hereford bjlls,3 years o^d. Proven breeders used last year. Harlard Hanson, Evar.svillE. 21894321B3. TOP ANGUS bulls from Err.uious and Canao'an Colossal breedin?. Servxedrte 1 and 3-year-o'ds Mel Corce*. Henr.'ng. U3-2U3. FOR SALE Ho 1 stein springer heller, CHV. Art and L O welJ Frani*. 6m1'*sSouihwMtof flaStle LaVe. FOR SALE 5 Ho'.itein heilfrs, IB mo,, CHV, tienofnfd, very nice. Pdsiure bred (or fall. Joyce Hanson. Underwood 8266530. FOR SALE 5 Holste'n heilw calves ar.dJHclsietn siew calves 350 and over. DHIA recofds>Siaflley Estes, Rout* 2, Hennir.g. SU-ZHS. DAIRY EQUIP. OELAVAL DAIRY and Clay Equipment. Sales and service. Johnson Repair. UNIVERSAL PIPELINE milkers. sales and service. Also used equipment. Douglas Co. Coop, BranOcn, cr Perftam Co<p Q't, Perharn. WINPOWER P.T.o. (arm standby ger.erators. For tree on the farm analyst write or pt-w.e Ulen Wfnpower Services, inc., uien. M'nn. Phone ?ia-59frM26. SURGE DAIRY etiu:pment. sales arvd servke. Ccntact us lor all ol your eairy needs Hnvvng Surge. PATZ BARN clsa~.*rs and feed handling equ : pmer.j. FunVhouser Equipment, DaMcn. Minn. Evenings i8?-Sl42 FOR SALE parts. Our OMC parti department i$ among toe latest '.n ihe territory. See us tor early Duyer Cisco unis. Inierstate Service, 7357171 Fergus Falls. WANT TO t>yy J row John Dtwe Front mounted spring tooth cult- i«ar<y. 7M-5043. WANT TO buy a bale Ixmcner. Telephone 7&6J93. USED TRACTORS (or Wl«: Ford Ml oiesei. NM us. MM Z6, -foftn Deere A, MM ZA, WD Atiis with loader, MM u, MM U wi!n loacer, Maisey « with loader. Stan AVX Fcrd Sales, Battle Lake. ftVnn. USED MACHINERY lor sale: AC chopper, bale wason, used wagons, MM cultivator, John Dwre cutter, equals fcr M Framhand loaaer. Flair box, 4 row planter, many other Implements ready !o 90. Stan tfot Ford Sales, Baitle LsVe Mrr.n. NEW FORD ia*m ard garden equipment fcr sale: 5 and 7 h.p. r-cler mowers, 1!" ar.d 2V 1 push d.-,dseif-p*rope1l«J moweis}, 5 and| h.p. fillers, 17, 12, U and M h.p. garden tractors. «" rotary mower aitachrr.ents. all at rock bottom prkes-S:anMoe Ford Sales, Battle LaKe, M-nn. FOR SALE: New Holland rakes, n-ower cond'tior.ers. balers, bale throwers, grinder mixers, spreaders, fcrage harvesters,'all on hand ready to 90- Stan Moe Ford Sales. Baitle LaV,e r Minn, FOR SALE: New Ford tractors and equipment, compact loaders, 3400 gas tractor and loader. 5000 dies*!. - 7600 ci ese), mower s. b*l« s, rakes, bale throMrtrTi, mower condilk>n«r, rotary cutters. Ail units on hand rtad]r- to 90. Stan Moe Ford Sales, Battle Lake, M : nn. WANT ROCK picker, Anderson low- dump preferred. Dan Lawrence, HawXins, Wisconsin 5JMO. 715 5W 3212. FOR SALE 2 row cultivator for VAC Case tractor. Also motor for a VAC Tractor, 847-2AM. FOR SALE: Augers, farm wagons. utH'iy augers, truck,ooxes and toiSTS. roller chains, steel cha'n, a-d bearings on hand. Sfcfcfe reoy'ioinq. Jim flriti. Route 1, Ferg-.s Falls, MJpnesota. 736515?. FOR SALE: H Farmail, good paint and tires. Jim Britt, Route 1, Fergus Fails, Minn. Ptwne JT3*- CONTACT US for lop pricts on • sunflowers, market grain and wed. Knapp Seed, Foxhome, MTm. 739 3366 or 643 J61?. SOY PROTEIN (or (ess!'Use full eoergy soybeans in your livestock rafioni for a 10 percent *o*v*ntaoe m efficiency. Onetonof full «rvergy Soybeans has in energy value equal to <he combined energy in one ton of commercfdl soybean meal plus a half ton of corn. Fufl Energy Soybeans — iod«ys most economical and high performance prote'n. Av*'rfab:enow at Farmers Gram «nd Feed, Erhard, MM. SPRAYER FOR rent. Chem-Kals *or saie. Farmers Grain and Feed, Ernarti, Minn. 565V. 843-i20>. FOR SALE: Registered Evans soybeans and regtstered Snob:rd millet. Reberl-'ennen. 318-73663W. CERTIFIED EVANS soybeans, certified Swilt soybeans. Roberi E Thiei, wendetl, Minn. 4M-2415. FOR RENT )i acres »\taltt and cto«« hay. 73*2500. WANT TO buy aHalla hay. 739-9747. 4* A. R«J Ctover, N.E. of Asnbv. 747-2250. FOR SALE 500 bales wtitl hay m skid piles. Kenneth Skogen, V/« mites S.W.*of Carlisle. FOR SALE: 365oa:«of slough h*y, lust baled. Lloyd Wasvick, 736 6321. FARMLANDS WANT TO buy acreage in Erhard, Ell/abeth area. Buildings not- necessary. Call 736 7739 alter 6:00 and weekends. 736-7561 weekflays. COUNTRY LIVING, 5 acres In Battle Lake are* with partially remodeled 3 bedroom home, barn and granary, under S20.000. Moen Really. 736-6V69 or Milt Paulson, FOR SALE: Grade "A" Da^y farm. One of the better larms having approximately 4M acres open. Excellent buildings, plus rambler type home. Barn has 50 cow stalls ar.d se).up for iti feeders; also a TOxM silo and several other b-jildings. You will like ihis farm in many respects. For rnspectfon call Jcrt Jorgwson Really, 7366903 Even : ngs736-2fll3 or 7363222. Member WLS. FARMSTEAD, 10 acres 4 bedroom good hon-.e, several other byltdings and beautllul grove. Joe Jorgenson Realty, 736-6903. Evening* 736-M13 or 7363?22- LANDSCAPE & GARDENING CHRISTENSON'S WHEEL Worse' Sales,313 South Mill. Fergus Fans, Minn. S« Morton or Joe. 1974 mpdets.. LAWN.BOY MOWERS and Ariens garden tillers sales and service. Johnson Repair Shop. 736-394^ EQUIP. RENTAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Cement, contractors, lavm, garden, pitting, decorating, plumb'ng tools, and outer e<wipmem. Fergw Falls Rental Center, 736 7*21. , BOBCAT RENTAL. Tysdal-Mlller tnc. Phone 736-2094. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE: Jchn Deere lO-ft, doubJe disc. Jchn Deere MVjft. (ield cultivator, hydraulic t bottom' spiral packer with h^tch. 1-701-274 POULTRY MISC. FARM FOR SALE Rouen and heavy freed gos 1 rvgs. started or TRACTOR TIRE vulcaoiiir^ and r«pairr.g. Prompt service. Call 6«03. K ar.d K Tire Servke. SOFT WATER: 3,500 gallons per •cry, Ro-ieS, WJGI. Fhcne {4121 2353379 cr [£12> ?35 SW FOR SALE. V.eai typ* Frye/s end roasfers, Irftzer rfidy, delivt/wJ, 75c per 53. Teiepr^r.e noon or evenings. 7399m, Harold O#i\tr, THE QUICKEST wac to SCll .snyth ng *.'.T a (ow ccs^ Want AO Holidays and Sundays, $2.00 lo*d extra. Call collect 734*918 or 6 6915- Mrs. Obert HO'jg. THE WADEWA "All Crop" Si.'O lea tyres colored roofs, swing plywood doors. Equipment packages ca'l UI-3577 (or more in'ormatw *nd prices. More Than 70 Ask about WJTM'J 12 month or 12,000 END PAINT WORRIES uim.H s r>[ii SIDING-EAVES 1TIOC*CKCM*M Cellulose Fiber Insulationl Blown in side »aHs and alticsl -Free Estimates- 7367253 826-6731 XK-fi) r«: «v.H! FERGUS FALLS MARK ROSTAD Call Johnxm Repair Shop, H! FARM BUREAU members — :(e«J tires or ball eries? Check our prices first. Phone Elbow Lite, 445UU. Your Firestone and Safemark dealer in Elbow LaKe. JAME5WAY POWER cnorir.g equipment and parts. Heivvng Surge. FOR SALE: Rovgh hardwiod lumber. (218) 13* «51. HAVE ON hand repair parts for all types of hydro sprayer pumps. Also hawp ro^er cha:n, sleel cha : n a-vd ro< ; er bearings welding and 'atfe services Jim Briit, Roule 1. Sox 20A. ffrq-js falls, M'nn. ?3£ FOR SiLE 500 gallon fuel 'lark and steel star.d Phone 167 1450. AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES FIGHT INFLATION: Buy this n!ce older home with three rental uniis, excellent location. For details call Ron flecker, Minnesota Wtu Realty, 736.7334 or evenings 716- WHY LOOK through all the old home* in »*n when you Wild own amwWwwhornt. Weprovttt * compiwe wlKtkm from |»,000 wd UP, Come down and took stow modet home or give vs a call, Qiristlanvxis Inc., Elbe* Lake. Minn. 2II-M5 U67. RUST PREVENTION for your new or near new c*r wjn guarantefd . Ruitop Corrosion Proofing at 1975 DODCE Royal Von»Co 4 door, Station Wagon, 9 p*ss«ng«f, fully equipped, 23,000 mllti, sharp. Fergus Dodge COUNTRY HOME FOR SALE dose in on bird surfaced roxl Eicellent condition . Setisibrf priced A. H. MORRjLL CO. 403 S. Union, ferinsFils, Minn. BAJA- CMJNE Buggy, 14 HMson w.fh Chevy runnlftfi giar. Mv*l •sell. __ FOR SALE 1M7 OotfQe Dwt, nfw snow tlr«. runs good. 1200.00. Phone * TWO 8RAND new 117$ Dodge Dwt 5**>g«r 3 door hardtop?, slant *>K eng tne, flvtomai i c tr*n tm rjsioo, power steering, one #irfi *ir. Going at clott-eut pricw. Fergus Dob^e. FREE BUS for M'nnetot* Motor customers leaves for downtown Fergus Falls every is mfnviw, 7 :» a.m. to » a.m. and on th* hour through 5:00 p.m. FOR SALE Mustang Ghla 1974. air conditioned, radUis. loaded, $3100. 734-5483 bflwffn I'M and 4:30. FOR SALE ,M7 German Fwd,~A door/^cviinder, front wheel drive. * speed transmission, WOO 7343015- FOR SALE 1975 Dodge Van, must s«!i rmmed : ateiy. Perham 346 5283. \9U FORD, b«l offer. m 1136- 1973 MAVERICK. dytomdtJc, new radials, economkai 4 cylinOer, excelfent stop*. Prime graduallon gift. 739-MOi. , FOR SALE 1971 Dodge Charger wlrn'mags, reasonable. Call 318- dgte Bend. 1966 CHEVY, 283 engine, power stewing, radial tires, good condition. Pvnorr* 5I3-2S27. 1974 JEEP Wagoneer, * : r conditioned, power steering. automatic rransmisslon, quad- rairack, Jew m'ifigt, 1 owner. Reuben Kfein Motors. 1965 CADILLAC Fltnwoodi Brougham, air conflltwied, power seat, power widows, lilr and telescope steering wheel, exctilent condition. Reuben Klein Motors. 1965 DODGE Coronet 4 door sedan, slant 6 engine, au?omaifc transmission. Reuben Kteln Motors. FOUR WHEEL DRIVE Low m'rles on tti Is '75 Ford F 250, V* ton, 4 speed, with topper. Warner's Avto Sales. Fergus Falls. '74CHEVETTE 2.500 miles, 4 speed, 4 cylinder, radio, bucket seats: Balance of lactory warranty. Werners Auto Sales. '7SOLDSOMEQA Two door hatchback, six cylinder, radial tires, aromatic, power steering. Wornefs AUTO Sales. GOODOLDERCARS Choice of 4? Bonneville. 7 1»? Catalinas or 1970 Catalma. Automatic, chean, power sjeering and brakes, radio, some with air conducing. Worrier's Auto Sates. . -CADILLAC J T2 Fteetwood 40 Special 4 dkw, WJO seat, AM-FM stereo, vmy! roof, air . condijfoned, power steering, Wynn's 12-month or 12,000 mil? pans protection Worners Auto Sales. '75CAMARO Bright red, air condtrioned, tint tfaw, power steering, low mi In, radio, rally wheejs, Wynn's 12 montti or 12,500 WiUes protection plan. Wrxnifs Auto Salw- '71 PLYMOUTH FURY II Two door hardtop, radial tires, two-tone, automatic shift, power sieering. Warner's Auto Sales. •H GREMLIN X, lignt (Hue with Lev: package.2,250maes. call 73» 61M afler 5. 1973 IMPALA 4 door, air QX1- d:i«ned: 1973 Comet ! door, air condifoned; ly73Vega; 1H2 LTD 4 tfoor, air conditioned; IP70 Plymouth Road Runner; I9&I Chevrolet El Camino. K & T Auto Sales, 812.5117 Erhard. Gary Toso or Harley Kanlrud. '75 CVvel 12 door, bracket seats, tow miles. '"5 Ford Granada 2 door, viajl LET'S GO ihe best, bofh hayiage roof, six cylinder, radio. ar.d s : Iage. S«* the latest in r >*- r*,^.,. M * j~« features, go Rochwer Silo Inc. 7 * Ctev • Nova * door ^ automatic, radials, power steering, radio. 74 PlymoutH Fury 4 do«r, vinyl rotf, air centlitioiied, tint gUss. 74 .\fatador 2 doer, six c>'IiD- der, automatic, power steeriag, radio. 75 OJds Dmfga Hatchback, radial tires, tilt glass, power steering, sbt cylinder. 73 Olds M Luxury Sedan, 4 door, vinyl roof, air conditioned, hoary equipped. 73 Pontiic BoaoeviDe 4 door, hardtop, vinyl roof, till wheel, air conditioned, AM-FM radk. Tkis Week's Spec'wlt 'TO Ford Gabiit ^ door, automatic, power stnrlog, radio, Kli. '61 Chevrolet Impala Wagon, autorrytk, V-8, radio, power storing, 157*. '57 Ford Galanie 4 door, while, automatic, vinyl interior, now 'S3 Rebel 4 door, automatic, radio. M7S. . '« TcV»ta, as traited, JSTt. '7S Jawa rrnXKcycIc, jrat SI mite, Kit. WORNER'S AUTO SALES 739-22S3 E-L-M "JUST LISTED" it75 DODGE Coronet 4 ow station Very neat 3 bdrm. bungalow, w«9on, 31t V-l, auiomatlc trans- m home , _„. peted with basement rec. rm. W4 CHEVELLE Malibu Classic 2 do»r coupe, 350 v* Momiiic transmission, radio. Fergus built home at IM.500. "^ _ • "RECENTLY USTED" ins VEGA 2 ooor station wagon, Comfortable 2 bdrm. | nur- transmission, radio, sery. Recently remodeled in- eluding roof, siding, alum. b _ ^^^ ^ ^ y{& Ideal ergus P.,,,,. muTORONArx)2doorh>r«oo,v. FERGUS MOTOR SALES 305 S. Citcode 1974 FordCalutel door, dark bbe wtthwUte vinyl roof, Ml V-8 engine. 1774 Oral Torino 2 door, gold witt white vinyl mf, HI V4, 1975 PONTIAC Astr« 2 *cr Hatoi back Coupe, 4 speed transmission, radio, 14,000 actual miles, lust like new. For tops In economy and a low price. Fergus Codge. \m OLDS Cinlass 2 door hardtop, v-t engine, automatic transmission, pouter steering, air, nice clean car throughout. Fergus ftxtge. 1MJ CHRYSLER Newport t door Sedan, V-l engine, automatic transmission, power steering, radio, actual miles, • real good runrrtr. Fergus Dodge. IHi FORD FaTlant m, 4 gear sedan, 2t9 V-t engine, automatk transmission, has only 51,000 K IWX miles. Slurp. Flrgus Dodg*. !9;j DODGE Da/1 sport 2 door coupe, equipped with slant six engine, automatic transmission, power steering, factory air, rad:o. vinyl roof, Iwo to choose from, one wirh 8,000 miles and the other with 10,OM miles. Both carry the • Chrysler extended factory warranty- Fergus Dodge. USED CAR Special: 1949 Ford Custom i door Sedan, V a englno. automatic transmission, power steering, ar, body has some rust but a real buy at only $445.00 Fergus Dodge. 1974 DART Swinger 2 door hard-op, slant six engine, auloma'tic transmission, radio, power steering. Just like new with only 11.000 miles by local owner. Fergus Dodge. USED CAR Special: W9 Ponliac Tempest 2<toor Coup*, wiomalic transmission, six cylinder engine, very good rubber. Sa:* priced at only (595.00. Fergus Dodge. USED CAR Special: IPM Plymouth Fury III idoor Station Wagon, V-a engine, automatic !ransnVns : on, power s:eer ing, air, has some bo[fy .oamagt. Sale priced at only$19J.OO. Fergus Dodge. 1975 WAVERICK 2 door coupe. si» cylinder engine, standard trans, mission, radio, power steering, radial tires, actual mites by local, owner. Fergus Dodge. FOR SALE I9W Chevrolet imcau, 327, four speed transmission, good • condition, U50.00. Call 734 !445. 19)3 FIAT 1» spider convertible sports car, excellent condition. 736. FOR SALE: 1946 Ovtvy Caprice, 327, automatic, good motor and body. (395.00 firm. Phone 73A-&B66. FOR SALE \965 Chevrolet Impala » . posenger Wagon, power steering. Power brakes, air, recent complete overhaul on 327 motor. U7.26U. 19« CHEVROLET KingSwootf, 9 passenger, power steering, power brakes, ah-. Phone 736-5a90. FOR SALE l«3 Chevrolet Malibu ! door, air conditioned, power stewing, power brakes, swivel seats. CB. call 2H5S3.2HO after dishwasher. Ideal starter home, close to grade school $22,900 F.H.A. - V.A. "NF.W OFFERING" Larger, n-noded lots ffith access to Long Lake, zoned for mobile home. Fergus School' Diitrkt. Call today for details. NEED'QUKX POSSESSION? Here it is, a 3 bdrm. rambler with formal din. rm., has basement rec. rm., Vt bath, and FOR SALEJWOroomjndilm. new C«rpetiff9. Comp:el(My 'nwUlM buemenl also. e««n<nt pandM am) c*rp«M, litoe hi *K) iM* Irtet P)»ne 7X-3SI3 alter 7 p m. EXQUISITE TASTE HIS Ihe Keynote for Ifcis Oivming lhr«« txdroom horn*. C»rfle formal QininQ room, &[unnii>9 family room with lirifXtce. 04H:gMlullr oil. ferem kirctien. M»'n flow uliiity and half bam. Q-J»lity carpeiing, inleresllng winoow treatinenl. Landscaped lawn.' DouMe gtraot wrrn automatic door opener. By appotalment. Miller Realty, 4U H. Friber». 7U-3S9) or Mi 4515. SPACIOUS OLDER home'*itn rnter«ting floor plan. Formal Utning room, comfortable living room in back. Eircfottd porcri and secluded bacvyard. 3 btdrooms and bath up. Super master bedroom! Good loan balance. Miller Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 714 3531 or 7344515. OTTER TAIL Lane: 3 bedroom year round home near ine Go'.l Course. W2.5W call or see Joe Jorgenson Realty, 736 *W3. Evenings JM-U13 or 736.3122. Member MIS. ATTRACTIVE'3 Hfinx.1t, West side, on a beautiful lot wirn nice snade trees, priced tnder S35.000. See or call Joe Jorgenson Realty, 734 (903. Evenings 73i-nl3 or 734 mi. Member MIS. • WE HAVE more buyers llun houses. We need listings for 3-34 bedroom homes. For prompt, curteous and experienced servke give us a call today. Moen Really, 734 6949 or alter hours 73J-7I4I or 736-4354. .JEWETT LAKE. Nicely REAL ESTATE SALES WHY DENT? When it's cheaper to Ixiy this 1 bedroom bungilo*' aluminum slains,itlach«Jgar»ge, EZmms to qiuiiiled people. MMn Rent/, • 73o «69 or after hours 734 US4 or groomed lot. Only $33,300. 'Enstad-Larson- Mafln, hie. 127 S. Mill PHONE736-7591 AJtOTolfiwbours.caU: Vern F. Johnson 7*S«0 BillBchrens 739-9038 RoerrOlson 73W7M AH. MORRILL Co. Real Estate, Fergus Falls. Pnone734 54«. Albin "8abe" Morrlll. CHILDREN WANTED For this 7'/i acre farmstead with updated sturdy 4 bedroom home, 3 cargarageandold barn.on Fergus School bus route. Moen Rea'.ty, 734 iM. of after hours 6 7141 ora 43J4. WHAT 15 vour home worm? Minnesota West Really will give a free sales estimate. No "high- pressu/e." Plenty ot :Oas to help sell it. Persosalijed service! Phone 7M-J23* now. WANT TO b-jyorrent small farm or house with acreage. Write Jonathan Fischer. General Delivery, Pelican Rapids. FOR A nostalgic step back in time, low th's lovely old> with new parquej floors; • original old oav woodwork, beveled glass china storage, impressive foyer with open stairs, quaint fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathi, double garage. Miller Really, 417 N. Friberg, 734-3531 or 736-6515. "SOLD" Tnars Minnesota vy«l Really's favorite Iwr letter word. II you want ACTION, call ixmt. 40 ACRES woods. Leaf Mountain Township, includes deer. Moen Ready, 734-6W9 or Milt Paulson. tu-itn. lived in the year around. Miller Really, 417 N. Friberg. 734-3531 or RLE NTY OT PLAY SPACE For youngsters, near McKinley Sonool, 3 bedroom rambler, big storage attic. Moen Really, 7366969, or aflerrnirrs 4-7141 or 6-4354. 4.5 ACRE wooded ouilding site South of Baltl* Lake. Terms. Moen Realty, 734 4W or Mllf Paulson, FOR SALE small hovse and lot. No easement. Call 7J4 19!S BUSINESS OWNERSHIP. Gas and machinery. Successful income. Atlractive termi. wrlie: Seilert Realty and Agency, Inc., Pelican Rapids- Minnesota S657!. RURALJEWEL Near Fergus, spotless 3 bedroom spHI-lewl features family room and 3 car g&rage, must see to appreciate. Moen Realty, 73e-69£9 or alter hovrs 136-4354 or «5-!373. P'RESENTHOME TOO SMALL? Then trarje into this 4 bedroom, 2 bath beauty. This split level has rec. room, fireplace, formal dirvng and 3 car garage. Moen Realty, 7M49W or after hours 7U--U54 or 4«5 2272. HAPPINEtSIS horning coffee on your balcony overlooking Hool Lake, wllkavt lower level, fireplace, 2 Clr gvtgt. Trade yours on mil ont. Moen Realty. 7J4-4W or after hours 730354 or OS tin. AN OUTSTANDING 4 BEDROOM COLONIAL On a beautiful detdend street, huge closets, fireplace, formal d n'ng. den, 2 car g<rn< jllKhed. Moen Realty, 7J»»Mt or after hours 734 43S4 or AS-2272. hlEOTOMLL Before you buy? Then trade yours on Ihls pretty new 3 bedroom rambler, with 2 car garage. Moen Realty, 73669*9 or after hours 736 4SS4 or «S J272. STAKTADOINC 4 bedrooms + 2 baths + new kitchen + formal dining + steel siding i- all electric 4 fireplace -f- 2 car garage. Moen Realty. 73i 6919 or after hours 731-4354 or 4)5 2J72. _ BEST BUY on the marketl This 4 bedroom Is «n excellent condition. Look at the "little things" that make it a home: Indirect llgnting, mitten and boot dryer, tils and her closets, leaded glass windows, builrin dishwuiMf, oil heat. All this can be yours with fast possession for 134,500. Minnesota West Reiltt, IK. ni-ms eft-Hit. OWNER TRANSFERRED, must sell: Like new 3 bedroom all electric rambler, nice lot on nuiet street. Drive by 1323 Foothill Court and then call Ron Becker at Minnesota West ReUty, 716-2236 or 736-5530. MINNESOTA WEST REALTY Beautiful IV; story witn 2 bedrooms up and 2 oown. Only 12 years old with 1% baths, large lot with an excellent location. Oil not water heat. 6-2236 or evenings 65510. MINNESOTA WEST REALTY 3 bedroom, IVj story with walkout basement to deep lot for backyard play and garden. V/i baths plus man-sized closets. Only S17.9CU. 62136 or 6-3449 evenings. Ml NNiSOTA WEST REALTY Lovely 3 bedroom located on spacious lot close to elementary school. Immaculate condition. Available due to owner's transferring [ob. New 200 amp service, new carpeting In living room and dining room. Only ti^OO.OO to assume mortgage, priced at 135.000 (a real buy). 62236 or t 4246. OTTER COUNTRY ELECTRIC Residential and ' commercial wiring. Dean Yicktey Phone 739-9223 Route 1 Fergus Falls FOR SALE ON BIDS Modern Like hor*e,4 bedroom, tiring room, ill carp (ted fireplace, titchen, dining area nkery Kirntsbed ps . furnace, wiler heater, nice bathroom, M* holdini Iwks, outside sterage and cement burner, SCTMK, stowi- ..... . 20 rods free tar, school bis ami ma J rente. ' J12.000 no* fwaiKed parable $134 pet Month pays principal, interest, tales & insurance, babnce to b« cash. ImmedJate possession. Nil! be sold to h|hest biddtr. Those «'tsJiiftj to Bate ira) bids must nalte written bM before date of sale aad iidude 5 percent ol bid. . Sale nil be held June 12, 197t at 2 p.«. at denent Manor, Kenpjrjt. Property wi btopen for inspection from 10 to 11:30 >.m. date of sale. Inspectim may be rude anjliae before aboie by contacting Afent Riftit is resentfJ by owner to reject any and all bids. 6. C. Clement Agent,H«nmng, Hn. K551 Ph. 218-583-2398 1H4 Ford Gran Toriix 4 door, gold with Mael viiyl roof, 351 V-J, air. 1774 Monte Carlo I door, tight gnea, white vtmyl roof, 3» V- 8, air cnnUtiMtd IJ74 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 2 door, brewn, helge vtayl roof, U> V-J, air. 1)73 Gnu ToriM wagon, ( passenger, luggage rack, 4M V-8, air, greti metallic fa color. 1573 Gran ToriM 4 door, light brown, beige vinyl, Ml V4, air. 1773 ftuck LeSabre4 d*or, 39 V-8, air, yellow with bnnra viiyl root 1)72 Chevrolet Impola 4 do«r, dart greet, wiite rod, la V-8, air. !?72 Ford Maverkk f cyltooVr, automatic, power stcerlig, dark Wat hi crior. mf, iffl Rebel SSTI door banRop, small V-8, automatic,. power steertig, rkaa car. 19(7 PoitUc Catatba 4 door, marHi, Mack vtqrl rMf, nas gort 19(7 Portac CTO Z door kard- top, V-8 eagtM, automatic, Moeincoiw. '1974 Chevnkt K tot, 4 wked drive, 35* V-8, automatic, power ttcntjf, greet, wktte, KfHmin, OPEN SATURDAY AND THURSDAVNIGffr TIL>:N. C*nDMFanM GtMSnttitr DewerEsUidt KEEP 'EM MOVING AT LOW PRICES!! We're off to our fastest start ever and we're going to keep it that way! We're selling new cars and trucks at record pace so we must keep moving our used car inventory. CHICK OUR DIALS A«AIN«T ANTONI'SH 1975 BUIC* APOLLO 4 I'lOt, £ qrinder, autonufit, factory n, only S.OOO- nite, one o«ner. Factory Warranty, took Value S3950. Was 53995. Keep tut Me>in( Price .$3695 197* NOVA COUPE Factory ai, V-8, automatic, {tower jttermf, iery clean. Boo* Vibe 53,000. Nike IMF. Price J2579 1976 COtmm Srher Coupe, 350, ¥S, factory lit. leather, lit wteei, stereo, tjuch more. Safe Price.. M995 1973 MUSTANG MACrt 1, AuliMtk, power tfterint, stiarp. Ketta tn Noiitf Price J2S99 I97S CHEVY 4 > 4, lite oew, one owner, factory «r, fi« wheel, nuch more. Sate Hundreds! JUST W! 1969 MUSTANG HACH I Btrjhl red, V-8, automatic, power steering, super sharp.' 1973 TOYOTA' PICKUP with topptr, iery clean. Boot Vihe 12700. Keep J2545 1972 GiDS DELTA U, 4 door, factory air, tit wk«l, At new. 1972 FORD LTD 4 door, factory ak, «inyl icof, 42,000 ailes, one owner. MakeRoomPrke ........... $2095 1974 MAVERICK 2 door, »-8, aulonaric, power steejing, factofy air, way below !>o«k. Mate Room Price ..................... $2495 1975 MUSTANG II Super slurp -low miles, bright yelow, 4 spttd, one owner ..................... $3495 1972 OLDS «STA CRUISER Sf»|on 9 passertfer, hctory'air, «ry clean. Book Value «650. Keep 'E« «<u«>t $2499 197«INTEimATIONAL TERRA PICKUP one owner, oily 2,000 wks. list Price Over {5400. Our Dealer Cost About $4212. Sal* Price..' $3195 1972 DATSUK 2 dow, 4 speed, needj wort: Book Vihie $1175. Bay Us Is Fcr Onlr ...J1095 1972 GREMLIN 6 cylinder, economy car, »tty cule, low M*>S. Low -Pn« $1395 1968 CHEVY MALIBU 4 door, jutomatic, power steerini, less Hun 50,000 attual miles. Check This! OiH> $1099 1969 CAMARO VrifM yefctxertti black \<OVop1,' V-8, conok, Siper Sharp! PICKUP SPECIALS 1971 FORD 1 /! TON J1599 1970 FORD '/i TON $1299 1968 FORD 1 /! TON ; $1099 198J CHEW Vz TON :$499 MUSTMGS '67 4 '61 H>rd to find, one V-8, 4 speed, cne »-«, »| 0 . Prked to seH. BOB MOORE FORD-LINCOLN-MERCURY 326W. LINCOLN FERGUS FALLS PH. 734-7515 Remember we are open every Wednesday and Thursday evening until v »:00 P.M. and all day Saturday. '

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