The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking i ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB 8BNTWKI. IB the only newspaper In car- WlUounty that IB printed all at home and It con- ams more local and county news than any other two papers in this county. POWRB8 * COLCM), PrOPS. FBIDAY, ACOUST 31. 1894. Visit Moore'i shoe store. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Call Bt Martin & Clovis" for Glidden barbed wire. Paiiits, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. I. Bmutney disposed of his residence property while in the city. Diaeaees of the eye, ear, throat and BOW. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. G. W. Davis, of .Union township, was ft pleasant caller at our office yesterday. Diseases of women and children a •pecialty. DK. B. C. KBLUUY, Carroll, la. Miss Jennie Jeiome, of Laurens, is in the city visiting her sister, Mrs. A. M. Benton. C. B. Morris and 3. W. Stuokenbruck, of Coon Rapine, were in the city attending court Mrs. H. B. Beach returned Monday from Lake View where she had been for a abort visit. Prof. W. A. .Demmmg left Tuesday for a short visit with his parents near Moville. Float is 90 cents .per sack at Mo- Lagan's. Why ia it BO cheap? Because be ifl Belling out. Chas. Brown has been confined' to his bed for the past few days. He is reported as being 4uite sick. Miss Mary Boyce is enjoying a very pleasant visit from'boyfriend, Miss Rose Donohoe, of Omaha. The help in the shoe factory has been notified to be on hand next Monday mornina to begin work. Coon Rapids is well represented at the court room, having been summoned on the Erb insurance cases. Mr. and Mrs. T. Q. 'Paine have returned from Lanark, 111., where they have been visiting for some time. The Union Cornet band will be at Qermania park Sunday afternoon. A free concert will be furnished. MoLagBD baa got eome awful good groceries and will sell much below any one in Carroll. He in selling out G. W. Wattles, of Omaha, is in the City Tuetday looking after business interests which require his attention. Mrs. C. A. Mast, son and daughter, left this morning for Davenport, Iowa, to visit relatives and friends. Ed. Dale and C. V. B. bmith, of Union township, were - in the city as witnesses in the Btb insurance cases. Our prioM on flour are right, finite everybody, give it • trial and yon will oome back to the Yellow front for more. All book accounts must be settled at once either by cash on note. KEMI-KBB & COLIDQB. J. B. Bmith and G. M. Lisk assisted the county superintendent in marking the examination papers for the normal students. Have you beard the news? MoLagen is selling oat. Goods mast be all sold daring the month of Aogast and don't yon forget it. Ten dollars to all part of England. Great reduction in steamship tickets to •II part in the world. Call at once. Moses Simon. W. H. Munion has again taken bis old run fiom here to Audubon, and we understand that his family will soon re turn to our city. Prof. B. Boyer, of the Bloomingtoo, Ills., high school, was a guest of Bupt. Ament yesterdav. These gentlemen were university cl«ss mates. Work ii progressing very favorably on the new,opera house and it will be completed in time to have the grand opening At the time arranged for. B, J. Kuaruy has been confined to hie bed for over a week with malaria fever. Ho has been quite tick, but it is thought be ii Juit a little butter now. Mrs. Parions,motuer of Mayor Parsons, bas returned from Chicago, whore she bad been for some time the guestu of relatives living In the city. J, E. Davliliou, of Ulehlund township, wan in the city Tuesday and inform* UN that he is going to go to Vermont in a few weeks to spend the winter. Obftso & SauboH) lens end coffees were used exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, wleoted (or tbeir superior quality. Bold ouly by Merchant. Chut). McAllister loft Tuesday worn- log for Hot Springs, 8. D., to be absont three 01 four weeks, For »ou»e time he has beou fulling in health and at tbe time thin. The test and change of; climate will no doubt have a beneficial effect upon him. We hope to see him return fat nnd healthy as his partner, Sam Todd. To exchange, extra good gold watch for breech loading ebot gun. Eugene Mnneon, at Driving Park. The case of Evans vs. Schltismin, from Sheridan township, brought for assault, WBP dismissed by Justice Lynch and the costs charged to the county. Nolen & Hodge are having the walls of their laundry veneered with brick. Thip, when completed, will greatly improve the appearance of the building. J.H. Hoebing was attending courtTues day and assisted a couple o! his German friends in getting their second papers so that they can vote at the fall election. A. N. Harding is at work painting the large glass doors leading to the various county offices. The name of the office will be painted on each of the doors. The room just west of Bailey & Holland's grocery is being repaired and will be occupied by Misses Cavanaugh & LaPlant for a millinery store after Sept. 1. Mrs. Price and sister, of Vail, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Westbrook. They had been at Odebolt over Sunday attending the marriage of one of their sisters. Merchant wants you to call at his store and see how few goods you can buy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at home, but put a double box on your sled or wagon. Farmers oome on, now is tbe time and MoLagan's is tbe place to get some goods cheap to carry you over this bard season. Lay in a stock for tbe year; you can save money by doing so. Louis H. Lisk arrived in the city this morning. He spent his vacation in Illi- coii, at his old home, Bad is now ready to begin work as principal of the seBth side school next Monday morning. When fodder sells on the street at six dollars per ton, as it did last week in this city, the Uarmer will realize about as much from his corn land as he would if the corn crop had been up to the standard. J. W. Strobm has moved his office fixtures to his residence and will give up his office. He says he might as well be at home as to stay at the office for there will be no grain to buy for the next year at least. The city council held a snortl meeting Tuesday evening and made the levy for the ensuing year. The levy was the same as it was for last year. 80 far as bus and had to be As«l»ted home. He w»s quite stck for it while, but was some batter next morning. The band boys regret very much that they were unable to ieep their first engagement, but gave the concert Monday evening. There are ilghteen members of the band and all of them ate good musicians. M. Miller hns returned from Hot Springs, B. D.. nnd is looking much bet ter than he did when he lett for there, water had n good effect on his rheumatism and we trust that the improvement will be permanent. .A notice is displayed on the door of the Carroll Dry Goods Company's place of business, that the store will remain closed until Monday, Sept. S, when it is their intention to close out the stock of goods. An invoice is now beinR taken. It was practically concluded at a meeting ot the school board thht the heating anti-ventilating apparatus of the north basement room of the high school building could be placed in proper shape and that the room could be used with perfect safety for school purposes. Thomas Dutton, of Washington township, was a caller at this office. He is one of the fortunate farmers who will not feel the effects of the drouth to any great extent, as he has 2,500 bushels of old corn on his place and will Ret quite a little from thin year's crop. The feed and produce store of Sihu- maoher & Mitts will be opened Saturday. The place of business will be in the Adams building at the southeast corner of the court house square. The firm received a car load of potatoes Monday as the'first invoice of their stock. Mr. and Mrs. F.M.Harvey left Monday for Marion, Iowa, where they will make Cowan'a "Afisunderstood Man" Is Frofet- sof Herro»,of Otluuell, wlioin Governor Orounse attacked at the Nebraska Crmut- auqcia. "Cycling in the Kockles" will Interest all cyclists and would-be cyclists. "A Typical Midland Interest all. Dozens Convention" of portraits will nnd many floe views enrich the their future home, city as it will be They move to that much better for Mr. city taxes are concerned there will be no change. A slight change was made in tbe time card|Sunday. The only change of any importance was made in tbe flyer from the east, which was changed from 10:56 to 10:30. its old time. The other changes are small. Geo. Maze has sunk a well 804 feet deep and while be has an, abundance of water it is entirely spoiled by the presence of quick sand which is in it. So far he has been unable to screen it to any advantage. J. M.! Drees has sold bis residence to Geo. E. Hocb, of Arcadia, and will give possession by Oct. 1, when Mr, Drees' family will move to Colorada am Mr. Hocb's to our city. The price paid was 93,700. A hardware store at Halbur was broken into Monday and considerable amount of cutlery and valuable articles were carried sway by the burglars. As yet, nothing has been heard of their where abouts. Frank Butler, of Bchaller, was in the city last Saturday inspecting tbe city well and also the one the railroad company is working on. Hit city U out of water and IB now trying to arrange for a public well. Our old townsman, I. Smutnoy, was in tbe city Tuesday looking after business aifairs. Be is well pleased with Audubon, he sayi, but we think be gets lonesome at times and wishes be wai back in tho best citylin the vtate. Chas. Jones, of Breda, come to tho city Saturday night on his wheel, but arrived a few minutes too late to help tbe boys out in their concert. Had bo been here on time ho would have taken Mr. Griffith's pluco and all would have boon happy. County Treasurer Albertsen Informs us that the taxes are beginning to coino in quite rapidly again. The lust installment will bo duo Sopl. 1, and tho penalty will begin Oct. 1. It in though that taxes will bo paid uu equally at we! this year at usual. Tho band boys as, woll u» the large crowd of people that hud ttssomblod on tho streets Saturday evening, were greatly disappointed because tho baud failed t mtko ttB uppunruuco on the itlroot. Th rouiou for tho failure wai duo to th fact that after tho boys bad osiouiblod i baud room, I. N. Grittltb.tbotuba player Harvey, as his run starts from there, and he will be able to be at the end of his run during his lay off every other week. W. B. Foster, of Glidden, was a caller at this office-today. He is getting ready to moye into his elegant new drup store at that place and will give a grand open ing on that occasion. Mr. Foster is one of the successful business men of our county and we are pleased to see him prosper. The Northwestern band will give an open air concert this evening at 7:80. opposite J. W. Hatton'B drug store. Following is the program: Match. Across the Continent Solo for two Cornet. La Belle Creole Baritone Solo Stall. Polka Cornet Solo'Dream Overture ..- Blvttl Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill cute no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button bole yon on the street and beg you to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, 'jut think you are wise enough to obocee tbe beet place to trade. Respectfully. . E. N. MBBCHANT. Hiram 8. Maxim, who Is perhaps best known as the Inventor of the air ship which bears his name, contributes to tlie September number of the North American Review, an interesting article on "The Development of Aerial Navigation," a subject which has for some years past been the chief object of his study and investigation. A. B. Hanger and wife left for Sac City, where they will spend Sunday with their parents. From there they go to Cedar Rapids where they will make their future home. Mr. Hanger is one of the main line postal clerks and he and his estimable wife will be greatly missed by their many friends in this city. A man by the name of Dexter is serving out a three days' sentence in the city quay for being drunk and disorderly. He acted very much as if he was a "spotter" sent out by the company to catch employes who are accustomed to frequenting the saloons. He got a bad ot bis departure was looking quite wan suddenly attacked with cholera mor head put on him last night and will not agbin attempt so bold a game in our city. An idea of the dryneBS of the earth can e gained from the fact tbat the water umpod from the railroad well last Monay did not run Jdown an incline to the istance of one bundred feet, and a wo inch itream was running all day. 'he ground absorbed the water as fast s it fell on it. Over 40.000 gallons wero bsorbed on a place a little larger than lie floor of one of our stores. A unique feature of the September num >er of the North American lioview is the eadlng article entitled "Tho Late Lord Cblet Justice of England, Some Kerolnls- OUCOB," by tbe new Lord Chief Justice, he Ulght Hon. Lord Russell of Klllowou hotter known as Sir Charles Uussell, who relates many Interesting Incidents in the UeofhlB distinguished predecessor Including some amusing anecdotes of their olnt visit to the United States in 1888. Wm. Gilley and wife returned Batur • day evening from Lake Okouojl where they In company with Mr. Whitman aud wife, who returned a few days before, have boon for tho past seven v/eoks.They had a'very pleajftnt trip and enjoyed it at well an U was possible for people of their veart to do. Mr. Gilley says that be call* ed on our old townsman, K. M. Bettor, several times and fouud him couuued to bod In a very critical condition. UK whole nervous system has gone to pieces and bU death is ox pooled at almost aov time. Mr». Uotzor Is still strong and U onjovlng good health. The September Midland J/onthly (!>«» Moluos) comes laden with good things. Elaine Uoodale ttastmau, the pout, whoso career among the Indians in Houlf» romance, has an intensely In torus ting awry "A UftBtylOouoluBlou." Director Sago, of the weather service, answers tho couun drum, "Wo battles bring rulu V" Mr, Me number, Amotig the new contributors are Ella Hamilton DuHey,of the Des Moines News, and Jullen Richards, of the Chicago Tribune. Lost, a pocket book containing a deposit check on bank of Auburn, Sac county for f 100, and two notei given by Larry Zenner to G. V. Wells, one for f75 and one for 1100. All parties are cautioned not to purchase the same. The book was lost either on the road from Auburn here, or in the city. Finder will please return the same to this offloe.or to the owner and -be rewarded. W. M. WBLLS, Auburn, Iowa. Glidden and Perry base ball teams pliyed a gnme of ball at Coon Rapids Wednesday, The game was one of the most exciting of any played in this part of the country for some time. A large amount of money exchanged hands, and as the score stood 11 to 12 in favor of Glidden, our neighbors on the east;are flying high. Business was practically suspended at Glidden yesterday as eyery- body went to Coon Rapids to see the game. It is reported that over a thousand witnessed the game The Boot and Shoe factory still continues to be the leading topic of discussion about the city. Tbe laborers are all anxious to see things adjusted in such shape that they will get their wages and also be able to go to work again. An invoice is being taken, and it is the intention to start the factory again 1 September 1. The factory will be under the control of C. D. Bovnton, who will operate it for a while, at least, It is to be hoped that the business affaire will be So adjusted that the factory wilt be kept open permanently. E. M. Parsons has returned to the city and we are pleased to learn that he does not intend to change his residence from this city. He fcaye be is opening a bust ness, at Perry, with Frank Dodson, but after a few weeksl Mr. Dodson will look after tie business at tbat point, and he will run bis business. During the first few weeks he will'be away from tbe city considerable of the time but after tbat be will bo here practically all the time. He has no intention to resign the mayor- ship or to give up his residence in our city. This will be welcome news to our citizens, for we have heard many expressions of regret at the prospects of his leaving us. The UnionCornetband gave its first concert Monday evening on tho street. Tbeir appearance was greeted by a large crowd second only in siie to tbe one that will welcome Barnum & Bailev'n show to our city. While the boys' uniform reminded us somewhat of the one wor by Farmer Stebben's band, the music furnished was first class and received an avalanche of applause from tbe multitude which thronged the street for blocks. The baud was composed of fifteen instruments and has reason to feel proud of tho generous welcome it was accorded by our citizens. The railroad well was tested Monday and proved very satisfactory. There were about 40,000 gallons pumped from the well and tbe supply appeared to be practically unlimited. In the forenoon tbe pump was run at a speed of 18 strokes per minute, then the speed was incieased to 86, tbe full capacity of the pump. In tbe forenoon the water fell about 21 feet, but after the pump had been run a few hours tbe water rose to about thirty feet of tbe top, and could not be lowered. Tbe well is 153 feet deep, and the water is very pure. The company feels confident, tbat it has|at last solved the water problem for this station, and will have no trouble in tbe future, Tbo work of erecting a tank is being crowded along as rapidly as possible. BOUND OVBB. P. Hiekey, of Sheridan township, was bound over by Esquire Jenninpa last Tuesday, and was brought to and placed in tbe county jail, tbe city to await tbe action of the grand jury, wbiob is in session. Mr. Hiokey is B young man working on ft farm in tbat township, iwd bad been to • dance given at B lmu'» a few nights ago. When it came ixne to go bom», Hiokey went aoroes tbe road to • neighbor's and bridled one ot bis horses and rode it toward tbe place where be was working until be got close to Kentner. Than be turned the horse loose and kept tbe bridle, and wsnt and laid down nndsr • hedge fenee to get «little sleep, «s be bad to work the next day. Tbe owner ot tbe horse mUaed it in tbe morning, and tracked it to where Hiokey bad turned it loose, where tb*> owner found U, As the bridle was mice- ing, be looked around a little for it, «ul fouud Biokey asleep with tlw bridle in his hands. As Hiekey's clothes were covered with gray baits, tbe color of tbe hone, the owner of the horse had him arrested with tbe result 00 elated above. Too OOABSB. Wednesday an unknown made himself rather familiar about the depot asking trnim men to go with 'him and "take a drink," and after their departure he would go nntl examine tbe register, get the names of the men who bad accepted ot his hospitality, and reootd them in a book kept by him for that purpose. Along io the evening the railrond boye got oti to the idea thnt be WRB a "tpot- ter" and it was not long until they had him gloriously full and he then attempted to paint the town. Of course he could not do that and succeeded in being run in by the city authorities. Next morning he was called before the mayor to answer to tbe charge of being "drnnk and disorderly." He presented a rather sorry appearance. His face and b«wd were quite badly swollen, tbe result of a "scrap" he got into on Fifth street with an unknown party. He had every appearance of being a "high roller" and the mayor placed the fine at $8. In default ot payment he was sent to the city quay for three days. This will afford him an opportunity to take an invoice ot stock and see where he is at. The little book In which the nameB were recorded of those who had been invited by him to taste the flowing bowl is missing, and ae be ie * stranger to the partiec, his work will have to be done over again. A SuooBSBFDt, OPBBATIOH. , Wednesday a very painful operation waa performed upon H. W. Maoomber. For eome time he bas been troubled greatly from an internal abscess forming at irregular intervals. Dr. Wright mode a thorough examination and found that there was a small opening through one of the large intestines, and as foreign substance would pass tbrnugh this opening, information would set in and could only be relieved by opening and allowing the accumulated pun to escape. It bed always been a mystery ae to what was tbe cause of these recurring absessee until the opening in tbe intestine was discovered aa stated above. Since the operation has been performed quite a quantity of pus has been removed and tbe patient is resting much easier. It is now thought that tbe cause can be removed and tbat this will be the last time he will have to pass through this painful ordeal wbiob has been quite frequent of late. AN EXPLANATION. In order tbat O. O. Boynton may not be placed in a false light regarding tbe account tbe SENTINEL gave of tbe closing down of tbe boot and shoe factory, it might be in order to give tbe few brief words a SBNIINBII reporter exchanged with him Tuesday. "Say," said Mr. Boynton, as we met him on tbe street, "Are yon the fallow tbat published tbe account of tbe closing down : of the factory t" "Yes," we replied. "Well, yon gave a false impression when yon said I owned tbe factory, for I do not. Any d— t— ought to know that I did not own it, or was not going to ran it, living as I do in Illinois." "Well," wa said,"probably we are ad— f—,bnt tueu yon said yon took tbe factory by virtue of ft mortgage which is on file in tbe recorder's office for 823,000, and as we understand yon owned it, we naturally presumed yon owned tbe plant or at least controlled it; and yon alto said you were not going to run it but • ehorttime until tbe stock on band wae worked up, did yon nott" "Yes," said Mr. Boynton, "but I did not know tbat the mortgage for 128,000 was filed iu my name. I supposed at tbe time I was talking to yon tbat it was, in my son's he owned all tbe interest in it." "Ob, I see: then, when yon said tbe factory waa closed on tbe mortgage held by your eon, C. D. BoyntonT" ''Yes, oertaiuly, and as there is one tor thai amount in favor of 0. D. Boynton, tbe factory is now under bis control and will be operated by him for • while, at least." We make tbe above explanation as requested for we only desired to deal fairly in tbe matter. IVORY IT FLOATS BEST FOR 5H1RT5. TMI PROCTER ft GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI.. D. Yatee, one of the attorneys for the company, bus takf-n oaurge of tbe stock and will oloee it out ae BOOU ae possible. , Messrs. Stick & Komp will remain in tb» store nutil the gooda are closed out;" As yet the late proprietors ot the firm have not determined upon their future, but we trust luut Ibey will again engage in business in our city, for they are first class citizens and good business men. Piles 1 Pileal Itching Piles. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itching and itlaa; Ing, most at night; worse by scratching. If at lowed to continue tnmon form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming Terr sore. Sway* no's ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulceritlon and In most cases removes the tumors. At druggists, or by mull, for 80 cents Dr. Swayne & Bon, Philadelphia, 6-1-96 POFCI/IST OONVBNTION. The Peoples party ot Carroll county will bold their county convention at Olidden, Saturday, Sept. 1, 1894, at the opera boose, for tbe purpose of nominating a full county ticket. We extend a cordial invitation to all who are tired of old party broken pledge* and political trickery, and to those who favor the free coinage of silver at the ratio ot 16 to 1, to meet with na at 2:30 p. m. A good speaker will be in attendance. J. A. HARRIS, County Chairman. THIS SHOULD INTEREST You. It is just as ueceaeary tor a man to get good reading matter es it is to get good food. We have just made arrangement* which may be of interest to yon, dear sir, who are glancing down this column of type. The arrangement is this: We will give you the greatest ot all Democratic papers, tbe* New York Weekly World, and Ibis paper,botb for one year, for 82, or we will send you tUt] paper tor one year and Tbe Weekly" Worlk tor six months for 81.75. The campaign now begun is going to be ft very important one. Here is the portnnity to get your >wu local p and the leading metropolitan journal tbe country at extraordinarily low rates. Does this interest yon? If it does, and yon think it worth while to take advantage ot this great special offer while it lasts, eend 91.75 and get the Weekly World for six months and THE WBBKI.Y SENTINHL tor one year. Address THB SBNTINBII, Oat- roll, Iowa. ' OiUMOU) OWNKMB. Saturday the stock of goods ownsd by tbe Carroll Dry Goods company was transferred to J. V, Farwell Company, of Chicago, on a bill ot sale tor 12,800, T. Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S OUT. Commencing August 1 we will sell our stock of groceries, glass and queens- ware at cost for strictly oa«h. We haw decided to quit tbe grocery trade. MoLAOAN & Oov CITY GOVERNMENT, OABKOM.. IOWA, Aug. 28, 1894. Council met In special session at the of- flee of E. M. Parsons. Present, B. M. Parsons, mayor; Maurice Bowler, W. Llewer, 0. H. llooft, E. N. Merchant and Bam Todd. Motion made and carried that we make our tax levy the same as last year, which was as follows: Sinking fund, 2 mills. Corporation fund,« mills. Moiid fund, * mills. There being no further business, motion, to adjourn was carried. JOHN SOUACUTNKH, K. M. PARSONS, City Clerk: Mayor, BHBNANDOAH VALLEY LANDS IKliy go west whon such giaud opportunities exist Iu West Virginia, Maryland aud tho famous Khonandoah Vulluy of Vlr glnla, a section possessing all tho requls ties for health, comfort and prosperity f No region In tho United States is attracting greater Attention; people from tbe north and west arc looking that way with the view of locating. Improved farmlands are to be obtained at from 88 por acre and upwards, unlmproved limber lauds at from W to 86 per acre. Itlch mineral lauds are cheap, excellent water powers, manufacturing Bites, bust- locutions, eln , are IIUIIIUKHIB. The aud olmi'ohes* are excellent; tho people arc hospitable ami extern! u warm ;o now coiuvrH. Tho climate Is , no severe storms or cyclones, • «*F owder Ttie ouly I've Cream of Tartar l'owdor.—Ho \uiiuonl»; No Alum Uicd in Millioua of Homes—40 Years the Standard excursions from Chicago and towns In ImlUim ami Ohio, ruu to tho Sbouaiidoah Vulluy on ami Uth, Ko)itouil>or ith aud ' HiM' Hud, Movumhvr Uth and itti. further, Information Hlvmi free, M- d£B«i4 &f, V. Ulohanlti, inml and liuuilfjra- tt«iu Agent, U. &. U. U. K., HulUuioro, ;-\ M,

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