The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 8, 1976 · Page 7
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 7

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1976
Page 7
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'Choose Life' is crusade theme By RUTH MORRIS City Editor In a time of moral crisis and increasing despair, the Uniuri States and the world need a spiritual awakening by discovering the true meaning of life, says Dr. John Wesley White, the evangelist featured in a week-long Crusade For Christ currently underway in Fergus Falls. Speaking to Kiwanians Monday, White recalled being asked to help with Billy Graham's address at the burial of former President Lyndon Johnson and finding, in the course of researching, that in Johnson's last address as president he had quoted Moses: "I set before you the way of life and the way of death; the way of blessing and the way of cursing; and therefore choose life..." White called that passage typical of the crusade's theme. "We are not puppets," he sail "We come to life for one primary reason, and that is to make a decision. A Crusade for Christ is a challenge to everyone to make the right decision." White cited suicide rates as evidence that many people are either choosing the wrong road to a fulfilling life or do not know how to find the right one. fn the United States last year, he said, the suicide rate shot up more sharply than in any other year in the nation's history. He quoted columnist Ann Landers' to the effect thai suicide is probably the leading killer among lWo-28-year olds. A study by the British House of iMis snowed that the rich, the highly-educated and jet-setters are eighl limes as likely to commit suicide as their poorer, less educated, "squarer" compatriots. "The more you earn and the more you learn and the more you burn, the more you yearn for life," he concluded. "I am an evangelist because JOHNWESLEY WHITE I believe that life is not in knowing, merely; or in doing, merely; nor in having, merely; but in being," White said. He said that those who would eliminate despair by working to eliminate povery and human suffering and boredom and then filling the empty spots with some form of entertainment are on the wrong track, comparing such a life with that of Solomon, whose efforts to enjoy life by "trying everything once" left him disillusioned and frustrated. He reminds parents of the counterculture movement of the 60's an8 early 70's: "We tried to give them (our children) everything on a silver tray and they threw it right back in our faces. They really shook us up, didn't they?" The message, he said, is that life is more than materialism. "There's something about ever) 1 one of us that craves life everlasting more than anything.. .Life has meaning...Life is enrollment in a divine kingdom." That, White believes, is what brings people by the hundreds to crusades such as this one. "1 know,"h«said, "thatwhat they're craving most is life — what brings these people is this driving spiritual quest." The crusade continues nightly this week with sessions beginning at 8 p.m. in the auditorium at Fergus Falls Senior High School. SWIMMERS MISSING -Opening of Pebble Lake for swimming is delayed until next Sunday because the lake is being treated for weeds. No swimming is advised until Wednesday. SU lifeguards will start duties Sunday from 1 to J p.m. when the scene will rhangedeckiedly Irora this appearance yesterday. I Journal photo hy Barley Oyloe) Property ruling is submitted To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson State DFL delegates INFANT EARS A TARGET OF INFECTION Dear Dr. Thosteson: My son is 19 months oM and has had four ear infectious in five months, apparently from a cold and congestion from teething. He has been gives antibiotics each 'time and I was told the UectMB hail cleared up. Why are the ears subject to repeated infecttoa? Why isn't tbe medicine permanently curing the problem?-— G.M.C. Head colds often lead to ear infection in the first few years of life. In infants the slant of the Eustacluan tubes makes it easier for infection to get into the ears. Those are the tubes leading from the back of the throat to the ears. It the adenoids or tonsils become infected then ear infection becomes more likely. Teething adds to the problem. An infant's "resistance" can be lower during this period because of loss of sleep and appetite. Usually as the child gets older the problem goes away. If the iilections continue to recur, become more serious, or linger, then the.tonsils and adenoids must be looked at. Removal might be considered if they are greatly enlarged. Antibiotics will have no effect on the cold virus itself. They will help control secondary infections which may result from all the congestion in the area. And they won't prevent recurrence of the colds. Ear symptoms in infants always require prompt attention. Older youngsters are able to tell you where "il hurts." Infants resort to long crying sessions, usually with piercing shrieks and rubbing of the ears. Your pediatrician can prescribe mild ear drops for this. They shouldn't (repeat shouldn't) be used if there is discharge from the ears, however. / . Often, a hearing loss follows such an infection, but it usually returns in-a few days. Longer periods of loss should be investigated. As long as your child's infections are being treated promptly I doubt you have anything to worry about. Dear Dr. Ttustrsen: What do the initials "E.S.R." mean on a medical reptrt? Would "E.S.R. II" be good or bad? - A.R. It's shorthand for a certain blood test that helps a doctor measure how welj an infection is clearing up. The kltcrs actually stand for "erythrocyle sedimentation rale." Erylhrocytcs (eh-RITH- ro-silesl are red Wood cells. Sedimentation means a settling. The K S K. lost tflls how fast red blood cells sctllc down in a lubcirf whole blood, leaving Ihc plasma »\ Ihe top. The "10" indicates that the cells M'llk- downward .it a rate of lOtnlllmwtcrs an hour in Ihe lest you llul Ihcrc arc diflercnl kimh of K.S.Ii. tests ileixmlntt! ixi Ihc tube used. In ma- niflhod the high normal is S.5 nun. Thus, Ihc 10 wxiM, n( i-mirsc he high In .innlhor.»lierc the hij'.h normal is 1} tran.. Id would be ac- ceptable. The rate for women is normally higher. The rate is higher with infection because the red cells clump together more readily and thus settle down more quickly. The test is used most often to keep track of infections in long- lasting diseases. A single test usually doesn't mean too much. '" Dear Dr. Thosteson: How can I gain weight without raising my cholesterol count? I am about 5-fwW and weigh 101 poiuds. Tm down IS pounds in the last year. I am 75 years old. — E.H.B. At 75, you don't have to worry about cholesterol. If you have been dieting to avoid cholesterol that could account for your weight loss (because of a tow fat intake). Being sure you have good nourishment is more important at your age than the cholesterol. That reaches a peak at about 50 or 60, and tends to decrease after that. Are you bothered with ringing in the ears? If so, write to Dr. Thosteson, in care of this newspaper, for his booklet, "Ear Noises — Their Causes and Cures." Enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents. Dr. Thosteson welcomes reader mail but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual tellers. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. DULUTH, Minn. (AP)-- The Minnesota delegates and the names of Ihe subcaucuses which chose them at the state convention: Humphrey caucus: David Roe, Plymouth, president of Ihe Minnesota AFL-C10; John French, Minneapolis attorney; Marjorie Loeffler, Minnetonka; Stella Jensen, Elkton. 'Humphrcy-Jth District caucus: Mayor Robert Beaudin, Duluth. Humphrey-food policy caucus: Harold Windingstad, «, Dawson farmer. Humphrey-pro life caucus: State Rep. Steve Wenzel, 28, Little Falls; Charlotte Bates, 43, New Hope; Erma Kraven, 53, Minneapolis. Humphrey-DFL issues caucus: M. Eprevcl Law, Minneapolis; Cynthia Kitlinski, Coon Rapids. Humphrey-education issues caucus: Warren Bradbury, St. Cloud school teacher. Uncommitted DFL issues caucus: Judy Healey, 37, Minneapolis; Don Ostrom, 37, St. Peter. Ostrom supports Fred Harris. Uncommitted 'pro-life caucus: Kevin Powers, Maplewood. Uncommitted racial minorities caucus: Sam Verdeja, 27, St. Paul. Verdeja said he likely will vote for Humphrey. Verdeja, a Chicano, was one of five minority delegates se- Suspect held oh murder DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Arlene K. Smith, 29, of Wyoming was held in the city jail Sunday on a murder warrant issued in Sweet Water County, Wyo. She was held in the shooting death of Thomas Burgett, 43, Des Monies. lected. The other four are blacks. Under DKL rules, any combination of candidate names and issues can be used as the title of a subcaucus. ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP)-The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled in favor of businessman Frank E. Bohman in a dispute over construction of a marina on Rainy Lake near In- ternalional Falls. Bohman had proposed building a marina in a swampy area of Crystal Beach Bay, six miles east of International Falls. The project was opposed by some of Ihe property owners in the area, claiming it would cause added traffic, endanger swimmers and despoil the waters of Hie small bay. The Supreme Court said there were "procedural deficiencies" in the case, because the county board failed to make necessary findings. However, the court said it used testimony gathered in a later hearing before the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to reach its conclusion. The land in question is zoned residential. County regulations provide that a marina may be built in the area if a conditional- use permit is granted. The DNR has approved dredging of access channels to the proposed marina. The court rejected one argument, that increased boat traffic might endanger swimmers at nearby family beaches. The court said this argument "is not critical because swimmers have no absolute right to exclude other uses ..." Judge C. Donald Peterson sa id in the opinion that the DXR has the power to terminate Bohman's permit if the marina results in pollution. Fergus falls (Mo.) toirnal Tues.,Juneo,1976 11 HEARING AID BATTERIES Zenith brand-to lit all sizes and All other models! maims t ram wx WataMe* AGENCY TON6U6 KNOWS WHEN THE IS | BAD TASTING 1 at your reliable local co-operative can solve taste & odor problems Filteis out ru&t. sedimenl *nd dii ron. chemical lanes, otfor*. I Cartridge included Headquarters for all of your water conditioning needs with fully automatic water, conditioners available at prices as low as $269. OTTER TAIL CO-OP OILS 303 WEST WASHINGTON Over % Were Asking for Numbers . Already in the Phone Book The cost of providing Directory Assistance is likely to reach nearly $14 million in 1976. Are you among the 25% of all phone users who make 90% of the Directory Assistance calls? Please help hold down this cost! Use Your Directory First Northwestern Bel

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