The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 2
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THfe MALVfeim MALVIJIK, 1§WA» JUftfe fc THE MALVEBN LEADER AS SfcWSPAPfeB Stop* Whfcn Ycrttf Ti»* It Oat W, l». WOftf MAN, t»n1iti*h«r Entered in the Port Office at itaitern, Iowa, as second claw mart matter. Tsfms of Subscription: Payable in Advance lm«gtn« fhf* r£port«r*s etn- trfteft, ftftef rea* One copy one year ... $2.00 One copy six months - - 1.00 One copy three months < Single copy The date on toe printed tag thews the time to which the tab- •criptJon Is paid. HATtOKAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL COtJNTY PAPER:—All the official proceedings of the Board of Supervisors are printed in fall in this paper. 66 a line Advertising Kate* 01SPLA7. 26 cents a column Inch; 6 cents an Inch additional fof composition. Extra for guaranteed position. LOCALS, Classified - LOCALS, among reading matter *--*-. Obituary Poetry * * Resolutions - - - - . Card of Thanks - - - - to* tm sjcitAMrt of the tfott »at Sen-ice fn tMs Wttrrlwtt ( t) pttMfcutfon h* tleed *» fe*d MtcHttied Mrs. A. Taftwtt fn the donate te* «f tttmttinii* fft*tc*d of tire golden voiced Mrs. D. O. Cttn- nlngbiwn. lOc a 6c a line Sc a line 60e SEND CHANGES OF ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER subscriber* are nuked to notify the subscription department promptly of any change* In their Bddregaeg. Under the new postal laws, newspapers and p«rl* odlcais must par poitaee due for notices of any changes In address furnished by the poll office. In addition, there Is also the problem of delay In delivery or failure to f et the paper. The be*t plan la to lend the change of address In advance. EDITORIAL tlon will be. It Is now rumored that the special session of the Iowa General Assembly which Governor Herring (s planning to call to consider the report and recommendations, will be postponed later than Aug. 1, the date originally set. Let's hope that the people of the state are able to get a comprehensive idea of the report before the special session. .60 "Eternal Vigfteftre l« the .86 Price of Liberty" In an effort to fulfill my duty as a guardian of liberty and to continue the age-old push for the public weal, the following suggestions are submitted for public consideration: -f-t-1- Don't Bend 'Km to Jail This has come as the result of years of thought on the mat* ter and is brought up at this time as a frank of the sen*ehe» Ing of one prominent Malvern* ian to thirty days In the county hoosegow for being somewhat lit tip. Instead of making tmch offenders serve the sentence have them work out a part of it on the town's public prop* erty. Just parole the. culprit to the park hoard, and stipulate fhnt disobedience to the I*. B.'s directions would constitute breach of parole and neremi* tate the serving of the sentence In jail. |N WASHINGTON By Othft 0. Wearin Rcpresehtatlre, Seventh Iowa District What has the country learned from the depression? On every hand we hear It affirmed that it has taught us a great lesson, that It has forced changes for the best, that it has cleared away much dead timber which otherwise might have been left in the way. Frankly, we are not quite sure just what or how much the country has learned from the depression. It will be interest* ing to observe the years following to ascertain the answer. The kfttenball league now functions as the town's N'o. 1 low cost recreation feature. Dozens of the athletically Inclined have been playing on the teams of the league and getting considerable sport and exercise from the activity. Mills countlans' have available some of the finest scenery in the country in the Wahbon- sle bluff area along the Missouri river. In addition to the state park north of Hamburg, and the fine I. O. O. F. park just outside of Hamburg, almost any part of the bluff area iBfrtfe^wjiili'Bcenlo possibilities and rich views. This spring the hills seem to be especially lush and verdant and are well worth visiting. These are days when the iceman gets his due. At least we know that he comes by it honestly and had to make no campaign contribution or pay any hush money to get the weatherman to provide the warm weather. Many people of the state, as many people 01 me Biaie, as c tae pu b}l c as to an issue of gOV- we do, wonder what this re- \ ernmen t. Thus we are at lib- Many have questioned The Leader as to its attitude in running an advertisement recently for a person favoring the repeal of the Eighteenth amendment. As has been frequently stated heretofore, The Leader is unqualifiedly in favor of retaining the national prohibition law as opposed to absolute repeal without any restriction to the liquor traffic. But The Leader, as a newspaper, has a public responsibility of permitting everyone who has a view on any question of public interest to use its col- lumns. We have always believed that complete and accurate Information on any question Is the most important step toward a wise answer. For that reason we have no hesitancy to publish views directly opposed to our own, although we shall continue to confute those views whenever possible. There Is no inconsistency In this attitude and that ot The Leader in refusing to publish beer advertising. Publication of beer, advertising would be done for purely commercial reasons, with no intention to Influence the public as to an Issue of gov- -f-t-l- The board could direct offenders to mow the weeds and grass In the parks, clean up the swimming pool grounds and do many another good turn. As it is the county must support the prisoner while In Jail and no one will get any good at all from It. -f-t-1- Afoodford B. liylngton, Mnl- vwn'n Jeremiah, frankly didn't think much of the Idea a* his concept of penology Is less real- Istlc titan Iili idea of the status quo. Nonetheless ho agreed, nfter argument, that it was workable, possible and would do more good In Inciting civic pride, fulfilling punishment, and effecting economy than the present system. -f-t-1- More advanced are the community's Ideas on bathing suits — so advanced in fact that one prominent citizen recently requested that Mayor Wbitfleld direct girls in bathing suits to keep off the village streets. Boys may wear 'em any place they darn please. -f-t-1- This moved Mr. Bylngton to give an erudite and profound dissertation on clothing habits port of the Brookings Instltu- EVEN THE GAVE MAN MAD FOOD, SHELTER Yes, even the cave man had food and shelter — probably just as satisfactory to him as yours is to you today. BUT, the convenience and pleasure of modern plumbing was denied him. FOR PAR LESS effort than the cave man expended for his food and shelter, you can have a modern plumbing system — bath, toilet, lavatories, hot water. For never has it been possible to get so much for the plumbing dollar as It is today. Why not let us plan a system which will nil your needs? You'll be surprised at how much you can get for ttie cost, J, R, Cardwell Llceu$«d 08 Plumber Malvern erty to refuse beer advertising, as we have already done to our financial loss, because ve do not favor an increase In the consumption of beer, regardless of Us assumed legality. For the sake of those who may not have heard a democratic campaign speech or statement of policy, and that is scarcely possible because of the widespread interest in the "New Deal," 1 would like to quote a statment from a speech delivered recently on the floor of the House by Congressman DoXey t "We know the Federal Faifn Hoard is dead, ft passed away on the ftlght of Friday, May 20, 1033." That ought to be a relief to the many who feel that the above named Institution was not an asset but a liability to the farmer and the taxpayer. Congress passed another farm credit act last week that will probably complete the program for the immediate relief of agri* culture. The Labor Committee reported and the House passed a measure pertaining to the establishment of a national system of employment agencies throughout the An interpretative news sninmary of the Important events of the past week, .,.„_ J ... M ^. W ..., McReynoJds of (Continued from page 1) ^detective stories, the Kansas Cfty police began piecing together scattered clnes and traces. On Friday they reported to their superior that the gang was under arrest, with seven persons in ctrs- tody and a part of the ransom recovered. Miss McEiroy identified the leader of the suspects held. With this tritBnph of the fo*e»» of social order, however., there were some shadows for on Tuesday in the neighboring state of Kansas eleven dangerous convicts took advantage of the baseball game in the prison at tans- ing to break prison, abducting the warden, two guards, and three women to use as shields and leaving a trail of violence as they directed their escape toward the Oklahoma hills, their hostages were released as the fugitives Representative Tennessee. ftito a ftewly created office last week Went Smith W, Brookhart who lost his Iowa senatorial race last election. The office, specla assistant to the Administrator of the farm relief act, carries the duties of stimulating hew world markets for agricultural products Democratic patronage dispensers said observers, created the office for Brookhart as a reward fof his Services against Henry Field and Hoover lit the last national campaign. Confirming quickly the Admin- stfation bill repealing the gold clause in debt contracts, the House approved this measure last week and sent it tin to a stormy reception in the Senate. Shudders of horror passed through many conservatives who have viewed with alarm the tinkering of the •resent Administration with the inanciai system. Satttrdar the Senate followed ult ln tl »e bill, inflict- states and providing for cooperation with the states In the promotion of the program as a matter of protection for the unemployed. During the course of the debate a number of compliments were paid to "Billy" Connery as he is known, for his untiring efforts in behalf of labor, not the least of which was contributed by Congressman Keller of Illinois, a tall, dignified and able member from a famous state. On Saturday the House will probably approve the President's measure for the coordination of railroad systems. The Senate Included the amendments proposed by labor to safeguard their rights and they will remain in the bill or else It will meet with terrific opposition. Many of us, myself included, could not support the proposal without those guaran-, tees for the welfare of the work- ing no Important changes, even Including the retroactive provisions, Thus ail debt in this country, whether owed by or to the government or in private contract, can be serviced in legal tender without benefit of gold. War in America ended abruptly last week when both Peru and Columbia, after battling for several months around a remote Amazon port called Letlcla, | *Suta*af, Jane 4, *fft *e pTeaened by t*e Re*. LotrtS B. Watson, pastor of tfte Metnodlst cfturch at; ShenfttttfoaB. Mr. Waisoti {9 _* graduate ot Simpson tn the elan of 1968,And * ptoifcftteirt tftember of the Io*a-De8 MofiMss Confer«ac*. The other exercises of coat- mencement inclttde the 41oi»tl luncheon and business meeting on Monday, followed by tns campus program and crowning of the Mat Qtreen and the enterUin- ment given by the Women's Atfc- letlc Association In her honor. The May Queen is Miss Vera Marriott of Carlisle, member of tas senior class, chosen at a recent student election. On Monday night the Blackfriars dramatle clnb will present "The Enchanted Cottage" by finero . scattered. The Memorial Hay classic for automobile racers brought victory for the second time to Lou Meyer, but it cost the lives of fire men, three fn the race proper and two in the previous days of preliminary qualifying. Probably Witt Give Piano arid Violin Uttont I will give piano and violin lessons In Malvern and nearby towns this summer. Terms: fifty cents a lesson or less, according ot number of pupils t can secure. Write Alice Mae Chester, Cumberland, Iowa. adv. It is still questionable as to how much of a favor it was for certain preferred customers to be let in on the ground floor by Mor* . »» " * * the most hazardous of all sport- r« an " n « .™ mp ? n l « r « e W" ine avant*. th« Increased aneed cnasc of the 8t ° ck of . Allegheny Ing events, the increased speed requirements this year made the brick Indianapolis speedway an even more desperately dangerous course. On the other side of the world Mahatma Qandhl was slowly recovering from a different, if hardly less dangerous exhibition. The frail Indian leader seemed to men. The Joe Burns,,of Tennessee, who democratic floor leader, One thing brought out by the recent Senate investigation ot the House of Morgan and private banking which has escaped most commentators, Is the astonishing difference in the ethics of private business and government. In private business nepotism, influence of others by monetary gifts (termed bribes in government) IneKlclency in distribution and doubtful methods of finance are accepted policies. But these same things, when tried in any eal «"the fatoed Sartor tns of Thos. Carlyle. He Bug. Bested even that Corporal Heex- alyre be commissioned to thoroughly Investigate the public attitude on the matter and report. The Corporal jumped at the opportunity as he misunderstood the task, thinking it was the investigation of the wearers and not the public. -f-t-1- Personally I quite agree with Mr, Byington. Let the girls wear their bathing suits when and If.' Like the various flower gardens,' such things add to the color of the community, so help me. And I hope Messrs. Johnson and Henry of the Fourth of July committee decide to hold another Bathing Beauty contest this year — providing no one tries to throw me Into the pool, -f-t-1- Huinan nature being as it is — it's wholly illogical and un. explainable to mo —girls in bathing suits attract less at ten, tlon than girls not in bathing suits — IT, that is, i?irls dressed in inoro formal i-lotlitng. The that the , for at least seven to eight hours a day in an effort to complete the emergency program as soon as possible with the result that many congressional offices are operating on about a 16 to 18 hour basis. Even the cartoonists are having "eolng with Roosevelt in the°vanguard of the parade. mediators and granted the League a mandate over the town. The act set new precedent for the League for the Monroe Doctrine had effectively kept any European power from establishing mandates on the American continents. Little opposition was aroused by this fact, as the mandate .was granted without coercion and lasts only a year. jury, no however, from his three The Dove of Peace, long banned from China, bovered over that unfortunate nation last week when a truce was agreed upon between China and Japan. Japan armies were within a few miles of Pieping, nationalist capital of China, when the truce was declared and Chinese war lords, commanding private armies, bustled about alternately agreeing to ***• Economy Test Run to Start Shortly An economy test run demon- starting the actual ability of the Ford V8 will be started in this part of the state shortly, according to Salyers Auto company, The run will be made over all types of roads and In all weather con* onions and a close check of fuel consumption and other expense will be kept. A run made recently at Lincoln snowed the car to make the unusual record of 18.82 miles per gallon, with no oil consumption at an besides the regular 1,000 mile changes. No repairs were needed on the run of 10,148 miles. While Kenneth Buck, held in Massachusetts for the kidnapping of Peggy McMath, was being examined for insanity, and two of the abductors of Charles Boettcher of Denver were sentenced to long terms the New Peal toward kidnappers marched on in the pursuit of the kidnappers of the 26-year-oJd daughter of the city manager of Kansas City. While Miss McBlroy, who was released after the payment of (30,000 ransom, vouched tor the hospitality of her abductors, explaining that they had provided her with such pleasant luxuries as flowers and' government undertaking, rouse j recent Farmers Merchants Bank- the ire of individualists and ers banquet in Glenwood. Bliml- forpornl might delvo Into this odd quirk of homo sapiens, as well. -f-t-l- N'o Bankers A scallion should be voted to ^ Now> wheu -Europeans tw}t us the committee in charge of the _ cause We have no r«ins, we bring down government diatribes, against n business. There are innumerable Instances which prove that government undertakings are not necessarily less efficient than private business. Simply because we have a much lower standard of ethics for private business than for government we cannot Judge the two on the same basis. None of the things that the national government Is doing to cure the depression makes one feel us good as dous a day of goad WILSON ELECTRIC QUALITY OHIOKS »T BARGAIN PRICES 100 tlM) W* iw* W«h*»* MWM-M iMriww fur (W m «ui m» will wwMl « truck wa f«r »wur |MMiUf»', wfentt* 1411 Wilson Electric Hatcher. nated from the honor lists were the bankers — quite conspicuously, too. This is rather Jumping on the profession while it's down for bankers will regain their social standing in a few i years. ' -f-t-1- j To even things up I hereby I award the O. H. 1). S. W. P. A. 1 t» the cook* who furnished the i btuujuH. It was the ftr»t ban* I quet of similar si*n lu wiy mi>iu- j ory (Ju llmsi) purU) at vvhli'h | UQ vmmuHl I'lticjten «** in j^y dliBulso I-T vv»» scrvt'd. They may huvo s«Mut> by mlllug at tills a trice. -f-t-l- Also, sluce it costs nothing, the award of the Legion of Sttjurt After niunur Speakers goes to Editor Wayne D. Choate wUo, after F. U. President Chas, Heam had discoursed for more than an hour, geuttad the fatigue of the lumqueturs ami uvuda th« »Uort. e«t talk ot IU» group. •t-W- w. point to the bills w0 hold against them. — Toledo Blade. weeks fast. What effect his protest against the treatment of the lowest castes had had was not immediately apparent. Corporation at $20 when it was selling several points above that figure on the stock exchange. The stock was around $2. recently quoted at Commencement Week at Simpson College Dr. Charles R. Brown, Dean Emeritus of Yale Divinity School and one of the best known men In his field, will be the speaker at the Sixty-sixth Commencement of Simpson college Tuesday, June 6, 1933. Dean Brown, who is a graduate of the State University of Iowa, is returning on the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation to deliver the baccalaureate sermon for the State University, He is also a personal friend ot Dr. John IA Hlllman, Commencement address. The class of 1933 Is particularly favored in having a man so well known for their Commencement address. The baccalaureate sermon .on DRS. KLINE & KLINE Dr. D, M. Kiln* Or. J. A, Kiln* Oit»op»th!o Phytlel»n« Offic* houri; 1 to S p. m. and 7 t» • p. m. on Wednetdayi and S»turd«y», Other Hour* by Appointment Office ov»r Iowa 8tat« Saving* Bank X-Ray Dlagnoilt Phone*; Offle* 132, Hou»« 126 It's always CCCL at the E MPRESP TH ; •¥• • mm mm w m THEATERO MALVERN Our Mammoth cooling system keeps the temperature icomfortablo constantly. Friday & Siturday Walter Huston, Lupe Vales "CONCO" Added aborts 10c and 25c Marie Dressier in .- "PROSPERITY" Two great stars in the best story ever. Added Shorts IQo and 25c Wednesday Ramon Novarro, Helen Hayes in "SON DAUGHTER" Added Shorts Merchants Bargain Night Eighteen Reasons for Retaining the Eighteenth Amendment 1, Legalizing a wrong or a poison does not make it right or safe. Alcohol (in any per cent) la a habit-forming narcotic poison, «- Webster's Dictionary. 8, There is no «occeaaf«l control system (or alcoholic OripJts, (1) The States of South Carolina and South Dakota adopted dispensaries which (ailed to do any of the things claimed for them. — Colviji, "Prohibition In the United States," eft, XVII. 3. The legalising of liquor would result ia a Ugh 4eatb rate, in 1917 Cardinal Mercler said, "Alcohol kills more fflen then war and kills THI3K of THIS Factory Rebuilt MOTORS (Rebuilt «u by Foi-a Muter Model A. AA. To wwek will, Swvlee aw»r4, to* l*uwp lo UU tlie* Una IMMMI rtUMMi by ir«* ter 4, Prohibition wip*l o«t *b°»»«*?** «* *s» Jooaa w»d<#pppoa 04rertj8iflgt WhlUug WiU Hams *ay» #11 tfee speafceasles in Homestead, Pa., & typical wiping IQWB, "were not hj.ttdUag in a day (J9|u) m *»»<* »J«*Ql of money as s, e]nfl« bar on a aifigl« mornlflg ia l9l9-"^~- Literary Rigeet. Pep, Hi mi, Q, IM» uo* th^ ^f^u^ 1 ' « prahitiUiQtt which vvatTieg nen**ii»t«t There »« d9ien» o| pbgolete lavs »»4 nab«dy trrtaK to r9pe») them, the »»«««» and w\ tb» fftilvtwv of wpM laws which causes sgltatjoo for tbelr re — PUmsn. "Alceflol «u4 the gtftts, 11 p, $«0, 0, Vttuth ww fcaMy BO! WOdsit »» Q ft e tBRth p| MIS pr «ii* ef tto yfttttb, » «>, lege koaw *fe*i ntUriOAA Amarieft 8 beer Uke. , , . They will fe«ye to he 10, JUquor for revenue causes violent re«is» tancet There were more revenue agents shot trying to collect a liquor tax in the thirteen years following the Civil War than there have been prohibition agents in the past thirteen years, pompsye annual reports, Qopmiwloners ot Internal Revenue. 11, Liquor for revenue caiw* political cor* ruptlon, In 1878 the secretary -to President Qraut, Orvllle Babcock, was indicted s* head of a great whlBfcey ring ( i. e., the Oapone of license days w»s in the White House, «rMc- . "Seems pf t Be Qrest Whiskey BJn«,»» W ia moraUy wrong to tragic in tetaxl> , W % ttBWWa thai giveth W« netg B hoy to driak uut putter thy hattie to him a»4 »iso t , , " — RJWe, Rftfe, Pmfcewtcw were *buadwwt a«4 would be undw legal aale, »l w«j w $ «»ly Icwate epeskeasles in any, of $b» gft»»ft ward* re, b»t will t«k» tft« At t** i tttiurn » our vttki *W U

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