Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1955 Dial' PA-2-4600 for » WANT AD Taker Hike Number Of Delegates Butler Sees Total Doubled CHICAGO (INS)—Democratic National Chairman Paul M. Butler said today party leaders may vote to boost — possibly double — the number of 1956 convention dele. gates. Butler said the question of in creasing the total number of delegates may be resolved at today's closed session of the National Committee. The 1952 delegate total was 1,126. He explained that states like Illinois, Michigan and California are "interested" in Broadening the delegate base, adding: More People Interested "More people are interested in the campaign. They feel the convention is going to nominate the next President." This and other issues are being taken up in the four-day series of Democratic meetings against _ a backdrop of unfolding campaign activity marked by Adlai E. Stevenson's announcement for the Democratic presidential nomination. All the top contenders—potential as well as announced—will be at the Democratic rally before the week is •: ended. Sen. Esles Kefauver (D., Tenn.), and New York Gov. Averell Harriman are to arrive . tomorrow. Former President Harry S. Truman, a key figure-if not a candidate,.is s expected Saturday. These three and Stevenson speak at the $100-a-plate Democratic dinner in Chicago Saturday night. ••:';.' Questions Authority The chairman said that acting committee counsel Harold Leventhal feels the National Committee lacks authority to revise the apportionment of convention delegates—that only the convention itself can do this. But he said the National Committee might vote to revise the number of ; delegates, subject to approval of the 1956 convention. He added that the committee might decide to recommend a change for 1960, if not 1956, but made it'clear those concerned are interested in getting more people at the convention next year. Butler explained there were a variety of. ways to boost the delegate total—from merely increasing "bonus" delegates granted states which went Democratic in 1952 or elected Democratic governors, to doubling the total by "cutting all votes in half." State Collects $453,302 From Harness Racing DOVER; Del. UP) - The State of Delaware collected $453,302 in taxes from the 50 nights of pari mutuel harness racing at the two tracks in the state, Norman S. Lynch, chairman of the'Delaware Harness Racing Commission, reported today. The State's revenue included $20,400. from admissipn taxes; $430,652 on its 3*,4 per cent cut of the money bet, and $2,250 from license fees. ' • The Stale received 10 cents on each paid 'admission. 200 Callle Burned PEFFERLAW, Ont. — (INS) — More than 200 cattle burned to death today when a derailed freight train caught fire near Pet ferlaw, Ont. Ike Gels Checkup GETTYSBURG, Pa. Lfl-Presi- dent Eisenhower's doctors gave him a. complete checkup today, and reported he is progressing "most .satisfactorily" toward recovery from his Sept. 24 heart attack. Making Love On Telephone Judged Legal NEW YORK - (INS) -,A Bronx judge has ruled that it is okay to make love over the telephone — although it may have its limitations. A disorderly conduct charge against Francis Martens was dismissed yesterday after the jurist cited a Court of Appeals ruling on telephone converse- lions. "..'.:'' Martens, -42, was charged with disorderly conduct for repeatedly calling Miss Gloria Nunez, 20, for dales and allegedly proclaiming his love over the phone. Israel Says Egypt Balks Peace Move JERUSALEM:^ — Sources close to the Israeli government said today. Egypt has-rejected U. N.'proposals for easing tension around .he El Auja demilitarized zone. Israel, has not yet"'given a formal reply to the^proposals made early this month ; by U. N. 'Secretary General.Dag Hammarskjold jut a spokesman last week said the Israeli government would support them. . Tension in-the. demilitarized zone along the Negev-Sinai desert border area flared two weeks ago into ;he .bloodiest fighting since the end of the Palestine. War. . , Maj. Gen. E.-L. M. Burns, U.N. chief truce supervisor, returned Tom Cairo early this week but made no announcement on the outcome of his talks with, Egyptian eaders. ' . •. . Details of the U. N. proposals lave never been announced. Soviet Chiefs Begin Junket To Woo East Bulganin, Khrushchev, . Top Aides Visit India, Burma, Afghanistan . MOSCOW tff — Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin and Communist party boss Nikita S. Khrushchev, shivering in the early morning wind, took off today on .a 5,000- mile "woo the East" tour. Two planes carried the top Soviet leaders and about 60 aides on a trip to India, Burma and Afghan- stan. They are repaying visits by ndian Prime Minister Nehru to Russia last spring and Burmese remier U Nu, who has just completed a long tour of the Soviet Jnion. Bulganin and Khrushchev shook lands with about 20 diplomats see- ng them off at the floodlighted military airport. No Western en- 'oy was'present. The Russians are expected to ;pend about two weeks in India md a week each in Afghanistan and Burma. t The Moscow radio said the par- y included .Deputy Foreign Minis- er Andrei A. Gromyko, Minister f Culture N. A. Milhailov and the deputy ministers of agriculture and foreign trade. '-....- ' In New Delhi, the Indians were making elaborate preparations to receive their state visitors. Special trains were arranged to bring n spectators from a radius of 200 miles. tie Can Still Smile! GM Hearing ~ To Continue WASHINGTON Ml — Testimony that General Motors refused in 1952 to sell engines to a bus-manufacturing competitor put the name of Secretary of Defense Wilson before a Senate subcommittee today. . • ' A Pentagon spokesman said Wilson, who was GM's president in 1952, would have no comment now on the testimony but would "certainly" answer any questions the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly subcommittee might want to ask him later. . . The subcommittee resumes J.oday its open hearings on GM's business practices and. the factors which helped it grow. Chairman ,0'Mahoney,, (D-Wyo) said he was "inclined to believe" that the defense secretary was the "Mr. Wilson," not otherwise identified, on whose orders Thomas P Butler said yesterday his firm was denied engines. To Furnish Equipment LONDON Iff) — Britain and the United States have decided to pre> sent the North African Arab King, dorh of Libya equipment to outfil an armored car squadron, the Foreign. Office said today. Slock Market.Mixed • NEW YORK W-The slock market slipped into a mixed price pat tern today in early dealings after a more favorable beginning. D C M Kl C TT' C SELF-SERVICE DCNNCTTS MARKET ROUTE 40 LAVALE FREE DELIVERY CALL PA 4-4313 Open 'HI 9 P. M. Mon., lues,, Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P. M. Wednesday and Saturday FRESH, HOME MADE SAUSAGE 57c Fresh, Home Dreised CHICKENS FRYERS .... )b 39c ROASTERS . . it. 40c PORK CHOPS .b 53c NABISCO GRAHAM Crackers *•-< 31 c OCfAN SPRAY CRANBERRY Sauce 2"" 41 c hLLSIUKY'l HOT ROLL Mix 27c BOROINi NON-JUCH KIN DAWN WHOLE KfRNEL Corn 2-27c LIBBY'S IHF Stew "wk-SSe LIIIY'S Itt. IIBBY'S TOMATO •ik <•„ 39c Juice 2<°-29c IIRBY'S Pumpkin »"19c SWtET Potatoes 2 »"19c Or4tr Y»nr* THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! Head Of ICC Paces Probe WASHINGTON (/B—Sen. Bender R-Ohio) today asked early public learirigs on alleged "indiscreet contacts" of Chairman Hugh W. Iross of-the .Interstate Commerce lommission w i t h two railroad presidents. Sen. Mundt (R-SD), one of Benier's fellow members of the Sente Investigations .subcommittee, as urged a delay in the hearings until after Congress reconvenes in ; anuary. , • ~ ' ; - ..(The New York Times said nformed senatorial' source's expected Cross to resign. ;spon- as chairman of the ICC. A Washing- on dispatch to'the newspaper said here had been authoritative indi cation that this action would re- ,ult in setting aside the irivesti- ;ation of his official conduct.) Cross appeared at a closed door subcommittee hearing Tuesday and well-posted sources'. said he testified his talks with two railroad heads about a disputed con- ract amounted to "an indiscretion." Bender said prior commitments \ad - prevented his attendance at :he Tuesday session, but that he now was prepared for an early start.of the public inquiry. Curvy Roman Figures Best NEW YORK (INS)—Roman women have the "sexiest figures,' n the world but still ought • to wear girdles, insisted a shapely brunette expert on the matter. Miss Beth Rocke, a brassiere and girdle consultant, arrived in New York yesterday from a tour of six European countries with the opinion that although Roman beauties have a "very curvy, pur beauty," America is" the onl; country in the world where you can walch a girl walk down a street, and get a good idea of the body underneath. George Barnes, 73, tired of being on relief, is shown back at work in his Baltimore hat cleaning business. He reopened shop after losing both legs and most of his stomach in lifesaving surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. CAP Photofax) He Doesn't Want Relief Legs, Part Of Stomach Gone, Earns Own Way By LOU PANOS BALTIMORE (IP)— The .doc said it 'was okay, so George Barnes is back in the Business is-pretty good too, even if you don't make any allowances for the fact that George is 73 and doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the .ast two years'have: 1. Amputated his right leg above :he knee because of congested blood vessels. (The left leg was amputated for the same reason in 1944.) • 2. Removed, about 80 per cent of lis stomach because of cancer. ^Destructive' Power Of Air Force Boosted CHICAGO-(INS)-Gen. James H. D'oolittle said today that the destructive power of the United States Air Force has been increased more than a million times. The famed leader of America's first aerial strike against the Japanese mainland in World War II declared at the 50th annual meeting of. the • 'American - Society of Mechanical Engineers in Chicago: "The most dramatic effect of technology in military aviation is Lhe stupendous increase in destructive power with the fission type atomic bomb, the destructive power of our striking force' was multiplied more than a thousand- fold. "With the fusion-type (hydrogen) bomb, the power went up over a millionfold." Gen. Doolittle also noted the improvement in aircraft performance. As an example, he cited the X-I-A research plane which has attained a speed of over 1,650 miles per hour and an altitude of more than 90,000 feet. In another speech, the head of the nation's largest research organizations perdicted an end to depressions in America. Clyde E. Williams of the Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, 0., based his outlook on "our new, revolutionized, technology-based economy." Williams also predicted that Stock Market prices will evntually reach more than double their present level. 3. Relieved him of an aneurysm, or balloon-like swelling,' of the aorta, the main blood vessel of the Dody. "I don't see any reason why-] should just set aroun' and coiled relief checks and look at myself »in :he glass," George "] feel just as good as I've ever felt.'. : He sat erect in his wlieel chair looking through the window at people passing by on Pennsylvanii Avenue. Behind him, stacked high on tables .a'r'ound the shop, were scores".of spotless hats; "When I .went back to.Dr. (John) Harvey last week and tol him ] wanted to get off the welfare and go back to work, he was really tickled," he said. George seemed pretty ticklec himself. He explained this is more than'just a case of an old man trying to keep busy: • "It might show so many people that if they just try'to do something, they can do it," he said "But if you don't even try, you're whipped. George lives alone and cooks his own meals in his quarters acrjbin ing the shop. His marriage ended in separation 20 years ago. There were no children; • He. shuns the movies, has a tele phone but no radio or television "I like to read the Bible a lo after I close the shop. You'd be surprised how that, helps you th next day when you run into a problem." US. Told Not To Get Nasty With Russians Ellemler Takes Light View Of Soviet Tactics; Sen. Jackson Disagrees WASHINGTON #>• — Sen. Ellender (D-La) said today this coun- ry's spokesmen "should not get oo nasty" over lack of East-West agreement at Geneva, but Sen. Jackson (D-Wash) said, -"We are still in a cold war" up to our necks." . Ellender, who spent three weeks visiting behind the Iron Curtain this summer, said in an interview .hat "nobody should be surprised at the failure of the foreign minis ers conference in Geneva." But he said he does not expect the Russians to resume tough tactics in the> cold'war in Europe. I think the Communist leaders want to keep the Iron Curtain party open," he said. "From what I saw of the Russian and satellite people, they do not want war and are not ready for it." .'..-.. '—• Smile Is Smokescreen- Jackson, "a member .of the Armed Services Committee, said ,he lack of agreement at Geneva should- "convince everyone that he. Soviet smile is a' smokescreen to cover up the. continuing Com rriunist objective of world domination." . . "Soviet leaders have made no loricessions of substance that demonstrate ' actual 'good faith," p tee said. Secretary of State Dulles returns Tom the conference today to face up to a sweeping review of Amer- can policies in Europe, 'the Middle East and the Far East. To Pull No Ennches * Aides said • "Dulles', wilt :pull; no punches in reflecting his sharp appointment' at, Russia's bluntjre- fusal to agree •'to •.-Weste'rn /plans for German ^unity,;'. disarmament and broadervEastrWest .contacts;." •Secretary-of Defense Wilson tolc lis news conference yesterday, lowever, that "one could not draw ;he conclusion" ; that the ; Geneva results will 1 mean: "an' intensifica- .ion of the" cold r war" or that "the meeting brought no progress. He said-'.'they "will have, "little or no effect'on "the U. S. defense programs : or • spending;"^'....-:/;,.'".•• Sen. Mansfield - (D-Mont) '•• said "a change in'Sp.viet thinking" ; m'ay result if Western European '"nations continue •building up their' "military forces.'. '„ .,' . ... •wi*^— Hope! Amazed His Jests About 'Meg' Cause Stir ! HOLLYWOOD -(INS)- Com- dian Bob Hope says he is aston- shed that Canadians have criti- ized his-jests about Princess Mar- ;aret's romance. The Canadian Broadcasting Com•any said iE had "many protests" rom Canadian Television viewers ver some of Hope's remarks on lis Tuesday night show about the 'rincess and Capt.- Peter Towh- ;end. . Hope replied yesterday; "I'd be the last one to say any- hing derogatory about Princess Margaret. She's a good friend of nine. "If she had seen the show I eel sure she would have gotten a big kick out of it. I would cer- ainly say nothing ^to offend her in anv way." Editor-Dies WASHINGTON; pa. un..— James Clarence Day^ 67, managing editor of the Washingtpa.Observer, ..died suddenly/early,,.today in; Washing: ton Hospital.'Death-was'attributec to a cerebral hemorrhage. .-• Most people prefer the Tafr 2000 spotltJi rooms Stnsible rates includi radio Many rooms with Tclivition T&TS^'HOTII TAFI NEW YORK ON TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY Mirt Inn. Et«. M[f • !u( t tai.' he , HERE TODAY! Americas Finest Medium-Priced Car The New 1956 BUILT BY I PACKARD CMFTSNIH Now with famous TORSION-L£\EL RIDE! Only Clipper, in the medium-mice field, has Torsion-Level 'Ride. This hwury car feature does away with'coil and leaf sprin« for new driving case, safety and control ... for smooth' new mat even beats riding on air. There are new .Clipper engines, too - up to 275-h.p., highest in the Clipper class. A new rear axle, ratio givrs overdrive economy with th« finest of automatic transmissions, Clipper Ultramaric. Pnekurd-buiH, the 1956 Clipper has sleek styling, handsome Interiors and features found in no other cwr in its field. Come in UK! »ee and drive America's finest medium-priced car. Fort Cumberland Motors, Inc. 403 Frederick Strut Cumberland, Md. Phone PA 2-2*43 Enjoy "IV READER'S DIGEST — WMAL-1[V, Channel 7, Cob!« 3 — 8;00 PM., Mondays^ Symptoms of Distress Arising from*-; STOMACH ULCERS! 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