The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 23, 1958 · Page 16
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 16

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 16
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MACtMtNT COMMITTEE BU*V Demo Sweep Sends 650 Aides Looking for Bosses 44* AUSTIN (Minn) •W Tuesday, D*c. 2'3, 1958 Woman Claims in ' Killing in WASHINGTON (AP) — To thejnround 100. Some, mostly oldsters. "The fellows 'vim hnve held job-hunfty on Capitol Hill, Laeey;have retired. held top-paying jobs are reluctant v _ Mfpim . r ,, t , C Sharp looks • lot like Safitn' Sharp has no worry about his to take lower-paying assign-, VENTURA, calif. (API— Its a CJans 'own job. A veteran of 22 years ments," Sharp said. he - of course, says Mrs. Eliza. Sharp is head of ft group set Jon Capitol Hill, he is top aide to| oldsters have trm.ble. too. Most " can of the char ** up to help find new jobs for con-!Rep. W. R. Poage (D-Tex> who; n ew members want .young aides. gressional aides whose Senate dnd,ls back {or another two-year term.i Women workers have an easier . Mouse employers were defeated in!" 15 Job HtinJ ' ! lime getting new jobs. This is be- j " "* the November elections. < When n senator is turned out of cause most have minor assign- ; Th Democratic sweep sent office, some 15 hired hands have: me nts. nboul M secretaries and Mem*; to look for a job. When a House, New mmbers wml ^ w ee she was raphcr. scrambling for new boss- member » beaten, four to &ve iknw . how , n deal; with consuJ.Se!?' jeLsTthe Canadian « among the incoming members office helpers lose out. ituents Bnd federa i , ^ rc Twho married ner sor . Keen Hardest hit are administrative „. ., . !" , „ , I marnea ner son ' " """)•». *" dred dollars more than in the areas. House. ! Sharp, chairman of the Congressional Secretaries Club Placement Committee, said about two-thirds of those displaced by the November elections have found new jobs. "I think we'll find jobs for about 100 more." Sharp said. Tills would reduce the casualty list to Likes to Sleep in Bathtubs; Now It's Jail like to brine in ^ ecessor w ' 10 wore an opposite Duncan told newsmen from their home', political , labeh ^P' 0 ^- too, when they asked how she felt ,have few compunctions about!when informed that Olgas bodj working with a ..PW boss with a, had been found in a shallow grave different political affiliation. J20 miles from Ventura. "I liked However, some have drawn the her and * believe she llked me -' line. | Quite a number of displaced .workers have found jobs in pri- jvate industry, with trade associa- j lions or In the executive depart- 'ment. Offered $6,000 But Augustine Baldonado, 25 who led sheriff's deputies to the spot where Olga Duncan was bur led — perhaps alive — said Mrs Duncan offered him and LuL Swede Carlson's HAMBURGER HEAVEN HIWAY 218 SOUTH Open ot 4:00 p.m. Christmas Day for Mt«l* Inside or Carry-Out Service) No Parkin* Problem •t HomburfW He*ven Phem HE 3-9824 We Will Bo Closed All Day Christmas To Our Patrons & Friends MINNESOTA CAFE 215 E. BRIDGE Nixon Gains Goal 'Early' By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON (AP) — Three years shy of his selfimposed deadline, Mike Nixon has made it as a football head coach. Nixon was promoted Monday to chief coach of the Washington Redskins, succeeding Joe Kuharich. After five years with the 'Skins, Kuharich is moving on to Notre Dame. The 47-year-old Nixon has been in pro football for 15 years, as player and assistant coach. In his college days, he starred as a halfback with the hard-nozed Pitt teams of Jock Sutherland. All this time, Nixon has harbored an ambition to become a head coach, to run the whole show instead of only part of it. Recently he said "I don't have much time left. I'm sure 111 have to get a shot before I'm 50." Redskins owner George Preston said Nixon was the only man he considered to replace Kuharich. No information was given out on salary or other terms. Nixon had college coaching experience at Pitt and West Virginia. In the pros, he played with the old Brooklyn Dodgers and was a coaching aide with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Cardinals before coming to the Red- five years acid on her face, and said thi would destroy her dental work, s she could not be identified." The; did not carry out this part of the iplan, however, he said. Few have given up and gone j Maya, 22 $8.000 to kill the woman DETROIT (AP) — Peter G.jback home. ! She told us she had acld and Griggs, 53, was taken to,record-i «Y OU see » sharp said "they've: pills to do tne J° b witl1 -" said Ba ' er's court after he was found' a n go t Potomac fever."' donado. "She wanted us to use the sleeping in a bathtub on the sixth! floor of a hotel. Hotel manager Mrs. Ella Payton .told judge W. McKay Skillman she had ordered Griggs out of five other bathtubs on other floors. "It was warm in there," Griggs told the judge. i "You'd be in pretty bad shape ; if somebody turned on the water," I replied the judge. "Oh, that's all right," said Griggs, "I always sleep with one eye open." Thirty days for vagrancy, said Skillman. Mian Dies After Staying in Bed Last 42 Years GOLDFINE SENTENCED TO JAIL — Bernard Goldfine, *• Boston industrialist keeps his composure in crowded corridor of Federal Court Monday shortly after he was sentenced to three months in jail for contempt. The textile mill AFTER 5-DAY BREAK owner and friend of former presidential aide Sherman Adams brushed newsmen's queries aside but managed a slight smile (center). Contempt charge stemmed from failure to turn over records needed in tax probe. (AP Photofax) • HAMLIN, W.Va. (AP) ~ George ..acy, a man of the mountains who went to bed in, 1916 and never got f'wlll be burled today. Why did he spend the last 42 of his 71 years in bed? Nobody snows for sure. A neighbor said George got mad over sale of a pet. A sister blamed the miasles, Farmer Cal Escue, who lives In the remote Ezekiel Branch section of Lincoln County near the Lacys. said George threatened to go to bed if his father sold a pet calf. His father sold it. So George went to bed. George's sister, Gertie, didn't see it that way. She said George was "a big, stout fellow" before the whote family came down with the measles one year. "He followed those ridges and made a regular path up and dowtf them hunting. He loved to hmit jQssum, squirrel and coon. He was strong AS a young bull and never sick or poorly. "They put us to bed but we all got up later — that is, all except George. He couldn't get up. He lost his talk, too. A lot of people thought he was just acting contrary like, but 1 knew better. He stayed in bed even when spring plowing time came. "Pap, he knew something was wrong with George then because he was not a lazy boy. Well, sir, I have never known what was wrong with George, except that the measles did it." A week ago, George became ill, possibly with pneumonia. Sunday night he died. Negotiators Seek New Angles to Settle N.Y. Paper Walkout By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the Deliverers Union, Schwartz Newspaper Guild. The offer has NEW YORK (AP)— Negotiators jsaid: "They (the publishers) have Been turned down by the de- were exploring new approaches to; been calculating their cost of |liverers membership. ending a 14-day-old newspaper I meeting our proposal on the basis j Reduced Hours strike as they prepared today for' of the over-all cost of granting thej The delivery men are seeking another round of joint talks with same or equivalent benefits to the^a reduction in hours, an extra ' federal mediators. other unions which are involvedlh'oliday and a replacement clause , Baldonado" said ~~Mova went to Publishers of the nine closed 'toother negotiations with the pub- 1 covering absenteeism. Their ba- | Badonado sam Moja went to striking delivery- :"shers. sic pay under a contract which iOlga's Santa Barbara apartment i aRUies ana '" e . sinKing aeuvery v * late at night on Nov. 17 and toldi men ' resumed joint sessions Monthe mirsp a friend of his wa«s sick'" 8 ? a ft er 8 five-day break the nurse a friend of bis was stck . Free of Demand "Now it would seem to us that in a car outside. The nurse, clad in a bathrobe, went to the car. Hit Her With Gun "I was lying on the floor in the back," said Baldonado. "When she opened the door, I grabbed her, and Moya hit her with the gun." Maggiolo said both parties had promised to give serious study to ljected " s and our efforts to win a number of suggestions aimed at! more < han " * P acka S<>. What- 'establishing possible areas O f. ever ' he Polishers agree to add 9fe hope this Christmas season rings in a full measure of happiness for you. TERP Ballroom The nurse put up a fierce struggle as they drove toward a lonely mountain pass near the coast, Baldonado said, and he and Moya beat her with their firsts and the gun, and choked her repeatedly. They scooped out a grave with their bare hands and put her in it. Coroner Virgil L. Payton said she died of asphyxia "Either through strangulation or by being buried alive." The pretty nurse was five months pregnant. Mrs. Duncan branded Baldonado's story a complete lie. "She threatened to hurt me and Frank," s a'i d Mrs. Duncan. "Those two men were just collecting for her. That's why I paid them the money." Authorities said the men were expired Dec. 7 was $103.82 a week. Losses have hit the 20-million. ------ ----- ....... , _ ..... ----the publishers are free of this de- dollar mark- ^ flgure includes mand The °' her unl ° ns nave re " Give Yourself a Treat TAKE OUT AN ORDER OF Fresh Pizza from the Satellite Room at Gus Young's AUSTIN BOWL PHONE HE 3-7841 ".It's Out of This World" agreement." at the request of the Deliverers Neither side indicated any break i" nion ' thev no lon e er can in the deadlock. Possible Stiffening In fact, Asher Schwartz, atto - ney for the independent Newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union, indicated a possible stiffening hi the strikers' demands on a go-it-! alone basis. i Noting that nine other newspa-j per unions, all members of the' AFL-CIO have refused to support Warner, Film Star 60 Years, Dies on Coast LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor H. B. Warner, a familiar figure • .nuuiunuca aoiu uic JIIGU wcic' ^L-—. _ j f - n ,. , ,,.,•,,, ui on Stage and screen for 60 years paid a few hundred dollars by! is dead ° flt ^ J Warner, who broke a hip in a all three weeks, died at the Mc- they have to give it to the other unions." The $7 increase offer, spread | advertising and circulation revenue losses and lost wages. ! Seven unions said they were, paying or would soon pay strike; benefits to 8,850 members who are out of work. i Normal pulse for old age per- over two years, is similar to one!sons is 60 to 75 beats per min- already accented by the New York lute. skins with Kuharich ago. YOUNG PRIESTS RECEIVED VATICAN CITY (0 — Pope John XXIII today received in audience young priests who were ordained over the weekend at the various pontifical colleges in Rome. LOCAL 9 ANNUAL FREE CHRISTMAS MOVIE PARTY Wed., Dec. 24 at 12-1:30-3 p. m. at the PARAMOUNT THEATRE FREE CANDY TO ALL! All Children Invited u .u J n J „• r- D L Mother and Dad or B.g S.ster or Brother M.y Com* Along. Jus * e . omeA «• « * n a n d WflJk '"• 0 " • ° " d / 2 ^^ ^ ^ ^ F|jn ^ A(|> Mrs. Duncan after the nurse was killed. Mrs. 'Duncan, Baldonado and Moya are booked in Ventura County jail on suspicion of murder. Moya has also denied Baldonado's story. Dist. Atty. Roy Gustafson termed the nurse's death a "brutal, calculated, revolting killing for hire." He said he would ask the death penalty for Mrs. Duncan and the two men. Mrs. Duncan was arrested 10 days ago for masquerading as her daughter-in-law last August and obtaining an annulment of her son's marriage on the grounds it had never been consumated. She paid a man $60 to pose as her son in the staged courtroom proceeding. Duncan said he was unaware of the annulment until his mother was arrested. He has not been to see his mother since the slaying was uncovered and has not beei available for comment. Reword for Cattle Rustlers Is Posted TUCUMCARI, N.M. (AP) — A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of cattle rustlers who stole 50 head of cattle valued at $10,000. Rancher Ed Breen — a vaudeville performer with the late Will Rogers — said the cattle disappeared from a 4,500-acre pasture on his ranch. tion Picture Country Home. He was a native of St. John's Woods, London, England, and started on the stage there at 7 with his actor father, Charles Warner.' His first starring role in this country was in the Broadway production-of "Alias Jimmy Valentine" in 1906. He came to Hollywood in 1926 for one of his most famous portrayals, that of Christ in Cecil B. DeMille's "King of Kings." His last film was another DeMille picture, "The Ten Commandments." In between were scores of Hollywood's top movies. Warner leaves three children, Mrs. Lorraine Garner, Mrs. Joan Wooters and Hfinry B. Warner Jr., of Los Angeles. STATE 20c . 45c . 60c Tonite Only - 7 & 9 to JOHN WAYNE BMWARIBN OHN HUSTON We Will Be Closed Christmas Eve. We Wish You All a Blessed Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year Coming Thurs. - Fri. • Sat. A Wonderful Action Comedy The Whole Family Will Love It! Loughs! He "promoted" himself to GENERAL! M-G-M prison co-staffing Tain* BUTTONS-ELG DEAN JONES in CINEMASCOPE CHRISTMAS DAY SHOWS 3:00.5:00-7:00-9:00 GUS YOUNG'S AUSTIN BOWL WILL BE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY AT 1:00 P. M. (Alley* Will Be Closed from 2 P.M. Christmas Eve) OPEN BOWLING Every Day & Every Night Christmas Week GUS YOUNG'S AUSTIN BOWL 104 HI 3-4250 CORRECTION! PRICE of HORMEL HAM In Our Ad Loi» Night Should Hovt Been 49 c Wholt or Shank Hoik Piggly Wiggly XXXXXKXXXXXXX>O<XXXX XXyxxxxxxxxvVxxxxxx xxxx That't • good motto—especially for th« holiday*. When traffic'* heavier, traffic death* mount. So drive lately, courteously. Obey *peed limits, warning signs. It'i your holiday — *t*y alive to enjoy it! BACK THI ATTACK PuDllsnid it a public tervic* in cooperation with Thi Aflvsrtliinj Council if if ^ ij xxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXrfXXXXX LAST TIMES TONIGHT - 7 & 9 P.M. "FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON" — Technicolor — STARTS CHRISTMAS DAY al 1:00 P. M. FUN'S No.1 SON TOPS EVERYTHING HE'S DONE! Jerry's a scream in a brand-new scene- He's a Japanese Mirth-quake! JERRY LEWIS Now to note— htart tohtartl Mtgte >ct with • Cut* trick) Kn«»-dt«p In Nlpponcte knock-out* I A TECHNICOLOR'TREATI EXOTIC BEAUTY OF COLORFUL JAPAN* SPECIAL Our Own Home Style ICE CREAM 2QTS. 69 WEDNESDAY ONLY Made Fresh Daily West Side Market 105N.3rd HE 3-8393 LAST TIMES TONIGHT — Randolph Scott in "DECISION AT SUNDOWN" — Plut "LIFE BEGINS AT 17" — Shows 7:1 5-8:50 Big Free Kiddie Christmas Show at The Paramount Tomorrow SHOWS AT 12:00—1:30 AND 3:00 P.M. THEATRE WILL OPEN AT 11:30 A.M. A Big 12 Cartoon Festival Free Candy and Santa Claus You Are Guests of The United Packing House Workers Local 9 PARAMOUR * ~untiF Hf-->-,-'•/ Starts Christmas For Six Big Days of Great Adventure Shows Christmas at 2:00 • 4:20 - 6:40 • 9:00 It's The Greatest Holiday Hit Ever Shown in Austin! REUNITING THE TWO TOWERING ANTAGONISTS OF "THE REGULAR PRICES THI PARAMOUNT WILL || CLOSIO CHRISTMAS IVI

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